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health insurance. − Expand both the public and private system where it makes sense in response to clear needs. − Allow doctors who meet yet−to−be−determined guidelines to practise in both the public and private systems. QUEBEC The Quebec government released a report on Feb. 16 outlining its response to the Supreme Court's Chaoulli ruling. − Guarantee Quebecers access to elective surgery for knee and hip replacements and cataracts within six to nine months. − Pay for public−system doctors to offer knee, hip and cataract surgery in privately run clinics affiliated with hospitals. − Guarantee access to cancer and heart care, with maximum wait times to be developed. − Lift ban on buying private insurance, but only for hip and knee replacements and cataract surgery. Privately paid surgery only to be done by doctors who opt out of the public system. BRITISH COLUMBIA The B.C. Liberal government's Throne Speech on Feb. 14 announced the province would conduct a review of the health care system. − Need to update the Canada Health Act to make it stronger and more consistent with original goal of providing health care to all Canadians. − Examine other delivery models for health care. Does not matter whether surgery is offered by public or private facilities, so long as it is paid for with public funds. − Add a sixth principle to the Canada Health Act: sustainability of the health care system.



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