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Alberta Alliance Leader Paul Hinman said there's little chance Albertans will be rushing forward with their ideas after Klein's display on the first day of so−called public consultation over the reforms. "I don't know how many Albertans will want to line up and say anything in public when he treats pages like that," he said. Klein was also called on the carpet during yesterday's session for calling Taft a liar. He apologized. The premier has been under fire from medicare supporters and even the premier of Ontario over a proposal to allow Alberta doctors to practise both in the public health−care system and in private clinics. Klein conceded yesterday that if the province is accused of violating the Canada Health Act, its first recourse will be to challenge that through a dispute resolution mechanism that he lobbied to put in place. "If the new legislation is tabled, it may... violate the Canada Health Act and if it does... we'll use that process before anything else," he said. Mason said Klein needs only to look at Australia for proof that privatizing health care actually lengthens waiting lists, rather than shortening them. He was referring to Professor Stephen J. Duckett's study of Australia's efforts to shorten waiting lists.



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