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Guida a freebiejeebies

Guida a freebiejeebies

DRIVE FREEBIEJEEBIES (free win everything you want!) FreebieJeebies is a site that allows you to receive valuable prizes, such as mobile phones, game consoles, computers, music players and televisions, free. I know it sounds too good to be true, and that sounds like a scam, but it is not. In reality the operation is very simple and sensible. How does FreebieJeebies? How can I get free items so expensive? FreebieJeebies is a type of site called "Referral". The phenomenon of "referral marketing" allows consumers to receive highly sought after and expensive items through websites that are essentially FreebieJeebies as intermediaries between consumers and service providers. And 'better illustrate how it works with an example. Suppose you sign up to t receive a free Iphone 4: You subscribe to a site. The first thing you will be asked to do is complete the offer of a sponsor. This is necessary to activate your account. E 'can complete a free offer (if still present) for 30 days. In this way you will not pay anything. 2 The second phase will earn points (called referrals) to the site. IPhone 4 requires only 25 points! 3 Without, at this point you just have to take 4 iPhone and wait to receive the package! This seems very easy and simple, but who benefits? The answer is everyone!

How exactly? First, you have to go to register on this link: It will be out this screen

Guida a freebiejeebies

This is the page where you choose your gift (including the new Apple iPhone 4, IPAD, the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro) ... here they are all gifts available!!

You'll see immediately that each gift has the certain referrals or points that need so that you can receive your gift. How accomulano I'll explain it later!

please enter your email where it says, "SIGN "S UP NOW" and click go: will be out this screen

Guida a freebiejeebies Place your REAL DATA (Do I have to be right, otherwise I will send as a gift!) Then name, address, zip code, email, status, and password (on county / state you have to put the initials of your province) and accept the "terms & conditions" and click continue. We will be out this page:

IMMEDIATELY AFTER YOU CONFIRM YOUR EMAIL. Then go to your account and activate freebiejiebes

This will confirm to the owners of the site that is really you for signing up. .

Arrived at this point you need to complete an offer. This means that you get on one of the sites indicated by FreebieJeebies and do something. While I am creating this page, these offerings are:

Guida a freebiejeebies

Over time, these offerings may change. Of these services there are 3 online gambling services (and and still do not recommend it). There are Intuit and Homestead where you have 30 days to try the service and create a website. I personally do not recommend them to you because it erases the first dellla end of the probationary period is a mess (they call home and you have to have a good excuse to cancel, or make history and do everything possible to let you in writing ... it seems to be back kindergarten). In addition, the call is, of course, in English. But above all, the annoying thing is that if your excuse is not credible, they will not say that you signed (and then you try another offer ...). There are Lunar Pages and FastHost hosting services that are very cheap. If you want to create a website you recommend them. Then there's the service that I recommend is that Tasty Little Bid. This his is an auction service to the bottom very well done. Why you recommend it enough for you 10 pounds (12 â‚Ź) to participate, your bid will be completed very quickly, plus you will get a chance to win some other electronic gadgets (and if you do not like you yo can always sell ;-)). I know I know, I told you that the iPhone is free. And it is if you sign up for Intuit and Homestead. But with Little Bid Tasty everything becomes faster and save a lot of time. If you can not find the deals, you simply click on offer offer in the top menu:

Guida a freebiejeebies

So here's how to subscribe to LittleBidTasty (scroll to the next step if you want to choose another offer): First enters the site and click on the left where it says SIGN UP

IMPORTANT: use the same email address you used to FreebieJeebies. Fill out all the details:

Guida a freebiejeebies

and then confirm your email. You can log in and click on the BUY CREDITS

Guida a freebiejeebies Choose the minimum (10 pounds) and press the button that says Purchase credits Of course, since there is a special offer, it's good enough if you take more than 10 pounds of loans. This is up to you to decide You will be sent to the Paypal payments page. If you do not have PayPal you can use any credit card (Visa, MasterCard, PostePay, Aura, etc ...). Follow the instructions and no mistake.

Purchased credits you'll see this:

Guida a freebiejeebies

You are free to spend the credits right away if you find something that interests you. Step 6: Invite Friends Completed this offering will:

Please note that after completing the offer may also pass a few days before it is confirmed. This is because the confirmations are done manually. At this point you just have to invite your friends to do the same. Remember when, at the beginning, I noted the number of referrers? Well, this is none other than the number of friends you invited to do the same. To invite your friends, you should use your personalized link that you find by clicking on Refer Friends:

Guida a freebiejeebies

Every time a friend invited you, complete an offer, you will earn a referrer. Arrived at 9 referrer (if you have chosen to receive the ixbox), you'll be sent your gift. Maybe you're wondering where you can find all the people needed to receive this gift? First, ask family and friends. Some of them will be happy to give you their help. Or you can create a flyer or two and ask your bartender / barber / doctor (everyone) to read trust of its customers do. Or maybe you can ask your friends on Facebook (or any other site). If you participate in forums, you just insert the link in your signature with a sentence inviting (such as "Get a free iPhone"). It 's very simple, as you can see :-) :

How do they do to give all these things? To some skeptics may still seem all that impossible. As do the rest of these guys FreebieJeebies to give all these things? Simple! The moment you (or anyone anyon else) complete an offer, they receive money. They are generally from ÂŁ 30 to ÂŁ 40 they receive for each offer completed. Part of these gains hold it for themselves (as this is in effect a job for them) and elsewhere (20 pounds) use it to buy the gift for you. So all 3 wins. You win because you receive an item as a gift instead of having to pay. FreebieJeebies has an economic return. Companies which can test products may instead gain a new customer. And, with just one new customer, they can very well to recover recover all the money they paid to FreebieJeebies. Do you understand now why should take this opportunity? ;-)

So good navigation and awards to all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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