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The market demand for more innovative solutions require a greater specialization in the design and sustainable development. Caporaso & Partners was founded more than twenty years of experience Ing Tech. Vincenzo Caporaso in the design in the energy sector. Today is on the market as a reference point for the activities of Energy Management and Green Energy Development. The activity of Caporaso & Partners is focused on finding innovative products in the field of renewable energies to propose technical support for the development of projects in the renewable energy.

Central solar Thermodynamics

Central Energy production from solar PV is not

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What is The Solar Power In the category of "CSP" includes a series of technological solutions that use sunlight to produce electricity. Unlike the solar photovoltaic, which directly transforms the solar radiation into electrical energy, in the case of thermodynamic the radiation is concentrated and used to heat a heat transfer fluid which in turn produces mechanical energy, usually through turbines, and then electrical energy.

Dish-Stirling systems

These systems consist of a large paraboloid reflective, chasing the sun's movement and focuses the radiation over a receiver mounted at the focal point. The receiver consists of a particular external combustion engine: the engine stirling.Il stirling engine has the unique feature of operating with any source of heat, thanks to the use of gas in a closed cycle, which does not exchange with the outside. The stirling engine converts the thermal energy into mechanical energy, with the movement of the pistons, and then into electricity by an alternator. The main benefits of the Stirling engines consist in the absence of emissions and quiet operation. The dishStirling systems are particularly efficient, since they have a concentration factor than any other solar technology and equal to just over 2,000. This means that, on the focal point, is a concentrated amount of solar radiation equal to that emitted by 2000 alone.

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The ”Conto Energia” in Italy The incentive mechanism in the “Conto Energia” for solar thermal plants, regulated by the D.M. April 11 2008 to the subsequent changes by the D.M. July 6, 2012, remuneration, with special tariffs, the electricity produced by a solar thermal power plant for a period of 25 years. The rates remain constant for the incentive period.

The Technical Requirements of Plant They can access to the incentives provided by the DM April 11, 2008, as amended by Ministerial Decree July 6, 2012, solar thermal plants, including hybrid, newly built and put into operation after July 18, 2008 (date of enactment of implementing resolution AEEG 95/08), which meet the following requirements: - Do not use as a heat transfer fluid or as a means of accumulating substances and preparations classified as very toxic, toxic and harmful to under directives 67/548/EEC and 1999/45/EC and their successive amendments (if the site of the installation industrial area is not required for this requirement); - I am connected to the mains (or small isolated) and each of them is characterized by a single connection point.

The Feed-In Tariff The feed-in tariffs for solar thermal plants are recognized for a period of 25 years from the entry into operation of the plant. The incentives are then recognized for the electricity produced by the solar attributable exclusively for the production, as measured by a meter unit located downstream of the generating sets concerned. The incentive rates are in addition to revenues from the sale of electricity produced and fed into the grid. The plants that come into operation from 31/12/2012 until 31/12/2015 and having a collecting surface to the 2.500 m2 are entitled to the incentive rates equal to 0.36 € / kWh integration with fraction up to 0.15. The Decrees also provide a maximum capacity eligible for incentives, including the solar hybrid plants, equal a2.500.000 m2 of absorber surface;

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The INFINIA Technology The heart of the success of Infinia technologist lies in its proprietary of the generators of freepiston Stirling. Infinia is a world leader in the construction of free-piston Stirling generators, with capacities ranging from a few tens of thousands of watts to kilowatts. Infinia generators were used (also for demonstration purposes) in critical energy applications requiring silent operation, high reliability, long life and low maintenance.

The engines Strirling production to date have exceeded 2 million hours of operation, and include engines that alone consecutive hours worked per 100,000 (equivalent to 11.4 years) without requiring maintenance and without any deterioration. Infinia Stirling generators (for the production of electricity from solar energy and for the facilities in remote locations) are designed to produce energy in a silent, durable and environmentally friendly, and require very little maintenance. Infinia is the manufacturer of PowerDish ™, the first global system for the production of electricity from solar power technology that uses generators Dish-Stirling. The PowerDish™ specifications 3.5kW at 850DNI, 20°C; 0 m/seg wind speed and clean collector surface ; 3.75kW peak power Sold as a PowerBlock ™ minimm 1PB consists of 64 PowerDish units with central inverter of 224kW and up to 6 PowerBlocks for 1.4MW (or 10,000m2 of collector surface)

This images is provided courtesy of Infinia Corporation -

Central Solar thermodinamics  


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