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Brand Research

1. Review: Background Information Client Name: Mr. Altair Karim Background: The client wants to introduce Moroccan culture to Canada— the food, the art, the music and the dance. Marketing Strategy: To prvide excellence in a modern dining experience. The finest food— exquisite surroundings and excellent service. Target group: Upper income professional adults Type of food: Moroccan Type of Restaurant: Fine Dining Location: Yorkville, Toronto Competition: 5th element, Bite Me, Ciao Wine bar, Saramouche Restaurant Pasta Bar & Grill, One Hazelton

2. Research: Target Group Gender: Male and Females Age: 25 and up Type of work/Income: Professionals/$80, 000 and up Summary: As a fine dining restuarant set in the heart of Yorkville, The Target group of the restaurant of the suit and tie professionals, aged 25 and up, who have close to six figure incomes. The restaurant is to cater to this crowd’s high end lifestyle, whose life choices include expensive cars, upper-level penthouse condominiums or million dollar houses, etc. Target Group Characteristics - Expensive - High End - Demanding - Excuisite - Rich - Quality and Quantity

2. Research: Competition 5th element

Restaurant type: Fusion Indian Cuisine Graphic style: Their graphic style is very modern using subtle and minimal designs, with a hint of traditional indian art, using patterns such as paisley, and a colour palette that reflects indian cuisine (i.e. red, yellow, green).

Bite Me Restaurant type: Bakery Graphic style: Their style is very similar to new york style of design, using imagery that gives them a rather “tough but sweet” appeal. Their image is achieved with combining hard “graffiti” style images, and using a pink based colour palette, combined with black and grey. They also use Hiphop music on their website to stamp this image on their brand.

Scaramouche Restaurant Pasta, Bar & Grill Restaurant type: Fine Dining Restaurant Graphic style: Scaramouche is a staple fine dining restaurant that is located in Yorkville, that offers contemporary cuisine. Their brand’s design style is very reflective to their image, using more of a contemporary style such as simple modern patterns, and they also use a monotone grey scale palette.

4. Research: Design Style Reference Design Style: Art Deco

Examples: 1



The repeated stylized patterns is a trademark of the Art Deco movement, and this can be applied to the restaurant’s design, as traditional Moroccan design also revolves around patterns. The framing used for images 1, and 2 is also very similar to Moroccan style windows. Picture 2 is a good example of how well an image can be framed with a simple shape, and the patterns from picture 3 are great examples of art deco patterns, that can be applied to the restaurant’s branding if given the right twist. The colour palette in Picture 2 is also very similar to a moroccan themed palette that would be very useful in the branding.

5. Brand Personality 6 Brand attributes - High End - Luxurious - Simple - Traditional - Excuisite - Classy

6. Communication Concepts Design Direction Concepts: “A Taste of Morocco” - this design direction will use the “art nouveau” style integrating it with traditional but intricate Moroccan imagery and patterns. Using different items that symbolizes both Moroccan cuisine and art. “Fine Moroccan Cuisine” - This concept will be taking reference from the “Art Deco” movement, using simpler images and patterns. This will also be using symbols that symbolize both Moroccan cuisine and art, using a bright colour palette that reflects Moroccan culture. “Genuine Moroccan Dining Experience” - This concept will also be using “Art Deco” as a reference, but with more simple imagery and a more subtle colour palette. It will be using basic moroccan imagery, and the colour palette will be muted compared to “Fine Moroccan Cuisine” concept.

Brand Standards Guidelines

Introduction to The Rocc brand The Rocc is an upscale Moroccan restaurant owned by Mr. Altair Karim, whose vision was to have a high end restaurant that introduces Moroccan Culture to Canada, through food, arts, music and dance. The Rocc looks to provide the perfect Moroccan fine dining experience through the finest food­—excuisite surroundings and excellent service. The restaurant is located in the heart of Yorkville, Toronto. Their main clientelle are Upper income professional adults. The design and visuals of The Rocc brand is reference to the Art Deco era, combined with Moroccan Art patterns and imageries. The Visual brand for The Rocc reflects the restaurant’s glamorous, high end and exclusive persona. The glamourous style of Art deco, is combined with traditional Moroccan art to express the restaurant’s mission to bring the ultimate modern Moroccan dining experience to it’s customers.

Brand Attributes • • • • • •

Exclusive High-end Luxurious Glamorous Exotic Upscale

Positioning Statement The Rocc is a high end and upscale restaurant looking to introduce Moroccan culture to Canada. While other Moroccan restaurants only provide a Moroccan dining experience, The Rocc provides genuine Moroccan fine dining through it’s atmosphere of traditional music, dance and art. The Rocc brings the finest of Morocco to the city of Toronto.

The Corporate Mark PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM Wordmark PMS 320 C Symbol PMS 1675 C PROCESS COLOUR Wordmark C25 M100 Y31 K2 Symbol C21 M91 Y100 K11

Use only 100% black if brand colours are unavailable

Use the official reverse on any dark ground

The Corporate Mark SPACIAL INTEGRITY Always leave a blanks space of at least 25% of the length on all sides of the mark

MINIMUM SIZE Mark should not be reproduced smaller than one inch in length

1 inch

The Corporate Mark

THE BRAND SIGNATURE Use only the official colour positioning and size when the tagline is combined with the corporate mark.


MINIMUM SIZE Do not reproduce the brand signature any smaller than 1.5 inches in length


1.5 inches

The Colour Palette PRIMARY COLOUR PMS 320 C25 M100 Y31 K2


PMS 690 C C52 M91 Y46 K40

PMS 1675 C C21 M91 Y100 K11

PMS 143 C26 M56 Y33 K0

Typographic Specifactions

BODY TEXT TYPEFACE Gill Sans MT Condensed (used for smaller text such as body copy and captions)

DISPLAY TYPEFACE Matura MT Script Capitals (used for prominent text such as headlines)

ABCDEFGHIJKLM N O P Q R S T UVW XY Z abcdefghijklmno pqrstuvwxyz

ABCDEFGH IJKLMNO PQRSTUV WXYZ abcdefghijklm nopqrstuvwxyz


*Colors may be interchanged between patterns, as long as it stays true to the brand’s colour palette

Brand Application: Stationery

March 16, 2001 Amanda Milano 1234 Customer Street Lavander Town, 1M1 M1M Dear Ms. Milano, The first paragraph of a typical business letter is used to state the main point of the letter. Begin with a friendly opening; then quickly transition into the purpose of your letter. Use a couple of sentences to explain the purpose, but do not go in to detail until the next paragraph. Beginning with the second paragraph, state the supporting details to justify your purpose. These may take the form of background information, statistics or first-hand accounts. A few short paragraphs within the body of the letter should be enough to support your reasoning. Finally, in the closing paragraph, briefly restate your purpose and why it is important. If the purpose of your letter is employment related, consider ending your letter with your contact information. However, if the purpose is informational, think about closing with gratitude for the reader's time. Sincerely,

Alister Karim The Rocc Restaurant Owner

123 Street Unknown City, Ontario M2M 3M3 tel: 1234567890 email: website:

*stationeries were reduced size to 75% to fit page

123 Street Unknown City, Ontario M2M 3M3 tel: 1234567890 email: website:

Brand Roll Out

Dine-in Menu


D i n e I n M e nu

Dine-in Menu

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Corporate I Branding Project  

Branding project for Corporate I, Mock branding for restaurant "The Rocc".

Corporate I Branding Project  

Branding project for Corporate I, Mock branding for restaurant "The Rocc".