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4.3.1 To make the policy of the Union. 4.3.2 To interpret this Constitution in conjunction with the College Secretary. 4.3.3 To recommend amendments to this Constitution to the College’s Board of Governors. 4.3.4 To act as the employer to any paid Union staff. 4.3.5 To instruct and direct the Union Officers in their duties, and to hold them accountable for the proper performance thereof. 4.3.6 To brief and de-brief the Student member of the Board of Governors and the student representatives on the College’s Academic Board and on the Equality and Diversity group. 4.3.7 To approve the Union budget and control its accounts and assets. 4.3.8 To ensure the proper conduct and control of all Union clubs and societies. 4.3.9 To establish Standing Committees as appropriate and to receive their reports. 4.4 Quorum Meetings of the Union Council will be quorate if 50% of the serving members are present including the President or, in his/her absence, the Vice-President. 4.5 Conduct of Meetings All meetings of the Union Council must be conducted in accordance with Appendix 2 of this Constitution. 4.6 Frequency of Meetings 4.6.1

The Union Council will meet not less than four times per semester. The dates of the meetings will be determined for each academic session at the first meeting of the Union Council in that session, the latter to be determined by the SU President.


The Whole Union Council Meetings will take place once a fortnight – this can be reduced to once a month if the feeling of the Union Council is the same.

4.7 Co-option The Union Council may co-opt up to a maximum of five (5) additional members of the Student Union in any one academic session and determine period of attendance and voting rights. 4.8 Emergency or Extra-Ordinary Meetings An emergency or extra-ordinary meeting of the Union Council may be called by either of the following: 4.8.1 The President of the Union. 4 8.2 A request signed by at least 50 members of the Union. 4.8.3 Any call for such a meeting will specify the matter to be raised in the form of a motion upon which a vote will be taken. 4.8.4 No other matters other than that outlined in the motion will be discussed or debated, and amendments to the motion may be tabled up to the start of the meeting provided the Chair deems that they are on the same issue. 4.9 The Union Council shall act as the Finance Committee of the Union. 4.10 The Union Council is to annually review the Union Council Strategy Plan. 4

Writtle College Constitution 2011  
Writtle College Constitution 2011  

The Writtle College Constitution 2011 lays the foundation for the work carried out by the Student Union.