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APPENDIX 5 CLUBS AND SOCIETIES 1. RECOGNITION 1.1. A club or society will be recognised by the Union provided that: 1.1.1. a written request for its formation signed by 8 members, is presented to the Union Council; and 1.1.2. the club/society presents a written constitution with the request, which includes: 

the name of the club or society, its aims and objectives

regulations governing membership eligibility

provision for the election of a committee of officers

an income and expenditure budget for the year

provision for the presentation of accounts to the Union Council.


The recognition of the club may be withdrawn by the Union Council in the event of:

2.1.1. evidence of financial mismanagement 2.1.2. evidence of disregard for or breach of the constitution of the club/society 2.2.

In the event of such evidence being placed before the Union Council, the following procedure will be adopted:

2.2.1. The Union Council will notify the officers of the club/society that it has received such evidence, advising the club/society of its nature. 2.2.2. The officials of the club/society will be invited to address a meeting of the Union Council where the matter is to be discussed, and be questioned by members of the Union Council. 2.2.3. If based on the evidence both seen and heard, the Union Council concludes that there has been a misdemeanour under clauses 2.1.1. or 2.1.2. above, it will recommend to the Union Council that the activities of club/society be suspended for a specified period of time, or such other penalty which is deemed appropriate.


Writtle College Constitution 2011  
Writtle College Constitution 2011  

The Writtle College Constitution 2011 lays the foundation for the work carried out by the Student Union.