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APPENDIX 3 EXECUTIVE OFFICERS’ JOB DESCRIPTIONS 1. PRESIDENT The President will: 1.1. Be the Student Governor. 1.2. Be the Chief representative and spokesperson for the Union and its members. 1.3. Act as the main channel of communication between the Union and its membership and the College management. 1.4. Act as spokesperson for the Union in contacts with the press, the media and all other external bodies. 1.5. Liaise with the NUS and attend NUS conferences and events as appropriate, acting as the Union delegation leader at the annual NUS Conference. 1.6. Chair meetings of the Executive Committee and Student Union meetings. 1.7. Report regularly to the Executive on the work of the Union and the Executive Committee 1.8. Take a leading role in the Union’s complaints procedure in accordance with Appendix 6 to this Constitution. 1.9. Act, or nominate an officer to act, as student representative on the College’s Equality and Diversity group 1.10. Be available to assist the supporting officers in attending their meetings and committees. 2. THE ACADEMIC SABBATICAL OFFICER The Academic Sabbatical Officer will: 2.1. Be an executive member of the union. 2.2. Represent the student body on the Academic Board, Academic Standards Committee, Learning and Teaching Group, Academic Partnerships Board and any other relevant meetings that you are asked to attend. 2.3. Arrange and lead training for course representatives. 2.4. Be the one of the lead participants in setting up and gaining responses to the National Student Survey, Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey and the Internal College Satisfaction Survey. 2.5

Ensure smooth running of the office in coordination with the SUSO, deputising in their absence.


Keep well informed of national issues and participate in them as necessary.


Update the job description for the role before the elections take place.


Be reasonably cognisant of and interested in the academic planning process.


Be available to assist the supporting officers in attending their meetings and committees.


Writtle College Constitution 2011  
Writtle College Constitution 2011  

The Writtle College Constitution 2011 lays the foundation for the work carried out by the Student Union.