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Ruth & Norman Rales Jewish Family Services


ANNUAL REPORT Your Gifts at Work


Our Mission Ruth & Norman Rales Jewish Family Services (JFS) offers help, hope and humanity through our comprehensive range of programs and services which support people of all ages and beliefs.

Dear Board Members, Friends, Supporters, Volunteers, Partners and Neighbors, We are privileged to present you with the 2013 Annual Report of Ruth & Norman Rales Jewish Family Services (JFS). Our fiscal year ending August 31, 2013 was another sensational year for the agency.

With locations in Boca Raton and Delray Beach, JFS programs and services include food and financial assistance, senior services, counseling and mental health services, vocational and employment services, as well as many volunteer opportunities.

During 2013 we expanded our Senior Services to include a Senior Companion Training Program through a grant from the Palm Beach County Workforce Alliance. This grant enabled us to train adults over 55 with low employable skills and provide them with training and experience to become paid companions. As a result, JFS applied for and received our Homemaker and Companion License from the Agency on Health Care Administration (AHCA) and began filling a need for companions in the community. Funds were also secured to start a senior subsidy program for in-home care. The programs at the Weisman Delray Community Center expanded with the implementation of the Feldman Family Adventure Club, which is in addition to the Feldman Family Diamond Club. A part time nurse was also added to the Center and provides consultation services to our members and clients.

Funding is provided by individuals, corporations, grants, special events and donors who support our mission and bring hope to thousands in need.

Our counseling and mental health department continued to grow with the addition of in-home counseling and the expansion of our hours of operation to include Thursday evenings. Our psychological testing department and psychiatry departments once again saw increased growth as more families accessed our affordable mental health services.

JFS would like to thank

Greenspoon Marder Ruth & Norman Rales

Jewish Family Services


Help. Hope. Humanity.

for once again being our Premier Agency Sponsor for 2013

3 Message from the Board Chair and President & CEO

12 Staff

4-5 Financial Information

14 Giving Societies/ Ways to Give


15-21 Donations

Senior Services

8 Weisman Delray Community Center 9 Counseling & Mental Health

We continue our efforts to leverage partnerships with other agencies while keeping a keen eye on the bottom line. All of these efforts strengthen our ability to provide innovative programs and services for the community. None of this could ever be accomplished without the efforts of our dedicated board, staff, volunteers and YOU, our supporters. We express heartfelt gratitude to all of you whose generosity helps us provide hope to those living in Boca Raton, Highland Beach and Delray Beach.

13 Board of Directors

23 Grants 24-26 Endowments

10 Food and Financial Assistance 11 Volunteer Opportunities

we are proud to report that 84% of every dollar raised goes directly toward the programs we support. 2

One of the biggest highlights of 2013 was the opening of the Jacobson Family Food Pantry which is now providing individuals with both shopping and delivery services. During the year we began the planning stages of a “Meals on Wheels� program. Financial assistance requests continued to grow as the economy continues to stagnate as a result of the government sequestration and cuts to entitlement programs like the supplemental nutrition access program (SNAP).

Please join us in taking pride in our accomplishments in 2013 and looking forward to good things in the year to come. Sincerely,

Jon S. Kimmel Chair, Board of Directors

Danielle N. Hartman President & CEO






$356,777 Appreciation in Fair Value of Investments



Pledges, Grants and Contributions


$446,000 Federation Donated Materials & Services (non-cash)


$2,523,713 Pledges, Grants & Contributions


$551,676 Fundraising Events



$691,936 Program Revenue

$812,060 Federation Allocation






$109,273 Other Revenue



$678,091 Restricted for Future Program Use



Fundraising Events




Federation Allocation




Federation Donated Material & Services (non-cash)






Program Revenue,Net



Net (appreciation) in fair value of investments



Other Revenue



Total Revenue


Total Support and Revenue

Total Support







REVENUE $691,936 $98,065


















General and Administrative













Net Assets Released from Restrictions



EXPENSES Program Services

Total Expenses

CHANGE IN NET ASSETS change in net assets*







Net Assets Beginning of Year







Net Assets End of Year







*Includes increase in market valuation of our endowments


Cash and Cash Equivalents*



$408,034 General & Administrative


$4,663,981 Program Services




$512,021 Fundraising

Program Receivables, Net Grant and Other Receivables Endowments


Accounts Payable and Accrued Liabilities



Deferred Membership Revenue


$378,515 $5,805,804

Prepared Expenses and Other Assets


Property and Equipment, Net


Total Liabilities


NET ASSETS Unrestricted


Unrestricted - Board Designated


Temporarily Restricted


Permanently Restricted Total Assets




* Includes funds restricted to the Food Pantry for $556,384


Total Net Assets


Total Liabilities and Net Assets



Senior Services Care specialists help seniors age in place safely

for as long as possible with dignity and independence. Services include assessment and planning, care coordination, patient advocacy, information and referral, companionship and many socialization opportunities. JFS is a vital link between loved ones living in our community and their families living out of state.



Rona Blumkin’s face lights up when her Senior Companion, Ann Fox, arrives on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Each week Rona and Ann share a few hours together, shopping and socializing. Ann also helps Rona with some household chores and takes her to Dr. appointments. Rona’s late husband Jack was also a Senior Companion client. Jack’s Companion came each week to keep him company and allow Rona to have some much needed respite time. Since becoming widowed, Rona has had her own Senior Companion. Rona says “knowing that Ann is coming gives me something to look forward to.” Rona’s children, who live in New Jersey and Washington D.C., have peace of mind, knowing that a caring person is there for their Mom. Ann says “I enjoy being helpful and we have a good time together.”


193 unduplicated clients received services through our CareLink case management services. 309 Holocaust clients were served through our Holocaust Survivor Assistance Program. JFS would like to recognize Direct Nursing as the 2013 Café Europa Transportation Sponsor. JFS would like to recognize the Claims Conference for their on-going support of our Holocaust Survivor Assistance Program. 217 seniors access our volunteer programs including telephone reassurance, friendly visitors, senior companions, and Kibbitz & Ride. Our case managers made 2,508 visits to seniors receiving services from JFS. Our volunteer transportation program, Kibbitz & Ride, provided 2,531 one way rides in 2013. JFS would like to recognize Quality Family Care and Boca Raton Regional Hospital Foundation as the 2013 Kibbitz & Ride Sponsor. 776 Feldman Family Diamond/Adventure Club members enjoyed weekly programming and monthly trips.

JFS would like to recognize Horizon Nursing as the 2013 Senior Services Sponsor PROGRAMS AND SERVICES Assessment and Planning Care Management Services Chaplaincy Counseling and Support Groups Financial Assistance Feldman Family Diamond/ Adventure Clubs Friendly Visitors Holocaust Survivor Assistance Information & Referral Services Jacobson Family Food Pantry Kibbitz & Ride Volunteer Driving Program Meals on Wheels Patient Advocates Senior Companions Shirley & Barton Weisman Delray Community Center Socialization Programs Telephone Reassurance


Hours: Monday – Thursday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Wednesday - Thursday 5 p.m. – 9 p.m. Friday 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Membership Fee $60 (Some exceptions apply).

Members enjoy two appreciation events each year and a special welcome gift.

Over 1600 members enjoyed a number of

activities from arts and culture to health and wellness, lectures, movies, entertainment and socialization. Now three years old, the Weisman Delray Community Center continues to have a positive impact on the community providing a place where those 60 and older can congregate and enjoy life while accessing vital social services in a beautiful, modern space.

Nurse Brenda & Jay Glogower

OUR CENTER IS HOME TO Art, Cultural, Social and Recreational Classes

Counseling & Mental Health JFS offers counseling to individuals and families

(including children), many support groups, workshops, psychiatric assessment and medication management, psychological testing services, mentoring programs and a free drop-in center for adults living with mental illness and/or developmental disabilities.

Information and Referral Services

Over 11 children received affordable psychological testing services from JFS

Individual and Family Counseling (All Ages)

55 people received 279 sessions with our psychiatrist The Welcome Home Program provided 70 members with a free drop-in center to help them achieve their maximum potential 2,336 people called JFS for information and referral services from our counseling department

Counseling and Support Groups

Information and Referral Services

Nurse Brenda asked Jay to take his blood pressure. He was reluctant but another member convinced him to give it a try. Nurse Brenda found his pulse was very low. She immediately called the doctor’s office and an appointment was set up that same day.  Jay underwent an EKG and a chemical stress test where it was determined that one of his medications had to be eliminated and one changed. The doctor has Jay wear a 24-hour halter monitor to record his heart rhythm.  Abnormalities showed up and he was scheduled to get a pacemaker. The procedure was a success and Jay is under a doctor’s care with regular checkups.  He returned to the Center within a few days and he proudly tells all, Brenda saved my life, “She’s an angel.”

Kosher Konnection Movie and Theater Events On-site Nurse Consultations Volunteer Opportunities


Psychiatric Assessment and Medication Management Psychological Testing


Computer Classes

Health & Wellness Programs

In-home Counseling Services

Support Groups

Case Management Services

Feldman Family Diamond/Adventure Clubs

Community Mentoring Programs

JFS clinicians provided over 6,430 therapy sessions to 401 clients

Blume Cafe

Educational Lectures


Drop-In Center (Welcome Home Program)


Shirley & Barton Weisman Delray Community Center

HIGHLIGHTS In 2013 3,110 classes were offered throughout the year Each day approximately 350 people visit the Center

Linda is a 32 year old woman who came to JFS with symptoms of depression and anxiety. She had survived a traumatic childhood, filled with physical abuse and neglect by her abusive parents. By the time she contacted our agency for help, she had been severely depressed for over three years. After ending a physically and emotionally abusive relationship with a man that she had been involved with for almost four years, she moved in with her sister’s family. Unable to find employment and having no motivation to attend college, she felt she had lost her direction and saw no way to change her life for the better. Through counseling she was able to work through the painful issues that still haunted her from her childhood and began making goals for her life moving forward. Today, Linda is living in her own apartment, is enrolled in college part time and has been employed full time for almost two years. She has been able to make long term plans for her future and hopes to go into nursing in order to help others.

In 2013 12,500 people enjoyed a meal at the Blume Cafe


PROGRAMS AND SERVICES Jacobson Family Food Pantry at JFS Case Management for Families & Children in Crisis Information and Referral Services Meals on Wheels Financial Assistance Including: Hands on Tzedakah – Senior Assistance Program Hebrew Free Loan Society – Interest Free Loans Jewish Educational Loan Fund – Interest Free College Loans Jeffrey Turkin Memorial Fund for Affordable Counseling for Children Rose Golden Fund for Indigent Care Silverstein Fund for Senior In-home Care Cooper Fund for Families with Special Needs Children


Viner Compassionate Care Fund for Children and Families in Crisis


JFS provides a lifeline to individuals and families in

crisis, providing emergency funds for basic necessities and other needs, including families with special needs children. We also provide interestfree loans through the Hebrew Free Loan Society and educational school loans through the Jewish Educational Loan Fund. The Jacobson Family Food Pantry provides bi-monthly food packages to qualified seniors, individuals and families providing much needed sustenance to those in need. Meals on Wheels provides a prepared meal to those seniors no longer able to cook for themselves.

Elinor Elinor was born in 1925 in Bronx, New York. After completing high school, Elinor went to work for the Social Work Vocational Bureau - a professional employment agency for Social Worker’s. Elinor was married in 1944 after working for seven years when she retired to become a stay at home Mom. Elinor moved to Delray Beach in 1977 and went to work in 1979 as an executive secretary, then, retired in 1987. Elinor is currently president of her association in Kings Point. After Elinor’s husband died her income was greatly diminished and a friend told her about the Jacobson Family Food Pantry at JFS and she has been a recipient for the past six years. “When the pantry opened in Delray it was just amazing to me because I could go to the pantry and select the items and brand names that I have been using all along. The shelves in the pantry are always well stocked and Dennis and his staff are always pleasant and happy to help in any way possible.”

Throughout 2013 JFS provide over $220,000 in financial assistance to 1,400 individuals in crisis. Between November 2012 and August 2013 over 12,000 lbs of food were donated to the Jacobson Family Food Pantry. 48 individuals selected to “shop” for their food at the Jacobson Family Food Pantry 12 volunteers delivered food packages to home bound seniors in Century Village each week 53 food drives were held throughout 2013 helping stock our shelves at the Jacobson Family Food Pantry.

VOLUNTEER services Volunteers remain critical to our success and we would not be able to

provide help to as many people in our community without their gift of time and talent. Each year over 300 individuals and families, including many teens, donate the equivalent of more than 25,000 hours of service to JFS. Our volunteers mentor children and teens, lead religious services at assisted living facilities and nursing homes, provide rides for seniors in need of transportation, provide care to uninsured adults, and reduce the isolation of homebound seniors through daily telephone calls, friendly visits and care packages.


Norma Emerik, 67, resides in Boca Raton. Norma was a registered nurse until her retirement a year and a half ago. Norma says that nurses are “patient” people and always knew that when she retired she would volunteer “as a way of giving back to the community.” Norma volunteers for the Jacobson Family Food Pantry at JFS in a number of ways. She participates in the monthly food baggings at the pantry, delivers groceries to Century Village clients every other Thursday and delivers for the agency’s Meals on Wheels program on Fridays. “It does my heart good to see these wonderful people that I deliver much needed food to.”


Food & Financial Assistance

147 people volunteered their time in a variety of ways at the Weisman Delray Community Center. 40 people made calls or visits to home bound seniors as part of our Telephone Reassurance and Friendly Visitor Programs.

PROGRAMS AND SERVICES Caring Doctors Project Community Mentoring Programs Chaplaincy Feldman Family Clubs Friendly Visitors Jacobson Family Food Pantry Kibbitz and Ride volunteer driver program Meals on Wheels Patient Advocates Shirley & Barton Weisman Delray Community Center SNAP Outreach Teen Volunteer Opportunities Telephone Reassurance

28 parachaplains visited the sick, led Shabbat and High Holy Day services at 13 locations in the community. 35 drivers helped keep seniors mobile and healthy as part of our volunteer driving program “Kibbitz & Ride.” 16 adults volunteered as mentors to young children through our community mentoring program.

Over 79,625 lbs of food was delivered throughout the year


JFS Staff

2013-2014 Board of Directors

AS OF 12/31/2013

Aaryn Gottesfeld, PhD | Psychologist

Karina Woodman | Sr. VP, Chief Financial Officer

Arlene Roogow | Case Manager, Gould House

Laurie Intondi, LCSW | VP Senior Services

Aser Ones LCSW | Clinical Social Worker

Lori Warner, MSW | Community Mentoring Program Coordinator

Audrey Schattner | Holocaust Grants Administrator

Marisa Hughes, MSW | Case Manager

Beth Levine | Sr. VP, Chief Operating Officer Brady Drazic | Food Pantry Support

Marissa Gordon, MPA | Senior Companion Program Coordinator

Christopher Palmer | Delray Operations

Marlene Hess | Administrative Assistant

Cindy O. Nimhauser, JD | Sr. VP, Chief Development Officer

Melissa Marnell | Secretary

Danielle Hartman, MNM | President & Chief Executive Officer

Michael Weinberger | Senior Case Manager/Families & Children in Crisis

David Schlagter, LCSW | Clinical Social Worker

Nadine Greenberg | Director of Volunteers

Debbie Lipson, LCSW | Case Manager

Patricia Monti | Client Records & Billing Mgr, HIPAA Compliance

Dennis Prisant | Jacobson Family Food Pantry Operations Manager

Pearl Zaffrin | Office Clerk

Diane Tregerman | Part-time office clerk

Risa Demato | VP of Weisman Delray Community Center

Diana Estrada-Zigman, MSW | Case Manager

Regina Packer | Evening Supervisor- Delray Community Center

Dianne Matthew, LCSW | VP of Clinical Services

Rita Gitter | Administrative Assistant

Eileen Lemelman, LCSW | Clinical Social Worker

Shlomit Karasik | Community Outreach Coordinator

Ellen H. Ullman, MSW | Case Manager

Stella Molina | Controller

Gayle Savage Silverman | Case Manager, Weinberg House

Susan Davis, LCSW | Project Director - Welcome Home Program

Howard Horowitz, LCSW | Supervisor, Chaplaincy & Senior Services Outreach

Susan Price, MSW | Case Manager

Jessica Campbell, LCSW | Clinical Social Worker

Tulla Katehis, LCSW | Clinical Social Worker

Jill Schwartzberg, Psy.D | Psychologist

Victoria Petruzzo | Director of Grants Management

Jill Waldman | Special Events

Vincent Raccanova | Operations/IT Coordinator

Joe Kenney | Food Pantry Transportation Specialist

Yvette Camulli | Transportation Coordinator

Tom Dauria | Café Manager

OFFICERS Jon S. Kimmel – Chair Laurence I. Blair – Immediate Past Chair Robert Marton – Treasurer Natalie Pelavin – Secretary Judi Donoff – Vice Chair – Financial Resource Development Ron Gallatin – Vice Chair – Strategic Planning Lisa Goodman – Vice Chair – Food Pantry Jane Gortz – Vice Chair – Personnel Beverly Feurring – Vice Chair – Board Development

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Joy Binkovitz* Margaret Blume Stephanie Chestnov Carol Dickman Diane Feldman Arnie Friedman Sheila Cohen Furr Jonathan Galler Ivan Gefen*

Rebecca Greenspoon Norman Jacobson Jodi Katz Talia Klein Keith P. Kronish Jeffrey Lamm Marcia Langley Roger Leavy Wendy Legum

Rabbi Dan Levin Roxane Frechie Lipton Laura Litinsky Susan Podolsky Ken Pritzker Judy Rabinowitz* Ron Reshefsky Ellen R. Sarnoff David Schimel

Marvin Schiller Edith Stein Andrew Waldman Vicki Weinstein Bart Weisman

Joy Turin | Executive Assistant/Donor Relations


Judy Palmer | Executive Assistant

THANK YOU to our wonderful and dedicated staff for helping to make 2013 so successful!


Stan Barry Jane Cornell Karen Irwin David A. Katzman Marvin E. Miller Millicent Nathan


Madeline Pargh Dr. Aaron Klein Martin Stein Dr. John Shosheim Amy Taney Jilll Viner Ilene Wohlgemuth*

*Past Chair


Giving Societies

Our Donors

Commitment of our most generous supporters who ensure our ability to provide quality programs and services to our community. For more information call Cindy Orbach Nimhauser, Chief Development Officer at (561) 852-3279 or

The following list represents gifts made to JFS between January 1, 2013 and December 31, 2013. We apologize in advance for any names inadvertently omitted. $100,000 +

BENEFACTORS - Minimum gift of $5,000 annually Leadership - Minimum gift of $1,800 annually SUPPORTER - Minimum gift $500 annually FRIENDS - Minimum gift $100 annually CHAI SOCIETY - $18,000 commitment payable over five years ($3,600 per year)

FOUNDER SOCIETY - Recognizes donors who have given at least


$5,000 consecutively for at least ten years

Annual Giving Every contribution helps give hope to the people who need it most. Your annual donation supports the full range of vital programs and services Ruth & Norman Rales Jewish Family Services (JFS) provides to the community.

Legacy Gifts A legacy commitment is your way to leave financial resources to JFS for the future needs of our community. Legacy commitments will help your family realize their philanthropic vision.

Memorial and Tribute Gifts Gain the satisfaction of giving a truly meaningful gift by honoring a special occasion or making a gift in memory of someone with your tax-deductible tribute to JFS.

Corporate Sponsorship Programs Many opportunities exist to become a corporate sponsor in support of the agency. Packages include support of events, departments, newsletters and more.

For more information contact Cindy Orbach Nimhauser, Chief Development Officer at (561) 852-3279 or


Diane & Larry Feldman Meryl & Ron Gallatin Ruth & Norman Rales Foundation Hands on Tzedakah, Inc. Barton & Shirley Weisman $50,000 - $99,999 Jane & Alan Cornell Anne & Norman Jacobson Jill Viner Weinberger Family Foundation Inc. $25,000 - $49,999 Toby & Leon Cooperman Evie & Ronald Krancer The Retirement Research Foundation Lucille & Walter Rubin Edith & Martin Stein $10,000 - $24,999 Adolph and Rose Levis Foundation Albert E. & Birdie W. Einstein Fund Marilyn & Stanley Barry Barry Family Foundation, Inc. Abbe Dale & Steven Becker Joy Binkovitz BJ’s Charitable Foundation Michele & Laurence I. Blair Boca West Women’s Group

Jeannette & Frederic S Bogart City of Boca Raton Danaher Foundation Peggy & Phillip DeZwirek Isabel & Arnold Friedman Stanlee & Steve Friedman Greenspoon Marder, P.A. Leonard & Tobee Kaplan Philanthropic Fund Betty & Jon Kimmel Louis Feil Charitable Lead Annuity Mazon Next Generations Madeline & Eugene Pargh Helene & Richard Paul The Samuels Family Foundation Harvey & Phyllis Sandler Foundation Ernst & Gertrude Ticho Charitable Foundation Diane & Jon Vogel Waldman Foundation Inc. Susan & Herbert Zarkin

Lisa & David Goodman Ellen & Gerry Greenspoon Joan & Paul Hauser HCBS Members Inc. Karen & Stephen Irwin Jarden Consumer Solutions Fund Sherry & Lawrence Kalish Debra & Gerald Kramer Patricia Kukes Donna & Jeffrey Lamm Marcia & R. Jeffrey Langley Marsha & Howard Lipschutz Laura & Steven Litinsky Midlantic Real Estate Inc. Marvin Miller

$5,000 - $9,999 Accessible Home Health Care of NPB Angelis - Hero Foundation Debbie & Howard Belford Boca Grove Boca Home Care Services Boca Raton Regional Hospital Fdn Erma & Harold Brode Judi & Craig Donoff Fibus Family Foundation Camille & Stephen Fish Marleen Forkas Leslie & Bernard Friedman Linda & Ivan Gefen Lori & Lewis Gold

June & Monte Nathanson Polo Club of Boca Raton Quality Family Care Judith & Maynard Rabinowitz Gail Asarch & James Satovsky Marcia & Albert Schmier Helene & Roy Schwedelson Irene Silver Daniel Solomon Temple Beth El Pamela & Robert Weinroth Ilene & Peter Wohlgemuth


Delray Medical Center Bette & Paul Wohlgemuth Youngstown Area Jewish Karen & Mark Dern Elaine & Richard Desatnick Federation Barbara & Jeffrey Feingold Beverly Feurring $1,800 - $4,999 Harriet & Chet Finger Sheila & Robert Furr A Plus Home Health Vicki & Donald Gabay Karen & Lawrence Altschul Herman Gans Linda & Albert Anikstein Joan Garde Audiology Distribution, LLC Gutterman Warheit Memorial Beth Israel Memorial Chapel Margaret & Robert Blume Chapel Boca Raton Triathletes, Inc. Laura & Michael Hochberger Boca Raton’s Promise Horizon Nursing Services Brain Matters Research Darrell Jacob Gloria & Barry Broder Pamela & Thomas Kaplan Century Risk Advisors Alice & Ira Kent Stephanie & Richard Chestnov Gail & Keith Kronish Carol & Michael Cohen The Law Office of Adrian Philip Maxine & Joseph Copulsky Thomas April & Roger Leavy Judy & Sidney David Wendy & Wayne Legum Levin Homecare Nurse Registry Melissa & Brad Levine Helena & Leonard Levine Ellen & Jerome Levitt Barbara & Gerald Lewin Roxane & Michael Lipton Mark G Anderson Consultants, Inc. Lisa & Robert Marton Elizabeth & Sheldon Maschler Connie & Neil Meisel Sherry & Carl Morganstein Robin & Laurence Nagle Vicki & Garry Newman Lisa & Martin Pechter Natalie Pelavin Proskauer Rose LLP Andrea Raab Barbara & Jeffrey Rosenberg Amy & David Ross Robin & Gary Rubin Sheri & Ken Sack Marilyn Safenowitz Ellen R. Sarnoff Elisabeth & Angelo Scardina Alison & David Schimel


Susan & Eric Schneider Hally & Mark Shaw Lanie Simon Steinberg Global Temple Emeth Town of Palm Beach United Way Barbara & Leonard Turesky United Way of Palm Beach County Clifford Viner Family Foundation Carla & Bruce Weiner Vicki & Victor Weinstein Wells Fargo Private Bank Wollstein Family Foundation Women’s League of B’nai Torah Ette Gross & Raymond Zimmerman $500 - $1,799 A Move Made Easy Abbey Delray Alliance of Delray Residental Assoc The Anikstein Family Foundation, Inc. Gail M. Asarch Private Charitable Foundation Shelia & Michael Ashkin Leonard Backer Judy Bailyn Kathie Balding Arthur E.Benjamin Foundation Brenda & Harvey Blatt Barbara & Harvey Bloch Saree & Michael Block B’nai Torah Congregation Kim & Howard Bregman Gaby & Edward Brill Peggy Ann & Robert Brin The Brody Family Foundation The Caine Family Foundation Malvina & Leonard Camhi Ellen & Jon Channing Alex Chestnov Memorial Foundation Inc. Evelyn & Jack Cohen Nancy & Ronald Coleman Comerica Charitable Foundation ComForcare Home Care Congregation B’Nai Israel

Delray Orthodox Synagogue Carol & Alan Dickman Joanna & Bryan Drowos Judith & Melvin Einsidler Kenneth Esrig Valerie & Jacob Ever Judy Feder Marshall Felenstein Marcia & Richard Fox Ina Rae & Neil Fox Freedom Medical Services Inc. Florence & Barry Friedberg Elaine & Harold Friedland Carole & Edward Gabay Brandy & Jonathan Galler Rani Garfinkle Nancy & Gregory Gefen Naomi & Barry Gersh Nancy & Richard Gitlin Jamie & Neil Glachman Alice & Barry Glassman Michael Goodman Jane & Albert Gortz Grand Villa East Grand Villa West Jan & Jeffrey Greenhawt Rebecca Greenspoon Barbara & Ronald Grudberg Sanford Heller Jerry Herbst Herschthal Practice Carol & Jim Herscot Lois & Allan Hutensky Vivki I Marshall Isman Patrica Jacobs Dalia & Morton Jarashow Jewish Heritage Club at Lexington Marilyn Jurick Sharon & Donald Kabat Beverly Kanig Jean & Harvey Karp Marjorie & Bruce Kashkin Marilyn & Harvey Kass Jodi & Michael Katz Carol & Jerry Kaye

Talia & Harold Klein Heidi & Mark Kleiner Sara Klompus Tania & Gary Koolik Kosher Caregivers Carole & Stuart Krosser Elyssa & Barry Kupferberg Jeannette & Philip Lazarus Adele & Herman Lebersfeld Miriam & Leonard Leeds Rina Lener Barbara & Irving Levy Lewis Family Charitable Trust Ellen & Bernard Liebman Patricia & Murray Liebowitz Lifewatch USA Francine & Harvey Lifton Loretta Litten Mary & Fred Litwin Lobbenberg Gordon Charitable Trust Lynden Nursing Service LLC Make a Difference Foundation Helen & Carl Marbach Billi & Bernard Marcus Law Offices of Mary Sue Donohue Adrianne & Henry Mautner Robert Meisel Susan & Steven Milim Beth & Joseph Mishkin Jeannine & Leland Morris Myron Moscovitz MSP Enterprises Inc. Toby & Stanley Muss Millicent Nathan Pris & Alan Neulander Paula & Gary Norkin William Ornstein Lynn & Joseph Ouslander Elliot Packer Pass The Wine, Inc. Karen & Peter Pearlman Susan & Barry Podolsky

Ellen & Edward Pollock Georgina & Edwin Polokoff Jewel & Allen Prince Michele & Kenneth Pritzker Tibor Radvany Sandy & Aaron Rappaport Myrna & Norman Ricken Marcy & Bradley Robbins Bilha & Samuel Ron Melvin Rosenblatt Betty & Herb Ross Bruce Ross Maria Teresa & George Rudes Cheryl & Adam Runsdorf Saks Fifth Ave. Shirley Samit Susan & Sanford Sandelman Phyllis & Harvey Sandler Elaine & Norton Sarnoff Jan Savarick Patricia & Mark Schaum Dana & Barry Schechter Namcy & Marvin Schiller John Schosheim Alison & Andrew Schreier Judi & Allan Schuman Betsy & Rick Schuster Dorothy Seaman Senior Resource Advisors Olivia & Gerald Shapiro Phyllis & Leonard Shapiro


Sherwood Sharfe Joan Vogel Victor Shargai Alyce & Bernard Vogel Jacqueline Shear Etoile Volin Sara Sheinberg Lenore & Herbert Wachtel Jill & Stuart Siegel Charitable Phyllis & Arthur Wachtel Family Foundation Foundation Hedy & Bryan Wasserman Merle & Richard Weidenbaum Marilyn & Jay Weinberg Arlyne & Myron Weinberg Karen & Martin Weisfeld Karen & Howard Weiss Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC Serena & Richard Werber Richard L. & Lois S. Werner Family Foundation Carol & Steve Winig Beth Trubow & Bruce Winter Gerald Yass Ronnie & Jeff Zapoleon $101 - $499 Sheila & Burton Aaronson Erryn Abiri Ran & Sara Abrahamy Joan Abrams AIG Matching Grants Program Aimee Greenhouse Sageview Consultin Debra Altschul Richard Appelfeld Donor Advised Fund Sondra & Ronald Ashendorf Sandra & Charles Babbush Gail & Alan Bank Katherine Barba Janet & Kalman Barson Selma & Leonard Baruchin Halina & Bernard Baumgarten Elinor Siklossy Jayne Beatrice & Leon Friedman Robyn & Michael Silver Charitable Fran & Saul Singer Ruthann & David Beckerman Lisa & Thomas Sliney Diane Behrman Ellen & Michael Sobo Carol & Ronald Benach Scott Solkoff Joanne Berger Steven Stein Bill Berger Wendy & Richard Swartz Bonnie & Jay Judith & Herman Swartz Berkowitz Lenore Tagerman Lori Berman Amy & Barry Taney Rhoda & Henri Ruth Taubman Bertuch Renee Teitelbaum Mary Beskin Temple Anshei Shalom Beth Ami Suzanne & Eugene Terry Congregation The Billi Marcus Foundation Inc Bistro Provence Sylvia & Morris Trachten Family Elayne & Richard Foundation Blackman Beth & Anthony Tranese Don Blaustein Debbie & Edward Venezia


Judith & Seymour Blaustein Paige & David Block Bonnie & Andrew Block BNY Mellon Private Wealth Management Harriett Kogod & Jack Bobb The Boca Raton Synagogue Linda & Marty Bodian Yvonne Boice Judith Bradley E. Miriam & Norman Brand Joan Brawer Sally & Robert Brisker Marc Brotman Ruth & David Brumberg John Bute Fran & Jerome Butwin Carole Cameron Roy Camhi Louise Cammorata Barbara Carney Robyn & Richard Chwatt Rachel Clouse Michael Cohen Debra & Steven Cohen Shari Cohen Andrea & Robert Colton Ronda & Allen Cone Congregation Shaarei Kodesh Estelle & Harvey Cooperstone Shirley & Michael Corbett Joyce & Steven Croft Sheryl Cutler Shirley & Robert Davis Patricia DeRosa Suzanne & Jeffrey Deutch Margaret Donnelley Liz Downey Walker Duvall Stephen Edelman Rona & Ron Eisenberg Tracy & Steven Elias Margie & Alex Ellenbogen Ruth Englander Valerie Dalwin Etra

Shirley Fein Ellen & David Feingold Norma Feldman Asher Lionel Fendell Lori & Howard Fensterman Narleen & Michael Fine Barbara Finkelstein Susan & Douglas Fischer Arnold Fishman Norma Fogel Thomas Forlenza Helaine Freed Jackie & Stanley Friedman Rhoda & Leonard Frischer Sheila & David Fuente Louise & David Galpern Meir Gare Elaine Gebel Randi & Clifford Gerber Theodore Gerson Sandra & Martin Giller Barbara & Harold Glasband Elaine & Gene Glasser Glick’s Kosher Market Golan Group Beatrice Gold Rona & Joseph Goldberg Patricia & Karl Goldberg Joy Goldstein Bonnie & David Goldstein Elaine & Albert Goldstein Harold & Jonny Gordon Shirley & Eli Gottesdiener Aaryn Gottesfeld Florence & Luiz Grajwer Marjorie & Stanley Greenbaum Roberta Greenberg Beth & Steven Greenberg GreenbergTraurig Sheryl Greenwald Carol Anne & Steven Greenwald Irma & David Gross Shelly & Larry Gross Stuart Grossman Gunster, Inc. Laurie & Franklin Gutman Julius Guttman Lynn & Jerome Hahn Rachelle & Jacob Harris Ellen & Michael Hartz Fran & Paul Heller Rita Hilton Ellen & Ronald Hoffner Linda Hurst Imaging Science Foundation, Inc. Susan & Alan Jacobs Patti & Michael Jacobs Pamela & Joseph Janoura Jewish War Veterans Aux. # 631

Joys of Yiddish Club Barbara & Clive Kabatznik David Kahan Lisa Kalen Gayle & Steven Kammerman Betty & Herbert Kane Lewis Katz Gail & Daniel Katz Ilene Katz Marissa & Daniel Katz Deanna & Henry Katz Michele & David Katzman Judy Kay Phyllis & Adolf Keehn Susan Keller Marcia & Howard Kent Keratin Complex Esther & Gerald Kessler Jonathan King Melissa & Dean Kirkel Carla & Jeffrey Klein Sara Jo & Arthur Kobacker Wendy & Robert Kohansky Nancy & Bernard Kraft Stuart Kramer Donna Kramer Sandra & JeromeKransdorf Ellen & Richard Krantz Donna & Stephen Krasner Evelyn & Herbert Krickstein Yaakov Kronfeld Lenore Larkin Law Offices of Jonathan Bloom PA Paula Leblang Janet & Michael Leeds Frieda Leemon Marvin Leibowitz Sandra Lemme Audrey & Sam Lerner Jan & Allen Lev Marissa & David Levenson Brenda & Robert Levine Jaye & Roger Levy Natalie & Joel Lichtenthal Katherine & Jeffrey Linden Bryan Lucena Stacey & George Luck Roberta & William Ludwig Pauline & Arnold Maerov Paul Malnove Julius Mark Hermina Marks Beatrice Mayer Isolde & Stephen Medow Cheryl & Robert Mellman Harriet & Nathan Miller Beatrice Allis & Alan Minion Lois Mishkin Irene Mohr

Judi & Jay Morgan Sharon Nalitt Seymour Nash Lisa Nazzaro NCJW Bowling League William Newman Steven Nussbaum Mitzi & Gary Oreman Andrea & James Orleans Annette & Monroe Osterman Marilyn & Milton Ozar Marilyn & Carl Paddor Bonnie & James Pantel Mildred & Mitchell Pardo Gail & Stefan Pasternack Florence Paul Leona Paul Dana & Michael Petrover Jan Pitcher Gail & Barry Press Jeffrey Press Amy & Kevin Rader Roz & Abraham Rapp Celia & Milton Raps Barbara & Fredric Reitman Amy & Ron Reshefsky Deana & Hyman Richman Susan & Jack Riemer Milton Ring Charlotte & Morris Robinson Octavius Robinson


Ellen & Stephen Rose Susan & Arthur Rosen Kay & James Rosenberg Joan Rosenberg Lisa & Steven Rosenfeld Carol & Arthur Roth Harold Rothstein Ginger & Barry Rubin Lee Rubin Stacey & Alan Rudnick

M.L. & Alvin Segal Phyllis & Cliff Seresky Pearl Seymore Beverly & Alvin Shapiro Lisa & Rand E Shapiro Olivia & Gerry Shapiro Harriet & Ronald Shapss Lizette & Dan Sheinberg Larry Shulman Robin & Jeffrey Siegal

Barbara Sosnowitz Janyce & Peter Speier Julie Spodek Yhudes & Benjamin Steen Nancy & Charles Stein Randi & Steven Stein Ellyn & Harry Steinbok Carole Stoll Judith & Sheldon Strauss Phyllis & Teddy Struhl Lila Subotky Maida & Arnold Suresky Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Karen & Dan Swanson Doris Taxin Bernice & Edward Teltser Lea Temkin Maria & Stephen Towle United Way Suncoast Phyllis & Arthur Wachtel Hanna & Jules Wagner Stephen Wainger Renee & C. Richard Weinberg Eleanor & Paul Weiner Julie Weinstein Barbara & Morris Weinstein Debbie & Andrew Weisman Karen & Howard Weiss

Corporate Sponsorship Program Reach a wide audience while helping the community. We invite you to partner with JFS to align your company with our mission to serve those in need living in our community.

Benefits: - Marketing exposure to a variety of targeted audiences - Community service opportunities thorough hands on volunteer experiences for your employees

Sponsorship Opportunities: Premiere Agency Sponsor Department Sponsor Program Sponsor Annual Fundraising Event Sponsor Advertising Sponsor

Thank you

to our 2013 Corporate Sponsors $15,000 plus Greenspoon Marder

$10,000 plus BJ’s Charitable Foundation Boca Raton Observer Magazine

$5,000 plus

S & J Gold LLC Madeline & Stephen Sackel Karen & Eric Sacks Rebecca & Steve Sager Barabara & Arnold Saltzman Bonnie Scharf Iris & Melvin Schlesinger Bela Schlesinger Laurie Schoenfeld Stephanie & Steven Schuster Arline & Cole Schuster Donna Schweid


Sign-A-Rama Bonnie & Bryan Silbermann Lois Silverman Myra & Merle Singer Karen & Fred Singer Norma & David Smith Carol & Irv Smokler Joanne Smukler Florence & Stephen Soble Shirley Sokolsky Shirley & Allan Solomon Barbara Solomon

Marsha Wetmore Jacquelyn & Alvin Wheeler Lillian & Stanley Wilen Janice Williams Karen Winter Candice & Howard Wolk Teri Wolofsky Karina Woodman Constance & Stanley Yaffe Judith & David Yorra Susan Zeff Marlene Zuckerman

Accessible Home Health Care Boca Home Care Services CBIZ, MHM, LLC Century Risk Advisors Direct Nursing Care Services Horizon Nursing Services Quality Family Care

$2,500 plus Proskauer Rose, LLP A Plus Homecare

$1,000 plus Regents Park


THANK YOU to our Community Partners who have donated in-kind goods or services to JFS AARP Addison Reserve Ben Gamla BJ’s Wholesale Club B’nai Torah Congregation Women’s League Boca Grove Country Club Community Boca Helping Hands Boca West Country Club Boca Woods Country Club Community Carmel Bakery Chadeisha Hadassah Congregation B’nai Israel Preschool Congregation B’nai Israel 7th thru 9th Grades Congregation B’nai Israel Sisterhood Congregation B’nai Israel Social Action David Daun Donald Porges, CPA Donna Klein Jewish Academy Donna Klein Jewish Academy Cereal Drive Donna Klein Jewish Academy 8th Grade Mitzvah Project Donna Klein Jewish Academy Fruit Drive for Shavuot Ellie Adelman Greenspoon Marder Grove Hadassah Hillel Day School Huntington Pointe Singles Club Jewish Federation of SPBC Jewish Federation of SPBC Campaign

Foundation Teams Jewish War Veterans Women’s Auxiliary Levis JCC Marleen Forkas Camps Lexington Club Loggers Run Middle School Materetsky Financial Mitzvah Lunch Club Morse Life NCJW Valencia Falls Office Depot Foundation ORT Palm Beach County Food Alliance

Polo Country Club Cards for Kids Publix of Parkland St. Andrews Country Club Community Stonebridge Country Club Community Temple Anshei Shalom Food Drive Temple Sinai Food Drive Temple Sinai Kids for Food Pantry Weisman Delray Community Center Winn Dixie of Boca Raton Woodfield Country Club Community Weinbaum Yeshiva High School

Grants Thanks to our funding partners, we received over $2,000,000.00 in grants in 2013.

Their generosity makes it possible for JFS to continue many of our programs which help life for so many vulnerable residents living in south Palm Beach County.

Area Agency on Aging of Palm Beach/ Treasure Coast Albert E. & Birdie W. Einstein Foundation Bank of America Boca Raton Regional Hospital Foundation BJ’s Charitable Foundation City of Boca Raton Comerica The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) FL Department of Financial Services Hands on Tzedakah (HOT) Jarden Consumer Solutions Community Fund Jewish Women’s Foundation Lost Tree Village Charitable Foundation MAZON

THANK YOU to our Synagogue Partners who have donated in-kind goods or services to JFS Beth Ami Congregation B’nai Torah Congregation Boca Raton Synagogue Congregation B’nai Israel Hebrew Congregation of Broken Sound Shari Kodesh Synagogue Temple Anshei Shalom Temple Beth El Temple Beth Shalom Temple Emeth Temple Torah of Boynton Beach Torah Ohr Temple Torah Young Israel of Boca Raton


NEXT GENERATIONS The Retirement Research Foundation State of Florida- Department of Elder Affairs State of Florida- Department of Financial Services Town of Palm Beach United Way United Way of Palm Beach County

$2,000,000.00 in grants in 2013


Forster Family Kosher Food Pantry Fund to serve the programs and services of the food pantry.


Roxane Frechie Phillips JFS Endowment Fund to be used to cover the costs of recognition and awards for volunteers.

Planning for the future to help support JFS today

Rose Golden Indigent Care Endowment Fund to provide ongoing support or emergency support for Jewish persons in need.

VISIONARY SOCIETY – Imagine creating a lasting testament to the value that you

Indigent Care Endowment Fund to provide ongoing support or emergency support for Jewish persons in need.

hold most dear. Creating your legacy is not only deeply fulfilling, it also requires far less out-of-pocket funding than you may realize. In fact, legacy gifts come with tax breaks and benefits that make it a smart move for anyone’s estate plans. The JFS Visionary Society recognizes individuals who have secured our future through any planned gift commitment. Please join the following donors who have notified us of their plans to include JFS in their estate plans:

ANONYMOUS MICHELE & LAURENCE I. BLAIR MERYL & RON GALLATIN ANNE & NORMAN JACOBSON Betty & Jon Kimmel DEBRA & GERALD KRAMER MADELINE & EUGENE PARGH SHIRLEY & BARTON WEISMAN Jack C. Alexander Telephone Reassurance Program Endowment Fund to support the telephone reassurance program. Anton-Bobick Endowment Fund for assistance to the elderly, including delivery of meals to those unable to leave their homes. Bernice Schankerman JFS Endowment Fund to be used for the social service and mental health needs of individuals and families. Cooper Fund to support families and children with special needs. Sara and Herbert Cohn JFS Endowment Fund to support the prescription drug program for the elderly. The Jane and Alan Cornell Holocaust Survivors Fund to support the needs of Holocaust survivors and those in need of food. Eisen-Leavy In-Home Support Services Endowment Fund to provide services to enable older adults to remain as fully functioning members of the community while maintaining maximum personal independence.


Gerald and Rochelle Goldstein JFS Endowment Fund for use where needed most. Richard J. Goldstein Memorial JFS Endowment Fund to provide support for seniors in need and to support special holiday food baskets. Lisa & David Goodman Endowment Fund for general support of the agency. Edward S. Gould Fund for Special Needs of Gay and Lesbian Clients to provide counseling and care management to elderly lesbians and gay men. Edward S. Gould Fund for Special Needs of Gay and Lesbian Clients to provide services and counseling to address the special needs of gay and lesbian clients. Abraham and Rita Hazelcorn Endowment Fund to support the prescription drug program. Holocaust Survivors Endowment Fund to help elderly Holocaust survivors. Madeline and Eugene Pargh Kosher Food Pantry Endowment Fund to serve the programs and services of the food pantry. Jason Pavao Memorial Endowment Fund to provide ongoing support or emergency support for Jewish families with children under 12. Michael Pelavin JFS Staff Endowment Fund to provide funds for staff members to attend the National AJFCA Conference. David Pollen JFS Fund for use where needed most. Ruth Rales Jewish Family Service Fund for Children with Rett Syndrome to be used for health services for children with Rett syndrome. Ruth Rales Jewish Family Service Director’s Endowment Fund for use where needed most. Ruth Rales Jewish Family Service Endowment Fund for use where needed most. Ruth Rales Jewish Family Service Outreach Program to be used for the salary and benefits of a full-time social worker. Ruth Rales Jewish Family Service Special Projects Fund for use where needed most.


Ruth Rales JFS Weisman Delray Community Center Operating Endowment to be used to support the operating expenses related to the Center. Ruth Rales JFS Counseling & Mental Health Fund to be used to support counseling and mental health services provided by the agency. Ruth Rales JFS – Food Pantry Fund to be used to support the food pantry operations. Michelle Rothholz Memorial Endowment Fund for personal expenses of a college student in financial need. Dorothy and Sidney Schuman Jewish Family Service Endowment Fund to provide care and services to the elderly. Julia K and Harold Segall Endowment Fund for use where needed most. Louis Shapiro JFS Endowment Fund for use where needed most. Sidney and Eleanor Silverstein In-Home Supportive Services Endowment Fund to provide services to enable older adults to continue to be fully functioning members of the community while maintaining maximum personal independence. Jeffrey Brian Turkin Memorial JFS Endowment Fund to be used for the mental health needs of children and adolescents. Clifford and Jill Viner Family Compassionate Care Endowment Fund to provide services to families with children up to 18 years of age. Edith Wasserbard Endowment Fund to support the Feldman Family Diamond Club Shirley and Barton Weisman Delray Community Center Fund to support the operations of the Shirley and Barton Weisman Delray Community Center. Gladys Weinshank Endowment Fund for use where needed most. Morton J. Weinstein Memorial Endowment Fund for the Sight Impaired to assist the needy who are sight impaired or suffering from eye disease. Sigmund Weiss Memorial Fund to support the Kosher Konnection Program. Peter and Ilene Wohlgemuth JFS Endowment Fund for use where needed most. Sidney and Jacqueline Wolgin JFS Emergency Services Endowment Fund to assist needy persons in emergency situations.

Thank you to our dedicated staff, board, volunteers and community who collectively make our work possible.



Ruth & Norman Rales

Jewish Family Services Help. Hope. Humanity.

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We express our sincere appreciation to those whose generosity enables us to continue our mission of providing

21300 Ruth & Baron Coleman Boulevard Boca Raton, FL 33428-1757 P: (561) 852-3333 F: (561) 852-3332

SATELLITE OFFICES Shirley & Barton Weisman Delray Community Center 7091 West Atlantic Avenue Delray Beach, FL 33446 P: (561) 558-2100 F: (561) 558-2176 Jacobson Family Food Pantry 430 S Congress Ave, Unit 1C Delray Beach P: (561) 274-1940

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A very special THANK YOU to the JFS clients, volunteers and staff for contributing their photos to this publication.



help and

humanity to individuals and families in need. We are only able to accomplish our mission with your support.

Ruth & Norman Rales Jewish Family Services - 2013 Annual Report  
Ruth & Norman Rales Jewish Family Services - 2013 Annual Report