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How To Use Traffic Swarm Effectively Traffic Swarm is an easy and effective way to drive quality traffic to your website. To get the most out of your Traffic Swarm account there are a few things you must know about how to use it effectively.

Adding Your Pages: Traffic Swarm is excellent at driving targeted traffic to your sites. So, the first thing you will want to concentrate on is adding your web pages for inclusion. Traffic Swarm uses a unique system to generate traffic. They do this by presenting your page link as an ad you create. Here is an example of how your ads might look:

The first thing to note is the letter P next to some of the ads. These ads are from people who have upgraded to the Pro Account. Upgrading to pro has many useful benefits: 1. 2,500 credits automatically added to your account each month. 2. 200 credit bonus for each new member you refer. 3. You earn 1 bonus credit each time one of your personally referred downline affiliates (those on your 1st level) clicks on any of the links on their Start Page or in the Search Engine. That adds up quickly! 4. You earn recurring monthly commissions accruing DAILY each time one of your downline affiliates upgrades to Pro, or renews their upgrade. 5. And lots more.

Also, you will see that there are two size boxes listed. When adding your sites you will be asked to choose which box size you wish to use. The large boxes cost 2 credits per click but can also include more information as well as be formatted to look as you would like. To add your site click on the “Add A New Site Address� link. From here you can add the URL and format your ad to look and say whatever you wish.

How To Earn Credits: There are several ways to earn traffic with Traffic Swarm. One easy way is to play the lottery! Every night a random user is drawn and wins the jackpot. The amount in the jackpot is directly related to how many pages have been surfed that day.

As with any traffic exchange you can surf to earn credits. Simply hit the Next button when the timer is finished to be taken to your surf page to select the page you want to view. This is why writing a good ad is important. However, also note the search bar in the middle of the page. You have the option of surfing for specific words and phrases to be taken to ads that might interest you most. So, when writing your ad it is often a good idea to include keywords related to your page. And of course, you get credits no matter how you find the ad.

An extremely easy way to earn free credits is to set your browser’s start page to Traffic Swarm. By clicking the “Set your Start Page” link you will be given a URL to use as your home page. Each time you open your browser, you earn credits. Also, each time a member in your downline use this feature, you get credit each time THEY open their browser. Credits can really add up fast this way. Finally, you can add a link box on your site. This way, you get a certain number of credits each time that box is shown, as well as credits if someone clicks on an ad in that link box. So, you can earn double credits from one person.

Click Here To Join Traffic Swarm For Free! Of course, another way to earn free traffic is to refer other’s to traffic swarm. Each time they open their start page, click on a link, display a link box or use the search box... You Earn Credits! Not only that, you earn commissions on each credit purchase or Pro upgrade/renewal. And this all happens Five Levels Deep!

A Few Additional Notes About Traffic Swarm: As a free user expect about 50 clicks per day on your ads, depending on whether you use keywords and write a compelling ad. (This is from personal experience and testing various ads. However, your results might be more than mine.) So, be sure to use all ten slots available and create ten separate ads. This helps you in two ways: First, you will get more views per site this way. Second, this will allow you to test your ad copy. Better pulling ads can then be used in everything from pay per click to classified ads and even modified to be signatures in forums and other places.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Traffic Swarm and start your free account today!

Click Here To Join Traffic Swarm Today! Vincent R. Parker (919) 462-8789 .

How To Use Traffic Swarm Effectively  
How To Use Traffic Swarm Effectively  

Here you will learn how to use Traffic Swarm effectively to drive quality, free traffic to your website.