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“If there is a simple, easy principle that binds everything I have done together, it is my interest in people and their relationship to things.� Bill Moggridge, 1943-2012


My name is Vincent Namsoo Kim. I’m a UX designer based on space. The following is the collection of projects that reflect my passion and apprecation for interaction and design. I hope to contribute the same passion to your works. Thank you.



THE UNIVERSITY OF SUWON Bachelor of Architectural Engineering Feb 2012 I Suwon, Korea Scholarship I Spring 2011, Fall 2008

UX DESIGNER D’strict I Seoul, Korea I Jan 2013 - Dec 2015 I Associate Manager

HONORS DESIGN EXELLENCE IF Communication Design Awards 2014 ‘Live Holo’ I Team Work I Member WINNERS OF MINISTRY OF SCIENCE Korea ICT Innovation Awards 2014 ‘Live Holo’ I Team Work I Member SELECTED WORKS Korean Architecture Awards 2010 ‘Changing Gun-Ja Bay’ Team Work I Leader HONORABLE MENTION Kyung-Ki Architecture Awards 2005 ‘The Great Heritage’ Team Work I Member

SKILLS DESIGN Wireframing I Storyboarding Design Research I Prototyping 2D Drawing I 3D Simulating TECHNICAL EXPERTIS Adobe Creative Suite I Auto Cad 3D Unity I 3D Rhino, Max

ACTIVITIES A-GENE-DA DESIGN GROUP A Member of Group I Jan 2009-Dec 2011 Principal : Sunggoo Yang, Ethership MODERN ARCHITECTURE LAB Researcher I Dec 2008-Feb 2012 Advisor : Changhoon, Woo DIMENSION GROUP Master of Group I Mar 2009-Dec 2009 Architecture Group MILITARY SERVICE R.O.K Code Soldier I Aug 2006-Aug 2008

Designed several interactive attractions to merge analog experiences into digital environments with K-pop and Edutainment contents to create new experiences. + Digital Theme Park I Feb 2015 - Dec 2015 I Project Manager Incheon Airport : Led five Edu-tainment attractions in departure lounge 4F. MBC World : Led eight K-Pop attractions in MBC Broadcasting H.Q, Seoul. Play Kpop : Led five K-pop attractions in 2,000m² in Quzhou, China. + Live Sketchbook I Jul 2014 - Jan 2015 I UX Designer Created an Edu-tainment attraction for children, converting an aquarium into an interactive sea world. Designed educational contents and interactions to stimulate children’s creativity and assist physical development. Performed storyboarding, wireframing, prototyping and space planning. + YG Entertainment Mobile App I May 2014 - Jun 2014 I UX Designer Proposed the app to YG Entertainment for connecting online and offline using an AR, UCC and SNS contents. Contributed on designing the app to create a compelling user experiences. Performed wireframing and prototyping. + Live Photo I May 2013 - Apr 2014 I UX Designer, Product Designer Designed an Augmented Reality Photo-booth that people can take pictures with celebrities virtually. Performed storyboarding, wireframing and prototyping as a UX designer and conducted 3d simulating to make the smooth interaction between a virtual space and an actual space as an industrial designer. + Live Holo I Apr 2013 - Mar 2014 I UX Designer Took part in creating a hologram concert platform. Proposed the main UX scenario to provide users with virtual experience which can directly participate the hologram performaces. Performed wireframing, prototyping and space planning. + Contents Producing I Jan 2013 - Mar 2013 I UX Designer Participated in planning and producing holoram and augmented reality contents for ‘Live Holo’ and ‘Live Photo’ to create 4D digital theme park. Played a key role in making storyboards and user experiences, collaborating with PSY. ARCHITECTURE DESIGNER Dmp Architects I Seoul, Korea I Feb 2012 - Oct 2012 I Intern Participated T.R.I Bio-Bank in Qatar and designed Atrium and Auditorium. Conducted design studies and simulations via Auto Cad, 3D Rhino and Max.

EXHIBITION I N TER AC TI O N D ES I G N Data Visualization Workshop I Mar 2011 - Apr 2011 I Randomwalks + Tutor : Sey Min, M.I.T Media Lab, Senseable City Lab, Fellowship AR C H I TEC TU RE D ES I G N 100 Cube I May 2012 I Talent Donation A-GENE-DA Group Exhibition I Oct 2010 I Talent Donation Korean Architecture Awards I Aug 2010 I Changing Gun-Ja Bay Gwang-Ju Biennale I Aug 2009 I Rest Box Seoul Architecture Workshop I Jul 2009 I Make Visible the Invisible

CONTACT N am s . V i n cen t . K i m @ G m a i l . c om I 8 2 - 1 0 - 9 1 3 6 - 9 3 9 0

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