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London Bridge Tower - Mixed-use, 90 000 m 2 - London, Uk - Opened in July 2012. Job captain for upper levels cladding design.

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Vincent Delfaud - Architect D.E. - Mixed-use transport hub, 140 000 m 2 - London, Uk - submitted in 2008. London Bridge Station and offices 8Project Madison Av schematic design submission. LUL, TFL and client coordination and presentation. [ project ] manager VincentM5R Delfaud Architect D.E. 2S4 Toronto, Canada San Paolo IMI Bank HQ - Offices, 50 000 m2 - Torino, It - Opened in October 2013 8 Madison Av VincentP.Competition Delfaud - team Architecte D.E.(won in 2008)., schematic design of the project. coordinator + 647 283 2633 M5R 2S4 Toronto, Canada 46 rue Marx Dormoy Cladding and stairs design. Environemental studies (passive slabs and facade). [ project ] E. : 13004 Diogene Housing, 5.5m 2 - Paris, Fr & Genoa,FrIt - Distributed by Vitra in 2014. P. + 647Marseille, 283 2633 Born the -Fr 15th of April 1982 in Saint-Cloud, Project manager R&D from schematic to detailed design for Renzo Piano Foundation. E. : T. +33 7 French 70 12 13driving 51 licenses A & B

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Rolland Garros Stadium Sport facility, E. : [ -Portolio ] Fr 25 000 m2 - Paris, Fr - Competition - Submitted in 2009. Born theEnglish 15th offluent April 1982 in Saint-Cloud, Schematic design for competition, design team coordinator & main arena (50 000 seats) roof design. French A& B Born ondriving April thelicenses 15th, 1982 in Saint-Cloud, Fr Columbia Princeton D.E. University - Educational, 150 000 m2 - NY - NJ, USA - Opened in October 2016 English Vincentfluent Delfaud and - Architecte Professional Projects Urban planning and schematic design phase / part of the design team for urban planning 46 rue Marx Dormoy Professional Projects 13004 Marseille, Fr JEAN ATELIERS NOUVEL | Marseille Fr | Paris | Manager RENZO PIANO BUILDING WORKSHOP | Paris FrFr | Genoa It | | Toronto Ca | 2017 ADAMSON ASSOCIATES | Cladding Project La Marseillaise Tower Offispace, ces,50 407000 000 Marseille, -D.&B. D.&B. Vinci Opens ininin May 2018 T. +33 7 70 12 13 Bridge 51 London Place --Offi ces, mmm 222---London, UkFr-View, Mace --Opened May 2013 Bayview - Event 000 Mountain USA - Openning 2020 Project manager in charge design from Defisketches nitive Design completion leading architects team on site. ADAMSON ASSOCIATES |ofproject Cladding Project Manager |toToronto Ca and |- 2017 Architectural studies the fidocument rst to detailed In charge ofofthe Construction package fordesign facades. 100%5REVIT. E. : [ Portolio ]from 2 Coordination contractor team, client and authorities. LEED and HQE certifi cations. [ project ] coordination with local architect and design team. Planning application and presentation Bayview Event space, 7 000 m Mountain View, USA Openning in 2020 ADAMSON ASSOCIATES | Project captain | Toronto Ca | 2010 Born on April the 15th, 1982 in Saint-Cloud, Fr to Southwark comitee meeting. Cladding design and preliminary In charge of the Construction document package for facades. 100% REVIT. Quai Branly Jacques Chirac museum - Cultural, 60 000 m2 - Paris, Fr - Opened in .May 2009 «facade and envelope» department REVIT - BIM and 3D modeling

[ project studies of construction documents. project ] | 2010 Site Architect forand the model permanent exhibition area|] Toronto [for ADAMSON ASSOCIATES | parametric Project captain Ca Define systems elements adapted to complex geometry (facade, structure). 2 London Bridge Tower Mixed-use, 90 000 m 2 London, Uk Opened ininJuly 2012. «facade and envelope» department -FrBIM and SCAU Fr | Marseille Fr | 70 000 20 Fenchurch - Offices, m - London, Uk3D -ItOpened 2014 RENZO| Paris PIANO BUILDING WORKSHOP |REVIT Paris | Genoa |modeling ] Job captain for upper levels cladding design. [ project Define model parametric systems adapted to complex geometry (facade, See project ] structure). In charge of- Sport the design studies for facades. 100% REVIT. Stade Vélodrome facility, 67 000 - Marseille, - PPP Opened in June 2014 Londonand Bridge Place - Offidetailed ces, 50 000 mfor 2capacity -elements London, Uk - D.&B.FrMace - Bouygues Opened in [-May 2013 2- Mixed-use transport 2 London Bridge Station and offi ces hub, 140 000 m 2 London, Uk submitted in 2008. 20 Fenchurch - Bridge Offices, 70 000 m -InLondon, Ukthe in design 2014 London Place - Offices, 000 m- Opened - London, Ukdocuments - D.&B. - Opened in May 2013 Architectural design during site works. of construction studies for interior finishes, Architectural studies of the project from ficharge rst50 sketches to detailed and Mace

Project manager schematic design submission. LUL, TFL and and client coordination and presentation. [ See project In charge of the detailed studies facades. 100% REVIT. In charge of interiors and facade construction documents packages. See project ] ] [ project ] facades, roof structure anddesign membrane in a for seismic area occupied building site. [] project coordination with local architect and design team. Planning application and presentation 2 San Paolo IMI Bank HQ Offi ces, 50 000 m2 Torino, It Opened in October 2013 London Bridge Place Offices, 50 000 m London, Uk D.&B. Mace Opened in May 2013 to Southwark comitee meeting.- Cladding design and preliminary Stade de la porte Océane Sport facility, 20000 capacity - Le Havre, Fr - D.&B. Vinci - Opened in July 2012 Competition team coordinator (won innitive 2008)., schematic of the project. In charge ofschematic interiors and facade packages. See project ] membrane and [ project ] documents studies of construction documents. Design from design to deficonstruction design, designdesign and coordination of[ roofi ng (ETFE)

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SCAU Site architect |facility, Marseille Fr LUL, |m2 Stade | 2011- Submitted Rolland Garros - Sport 25 000 -TFL Paris, Frclient - Competition in 2009. project ] coordination SCAU partner of| Stadium DV Construction (groupe BOUYGUES). [Vélodrome Project manager schematic design submission. and and presentation. [ project ] Schematic design for competition, design team coordinator & main arena (50 000 seats) roof design. Soccer stadium, 67 000 capacity Marseille, Fr PPP Bouygues Opens in June 2014 San Paolo IMI Bank HQ - Offices, 50 000 m2 - Torino, It - Opened in October 2013

ADAMSON ASSOCIATES | Toronto Ca | Inand charge of the architectural development during site works. In charge of the construction SCAU | Site architect | Marseille |Educational, Stade Vélodrome |m2 2011 Columbia Princeton University - NY - NJ, USA - Opened in October 2016 Competition team coordinator (won inFr-2008)., schematic design of the project. «facade and envelope» department REVIT -150 BIM000 and 3D modeling

documents studies for interior finishes, roofteam structure and in a seismic area Soccer stadium, 67design. 000 capacity - Marseille, Fr -facades, PPP - Opens in June 2014 Urban planning and schematic design phase / part of theBouygues design for urban planning project ] Cladding and stairs Environemental slabs and facade). [membrane REVIT development for the offi ce : define andstudies model (passive parametric systems for complex geometry elements and occupied buildingdevelopment site (match on every other week previewed by construction a security comitee visit). In charge of the architectural during site works. In charge of the Diogene Housing, 5.5m 2 Paris, Fr & Genoa, It Distributed by Vitra in 2014. ATELIERS JEAN NOUVEL | Marseille Fr | Paris Fr | (facade, structure). Architectural technical issues coordination before construction documents. Survey documents studies forand interior finishes, facades, roof structure and membrane in a seismic area works and project ] Project manager Tower from schematic to detailed design for Piano La Marseillaise - Offi ces, m 2 - Marseille, Fr -Renzo D.&B. Vinci -Foundation. Opens in May [2018 20 Fenchurch -R&D Offices, 70 00040 m2000 - London, Uk - Opened in 2014 and occupied building site (match on every other week previewed by a security comitee visit). deliver completion documents submission to the client. [ See project ] Rolland Garros Stadium - of Sport facility, 25 000 m2Design - Paris, Fr completion - for Competition - Submitted in on site. Project manager indesign chargearchitect design from Defi nitive to - leading 5 architects Coordination with and detailed design studies facades. 100% REVIT. Architectural and technical issues coordination before construction documents. Survey works and SCAU | Assistant project manager | Paris Fr | Stade de la porte Océane | 2009 Schematic design for competition, design team main arena 000 seats) project ] Coordination withPlace contractor client andMace HQE certifi cations. [design. London Bridge - Offiteam, ces, 50 000and m2 authorities. - coordinator London, UkLEED -&D.&B. -(50 Opened in Mayroof 2013 [ See project ] deliver completion documents submission to the client. Sport facility, 20000 capacity - Le Havre, Fr - D.&B. Vinci - Opened in July 2012 Interiors and facade construction documents packages. Columbia and Princeton University - Educational, 150 - NY - NJ,FrUSA - Opened in October Quai Branly Jacques Chirac museum - Cultural, 60000 000m2 m2 - Paris, - Opened in .May 2009 2016 In charge of architectural development the project from Océane schematic design to definitive design, and SCAU | Assistant project manager | Paris Fr | of Stade de la porte | 2009 Urban planning phase / part of the ]design team for urban planning Site Architect forand theschematic permanentdesign exhibition area [ project of design and coordination of roofing (ETFE) membrane and structure Sport facility, 20000 capacity - Le Havre, Fr - D.&B. Vinci - Opened in July 2012 with design team. [ See project ] SCAU | Paris Fr | NOUVEL Marseille Fr | ATELIERS JEAN | Marseille Frof| Paris Fr | from schematic design to definitive design, and In charge of architectural development the project RENZO PIANO BUILDING WORKSHOP | Project manager Assistant / Job Captain | Paris Fr | Stade Vélodrome - Sport 000 - Marseille, Frstructure - PPP-Bouygues - Opened in June 2014 [ See project ] of and coordination of roofing (ETFE) membrane withindesign team. Ladesign Marseillaise Tower - Offifacility, ces, 4067 000 m capacity 2 - Marseille, Fr - and D.&B. Vinci Opens May 2018 London Bridge Place - Offices, 50 000 m 2 - London, Uk - D.&B. Mace - Opened in May 2013 Architectural design during of site works.from In charge of the construction documents studies for interior Project manager in charge design Definitive Design to completion - leading 5 architects teamfinishes, on site. RENZO PIANO BUILDING WORKSHOP | Project manager Assistant / Job Captain | Paris Frdesign | In charge of architectural development of the project from first sketches to detailed and ] facades, roof with structure and membrane in and a seismic area and occupied site. [ project[ project ] Coordination contractor team, client authorities. LEED and HQEbuilding certifications. 2 local architect design team. In charge planninginapplication London coordination Bridge Placewith - Offices, 50 000 mand - London, Uk - D.&B. Maceof - Opened May 2013 and presentation Stade de la porte Océane - Sport facility,- 20000 capacity - Le Havre, FrFr--D.&B. Vinci -.May Opened in July 2012 Quai Branly Jacques Chirac museum Cultural, 60detailed 000 2design - Paris, Opened inpackages 2009 toof Southwark comitee meeting. In the charge of for cladding and preliminary In charge architectural development of project frommfirst sketches to detailed design and Design from schematic design toexhibition definitive design, design and coordination of roofing (ETFE) membrane and project ] Site Architect for the permanent area [ [ SeeInproject ] of planning application and presentation studies oflocal construction coordination with architectdocuments. and design team. charge structure with design team. Fr |[ project ] 2 SCAU | Paris Fr |Bridge Marseille to Southwark comitee meeting. charge of 90 detailed for cladding packages and preliminary London Tower -InMixed-use, 000 mdesign - London, Uk - Opened in July 2012. Université Toulouse Mirail Educational, 25 000m2 Toulouse, - PPP Bouygues - Competition 2011 [ See project studies of construction documents. Stade Vélodrome facility, 67 000 capacity - ]Marseille, Fr - Fr PPP Bouygues - Opened [ See project ]in June 2014 Job captain- Sport for upper levels cladding package detailed design. Project manager competiton proposal design, coordination and submission. 2 the construction Architectural design during site works. In charge documents studies for interior finishes,2013 London Bridge Tower Mixed-use, 90 000 mof - London, Opened July 2012. San Paolo IMI -Bank HQ - Auditorium and offices,Uk 50- 000 m2 -inTorino, It - Opens in October project ] SCAU partner of DV Construction (groupe BOUYGUES). [ ] facades, roof for structure and membrane a seismic area anddesign. occupied site.] detailed [ project design. [building See project Job captain upperwinning levels cladding package [ See project ] Competition team. Inincharge ofdetailed cladding and stairs packages 2 Havre, Fr - D.&B. Vinci - Opened in July 2012 ADAMSON ASSOCIATES Toronto Caand | offices, Stade de laIMI porte Océane - Sport facility, 20000 capacity - Le San Paolo Bank HQ - |Auditorium 50 000 m - Torino, It - Opens in October 2013 RENZO PIANO BUILDING WORKSHOP | Project Architect | Paris Fr & Genoa It | Diogène | Design from schematic design definitive design, and coordination of roofingdesign. (ETFE) membrane and] [ See project Competition winning team. Intocharge of cladding packages detailed «facade and envelope» department REVITdesign - and BIM stairs and 3D modeling Housing / leasure, 5.5m 2 - Paris, Fr & Genoa, It - Distributed by Vitra in 2014. project ] model parametric systems for complex geometry elements structure with design REVIT development forteam. the office :[defi ne and StudiesBUILDING and researches for Renzo PianoArchitect Foundation. ] It | Diogène | RENZO PIANO WORKSHOP | Project | Paris[ See Fr &project Genoa (facade, structure). Université Toulouse Mirail Educational, 25 000m2 - Toulouse, Fr - PPP Bouygues - Competition 2011 Housing / leasure, 5.5m 2 - Paris, Fr & Genoa, It - Distributed by Vitra in 2014. Project manager coordination and submission. 20 Fenchurch -competiton Offices, for 70proposal 000 m2Piano -design, London, Uk - Opened in 2014 Studies and researches Renzo Foundation. [ See project ]

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CladdingBridge and design. Environemental (passive and in facade). [ project ] ] studies structure withstairs design team. [ project London Tower - Mixed-use, 90 000 m 2 - London, Ukslabs - Opened July 2012. Diogene - Housing, 5.5m 2 - cladding Paris, Fr &design. Genoa, -project Distributed by Vitra 2014.Bouygues - Competition 2011 ]- Toulouse, Job captain for upper levels Université Toulouse Mirail - Educational, 25It[000m2 Fr in - PPP project ] Project manager R&D from schematic to detailed design for Renzo Piano Project manager competiton proposal design, coordination and submission. London Bridge Station and offices - Mixed-use transport hub, 140 000Foundation. m 2 - London,[ Uk - submitted in 2008.

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] facades. 100% REVIT. SCAU partnerwith of DVdesign Construction BOUYGUES). [ projectfor Coordination architect(groupe and detailed design studies

London Bridge Place - Offi ces, 50 000 ADAMSON ASSOCIATES | Toronto Ca |m2 - London, Uk - D.&B. Mace - Opened in May 2013 Interiors and facade construction documents packages. «facade and envelope» department REVIT - BIM and 3D modeling REVIT development for the office : define and model parametric systems for complex geometry elements (facade, structure).

20 Fenchurch - Offices, 70 000 m2 - London, Uk - Opened in 2014 Coordination with design architect and detailed design studies for facades. 100% REVIT.

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Parc ParcPuget Puget| Temporary | Temporaryset setup up| Marseille, | Marseille,FrFr| |

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House HouseininSkopelos Skopelos| Housing, | Housing,80 80mm22| Skopelos, | Skopelos,GrGr| December | December2014 2014| |

Video Videomapping mappingtemporary temporarysupport supportstructure structureforfor« «Good GoodVibrations Vibrations» »website websiteopening openingininthe thePuget Pugetparc parcinin Marseille. Marseille.With WithWilliam WilliamJean Jean&&Cyril CyrilMeroni. Meroni.

Building Buildinga asingle singlefamily familyhouse houseononthe theedge edgeofofa acliff cliffononthe theEast Eastside sideofofthe theSporades Sporadesisland. island.

House HouseininDraguignan Draguignan| Housing, | Housing,160 160mm22| Draguignan, | Draguignan,FrFr| | Building Buildinga astepped steppedhouse housearound aroundstone stonepatios patiosininthe theheart heartofofProvence. Provence.

House HouseininOuistreham Ouistreham| Housing, | Housing,60 60mm22| Ouistreham, | Ouistreham,FrFr| April | April2014 2014| |

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Green GreenCantine Cantine| School | Schoolrestaurant, restaurant,750 750mm22| Pontault | PontaultCombault, Combault,FrFr| Opened | OpenedininSeptember September2013 2013| |

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Designing Designingand andbuilding buildingthe theextension extensionand andinterior interiorfinishes finishesofofa abeach beachshack shackininNormandy. Normandy.

Bries Bries| Beach | Beachclub club&&restaurant, restaurant,1000 1000mm22| Noordwijk, | Noordwijk,NlNl| Opened | OpenedininApril April2009 2009| |

With ]] WithAtelier Atelier208. 208. [ project [ project Designing Designinga atemporary temporaryrestaurant restaurantopened openedfrom fromMay MaytotoOctober. October. With ]] WithStudio StudioAkkerhuis Akkerhuis&&Philipp PhilippMolter. Molter. [ project [ project

Oasis Oasis| Arup | Arup« «Water WaterAid Aid» »competition competition| Agadès, | Agadès,Ng Ng| | Marmot MarmotStory Story| Housing, | Housing,2500 2500mm22| Amiens, | Amiens,FrFr

May May 2005 2005

CGT CGTtraining trainingcenter center| Conference | Conferenceroom, room,250 250mm22&&housing, housing,750 750mm22| Gif | Gifsur surYvette, Yvette,FrFr| |

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Award Awardproject projectofofCAUE CAUEdedelalaSomme Somme« «Habiter HabiterenenSomme Somme» »competition. competition.AAnew newvision visionfor forhousing housingbuilt built inina asustainable ]] sustainableway. way.With WithArch-e-tek.. Arch-e-tek.. [ project [ project

CAD CADteacher teacher| ERP | ERPONAC ONAC| Soisy | Soisysur surSeine, Seine,FrFr| |

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Condensing Condensingatmospherical atmosphericalwater watermachine. machine.AAtool toolfor forTuaregs’ Tuaregs’nomad nomadlife. life.

80 80houses housesininArmentières Armentières| Housing, | Housing,15000m 15000m22| Armentières, | Armentières,FrFr| December | December2004 2004| | Three Threehousing housingbuildings buildingsininSerris Serris| LHousing, | LHousing,2500m 2500m22| Serris, | Serris,FrFr| May | May2005 2005| |

InIncharge chargeofofcompetition competitionproposal proposaldevelopment developmentand andsubmission. submission.With WithPMP PMPARCHITECTURES. ARCHITECTURES. Training Trainingstudents studentsforfor2 2years yearstechnical technicaldegree degreeasasArchitectural ArchitecturalTechnician. Technician.

With WithATELIER ATELIERBLM. BLM. Education Education

2007 2007

Architecte ArchitecteDiplômé Diplôméd’Etat d’Etat(M.Sc.)/ (M.Sc.)/ENSAPVS-Fr. ENSAPVS-Fr. Graduation cation Graduationproject project: Fighting : Fightingdesertifi desertifi cationininNiger. Niger.

2006 2006

Fluent FluentininEnglish Englishand andFrench French(mother (motherlanguage), language),notions notionsofofGerman. German.

Graduated GraduatedM.A. M.A.ininarchitecture architecture/ ENSAPVS-Fr / ENSAPVS-Fr Memoire Memoire2 2: Building : Buildingenvelope envelope&&environment environment Memoire 1 : Complex geometry applied Memoire 1 : Complex geometry appliedtotobuilding buildingtechnics technics- membranes - membranes Practice Practicetriathlon triathlon(Ironman (IronmanFrance FranceNice Niceinin2016), 2016),sailing, sailing,skiing, skiing,basket-ball, basket-ball,and andfootball. football. Motorcycle Motorcycleride ridefrom fromParis ParistotoIstanbul Istanbuland andback backinin2009. 2009. Traveled Traveledextensively extensivelyininAfrica Africa(North (Northand andWest Westofofthe thecontinent), continent),backpacked backpackedthrough throughAsia Asia(Cambodia (Cambodiaand andSriSri ). ). Lanka) Lanka)and androad roadtriped tripedthrough throughNorth NorthAmerica America(Illinois, (Illinois,Michigan, Michigan,New NewYork, York,California, California,Ontario Ontarioand andQuebec Quebec



TOUR LA MARSEILLAISE Client Design team Net area Program Comission type Cost Contractors Location Construction Role

CONSTRUCTA MARSEILLE FR ATELIERS JEAN NOUVEL PARIS FR AEDIS / ALTO / ARCORA / SOCOTEC MARSEILLE FR 38 000 m2 Multi-tenant office + restaurant and kindergaden Private 150 M€ General contractor Vinci (Design built) MARSEILLE FR January 2015 to July 2018 Project manager


B Map Keys : A- St Charles station B- La Joliette C- CMA CGM tower Scale :





Skygarden view

Typical floor plan

Typical section

Lobby view

Sustainable and urban in all senses of those two terms. This finding explains the birth, by the sea in the bosom of Mediterranean Europe, of a tall family made up of different towers. The eldest has been visible on the skyline for some years already, Zaha Hadid having conceived it for CMA CGM. Following in the footsteps of this first beacon, three other lofty figures have now emerged. Junior and the baby of the family, drafted by JeanBaptiste Piétri and Yves Lion, offer «full-dazzling-views-overlooking-thesea» apartments. The third, big sister, has her own ambition, which is to see that the locals get down to work in the Phoenician sky. Her ambition is clearly to be part of the dense Mediterranean sea air. She flaunts her desire to play with the sun, draw shadows in the sky… Only, flimsy shadows, simple geometries that sow the seeds of complex mathematical games. She may be concrete, but the concrete is dis-armoured – light concrete, fiber concrete. She would like to be a hymn to light, my Marseillaise: a step, a stairway, a ladder leading to overhead bridges to, or in, the sky. The pleasures of towers are linked to those of the belvedere and also to the feeling of being part of the atmosphere… Of being both within and without… Within in the mists, in the rain or in the slightly murky dark… Without when the glass disappears and all that remains is a mathematical field punctuated by dashes of shadow and light, with sunbreakers becoming indistinguishable from the ceiling, the same colors passing from the inside to the outside all the better to blur and erase the transparent physical boundary of the glass. Lights and colors interact and if «The Marseillaise» is only too happy to be red-white-and-blue, she will swap France blue for sky blue, royal white for the impure white of the horizon or the odd cloud, blood red for the ochre reds and brick reds of the surrounding roofs and walls. Seen from the outside, she hopes to stamp her lines on the Marseilles sky, mix up transparencies and reflections, occupy this piece of the sky criss-crossed with a few pale shadows and pearly lights, with trees and characters that we’re never sure really exist since they’re up there in heaven.

STADE VELODROME Client AREMA (Bouygues) MARSEILLE FR Design team SCAU PARIS FR Didier Rogeon MARSEILLE FR IOSIS / SOCOTEC MARSEILLE FR Net area 40 000 m2 Program Covering and increasing of the stands, extension and redevelopment with complete access for the regular football season. Comission type Private-Public Partnership led by AREMA (Bouygues) Cost 280 M€ Contractors General contractor GFC (Bouygues) Location MARSEILLE FR Construction July 2010 to July 2014 Role Site Architect




Map Keys : A- St Charles station B- Vieux-Port C- Rond-Point du Prado undrgrd station Scale :



1 Km

The reconstruction of the Stade VĂŠlodrome in Marseille is centred around increased spectator capacity, the covering of the stands and the creation of numerous hospitality spaces. The architectural concept focuses on the problem of protection from poor weather: the strong point of the project is the cover, whose undulating silhouette unrolls around the four stands. Composed of a smooth, translucid, milky skin, stretched over a monumental structural web that seems to float, the roof of the Stade VĂŠlodrome becomes a new landmark of Marseille. The upper tier of the Ganay Stand will be reconfigured, as will the entirety of the Jean Bouin Stand, meaning the seats will be closer to the action to give spectators a better view. Crucially, the pillars supporting the roof will not affect visibility as they will be located toward the back of the stadium in all four corners. As for lighting, it will be brighter than before and spread out along the roof structure for better balance. Lastly, the new Velodrome will lead the way in facilities for spectators, most notably thanks to a significant increase in the number of refreshment areas and toilets. The current walkways will be raised to allow various features of the stadium to be relocated beneath: including the zone reserved for the teams, technical areas and parking for players, officials and away supporters. In addition, raising the walkways will make it possible to build an Interior Services Tunnel, which will wrap around the stadium and allow the emergency services quick access to any individual section. The new walkways will also be open to pedestrians, giving them the chance to walk around the stadium on foot.

Qtructural frame 250x200 m 6 000t of steel

12 structural supports

20 000 st. replaced 7 000 st. created

8 000 m2 VIP space


LONDON BRIDGE QUARTER Client Design team Net area Program Comission type Cost Contractors Location Construction Role

LBQ Ltd / Sellar Property Group Renzo Piano Building Workshop PARIS FR WSP / ARUP LONDON UK Adamson Ass. TORONTO CA 150 000 m2 80 000 m2 Mixed use high rise building 40 000 m2 offices mid rise building London Bridge Station partial redevelopment Design & build 1,9 Md€ General contractor MACE / T&T LONDON UK LONDON UK May 2007 to May 2014 Project captain all phases (LBT facades/ LBP shell, core, interiors and facades)




Map keys : A- Waterloo Station B- St Paul Cathedral C- London Bridge Station Scale :



1 Km

Located beside London Bridge station, on the south bank of the river Thames in London, London Bridge Place is adjacent to the London Bridge Tower (the ‘Shard’). Despite the proximity of the two buildings, and some common architectural features, London Bridge Place has its own character and identity. An office building of 430,000 sq ft (40,000 sq m) over 17 storeys, this project also incorporates the rebuilding of London Bridge bus station and the creation of a new public piazza. Moving the bus station to the north of the site makes pedestrian circulation between buses and the train station more direct, with sightlines opened up between the two. Below ground, London Bridge Place links through to the existing underground station, with 12,000 sq ft (1,100 sq m) of new retail space. Because the new building is constructed on top of an underground web of tunnels, vaults and the underground station, 60% of the building’s floor plate is cantilevered, hung from inclined columns connected to the building’s core. The office building has large, south-facing landscaped roof terraces on levels 13 and 14, and naturally ventilated winter gardens on levels 3 to 12. The double-skin facade, 8,600 sq ft (800 sq m) of photovoltaic panels on the roof, and a combined heat and power plant earnt the project a BREEAM ‘excellent’ rating.

Lobby section






C6 B8




D4 B7





D1 B6



C1 A1




B4 D10 D9







Typical floor plan










The London Bridge Tower, also known as the Shard, is a 72-storey, mixeduse tower located beside London Bridge Station on the south bank of the river Thames. This project was a response to the urban vision of London Mayor Ken Livingstone and to his policy of encouraging high-density development at key transport nodes in London. This sort of sustainable urban extension relies on the proximity of public transportation, discourages car use and helps to reduce traffic congestion in the city. A mix of uses – residential, offices and retail – creates a building that is in use 24 hours a day. The slender, pyramidal form of the tower was determined by its suitability to this mix: large floor plates at the bottom for offices; restaurants, public spaces and a hotel located in the middle; private apartments at the top of the building. The final floors accommodate a public viewing gallery, 240 m above street level. Eight sloping glass facades, the “shards”, define the shape and visual quality of the tower, fragmenting the scale of the building and reflecting the light in unpredictable ways. Opening vents in the gaps or “fractures” between the shards, provide natural ventilation to winter gardens. The extra-white glass used on the Shard gives the tower a lightness and a sensitivity to the changing sky around it, the Shard’s colour and mood are constantly changing. It required a particular technical solution to ensure the facade’s performance (naturally ventilated doubleskin) in terms of controlling light and heat. As part of the project, a section of London Bridge Station’s concourse was also redeveloped and the London Bridge Tower has been the stimulus for much of the regeneration of the surrounding area, now known as the London Bridge Quarter.

STADE OCEANE Client Design team Net area Program Comission type Cost Contractors Location Construction Role

CODAH (Communauté d’Agglomération Havraise) SCAU PARIS FR KSS LONDON UK IOSIS PARIS FR Jaillet Rouby PARIS FR Lamoureux PARIS FR 18 000 m2 25 000 capacity stadium Design & build 80 M€ General contractor SOGEA (Groupe VINCI) LE HAVRE FR January 2010 to May 2012 Job captain schematic to detail design (membrane and arena)



Map keys : A- Le Havre train station B- Dock Vauban C- Graville cemetary Scale :



1 Km

Through its position next to the principal roads and railway giving access to the town centre, and through its design and size, the stadium has become the new emblem of Le Havre. More than simply a football stadium, which is effective in terms of functionality and technical sophistication, the project creates a strong, unified image thanks to its smooth, transparent, continuous blue ETFE envelope. Positioned on a technical plinth, the colourful, fluid silhouette contrasts with the barely planted industrial tissue, linear housing blocks and a changing maritime sky.

ETFE membrane

Acoustic barrier

Access to arena

Access to upper seating area

DIOGENE Client Design team Net area Program Comission type Cost Contractors Location Construction Role

VITRA WEIL AM RHEIN DE Renzo Piano Building Workshop PARIS FR / GENOA IT Favero & Milan MILANO IT Transsolar STUTTGART DE 7.5 m2 research and development for a single-occupancy living unit in total autonomy Self funded 150 K€ VITRA WEIL AM RHEIN DE WEIL AM RHEIN DE March 2011 to May 2013 Project manager «Basic Shelter»



A Map keys : A- Wiel am Rhein train station B- Vitra Fire Station C- Vitra House Scale :




Under the direction of Dana Joulin, my graduation project at ENSAPVS named «nomadism, a tool against desertification along the Tenere desert border in Niger» proposes an action based on a simple combination of researches on local issues (causes and effects of urban develoment and of active and passive desertification in the Aïr area), local feasibility studies fiting the global market (cosmetic and botanical), elementary physics and a homeopatical dose of high technology (condensing of atmospherical water). This proposal found a proper ear : the basic shelter project was launched at the Renzo Piano Building Workshop. The saddle-roofed cabin measures 2.5m by 3m (8.2ft by 9.8ft), with a ridge height of 2.3m (7.5ft). It weighs 1.2 tonnes. Diogene is built in crosslaminated timber panels, whose meticulously joined planes give a warmth to its interior, but on the outside it is entirely clad in riveted brushedaluminium panels, which serve to reflect the heat and give it a wholly contemporary feel. The space is divided into two areas: a living space and, beyond a partition, a shower, toilet and kitchen. In the gable wall, a slim, solid external door, the top of which follows the pitch of the roof, opens into the living space. Here, beneath the skylight, is a pull-out sofa / bed, a fold-out table and a chair. In the other gable of the cabin, a similarly slim but rectangular door, with a small window, opens into the kitchen/ bathroom space. On one side, the kitchen unit holds a built-in sink and refrigerator; on the other, the bathroom comprises composting toilet and shower plate. Storage units have been incorporated throughout – on the walls, floors and even under the roof. No simple hut, this highly complex technical structure is designed to function in complete autonomy, in varying climatic conditions, independent of its environment. Sufficient energy to meet all the cabin’s needs is produced by solar panels. Rainwater is collected, filtered and reused – heated where necessary by a roof-top boiler. Careful chose of materials ensure insulation, enabling efficient use of natural ventilation. Diogenes of Sinope, the Greek philosopher who slept in a ceramic jar, using his simple lifestyle to criticise the social values and institutions of what he saw as a corrupt society. My contacts with the NGO «Tidene» and its president, the Tuareg chief Mohammed Ixa led me to follow my own architectural path. I would leave the RPBW and became a nomad to join this Tuareg culture in Niger and carry on with my researches.


INTESA SAN PAOLO Client Design team Net area Program Comission type Cost Contractors Location Construction Role

INTESA SAN PAOLO BANKING GROUP Renzo Piano Building Workshop PARIS FR RFR PARIS FR CSTB NANTES FR Atelier Corajoud PARIS FR 65 000 m2 INTESA SAN PAOLO headquarter building 50 000 m2 high-rise office building and auditorium Competition won in 2007 400 M€ General contractor Rizzani de Eccher SpA UDINE IT TORINO IT March 2010 to September 2014 Job captain schematic to definitive design (façades)



Map keys : A- Torino train station B- Royal palace C- Giardino Nicola Grosa Scale :




I principi elencati qui di seguito form a cui mirare. Essi definiscono una direzione, un c seguire. Il termine « manifesto » é q stato utilizzato dall’Architetto Renzo

For its new headquarters in Turin, the Intesa Sanpaolo banking group wanted a building that could be both an urban project and a showcase for exemplary environmental performance. The building’s site is located in a busy area on the edge of the historic city centre, where public buildings and services are highly condensed. The incorporation of many publically accessible facilities ensures the building’s place in city life. The tower is composed of two volumes of equal size: the lower volume has a highly flexible, multifunctional hall that can be transformed according to the event; the upper volume has a glazed ‘greenhouse’ at its summit, housing a public restaurant with a roof garden, exhibition spaces with covered terraces, and a panoramic terrace overlooking the city. Both of these lower and upper spaces are open to the public, while executive functions for the banking group itself are concentrated in the middle of the tower. The tower is a bioclimatic building and features specific design solutions to ensure sustainable environmental performance. The east and west facades are clad with a double-skin system with louvers that open in summer and close in winter, optimizing thermal insulation. The full height of the southern facade is covered by two strips of photovoltaic panels and a vertical winter garden, whose evergreen climbers filter the daylight. The thermal control of the building is guaranteed by the opening of air vents at night so that concrete double slabs are cooled down by the circulation of fresh air. Despite its height, the tower aims at a discreet, almost ethereal architectural presence. Its facade will subtly respond to changes in light throughout the day, while a multitude of LED’s will make it shimmer at night.

La concezione unitaria del progett stessa natura devono esprimersi co za , con evidenza e generosità, anc certa autenticità, e seguire una stes medesima direzione.

I paragrafi sviluppati qui sotto rapp dunque la sintesi di questo « man che implica che essi non devono es come delle indicazioni fissate e rigid Essi dovranno ovviamente essere s modo congiunto, in seguito, con gli Un Progetto Urbano

Il progetto San Paolo é innanzitutto u Urbano, che si presenta in forma di » delicata, discreta, fine, con l’obie gare la città di Torino e il Giardino Ni alla Lobby della torre Sanpaolo, so una reale continuità tra di essi. I parcheggi sono stati integrati nei pi ti. Bisognerà verificare se é necess tanti parcheggi tenuto conto della della stazione di Porta Susa nelle e cinanze.

La torre Sanpaolo dovrà posiziona con una certa evidenza, con partic senza, in sostanza come se foss sempre la. La sua presenza risulterà come un livello pedonale restando pero’ discr ciapiedi del Corso Inghilterra, di C nuele II, della via Carlo Cavalci, e pedonali del parco dovranno dunqu in modo armonioso con il trattame rale delle pavimentazioni previste da Questa continuità minerale e vege città , il progetto, e il parco é da rice

Il progetto opzionale di rivitalizza parco ci sembra importante sia pe zatori della banca sia per gli stessi quartiere. Questo mutuale interesse dovrebb tere di piantare il Giardino Nicola numerose piccole essence, essenz media, e qualche essenza di taglia di rinforzare anche certe connessio tra il progetto e il parco tramite dell vetro, illuminate la notte.

Due « segnali » appaiono cosi’ su zione del parco, come é possibile v planimetria.

Queste connessioni permetteran giungere il Palazzo di Giustizia al sole e dalla pioggia.

Il giardino Nicola Grosa deve prende gio dall’impianto della torre Sanpao Questo faciliterà del resto le relazi abitanti del quartiere che dovranno cantiere perturbante.

Renzo Piano Building Workshop – Concorso Torre Sanpaolo IMI

GREEN CANTEEN Client Design team Net area Program Comission type Cost Contractors Location Construction

VILLE DE PONTAULT-COMBAULT V. DELFAUD with ATELIER 208 PARIS FR Brageot Economiste EVRY FR Bethic BET ENGHIEN FR Conceptions Nouvelles RUEIL FR 700 m2 2 self-service restaurant rooms with kitchen and exterior vegetable garden Standard «loi MOP» comission 2,2 M€ General contractor Sylvamétal EMERAINVILLE FR PONTAULT-COMBAULT FR November 2012 to September 2013




Map keys : A- Pontault-Combault train station B- Town hall C- Pajot school Scale :




The project is based on reorganizing the school complex with the construction of a new canteen and the redefinition of the exterior spaces, it offers a playful environment and two attractive dining rooms for the pupils. The demolition of the existing canteen allowed the repositioning of the new building through a spatial configuration focused on learning. It uses natural lighting, liberates the playground and introduces a kitchen garden, optimizes the circulations of the pupils and is committed to environmental and durability objectives. This building is the expression of its structure and function. From a steel and concrete frame, the envelope speaks through the children’s language and plays a major role in the way children perceive the place. The origami like roof folds and unfolds in order to let light penetrate at the heart of the two dining rooms, thus giving them various ambiences throughout the day. The origami inspired roof was conceived to bring a dynamic to the project. Origami emphasizes imagination, creativity and a certain ingenuity. The shape of the roof plays a major role in the way children perceive the building. The exterior synthetic grass coating on the façades occasionally extends on the ground and enhances the children’s creativity. Considering the children’s perception of the building, the façades reveal large views onto the kitchen garden and the playground from all sides.

BRIES Client Design team Net area Program Comission type Cost Contractors Location Construction

MICHIEL & MARTIJN VAN DEN BERG V. DELFAUD with STUDIO AKKERHUIS PARIS FR Teuffel Engineering Consultants STUTTGART DE 1 200 m2 Summer season demountable restaurant Private 1,7 M€ Providus MARIBOR SL AGC Interpane HOERDT FR Duurzaam ROSMALEN NL Meuviro BREDA NL Timmerfabriek NOORDWIJK NL NOORDWIJK NL March 2009



B Map keys : A- Palace Hotel Holland B- Heinekein property C- Koningin Astrid Boulevard Scale :




In recent years, a new type of venue has emerged along the Dutch coast. The Beach Club. With all elements of the building pre-fabricated off-site the beach club is build up in spring and de-mounted in autumn to be stored for the winter season. The main part of the building is a large open space which is orientated towards the sea. The interior can easily be divided into three separate volumes to accommodate different functions. Adjacent, 12 modular units made out of cross laminated timber ‘plug’ into the main space. These units house secondary functions and are connected together with a textile membrane. The units are dimensioned in size and weight so that they can easily be picked up by forklift and transported over the beach towards their winter storage. The primary structure is formed by 24 steel columns and 9 longitudinal beams which form the 360 sqm. restaurant/bar area. This space is enclosed on three sides by a wooden facade, which can be fully opened. The boundaries between inside and outside blur, terrace and interior space become one. This effect is enhanced by the continuous floor finishing and the over-sailing roof. This reflects the need of the client to rapidly switch between inside and outside due to the continuous change of weather which is quite common in Holland. It ensures that the beach club can operate independent from atmospherical conditions. Seen from the beach the white textile roof gently opens up towards the see. The smooth, minimalist design of steel and fabric combines well with the wood of the facade and units. The roof is composed of two layers: The floating upper membrane is the solar control screen and provides shadow for the second layer which protects against rain. The always present breeze cools the air between these layers. The interior is very bright and no artificial light is needed during the day. At the same time the space does not heat up and remains even at high temperatures comfortably cool. Air conditioning is not necessary. With 8 months between first sketch and realisation a project emerged which complies with highest standard in sustainability, pre-fabrication and hospitality.





Condensing atmospherical water machine and nomadism, setting up tools to fight desertification in the Tenere desert border in Niger







Map keys : A- Agadez B- Tenere tree C- Timia Scale :


15 Km

30 Km

The Sahara is a key trading place for african economic life although hosting very few life forms. The commercial roads, or «trade routes» are roots to a network connecting people across the continent. Niger is both a border and a meeting land for many ethnic groups. Agadez (means to visit in tamasheq native langage) as known as the desert door, is a key point to these trades. Starting point of the trans Saharan trade route for gold and salt, it is where gather many to rally Sequedine in Libya and therefore go across the Tenere desert. The project proposes to build a complementary or secondary network next to this major trade route. This network is based on the old sheperds’ routes that used to be trailed for transhumance. Sheperds used to rally oasis or towns where the sedentary owners of the herds (and water wells) were located. They would route in circles and those circles intersect. Their route woudl serve as a kind of induction factor to the project mockup. OASIS would be set as a halt on the sheperds route. Complementary OASIS would be set at each intersection, the routes then advance in the Tenere land from those intersection thus allowing new links where possible between existing towns. In order to be set in accordance with the local cultures and Cultures, the similarities between OASIS and a natural oasis as to be obvious. That’s the only way the project can be accepted and used accordingly to his purpose. OASIS’ function and use is invented as a copy of an oasis in its most simple definition: a resting place in a hostile environment. OASIS replaces artificially the palmtrees in shadowing the crops beneath. The system replaces the trees for as many time as needed for the trees to grow taller. Once that height reached, the system is dismanteled, and used for extension or water feeding of the crops and people. But as trees grow bigger in size and amount, rain and water will follow...

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