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Visitekaartje! Philosophy Our society is changing. The individual has gained a more central position in both society

no longer all about the organisation itself but

is built. Traditional organisations have become increasingly reliant on independent profession-


independent professionals is becoming increas-

virtual have faded. This so called Third Space²

one step further. We aim to add value to our you but no longer for


clients. We call the collection of these clusters


The transformation from value chain to value -

com concepts. S2M Meeting Space for all your





S2M Meetingspace Meeting Space offers an inno-

re-shape our society. By providing insight into


surprise and strengthen people and organisa-


for a successful meeting. is an innovative business concept in the meetings

and effortless. -

We aim to connect those organisations that or-

ganise meetings at our locations to the indehours before they start.

S2M Workspace -

available at the location. -

“Voor elk soort training is een geschikte ruimto offer them free of charge or against a fee. The most important aspect regarding S2M Workspace is providing an insight into the -


stimulates and strengthens the aforementioned ÂłMilton Friedman

S2M App Space We aim to facilitate the independent profession-

free to do so. Various applications are available to the concept of assembling a Collaboration

collaboration in a Wiki. All of these applications

Space is our focus point!

these applications can be used by multiple peo-

We call the combination of multiple applications laboration Suite. Within this suite you can ef-

S2M Story  
S2M Story  

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