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Granite Kitchen Countertops Are granite kitchen countertops the best material to use? When putting together a kitchen remodeling project one of the most important decisions you will have to make is what material to use for your countertops. There are plenty of cost-saving solutions out there that might sound appealing at first, but none of which represent a viable long-term solution. No, if you’re remodeling your kitchen you need to spend a little bit more money so you can install a high quality set of countertops made from a material that will not only provide you with all sorts of immediately obvious practical benefits, but which will also provide you with a viable investment- a countertop that will remain functional and won’t need to be replaced for many, many years into the future, and which will retain its value so effectively that simply installing it increases the resale value of your home. In short, you need to step up to granite kitchen countertops. Why granite kitchen countertops? The first reason why these countertops are so popular is the fact they are incredibly attractive. Granite kitchen countertops just look phenomenal, giving off a highclass appearance to your kitchen as well as providing your cooking space with a professionalquality appearance of sturdiness and usefulness. Much ink has been spilled attempting to explain the appeal of the appearance given off by granite countertops, but no single word explains the timeless look of this stone as effectively as the word elegant. For many people there is no more attractive material to create their countertops from than granite. A big part of the visual appeal of granite kitchen countertops is the fact each countertop will look unique from every other granite countertop out there. This is due to the fact granite is an all-natural material. Granite countertops are cut from single slabs of the stone, and each of those slabs is as unique as the environment it is pulled from. Most other countertop materials are synthetic, created in a lab or a workshop, and as such they all look exactly the same. If you want a truly unique fixture within your kitchen you will purchase granite kitchen countertops. No matter how popular this material gets, your countertops will never look like anyone else’s. Because the details of the appearance of granite varies from slab to slab, countertop to countertop, you will have a lot of variety to choose from when you pick out your granite kitchen countertops. Not only will you get to choose the granite countertop that features the exact patterning that you find most attractive, you will also be able to choose the granite kitchen countertops that are constructed from the exact color stone you find most appealing. In addition to color and patterning, granite countertops vary in terms of the grain of the stone and the design

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Granite Kitchen Countertops of the countertop itself- how it was cut, how it was shaped, and how it was modified, including whether you want a natural rough-hewn slab or a finely polished surface. If you’re looking for a more rustic appearance, go for unpolished granite. If you’re looking for a higher-class look, go for polished granite. There are few countertop materials as versatile as granite and there are also few countertop materials as practical as granite. Compared with just about every other countertop material out there granite is incredibly low maintenance and highly, highly durable. Granite kitchen countertops can stand up to years and years of the sort of regular kitchen abuse that goes hand-in-hand with the best cooking. In addition to resisting stains, water, oils, metal and heat, granite is also resistant to some of the harsher chemicals involved in cooking. Overall, you’re going to have a hard time finding a more practical material to cook on than your granite kitchen countertops. Finally, granite kitchen countertops are extremely hygienic and that’s because this stone is naturally antibacterial. Cooking with a lot of different materials, nearly all of which will be raw and unprocessed, means your kitchen could potentially act as a home for a wide variety of harmful pathogens. If these pathogens breed and get into your food then they can cause all sorts of health problems for you and your loved ones. Thankfully this isn’t a problem with granite kitchen countertops. You will still need to clean them and if you are worried about bacteria you will still need to keep raw chicken and other dangerous foods from sitting around for too long, but overall you won’t need to worry about bacteria breeding within your granite kitchen countertops the same way you would need to worry about bacteria breeding in, for example, wooden countertops. Are granite kitchen countertops perfect? Of course not. Granite is a very heavy stone, it costs more money than lower-quality countertop materials, and you will need to apply a new coat of sealant to the material on a regular basis. However, overall, the many benefits of granite kitchen countertops vastly outweigh the few small considerations.

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