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May 15– June 11, 2010

Cert no. SCS-COC-00648

Made with naturally replenishable vegetable oils, the inks used to print this flyer emit lower VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and minimize any potential negative impact to the environment.

See inside for savings up to 55%!


live it!

Celebrate good times

Here’s a great recipe for warm-weather fun—gather family and friends, dish out frozen treats with our Ice Cream Scoop, sprinkle in your favorite sundae toppings from the Serving Center® Set, serve in the Servalier® 4-Pc. Bowl Set and enjoy! See inside for all of this month’s great offers. Note: Food and props not included.

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for hosts




dating gift

thank you gift

Date a party and receive a Mini 16-oz./475 mL Pitcher. It’s perfect for cream or syrups. $10.50 value.

Receive the exclusive Small Serving Center® Set for hosting a party and providing recipe ingredients. Safely transports and serves garnishes, dips and toppings. $24 value. $175 party minimum.

Save money. Host a Tupperware party regularly and, for little or no cost, you can build a Tupperware® collection that helps safeguard your health, organize your home and reduce waste.


FREE! host gift special Host a qualifying party and receive the exclusive TupperWave® Stack Cooker Complements Set FREE!* Add more capability to your microwave with this set and newly added TupperWave® recipes on Microwave cook or reheat larger meats, vegetables and desserts in the 13⁄4 -Qt./1.7 L Large Rectangular and 11⁄2-Qt./1.5 L Medium Oval (each with seal). Medium Oval includes grid for defrosting and cooking delicate foods such as asparagus. Use the 1-Qt./1 L Small Round Set of 2 for individual-sized portions. Also comes with Micro Pitcher Set. $219 value. 8783 $98 in Host Credit* *Limit one with party sales of $650 or more and two friends who date and hold their own parties. Future datings must be held within 21 days.

FREE! rd

3 dating gift

Receive another Mini 16-oz./475 mL Pitcher FREE when three friends agree to date and hold their own parties. Limit one to qualifying Hosts with $650 in party sales and three datings. $10.50 value.

Decades of innovation




Extraordinary designs, vibrant colors and rugged dependability have made Tupperware® products the preferred choice for generations. To celebrate our birthday, we’ve assembled a value-packed assortment of popular favorites from yesterday and today. See them all in this flyer.

90s 60s


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an build eguard

store ®

r Set dients. and m.





rsvp date

m offer superior value and keep more money in your pocketbook.

e can help you eliminate waste and preserve the environment.

Products rated

Products rated

Cert no. SCS-COC-00648

Made with naturally replenishable vegetable oils, the inks used to print this flyer emit lower VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and minimize any potential negative impact to the environment.

Products noted with the Q or G symbol are warranted to be free of manufacturing defects. See Tupperware catalog for further details.

To receive a catalogue of the complete line of Tupperware® brand products: attend a party, contact your Tupperware Consultant or phone Tupperware (listed in the White Pages). To be referred to a Consultant in your area, call 1-866-376-7521 or visit Effective May15–June 11, 2010. Mid-May Edition 2010-049-116 Canadian English 94555 • Ordering #s 77608/ctn 76808/pk

props pictured with products not included. Actual product colors and appearance may differ slightly based upon photographic and printing limitations. Colors may vary and substitutions may occur.

Please see the current product catalogue for information on the Limited Lifetime Warranty or the Quality Guarantee. Prices are subject to change without notice. All amounts are suggested retail prices and do not include sales taxes. All items offered are available while quantities last and Tupperware Canada, a division of Premiere Products Brands of Canada, Ltd. reserves the rights to substitute items of equal or greater value. ® & TM Tupperware Canada, a division of Premiere Products Brands of Canada, Ltd. is the authorized user of the trademark and the trade name “Tupperware” and all other registered trademarks under license from Dart Industries Inc. All unregistered trademarks are the property of Tupperware Canada, a division of Premiere Products Brands of Canada, Ltd. ©2010 Tupperware Canada, a division of Premiere Products Brands of Canada, Ltd. All rights reserved. Printed in the U.S.A. Food items and

Shop on-line at Thank you for your payment with order! CHARGE IT!

MID-MAY FLYER May 15–June 11, 2010

Products rated

Products rated


Health • Organization • Money • Environment

h can help you lead a healthier lifestyle. o allow you to better organize household storage space.

Tupperware products help you live healthier, get better organized, save money and safeguard the environment.


HOME Rating System

Discover value-packed solutions for living a healthier, more organized, environmentally friendly life. Please feel free to invite a friend or two. If unable to attend, contact your Host to place an order. Only a special selection of products are featured in this flyer.





you’re invited to a party!




With their Instant Seals, Servalier® Bowls are also good for packing nutritious, pack-along snacks for the family on a summer trip.


Servalier® 4-Pc. Bowl Set The “great outdoors” serving set. Treat kids to ice cream or serve salads to friends with these compact, durable bowls. 16 oz./475 mL. Limit one offer when you attend a party. $20.50 value. Save $8.50! 89436 $ 00

exclusively at a party!



save over



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for guests





Since they’re stylish, colorful and durable, these Tupperware® products are worry-free party favorites. You can safely use them anywhere, indoors or out. And they’ll last a lifetime, saving you the expense and waste of disposable alternatives.

welcome to party central! Save over 50%!

Save over 40%!

a Servalier® 13-Pc. Bowl Set These containers offer the ultimate in all-in-one convenience. Use them to organize, store or serve. At this price, why not get two sets—keep one and give the other as a gift! Includes 3-cup/700 mL, 4-cup/950 mL, 8-cup/1.9 L, 11-cup/2.6 L and 17-cup/4 L, plus four 10-oz./300 mL and four 20-oz./590 mL bowls, all with quick-as-a-wink, Instant Seals. $151.50 value. Save $76! 81900 $ 50

c Serving Center® Set Requires a $60 order Create your own sundae bar! Our popular, portable server can dispense sprinkles and toppings from six 2-cup/500 mL compartments and removable 14-oz./400 mL microwavable center bowl with seal. Use domed cover as extra serving tray or invert and fill with ice to keep foods chilled. Limit one with each $60 order. $42.50 value. Save $18.50! 881813 $ 00



Save 55%! b Tumbler Bouquet Requires a $120 order An ice cream party is not complete without lots of ice water or other cold beverages to serve. Our 12-pc. set of stylish, durable tumblers includes four each of 16-oz./475 mL, 12-oz./350 mL and 9-oz./265 mL tumblers, all with seals. Limit one set with each $120 order. $50 value. Save $27.50! 881814 $ 50



Nothing’s better than ice cream for sharing good times. For an extra-special touch, make your own. Try this easy recipe: Quick Strawberry Ice Cream Makes 2 cups 1 cup heavy cream 1 cup frozen strawberries 1 tsp. vanilla 3 tbsp. powdered sugar

00s e

90s 90s

Place all ingredients into the Quick Chef with blade attachment. Cover and turn handle until strawberries (or other fresh or frozen fruit) and cream are blended and the mixture is the consistency of soft ice cream. Use Ice Cream Scoop to dish into Servalier® 4-Pc. Bowl Set and serve immediately. For best results, do not freeze mixture after preparing. d Quick Chef The quick and easy alternative to electric food processors. Chops fruits or vegetables and mixes or whips creams, salad dressings, dips and desserts. Q 1261 $ 50


e Ice Cream Scoop Tapered tip easily cuts through the hardest ice cream. Soft, ergonomic handle provides firm, comfortable grip. Hand wash recommended. Q 1293 $ 00








perfect gift for Dad!



f Father’s Day Gift Set Give that important man in your life something he’ll use every day. This set can tote a hearty, healthy meal anywhere. Includes two 4¼-cup/1.1 L CrystalWave® Containers, 16-oz./475 mL Tumbler with Flip-top seal, Large Lunch Bag Q and FREE reusable Gift Box. 81901 $ 00



Surveys indicate that more than half the calories of a typical restaurant or takeout lunch can be from fat. By eating a balanced, nutritious lunch brought from home, men can better protect themselves from the threat of heart disease, stroke or diabetes.

Achieve your dreams with confidence...



Nobody parties like Tupperware! Our Decade of the Party celebration means more rewards for you. Host a party now and you can earn an additional $74.50 in Tupperware® products—and party guests could get $19 in Tupperware® products FREE! Ask your Consultant about the 2010 Daily Top Parties Rewards!






g Mini Serve-It™ Set—every child will want one! Playtime party fun for ages 3 and up. Includes 8-oz./250 mL Miniature Pitcher with Push-Button Seal and four 2-oz./60 mL Tumblers. 1654 $ 00


Do you wish you had more flexibility, more time for family, friends and fun, more financial freedom? You can have all this and more with a Tupperware business. Get a quick start to your Tupperware business. In just 13 weeks, you can earn a two-night getaway when you share the Tupperware Opportunity with others. As you grow, earn additional rewards that include your choice of a trip for four to Walt Disney World, a trip for two to Hawaii, dazzling jewelry or a laptop with an all-in-one printer.Get started today by talking to your Consultant, calling our Opportunity Hotline at 866-376-7518, visiting us online at or by calling us for details at 1-866-376-7521.

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