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July/August Issue 2


Come out and meet the beautiful Black Pearl Models in person. Have your picture taken with the most beautiful models in the “D�. Lots of family fun and the hottest Cars and Motorcycles in the Midwest. Get your tickets early!!!

Publishers Letter


ell, by the grace of God we’re back for another great issue. It was a long journey to get the first issue from mind to fruition. Thank you Lord for watching over us and allowing us to come back for another issue of Black Pearl. I owe many people a load of thanks for their support. Besides my lovely wife and close knit family, I’d love to thank all the models and other photographers that have supported my vision. Without them, none of this would have been possible. In this, our sophomore issue, we celebrate the beauty of Detroit's own Arika Nicole. Her beauty and poise will surely amaze you. In our opinion Arika would be a fine addition to any advertising campaign or runway. Arika is also a joy to work with. Her attitude is always positive and upbeat. They’re many topics that we could touch on every issue, but simply don’t have the space to do so. We will however get to them as soon as possible. We’re here to support our models and young women as they try to navigate this thing called Life!! Up next will be our sister publication, Detroit Dimes Magazine. Detroit Dimes is for the fellas and their love of women, cars, sports and motorcycles. It will be heavy with testosterone and adrenaline. We’re always looking for new talent to showcase in all of our publications and calendars. It you think you have the drive to succeed at this give me a call. I hope you enjoy this second issue of Black Pearl Magazine. We promise to make it better every issue. Thanks and Much Love Vincent Hollaway Publisher and Editor


Poets Corner

The ugly side of Modeling Agencies

30 Man of the month 34 Health and Beauty

28 Donna Mitchell 29 Jenae Conley

Features 8 Rock The River! The hottest fashion show of the summer.

16 Arika Nicole

32 Jermaine Golden Director of the new film “Caught Up”

MODELS 5 Latoya Chandler 7 Cherise Floyd 14 Mandy Nepomuck 27 Whitney Holmes

Model Latoya Chandler

LaToya is one of those models that I wish I could shoot more often!! Her beauty is striking to say the least. Long legs and an amazingly sexy runway walk will ensure that LaToya will be around the modeling scene for some time to come. For Booking:

Black Pearl Magazine Publisher Vincent Hollaway Editor in Chief Dr. Carrie J. Hollaway Photo Editor Vince Hollaway Advertising Sales Vince Hollaway Events and Promotions LaToya Chandler

No part of this magazine can be copied or re published without the expressed written consent of Black Pearl Magazine and Vince Hollaway.

AVAILABLE AT: Prisca’s Fashion for Less 19110 Livernois Detroit, Mi 48221-1716 Fashion For Less Northland Mall. Next to Truth book store.

For advertising sales please contact Vince Hollaway at (313)969-6182. We offer affordable rates. A great way to reach your target market!!Also inquire about advertising on

Model Chrischjana Horrington

An up and coming aspiring model, Cherise Floyd has the determination and energy to carry a campaign. Available for print and Runway, she will surely bring the best to any assignment thrown her way. For booking info contact: Booking

Story and Photographs by Vince Hollaway



hat Can be better than sitting pool side with some of the hottest models and guests that Detroit has to offer? It was an afternoon of fun, beauty and elegance that

will forever be remembered.

The Rock The River Fashion Show was a sight to behold. Dazzling displays of the hottest fashions to come out of Detroit in some time graced the runway pool side. Considering it was outdoors, everything fell into place perfectly, including the weather. Everything from swimsuits to jewels was on display at the Franklin River Apartments Clubhouse and pool. There were a few tables of boutique owners showing off their wares to the enthusiastic crowd. The entertainment for the show was just as exciting. Hosted by the one and only Curtis Rowe, the show continued to be entertaining and amusing. Curtis has a great way with the crowd and did a fabulous job. His adlibs are something to be remembered as well!! Gospel hip hop and remarkable Urban poetry kept the crowd thoroughly entertained and enthused. The designs of Jkatdor, Sonj Couture, Passion and AjAvon Collection were on showcase. Remarkably, the exquisite jewelry of Petals & Gems dazzled the crowd. The vendors in attendance showing off their beautiful wares were Citi-Chic, Petals & Gems, Stiletto Paradise Boutique, Soul Cleansing Boutique and Polished Faces and Beyond. We can’t wait to see what Katrina and her team bring us in the future. In the meantime, enjoy the dynamic photographs. When you think fashion, think Detroit!

Designer and Model Katrina of JKATDOR DESIGNS

AjAvon Collection



Mandy Nepomuck is a fire cracker in front of the camera. Her unique beauty explodes with every click of the shutter. Within one week of our meeting she was booked in her first major runway show. It’s no doubt that Mandy will be a favorite of designers from all over the Midwest. For Booking:



ou have just turned 18 and want very badly to prove your independence! Modeling has always been one of your passions and you’ll do anything to accomplish your goals. The only problem is that there are so many illegitimate agencies and agents out there, especially in the Detroit area. Many set up shop here knowing that the city and surrounding area are ripe with fresh modeling fruit to pick. Girls are too eager to model; therefore, they will sign any piece of paper shoved at them for the opportunity to call themselves a model. This is a shame. We all know about agencies that collect thousands of dollars from you for the opportunity to call yourself a model someday. They aggressively go after young and impressionable girls, knowing that only a small percentage has a real shot at making money from modeling. The majority doesn't stand a chance in hell of doing any type of professional modeling. Imagine if you will, you’re the parent of a 17 year old daughter who only dreams of modeling someday. She watches ANTM obsessively and practices for hours on her poses in the mirror. Fashion magazines are scattered all over her room!! Now, I’m not saying that little girls shouldn’t stop dreaming of being a model. I would never want anyone to just abandon their dreams and aspirations. Just take a realistic look at them and reevaluate them from time to time. Finally, she convinces you to take her to one of these big agencies advertised on television and the radio. They give a great presentation on how many models came through their program and are now working in the industry full time. They make everything seem so easy and attainable. Then the shock comes!! They tell you that it will only cost about $1600.00 plus. What the Hell!!!! First of all, a legitimate agency makes their money by booking their models work. Their cut is usually 1020%. Plain and simple, their job is to procure you assignments for your given talents. They’re not supposed to make money by teaching you how to model. I’ve learned

that models either have it in them or they don’t. They will help you refine your skills and polish you up for the world to see. They have a vested interest in making sure that you’re ready for the fashion industry or they would go broke themselves. There might be a recoupment fee to produce your comp cards and your initial photo shoots. Real agencies will eat these costs if they truly believe you are the real deal. But, don’t be surprised if you have to repay the small cost of initial marketing. I’m really trying to inform you about a few facts regarding this industry. You must always be aware that there will be cheaters, scam artists and unethical individuals claiming to be an agency or booking agent. They will talk a great game but really can’t deliver on their promises. All you’ll here is, “we have this big fashion show and concert coming up. Or you’ll make money working with me”. More Bull Shit!! A lot of these cheaters make their money by having a lot of casting calls. They collect $20.00 from all these eager and impressionable young ladies and pocket the money. They could at least offer free prints at the castings so as not to make the models feel cheated. They don’t pay the models that are working the event as promised. Never mind that they just collected over a grand in casting fees at the door!!! All I’m saying is to be careful. Don’t ever sign a contract on the spot. If the devil is trying to push you to sign right away, run!! You never sign a management or employment contract without having someone go over it with you. You should have a couple of days to look it over and think about it. Oh yes, there is another reason you shouldn’t sign with these so called agents. If a legitimate agency does come along and wants to sign you, they will probably pass. They don’t like to touch you if you have already signed to another agency, especially one that isn’t well known!!! You’re better off passing on the bum and managing your own career!! Good Luck!!



Story by Vince Hollaway

Photograph: Vince Hollaway


t’s no secret that Detroit has some of the most beautiful women and models on the face of the earth. It’s also no secret that one of the most beautiful and talented is Ms. Arika Nicole. A true Black Pearl, Arika burst onto the scene and hasn’t showed any signs of slowing down. Her gorgeous figure, long legs and stunning eyes will surely captivate and stimulate the senses. So fix yourself a drink, sit back and enjoy the delightful and beautiful Arika Nicole.

Photograph: Vince Hollaway



my legs!

Photography this page.: Rod Murphy

Photograph by Vince Hollaway


y favorite food? It has to be ribs. I just love them. Throw in some baked beans, macaroni and cheese and sweet potatoes and it’s on!!!

Photography: Rod Murphy


break a sweat four times a week to keep this great body!

Photography: Rod Murphy

Orange sequined and coined top and skirt, available at Prisca’s Fashion for Less. Jewelry: Models own Shot on Location at Belle Isle

Photographs: Vince Hollaway

Photographs: Vince Hollaway


eady to travel and see the world!!

Arika is the ultimate professional. She comes highly recommended for your next ad campaign or runway show. If you want one of the finest models in Michigan, you’ve found her! Photography this page: Rod Murphy

Arika Nicole for booking:

Full page ad for clothing.


  


Two locations to serve your fashion needs: Northland Mall Southfield

19110 Livernois Detroit

Never one to disappoint in a photo shoot!! Whitney is one of the most energetic models in the Motor City. She’s tall and beautiful and full of life. After seeing her Walk the Runway in the Rock the River Fashion Show, I can tell everyone that she’s gonna be a force to be reckoned with. For Booking:

Donna Mitchell Poet, Actress, Model, Community Activist

FIST LADY Michelle Obama a woman of Embrace, if any, that's one woman's footstep that won't be erased. With Style, Pose, Elegance, and Grace It's no wonder Obama won the race. Vision and glory I can truly say..... This woman's on it. Cares for her children Cares for the people Cares for her man now that's the type of woman that will make a stand! For the beauty of your strength and the beauty of your style, we're all better people because of that smile That smile that says: DON'T GIVE UP WE CAN MAKE IT, THAT'S WHAT'S UP! I feel, when I think of you: A sister so real, you can't deny her light....... Getting down to business and shining very bright! DEDICATED TO THE FIRST LADY MICHELLE OBAMA


Jenae Conley Model, Actress and Poet


Here what I found is something that is unbearable something people cant handle brings joy and hate it destroys Found myself flowing in the waves of pleasures knowing that its me, he treasures something that a ruler can’t measure Frees my body to a level, past futuristic having my soul sing and play like music even bigger than a band found something that touches my heart and not my hand Found something that's not yours as he breaks down destruction, let love pours Not putting the trust in him or me...just the Lord Yes I found it , I found it it disguises the limit and far above bringing it to a spectra, more than an abbreviation like etc. what they should ground, what he bound and what I found Love

BLACK PEARL Name: Reggie Robinson Occupation: Designer Company: OOCHEWEAR Reggie’s ideal woman has to be smart, dresses well, and has to be book and street smart. Oh yeah ladies, you have to know how to throw down in the kitchen also!! If that’s you, then holla at ya man on facebook. Check out more of Reggie at

Jewelry provided by Gem Corp. $12,500.00 White gold chain and cross with invisible set diamonds.

and the

To advertise contact Vince Hollaway at (313)969-6182

Jermaine Golden

A few minutes with Detroit’s Hottest Director, Writer and Producer Story by Vince Hollaway

Photography by Jania Foster


t’s a familiar sound that you hear more often around the Detroit area these days. Ever since Governor Granholm opened up Michigan to the film industry, Hollywood has come a knocking!! Jermaine Golden is one of those homegrown talents that we read about. Doing great things with his talents like creating documentaries about the great things in Detroit. This talented director, producer and writer truly loves his city. As a long distant relative of director John Singleton, Jermaine is carving out his own successful career as independent film maker and documentarian. His latest project, “Caught Up”, is slated for a mid summer debut. With a little bit of comedy and a whole lot of drama, “Caught Up” is sure to become a Motorcity favorite. Black Pearl What’s the film about Jermaine? Jermaine Golden It’s a moving story of a Preacher and his daughter. Throw in a little drug use, issues of HIV, and other family situations. It’s a movie with a strong message. BP Are you finding the talent that you need here in Detroit? JG I’m finding that Detroit has some great film making talent. I’m not having any trouble finding the people I need for my projects. BP Give us a little history of Jermaine Golden. JG I studied mass communication at Golightly and Baker college. I actually was involved in producing PSA’S for Golightly when I was a stu-

Writer, Director and Producer Jermaine Golden dent there. BP Was your interest always in film making? JG I actually wrote and directed my first stage play last year. It was titled “ Never Too Young” It wasn’t until I saw that hundreds of people actually came out to see my play that I gained the confidence to pursue the dream further. BP It’s nice to see another positive brother from the “D” doing positive things. Have you thought about entering it in any film festivals. JG Oh yeah, film festivals are very high on the list. I also want to produce a series for the web. (continued on next page)

BP I want to thank you very much for taking a few minutes out of filming to talk to Black Pearl magazine. Anything we can do to help you promote your cause just let us know. JG You’re very welcome! Become a fan of Jermaine Golden on Facebook!!

The great cast and crew of the film “Caught Up”



“I’m finding that Detroit has some great film making talent. I’m not having any trouble finding the people I need for my projects.” Jermaine Golden


Tips for a Healthier and Happier You!!!

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