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The anti-gluten-free agenda explained by Vince Black | So that I don’t get thrown into the crazy person category, let me clearly explain the “anti-gluten-free agenda.” First though, what is the definition of the word agenda? Let’s go with definition 2. Agenda: something that is to be done. So, it’s clearly on some “entity’s” list to put these sentences into every big media (CBS, ABC, etc) press release that has something to do with gluten-free: “gluten free diet can be unhealthy because it lacks fiber and vitamin B.” Let’s just give this sentence a random name like “propaganda”.

There are very few organizations that are so powerful that they can insert this propaganda into almost every media message over and over. Meaning, if PR comes out through CBS or ABC, etc, “they” have already inserted that propaganda. What this tells you is that this task of inserting this propaganda is on their “list of things to be done.” Hence, an agenda. The goal is to slow down the popularity of the gluten-free diet by using negative PR. Yesterday, after reading a Tweet that caught my attention, I finally stumbled upon a few paragraphs published by @GFMoonDance that summarize what I’ve been thinking all along. I’m the first to admit when I’ve been lazy. Putting together a list of foods that counter this propaganda is probably what I should have done months ago. Perhaps @GFMoonDance is just more educated about diet so a counter to “the propaganda“ comes more fluidly. A wiki can probably be created with dozens and dozens of solutions to the “issue” with the gluten-free diet that the agenda promotes. Like @GFMoonDance notes “For vitamin B how about turkey, tuna, beans and bananas or any of hundreds of other natural sources? For fiber how about beans, berries, corn and broccoli to get the ball rolling?”

Opportunistically “they” also love to try to say that the gluten-free diet can be fattening. As if, what? 90% of fast food and snacks aren’t? LOL. Or, that people who live gluten-free aren’t normal people that should be allowed to enjoy fast food and sweets occasionally? Bizarre. They’re just twist the obvious. “If you a eat 10 pounds of gluten-free chocolate cookies a month, the gluten-free diet is fattening”. They will cling at anything in attempt to slow down the popularity of the gluten-free diet. This is the anti-gluten-free agenda and there are maybe three organizations behind it.

The anti-gluten-free agenda  

This document explains what describes as the anti-gluten-free agenda.

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