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OCT/NOV 2011

published by the British Columbia Pharmacy Association  |  |  Volume 20. No. 5

Building the future of pharmacy

UBC’s new Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences building


2011 White Coat Ceremony



Oct/Nov 2011


OCT/NOV 2011  |   VOLUME 20. NO.5

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Cover Photo: Dr. Robert D. Sindelar, Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences; Parkash Ragsdale, BCPhA Deputy CEO and Director, Professional Services

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President’s Message Pharmacy change


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CEO’s Message Maximizing sustainability


Products in Focus Migraine relief


Professional Services Flu season arrives


Medication Review Services Changes mean sustainability


Member Services Member benefits program


DPIC Patient safety week


Policy Trends HST defeated


Skincare Pharmacy Eczema relief


Student News Back to school


Up Close Derek Desrosiers


Internet RX Chronic non-cancer pain


Career Opportunities Find a job in pharmacy

New UBC building


Future Pharmacists White Coat Ceremony and Student Profile

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Oct/Nov 2011




In the news Search for new BCPhA CEO underway

Audit support for Corporate Members

With the impending retirement of our current Chief Executive Officer, Marnie Mitchell, the Board of Directors conducted a review of executive search firms and selected Odgers Berndtson to recruit Marnie’s successor.

Did you know that as part of our ongoing commitment to Corporate Members, BCPhA can offer assistance during Third Party audits? This includes aiding members in understanding their rights and obligations when they are subject to an audit, and helping members to understand the respective Third Party payers’ rules and regulations. BCPhA can also assist members in reviewing draft audit reports and provide recommendations on how to ensure better compliance with program requirements. Further information can be found under the Professional Resources tab in the member’s side of

The Odgers Berndtson team met with each of the Board members individually, as well as the Association staff, in order to gather information on the role, responsibilities and culture of the organization. Based on this input, a candidate profile featuring criteria for the position was developed. In addition to posting the opportunity, Odgers Berndtson is directly approaching a number of individuals whose backgrounds match the position criteria. The consultants will then work with the selection committee to prescreen candidates before arranging interviews. A decision will take place by the end of the year. For more information, visit

New faces in pharmacy This summer, BC Pharmacy Association visited students in the Canadian Pharmacy Practice Program at UBC to talk to them about our Association and the exciting progress of pharmacy in BC. The program, which is run twice yearly in spring and fall, is made up of both international pharmacy graduates and Canadian-trained pharmacists looking to enter pharmacy practice in BC. Welcome to the 18 new student members who joined BCPhA!

BCPhA Annual General Meeting This year’s AGM will be held on November 19, 2011 at the Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue in Vancouver. For more information, contact Pam Ratcliff at 604-269-2861 or

BCPhA meets with students in the Canadian Pharmacy Practice Program at UBC



Oct/Nov 2011


Meet…David Pavan

David has just recently taken on the position of Pharmacy Operations Specialist with Shoppers Drug Mart in the Vancouver Regional Office. David is from the West Kootenays and grew up just outside of Trail. He graduated from UBC in 1992, and has worked in both retail and hospital pharmacy. He was previously employed with Canada Safeway and held roles as Pharmacy Manager, Acting Regional Pharmacy Manager and most recently, as a Project Manager. David became a BCPhA Board Member in August 2011, and is now looking forward to serving the best interests of the pharmacy profession in his new role.

What do you see for the future of pharmacy?

How would you spend your perfect weekend?

As pharmacy in BC continues to evolve, I see pharmacists as health care professionals that provide more cognitive services, develop collaborative practice models with other health care professionals and transition the profession from the traditional dispensing model to one providing more pharmaceutical care. The future of the profession will be moving to a health care team approach to improve patient outcomes and maintain and improve the quality of life of the patient.

My perfect weekend would be floating in a belly boat on a peaceful mountain lake, fly fishing with some close fishing buddies!

What changes in pharmacists’ scope of practice are you most excited about? I’m most excited about the Medication Review Services that began in April – it allows pharmacists to utilize the tools and knowledge they posses to have a positive impact on patient care. I see this as a first step in the process of moving the profession forward to providing a more clinical role in the patient care model. The biggest challenge I see will be on the compensation side of the equation. If you could have any superpower, which one would you chose?

What advice would you give to pharmacists just starting out in their careers? I would first tell them that this is a very challenging and dynamic time for the profession. I would encourage them to be the ones who carry our profession forward and drive the new initiatives that are negotiated with government and other payers on the professional services side of pharmacy. For young pharmacists just beginning their careers, it’s an exciting time to be in the profession, and leadership is going to be an important attribute in their development. What’s next for David Pavan? I’m just beginning a challenging new role with Shoppers Drug Mart, and hoping to help the company navigate successfully through all the changes that are occurring in the profession of pharmacy.

I would definitely choose the ability to see into the future.

Board of Directors Greg Shepherd, Vancouver (604) 317-9608,

Don Cocar, Kelowna (250) 808-1308,

David Pavan, Vancouver (604) 301-2620,

Ralph Lai, Langley (604) 881-3882,

Derek Desrosiers, Richmond (604) 276-5236,

Allison Nourse, Vancouver (604) 276-5280,

Shakeel Bhatti, Langley (604) 534-6605,

Ken Foreman, Cloverdale (604) 575-5740,

John Tse, Richmond (604) 272-7650,

Bill Bright, Calgary (403) 410-4805,

Caren Heughan, Victoria (250) 388-5181,

Nadeem Zia, Surrey (604) 585-5666,

Oct/Nov 2011




Nothing endures but change The evolving face of pharmacy

“The only constant is change.” I’m not entirely sure what the Greek philosopher Heraclitus meant by that, but it’s one of my favourite quotes – you can use it pretty much anywhere, anytime.

Looking at pharmacy in BC today, this quote is extremely accurate. When I think about where the profession is now, compared to where we were just a few years back, it almost makes me dizzy. But more importantly it makes me proud, and makes me energized and motivated to keep on pushing. As I start my term as BCPhA Board President, I am filled with excitement about the direction of pharmacy in British Columbia, while also recognizing the challenges that remain, not to mention new ones undoubtedly to come. At the risk of sounding dramatic, there is still much work to be done.

authorized to administer injections. Congratulations to all of you who are changing the face of pharmacy today. In my role outside the BCPhA, I am in touch with pharmacy owners, managers, and pharmacists every day. Each pharmacy faces its own challenges when it comes to adapting to change, and I have seen numerous ways in which pharmacies are overcoming these challenges. It’s not often an easy fix, but there’s almost always a solution. In times of challenge, change is inevitable. Our profession has proven its ability to maximize the wins, and manage the losses. Pharmacy must continue to look for ways to evolve how we practice and how we are compensated for the work that we do.

I am filled with excitement about the direction of pharmacy in British Columbia

I’m sure we are all keenly aware of pharmacists’ “expanded scope of practice.” Every day, pharmacists are paid to use professional judgment to adapt prescriptions, have authority to provide injections, spend one-on-one time with patients providing medication management and medication review services.

Most of us will recall the Interim Agreement from a few years ago. Pharmacy saw government take money out of dispensing with a plan to ‘pay it back’ for clinical services that would have a positive impact on the people of British Columbia. Now fast-forward to today. Unlike the slower uptake with adapting, pharmacists have embraced new non-dispensing roles beyond what was ever anticipated. More than 80 per cent of pharmacies in BC have expanded their level of service to patients and are doing medication reviews, and more than 1,000 pharmacists are



Oct/Nov 2011

In the months to come, BCPhA will also be transitioning to a new CEO. With Marnie’s cooperation and support, along with the dedication of the BCPhA staff and board, we have nothing but confidence as we continue into 2012. BCPhA continues to have a strong voice at the table with government as we work together to find solutions to difficult problems. When you look at the landscape of pharmacy in Canada today, BC is a leader. And we will continue to lead. Your Association is committed to working hard to ensure the continued advancement of our profession and the economic viability of pharmacy so that we can provide enhanced patientcentered care. I look forward to what will be yet another memorable year of change.


Maximizing sustainability Ongoing relationships with government

Leaves turning, kids

back in school, shorter days and a few more changes in our world. I know that I’ve spoken frequently in this column about the rapid pace of change, particularly in dealings with government. As of deadline for this edition of the Tablet, I don’t have specific news re: BC developments, but also know that we can expect some changes and will keep BCPhA members up to date on those. For other jurisdictions in Canada, both Nova Scotia and New Brunswick governments have recently gone down the road of either initiating generic price changes or signaling their intent to do so soon. There is clearly no question that this focus on generic prices and their resultant volatility in various marketplaces is something that will be with us for the foreseeable future. With all of that and the prospects that we may be back in talks with the BC government very soon given the reopener provision in the Pharmacy Services Agreement, what considerations go into these discussions? The issues for consideration for both your pharmacy negotiations team and for government are pretty much identical at a high level: what kinds of services will be included as those funded by government and what will the reimbursement be for those services? When we look at the reimbursement issues, there is an obvious divergence of interests. On your behalf, we are interested in protecting and maximizing the sustainability and economic viability of the business of pharmacy, and the related protection of the profession. Government needs to be concerned about its budget pressures and maximizing the value for money of their expenditures from the public purse. Both of us will look to examples of how others are managing these matters. These are areas where the discussions are

difficult. But where we are developing a much closer interest is on the question of what pharmacy services are needed by BC residents to optimize their health status. This is, in fact, the mandate of PSD and an area of substantial progress in the last few years of working closely with government to appreciate the opportunities for alignment and development of common solutions that offer new health value to BC residents. That evolution in thinking about what pharmacy has to offer, combined with the strong working relationships we’ve developed, will be assets in the anticipated next round of negotiations, but we need to expect this will be a very difficult set of talks On a brighter note, I hope you’ve had a chance to see the article about Derek Desrosiers being awarded the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy Pillar of Pharmacy Award (page 26). This is a fabulous honour and the first time it’s come to BC since Linda Lytle won it in 2005. I am personally thrilled that Derek is being recognized this way. He’s been such a stalwart of the pharmacy community in BC in a number of roles. My own experience has been working with him as a BCPhA Board member where I’ve seen nothing but thoughtful, well-informed, consistent, persistent and passionate involvement in advancing pharmacy in our province. Well done Derek! I hope to see many of you on November 8 as we celebrate his accomplishments. Finally, I’d like to extend a warm welcome to the entire Safeway corporate group as BCPhA members. We’re very pleased you’ve made the decision to fully support BCPhA and we’ll work hard to maintain that support. Welcome!

Oct/Nov 2011




Opportunities in clinical pharmacy services Amidst a year filled with

changes, community pharmacists have continued to enhance patient care by making use of the opportunities available to them. These include the BC Medication Management Project, Medication Review Services, increased adaptation fees and the enhanced rural incentive program. In addition, the BC Smoking Cessation Program has launched and it’s time to start immunizing against influenza again. We continue to be actively engaged with representatives from the Ministry of Health and Canadian Association of Chain Drugstores on the Clinical Services Committee (CSC). Over the coming months CSC will develop a plan to allocate the $25 million budgeted for clinical pharmacy services in fiscal 2011/2012. We look forward to providing more details as the plan progresses. Since changes to the Medication Review Services took effect August 1, BCPhA has been supporting pharmacists identifying patients who can get the greatest benefit. BCPhA’s Pharmacy Practice Development Program, which was created to help pharmacists incorporate clinical pharmacy services into their practice, has also been adjusted to account for the changes. Participants reported an improved ability to communicate the benefits of medication reviews with their patients as a result of working with standardized patients in the program workshops. The BC Medication Management Project has just five months until completion. Many participants reported seeing the positive impact their efforts have had on their patients. It is encouraging to see participants’ commitment to demonstrating the value pharmacists can bring to the health care system. The much anticipated BC Smoking Cessation Program launched on September 30. Since the government’s announcement on May 9, many questions were received by community pharmacies from patients and other health care professionals. The Ministry approached BCPhA to consult on various aspects of the program and how to involve pharmacies. Nicotine replacement patches (Habitrol®) and gum (Thrive™) are available at no cost to BC smokers either through their community pharmacy or direct mail from the Province. Prescription smoking cessation drugs are covered under PharmaCare.



Oct/Nov 2011

BCPhA continues to work with the BC Immunization Committee to find areas where pharmacists can support public health’s immunization efforts, including expanding access to vaccine services and improving immunization rates. As the flu season approaches, we have been communicating with Health Authorities through the Pharmacists and Immunization Working Group, to ensure pharmacists get information on ordering procedures for publicly funded influenza and pneumococcal vaccine. Based on the trend seen over the past two seasons, it is expected that more patients will seek vaccinations from their pharmacy in 2011/2012. BCPhA continues to support the target of having a pharmacist authorized to inject in every pharmacy by offering Administration of Injection workshops. In 2011, workshops were offered in Kelowna, Nanaimo and the Lower Mainland. Pharmacists continue to show an interest as our workshops consistently sell out. Fourth year UBC pharmacy students can look forward to student workshops this winter.

Adaptation Stats (as of April 14, 2011): · 91,036 adaptations paid in 2009 · 101,353 adaptations paid in 2010

Injection Authority stats: • Approximately 50,000 publicly funded vaccines administered by pharmacists during 2010/2011 flu season • More than 1,300 pharmacists authorized to administer injections in BC

BC Medication Management stats (as of September 23, 2011) • 8,411 patients enrolled • 17,973 patient encounters documented • $830,505.00 of claims billed

Medication Review Services stats: • More than 100,000 patient encounters, as of July 28, 2011.


Making the most of your benefits

September is the

beginning of a new fiscal year at the Association. The plan for 2011-12 offers a further reduction in general members’ fees bringing it to $400/year following a 12 per cent reduction in the last fiscal year. Your continued support makes these reductions possible as your Association’s staff focus on controlling costs without reducing service quality. The plan also includes an increased investment in the future with higher funding towards the UBC Community Residency program and increased support to pharmacy students. And, we welcome our newest corporate group members - the Safeway pharmacies. Investment towards member support and service continues and is being enhanced. The Member Benefits Program has a variety of valuable offers and services. For those who have yet to visit us online, you can learn more about the many benefits under the “Member Support” tab once you’ve logged into Check out the jobs board that brings you career opportunities from every pharmacy employer in BC as well as profiles of job seekers, whether full-time or relief. The Pharmassist program has three consulting services: critical incident counseling, emotional well-being and employment laws. Do not hesitate to access this service; the counselors are professional and the program’s user information is confidential and restricted even within Association staff. Our insurance program offers more than professional liability coverage. You can access extended health plans 13/11/2008 (even for individuals), homeowners insurance, disability and critical illness coverage as well. Many members are unaware that subscribing to the Canadian Pharmacists Letter provides you with a 40 per cent discount. The travel program administered by Uniglobe offers some exotic destinations.

4:23:24 PM





We have limited print copies of the Member Benefits Guide as well. To order your copy, send an email to with your membership number.



member benefit partner since 1985




Te l: 6 0 4 - 2 7 0 - 4 4 6 6 To l l F r e e : 1 - 8 8 8 - 3 8 5 - 4 4 6 6 390 H owa r d Av e. B ur na by, B C , V5B 3P 8

visit us online:


Oct/Nov 2011




Importance and timing of new generic entrants By Jihong (Michelle) Yang

Lipitor, Norvasc and several other high

volume drugs have recently come off patent in Canada. Coupled with ongoing government efforts to dramatically reduce the cost of generic products, these occurrences offer some measure of cost relief for payers, patients and ultimately health care in general. Additionally these events will also be influential to the future revenue and sustainability of pharmacy practice in BC and elsewhere. The significance of this situation continues to increase and will do so over the next several years as generic versions of a number of other widely-dispensed branded drugs are expected to enter the market.

How significant are the drugs expected to come off patent? Between now and 2015 over 30 popular drugs are expected to lose patent protection. Figure 1 illustrates the significance of these products in the province of British Columbia. In 2010 they represented 7.4 per cent and 16.0 per cent of prescription volume and cost respectively. This amounts to approximately 3.7 million transactions with a value of $291.9 million1. They are highly concentrated in a few therapeutic areas including cardiovascular (i.e., Crestor, Atacand, Cozaar.), Central Nervous System (i.e., Oxycontin and Cipralex) and bronchopulmonary therapy (i.e., Symbicort Turbuhaler and Singulair). Notably there has been a consistent upward slope for the share of volume and value of prescriptions associated with these drugs since 2006, which can reasonably be expected to continue into the near future due in part to increasing incidence of associated diseases.

1. I MS Brogan GPM速 (Geographic Prescription Monitor), a complete view of retail prescription demand in Canada



10.7% 4.8% 200610.7%



5.9% 13.2% 2008




4.8% 2006

Oct/Nov 2011


Cost 12.1%



Prescriptions 14.6%

6.7% 14.6% 2009 6.7% 2009

16.0% 7.4% 16.0%

2010 7.4% 2010

Figure 2a provides a breakdown of the 2010 share of cost for these drugs by their expected year of patent expiration. For example, products losing patent protection in 2012 will have the greatest impact, representing 7.7 per cent of cost in BC in 2010. This result is driven largely by Crestor and Plavix, both of which are anticipated to face loss of exclusivity that year. Other top products include Advair Diskus, Cipralex and Oxycontin which round out the top five on the list with expected patent expiration dates of 2012, 2014 and 2012 respectively (Figure 2b). Figure 2a: Share of 2010 1.8% cost for drugs expected to come off patent, by Exp 2015 year of expected patent expiration, BC, 2011-2015 Exp 2014 Exp 2015 Exp 2013

2.7% 1.0%

Exp 2014 Exp 2012 Exp 2013 Exp 2011

1.8% 2.7%


Exp 2011



Exp 2012



Figure 1: Share of cost and prescriptions for drugs expected to come off patent by 2015, BC, 2006-2010

7.7% 2.7%

Figure 2b: Share of 2010 cost for top five drugs expected to come off patent by 2015, BC, 2011-2015 2.8% 1.5%

Crestor (Exp2012)

Plavix (Exp2012)



Advair Diskus (Exp2012)

Cipralex (Exp2014)


Oxycontin (Exp2012)

What are the implications for pharmacies in BC? Pharmacy prescription based revenues are typically comprised of three components: mark-up on acquisition cost, fees for services rendered and professional allowances via negotiation with generic manufacturers. The signing of the Pharmacy Services Agreement in 2010 has and continues to change the value and significance of each component from a pharmacy earnings perspective, the full effect of which will not be realized until 2013.

Included in the phased roll-out of the agreement are increased maximum professional fees, additional remuneration for select pharmacy services and a Rural Incentive Program. Less favourable to a pharmacy’s bottom line is the impact the reduction in generic drug prices from a historical pre-agreement average in BC of approximately 65 per cent of brand to 35 per cent by 2012. This cut has a notable impact on the value of professional allowances. Unlike the province of Ontario however (where professional allowances will be completely phasedout by April 2013) the collaborative approach between the BC government and pharmacy means that some opportunity for this source of revenue continues to exist. And, although the potential value of the professional allowances associated with individual generic products are greatly diminished, the number of patent expirations for widely-dispensed products expected over the next several years represents increased opportunity from a volume standpoint. It’s then largely up to pharmacy and individual pharmacists to maximize this opportunity through available means.

Oct/Nov 2011




First and only triptan indicated for migraine relief in adolescents Submitted by Johnson & Johnson Inc.

Health Canada has recently approved

AXERT® (almotriptan malate tablets) for the acute treatment of migraine with or without aura in adolescents, ages 12 to 17.1 With this new indication, Canadian adolescents with migraine pain now have a treatment option available that is well-tolerated and effective at achieving and maintaining pain relief.1, 2 AXERT® has been used effectively in Canadian adults with acute migraine pain since 2003. The availability of AXERT® represents a new option for the 10 to 15 per cent of Canadian adolescents who suffer from migraines.3,4 A key clinical trial demonstrated that significantly more adolescents achieved two-hour pain relief with AXERT® versus placebo (72.9 per cent of AXERT® 12.5 mg patients and 71.8 per cent of AXERT® 6.25 mg patients achieved pain relief within two hours).1 “Migraine headaches in teenagers are common, disabling and insufficiently treated, which is why it is encouraging to see a treatment option now available that we know has been very beneficial in the adult population,” says Dr. Jonathan Gladstone, a neurologist and Director of the Gladstone Headache Clinic in Toronto. “The efficacy of AXERT® along with its well-tolerated side effect profile makes it a welcomed new treatment option for physicians, parents and adolescents.”

Impact of migraines on daily life Headache is one of the most common health issues in childhood and adolescent years.5 One-third of teenagers experience a headache at least once a week, with more than 30 per cent of



Oct/Nov 2011

those being migraines.6 Migraines have a large impact on the daily lives of adolescents and parents. Teens frequently miss school, social events, activities with their families and may be at a heightened risk for psychological disorders, such as anxiety and depression.5 Of school-aged children and adolescents, 10 to 15 per cent report headaches that result in significant functional impairment.5 “There is a general lack of awareness that teens can suffer from migraines and the impairment that the symptoms can cause is often under-appreciated. Accordingly, migraines in the adolescent population are under-diagnosed and under-treated,” says Dr. Gladstone. “This new indication for AXERT® represents an important clinical advancement in the treatment of migraines in adolescents. Teenagers have a welcomed new option available for their migraine management and parents can be reassured by the data that supports the effectiveness and safety of AXERT®.” AXERT® is indicated for the acute treatment of migraine pain in adolescents 12 to 17 years of age who have had a history of migraine attacks with or without aura, usually lasting four hours or longer.1 Recommended dosing of AXERT® in adolescents and adults is the same, although choice of dose should be made on an individual basis: 6.25 mg or 12.5 mg, which may be repeated after two hours if the headache returns.1 The most common adverse events during treatment with AXERT® were dizziness, somnolence, nausea, vomiting, headache and paresthesia.1 References available upon request; please contact BCPhA’s Communications Team.


BC Pharmacy Association Chief Executive Officer

Changes to Med Reviews mean sustainability By Krista Davidson

Changes to patient eligibility may have raised some questions

about the government’s commitment to Medication Review Services, but support from the BC Ministry of Health remains strong. The changes, which came into effect on August 1, 2011, mean eligible patients must have seven qualifying medications that have been entered onto PharmaNet within the past six months. The aims of the changes were to ensure sustainability of Medication Review Services, while also making sure they benefit patients with the greatest need. “The response from pharmacists when the service was first launched was extremely positive and the uptake exceeded our expectations,” explains BCPhA CEO Marnie Mitchell. “But we recognized the need to work with government to support budget pressures and make sure the services remained sustainable for the long term. We also know that the more medications someone is taking, the more likely there is to be a medication issue.” The changes to patient eligibility were based on feedback from patient groups and stakeholders as well as community pharmacists. This feedback was considered by the Clinical Services Committee, which is made up of representatives from the BC Ministry of Health, BC Pharmacy Association and the Canadian Association of Chain Drugstores. “As pharmacists determine ways to identify eligible patients there should still be a steady number of Med Reviews,” said Suzanne Taylor, Executive Director at the BC Ministry of Health. “And the Clinical Services Committee is already meeting to discuss the work plan for the next fiscal year.” For full details about Medication Review Services visit

Due to the retirement of the successful incumbent, an opportunity now exists for a strategic leader to bring a dedicated vision for excellence to the BCPhA as Chief Executive Officer. To view the full job posting, please visit For further information, contact Elizabeth Abraham, Irene Hensel or Ken Werker at Odgers Berndtson by calling (604) 685–0261.


(CTUMS) were released in early September and they showed that British Columbia has the lowest smoking rate in Canada for the 12th year in a row at 14.3 per cent. BC’s overall smoking rate fell to 14.3 per cent in 2010 from 14.9 per cent in 2009, according to the CTUMS. Overall in Canada, smoking rates are 17 per cent. BC’s smoking rate for youth aged 15 to 19 years decreased from 13 per cent in 2009 to 8.9 per cent in 2010. This is the lowest rate achieved since 1999. The national rate is 12 per cent.

Big announcements in BC Premier decides against early election

To help further reduce smoking rates in BC, the Province announced PharmaCare coverage of prescription smoking cessation drugs and 100 per cent coverage of eligible nicotine gum or patches for smokers who wish to quit. This program began at the end of September 2011.


On August 31, 2011 Premier Christy Clark announced that she was not going to call a fall election and would stick with the set election timing of May 2013, mainly due to the overwhelming feedback from voters that they did not want one. Her announcement ended months of speculation about whether she would call a provincial election as early as this fall. Clark herself initiated the early election discussion during the BC Liberal leadership contest by suggesting that she would need to get a full mandate from the voters of BC before the fixed election date in May 2013. However, with federal and municipal elections taking place this year, as well as provincial leadership contests and an HST referendum, the public appetite for another election was understandably low.

HST defeated After almost one and a half years of political turmoil over the Government of BC’s decision to introduce a Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) shortly after the May 2009 election, the HST is officially dead in BC. Elections BC announced on August 26, 2011 the following results: 54.73 per cent voted in favour of extinguishing the tax, and 45.27 per cent voted against. Just over 1.6 million people voted in the mail-in ballot referendum. Finance Minister Kevin Falcon immediately announced that the Province would reinstate the combined 12 per cent PST and GST tax system. The PST will be reinstated at seven per cent with all permanent PST exemptions. The Province may make some administrative improvements to streamline the PST, however Falcon warned they would not be tinkering with it as that would not be respecting the results of the referendum.

BC retains lowest smoking rates in Canada Results of the 2010 Canadian Tobacco Use Monitoring Survey



Oct/Nov 2011

Fourth year: the final frontier September is always the busiest time of the

year for returning pharmacy students. I always get ready for the hustle bustle of the first few weeks back to school by organizing my schedule to an almost obsessive degree; my planner is my lifeline. But something about returning to school this year was a bit different. In first year, there was a feeling of uncontainable excitement to enter the faculty, meet new people, and begin studies to become a pharmacist. In second year there was a feeling of excitement in getting to learn more clinically applicable knowledge, and to seek avenues to get even more involved in the faculty. In third year, there was a feeling of anticipation and fear in the year to come because by then the uppers years had told you just how challenging third year was.

The feeling I’ve had this year has been completely different. There is excitement on the horizon as always – but this time the goal is about preparation and completion. You know that these next few months of school will be your last, and you know that you need to study for your PEBCs and OSCE exams, but you also know that after passing third year anything is possible. The thought of being on the job hunt is somewhat stressful, but by now many of us know what we generally want to do with our practice in the future – be that community, hospital, industry, etc. That being said, these last few months at school are your final ones, and you want to make the most of it. I personally want to put 100 per cent of my effort into being involved in my pharmacy extra-curricular activities, and Pharmacy Undergraduate Society (PhUS) is my main focus. My first week consisted of helping out at the Welcome Back BBQ for all pharmacy years, attending first year orientations, and making a speech at the White Coat Ceremony. It seemed like there was an event happening almost every day of the week, and the weekends are filled up with PhUS retreat and planning for the next week ahead. As a fourth year you also feel a sense of responsibility in ensuring that your club will succeed in the future years to come. I have tried my best to portray how important it is to become involved in the first years of your pharmacy degree. I know for a fact that your experience at school is truly what you make of it – and involvement of any form or in any club in the faculty will be a rewarding experience that you wouldn’t trade for the world.


develops chronic symptoms (a single episode lasting three months or more) of lower back pain – this falls under the category of CNCP. Treatment of this type of pain requires a multisystem approach to developing coping skills and strategies to lessen the long-term morbidity of the condition. Throwing more drugs and increasingly stronger analgesics at the problem rarely leads to satisfactory outcomes, and may in fact hamper the long-term recovery potential. Understanding the approach a physician may be using to deal with this problem allows the pharmacist to provide complementary and synergistic counseling. Here are three websites that provide resources for dealing with lower back pain and other CNCP situations. We start with a national overview, and work our way westward to the “Best Place on Earth”. 1. is a good start if you are just venturing into this practice area and want to review the latest Canadian research and guidelines. Two documents of particular use are the “Opioid Manager” – note: this requires you to register at no charge – and the “Canadian Guideline for Opioid Use for Chronic Pain”. The guideline provides all the basic tools (assessment, patient handouts, pain contracts, etc.) you may want to consider. 2. low_back_pain.html is more specific in treating low back pain. “This guideline is to help Alberta’s primary care providers make evidence-informed decisions about care of patients with non-specific, non-malignant low back pain. It makes recommendations for prevention, acute, subacute, and chronic low back pain.” That description is straight from the website, and says it best. You will find patient handouts, a 2-page overview, and a very readable 21 page guideline with practical tips on prevention and treatment. 3. is a west coast approach to resources for dealing with CNCP. Click on the tab “Resources for Health Care Providers”, and then select “Pain Toolbox” for a document that is sure to provide something for almost everybody seeking resources for coping with chronic pain. It’s not your typical list of traditional pain information. It has an eclectic mix of links and facts, not necessarily unorthodox, but definitely unusual in its content.

Chronic Non-Cancer Pain (CNCP)

With a simple one-hour review of these three websites, I’m confident YOU will feel confident engaging health care practitioners in your community on this topic, and will have a useful set of resources to build on.

Most of us experience

acute lower back pain at some point of our lives. For the majority, the episodes are short-lived and recovery is complete, typically in six weeks or less. A significant portion of the population, however,

Oct/Nov 2011





By Elise Riedlinger

The building site at the corner of Wesbrook Mall and Agronomy Road is currently bustling with activity and the UBC campus has an air of excitement around it. The new quarter-million square foot facility is set to benefit students, alumni and the pharmacy profession in British Columbia. The total project cost is around $133.3 million, with the Province of BC investing $86.4 million into the essential role of pharmacists in health care delivery and design. This project is big.



Oct/Nov 2011

For the first time, all the teaching, learning, research and community outreach activities of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences will be housed under one roof. This includes lecture halls, problem-based learning seminar rooms, pharmacy practice labs and study spaces for students. The most up-todate technology is being incorporated into the new building as well, with a large computer lab, interactive whiteboards, wireless tablets and LCD displays.

foundations for success The countdown to the fall of 2012 is on – that’s when the new building for the UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences is scheduled to be completed. Architect’s rendering of the new UBC Pharmaceutical Sciences building. Image courtesy SAUCIER + PERROTTE ARCHITECTES and HUGES CONDON MARLER ARCHITECTS

A pharmacist clinic and “The Story of Medicines”- an interactive community education exhibit - are also being developed to involve the public. The aim is to engage the community with a ground floor that will be open, transparent and inviting and will showcase the public function. One floor of research space will be assigned to the Centre for Drug Research and Development (CDRD). CDRD’s close proximity will benefit the Pharmaceutical Sciences program by providing an opportunity for students and the next generation

of pharmacists to participate in pharmaceutical research as well as learn in an environment of innovation and discovery. The new facility is also situated ideally beside the Life Sciences Centre, making collaboration across the health disciplines convenient and timely. Dr. Robert D. Sindelar, Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at UBC, says he’s looking forward to what this new building will bring:

Oct/Nov 2011




“When I look at the building, I not only think about the physical aspect but the enhanced functionality that becomes available to our learning, research, outreach and professional development programs. Academic pharmacy, the profession, and pharmacy’s future in BC are all touched significantly by this facility.” Marnie Mitchell, CEO of the BC Pharmacy Association, agrees. “This building represents a great investment into BC’s future pharmacists, who will continue to lead the country in innovation, collaboration and contribution to the health care system. BC Pharmacy Association takes pride in supporting the pharmacy students who will become the new faces of our Association, as well as our profession, in the near future.” It’s evident that construction on the building is well on its way, with various rooms taking shape on each of the six floors. Two lecture theatres on the ground floor, with seating capacities of 160 and 240 students respectively, are easy to recognize, and in the main lobby the large slanted walls are designed to mirror the base of a tree. Floor to ceiling glass windows are also now in place, and as the seasons change, will reflect in different coloured light from the trees surrounding the building’s exterior. Along with its contemporary design, the facility is also environmentally friendly, built to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) gold certification. Parkash Ragsdale, BCPhA’s Deputy CEO and Director, Professional Services, was invited to a tour of the construction site in mid September – hard hat, work boots and all – along with Dean

Dr. Robert D. Sindelar, Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences; Parkash Ragsdale, BCPhA Deputy CEO and Director, Professional Services; and Suzanne Solven, A/Registrar, College of Pharmacists of BC

Sindelar and Suzanne Solven, Acting Registrar for the College of Pharmacists of BC. “This new building is going to improve the learning experience of pharmacy students,” Parkash states. “These students will be the ones continuing our work with clinical pharmacy services such as medication reviews, administration of injections and adaptation of prescriptions and they will be in a great position to advance our evolving profession.”

Architect’s rendering of the atrium of the new UBC Pharmaceutical Sciences building. Image courtesy SAUCIER + PERROTTE ARCHITECTES and HUGES CONDON MARLER ARCHITECTS



Oct/Nov 2011

Building features include The Pharmacists Clinic A teaching and learning clinic that will provide community members direct patient care through seminars, care clinics and personal consultations. Students practice patient counseling while practicing pharmacists may upgrade their skills.

The Story of Medicines Academic pharmacy is the only discipline that touches the entire lifecycle of a drug, from bench to bedside. This educational and interactive public exhibit will illustrate this through real stories of modern medicines—from how they were discovered to how they have improved the lives and well-being of millions of people.

Centre for Drug Research and Development (CDRD) “The new facility is really amazing,” Suzanne comments. “Its focus on problem based learning will really help students gain confidence in clinical decision-making and ensure that pharmacists, from the very beginning of their careers, are integral members of the health care team who, as medication experts, utilize their knowledge, skills and abilities to enhance patient health outcomes. This new state-of-the-art facility is something the profession can be extremely proud of and the College wishes to recognize Dean Sindelar for his unrelenting dedication towards the realization of this vision.” The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, established in 1946, is internationally recognized for excellence and innovation in education. Now, the new building space will allow the professional pharmacy degree program to expand 47 per cent in enrolment. An additional 72 students have been accepted into the program in September 2011 for a total of up to 224 new pharmacists by 2015. The faculty’s masters, doctoral and Pharm.D. graduate programs will also expand during the same period and the building will provide space for 896 undergraduates. Although recent trends have shown an increased competitiveness for positions in the pharmacy profession, Dean Robert Sindelar emphasizes the high quality of graduates that are coming out of UBC’s program: “I really believe that UBC Pharmaceutical Sciences continues to raise the bar each year in terms of knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes of our graduates as they enter this rapidly evolving profession. Each term I encourage our students to excel, differentiate themselves, and to continue to strive to be the very best.”

An independent, non-profit organization that translates research discoveries into new medicines. CDRD works with researchers across UBC and industry to provide the scientific, technical and commercial expertise needed to assess the chances that a research breakthrough will lead to the development of a viable drug

The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences is committed to raising $21 million in support of the new $133.3 million facility and its many important programs. For further information please contact Janis Horne, Director of Development & Alumni Engagement,, 604-822-1328

Oct/Nov 2011




2011 White Coat Ceremony This year’s White Coat Ceremony was held at UBC’s Chan Centre, and showcased the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences’ tradition of welcoming first year students as colleagues dedicated to patient care. BCPhA CEO Marnie Mitchell, Board of Directors President Greg Shepherd and Vice-President Ralph Lai were in attendance as

cloakers for the ceremony, with Past President Dr. Shakeel Bhatti as the keynote speaker. Witnessed by family, faculty members and numerous pharmacy education stakeholders, the ceremony also highlighted both the first-year and graduate students’ pledge of professionalism.

Dr. Helen M. Burt, UBC Associate Vice President, Research & International, with the Pharm.D students

Dr. Shakeel Bhatti, Past President of the BCPhA Board of Directors

Greg Shepherd, President of the BCPhA Board of Directors, shakes hands with a first year pharmacy student

Students recite the Pledge of Professionalism, affirming their commitment to the highest standards of ethics and patient care.



Oct/Nov 2011

White Coat presenters, including Marnie Mitchell, CEO of BCPhA, help to cloak pharmacy students with their first white coat

Pharmacy student profile reason, I decided to use my business electives to take the pre-requisite courses for pharmacy. While I do not at all regret my time spent at UVic, I know that my decision to follow my passion for pharmacy is one of the best decisions I could have made. What are you most looking forward to over the next few years?

Renée Dagenais is a first year student in UBC’s Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy program and a BCPhA Student Member. Originally from Campbell River, she spent the last two years at the University of Victoria working towards a Commerce degree and taking her pharmacy prerequisites. Now, after a busy first few weeks of class and an exciting White Coat Ceremony, Renée is looking forward to her future in pharmacy. How did you end up in the UBC pharmacy program? Throughout high school I had been trying to decide whether to follow a career in pharmacy or obtain a business degree. Although I enjoyed my business classes at UVic, I didn’t feel the same excitement I felt when thinking about a degree in pharmacy; I wanted to understand how to treat illnesses and disease, and help others with their recovery. For this

I am really looking forward to starting my path toward a career in pharmacy and understanding how different compounds and medications function to cure illnesses, as well as networking in the pharmacy community. I am also excited to be living in Vancouver and experiencing everything this beautiful city has to offer. How do you like to spend your spare time? When I am not busy with homework and preparing for classes, I like to unwind doing things that take my mind off school. I enjoy outdoor activities, checking out local events, or even just relaxing chatting with a friend or watching a movie. I love to cook and try different foods, and of course, it is always fun to dress up and go out with friends. On the whole, I am always happy to do anything that keeps me active and that allows me to let loose and have fun. What made you decide to join BCPhA? I first found out about BCPhA while researching pharmacy programs. The website was informative and interesting,

and I felt that joining would help keep me up with the latest pharmacy news and upcoming events, as well as provide a network in the BC pharmacy community. Which benefit of membership do you think is most useful to you? The BC Pharmacy Association provides pharmacists and pharmaceutical students with insights into improving quality of service and enhancing pharmacistpatient relationships. As well, the conferences the Association sponsors will help me to stay current with the latest advances in my field. I believe those two benefits will serve to develop my skills as a pharmacist and increase my knowledge of the pharmacy community and all it has to offer. What are your plans for the future? After graduation I plan on working in a local pharmacy to build my knowledge and learn how to manage/own a pharmacy. I hope to expand my horizons by working abroad as a pharmacist in Europe or Australia. What do you think is most exciting about pharmacy in BC? One thing I am really looking forward to is the development of Medication Management, which increases the interaction between the pharmacist and their patients. I believe this will greatly benefit patients and enhance the pharmacist-patient relationships in the future; I fully support this movement and look forward to being a part of it.

Oct/Nov 2011




Patient Safety Week in Canada

By Raymond Li, BSc (Pharm), MSc. Medical Review: Laird Birmingham, MD, MHSc, FRCP(C)

Playing it safe October 31 to November 4, 2011 is the Seventh Annual Canadian Patient Safety Week with the theme “ask listen talk” aimed at raising awareness of patient safety issues and solutions. Obviously pharmacists have a key role and responsibility in ensuring safe medication use with every patient encounter every day - from recommending non-prescription products to dispensing a prescription to performing medication reviews. Medication errors can be defined as “… any preventable event that may cause or lead to inappropriate medication use or patient harm while the medication is in the control of the health care professional, patient, or consumer.”1 Some medication errors are corrected before they reach the patient, or reach the patient but cause no harm. Some errors result in harm varying from minor transient side effects, to those requiring additional interventions, increased monitoring, hospitalization, or even death.1,2 The data on rates and impact of medication errors and preventable adverse drug events, especially in the Canadian ambulatory setting, is sparse, but available reports indicate that medication safety problems remain a serious concern: • 12 per cent of visits to Vancouver General Hospital ER were for medication-related problems; 85 per cent were moderate to severe, and 66 per cent were considered preventable.



Oct/Nov 2011

Adverse drug reactions, non-adherence to therapy, and wrong or suboptimal drug treatment were the leading reasons for medication-related visits.3 • In a recent international survey of patients in Canada, the US, Australia, and Europe, five to eight per cent of patients reported receiving the wrong medication or the wrong dose at a pharmacy or in hospital in the past two years;4 up to 18 per cent of patients in North America have experienced a medication error sometime in their life.5 • Using trained shoppers, the dispensing error rate in community pharmacies was 22 per cent in one recent US study, of which three per cent were potentially harmful.6 The literature also indicates that certain populations (e.g. elderly or pediatric, liver or kidney disease, mentally ill) are at higher risk for medication errors and adverse drug events.7-9 Medication use can be discussed as a series of processes and subprocesses beginning with the prescription, followed by transcription and verification, dispensing, administration and consumption, monitoring and evaluation.5 The medication use system depends on patient data, drug information, staff and patient education, and well-designed systems and environments

Medication use processes:

Key elements:


Patient information (e.g. age, weight, allergies, lab results, comorbidities, preferences)

Right drug Is this the right drug for this patient? Is it the right product and strength? Optimal prescribing

Current, accurate, and accessible drug information and clear communication of the same

Right dose Is this the right dose for this patient?

Safe drug nomenclature, labeling and packaging (e.g. be aware of look-alike, sound-alike drugs)

Reduction of environmental factors that can lead to errors (e.g. poor lighting, distractions, poor workflow, high workloads)

Product selection and dispensing

Medication administration and consumption

Staff competency and education Patient education and encouragement (e.g. ensure patients know and understand what they are taking and why; encourage them to ask questions, seek answers, and report concerns)

Monitoring and evaluation of therapy

Quality processes and risk management strategies (e.g. redesign systems and processes that lead to errors; improve detection and correction of errors before they reach the patient)

to minimize the chance of error.10 The goal is getting the right drug, in the right dose, to the right patient by the right route, at the right time, for the right reason, with the right documentation (see table above). The many ways medication safety can be improved in individual practice and patient situations is beyond the scope of this article. However, identifying deficiencies in the key elements above or in the medication use processes, and whether the “right” goals have been met (and if not, why not) can help identify problem areas.

When things go wrong – report it! As with adverse drug reactions, reporting and analyzing medication errors (including near misses) is key to prevention. Underreporting hinders preventative measures. “Only by sharing the information can we ensure that everyone learns how to prevent the same error.”11 Health professionals and patients can report medication errors freely and anonymously via the Institute for Safe Medication Practices Canada website. References available upon request or visit for more information.

to achieve

Safe technologies and practices (e.g. drug delivery devices, independent double checks)


Standardization (e.g. administration times, drug strengths or concentrations)

Order transcription and verification

Right patient Has the patient identity been verified? Right route Right time Are labeled directions clear and understood by the patient or caregiver? Right reason Is there an indication for the drug? Is there a condition in need of treatment? Right documentation Are problems, treatment plans, and changes documented and communicated to those who need to know?

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Oct/Nov 2011




This article reviews the importance of ceramides in the barrier function of the skin and their role in the treatment of eczema and other dry skin conditions. Elham Rahmani Neishaboor, Pharm. D., Ph.D.

Ceramide moisturizers for eczema Epidermis barrier property and ceramides The top layer of the skin is the epidermis, and the top layer of the epidermis is the stratum corneum (SC). Even though the SC is very thin (one-tenth the thickness of a piece of paper), it is the skin’s main barrier against water loss. The SC contains three types of lipids: ceramides, cholesterol and free fatty acids. Ceramides are the major lipid constituent of lamellar sheets present in the intercellular spaces of the stratum corneum (40-50%). A ceramide is composed of sphingosine and a fatty acid. These lamellar sheets are thought to provide the barrier property of the epidermis. Most skin disorders that have a diminished barrier function present a decrease in total ceramide content with some differences in the ceramide pattern. Formulations containing lipids identical to those in skin and, in particular, some ceramide supplementation could improve disturbed skin conditions (Lebwohl and Herrmann, 2005). The utilization of physiological lipids has potential as new forms of topical therapy for dry skin conditions.

What is eczema? Eczema is a chronic relapsing inflammatory skin condition and one of the most common, potentially debilitating diseases with



Oct/Nov 2011

increasing incidence. Eczema (medical term: atopic dermatitis) is a continual itchy skin condition consisting of dryness and inflammation. The areas of eczema become red, scaly, and thickened. Eczema is characterized by periods of clear skin and recurrent “flares� - acute episodes that are unpredictable in terms of timing and potential triggers. About 15-20 per cent of the population suffers with eczema.

Treatments of Eczema As an adjunct to anti-inflammatory medications, a moisturizer containing ceramide dramatically improves atopic dermatitis symptoms and reverses underlying damage. Topical glucocorticoids and other immunosuppressive agents are mainstays of therapy, but the risk of toxicity from these agents is not insignificant, particularly in children. Scientists have found that people who have eczema have significantly fewer ceramides in their SC. Recent studies have shown that lipids can be replaced with topical preparations. Interestingly, all three lipids have to be replaced at a certain ratio to restore the barrier function of the skin. If the incorrect balance of lipids is applied, it actually takes longer for the skin to heal. The healing effect of ceramides has been studied in eczema.

In one study (Chamlin et al., 2002), the investigators substituted a newly developed, ceramide-dominant, physiologic lipid-based emollient for currently used moisturizers in 24 children who were also receiving standard therapy for atopic dermatitis. Except for the moisturizer, all subjects continued prior therapy such as topical tacrolimus or corticosteroids. After 12 weeks of twice-daily treatment, patients were able to reduce the moisturizer dose to once per day. Severity scoring of atopic dermatitis (SCORAD) values improved significantly in 22 of 24 patients by three weeks, with additional progressive improvement in all patients between six and 21 weeks. Transepidermal water loss levels were elevated at study entry, decreased in parallel with SCORAD scores, and continued to decline even after SCORAD scores plateaued. Integrity and hydration in the stratum corneum also improved slowly but significantly during treatment, and electron microscopy revealed new appearance of extracellular lamellar membranes. These studies suggest that a ceramide-dominant, barrier repair emollient represents a safe, useful adjunct to the treatment of childhood atopic dermatitis.

Moisturizers with Ceramides Most moisturizers simply prevent the skin from losing water. In addition to keeping your skin hydrated, ceramide moisturizers contain essential lipids to help rebuild your skin. Many people comment that barrier moisturizers also soothe burning and itching skin. There are several moisturizers that claim to have ceramides in their ingredients, but these are just regular moisturizers unless they can show a) the

moisturizer also contains cholesterol and free fatty acids and b) the ratio of these three ingredients is correct. Avene-Trixera Emollient Cream: Ultra-rich, emollient cream for severely dry, atopic skin conditions that nourishes and restores the skin barrier. It contains: • Lipid-Trio (essential fatty acids, ceramides 3, plant sterols) - restores the skin barrier • Glycine - relieves itching • Avene Thermal Spring Water (50%) - calms redness and irritation, soothes and softens • Selectiose (1%) - helps control the skin’s inflammation response EpiCeram® Skin Barrier Emulsion: a steroid-free, fragrancefree, ceramide-dominant formulation for the treatment of atopic dermatitis. It provides bulk replenishment of physiologic lipids in the stratum corneum. • Replenishes the skin with ceramide, a key lipid that is lacking in the stratum corneum in patients with atopic dermatitis • Delivers an optimal 3:1:1 ratio of ceramides, cholesterol, and free fatty acids to help normalize skin barrier function • Forms a vapor-permeable barrier that allows for metabolic responses to repair the skin It is Rx only and should be dispensed only on a physician order (Loden, 2003). References available upon request; please contact the BCPhA Communications team.

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BC pharmacist recognized nationally by Elise Riedlinger

When Derek Desrosiers was

announced as the 2011 recipient of the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy’s Pillar of Pharmacy Award, the congratulatory emails and phone calls started flooding into BCPhA. After six separate terms as President of the Board of Directors, and over 20 years spent as either a staff or board member of BCPhA, it’s no wonder everyone was excited to hear the good news.

been committed to enhancing the professional role of pharmacists as members of the health care delivery team.

The CFP’s annual award recognizes life-long commitment and contribution to the profession of pharmacy in Canada, and Derek’s career is certainly reflective of those criteria. He graduated from UBC in 1982 with his Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy and then began working in community pharmacy in Nanaimo. Over the next 13 years, Derek became a pharmacy manager, and then spent two years owning his own pharmacy from 1993 to 1995.

“Especially for young pharmacists, it’s great to get involved,” he says of his history with BCPhA and other associations. “Networking with your peers can add a whole different dimension to your pharmacy profession.”

“I really enjoyed the relationships you can build with patients, and helping them to achieve better outcomes for their health,” he says of his time in community pharmacy. “Sometimes I miss those aspects, but I also like what I’m doing now. My career has been more varied than I ever thought and I’ve enjoyed every aspect of it immensely.” In 1995, Derek took on the role of Director of Professional Services at BCPhA. Then in 1999, he went on to a similar role at uniPHARM Wholesale Drugs Ltd., eventually becoming their Chief Executive Officer in May of 2004. During his career, Derek has been recognized as one of Canada’s foremost authorities in the economic and professional practice issues of pharmacy and has



Oct/Nov 2011

Currently, Derek is the Past Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Association for Pharmacy Distribution Management, and serves on the Canadian Pharmacy Association Board of Directors. He is appreciated for his informed and enthusiastic participation in these activities, as well as his strong leadership.

“When Derek volunteers to work on a committee or project with us, he always brings his full commitment and passion for advancing the role of pharmacists,” says Marnie Mitchell, CEO of BCPhA. “We are all so proud of Derek’s achievements and excited that he is being recognized by the CFP with this esteemed award.” Derek is also only the third Pillar of Pharmacy award recipient from British Columbia, following Linda Lytle, a fellow BCPhA board member, in 2005 and Dr. Marguerite Yee, who received the honour in 2003. Since that time, pharmacy practice in BC has undergone a significant transformation, and Derek has been involved in many of these changes, including the Pharmacy Services Agreement which came into effect in July of 2010. His recognition can be seen as a reflection of the success of the evolving role of pharmacy in

BC. Derek cites BCPhA as a leader in developing the successful relationships with government and key stakeholders that have led to new innovations, expansions to the scope of pharmacy practice, and better health care for patients across the province. Outside of pharmacy, Derek’s interests include physical training and competing in triathlons, which involve swimming, biking, and running. Both he and his wife Bertha have taken part in Penticton’s Iron Man Canada, and attend every year to watch regardless of their participation. After a recent bone marrow transplant and a year off from triathlons, Derek says he’s “on the road to recovery” and hoping to get back at it next year. His other hobbies include golfing, and traveling with his wife as much as possible. Clearly a busy man, it’s hard to imagine how he fits in his numerous commitments. When asked why he’s made an effort to stay so involved with pharmacy associations, Derek states, “I’ve always been interested in the bigger, higher level aspects of the profession and government relations.” Derek notes, “More importantly, I have always feel it important to give back to the profession. It may sound cliché but I’ve certainly gotten it back in spades whatever I put into it,” he says, referring to his involvement in BCPhA. “It’s been incredibly rewarding and enriched my career beyond expectations.”

Save the date! The Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy presents the 2011 Canadian Pillar of Pharmacy Awards: Tuesday, November 8th, 2011 Main Ballroom, River Rock Casino Resort 8811 River Road , Richmond, BC Reception: 6:30 p.m. Dinner & Awards: 7:00 p.m. Please join us for an evening of dining, entertainment and recognition of Derek’s commitment and contribution to the pharmacy profession. For further information, please contact Dayle Acorn, Executive Director, Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy. Dayle Acorn Ph: 905-997-3238 Fax: 905-997-4264

Oct/Nov 2011



CAREER OPPORTUNITIES balance. We support continuing education and offer various in-house training programs. Please contact: Kay Sajid at kay., Tel: 1.877.628.5562 Fax: 1.866.628.5329,, A member of Loblaw Companies Ltd Canada’s largest private sector employer.

ARE YOU MAXIMIZING THE VALUE OF YOUR MEMBER BENEFITS? Corporate Members can place free Career Opportunities listing in these columns and on the web. General Members looking for new career opportunities get free access to PostYour-Resume. To learn more, log in and visit the Career Opportunities. The BCPhA Career Opportunities connects our members like no other job board, bringing member employers and potential employees together, and it is free!


Full-time and part-time pharmacists required for Burnaby pharmacy. The work environment is patient care focused, team oriented and busy. We pride ourselves on providing strong customer service. Excellent compensation and real growth opportunity with new pharmacy openings scheduled for the fall. Requirements: minimum two years work experience. Excellent communication skills, written and verbal. Demonstrated track record in delivering exceptional customer service. Team Player; flexible. Ability to work independently and manage technicians and pharmacy. If you are looking for a position that gives you the opportunity to practice clinical pharmacy with modern practice tools, please email your cover letter and resume to Please include “Pharmacist” in the subject line. We thank all candidates for their applications. Only candidates shortlisted will be contacted.


Full-time pharmacy technician (30-40 hrs per week) available at Crystal Pharmacy & Medical Supplies in Burnaby. No evenings, no public holidays, occasional weekend shifts. Candidates must have excellent customer service skills. Mandarin/Cantonese speaking preferable. Please forward resume to fax: 604-433-2830 or email: Please note only successful candidates will be notified.

Pharmasave Grand Forks is currently looking for full-time pharmacists (40hrs/wk). Potential for possible future ownership. Join our team and help deliver pharmaceutical care to our friendly, loyal customers. Our pharmacy staff are encouraged to spend time with patients and go beyond the pharmacy counter to use their professional training to its fullest potential. We enjoy giving our customers the best service and at the same time create a pleasant working environment with friendly staff and customers. We offer competitive wages and benefits as well as payment of professional dues and continuing education. Interested candidates are invited to send their resume to Pharmasave 106, Box 998, Grand Forks, BC. V0H 1H0, Tel: 250.442.3515, Fax: 250.442.3225, Email:



Seymour Peoples Drug Mart #174, located in beautiful Campbell River, B.C., requires a Pharmacy Manager immediately. The position is full-time (40 hours/week), Monday-Friday 9:30am to 5:30pm, no evenings, weekends or holidays! We offer a very competitive salary and benefits package. If you want to practice in a very relaxed environment then this is for you! We encourage patient counseling whether RX or OTC. There is plenty of time for both. Our store allows you to use your professional training as it was meant to be. Interested candidates should contact Victor Choo at Cell # 250.204.0234 or home 250.287.7686. Full-time or part-time pharmacist needed for busy pharmacy specializing in compounding, group homes and complementary medicine. Must enjoy working with public. Flexible hours. Email: Phone: 250.286.1771, Fax: 250.286.4662 DUNCAN Full-time staff pharmacist required. If you are a pharmacist who is looking for a great opportunity that provides growth, development and a great work environment then we have the opportunity for you! What’s in it for you? Excellent compensation and benefits plan, relocation allowance, on-going career development and training programs, opportunity to work with seasoned professionals, participate in our customer clinic day events, annual bonus plan, company stock purchase plan, employee discount program, comprehensive health and dental benefits, employee share ownership plan, flexible hours with no 24-hour pharmacies in all our locations. As health care practitioners, our primary focus is healthy living. Working in partnership with internal resources and other health care providers in the communities, we deliver the best possible care to all our patients. We understand the importance of a healthy work/life



Oct/Nov 2011



Full-time staff pharmacist required (contract). If you are a pharmacist who is looking for a great opportunity that provides growth, development and a great work environment then we have the opportunity for you! What’s in it for you? Excellent compensation and benefits plan, relocation allowance, ongoing career development and training programs, opportunity to work with seasoned professionals, participate in our customer clinic day events, annual bonus plan, company stock purchase plan, employee discount program, comprehensive health and dental benefits, employee share ownership plan, flexible hours with no 24-hour pharmacies in all our locations. As health care practitioners, our primary focus is healthy living. Working in partnership with internal resources and other health care providers in the communities, we deliver the best possible care to all our patients. We understand the importance of a healthy work/life balance. We support continuing education and offer various in-house training programs. Please contact: Kay Sajid at, Tel: 1.877.628.5562 Fax: 1.866.628.5329,, A member of Loblaw Companies Ltd Canada’s largest private sector employer

Pharmasave in Houston, BC is currently seeking a full-time pharmacist. This recently renovated store offers the most up to date dispensary design complete with large counselling office and compounding room. Compounding training will be provided along with injection training so that you can explore all areas of providing pharmaceutical care to our customers. Join our team and help deliver pharmaceutical care to our friendly, loyal customers. Pharmacy staff is encouraged to spend time with patients and go beyond the pharmacy counter to use their professional training to its fullest potential. We enjoy giving our customers the best service and at the same time create a pleasant working environment with friendly staff and customers. Houston lies in the scenic Bulkley Valley, and is the Steelhead Capital of Canada. Fishing, golfing, camping are second to none, and in the winter, world class skiing is available 65 km away in Smithers. A brand new Aquatics centre was recently built offering a pool with hot tub and kiddie area along with a gym open year round. The store hours are Mon. to Sat. 9:00am to 6:00pm. The store is not open Sundays or statutory holidays.We offer a competitive wage and benefit package. Relocation assistance is available. Our benefits include 100% medical, dental and life insurance premiums. License fees to the College of Pharmacists and BCPhA Association Membership fees are included. We offer a rewarding RRSP plan.If you are interested in working where you can have a flexible schedule and enjoy your evenings and weekends with your family and love the outdoors, then call now to schedule an interview. Reply to: Linda Gutenberg, Director of Pharmacy Forewest Holdings Inc. Email:, Phone: 604315-3273, Fax Number: 604-514-8393 100 MILE HOUSE Full-time pharmacist position available in the South Cariboo region of B.C. Located two hours from Kamloops and five

Anyone can make an error. Protect yourself. Preventing dispensing errors and the potential injuries to clients is the focus of this educational series. To help you understand and deal with these issues, Grain Insurance and Guarantee Company has commissioned a series of articles from Ms. Marie Berry, B.A., B.Sc. (Pharm), LL.B. Ms. Berry is a pharmacist and lawyer specializing in health care law. You can find her article at pharmacy/page_bcpa.html For more information about the specialized insurance products that can protect all you’ve worked for, contact Stephen or Stuart Adams at 604-251-3571 or 1-877-251-4079, or email

hours from Vancouver by car. The position provides a diverse work experience in a community setting. The area offers many enjoyable outdoor recreational opportunities with its rainbow trout fishing, boating lakes, cross-country skiing, bike trails, downhill ski area and two golf courses. Premium annual salary up to $130,000 (to start depending on experience), benefit package (4 weeks holidays to start) and relocation assistance provided. Great hours, open 9:00am to 5:30pm (Closed Sundays & Stat. Holidays) Contact: Gordon Dickie, Donex Pharmacy & Department Store, PO Box 40, 145 South Birch Ave. 100 Mile House, B.C. V0K 2E0, Phone: 250.395.4004, Fax: 250.395.2683, Email: INVERMERE Full-time position for pharmacist at Lambert Kipp Pharmacy - a family owned business located in the Columbia Valley. Opportunities for outdoor and indoor activities abound. We are a compounding pharmacy with a fully equipped lab. Our compounding interests include bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, topical analgesics, veterinary prescriptions and dermatology. For more information, Contact: Doug Kipp at 250.342.6612. Submit resumes to: Doug Kipp, BSc Pharm, Lambert Kipp Pharmacy, Box 2919, Invermere, BC. V0A 1K0 KELOWNA Since 1904, Rexall has been a trusted name in retail pharmacy. Rexall is also the flagship pharmacy for Katz Group Canada, a leading drug store company and the largest integrated retail pharmacy network in Canada, with more than 1,800 corporate, independent and franchise pharmacies across the country. As the umbrella brand for a family of pharmacies including the Rexall, Rexall Pharma Plus, The Medicine Shoppe, Guardian and I.D.A. banners, Rexall is dedicated to the health and well-being of our customers and patients and strives to provide the best possible pharmacy care in a pharmacy first environment. Kelowna is hiring a full-time staff pharmacist. If you are interested in applying or would like to learn more about this opportunity, please contact a member of our team: Mack Payravi, Regional Pharmacy Director, Neerav Joshi, Pharmacy Recruitment Manager Pharmasave Kelowna, Glenmore Clinic pharmacy adjacent to medical clinic. Open 7 days per week: Mon. to Fri. 9 am to 7 pm, Sat. 9 am to 5 pm, Sun. 10 am to 5 pm. Looking for a part-time pharmacist. Contact: Craig Tostenson, Phone: 250.861.4443, e-mail: MAPLE RIDGE We are looking for a pharmacy manager or a staff pharmacist with managerial experience. You must be fully familiar with KROLL and possess excellent English and communications skills. Our pharmacy is located inside a busy walk-in clinic, therefore as a team leader you need to prioritize tasks, work efficiently and provide excellent customer service and counseling in a friendly manner. We provide a very professional working environment, excellent benefits and wages. Please contact: 604-306-6190, NORTH VANCOUVER Full-time and part-time pharmacists required for North Vancouver pharmacy. The work environment is patient care focused, team oriented and busy. We pride ourselves on providing strong customer service. Excellent compensation and real growth opportunity with new pharmacies openings scheduled for the fall. Requirements: Minimum two years work experience. Excellent communication skills, written and verbal. Demonstrated track record in delivering exceptional customer service. Team Player; flexible. Ability to work independently and manage technicians and pharmacy. If you are looking for a position that gives you the opportunity to practice clinical pharmacy with modern practice tools, please email your cover letter and resume to Please include “Pharmacist” in the subject line. We thank all candidates for their applications. Only candidates shortlisted will be contacted. SURREY Full-time and part-time pharmacists required. Pharmacy specializes in Mental Health and Addiction services. Experience in Methadone Maintenance an asset. Excellent wages and flexible hours. If interested, please email your resume C/O of Cheli McDonald to or fax to 604.608.3230

Community Care Pharmacy is looking for a full-time licensed pharmacy technician. Community Care is a pharmacy specializing in long term care. You would be working with 6 pharmacists and 4 pharmacy technicians. Our wage and benefit package is competitive. Hours are 9 to 5:30, no Sundays. Your work schedule would be more conductive to family life. Please give me a call Godfriet Keller work 604.583.5312. Email: Part-time pharmacist needed for independent community pharmacy. Friendly environment, flexible shifts and no evenings. We offer a competitive wage. Must be able to work some weekends. New grads welcome! Please fax your resume. Contact: Tel. 604.543.6677, Fax 604.543.4433 VANCOUVER Full-time and part-time pharmacists required. Pharmacy specializes in Mental Health and Addiction services. Experience in Methadone Maintenance an asset. Excellent wages and flexible hours. If interested, please email your resume C/O of Cheli McDonald to or fax to 604.608.3230 Part-time pharmacist required. Robin’s Pharmacy, on Commercial Drive in Vancouver, is looking for a part-time pharmacist. We have excellent pharmacy hours: 10:30 am - 7:00 pm, Mon-Fri and 11:00 am – 5:00 pm on Saturdays. We are closed Sundays and holidays. Please contact Robin Manweiler at 604.876.3784. Robin’s Pharmacy, on Commercial Drive in Vancouver, is looking for a full-time pharmacy assistant. No experience is required; however, the individual must be a quick learner and very customer oriented. Duties include; running the till, ensuring customers are well looked after, answering phones, packaging medications, completing pharmacy orders, facing shelves and basic cleaning and tidying of the pharmacy. Please contact Robin Manweiler at 604.876.3784. Pharmacist required - part-time or full-time. Must have a minimum of one year experience. Must be registered with the BC College of Pharmacists. Responsibilities include dispensing prescription medications, checking prescriptions for accuracy, manage work flow in the dispensary. Candidates must display strong interpersonal skills, a positive attitude, and an affinity for great customer service. We provide a competitive compensation package, together with the necessary resources and support to help advance your career. We also pay for professional development courses for you to maintain professional excellence. All interested candidates are invited to submit a covering letter and resume to: Ken Lee, VP Pharmacy Operations, BC Remedy’s Rx, Email:, Phone: 604.254.1585, Fax: 604.254.3364 Full-time certified pharmacy technician. Must be registered with the BC College of Pharmacists. Responsibilities include working under the supervision of our pharmacists, dispensing prescription medications, providing direct customer interface. Candidates must display strong interpersonal skills, a positive attitude, and an affinity for great customer service. We provide a competitive compensation package, together with the necessary resources and support to help advance your career. We also pay for professional development courses for you to maintain professional excellence. All interested candidates are invited to submit a covering letter and resume to: Ken Lee, VP Pharmacy Operations, BC Remedy’s Rx. Email:, Phone: 604.254.1585, Fax: 604.254.3364 Full-time and Part-time Pharmacists required. Pharmacy specializes in Mental Health and Addiction services. Experience in Methadone Maintenance an asset. Excellent wages and flexible hours. If interested, please email your resume C/O of Cheli McDonald to or fax to 604.608.3230 The Chemist Pharmacy Ltd. is looking for part-time and fulltime pharmacists to join our dynamic team. Excellent salary/ benefits package and partnership/profit sharing options. Contact: Kamal Sandhu via fax: (604) 360-2351 or email: Part-time or full-time pharmacist position, Mon. to Fri. no evenings. Part-time position ideal for semi-retired pharmacist. Wages commensurate with experience. East End Pharmacy in Vancouver. Contact: Raj, 604.255.9890 or Fax: 604.255.9815

VERNON Full-time Staff Pharmacist required. If you are a pharmacist who is looking for a great opportunity that provides growth, development and a great work environment then we have the opportunity for you! What is in it for you? Excellent compensation and benefits plan, Relocation allowance, On-going career development and training programs, Opportunity to work with seasoned professionals, Participate in our customer clinic day events, Annual bonus plan, Company stock purchase plan, Employee discount program, Comprehensive health and dental benefits, Employee Share Ownership Plan, Flexible hours with no 24-hour pharmacies in all our locations. As Health care practitioners, our primary focus is healthy living. Working in partnership with internal resources and other health care providers in the communities, we deliver the best possible care to all our patients. We understand the importance of a healthy work/life balance. We support continuing education and offer various in-house training programs. Please contact: Kay Sajid at kay.sajid@, Tel: 1.877.628.5562 Fax: 1.866.628.5329,, A member of Loblaw Companies Ltd Canada’s largest private sector employer. VICTORIA Forbes Pharmacies are a local success story, located in beautiful Victoria, BC. To support our growth and expansion we are accepting resumes for part-time and full-time pharmacists to join and add to our success. When you join the Forbes Pharmacy Group you become one of the family. We strive to be an employer of choice, and have been described by our team as: *We are like a family. *It is FUN! We work hard and well as a team...sometimes it doesn’t even feel like work! *Your strengths and passions are recognized. You have the opportunity to include what your passionate is at Forbes.*I am confident in the services we provide, I recommend Forbes to family and friends.*Forbes is cutting edge in the services they offer their patients.*We have an amazing team and great customers.*Respect, what you put in is reciprocated.*The work is rewarding, we have the opportunity to really get to know our patients.*Forbes continues to keep their grass root culture while we continue to grow.*Forbes is generous and stays active in giving back to their community. We offer a competitive salary and benefits package with a RSP package, and full pharmacy technician coverage. If you are interested in working for Forbes Pharmacies please submit your CV along with cover letter to Forbes’ President, Mike Forbes, at Full-time pharmacist required. Must have a minimum of 1 year of pharmacy experience. Must be registered with the BC College of Pharmacists. Must be able to work alternating shifts on Saturdays. Responsibilities include liaising with long term care facilities, attending to practice issues and quality control standards. Candidates must display strong interpersonal skills, a positive attitude and an affinity for great customer service. We provide a competitive compensation package, together with the necessary resources and support to help advance your career. We also pay for professional development courses for you to maintain professional excellence. All interested candidates are invited to submit a covering letter and resume to: Ken Lee, VP Pharmacy Operations, BC Remedy’s Rx. Email Pharmasave James Bay in beautiful Victoria requires a parttime pharmacist. Victoria is known for the mildest weather in Canada and to top it off our store is located two short blocks from the scenic waterfront so you can enjoy the view on your lunch! We are looking for a team player who likes having fun while practicing the profession of pharmacy. Patient care is our main focus and we pride ourselves on the excellent customer service we provide as well as reaching out to the community with free delivery 6 days a week. We have a pleasant, consistent and manageable pace of work with solid technician support, plus whole store camaraderie to assist in getting the job done. Compensation package includes full benefits package, RRSP, covering College licensing fees and BCPhA membership. Over and above the compensation package is the pleasant and flexible atmosphere our non-corporate store provides. If you are interested in this opportunity to break free of the corporate rat race, let us have coffee and discuss the package. Contact Jeff McInnes, Owner. Tel: 250.383.7196, cell: 250.818.6564, or e-mail:

Oct/Nov 2011



WHITE ROCK White Rock- South Surrey, Pharmasave Grandview Corners, located in BC’s newest most desirable shopping area is currently looking to hire a part-time pharmacist. The ideal candidate will be self motivated and possess excellent communication skills. Prior knowledge of Kroll, injection training certification and any compounding experience would be a definite asset. Our Pharmacy practice is patient focused and supports the development and growth of clinical and community based programs. If you would like to be part of a great pharmacy team in a growing community, please email your resume in confidence to Cathy Jacob at or call 604.836.4664 (cell). CAREER OPPORTUNITIES THROUGHOUT BRITISH COLUMBIA COSTCO PHARMACY - part-time staff pharmacists and certified technicians required for various locations across British Columbia (Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, Abbotsford, Port Coquitlam, Langley, Langford, Nanaimo, Kelowna, Kamloops and Prince George) Costco Pharmacy provides a practice environment which enhances patient care and equipped with semi-private and private counselling areas. We have a great working environment, opportunities for advancement in addition to highly competitive rates. Our benefit package includes; extended health coverage, contribution to company pension, RRSP plans and CE reimbursement. Costco Pharmacy is seeking ambitious, highenergy certified pharmacy technicians, who enjoy working in a fast-paced team environment. If you are highly motivated to provide excellent pharmacy care and customer service and would like to inquire about available positions please call, fax or email your resumes to: Ed Toth, BSP, Pharmacy Operations Manager, Western Canada, Phone: 604.444.9344, Fax: 425.427.7735, E-mail: HBC PHARMACY GROUP - Discover a challenging and rewarding career as a Pharmacist with Zellers or Bay Pharmacy and help to ensure the quality of life for all Canadians! It’s not just about filling prescriptions: You’ll serve as a primary health care advisor who gives patients guidance to help make good choices about their health. Join our Pharmacy Team and see why HBC is considered the preferred place to work. Making a difference in your life and the lives of others! We offer competitive wages; incentives for remote locations, benefits; including a shopping discount, as well as opportunities for career development. Please forward your resume in confidence to either HBC Head Office, Attn: National Recruitment Manager, Pharmacy, catherine. or BC Regional Pharmacy, Attn: Regional Pharmacy Operations Manager, 604-340-8179; LONDON DRUGS - is accepting applications for pharmacist positions throughout BC. Pharmacists will have the opportunity to be involved with various patient care initiatives offered at London Drugs such as INR monitoring, long term care, Certified Diabetes Education, immunization and various clinics such as osteoporosis screening, heart health, diabetes, sun and smoking cessation. We offer competitive salary and benefit package, moving allowances, professional working environment, scheduled meal breaks, semi-private counseling booths, automated robotic dispensing machines and employé discounts. Please apply in confidence to: Shawn Sangha, B.Sc. (Pharm), London Drugs Ltd. Pharmacy Operations Manager, BC. Tel: 604.272.7469, Fax: 604.448.1075 E-mail: OVERWAITEA FOOD GROUP- consisting of Overwaitea Foods, Save-On-Foods, PriceSmart Foods, Urban Fare and Coopers Foods are hiring. Staff Pharmacist positions are available in 100 Mile House, Campbell River, Chilliwack, Cranbrook, Creston, Fernie, Fort Nelson, Grand Forks, Kelowna, Kitimat, Mission, Nanaimo, Parksville, Penticton, Prince George, Prince Rupert, Quesnel, Squamish, Terrace, Williams Lake, Fort McMurray, Red Deer and Lethbridge in Alberta. Relief pharmacist floater positions and technicians in British Columbia and Alberta are also available. We provide an excellent pharmacy practice environment with personal growth and career development potential. Very competitive wages and benefits including a pharmacist incentive plan. Contact: Chi Quon, Regional Pharmacy Manager, 604.881.3574, fax: 604.882.7896,, PEOPLES DRUG MART and PEOPLES PHARMACY- have several locations throughout beautiful British Columbia offering a desired combination of employment opportunity and unbeatable lifestyle. Contact: Smita Natha, Professional

Services Manager, Peoples Drug Mart, 520-4400 Dominion Street, Burnaby, BC. V5G 4G3 Tel: 604.431.3595 (ext. 26), Fax: 604.431.3596, Email: PHARMASAVE - BC’s largest and most successful group of independently owned community pharmacies. This is a vibrant and growing organization representing over 120 locations throughout the province. In response to this exciting growth, the regional pharmacy department is currently recruiting a BC licensed pharmacist for the position of Pharmacy Coordinator. Reporting to the Regional Manager, Pharmacy the successful candidate will be responsible for providing support and expertise to Pharmasave storeowners in the areas of pharmacy program implementation, pharmacy operations support, financial analysis and staff training to improve pharmacy performance and profitability. Required attributes: self-motivated, confident with a positive/enthusiastic attitude, exceptional communication and presentation skills, team player with the ability to work effectively under minimal supervision, flexible and innovative with the ability to prioritize and manage multiple projects, superior computer skills with common software applications including Kroll and Microsoft Office. Minimum 5 years pharmacy management experience in BC. Valid driver’s license, vehicle and a willingness to travel throughout BC. A competitive salary and benefit package will be available to the successful candidate. Reply in confidence by Friday May 6th to: REXALL - Since 1904, Rexall has been a trusted name in retail pharmacy. Rexall is also the flagship pharmacy for Katz Group Canada, a leading drug store company and the largest integrated retail pharmacy network in Canada, with more than 1,800 corporate, independent and franchise pharmacies across the country. As the umbrella brand for a family of pharmacies including the Rexall, Rexall Pharma Plus, The Medicine Shoppe, Guardian and I.D.A. banners, Rexall is dedicated to the health and well-being of our customers and patients and strives to provide the best possible pharmacy care in a pharmacy first environment. Our long-term care pharmacists and pharmacy technicians provide highly specialized clinical and medication management services for residents of nursing homes, retirement residences, assisted living facilities and group homes through dedicated pharmacies. Registered pharmacy technicians in Abbotsford, Burnaby and Victoria . If you are interested in applying or would like to learn more about this opportunity, please contact a member of our team: Omar Saad, Regional Pharmacy Director,, Neerav Joshi, Pharmacy Recruitment Manager, THRIFTY FOODS - Bring your professionalism and your dreams to Thrifty Foods new frontier and become an important part of our company as we grow together. Pharmacy manager and staff positions available. Thrifty Foods Pharmacy is committed to offering a comprehensive pharmacy service to these communities. Competitive wages and benefits. Interested candidates are invited to submit their resumes to Nafeesa Shaikh, Pharmacy Recruitment and Retention Specialist, Sobeys Pharmacy Group. Toll Free #: 1-800-790-0733 x. 7704 Phone #: (902) 468-1000 x. 7704, Fax #: (877) 662-1955 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Port Alberni - A super community pharmacy for sale. Viable Rx department. Price will include 2700 sqft. Strata lot. Easier financing if required. Alberni Valley economy is on rebound. Tel: 250.723.9323, Fax: 250.723.8221 At PHARMASAVE we understand that you want to be in business for yourself, not by yourself. You can have the best of both worlds! Maintain your freedom and independence while having access to the most comprehensive retail and professional programs in the industry. Pharmasave’s proven products, programs and strong national brand are always at your service. Pharmasave is unlike any other independent pharmacy venture in Canada. We are a true cooperative that is 100% member owned and governed. With Pharmasave, not only do you benefit from owning your own business, but you also share in the economic advantages of a 400+ strong group of stores. Plus, you will be an owner in an organization that delivers all of its profits directly back to you, the shareholder. Allow us to demonstrate the advantages of Pharmasave. If you are a storeowner or a pharmacist interested in purchasing a pharmacy, or if you are planning on selling your business, please give us a call. PHARMASAVE’S only priority is you and your success! CONTACT: Dave Reston, CEO, Pharmasave Pacific, tel: 604.575.5730 or 1.800.665.3344, Email:

NEW MEMBERS General Carly Almas, Sammy Au, Niderpal Kaur Badesha, Joan Baker, Leila Bayati, Shafreen Bhanji, Cheryl Chan, Edwin Chan, Thomas Chan, Edward Cheung, Lucy Ching, James Cho, Jeongeun Choi, Yong Sun Choi, Elaine Cooke, Janet Cooke, Lalit Dahiya, Manjit Dale, Azita Darabian, Joseph, Del Rosario, Nimerpaul Deol, Maria DeSouza, Harjit Dhillon, Maricel Dino, Lindsay Dixon, Bret Dolman, Bashir Dossa, Justin Dovale, Gursharan Dulay, Eric Durando, Raadiyya Esop, Ahmed Fouda, Sameh Gendy, Ahmad Ghahary, Christine Gilchrist, Robert Gillies, Melanie Hanson, Michelle Harrison, Melissa Haynes, Chris Heitland, June Ho, Kui, Ming Ho, Glenn Hori, Kory Hu, Henry Huang, Stelian Iantchev, John Jeong, Diana Jiang, Ying Joe, Jeemy Joseph, Joby Joseph, Tara Kamann, Munira Karim, Nasreen Karim, Jeffrey Keith, Maleeha Khan, Krystal Kieser, Kenneth Kim, Peter Ko, Loretta Kobe, Anna Kubota, Florence Lau, Stephanie Law, Patricia Lee, Hayley Lehnert, Alicia Lin, Denny Lin, Kanon Lo, Brian Louie, Theodore Mah, Rajwinder Mahli, Helen Mak,Colette Mann, Dionne Martyn, Andrew McLachlan, Pratikkumar Mehta, Amirmasoud, Memarzadeh Ashtiani, Don Monkman, Fady Moussa, Mohamed Nathoo, Clement Ng, Hoang Nguyen, Derek Obertas, Miriam Oranu, Andreas Ortmayr, Dhaval Patel, Mayurkumar Patel, Prashantkumar Patel, Beverly, Ann Pelletier, Chandra Perumal, Robert Piner, Sina Pirooz, Karl Pister, Shahriar Azari, Blake Reynolds, Adam Romano, Navdip Sahota, Adil Saleh, Dustin Schibll, Ahmad Shalaby, Urmila ShindeSurabathula, Zahirudin Shivji, Lisa Smillie, Viv Smy, Elizabeth Snowdon, Holly Southby, Dean Spottar, Pearly Trinh, Nimisha Virani, Jitka Vondracek, Randi Vose, Gordana Vukicevic, Jordan Wang, Janice Willman, Albert Wong, Joyce Wong, Jenna Wunderlich, Alice Xu, Chee Yang, Yedilken Yimam, Paul Yip, Janice Kolba, Titus Yu, Rola Zein Corporate Medicine Guru #1, Fraserview Pharmacy Ltd., Pharmasave Health Centre #064, Lynn Valley Pharmacy, Shoppers Drug Mart #2288, Pandora Pharmacy, Pharmasave #256, Safeway - 100% corporate membership

ASSOCIATION CONTACTS Marnie Mitchell Chief Executive Officer 604.269.2860, Parkash Ragsdale Deputy CEO, Director, Professional Services 604.269.2862, Cyril Lopez Director, Member and Corporate Services 604.269.2869, Kate Hunter Director, Communications 604.269.2863, Elise Riedlinger, Manager, Communications 604.269.2866, Krista Martin, Communications Specialist, 604-269-2867, Riva Pickering, Coordinator, Professional Services, 604-261-2092, Bryce Wong Manager, Professional Services 604.269.2865, Linda Tinnion Assistant, Member Services 604.269.2864, Laura Chok Event Coordinator, Member Services 604.267.7081, Ray Chow Database Administrator, Member & Corporate Services 604.269.2868, Pam Ratcliff Executive Assistant 604.269.2861, Starr Rempel Receptionist and Administrative Assistant 604.261.2092, 604.261.2092, Toll-free: 1.800.663.2840,



Oct/Nov 2011


As Canada’s leading national distributor since 1916, we’re proud to announce that we’ve expanded our Burnaby facility into a full-line 100,000 square foot distribution centre. We’re now able to deliver all the products your pharmacy needs including Rx and OTC, health & beauty, confectionary, home health care, general merchandise, tobacco and seasonal products. More importantly, it means same day service to the Greater Vancouver area and next day service to 99% of the rest of BC.

Get in touch with your full-service healthcare industry partner. David Wetter 403-608-5450 Daniel Leigh 604-418-3323 Ron Hiscock 778-968-1141


Boost your career! As part of our pledge to support our members’ expanded scope of practice, BC Pharmacy Association aims to have at least one pharmacist in every pharmacy in BC authorized to administer injections. Isn’t it time you were trained to inject? Two additional Administration of Injections Program practical workshops have now been scheduled for October. Go to to register today.

The Tablet: 2011 October/November  

UBC’s new Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences building and the 2011 White Coat Ceremony

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