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Bose Companion 5: Where to Find the Great Deals on Brand New Bose Companion 5 By Peter Dunn


Bose Companion 5 At A Huge Discount Overall Rating:

Over 120 Customer reviews Searching for Bose Companion 5 on sale? Then this is the perfect place for you. You can find this multimedia speaker system at Amazon where it is sold at a price lower than what is offered in electronic stores nearest you. It is very convenient when you do your purchases online since this item ships for free and comes with super saver shipping. So where else can you find this amazing Bose Companion 5 multimedia speaker system?

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Features of Bose Companion 5 The Bose Companion 5 is a computer speaker system that offers multichannel surround sound designed for computers. These speakers are simply perfect for games, music and even movies and its set up is quite easy. This Companion 5 speaker system made up of 2 tiny speakers and an Acoustimass module which can be hidden anywhere around your house provide the audio experience that you are longing for in a multimedia speaker system. There is no need for additional software, car upgrade, adaptors or necessary wirings since this speaker system can be connected simply via USB. The Bose Companion 5 also comes with an all-in-one control pod to manage the speaker’s volume, one touch-mute pod, headphone jack and also an auxiliary connection all within simple reach. The speakers can be placed on stands to achieve total performance and to save much-needed desktop space. The Companion 5 also delivers a unique mode of giving sound by utilizing a TrueSpace Surround in order for these speakers to give out a top notch sound quality.


The speaker system is compatible with Windows XP and Macintosh computers. When you purchase this product you are also guaranteed of a whole year of product warranty. Whether you are watching your favorite movies, playing games or simply listening to your kind of music, the Bose Companion 5 will be there to keep you company. So when you are planning on purchasing speakers for your computer, get this product and I can guarantee you that you will be in for the best audio experience of your life whether you want this for music, games or movies.

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Bose Companion 5: Where to Find the Great Deals on Brand New Bose Companion 5  

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