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Summary: This report provides a comprehensive review of 27 candidate therapeutic antibodies and 42 candidate vaccines that are being evaluated for the treatment of lung cancer, covering pipeline, disease-targeting strategies and clinical findings. These antibodies are directed at 17 targets, while the vaccines are directed at 24 antigens or antigen combinations. Globally, lung cancer is the most common cancer and in 2008 there were an estimated 1.6 million new cases and 1.4 million deaths (almost 20% of all cancer deaths) caused by this disease. Five-year survival rates are also low (15-20%) compared to other common cancers. In the US, studies have shown that lung cancercare costs (in 2006) were the third highest of all cancers, while indirect costs (2005) were higher than for any other cancer. Patient needs and the high burden of lung cancer are driving the development of new therapies. While improvements have been seen in diagnosis and treatments (surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and targeted drugs), new therapies that build on the capabilities of existing strategies, are urgently required. Today, advances continue to be made in drug treatments for lung cancer; in chemotherapy, new drug combinations and targeted molecules. In particular, advances are being seen in the field of immunotherapy, in the development of new therapeutic antibodies and therapeutic vaccines.

Table of Contents: Summary 1 Lung Cancer 1.1 Statistics 1.2 Diagnosis 1.3 Lung Cancer Staging 1.4 Treatment of Lung Cancer 1.5 Survival Rates 1.6 Cost of Lung Cancer 1.7 New Developments 1.8 This Report Chapter 2 Approved and Late-Stage Therapeutic Antibodies (p.39) Summary 2.1 Introduction 2.2 Overview 2.3 (One antibody, Approved) 2.4 – 2.6 (Three antibodies, Phase 3) References

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