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Blow dry bars - essentially blow-dry only salons - first gained traction in New York City in 2013. Now you’re guaranteed to find one in every major city, helping people of all ages and races achieve their “hairspiration”. Heat Blow Dry and Beauty Boutique, now open inside the MAC (Michigan Athletic Club) in East Lansing, Mich., is unique to both Michigan and the Lansing area. But it was inspired by so much more than a big city beauty ritual. A spark Owner and co-founder, Molly Chan, first thought of opening a blow dry bar during an exceptionally difficult time in her life. “My husband was battling cancer and I’d go with him every day while he was going through chemo and radiation,” Chan said. “I started going in twice a week for blowouts to a blow dry bar in Ann Arbor. It was sort of my salvation. It just made me feel better and lifted my spirits.” Chan believes a blowout yields more than compliments from strangers. “Our philosophy at Heat is that it’s a sort of sanctuary,” she says. “You can come in and from the start the experience is yours and it’s all about you.” Bringing the heat Since blow dry bars are somewhat of a new concept in smaller cities like East Lansing, co-owner and stylist Daniel Buccilli says many people don’t know what to expect. “Some people have no idea what it is, some heard of it and


a few people have gotten a blowouts at regular salons,” he said. “At Heat it’s more of an intimate experience because, as far as hair goes, that’s all we do.” Though the concept behind Heat is quite specialized, every service is customized to each individual client’s hair type, length and style preference. The “Mermaid” blowout yields loose, soft beachy waves while “Straight to the Point” leaves hair sleek and straight. For men, the “Blow-Bro” includes a massaging shampoo, neck trim, steam towel and style. Warming the community Heat’s diverse clientele enjoy a variety of services from blowouts to nails and makeup application. “Our youngest client is 2 years old and our oldest client is 105, so it really is for everyone,” Buccilli said. Upon its grand opening in August, Heat was embraced by the community and continues to serve East Lansing and Lansing area residents. “We kind of fell into the MAC, and it worked out beautifully with the MSU community nearby and the MAC’s membership,” Chan said. “It’s really the team and clients that make it what it is. You can literally reinvent yourself here. Come in, try something new and have fun.”

Heat Blow Dry and Beauty Boutique Address: 2900 Hannah Blvd. East Lansing, Michigan Website: Phone: (517) 575-6273 WORDS AND PHOTOS: HANNAH WATTS

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