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VIM has had an incredible journey since its first issue launched in 2010. From tackling tough issues on campus to contemplating seasonal trends, we have always strived to be a publication that represents all members of the MSU community. Our team is continuously working to provide outlets to promote the career trajectory and success of MSU students, which is why we are launching a digital issue. As technology changes, we adapt to the change. We’re constantly revamping our digital presence and innovating content we produce. The launch of the first digital issue is another milestone we’re so proud to incorporate into VIM’s journey. The monthly digital issues will provide a larger creative outlet for VIM members to use to express their inner passions and talents. We hope the start of our digital issues becomes a gateway to further possibilities within the VIM community as the publication continues to grow. Thank you for your continued support that allows VIM to create, innovate and be a powerful voice for Spartans on campus! ZOEY BERGHOFF & KARA DEMPSEY PHOTOGRAPHER Riley James

women’s fashion

next level plai



Gingham, plaid, checked, tartan and flannel. We all know it and we’ve all owned a piece or two with this type of pattern. Many associate the fashionable print with Cher Horowitz’s cliché, matching two-piece schoolgirl outfit from Clueless: bright, big, yellow and preppy. While the teen actress’ fashion inspo may have been epic a few decades ago, fashion has graduated and elevated its take on plaid. 90s trends, especially plaid, have always made their way back into our closets. But fall 2018 runways have taken the timeless plaid pattern and woven it into newer, more modern clothing. We absolutely love incorporating plaids into our fall outfits by mixing different patterns, prints, pattern sizes and stripes. Some tend to shy away when it comes to mixing and matching prints, but styling plaids and other fall patterns can be easy with the right colors, textures and fabrics. Plaid can be worn unexpectedly and paired in completely new, stylish ways. For a bold look, try pairing patterned pants with a different-patterned blazer or shirt. We paired two separate plaid patterns together and tied the outfit together by knotting the blazer in the front. For that perfect fall touch, add a richly colored lace-up boot or a bold earring. But don’t be afraid to venture away from plaid. We mixed maroon colored pants with a gorgeous burnt orange plaid print topped with a colorful, floral high-neck blouse. Play with your accessories. We added a pop of emerald green for her earrings to play with fall-themed colors and draw attention to the face. Not every look has to be bright and bold. We love a more edgy and sophisticated look with darker fall tones. For an unexpectedly dressed up look, style a capped sleeve dress with a deep blue plaid under an oversized red flannel jacket. This outfit is transitional for any occasion and has potential for a complete switch-up of silhouettes. If neutrals are more your style, try a neutral toned plaid two-piece matching set. Give the pants some texture with a ruffled bottom and use dark accessories like buttons to draw attention to the top. To add more patterns, pair the outfit with a plaid fitted jacket. If you’re missing some color, add a chic pink pointed toe heel or a statement emerald circular handbag. Of course, we can’t forget about an unconventional look. We took a gingham dress and layered it with a grey plaid skirt on top to mix and layer. Then we added a trendy belt and classy plaid pointed heels to give the look some dimension. Finally, let’s talk about shoes. Nothing can make or break an outfit like a shoe choice, so try an over-the-knee plaid boot with a navy plaid romper. This look is the perfect mix of classy and sexy.

CASTING Caroline Semler MAKEUP Melissa Nichols PHOTOGRAPHER Sara Seryani STYLED BY Mackenzie McDonell

men’s fashion

WRITER Molly Harmon

In most bustling cities, it is fairly easy to find a place that sells fake designer handbags, wallets, shoes, you name it. Other times, you can find stores that sell looks that mimic the runway. While some shoppers bear no guilt while flaunting nearly identical remakes, others feel discomfort with this niche of the fashion world. They want to flaunt outfits that resemble those on the runway but worry about the fine line between “knock off” and mirroring popular fashion week trends. Marketable fashion companies are often criticized for ripping off major fashion houses with nearly identical designs at a more affordable price. They understand their audience. These buyers love fashion but, like most of the public, can’t buy a gorgeous designer coat for thousands of dollars. This should not be a purchase worthy of shame when it comes to the consumer. However, it may leave a sour taste in the mouth of the artists who worked months to produce their lines. Because of this, multiple media platforms and magazines often produce pieces with the average spending budget in mind to respect artists. VIM is doing the same. This creative project takes the idea of inspiration on more of an imaginative route. Yes, all the clothes used in these photos cost drastically less than anything Gucci has to offer, but the message is more so for the individual. Every person perceives life and the purpose of fashion differently from the person in front of them in line at the grocery store, or even the next person to read this article. How can you become inspired and “werk” Harry Styles’ Gucci ensembles without copying them color-by-color, seam-by-seam? This shoot highlights important concepts in the recent Gucci campaign starring Harry Styles without copying the brand. Capturing the essence of Gucci is no small feat, especially when Hollywood’s pride and joy graces those glossy pages. Styles, known for being bold, challenges what is expected of men’s fashion. This makes him the perfect symbol for men who want to wear pieces that resemble their personal aesthetic. To achieve this goal, you must analyze Gucci’s trends and how they appeal to their audience: gaudy accessories, mixed prints, embroidery and gorgeous pops of color. Without at least a couple of those featured styles, the shoot would not evoke that look of royalty and eccentricity achieved in the campaign. After identifying what details set the shoot apart, use your own vision for an outfit that mixes personal style with your favorite elements of a brand. This shoot includes chunky turquoise jewelry, retro and funky clothing and other vintage aesthetics that combat the brand new, off-therunway look. Imitation? I blocked her on Instagram five months ago!

i w i

inspiration without imitation

CASTING Abigail Rothe PHOTOGRAPHER Sadie Layher STYLED BY Molly Harmon

neon neon neon neon neon


PHOTOGRAPHER Mikayla Reighly STYLED BY Hanna Darnell MAKEUP Hannah Kutchinski

health and beauty health and beauty health and beauty



skin is in

We’re all doting over flawless, glow comes to achieving it — protection

As the seasons change and the sun This mentality of only using SPF i to our skin.

Be honest with yourself. How often I can skip the sunscreen.” That sim

When it comes to protecting our s violet (UV) rays that can cause sun

Our skin is our largest organ, and l best way to protect our skin is by a tines.

By using a broad spectrum SPF, yo your skin. Dermatologists suggest t

According to Coola Sun Care, a sk the dermis, and can cause prematu

We are exposed to UV rays every d clouds and glass, meaning that the East Lansing.

There are so many products with S Chances are the products you alrea

Many brands sell foundations, pow enough to protect your skin. The b SPF of 15 or more.

Application is a very important ste When applying, make sure to use a and let it soak into your skin befor

Lip balm with SPF is another grea lips from harmful rays but also mo

The key to obtaining that glowing, role in keeping your skin looking b

Challenge yourself to incorporate a day moisturizer for one with an SP

WRITER Jessica Hanna

wing skin, but the fact of the matter is, many of us skip the most important step when it n.

n begins to fade, people tend to think less and less about SPF, or sun protection factor. in the summer when we’re lying on the beach and trying to get a tan can be devastating

n do you apply SPF? I certainly am guilty of thinking “I won’t even be in the sun today. mply isn’t the case.

skin, we can’t be lazy or forgetful. SPF is meant to protect our skin from harmful ultranburn, skin damage and conditions as serious as skin cancer.

like anything else in our bodies, we have to make sure that we care for it properly. The applying a broad spectrum SPF in the morning and including SPF in our daily rou-

ou are blocking both ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) rays from damaging the use of an SPF of 30 or higher on a daily basis.

kincare and cosmetic brand, long wave UVA rays penetrate into the skin’s deepest layer, ure aging and wrinkles, while short wave UVB rays burn the top layer of your skin.

day whether we know it or not. According to Curology, UVA rays can penetrate through ey’re affecting our skin on our cloudy walks to class as well as on our drives to and from

SPF in them, it’s almost impossible not to incorporate them into your daily routine. ady have in your collection have a SPF of 15 or higher.

wders, concealers and serums with SPF in them, but wearing these products is not best way to shield your face from UV rays is to use a moisturizer with a broad spectrum

ep. If not done correctly, the SPF’s protective qualities may not work. a teaspoon size amount on your face, neck and ears. You want to apply a thin, even coat re putting any makeup on your face.

at product to incorporate into your daily routine. This will help to not only guard your oisturize them and keep them from getting chapped.

, radiant skin is really just to keep your skin fresh, clean and healthy. SPF plays a major beautiful and vibrant.

an SPF of 15 or higher into your daily routine. It’s as easy as switching out your everyPF. We promise that it’ll be worth it in the long run.

CASTING Caroline Semler PHOTOGRAPHER Shelby Burnett

creative beauty

MAKEUP Hannah Kutchinski & Sakina Abedi PHOTOGRAPHER Annie Sullivan CASTING Caroline Semler




ur vote


PHOTOGRAPHER Sadie Layher MAKEUP Morgan Lynch CASTING Abigail Rothe

WRITER Katie Kalass & Charlotte Beers

In an era of political controversy, how do we navigate the polls as young voters? Will our voices be heard? The answers to these questions are quite simple. We’re here to tell you that your vote matters, and it is time to get involved. The power of the young adult’s vote carriesText more weight now than ever, but how significant is an individual’s impact? How vast is the scope of this single impact? To give you an idea, in 2016, millennials made up nearly 50 percent of the voting population. In an election that was won by a mere 10,000 votes in Michigan, it really shows how every vote is valuable and every vote counts, including yours. In order to make a change, we must connect with politics early on. Hearing the word “politics” can seem overwhelming, but with a little research and education, navigating the world of policy becomes much easier. It is important to know who represents you and what policies affect you. You may not care now, but will you care in four years? Think about the future Legislation directly impacts our daily lives, even though we may not see it. We have the power to determine our fate starting with who we vote for. The votes we make now have the capability to inspire change. Many young people express frustration with our governmental system but choose not to vote. How can we expect to make a change if we don’t try to be heard? The first step is to vote. A single vote can impact an entire election, and actions speak louder than words. With a world transforming everyday through technological advancements, staying informed about politics is easier than ever. As different proposals are constantly introduced in our state government, it can be complex to navigate all of the information. However, we’ve lined up some materials to make your search a bit easier. Visit to navigate through bills, hearing committees, laws, legislators and more. After looking through legislation, find your state senator and representative. You can use sites such as to find your senator and to find your representative. Once you know their names, you can also research their independent sites. These sites list their stances on popular issues and include information about policies and initiatives that impact our futures immensely. Familiarize yourself with representatives’ values, goals and policies. It is important to know your representatives because they make decisions that directly impact you. No matter where you’re from or what your future may entail, your vote is important. Young adults have the numbers and power to enact the change they want to see in this country. Take the time to become informed so that you can make the best decision for yourself on the ballot. There’s no better time to get involved than right now. For more information on registering to vote in upcoming elections, please visit register-to-vote.

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