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Hard On For Poetry Handcuff Your Dream D.I.Y Death of the Midnight Sun Little Mermaid Transcendent Initiation Northern Indigo Blue Eyes of Beauty Spirits Shout Poems When the Dark Hunts In the Night Black Psychedelic Soul Mole Deep Hole Nietzsche Sweet Suicidal Soul In the Embrace of New Morning Euphoric Morning Tale of Desperation Hit the Flow Eternal Mystique water Melancholic Dark Angel Poetic Color TV Monk on Ecstasy Embrace the Morning I Am/I Was Blood Red Night Lyrics Godspeed Viva Viagra Lick Them Up Like lover There's a Light That Never Dies Ego Twists the Twilight Silent Night The Serpent Seed

Vilmar Pedersen


Contrast Of The Twilight


Vilmar Pedersen


Hard On For Poetry

Still have hard on for poetry. Still get thrilled drooling between the thighs, for the words to come out. Don't care, don't care if the public doesn't like the smell nor the words at the same time wondering why the Dane gets jealous and walks into the room of democracy and closes the door of reality, dims the light of time as she falls into the facial book of illusion. Is she counting "How many cool friends do I have?" While wondering if it's all about being cool and hype? Wondering as the world of penny is burning up in flames. By the elite clan. Of empowered fear and immoral greed. At the meantime dear Mr. Charles Bukowski I want you to know that you're a good enough postman pat just like me in the post office. Because when all comes to all the smell of normality is just like a virgin it's just like the handcuffed dream slavery and it smells even more, bitter. Without the smell we could have been so cool and so hyped and even got out of our closet disease, got out of their stupidity, vanity and married with

simplicity by the children, house and a car currency. We could as well had been a blind date affair from the social book making love in our wildest dreams in a corrupted hopeless night in a cheap, cheat, bonus supermarket as two John Does. Instead we just have to accept that we are bums and you are just a so called " poet friend" of mine reading up on Myspace as I observe "The soldier, his wife and the bum" So I can keep on looking cool and hyped twirling in the echo's of my existence in my bled out hearted country but still with a hard on for poetry.

Handcuff Your Dream Bury your truth for another mans lie. Break up your beat with a metal bone. Dig up your dirt from deep within. Dig up your dirt from your death. Shuffle down the handcuffed victim. Sell the shamans dream for crucified truth of knowing. Sell the shamans dream. Sell the visions dream for a new bonus in the supermarket. Put up your smile for the "important people". Change into something you don’t belong to. Fake yourself be as fake as possible. You will gain their respect and a bonus happy smile. Smile that is bought by oppressor’s elite will. Be as fake as a doll. Sell the shamans dream. Express their art. Express their words for grateful respect. Fake it as possible. Be a fake and sell your vision.

Sell your sight, sell your voice for deluded night. Be spiritless soda be a pussy doll. Be fake as a puppy for respect, for something new. Cause you need to transform, to fit in. For your money for respect, so you can smile a happy smile again, but under their will and power. Don't forget to go as low as you can. by faking it as possible. Sell your dream. Sell, sell, sell! Sell your shamans dream, to buy a spiritless soda. Go with the markets flow and sell your heart where the brain matters over heart. Crawl like a baby! Crawl like a baby cause you're a sinner like me. Crawl cause your death might await you. Sell, sell, sell, in this capitalistic hell. Shuffle yourself for money. Shuffle yourself for importance. Shuffle yourself for the corporation whore. Sell your shamans dream! You're an Indian with a fashionable Mohawk. So tear out your Shamans heart and let it bleed! You’re a machine head crippled in your thoughts.

So handcuff your dream and arrest it like a criminal!

D.I.Y Death killed me. Bought Diesel glasses, Diesel jeans, a fancy sport car and hit on glamorous girls. Became so dull and fake as possible of normality. But I resign, I quit! Cause I'm too cool to be cool. So I'm just me to be me. But it isn't me 'cause I am the drunk, I am the bum and I'm fine and best at it. I asked my ancestors: "What has become of us?" It was in me dream, in my thought, in my nightmare, in my head. It has destroyed the best minds like Mr. Ginsberg said. But in the world of Capitalism where there are no limits of greed, for money and fame and all about popularity for the normality. What has become of art? Is art dead?! Killed by money and wealth? Well we will all get fucked by the industrial machine regime; so why try and do it yourself? I say do it yourself!

Spirits Shout The spirits shout filling up the night. Crying children raped by the market. Sold out future by loan sharks, shaking the wall street down. All cheated by the political correct law. Sold by the dealer’s vision. The aluminum modern man is shaking. Prosecuted by pollution, the death of man. Playing with the last breath of life, that still lingers on by holding, humanity in prison, in the palm of their hand. By the very few with all the power. and the one finger press button decision. Their evil imperialistic nuclear government. In a world where poverty means nothing, now when their wealth is less the almighty is pulling humanity down to it's knees.

Death of the Midnight Sun Nietzsche you told me; my dream is dead. Lennon you told me; all you need is love. Where Ozzy you told me; the leaf is sweat, as beat. But bible you told me; that I should be a saint. And Dylan you taught me; that I should fight and write for social justice rights. But I wonder, yes I wonder if the midnight sun is dead? I'm not a bible preacher, I'm not a teacher, but I'm a hanging down preacher, hanged by my words. So I keep shutting up my eyes as I wonder the death. Yes I keep shutting up the words of anger while I banger the eye lids of the sun. And yes its red it's not dead, yes it's pounding yet. And I keep wondering through the thoughts in a hurricane as I sleep the day of death. Of the rising fist in the air as I wonder 'bout you Nietzsche, as I wonder 'bout you Bob. Teach the justice the rule

'bout knitting Icelandic sweater of wool. Like an old "Pollyanna" of death. As I scream the blood of pain from my ancestors slavery all in capitalistic vain. While they tell me to keep the faith, to keep the torch, and don't let it burn up our independence heathen cross. Don't let it burn up our freedom! So I wonder if the dead day, will collide. And the wax of our greed, our modern human need. What will it bring to our funeral at last?! Maybe a black song so I breathe my breath? As I wonder through the air as I kick through the pain of my disease of my damned while the Adams apple chokes. Will I choke; will I choke on the apple of my need, my human greed?! Diseased by the need of my craving body my anti social disgrace? As I flee on the wings of death my breath I breathe. Yes I wonder, I don't ponder. But I exploit when the sun will shine the red the death of the day I fear. I lift my skinny fist up and back down as a human, As altering my existence,

yes it alters by my need, my beat, my feet, my human of seed. Let it wonder, yes let it wonder, teach the lesson like a Dylan of righteous truth. The youth is on fire the babies are all wired. Let the microphone scream of anger. Let the microphone scream the pain, as I wonder. Yes I wonder as we common to the faith, to the truth of time, when the bells shake their fear. Yes they shiver down its fate as we wonder. Yes we wonder, so common to chapter two. Of the rising new born star of the light, the sight the new human seed, the beat, it leaks, down my limping living death my breath, I breathe. Through my heathen dark side as I take the horn. I put it back on my head cause we're human its true, man its blue, man of faith so common take the heat, take the beat, to the score, there's no whore. Let her free, let her be, she's like me, as we wonder through our need, the beat, the seed, of the day of death. So common let it beat, take the heat, from your seed, let it rhyme its sublime, an ink bla, bla, through the day, bla, bla.

All through the night, bla, bla, it's on fire like bleeding wire. Scream the beat, let me meet, the red sun of death of howling bleep. So common, as we wander as we bleep; more, more! The pain is howling more, I want more, more, more! In the heat there's no bleep; I want more, more, more! I want more!

Little Mermaid She is like mermaid, painted green. Deep down in the bottom of the sea. Caught entangled in ropes of a fishing net. On the surface her alter ego wants to swim. Wherever she goes she listens to the birds with the voices of silk; longing for freedom. But she is still struggling with her thoughts: “I have to make it!” - “Yes I will!” Those words brim like huge waves, in her little mind. Because she wants to become a queen. So she jumps through them all, like a dolphin. The dolphins follow her example. Decorated by the sea, by the promise, of the dolphins,

created by the lovely mother earth. Designed by: we all need you written: by the needle. Wearing the feathers of the birds in the cold, feathered weather; She has been crowned. With a crown of sea-stones, in all kind of colors. Glittering, through her brown hair. Finally she has made it to the beach, from the bottom, through the tide. She burst through the bubbles. She broke the ice with needle. She swam through the waves. And now she is walking with her reward, the glittering stones and diamonds of the deep blue sea. Northern Indigo Blue Eyes of Beauty Your northern indigo eyes are so overwhelmingly intriguing. Expressing your seeking profound soul. Where I become so dreamy exploring your wonders within, in your labyrinth treasures.

That I‘m about to faint. They are so much more then limited living stones, as they were formatted with a divine indigo within it. But back in the beginning when there was only the word. When the book of life had just been written. Way back in time when nobody had eaten mother earth, digested it and casted it into the firing flaming ozone. But on this trip your northern indigo eyes have told me, that in the beginning there was the word. But now, still in its presence. Many books later, when those words are written, all through me. Your depth within is not only intriguing and inspiring on this mysterious sunny morning of chaos. This very morning and every other new mornings are renewed and reestablished. While the most of us little earthlings are spending all our time on arguing, about the energy within money and power. But meanwhile we are neglecting the real purpose of our eyes. But now those deep indigo blue eyes of beauty of yours have told me. That in the end of this trip

within your indigo soul, it’s all about love.

From the oh so high and all the way to the end of the holy of being. He got so high up, that he walked all through the rabbit hole. All the way to the golden gate of the long dimmed silent hall. But then it suddenly arrived, and filled up all the hall in it’s profound all being, all knowing and all seeing. And said: “Put him on the scales and measure his deeds, virtues, and all his rights and wrongs in his 33 years of living with every second included.� His long forgotten, sunken, truth about his sequenced existence of 33 years of living. The truth got all summed up with every per second on the scales of justice. Up there in the sky above the grey clouds before thee the unknown phenomenal power behind the table. From the very first moment of birth of being. All throughout the time of the every sacred being.

In the presence of the exactly now! There is no way, without the only way out. That is and ever has been, exactly now! Within those seconds, those words that are written exactly now. But there was the all being was all in the palm of the all knowing. Wherein all the words, sentences, silver lined up metaphors of poetry and philosophy from our history. Where all the beautiful sound is created in this universe. The powerful of all in all sat there with the stars in its palm and all the words in the other. Then it vanished all from the consciousness with a sudden super thunder of the truth. With those words constantly repeating itself in a loop floating like a submarine on the sea of the consciousness. “Clean up, clean up, clean up! Clean up and you will succeed. Or you will bleed!�

Transcendent Initiation O, Fathers of the ancient feathers Show me a sign in the new moon. During the contrast of the twilight; I will kneel and obey the demands before thee three wise men of Magi. By the eagle I will enter led by the sound. Of the rhythm of the wings and the wisdom of the songs. O, I hail to you three wise men of Magi O, three wise Magi’s of the wisdom Fly me, to the peaks of the heavens; So, I'll complete before the next life; embraced by the ecstasy of the enlightened initiation. O, I Hail to you three wise men of Magi; So, I'll exit the heathen island of ice and fire. O, I Hail to you three wise men of Magi; So, I'll enter the land of the holy initiated wisdom. O, I hail to you three wise men of Magi; So, I'll enter the peaks of the holy Machu Picchu. O, I hail to you three wise men of Magi; So, I'll become transcendentally one within thee wise initiated men of Magi. By the eagle I will enter, led by thee wise. Through the tunnel of the light by the wisdom of the Magi’s flight. Enter the light to the other side.


Black Psychedelic Soul Flowing high, in the world of existence. Lend your soul, to the psychedelic sentence. Pop up into flames of perception. Walk through the door reach the subconscious entrance. Feel the sentence, touch the essence. Dig your poetic soul dig your poetic heart. Dig your poetic walk through the black psychedelic soul.

Nietzsche Rolling eyes in black abnormal confusion. Nietzsche is sending goofy smile, with dead twist. Drilling his nose with pen, while watching the stars drop down and bleed. Dropping word from the psychedelic twilight world. Elvis and all the starry, starry friends, I'm alive and well!

Monk on Ecstasy

Like a monk on ecstasy, the eyes wander between the full bookshelf. In a search of an unwritten word.

Embrace the Morning

Awoke embraced in a new morning. Dreamt now, today, I have started a new life, sequenced in moments forever.

When the Dark Hunts In the Night

When you disappeared tonight through the tunnel of death. The stars shone their light, in the night. Embraced you with light, in your sudden death. Passed you over and gave you to the gods. When the dark hunts me in the night, whisper to me where to go. Please whisper to me where to go!

Mole Deep Hole

Pink wild rabbit jumping in a jolly good feeling of yellow absurd happiness in my head. Digging the shivering positive vibes of life as a mole deep in my garden hole. Though you dig a hole in my head. You're not welcome to in it dwell forever. It's my hole, my ancient deepest hole.

Poetic Color TV When words paint beauty there is no need for the old simple black and white mood.

Sweet Suicidal Soul Can you hear? the beat whisper so dim and so quite while in it's lows. In the deepest ancestral thoughts can you feel? the uprising hope from the ancient sun in your labyrinth mind? Where the fresh new future awaits you, in it's profound essence. Smoothly and silently pounding. Wait! Someone’s knocking on your door, to let the light in. So please listen to the calms of silence of the sacred hope, in the night. Wait! Please don't leave! (Twirling from the sounds of echo) Our time will surely come, sweet suicidal soul!

In the Embrace of New Morning In the embrace of new morning. Seize the moment of higher learning. That the day is holy in its presence. A repeated start of your life. While the seconds beat like a drum in its essence. Treasure your life of being as gold.

Blood Red Night Bloody black raw skeleton scratch my skull scratch my soul inspire me in the blood red night!

Euphoric Morning On a euphoric foggy morning. A nostalgic sweet tender feeling, crossed my entrance. Of you my dear three sisters. About those good old times when we used to play.

Hit the Flow

Pick up a bow shoot the arrow hit the flow in a certain row on this sheet you feel my heart beat bum bum bum.

Eternal Mystique Water With dreamy eyes I jump on board into the other dimension. I let go of all logic taught in this world. And drift with inner emotion to the stars above, all those grey scaling clouds. The stars that never stop coloring the shape, in its sequenced continuity. Until they drop themselves like a nuclear bomb. Into the seven seas of eternal mystique water.

Melancholic Dark Angel Melancholic angel came by purified nest. Poured flaming fire on defeated poisoned path. With dirty wings and deeds filled the heart with hate. The damage done for good won't forever be replaced. Created by illusion illuminating lies. Cheated with delusion now, victim justifies.

Tale of Desperation Desperation of drowning man the ship was deep down sunken. Higher power full of grace dragged it up from drunken. Pulled it up from anchored lust pulled it up from sins and dust. From solitude to immortal grace saved it from drowning hazard haze.

I am/I was I am an imagined voice from the moon light. Reflect myself in the window of the mind. Today, I am will power that has fled the darkness the temple of numbness. Today, I am a poem appearing from the disappearance of the shadow. I was a lost shadow of myself, a spirit from the pipe that sought the ashtray. Down to the beach where the coffin laid in the wet grass. Where I caught cold birds and rumbled down stones of imaginary. Out of my mind, in another mind, on another path. Today I have said goodbye to you, I was. Because I am, today without the shadow.


Godspeed Stick it up where the sun don’t shine I don’t give a fuck about the shit they say! If you got a minute I will give you a light Stick it up, light it up, let’s have a good time! They say I ain´t got soul Godspeed and Rock 'n' Roll! Keep it up; don’t let them put you down Don’t you wait for the second round! Come on everybody play my Rock 'n' Roll Keep it up, stick it up and have a good time! They say I ain´t got soul Godspeed and Rock 'n' Roll! When I’m cruising through the night I get the feeling I am just all right I see the girls walking by my side On a crazy Saturday night My music blasting the radio Razor blade stereo A black dog on the road God’s dice rolling tonight I don’t care about what they say! I don’t care about what they say! I don’t care about anything! Godspeed and Rock 'n' Roll! Godspeed and Rock 'n' Roll! The Serpent Seed The chaos from a clustered mind

clicks the beat in the brain. Crawls in circles searching for a bone to feed the monster of the howling pain. The one who empowers a pointless game loads up dark by drinking the void. Enslaves the serpent seed, to the drain drinks up death and salutes the fall!

Viva Viagra When my nature stopped still have memories. About a special girl lying naked, shaved. I have tried so hard keep up, my ability. I won't give up now to try, to keep him up. I won't quit right now, because I found a cure for this. Thanks to you science "the pill" You made me stand up again. I will curse no more, my dick now I can buy me a whore And the sun will rise again I'm in oblivion. Get up, get up, get up, get up. Stand up, stand up, stand up, stand up. Up, up, up, up, up, up, up now! Viva Viagra! Viva Viagra! Viva Viagra!

Lick Them Up Like Lover Can see the devil in your eyes, judging like a hypocrite. Knowing all your wish is, greed, gain, bulge like a pig. I hope that death is your fate as I lean back on your door. Watching you slowly suffer! With a phony smile you play, and pretend. Because you’re so pretentious! Now you better hold on to the phonies in your team. When all that awaits you is, sweat, burn, slow curse. You don’t seem to get what you want, fortune and fame. Lick them up, like a lover! With a phony smile you play, and pretend. Because you’re so pretentious!

There’s Light That Never Dies God created Mary Mary had a son an angel spoke into her said he's the Chosen One. Jesus, Jesus Christ He's my, chosen one. Jesus gave salvation forgave us on the cross created hope for people for me, for you, for us. Jesus, Jesus Christ He's my, chosen one. Jesus resurrected gave us eternal life by the Holy Spirit we can become One. Jesus, Jesus Christ He's my, chosen one. In the name of Jesus and our Holy One God wants everybody will bless us all, Amen. There's a light that never dies.

Silent Night

Silent night, lovely day unifies the beauty of a broken sound. Memory, distant place still recall the silence on a perfect valentine. Clearing sky, appearing light shining sparkling wonders of a silent moon. Candle light, fading out ecstatic lovers on a sleepless perfect valentine.

Handcuff Your Dream  

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Handcuff Your Dream  

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