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Allium caeruleum



Welcome to the autumn issue of villi niitty magazine! It´s time to endulge your great love affair with spring flowering bulbs. Order now and secure a colourful wake-up party for next spring. It´s so easy to enjoy yourself and plan ahead planting next springs beauties... Fill your garden with gorgeous bulbs! After the succesful Tulppaanien lumo exhibition at the botanical garden in Helsinki, we were inspired by all enthusiastic visitors, thank you so much for the support! During the flower show we got requests for many special bulbs and as a result of this we are now offering a wider selection of lovely spring flowering bulbs that are easily grown in Finland. Finally the extraordinary late flowering Tulipa sprengeri, is available to order! So the exciting journey on the trail of special bulbs continues. You are most welcome to place your bulb order with us. Hope to see you at the next Tulppaanien lumo flower show in march 2011!

Else & Vesa Leivo

P.S. Put a note in your diary to visit Annala autumn market on thursday the 9th of september, see you there! D.S.




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Black Hero

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Nectaroscordum siculum

This is a flower that grows on you. Its bellformed flowers range in shades of green, purple and pinkish white and sits on a tall stem. You buy it as a bulb and plant it in the autumn. Has an extra bonus, besides being wonderful, of flowering for a long period beginning in the end of May and also gets decorative seedheads. Excellent as a cut flower and thrives in well drained soil. Full sun or some shade. Height: 90-120 cm

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59 eur

59 eur

Traditional border spade and border fork. A must for every gardener and a very good investment! Solid forged with a wooden YD-handle. Designed by Alan Titchmarsh and made in Great Britain by Bulldog tools.

r u o y t ! w ge o n n ow 6

Vadstena. Sweden


Echinaceae purpurea ´Green Envy´

Geranium phaeum Geum coccineum 'Borisii'

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Ranunculus acris 'Flore Pleno' 9

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Digitalis purpurea

Dianthus barbatus


Echinaceae angustifolium


Bulb merchants villi niitty proudly presents gorgeous bulbs for 2010/2011


hello! gone out for some more bulbs ...back in five! 13

New selection of !r fav!"te bulbs!


Allium atropurpureum Viinilaukka Hinta: 7 kpl/5,04 eur

Allium caeruleum Sinilaukka Hinta: 25 kpl/7,50 eur

Crocus chrysanthus `Blue Pearl´ Hinta: 14 kpl/3,53 eur


Crocus chrysanthus `Prins Claus´ Hinta: 14 kpl/3,53 eur

Crocus chrysanthus `Snow Bunting´ Hinta: 14 kpl/3,53 eur

Fritillaria acmopetala Anatolianpikarililja Hinta: 7 kpl/7,06 eur


Fritillaria meleagris Kirjopikarililja Hinta: 25 kpl/8,07 eur

Fritillaria meleagris `Alba´ Hinta: 7 kpl/6,05 eur

Fritillaria michailowskyi Keltareunapikarililja Hinta: 7 kpl / 6,55 eur


Fritillaria Persica Persianpikarililja v. 1573 Hinta: 6,25 eur/kpl

Fritillaria pontica Hinta: 7 kpl/6,05 eur

Galanthus nivalis Puistolumikello Hinta: 7 kpl/5,55 eur


Galanthus nivalis `Flore Pleno´ Kerrottu puistolumikello Hinta: 7 kpl/8,07 eur

Galanthus nivalis `Viridapice´ Valkoinen & vihreä pilkku puistolumikello Hinta: 2,52 eur/kpl

Hyacinthoides non-scripta Englanninsinilija Hinta: 7 kpl/3,53 eur


Iris `Halkis´ Hinta: 7 kpl/5,04 eur

Iris `Katharine Hodgkin´ Hinta: 7 kpl/3,53 eur

Iris `Purple Gem´ Hinta: 7 kpl/3,53 eur


Muscari latifolium Isohelmililja Hinta: 14 kpl/3,53 eur

Muscari `Valerie Finnis´ Hinta: 7 kpl /3,53 eur

Nectaroscordum siculum ssp. bulgaricum Hajulaukka Hinta: 7 kpl/5,04 eur


Tulipa `Black Hero´ Kerrottu myöhäinen Hinta: 10 kpl/9,60 eur

Tulipa `Spring Green´ Viridiflora Hinta: 10 kpl/9,60 eur

Tulipa `White Triumphator´ Liljakukkainen Hinta: 10 kpl/9,60 eur



Bulb planter

29,24 eur



Bruschetta med getost och krikon 4 portioner En sötsalt förrätt som funkar bra med en mild getost eller en god brie. 4 skivor vitt lantbröd olivolja 100 g getost 8 krikon flingsalt 1. Rosta brödskivorna lätt i brödrost eller i ugn. Ringla över lite olivolja. 2.Skiva osten och fördela den över brödskivorna. Dela plommonen, kärna ur dem och skär dem i små klyftor. Lägg plommonklyftorna ovanpå osten. 3.Grädda i övre delen av ugnen 225 grader i ca 10 minuter tills osten börjar bli gyllenbrun. Låt svalna någon minut, strö över lite flingsalt och servera!


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