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The future of waste disposal systems

The future of waste disposal systems







Creating innovations, from good to better, providing customized, individual and ­comprehensive solutions. What began with the idea of a tin press in the garage at home, found its continuation time and again with new innovations in the years ahead. Contributing to this, for example, was the first underground disposal system, the Sub-Vil System, which could be presented to the astonished experts in 1991. These were and still are the many innovations “Made in Switzerland”, which have made the Villiger Entsorgungssysteme AG the absolute pioneer and quality brand in the industry. In Switzerland and throughout Europe. The Villiger Entsorgungssysteme AG is an owner-operated family business and currently employs around 60 highly motivated employees. The production site CH-5647 Oberrüti was acquired in1991 and extended in 2012 with a second, modern factory building. The Villiger Entsorgungssysteme AG has its own engineering department that can also implement special-purpose solutions for you. With the new production plant the company is able to manufacture all production stages on the premises. Villiger guarantees you first-class quality “Made in Switzerland”. Pioneering spirit, commitment and the will to always be one step ahead with more innovations shape the present and the future of the Villiger Entsorgungssysteme AG. We look forward to getting to know you and are eager to know how we can solve your disposal problems.

Paul Villiger CEO


Waste disposal system Sub-Vil with Lugano throw-in column

Clean appearance thanks to retractable container in the ground


Sub-Vil: The elegant underground system

Profile Clean appearance Collection volume: 3-5 m続

The Sub-Vil underground system proven a thousand times over offers the possibility of integrating the waste concept into the environment and of making

Very maintenance and user friendly Reduction of the emptying costs

this attractive. Furthermore, the user can dispose

Low odour and emission

of the waste around the clock. Overfilled containers

Suitable for collecting: Residual waste, glass, tins, plastic, paper/cardboard, PET, coffee capsules and batteries.

and uncontrolled build-up of waste are a thing of the past. Costs for the emptying trips can be reduced considerably thanks to the centralization of the collection sites. The pioneering underground waste disposal concept has proved itself extensively in municipalities and cities all across Europe. It is well on the way to replacing conventional waste disposal practices.

Sub-Vil waste disposal system with Lugano 120 throw-in columns


Sub-Vil underground system Sub-Vil waste disposal system with Lugano 120 throw-in columns


Arriving at the bottom The rubbish sacks are piled up at the roadside and the containers are standing on the pavement full to the brim. Our pioneering solution for this problem is the Sub-Vil underground system. The rubbish is thrown in through stylish columns and collected in underground containers. Thus, the rubbish arrives right at the bottom. It is no longer an eyesore, the pungent smell is reduced and it can be disposed of at any time.

Speed-Waste-Lifter crane system while emptying a Sub-Vil waste disposal system with BalĂŠro throw-in column


Lugano in Norway In the Norwegian market, the Lugano throw-in column enjoys a high level of acceptance. Thanks to its versatile and sturdy construction, it withstands even the most sever weather conditions easily, and with its simple design can be integrated perfectly into any environment. Already more than 2000 installed systems speak for themselves. Of those systems with Lugano underground containers, 80% have an electronic access system as well as a level measurement system that can be operated with solar panels independently of the electricity grid.

Sub-Vil waste disposal system with Lugano 115 throw-in columns


Building rewarding bridges Our aim is to develop innovative solutions together with the customer and to put our many years of acquired and proven expertise into practice at any time. Our high-quality products with an attractive design are proven in daily use and at a surprisingly affordable price. The positive dynamics of our business have enabled us to attain the market leadership of modern and contemporary disposal systems.

Sub-Vil waste disposal system with Lugano 65 Top throw-in columns


Clever collection concept - Better living environment With an aesthetic design, the underground collection points conquer historical places, inner cities and residential complexes. Architects and landscape planners are delighted to integrate these aesthetically functional waste disposal systems into their planning. The bring-and-dispose concept provides time-gaining benefits for citizens by enabling pleasant waste disposal at any time.

Sub-Vil waste disposal system with BalĂŠro throw-in column


Sub-Vil waste disposal system with Baléro throw-in column

Sub-Vil waste disposal system with Baléro throw-in column


Marino In addition to the standard throw-in columns for glass, tins and paper, the Marino throw-in column also offers a unique safety system with a drum or double-barrelled drum that denies non-authorized persons access to the collection container. Compatibility with all conventional emptying systems is assured with the Marino throw-in column.

Sub-Vil waste disposal system with Marino throw-in column

Vilaro With its extra large throw-in opening (up to 110l), the Vilaro throw-in column provides a high degree of comfort for the collection of residual waste sacks. The column can be used for collecting all kinds of recyclable materials and provides an access system and weighing system that enables individual billing. Sub-Vil waste disposal system with Vilaro throw-in column


Terrano The Terrano throw-in column offers a compact and sleek design. The high grade outer sheath is available in electropolished chromium steel or painted steel. The Terrano column is particularly suitable for the collection of glass, paper, PET and tins and can be fitted with all conventional emptying systems.

Sub-Vil waste disposal system with Terrano throw-in columns


Rotondo The Rotondo underground waste disposal system is a modified version of the Sub-Vil system. The difference lies within the round pavement platform and round containers. The Rotondo can be combined in versatile ways and used for all kinds of disposal tasks thanks to the flexible modular system.

Rotondo waste disposal system with BalĂŠro throw-in column

Caslano The Caslano column offers multiple application possibilities for a variety of electronic systems. It can be fitted with the complete Vident system (incl. solar panel) and is suitable for Lift-o-Mat and Swing-o-Mat. In addition, the column has a large throw-in opening with a stainless chrome steel lid. Swing-o-Mat waste disposal system with Caslano throw-in column


Arriving at the top


The Securomat safety platform seals the concrete

Seals the concrete pit automatically once the container is removed.

pit automatically while the container is being

Permanently installed, complete unit

emptied and ensures the highest level of safety

With counterweights made from concrete or steel

during the emptying process.

Max. load-bearing capacity 170kg

Securomat safety platform after removal of the container


Swing-o-Mat waste disposal system with Caslano throw-in column

Rubbish can now be disposed of so elegantly today


Swing-o-Mat: The easy-to-handle solution for refuse vehicles

Profile Tidy appearance

The Swing-o-Mat system is also suitable for smaller crane systems with less lifting power and height. Since the pavement platform can

Collection volume: 3-7 m続 Very maintenance and user friendly

be tilted, only the Big-Bag collection sack or

Reduction of emptying costs

steel container has to be lifted out from the

Easy-to-handle emptying







of the Swing-o-Mat, electronic installations, such as access and weighing systems, can be implemented.

Suitable for the collection of: residual waste, glass, tins, plastic, paper/cardboard, coffee capsules and batteries.

All kinds of recyclable materials can be collected with the Swing-o-Mat waste disposal system.

Swing-o-Mat waste disposal system with Caslano throw-in column


Cupola waste disposal system with mushroom system

The flexible all-rounder amongst the waste disposal systems


Cupola: The flexible all-rounder

Profile Collection volume: 3-6 m続

The Cupola semi-underground system impresses through a sturdy design and user-friendly disposal height. Thanks to the trouble-free operation, it is

Reduction of emptying costs Very maintenance and user friendly

particularly suitable for mountainous areas and winter

Very sturdy and robust

sports regions even in the case of large quantities of

Low odour and emission

snow. Cupola is suitable for all kinds of disposal tasks and is compatible with conventional emptying systems.

Suitable for the collection of: residual waste, glass, tins, plastic, paper/cardboard and PET

The modular system consists of a concrete element, a steel container or Big-Bag sack and a domed roof with throw-in slot.

Cupola waste disposal system with mushroom system


Lift-o-Mat waste disposal system with BalĂŠro throw-in column

Because there are more beautiful things to see than huge waste containers


Lift-o-Mat: The flexible system for the most confined spaces

Profile Clean and tidy appearance

The Lift-o-Mat system is the ideal solution for the most confined spaces. The existing 4-wheel

Collection volume: max. 5 containers each with a capacity of 1100 litres

containers can be placed elegantly underground

Very maintenance and user friendly

using a hydraulically-driven lift and emptied using a conventional emptying vehicle. Its Lift-o-Mat can be fitted with up to five throw-in columns.

Low odour Top optical solution for conventional waste containers Suitable for the collection of: residual and bio-waste, paper/cardboard, PET and textiles

Lift-o-Mat waste disposal system with BalĂŠro throw-in column


Lift-o-Mat waste disposal system with BalĂŠro throw-in column

Lift-o-Mat waste disposal system with BalĂŠro throw-in column


Lift-o-Mat waste disposal system with BalĂŠro throw-in column

Lift-o-Mat waste disposal system with BalĂŠro throw-in column


Quadromat waste disposal system opened for removing the press container

The the giant amongst the waste disposal systems


Quadromat: The giant

Profile Clean appearance for densely populated regions

With the Quadromat system, you can place a commercial press container with up to 20 m続 filling volume underground. With this impressive lift

Collection volume: 12-20 m続 press container Significant reduction of emptying costs

system, the costs and CO2 emission can be reduced

Very maintenance and user friendly

significantly for disposal trips by compressing

Low odour and emission

the waste in the press container. The Quadromat system is particularly suitable for larger residential

Suitable for the collection of: residual waste, paper/ cardboard

buildings as well as waste collection points.

Quadromat waste disposal system with Caslano throw-in column


Quadromat waste disposal system with Caslano throw-in column

Quadromat waste disposal system with Lugano throw-in column


Quadromat waste disposal system while changing the press container

Quadromat waste disposal system with BalĂŠro throw-in column


City-Line above ground waste disposal system with glass insertion panels

The time-tested classic in waste disposal


City-Line: The classic

Profile Modular system

The popular City-Line above ground system meets the diverse requirements of our customers. The containers can be placed modularly and allow efficient emptying.


a City-Line

container is versatile and can be used in all regions. All conventional emptying systems are compatible with the container.

Collection volume: 1.0-5.8m続 Class 1 sound insulation for glass containers Long product lifetime Galvanized or painted metal parts Suitable for the collection of: glass, tins, paper/cardboard, PET and textiles.

City-Line above ground waste disposal system with glass insertion panels


C-Modell: The Pioneer

Profile Sturdy and durable

The sturdy above ground C-Modell system can be placed modularly and allows efficient emptying. Furthermore, the C-Modell is versatile and can

Size: 1.5m3 to 4.6m3 Trouble-free emptying by means of half shell bottom

be used in all regions. All conventional emptying

High user and service friendliness

systems are compatible with the container.

Long product lifetime A wide range of designs available Compatible with Villiger tin press

C-Modell above ground waste disposal system with glass insertion panels


Industriecontainer: The flexible system for large filling volumes

Profile Sturdy and durable

The Industriecontainer is particularly suitable for the collection of building rubble and commercial waste. The system has an extremely sturdy design

Size: 2.5m3 to 5.8m3 Large throw-in openings

and impresses by a long product lifetime. All

Can be used as a trolley

conventional emptying systems are compatible with

Throw-in lid can be locked

the container.

Industriecontainer above ground waste disposal system with large throw-in flap


Installation of a concrete element for the Quadromat

Efficient and exact installation by our team


Mounting: A professional installation

Profile Professional installation by our own installation team

Our motivated and highly qualified team install your disposal station within a very short time and with great precision. Our modern vehicle fleet enables

Our own lorry with 85 metric ton crane Entire logistics from a single source

our team to place the preassembled systems

Direct delivery of pre-assembled systems

directly on site. Our own crane vehicle makes it

Qualified product training after installation

possible to carry out removal work even within confined spaces.

Moved Sub-Vil systems with BalĂŠro throw-in column


Moving concrete elements with our own 85 metric ton crane

Inserting a Sub-Vil system container with BalĂŠro throw-in column


Moving concrete elements with our own 85 metric ton crane

Inserted concrete element in prepared excavation pit with strip foundation


Cleaning a BalĂŠro throw-in column with high pressure cleaner

Long product lifetime thanks to professional maintenance


Services: All from one source

Profile Professional installation by our own installation team

Our installation and service team ensures that your disposal system is mounted, maintained and





Modern vehicle fleet Short intervention time and maintenance work

through to maintenance.

Annual system maintenance possible

Our modern vehicle fleet guarantees a short

Replacement parts for all conventional models are available at any time and deliverable at short notice

intervention time in the event of any possible repair or maintenance work. Replacement parts for all conventional models are available at any time. We will gladly advise you personally regarding your customized service package.

Our service vehicle with complete service trailer


Caslano throw-in column with Vident access system, weighing system as well as level measurement system

Even a collection point can be intelligent


Vident: Intelligent disposal management

Profile Access and weighing systems

The electronic Vident system allows you to design your disposal system intelligently. Different throwin columns can be fitted with access systems,

Level measurement Colour detection sensors

weighing systems, level measurement systems or

Management software

colour detection sensor systems.

Cost optimisation through efficient trip planning

Vident Basic access system We offer you a simple access system to protect your disposal station from other waste. With the Vident Basic access system, access to your disposal station can be regulated, managed and integrated into your building access system easily. A compact system that can be operated autonomously thanks to the integrated battery.

Vident access system The Vident access system is fitted with a modern terminal ensuring access control by means of a personalised RFID card. The system communicates online with a server so that the latest data is always available. Using Vident access system as a basis, additional options, such as a Vident weighing system or the Vident Coloris, can be integrated.


Vident weighing system A Vident weighing system is indispensable to ensure originator-oriented charging that is fair. After the user has logged on using the RFID card and thrown in his waste, it is weighed and assigned to the corresponding user/household automatically.

Vident Coloris The system can be operated in two ways: Volume detection: The Coloris system detects the volume of the refuse bags by means of a colour code. In conjunction with the Villiger access system it is possible to integrate originator-oriented charging without a weighing scale or volume limitation. Control function: The Coloris system checks whether the obligatory refuse bags of their municipality are used. If a wrong refuse bag is used, this is registered to the person concerned.

Solar energy To ensure independent power supply, we can provide a solar power system optimally aligned to the requirements and location.


Vident software The Vident software offers you a wide range of possibilities for optimally managing your collection point and users. For example, the planning of your disposal trips can be simplified considerably and thus reduce the costs for disposal trips as well. The level of the container is measured by a level sensor, and once the set level is reached, you receive a message. With the Vident software you can also control the level of the plant manually, generate evaluations and invoices as well as update and manage master data.

Process of the data transmission 1. Measurement

2. Data transmission

4. Selective emptying

3. Displaying the data


Speed-Waste-Lifter and Speed Gripper while emptying a Sub-Vil container

The way to maximum efficiency


The way to maximum efficiency: Speed-Waste-Lifter

Profile Automatic and semiautomatic emptying process

All our practical experience has been integrated uncompromisingly into the new crane system to enable the optimization potential of a rational

Crane type 1: Reach 2.5t / 7m - 1.7t / 10m Crane type 2: Reach 1.7t / 7m - 1.2t / 10m

container management system. The result is a crane

Significant timesaving of the emptying process

system that enables fast and automated processes

Reduction of operating costs

while additionally protecting the container and

Efficient and material-friendly operational sequences

increasing the general safety. The link for automating the container emptying process is the Speed-Waste-Lifter crane system. Underground containers are prevented from tilting thanks to the tower that runs in parallel to the container. Since the arm of the crane does not have to be retracted, the disposal time is reduced significantly. The disposal costs are reduced, the drivers’ nerves are spared and the risk of damage to the container and vehicle is reduced considerably.

The driver can calmly follow how the Speed-Waste-Lifter empties the disposal station


Speed-Waste-Lifter & Speed Gripper The way to maximum efficiency


Enjoy the benefits of this ingenious integrated system and empty all containers easily, safely and gently with the mushroom system.


C-Modell Cupola


Nowadays, drivers are subjected to continuous

Speed Gripper and removed the mushroom

stress. They have to struggle through constantly

post, moves back over the container of the lorry

increasing traffic, and when operating the crane,

automatically in order to empty the disposal station.

any minor mistakes can have a considerable impact.

When doing so, you can choose whether it should

Wouldn’t it be nice if the crane could take over some

be unloaded in the first, second or third areas of the

of the work?


We have made this possible with the Speed-

Thus, you can calmly control how the crane empties



the disposal station and then returns it back to its

way to the disposal station automatically or

place. In this way, drivers can save energy and gain

semiautomatically, depending on requirements,














Speed Gripper

Profile More safety by means of a locking mechanism

The Speed Gripper mounting device allows you to grip a mushroom mounting system on all commercial recycling containers up to a total

No twisting of the container thanks to clamping device Efficient and gentle operational sequences

weight of 3t. Thanks to the controlled gripping,

Compatible with all conventional crane systems

optimum power transmission as well as alignment

Short installation length of just 980mm

of the container is possible. They achieve an optimum level of safety and efficiency. The Speed Gripper can also be used with a conventional crane. In conjunction with the Speed-Waste-Lifter, they are perfectly coordinated with each other for utilising the potential from both systems in perfect synergy.

Mobile cleaning unit for Waste container

Profile Lorry with mounting for cleaning containers Outside and inside cleaning of the container within 6 minutes Outside cleaning with washing brushes Inside cleaning with high pressure telescopic jet Professional disposal of waste water

Waste container Washing chamber Washing brushes Telescopic jets for inside cleaning Tank for waste water (2500l) Tank with clean water (2500l) Control platform Machine room


Many of the component parts that we need for the disposal stations are manufactured in Oberr端ti

All process steps from a single source


Production: From the receipt of the order to the final stage of delivery

Steckbrief Express Service Lasern, Stanzen & Abkanten

From the development of the idea to the final product

200 Tonnen Blechlager

inspection, the Villiger Entsorgungssysteme AG can


offer you all process steps from a single source.


Our wealth of experience gathered over many years

Verzinken & Lackieren

as well as our expertise in the metalworking industry


gives us the opportunity to manufacture everything


under one roof. As a result, we are absolutely flexible concerning your requests and are able to fulfil these quickly, precisely and efficiently. This work is carried out directly in Oberr端ti:




A high level of flexibility, compliance with short




delivery times and the demand for the highest


quality standards together with high innovativeness

Galvanising CAD drawing

Developing mounting


are among our strengths.

We work with the high-quality TruMatic 6000 punch-laser machine



Profile Ongoing development of existing products

To ensure that we can continue to remain at the top level and offer our customers perfect solutions, we have our own in-house construction department. This enables us

Planning and implementation of new products Customer-specific adaptations

to respond to changes quickly and flexibly and to continue

Feasibility studies of a product

developing our existing products.

CAD drawing Checking and evaluating the technical drawing


Concrete production

Profile Fast response time in the case of short-term orders

To keep the delivery time of the ordered disposal stations as short as possible, we produce a large portion of the concrete elements directly in Oberr端ti. These products are then prepared ready for delivery. As a result, we are able to

Consistently high concrete quality Cost-effective production Custom adjustments possible

guarantee extremely short assembly times.


Closer to the customer with our own production



We mould trainees into masters


Apprenticeships: Giving the youth a future


Our company has been paying great attention to

We currently offer vacancies in the following professions:

vocational training for years. The Villiger Ent-

• Plant and equipment engineer (m/f) EFZ

sorgungssysteme AG can offer a total of eight young people a training vacancy in the following professions:

• Designer (m/f) EFZ • Mechanical practitioner (m/f) EBA • Businessman (m/f) EFZ • Production mechanic (m(f) EFZ

Plant and equipment engineer (m/f) EFZ Plant and equipment engineers manufacture individual machines from metal as well as entire systems and plants. They manufacture the component parts and assemble them. They are often in charge of a product from the planning stage until the final assembly.

Designer (m/f) EFZ

Businessman (m/f) EFZ

Designers design and construct component parts

Business people work in the office of a company.

and subassemblies for devices, machines and pro-

Their most important tasks include information

duction plants. They develop construction drawings

processing, communication by email and phone

on the computer and compile technical documents.

as well as checking and performing payment transactions.

Mechanical practitioner (m/f) EBA

Production mechanic (m/f) EFZ

Mechanical practitioners EBA work in mechanical


engineering, in metalworking and in plant and

technical workshops. Here, they process metals,

equipment engineering. They perform more simple

sheet metals and components. They assemble the

tasks in production and know how to handle manual

components into devices, apparatus and machines.

tools, understand technical equipment as well as

For this purpose they read production documents

measuring and testing instruments.

and technical drawings






Villiger Entsorgungssysteme AG The vehicle fleet of the Villiger Entsorgungssysteme AG

Many countries already benefit from our disposal stations


Profile We have been contributing towards a cleaner

Villiger Entsorgungssysteme AG I CH - Oberrüti

environment daily for over twenty years.

Villiger Entsorgungssysteme GmbH I DE - Ilsenburg

As a pioneer in the development and production of disposal system solutions, we focus on the further

Villiger Public-Systems I CH - Oberrüti Production and office space: 5800 m2

development of disposal systems. With more

Factory area covers 10,000m2

than 50,000 installed systems in Switzerland and

Number of employees: approx. 60 persons

internationally we are one of the leading companies

Number of trainees: 8 persons

in our field.

Year of establishment: 1991 CEO: Paul Villiger

“We attach great importance to a sustainable innovation policy that meets the needs of our customers” Quote Paul Villiger, CEO

Our locations Lenzburg Aarau Wohlen








Oberrüti Zug


Ilsenburg Göttingen




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Crane & support systems


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The future of waste disposal systems

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