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José Max León School Computer Science & Technology – Social Studies Area My Automatic Machine Eolic Energic Magazine Stages of Technological Thinking 0. Cover Page 1. Indentification: What is the problem or challenge to solve? R: Make renewable enrgy 2. Information: What is Renewable Energy? R: Is Energy from something that don’t pollute What is Eolic Energy? R: Is made energy through a propeller Serial and Parallel circuit Comparison and Contrast Serial: Parallel:

Images of Photos. Similarities

Differences One is Vertical and one is horizontal One has more than one LED

Have a battery Have recistense Have Voltage Have recptor 3. Design Images about Google sketchup Design and video

4. Organization and Planning List of materials Item



5. Building Photos of the building process We have a video so we share with you in class 6. Evaluation Test: Voltage in each receptor Test 1. 22 2. 70 7. Presentation Link: 8. Sources and references: Include pages, images and videos


LED 2 55 80

Works 101 120

Planning Session 1: Finish the design – Google sketchup. Watch the Tutorials and complete the design. Session 2: Building and testing the Project – The propeller must be made at home. Electrical circuits can be made in class or at home. Complete the table with voltages. Don´t forget to take the photos. Session 3: Finish the final document. Share the document with the teacher. Session 4: Evaluation and self evaluation.

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