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MISTER MIGS Corgi/Cattle dog mix (best dog) l LOGAN l @cooch.the.pooch l RYAN tux with floral bowtie Tri-color CotonDeTulear (bride) l KOLACH l @kava_and_kolach l ROSEMARY floral bridal harness Bichon Poo (groom) l KAVA l @kava_and_kolach l GEORGE tux wih heart pin and tie Mix Breed (Dog of honor) l HEIDI l @downpourdogs l LEIA floral/black saddle bag vest with drawstring action Golden Retriver (flower dog) l KAIA l @kaia_monkey l OTIS saddle bag vest with black leather bags



Fall 2017 l Fashion & Beauty Issue  

Exclusive interview with celebrity fashion designer, Dawn Mostow, Haute Dogs pet fashion photoshoot, Northwest Hairstyling Awards finalists,...