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Paravue ®

Adjustable safety screen

Ensure the safety of your response sites! Fas assembt ly under in 5 minut es

Conceal the operational area Minimise the risk of further accidents Keep the traffic flowing Keep those working at the scene safe Limit the movement of the site workers

1st prize Innovation IntériEurêka





One invention with many uses A real innovation for your response site needs! As the result of research and development led by Doublet, the Paravue® screen is an adjustable fabric construction that can be easily adapted to conceal any area, for example:

reducing the risk of further accident increasing the safety of those involved (emergency services, law enforcement, construction workers etc) ensuring discretion clearly marking out the operational area limiting the movement of the site workers avoiding bottlenecks

Why the paravue®? In one case in every two, a serious road accident leads to a further incident. Doublet’s paravue® screen conceals the scene of the accident, allowing the other drivers to concentrate on their driving, significantly reducing the risk of a further accident. This also ensures that the traffic continues to flow, as well as allowing the emergency services to work in absolute safety. Open






The length of the Paravue® can be adjusted using the screen’s system of carabiners.

12 m.


8 m.


4 m.

Adjustable using 2m m ro modules (fm). 2 1 to 4m






3 key strengths of the paravue® screen

2. You can conceal the area safely.

The canvas sheet obscures the area by up to 98% (with wellthought-out dimensions of 1.8m(H) x 12.0m(L) and that can be rolled out to extend it by 2m lengths) The Paravue® screen offers many configurations, greatly increasing the safety of those working behind it by completely concealing the site from prying eyes.

3. You can expertly mark out any area.

The paravue® is made of hard-wearing material, ensuring the screen’s form is maintained, even in high winds. The exhaust skirt panel (0.5m high) ensures it is unaffected by passing heavy goods vehicles and reflective markings allow you to be seen both day and night, while alerting motorists to your presence.

The paravue® can be customised to your requirements

The Paravue® screen is very easy to handle and can be adjusted according to the areas you wish to mark out. It can be extended by 2m lengths, allowing you to define the area to be covered (whether in straight lines or at an angle).





The paravue’s® modular structure makes it easy for 2 people to assemble in under 5 minutes. Its handy strapping and self-adjusting feet ensure that it is completely secure and adjustable, whatever the situation. In addition, the support posts can be separated into two pieces, making transport and storage easier.


1. You can assemble it without no fuss.

Specification : 2 versions are available, for standard roads and for motorways. The Paravue kit includes: 2 Galvanised Steel poles with self-adjusting feet • 12 m canvas with eyelets and reflective strips • 4 sets of 6 m simple straps with buckles • 4 sets of 6 m straps with ratchet tensioner for gradual tightening • 26 hooks for hanging straps and canvas 2 galvanised steel poles with selfadjusting feet Feature



High-density polyethylene


98 %

NF G 07-162

Fire (resistance) rating


Norme DIN 4102

UV resistance

Anti-UV treatment

7-year guarantee

Reflective strips Road: up to 100m at a speed of under 90 km/h Motorway: up to 250m at a speed of greater than 90 km/h

Night visibility

Total width (unfolded)

12 m

Total height (unfolded)


Total weight

23 kg


EN 471


Document Doublet. Creation : Insight. Pictures : Doublet - Fotolia. Edition : September 2011.

Customise your Paravue® screen with your logo or a message of your choice, either printed straight onto the canvas sheet or with strips of material stitched onto it. The protective storage bag can also be customised. Contact us for more information.

Optimal storage / transportation

The Paravue® screen is designed to be stored in the boot of a commercial vehicle. The sheeting is flexible and easy to roll up, and it comes with its own protective storage bag (1.4m(H) x 0.3m(L) x 0.3m(W)), which allows it to be transported easily and without damage.



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1st prize Innovation IntériEurêka


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Ensure the safety of your response sites!