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Pelion Houses Architecture

The castle-houses in Pelion, usually three-stored, are of a North-Greek architectural type, built with material taken from the area and that is why they are so well harmonized with the surrounding. They are tower-houses with a small entrance and only a few windows in the ground floor for safety reasons, which was used as a store. On the first floor there are the winter rooms and the kitchen, while the top floor has also the best view. The villas ground floors is stoned build while the upper part, which juts out, is a lighter wooden construction, with the exception of the northern wall. The roof stands out too and is covered with slate slabs from the village Propan (kalamaki) of Pelion. The villas of Tsagarada ‘’stole’’ their colours from nature This harmony of man and landscape, this concordance between them, is the powerful attraction of Pelion and what constitutes its charming profile, the main condition for the maintenance of its exceptional natural beauty. Pelion is a mountain in human proportions. I often think that this balance results from another factor equally important. The Pelion landscape combines in an unusual wise way, both male and female elements. The Aegean coasts, either clear-cut and rocky or sandy, sometimes rough and dangerous and sometimes calm, but always so exciting, are perfectly complemented by the wet, green steep slopes with the luxuriant vegetation which end up to these coasts. On the other hand, the side of Pagasitikos gulf, a big hug with many smaller and safer ones, with tender curvilinear slopes around them and olive trees almost entering the sea. And the top of the mountain is naked, without any sharp edges either. The beauty of Pelion is not frightening, nor oppressing, it does not put your limits to the test. It makes you feel comfortably into your human flesh. You experience a spiritual euphoria for just being a human and having been able to visit such a blessed place in Greece. The beauty of the mountain is gradually and mildly revealing, it welcomes you with gentleness and familiarity and it usually makes you a part of it, offering you an unsurpassed feeling of participation in Creation and, more than this, in something that cannot be expressed in words. But every glance is unique, every slope, every villa in pelion. Every look lends other dimensions to the visible and through this, it penetrates and explains other aspects of the invisible. That is also the case, and much more than that, for the keen eye of the photographer. An eye which is limited by the range of the camera’s lens and every time necessarily focuses to a whole or to a detail, having at the same time endless possibilities to select a point of view and a subject. The reality remains the same. But its image and its distinctive meaning are up to each one of us. It is an adventure for the eye and the soul.

Pelion houses architecture  
Pelion houses architecture  

This harmony of man and landscape, this concordance between them, is the powerful attraction of Pelion and what constitutes its charming pro...