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Pelion Mountain, the legendary one… ‘’This peninsula consists of Pelion mountain, the legendary one, according to poets, a mountain not particularly high neither cone-like, but extended at length. The peaks are wooded with big trees like beeches, whereas the slopes are adorned with various other trees, plane and chestnut trees. There is plenty of water all over the mountain, streams and springs, to the point that there is not half an hour’s distance without any water for the thirsty traveler. The mountain’s foot is verdant with fruit-bearing trees like cherry and apple trees. Within these fruitful and profitable woods twenty-four villas are safely nested.’’ That is how Pelion mountain was described in 1791 by two cousins from Milies village, the clergymen Daniel Philippides and Demetrios Constantas, both pioneers of the Greek enlightenment, in their work ‘’Modern Geography’’. In the two centuries that followed, the mountain has not been dramatically changed, in spite of the frequent and sometimes deeply deforming human interventions. Just like the natural environment of Pelion, which remained the same for thousands of years, Pelion mountain remains aromatically ‘’healing’’, due to its endless variety of herbs and still magically enchanting, just as in the Homeric time, as the wind blows through the dense foliage and signs going down the wooden slopes. The mountain. At the side of the Aegean Sea, preserved its ancient, wild and dangerous charm, despite the insistent and strenuous human effort to tame it. Once upon a time, one of the most acknowledged traditional mansions in Tsagarada Village of Pelion Mountain was the residence of a well known wine merchant and his family. Stone upon stone the construction of the building was completed in 1863 forming the main house and the attached annex which was used for storage of goods and to protect the animals of the family. The mansion, which was used as the residence of several generations of the same family, changed ownership. Source: Michalis Pornalis - Pelion of Light and Colours

Holiday Villas in Pelion

In 1978 both the main house and the annex were sold to an adorable and well educated lady from Athens. The interior of the house was reformed, by the new owner, to a modern residence maintaining the outer look traditional characteristics of the building. The result was a modern villa with all the facilities of a contemporary residence. Upon the completion of the works the villa had been awarded by the Ministry of Culture and Civilization, the Certificate of Authenticity representing the traditional Pelion architecture. Later in the years, one morning of the winter 2001, the glances of a couple, passing by, were trapped by the beauty of this traditional villa in Pelion and dreamed if they can own this place one day. The dream soon became a reality. Today this holiday villas in Pelion are welcoming tourists from all over the world. Both the main villa and the attached annex were named, by the new owners, Pileas and Thetis after the two Gods of the Greek Mythology. Pileas, after whom Mount Pelion was named, was one of the Argonauts who felled madly in love with Thetis and they decided to get married here in Pelion with guests all the Olympian Gods and Goddesses. Pileas and Thetis are now standing firmly embraced, after a vast renovation of the villa by the new owners, under the San Stefano hill of Tsangarada, surrounded by the wild nature of Tsagarada overlooking the Aegean Archipelago and the most seductive beach of Pelion, Milopotamos. Visit Pelion Villas:

Holiday villas in pelion  
Holiday villas in pelion  

Pileas & Thetis villa consists of two houses that can be unified in one by an intercommunicating door providing a unique place to host a big...