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Annual Report 2015 - 2016



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UNIT Strategic Plan: Key goals 


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2015 Faculty and Staff PC Refresh  Cognos Mobile  Wireless Locks in Stanford Hall  Comprehensive Wildcard Services Handshake Career Management System  Augustine’s Confessions App  Secure Data Transfer - File Send  Campus Events Calendar  Prospective Student Process Improvement  Academic History Grade Change  Technology Enhancements in the Falvey Library  TechZone Digitization  2015 Fall Start-up UNIT Services  Villanova Law School IT  College of Engineering IT  Office of Research - Automation Initiative Marketing and Communication Support 

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Villanova Wildcats' NCAA Championship9 Teaching Learning & Research


Classroom Technology Enhancements 10 Falvey Idea Accelerator & Technology Enhancements 10 Law Clinic Improvements 11 Interactive Biology Lab 11 Blackboard Enhancements 11 YellowDig11 Blackboard Professional Development 12 Viewership and Creation of Academic Video Content 12 Online Language Learning 12 UNIT’s Video Production Studio in Falvey 12 Classroom, Departmental and Academic Space Technology Updates 12 Digital Signage Expansion 13 Tedx: Let’s Imagine 13 Creation of Instructional Multimedia for Online Programs13 Support of Hybrid Programs/Classes  13 Counseling Recording and Observation Space  13

IT Security and Information Protection

IT Risk Assessment IT Security User Awareness Campaign IT Security User Awareness Campaign Goals Security Awareness Marketing and Communication Campaign 

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Adaptive Infrastructure


Program Management Office


Looking Forward...


Data Network Enhancements 17 Campus WIFI Network Upgrade 17 VU Play  18 Enterprise Cloud Storage with Amazon Web Services 18 Data Center Optimization 18 Office 365 18 Office of Research and Graduate Programs (ORGP) and UNIT Partnership 19


Adaptive Solutions, Innovative Services, Technology Partners With our University University Information Technologies (UNIT ) is a team of motivated

UNIT Strategic Plan: Key goals

professionals whose mission is to


provide innovative solutions and

enhance teaching, learning and research

services to our university.


By leveraging people, process,

Advance the innovative use of instructional technologies to

Enhance the technological experience on campus for faculty,

staff and students

technology and commitment to


service excellence, UNIT is focused

Villanova community

on enhancing teaching, learning,


research and the technological experience in partnership with our faculty, staff and students.

Maintain our commitment to provide excellent service to the

Provide a comprehensive, pragmatic security& information

protection program


Deliver a reliable, cost effective and flexible technology


Thought Leadership and Affiliations In an effort to stay abreast of various technologies and in recognition of the University’s innovative use of technology UNIT participated in a variety of external IT events including International Alliance of Avaya Users conference, Ellucian eLive Conference, PA Banner User Group, Educause National and Mid Atlantic conferences, Blackboard User conference, CBORD User Group conference, CIO & Executive IT Summit Forum, the Philadelphia CIO Executive Summit, SecureWorld Philadelphia CISO Executive Summit, and the National Association of Campus Card Users conference. UNIT staff are members of the Educate Online Strategic Advisory Board a governing body member of the Philadelphia CIO Executive Summit, the Dell CIO Advisory Council a member of the Executive Advisory Council for the CIO Forum and Executive IT Summit, an Advisory Board member for DSS an officer on the Advisory Council for Campus Cards, a member of Acuta, a founding member of the Northeast eLearning Consortium, Educause Higher Education Information Security Council, REN-ISAC, and FBI Infragard

3 | UNIT Annual Report 2015-2016

Powering Innovation Welcome to the 2015-16 UNIT Annual report. In this publication I hope you enjoy reading about the various technology initiatives completed or underway across the campus. Working and collaborating with faculty, staff, students and various vendors and key stakeholders, UNIT remains focused on enhancing the teaching, learning, and research and the overall technological experience for the community. In the information that follows we chronicle a variety of initiatives covering the spectrum of technology efforts across the campus. As you read the report I hope four things will be clear: • New and innovative solutions for providing a positive impact for faculty, staff, and students • Strategic alignment of resources • A focus on providing excellent service • Strengthening the university’s IT Infrastructure

The landscape of higher education is changing with new academic, business, and delivery models.

University Committee for Information Technology (UCIT) Stephen W. Fugale

Timothy Hoffman

We recognize technology is changing more quickly than ever and the demand for and use of technology is increasing. We are working hard to develop, implement and communicate the many solutions and services available and to capitalize on the university’s investment in technology.

Stephen Andriole

Neil J. Horgan, MT

Special thanks to the University’s Committee for Information Technology (UCIT) for their leadership, direction, and support throughout the year. We look forward to a busy summer and the start of the 2017 academic year.

Interim Dean & Chr. Admin. IT Committee Enrollment Management

Steve Fugale Vice President for Technology and Chief Information Officer Villanova University

Vice President for Technology and Assistant Vice Provost for Finance Chief Infromation Officer & Administration Thomas G. Labrecque Professor of Vice President for Finance Business, Accountancy & Information Systems George R. Kolb Villanova School of Business Associate Vice President for Alumni Relations

Catherine Connor

Marita E. Frain, EdM, RN Assistant Professor College of Nursing

Gary A. Gabriele, PhD Drosdick Endowed Dean College of Engineering

Millicent Gaskell

Director and Librarian Falvey Memorial Library

Adele Lindenmeyr, PhD Dean College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Alfonso Ortega, Ph.D.

Associate Vice President for Research and Graduate Programs and the James R. Birle Professor of Energy Technology College of Engineering

The Rev. John P. Stack, OSA, MA

Vice President for Student Life

IN MEMORIAM Special thanks to

Stephen Merritt, Dean of Enrollment Management, for his many contributions and 15 years of service on the committee

4 | UNIT Annual Report 2015-2016

 57%

increase in vDesktop sessions





screen views


330,850 visits

web site visits (


645 - gigabytes of storage used 9,041 - OneDrive instances 67,322 - files in OneDrive


Customer Support 3,367,764


support contacts

student print jobs

hardware repairs

Solutions & Services UNIT is solutions-oriented and committed to providing excellent IT services to the Villanova Community. UNIT strives to understand and exceed customer expectations and to leverage technology to solve problems effectively and efficiently. Our primary focus is to provide a value-added portfolio of technologies and services as well as innovative new solutions and options to University faculty, staff, students, colleges, and departments.

2015 Faculty and Staff PC Refresh During the Summer of 2015, UNIT in partnership with each College and administrative department, completed the process of “refreshing” all eligible full-time faculty and staff primary laptops and desktops. Each computer was replaced with a new computer with an upgraded software suite. The project deployed 1771 desktops/laptops, located in 46 buildings, over 35 business days. The project was broken down into multiple phases to ensure preparedness to support the campus. The first phase was planning which consisted of budget forecasting and contract negotiations, vendor decisions and discovery of

1,771 computers deployed in 35 days.

existing computer assets. The second phase included campus communication and logistics and computer deployments. The third phase is the re-deployment phase that involved evaluating, assessing and redeploying a limited pool of computer academic and administrative needs. During the summer of 2015, UNIT's core team began the redeployment of 607 computers to those areas.

5 | UNIT Annual Report 2015-2016

Cognos Mobile Cognos Mobile launched to Cognos users in July 2015 for the Apple iOS platform. IBM Cognos Mobile extends the capabilities of IBM Cognos Business Intelligence to users on Apple mobile devices. It allows users to access and interact with all of their reports, dashboards, and metrics, whether offline or online which allows users to remain productive whenever and wherever.

Wireless Locks in Stanford Hall UNIT’s Wildcard Services deployed wireless access readers to the dorm rooms in four halls on South Campus (Katherine, Caughlin, McGuire and St. Monica). This initiative added security and convenience enabling students access to open their dorm room with their Wildcard or an app (CBORD Mobile ID) on a smartphone. The system also integrates with the Housing Management System to seamlessly update access modifications. The new system was rolled out to 302 locations and replaces the punch code and key-based locks. This Wildcard Access enables Villanova to: •  Control and update locks remotely •  Open doors with a card or app (CBORD Mobile ID) •  Eliminate metal master keys by temporarily elevating Wildcard privileges •  Enact quick emergency lockdowns on one or more doors •  Audit door histories and alarm states •  ImageNovaNow & Wildcard Incorporated into the Nova Now App as a link to Wildcard’s new responsive portal •  Once logged into NovaNow, you are no longer required to log in a second time to manage your Wildcard Account •  You are able to conveniently add money to your Nova Bucks Account using this new mobile friendly experience

personal identification, facilities access and access monitoring, debit transaction processing, meal plan administration, attendance, employee participation tracking, off-campus commerce, banking relationship management, laundry, vending, student printing allowances, conference services access, sport lottery and ticketing, as well as web-based and mobile transaction processing. The Wildcard is also offered to Friends of Villanova for defined access. The outside merchants program allows the community to use NovaBucks at neighboring establishments.

Handshake Career Management System UNIT collaborated with Career Services to implement the Handshake Career Management System, where students can create a profile and upload their resumes. Handshake is Villanova’s go-to resource for jobs, internships, events, and more! This mobile career management platform intuitively connects students to relevant opportunities based on their profile, interests and search activity. Companies can post employment opportunities and career fair information on Handshake.

Augustine’s Confessions App Mobile App built by Villanovans for Villanovans: The Web Services and Technology Group released Augustine’s Confessions for Android and iOS devices in the Google Play and iTunes App Store. The Confessions mobile app is an annotated

Comprehensive Wildcard Services The University Card System provides the Villanova community with convenient, efficient, mobile and secure access to all card-related services. These services include

interactive sourcebook. Textual, visual, and audio aids developed by Villanova’s ACS program facilitate learning for scholars of all levels and learning styles. There has

been approximately 400 downloads of the app. For more information: http://

Secure Data Transfer File Send UNIT provides a secured file transfer platform for the campus community to share data with both internal and external users. While email provides a convenient platform, there are times when a more secure transfer solution is needed. The File Send Application provides a simple to use interface to upload multiple files and share them with multiple users simultaneously. Options to limit the time a file is available, limit the number of times a file may be accessed and to receive notification of any actions on an uploaded file are built into the solution. This solution was used in conjunction with the Human Resources department for submitting secure files for the PA Act 153 for the criminal background checks.

Campus Events Calendar The Web Services and Technology Group implemented an enterprise-wide solution that manages the multitude of events happening on campus. This enterprisewide event and facility management solution creates an overall awareness for all members of the Villanova community of the events happening on campus.

Prospective Student Process Improvement During the fall of 2015, UNIT implemented improvements to our password reset process for prospective students. These improvements assisted with access to the MyNova portal to check acceptance status, benefiting both hopeful Villanova students and UNIT’s productivity. Prospective students use MyNova to track their application and acceptance status to Villanova. UNIT supports students who needed access to MyNova but could not remember their passwords by phone, e-mail and chat support. While this system is both effective and secure, it

6 | UNIT Annual Report 2015-2016

also suffered from inefficiency, since prospective students were only able to change their passwords during the Help Desk’s normal business hours. The new system has streamlined the process by giving students the power to reset passwords via self-service, using an online tool and information gathered during the application process. Now, instead of needing the assistance of the Help Desk, future students are able to reset their password instantaneously, while maintaining the security of the previous manual system. This has improved their ability to access necessary paperwork and information for completing applications, and ultimately checking on their acceptance.

85% reduction of prospective student

Technology Enhancements in the Falvey Library UNIT, in partnership with the Library staff, has upgraded the high volume public printing area in Falvey Library. To keep up with academic printing needs, UNIT has retired two outdated devices, replacing them with three new High Capacity Xerox Printers. The new printers are part of the Campus VPrint program which utilizes a Managed Print Strategy to control costs while providing users with the appropriate level of printing. The use of public printing facilities has increased significantly and the public print area in the Falvey Library is the most used student print area on campus, printing 1,528,534 total pages last year. The upgrade from two to three high capacity printers ensures high availability for student academic needs.

support traffic. This improvement has had a significant impact on support traffic for UNIT. In the past, the Help Desk coordinated “Prospective Student Nights” on the same night’s prospective students were going to receive their acceptance notice. For the 2014, the Prospective Student Night, 355 distinct interactions were recorded. Thanks to the new process, the Prospective Student Night for fall 2015 saw a drastic reduction in call volume, with only 50 distinct calls: other students were able to reset their password using the new system, giving them immediate access to their MyNova and their acceptance decision, an improvement in efficiency of over 85%.

Academic History Grade Change Working with Enrollment Management the College of Engineering, Villanova Business School, and College of Nursing, UNIT implemented the first phase of the web-based Academic History Grade Change process. Each year the Office of the Registrar processes over 2,000 grade changes. These major events were handled manually. The College of Engineering was chosen for the initial pilot launch of this new process, and was instrumental in improving the process by providing valuable feedback. Faculty are now able to access their academic history class list through MyNova, select the student and course and submit the grade change. Upon submission, notifications for approvals are automatically e-mailed to the administrators, resulting in the improved timelines for completion of tasks while ensuring consistency and accuracy of data in a secure environment. The results allow for efficient operations, improved customer service, and accurate information in the hands of the people who need it.

In an effort to improve public computing experience in Falvey Library, UNIT replaced the Dell 780 workstations with Villanova’s virtualized desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution called vDesktop. The Library’s computers were old, slow to use, and prone to viruses.  We installed over 40 Dell Wyse D10D thin clients for use in the main library computing space.  The vDesktop solution augments traditional computing and improves the student experience providing a Windows 7 OS and software applications seamlessly. This improvement has increased use and efficiency of the systems and also alleviated the maintenance that was needed on the old systems.  We now see an increase of over 2,500 logins to vDesktop per week due to the active student’s usage in the library.

TechZone Digitization UNIT, looking to improve workflow and the accuracy of metrics in all TechZone support areas, implemented the TechZone Digitization Project, which integrates UNIT’s Information Technology Services Management (ITSM) solution called EasyVista, with UNIT’s Wildcard system to deliver data that is utilized for the

7 | UNIT Annual Report 2015-2016

identification of trends, the assignment of resources, and improved customer service experience. With the Digitization process, a swipe of a Villanova University student, staff, or faculty member’s Wildcard will launch a new support ticket, kicking off the support process. The project team has created a series of “quick tickets” for frequent requests with pre-populated information requirements and, where appropriate, standard resolutions. This process enables the TechZone consultants to quickly track each support visit to UNIT’s TechZone. This process has redefined the TechZone’s workflow tracking, replacing a “people counter” system and a manual paper form process that was inefficient and lacked real-time data retrieval and tracking. Now, during a support visit, all of the contents of the former process are contained within EasyVista. The TechZone consultant simply creates the intake ticket with the Wildcard swipe to start the process. All work done on a repair is catalogued within the ticket’s audit trail. The end-user receives e-mails upon ticket creation and closure in addition to having the capability to personally track the repair via EasyVista’s self-service portal. In sum, the project team has optimized UNIT’s TechZone processes with EasyVista by identifying common issues and resolutions and programming scripts to efficiently facilitate walk-up support. UNIT is now able to accurately track visits to the TechZone areas, identify and proactively predict trends, reduce wait time, and streamline communication between technicians and the end-user community.

2015 Fall Start-up UNIT Services During the 2015 Fall Start Up, UNIT offered several new and important services to students, faculty, and staff, in order to assist with the beginning of the school year. For students during their move-in, the TechZone at Vasey 101 was open extended hours, supporting both walk-ins and phone calls. Furthermore,

both South and Main Campus operated satellite locations, ensuring that there was always a UNIT team member on-site in order to help with any of the several issues students and parents can encounter during move-in. This service was particularly important to the incoming freshmen class, who had no experience with Villanova’s campus or technology systems. This was the second year of the transition from the University Laptop Program to a BYOD program for incoming students. Planning, training, and strategic allocation of resources mitigated the majority of the potential support issues a BYOD environment can present. The various TechZone locations experienced an

increase in calls to support Apple devices, particularly for the College of Engineering and the Villanova School of Business. For faculty members, UNIT released a new Faculty Services brochure, detailing the various services UNIT offers to Villanova faculty. Most importantly was the transition to EasyVista, the new IT Service Management system used by UNIT. While any Villanova faculty, staff or student can contact UNIT in order to report a problem and thus enter a ticket, EasyVista also offers a self-service system, giving users the power to easily submit tickets themselves and so request services, materials, and assistance online.

Villanova Law School IT This year UNIT collaborated with the Villanova Law School in multiple areas. IT had a streamlined Law School Fall Startup with a decrease in IT support related issues during that time. The TechZone @ VLS closed 963 tickets highlighting access to systems and mobile device configuration. In an effort to support the alumni and guests at the Villanova Law School, UNIT implemented a Guest Copy System available at the Reference Desk in the Law Library. The guests are able to check out a print card from the Reference Desk and are able to copy the necessary materials. This solution improved processes replacing a coin

machine and solved the issue when guests did not have the correct change.

College of Engineering IT UNIT continued to make enhancements to IT support services within the College of Engineering. In conjunction with the student laptop program discontinuation, UNIT updated and streamlined an EGRPortal for Engineering academic software distribution. This offered Engineering students the ability to download software from anywhere, ensuring that they have the proper college software installed on their computers for the start of the semester. Another initiative within the College

8 | UNIT Annual Report 2015-2016

was the implementation of Crashplan, a disaster recovery computer backup software solution, for all faculty and staff. This is a cloud-based solution that offers real-time data backups to ensure safety of locally stored data. Currently, there are 106 computers that average 33.9 GB archive storage size.

Office of Research - Automation Initiative The Office of Research (ORA) partnered with UNIT on multiple IT projects to advance the use of technologies with the goal of improving grant administration, post-award financial reporting and paperless processes. • Villanova Electronic Research Administration ( V-ERA) project – UNIT led the task force which selected Evisions Cayuse Research Administration system which streamlines and automates the administration of research proposals and awards. Multiple UNIT teams provided integration support for the successful implementation • Grants Management system that will automate the process of Villanova awarded grants to students and faculty using the WizeHive system (implementation Summer 2016) • Conflict of Interest (COI) system that will streamline the process of managing researcher COI compliance (implementation May 2016)

Marketing and Communication Support UNIT works with various departments and utilizes their cross functional video production infrastructure to create materials and capitalize on opportunities that externally promote the University. This past year UNIT's Multimedia Technologies again created an advertisement that ran to 1.5 million viewers a day in Times Square during the NCAA BIG EAST tournament. UNIT worked with University Communication to create digital signage which ran in various locations across Philadelphia, inclusive of the Lit Brothers building in September 2015 during the Papal visit. Congratulatory signage for the Men’s Basketball team's NCAA Championship was created for various SEPTA locations in Suburban Square, Jefferson Station and underneath Dilworth Plaza. UNIT's insert studios allow faculty, staff, students and external clients to be interviewed by various media outlets. This past year members of the Villanova community have been interviewed 17 times by a number of outlets, including ESPN, CNN, Fox Sports, Bloomberg TV and CBS. Having insert studios on campus allowed Athletics and Jay Wright to do 6 live interviews during the NCAA Tournament and after the Wildcats' Championship victory.

9 | UNIT Annual Report 2015-2016

Technology Preparation, Support and Impact of the Villanova Wildcats' NCAA Championship Run In preparation for the NCAA tournament, UNIT developed an IT support game plan to ensure a secure, stable and well performing technical environment.

The Network Team increased network capacity and bandwidth for anticipated network spikes during the Final Four/Championship weekend. Working closely with two Internet Service Providers, Kinber and PennRen, we exponentially increased bandwidth capacity for viewing and streaming on campus. UNIT's IT team, worked with the Athletics Department and Coach Jay Wright to provide last minute studio time for six live interviews with media outlets such as ESPN and Fox Sports during and after the NCAA Championships. The quick availability of studios on campus allowed Coach Wright to do these interviews with minimal impact on his time. UNIT's Operations, Networking and Security Teams implemented enhanced IT security strategies to assist in defending against additional malicious activity given the increased attention the university experienced. The Network, Operations, WildCard and Technical Support Services Teams remained onsite, on-call and after hours monitoring of all systems and social media for any issues during all Final Four/ Championship weekend and celebratory related events. The Web Services team monitored and prepared for additional web traffic on all websites and social media. The Villanova web traffic for this time period (3/30-4/5) showed significant increases in viewership from the daily averages. Villanova University related chatter on social media sites increased to 90,000 mentions in a five day period which is 20% of the average annual volume. The university did not experience any outages or technical issues throughout the Final Four weekend.

10 | UNIT Annual Report 2015-2016



hours of video recorded

course accesses

 4,103



 644

 13,786






discussion posts

files uploaded



faculty 5274


increase in studio usage

Teaching Learning & Research UNIT provides technology-rich learning spaces, instructional design consultation and support, video production services and broadcast video studios, to assist faculty and departments in creating and developing a dynamic educational and research environment for University students and faculty.

Classroom Technology Enhancements UNIT continues to execute its Classroom Upgrade Strategy. The goal of this multiyear project is twofold: follow our maintenance plan for refreshing end-of-life equipment, and integrate new technologies that will support University initiatives. All classrooms across campus are equipped with basic technology, e.g., a projector, a switching device to control output to a projector(s) or display(s), and data connectivity at the instructor area. 75% of classrooms are now equipped with more advanced technologies, e.g., lecture capture, SKYPE

75% of classrooms are now equipped with advanced technologies capability and display annotation. A key goal of this project is to ensure that our systems will work with new digital display

formats and provide connectivity for various devices, a bringyour-own-device (BYOD) model. In addition to classrooms, the Classroom Technologies team has continued to expand into designing, installing and supporting AV systems for conference rooms and other specialized venues. We are pleased to report that every registrar scheduled classroom now includes digital HDMI via a wired or wireless solution. Additionally 19 buildings and over 30 classrooms and labs received technology enhancements.

Falvey Idea Accelerator & Technology Enhancements The ICE Institute opened a brand-new collaboration space ( the "Falvey Idea Accelerator"). The ICE Institute has a multidisciplinary, cross-college focus and seeks to advance the University’s strategy by fostering cross-college learning and embedding entrepreneurial thinking more deeply in the Villanova culture. This new space features full HD projection, a house PC

11 | UNIT Annual Report 2015-2016

with wireless keyboard, 6 full HD monitors, wireless collaboration equipment, and a wireless AV control and sound system. The space is designed to function as one large space or as individual pods. It will also feature specialized technology that will recognize individuals and present them with customized content.

Law Clinic Improvements UNIT’s Instructional Technology group created and installed a recording system for the Clinical Program at the Charles Widger School of Law. The recording system allows the Clinical Program to record student simulations with actors as well as student interviews with actual clients. UNIT carefully worked with Clinical Program faculty and staff to understand how the clinic uniquely operates and the pedagogical value of the recordings. With the Clinical Program’s needs and learning goals in mind, UNIT designed the recording system that allows students to self-start recordings anytime from within the room, live viewing of simulations/interviews, and provides Clinical Program faculty, staff, and students secure access to the recordings. UNIT designed, installed, and supports the entire recording system, including the cameras, microphones, room recording controls, and the recording device. The recording system was completed at the end of the Fall 2015 semester, and the Clinical Programs started using the

recording system with the start of the Spring 2016 semester.

Blackboard Enhancements

Interactive Biology Lab

Blackboard’s integration method with Banner was upgraded to Learning Information Services (LIS) 2.0. The upgrade allows real-time integration between the two systems and the capability to share more information.

UNIT, partnered with Villanova’s CLAS IT and Dr. Phil Stephens, to leverage new multimedia technology and develop a seamless classroom experience. Utilizing a multi display system that can control, present and communicate with 5 distinct classroom “Learning Pods”, the team has created a fluid and customizable learning experience. Each Pod is equipped with its own 55” display that allows students back-and-forth interaction with the instructor from the Pod. When using this technology, Dr. Stephens’ can collaborate with the students, manipulating documents, images, or other learning materials through an iPad or laptop, then choose to either duplicate the information across all screens or spread it out to individual displays. Using a built-in moderator mode, students can share their information across all pod displays, as well or drop information into a specific pod across the classroom. The collaboration team of UNIT, CLAS IT and Dr. Phil Stevens successfully integrated complementary audio video systems and software vendors to make a fully customized learning environment.

The Villanova Blackboard system was upgraded in December providing fixes and enhancements in the modules below: •  Calendar Course List Filter – We have introduced a connection between the “show/hide” capability in the My Courses and My Organizations modules with the calendar course list filter. •  Outcomes Reporting Improvement – Users of Outcomes Assessment will be able to access report options to create a printable view to save the visualized report as a PDF (portable document format). This is report behavior is consistent with report options across Blackboard Learn 9.1. •  Personal Choice for Calendar Week Start Date – In different regions, people tend to organize their calendars differently even if they use the same calendar format. Blackboard Learn already accommodates these differences in supported language packs. This enhancement allows individual users to personalize their experience and choose the way in which the calendar is organized.

YellowDig YellowDig is a social learning platform integrated within the Blackboard LMS. Yellowdig allows faculty and students the ability to pin content in multiple formats. Once a pin is created, other people in the course may “comment on” and “like” any of the previous pins. Instructors can create and assign a point system with different points for interactions such as: original pins, comments, likes, etc. The point system can be used to drive student engagement and is optionally capable of reporting a participation score to Blackboard’s grade book.

12 | UNIT Annual Report 2015-2016

Blackboard Professional Development Use of the Blackboard system has grown dramatically to include services beyond academic use. Two organizations have seen their enrollment expand to include all faculty and staff for training and compliance purposes. The IT Security Awareness Program organization is sponsored by UNIT and includes informational videos relating to a variety of digital security topics such as: Phishing, Email safety, Data Security, and safe online browsing. Human Resources launched their own Blackboard organization Learn @ Nova. Initially intended to provide useful information for the onboarding of new employees, Learn @ Nova, now includes mandatory Workplace Harassment and Preventing Sexual Violence modules that all employees must complete.

Viewership and Creation of Academic Video Content 2006-2014 2015 255,000 views


UNIT’s Video Production Studio in Falvey The past year brought about an increase in the use of the two video production studios on campus: Bartley and Law. In order to meet the increased demand and the continued expansion of video services on campus, UNIT opened a new video production studio on the lower level of the Falvey Library, adjacent to the Idea Accelerator. This newest studio supports the recording of highly produced lectures for distance and on-campus courses,the production of marketing materials, and provides access to various media outlets for live or prerecorded videos.

Classroom, Departmental and Academic Space Technology Updates UNIT strives to provide quality teaching, learning and collaborative spaces across campus. This past year UNIT has upgraded campus with HD LCD and laser projectors, LED displays, digital hybrid AV systems, audio and video conferencing, wireless touch panels, wireless collaboration,and custom designed solutions for hybrid teaching and other unique pedagogical methodologies.

Over 50 spaces in 17 buildings upgraded As a result of strong faculty utilization of UNIT’s Multimedia Services to create content for on-campus and online courses, viewership of academic video content has increased exponentially. This past year, videos served from the Mediasite system, were viewed 219,000 times. This is comparable to the views of the previous eight years combined. Whether it’s created in the studio, using classroom lecture capture, or using MyMediasite when faculty use video based content, students respond.

Online Language Learning During the 2015 Summer semester all Modern Romance Language courses were offered online for the first time. IT staff helped train faculty in the use of Blackboard and Adobe Connect. This project was proposed to impede declining enrollment caused by summer students filling their language requirements with transfer credits during their summer break. Success of this project indicates that many language classes will continue to be offered in future summer semesters.

The following classrooms and spaces were updated this year: •  Old Falvey Classrooms (101, 102, 104 and 105) •  Bartley Classrooms (1011, 2072, 2073, 2074, 2046) and Student Study Areas (2044 and 2045) •  Garey Hall Communications Studio •  All Garey Hall Classrooms •  Learning spaces in the Jackson, Gallen, St. Clare and Farley Dormitories •  Dougherty East and West Lounges •  Cinema in the Connelly Center •  Villanova Room in the Connelly Center •  Cafe Nova •  CEER Engineering Lab (107) •  CEER Conference Rooms (201 and 210) •  TSB Lower Level Conference Room •  Villanova University Conference Center •  Falvey Idea Accelerator •  Vasey Classrooms (203 and 208 ) •  Vasey Hall Conference Room (104) •  John Barry Hall Fluids Lab (106) •  White Hall Labs (114 and 324) •  Davis Center Conference Room •  Davis Center 2nd Floor Lobby •  All Driscoll Hall Classrooms

13 | UNIT Annual Report 2015-2016

Digital Signage Expansion Digital Signage was expanded in several locations including CEER 1st Floor lobby and Tolentine 1st Floor Hallway just outside the Mechanical Engineering offices. The new Digital Signage location in CEER is a kiosk set up with a 46” touch display serving as directory, developed by Engineering IT, that allows guests to navigate Engineering faculty/staff directories and interact with other information related to Engineering programs. The 60” display in Tolentine presents guests with custom content related to the Mechanical Engineering program.

Tedx: Let’s Imagine UNIT provided planning, event, and video production support for the University’s third TEDx event in October. This multidepartmental event brings together faculty, staff, students and alumni. This year’s event, “Let’s Imagine,” featured speakers from across the Villanova community and talks focusing on race, gender, poverty and more.

Creation of Instructional Multimedia for Online Programs UNIT creates instructional multimedia for instructors teaching in the Pearson-Embanet Online Programs. The vast majority of this multimedia is recorded in the recording studios on campus (Law School, Bartley, Falvey). This includes completing all pre-production, recording, and post-production involved in creating each piece of instructional multimedia. Over the past year, UNIT created over 500 videos used in the Pearson-Embanet Online Programs. UNIT also created instructional multimedia for the Villanova School of Business Church Management program for the Archdiocese of New York, Executive MBA flipped classroom videos, and College of Nursing flipped classroom classes.

Support of Hybrid Programs/Classes UNIT provides support to hybrid classes across all College and Schools, allowing instructors to simultaneously hold class with in-class students and students participating from a distance. From the College of Nursing Ph.D program to Graduate Tax Law program at the Charles Widger School of Law, Multimedia Technologies support hybrid classes involving over 150 students. UNIT worked with the instructor and students to plan how and which technology best fits learning style of the class, setup audio-visual technologies, and provide support during class sessions.

Counseling Recording and Observation Space UNIT worked with the Education & Counseling department to create a space that allows for the observation and recording of student counseling sessions. UNIT worked closely with counseling faculty to assess their pedagogical needs, using that information to create an easy-to-use counseling recording and observation system. This system, located in Vasey 203/208, allows faculty and their class to observe the sessions. Additionally, faculty can communicate directly to the student counselor to provide real time feedback to the student so that they can adjust their counseling in real time. These sessions can be recorded and played back in class for an immediate debriefing or uploaded to Mediasite for archiving and on demand playback.

14 | UNIT Annual Report 2015-2016

Daily Email Protection

ď€ƒ 470,000

ď†ˆ 609

malware infections blocked daily

malicious messages blocked from Villanova email


messages quarantined as spam


messages delivered

16 educational institutions

reported data breaches in 2015

IT Security and Information Protection Information is a critical university asset that must be protected. A key goal of UNIT is to provide a multifaceted layered comprehensive, pragmatic IT security and information protection strategy focused on a proper balance between protection, detection and response to security threats. UNIT takes protecting Villanova University, its intellectual property, and any personal, financial, or confidential information extremely seriously. Incidences of data breaches are frequent. Higher education is not immune to this troubling trend. In 2015, data breaches were reported at 16 colleges and universities. Avoiding a disruption to campus operations and safeguarding personal information, confidential university data, and intellectual property are paramount to protecting Villanova. The Villanova community will be relied upon to have an active and assistive role in IT information protection and security. IT information protection and security user awareness information has been provided to the community and this sharing of important security information will continue to provide ongoing exposure to the University about trending information protection and security topics to appropriately protect our IT environment.

IT Risk Assessment Risk assessment is the practice of identifying threats and vulnerabilities to data, systems and processes. In 2014, a risk assessment taskforce was created to examine the risks and controls as they relate to processes, people, technology and governance. Over the last two years, the team met regularly to define ownership and coordinate all relevant and related information protection activities. A series of steps were drafted to systematically tackle identified risks and the results of those activities were written in an IT Risk Assessment report. That report, which is updated biannually, outlines the process review, risk assessment and projected costs of numerous specific IT Security and Information Protection work flows. UNIT maintains an IT security and information protection

15 | UNIT Annual Report 2015-2016

strategy to ensure that the University is positioned to assess its information security capabilities and create appropriate mitigation strategies. IT risk assessment is an integral part of that strategy and is the practice of identifying and managing threats to University data, systems, and processes. It is a critical tool for reacting to evolving and emerging risks associated with the University‘s diverse slate of IT initiatives and portfolio of systems and technologies.

5,000 critical malicious network connections blocked daily. The following few points are highlighted from the last two phases: 1. Thirteen (13) University IT policies were updated and approved, including protocols for data classification, cloud storage, acceptable use, remote access and more. UNIT’s revised policy web site is located at: http://www1. 2. Introduced multifactor authentication technology for the portfolio of technologies 3. Completed a password expiration process for user accounts. 4. Continued refinement of advanced malware protection mechanisms, which has blocked over 2,000 malware infections in the past year 5. Continued implementation of advanced detection and response solution, resulting in hundreds of actionable security alerts to help identify and defend against multiple cyber-intrusions 6. Initiated an IT security awareness campaign to educate users about current information security threats 7. Conducted multiple penetration tests Over the past twelve months, UNIT has taken strides to enhance security for the computing environment of the University. In addition to the work mentioned above, new areas have been added to the IT Risk Assessment document, including improving security for Internet name resolution and protecting sensitive University research. Although cyber security challenges will exist for the foreseeable future, UNIT remains committed to delivering pragmatic solutions to the evolving threat landscape.

IT Security User Awareness Campaign As part of Villanova’s IT Security and Information Protection Strategy, the University has invested in, and maintained, a

“layered” security architecture, putting in place solutions such as firewalls, SPAM and virus filtration, data protection, and IT security policies. While these hardware, software, and policy controls protect the University’s diverse computing resources, UNIT understands the need to address the often over-looked “human” element. Security breaches continue to be in the news and as we have seen, colleges and universities are also not immune to this troubling trend. Avoiding a disruption to campus operations and safeguarding personal information, confidential university data and intellectual property are paramount to protecting Villanova. In 2014, UNIT launched a multi year program, to help protect the University, with a security awareness program that will provide awareness, training, and policies for students, faculty, and staff. UNIT’s goal is to make students, faculty, and staff understand the risks in using today’s technology, and how to effectively defend against today’s cyber threats, both at work and at home. The program is designed to ensure that the community is aware that they may be targets. The program intends to motivate and change behavior by teaching how to use technology securely; and, ensures that Villanova remains compliant, in the face of security challenges, such as mobility (data on mobile devices,) BYOD, rapidly changing phishing technologies, cloud computing, social media, increasingly more sophisticated “cyber” attacks, and intellectual property. By informing students, faculty, and staff the indicators of compromise, and how to report incidents,

UNIT highlights and shares key IT Security information to the community monthly. Villanova goes beyond just prevention, and begins to create a far more proactive and resilient organization relative to IT security and information protection. Progressive organizations understand that support of important programs is essential, and the more resources a security awareness initiative has, the more mature the program able to become. To this end, UNIT, in partnership with each college and administrative department head, must continuously emphasize the importance of the University’s IT Security User Awareness Campaign, and continue to increase and enforce participation among faculty and staff.

16 | UNIT Annual Report 2015-2016

IT Security User Awareness Campaign Goals 1. Maintain a compliance-focused IT Security User Awareness Campaign for faculty, including partnering with the Office of the Provost to: a. Ensure that all remaining full-time faculty, who have not taken IT Security User Awareness training, do so by April 1, 2016. b. Ensure that all new University full-time faculty complete IT Security User Awareness education within one (1) month of hire date. c. Create a plan to engage new full-time/adjunct faculty; for example, College/UNIT on boarding sessions (delivered during semester startup activities). 2. UNIT will continue to prepare and deliver reports to UCIT on compliance participation rates for IT Security User Awareness videos for all faculty and staff. Additional information will be provided to hiring managers/supervisors for any individuals who have not completed the education within the proposed time frame. 3. An IT Security User Awareness Training policy is currently in development by UNIT, with a time frame to be determined. 4. Create a basic awareness mechanism to address Phishing incidents at Villanova; for example, using existing SANS videos, UNIT MARCOMM updates, and integration into existing Help Desk processes; for example, initial contact/ resolution email notifications. All of these communication channels are recommended to bring increased awareness to Phishing at Villanova. 5. The University intends to begin enforcement on 5/1/2016, with support from UCIT, EVP, and Provost.

Villanova IT Security Awareness Marketing and Communication Campaign As part of Villanova’s ongoing IT Security Awareness Marketing and Communication Campaign, UNIT highlights and communicates the following IT Security information to the community monthly via the UNIT website (http://www1. and promotes using a multi-channel approach though campus currents, social media, and digital signage throughout campus. Below is a list of each month’s IT Security topics.

n May 2015

nJune 2015

nJuly 2105

n August 2015

Is your Computer Hacked? The top 5 signs of hacked computers.

UNIT shared the University IT Security and Information Protection Strategy Update.

Social Media Risks: How to use social media sites securely and safely.

Backup & Recovery: Encouraging all to backup important files and develop a backup solution.

n Sept/Oct 2015

nNovember 2015

nDecember 2015

nJanuary 2016

Our Shared Responsibility: National Cyber Security Awareness Month/IT security best practices.

Stay Safe Online: UNIT informed the community tips to staying safe for online shopping.

Stronger Protection: Amazon services offering multi-factor authentication for stronger security.

IT Security: Sharing important IRS Tax Tips 2016.

nFebruary 2016

nMarch 2016

nApril 2016

nMay 2016

University IT Security February is Data Privacy Month, Best Practices for securing your data.

IT Security: Phishing – User awareness and UNIT’s steps to reduce Phishing attempts.

Protecting your Kids Online: Best practices to keep your children safe online.

Staying Secure on the road. Best practices for IT traveling tips.

17 | UNIT Annual Report 2015-2016

Data Storage 1.16 petabytes

Campus Network 1,662

3 GB


Internet Bandwidth

Cable TV Connections

 wireless access points

= 10,000 gigabytes

on-premise storage enterprise cloud storage personal cloud storage

 216

registered devices on VU Play


  55,191 student & alumni email accounts

12,546 staff & faculty email accounts

Adaptive Infrastructure

The technology infrastructure is the foundation for the information systems, applications, and services that support critical University processes. UNIT strives to develop an adaptive technology infrastructure with a focus on addressing technology trends dealing with security, mobility and agility in support of the University’s goals.

Data Network Enhancements The campus data network is an essential component of an agile, adaptive infrastructure. This year, significant improvements were made to the data network including: •  The Core network was improved by the upgrade of the campus Internet connection with new 10GB fiber and network switch equipment •  The campus network Internet router was upgraded to provide high capacity, reliability and security in the Core Network •  In a multi-phase project, a significant element of the campus data network, the Campus Services network, were upgraded and redesigned to improve security for special applications including Campus Card, financial transactions, building management, security systems and life safety systems •  The edge network switches were replaced with upgraded equipment

Campus WIFI Network Upgrade The multi-phase plan to upgrade the wireless data network for increased capacity, robustness and reliability continued with

the completion of Sheehan Hall, Sullivan Hall and Connelly Center. To date, the following residence halls were previously upgraded with new Aruba wireless - Stanford Hall, St. Clare, Jackson, St. Mary’s Hall, Gallen Hall, and Farley Hall. New wireless Access Points were installed for improved coverage and to meet future needs. Network switch equipment and fiber cable was upgraded to increase capacity, speed and reliability between buildings. The remaining residence buildings will be upgraded in summer 2016.

18 | UNIT Annual Report 2015-2016

VU Play

Data Center Optimization

The new VU Play service allows students to easily register video game console and entertainment devices for access to the campus wireless network. VU Play is only available on the new Aruba wireless network.

The University Data Center hosting agreement with DSS was renewed. UNIT has successfully completed planned server refreshes, virtualization efforts and incorporated cloud solutions which lowered the monthly data center expense by 10%. These efficiencies will allow UNIT to meet growing University infrastructure needs by broadening its portfolio of Data Center Services to include additional on premise and cloud based solutions.

Enterprise Cloud Storage with Amazon Web Services This year, UNIT entered into an Enterprise Agreement with Amazon Web Services. The agreement allows UNIT access to a variety of cloud based services provided by Amazon at a discounted price. UNIT has leveraged the Amazon S3 storage solution to improve the University’s data backup processes by reducing the cost of storage while simplifying the administration of the backup environment. Amazon’s pay as you go model for storage allows UNIT to consume only the storage needed and to seamlessly expand when required.

Office 365 UNIT rolled out Microsoft’s Office 365 to the Villanova community. Office 365 is the compilation of software and services providing productivity software to its users. The first services brought online for campus use include OneDrive and Office Online. OneDrive is personal cloud storage that allows users to save files and later access them from a web browser or mobile

UNIT is committed to provide an adaptive, agile infrastructure composed of on-campus and external cloud-based services and information systems. The cloud services are carefully selected and meet standards for secure integration with on-campus systems. Cloud technologies provide flexibility through increasing capacity and capabilities while reducing costs for data-center, equipment, licensing, and labor. University investments in cloud services generally require fewer resources to maintain infrastructure, allowing a greater focus on other priorities. Exploring Options for new Phone System Nursing Research Gmail for students Storage

Wired/Wireless Data network Data Center Moved to DSS


75 % of Servers Virtualized



Exploring AWS Azure Solutions


Web Content Management


Cloud Services


Blackboard Adobe Connect Adobe Creative Evisions Cayuse Salesforce Hobsons iModules Bisk / EMBAnet Office 365 OneDrive eScripts Infosilem Mercer Mercury Concur Helpdesk System Rise Digital Signage Duo Security BTB Security 12Twenty Career Ctr Handshake Recruiting Terra Dotta Study Abroad

19 | UNIT Annual Report 2015-2016

67,322 files in OneDrive

device. Office Online is the cloud-based version of the Microsoft Office desktop suite including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. Future planned services include an upgrade to Exchange Online from the current on premise Exchange implementation. This will provide larger mailboxes quotes for all users as well as an enhanced web interface. Likewise, the current SharePoint environment (https:// will be upgraded to SharePoint Online with a refreshed look and additional functionality.

Office of Research and Graduate Programs (ORGP) and UNIT Partnership UNIT participated in a research computing task force sponsored by the Office of Research and Graduate Programs. In conjunction with select faculty and staff from across campus, the task force surveyed campus to better understand the research needs of faculty. Key takeaways from the survey responses included the need for shareable storage solutions for data sets as well as broader access to software packages to support the research faculty. In response to the survey results, UNIT and ORGP made State SE, Atlas for untrusted datasets, and Amos research software available to all faculty through UNIT’s vDesktop environment. In addition to expanded access to research software, UNIT is piloting a high performance computing (HPC) like environment for research and high application processing for the Villanova community. This initiative includes several faculty and research students using applications such as Matlab, Ansys, Abaqus, and COMSOL. The goal of the HPC service is to offer and provide faster processing for applications in a secure, robust, and redundant server environment for faculty and students.

20 | UNIT Annual Report 2015-2016

Closed Projects by Category 13%


Total Projects

84% Started & finished on time Started on time & finished late Started early & finished on time




Program Management Office UNIT’s PMO develops and supports standard methodology, processes, tools, metrics and management information that will provide assurance that all aspects of technology initiatives at Villanova University are coordinated, supported, and executed efficiently across the campus. UNIT consistently monitors the performance of its IT project portfolio. Success factors are routinely assessed during the project life-cycle, including: 1. Business cases aligned to University and VU-IT strategic plans and key goals 2. Project scope, budget, and time management 3. Communication planning 4. Testing and quality control 5. University partner, and vendor customer relationship management Each year, UNIT concentrates on specific project life-cycle areas, with the goal of improving IT project execution. These areas were also enhanced strategically to ensure better project planning, execution, IT security, partner and vendor management, and IT infrastructure processes and procedures.

In 2015-2016, the following portions of the project management process were revised: Identification •  Business Case Identification •  Project Dependencies •  Project Scope Statement Planning •  Vendor Security Questionnaire •  MARCOMM Checklist •  Customer Relationship Manager Assigned Project Information •  MARCOMM Opportunity Support - Help Desk •  EasyVista Integration

21 | UNIT Annual Report 2015-2016

This chart represents a series of activities of the UNIT Project Lifecycle. It is divided into 6 phases to fulfill UNIT project goals and objectives as well as to effectively manage the processes. Each phase has associated tasks and deliverables.

22 | UNIT Annual Report 2015-2016

Looking Forward... UNIT remains focused on the alignment to the University’s Strategic Plan and the underlying notion of continuing to transform all aspects of the campus to the “digital era”. Working with the academic and administrative areas across the campus and with UCIT and the President’s Cabinet, we have established the following IT goals for 2016-17. Advance the innovative use of instructional technologies to enhance teaching, learning and research •  Continue Phase VII of classroom upgrades and enhancements focused on adding more multi-purpose locations to support technology enabled pedagogy, more collaboration and learning spaces (flexible modalities to meet changing needs) •  Deploy academic analytics and outcomes to support faculty, departments, colleges, and students •  Expand the portfolio of academic capabilities for faculty and students – YellowDig social collaboration tool and expanded use of e-Portfolio •  Continue to build out the technology infrastructure to support research computing (HPC, software tools, storage, and security) in the cloud and to a limited extent on campus. •  Position ourselves to assist as any of the colleges move to alternative delivery or pedagogy changes be able to support the transition (CBE or personalized learning, online, hybrid, etc.) Enhance the technological experience on campus for faculty, staff and students •  Deploy next phase of upgraded wireless and 10GB Network capacity •  Further deployment of wireless locks (phase IV) and mobile applications and functionality •  Enhance mobile apps, platform, and functionality •  Complete the migration to cloud-based MS 365, One Drive, Google, Drop Box (storage), and SharePoint (collaboration) •  Expand use, support and creation of alternative/multichannel communications (social, Yammer, web, videos, etc.) •  Refresh the “homepage” and splash/landing pages (highlight university, colleges, research, scholars, etc.) •  Broader deployment of CRM like capabilities (undergraduate recruiting, service areas, athletics, etc.)

Maintain our commitment to provide excellent service to the Villanova community •  Proactively support processes and communications Provide a comprehensive, pragmatic security and information protection program •  Complete Phase IV and V of the IT Security Risk Assessment reports and execute recommendations •  Enhance and continue to evolve the university’s incident response processes •  Address Penetration test findings (high priority) •  Full deployment of Security incident and event monitoring (7/24) for all campus and data center •  Complete the revision, addition, and enforcement of all IT policies •  Refresh and continue multi-pronged education of community (Security Awareness Program) •  Continue network segmentation, multi factor authentication, encryption, etc.

We need to prepare students for their future, not our past. –Ian Jukes Deliver reliable, flexible, and cost effective technology infrastructure •  Complete migration to cloud based mail, storage, backup, etc. •  Complete the Banner hardware upgrade •  Continue migration to an Adaptive technology infrastructure that is cost-effective and prioritizes speed, scale, security, reliability. •  Develop a plan for the Phone System next phase Direct Strategic Alignment – Others: •  Develop and deploy a comprehensive BI and advanced analytics solution (academics and administrative)

23 | UNIT Annual Report 2015-2016

People 2015 University Above and Beyond Award Recipients

Brian Baker, Scott Brady, Sam Davidson, Ashish Desai, Kevin Donahue, Evan Dorsey, Crispin May, Frank Palmarino, Chris Pyle, Terry VanKeuren

275 Tier 1 Awards Recognition of Individuals for performance above and beyond the expectation of their position

3 Tier 2 Team awards

Times Sq. Advertising, EasyVista/TechZone Digitization Team, 2015 Wildcard Video Team

Villanova Community Committees or External User Groups: Ben Alfonsi

SANS Institute Customer Advisory Board, National Cyber Security Alliance - Individual Champion, Young Leadership Program, Student Life, Delaware County Community College - Committee Member (Network Engineering Curricula)

Brian Baker

Academic Space Committee

Sarah Becker

Philadelphia Free School - Board of Directors, member

John Bonass

Villanova Access and Security Door Committee

Betsy Brown

UA/UNIT Charity Golf Outing Committee, St. Thomas of Villanova Day Committee

Lucas Burke

PCI DSS Compliance Committee, HIPAA Compliance Committee, Data Classification and Retention Committee

Michael Cunningham

Young Alumni Campaign Committee

Cathy DeGrazio

UA/UNIT Charity Golf Outing Committee, St. Thomas of Villanova Day Committee, Christmas Midnight Shift

Ashish Desai

TEDx Committee, Graduation Committee, Mobile App Judge, Villanova Leadership Academy

Patricia Downey

University Compliance and Ethics Taskforce, Mentor Villanova Leadership Academy, Special Olympics Volunteer

Alice Faraone

Officer (Treasurer) Pennsylvania Banner Users Group (PABUG), Above and Beyond Award Selection Committee Member, Business Intelligence Committee chair, Administrative IT (ADIT) Committee member, Banner Coordination Committee Member

Kathy Gallagher

Villanova Access & Security Door Committee, Rewards and Recognition Chairperson, Friends of VU Committee, Wireless Door Committee, Fire Alarm Committee, UNIT Social Committee Director

David Gregorio

Graduation Committee

Eric Hamberger

UA/UNIT Charity Golf Outing Coordinator

24 | UNIT Annual Report 2015-2016

Hank Heincer

Campus Stainability Committee

Susan Hill

North Light VU Campus Committee, Villanova Women’s Dragon Boat Racing Team, Dreams and Wishes Cystic Fibrosis Philadelphia, Grant Committee member The Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia

Lisa Kemble

Salesforce Governance Committee

Cathy Kolongowski

One Book Villanova Committee, St. Thomas of Villanova Day Committee, Homecoming weekend, Senate Reconstruction Task Force, World Meeting of Families, House Call Program, Commencement

Joan Lesovitz

Academic Space Committee, Faculty Advisory Committee, Blackboard User Group (BUGLUG), Northeast E-Learning Consortium

Crispin May

University Staff Council, UNIT Representative, Suggestion Committee, Chairman, UNIT Marcomm Committee, Villanova ICE, Mentor

Gabe Monteleone

Online Accessibility Committee, Employee Onboarding/Separation Committee, Salesforce Governance Committee

John Murphy

Inn Dwelling - Board of Directors, member

Wenny Ou

Work Process Improvement Committee

Frank Palmarino

Academic Space Committee

Jennifer Pohlhaus

Open Connections Inc. - Board of Directors, member, TEDx Committee

Rick Stein

UA/UNIT Charity Golf Outing Coordinator

Richard Wack

Blackboard User Group Leader (BUGLUG), Northeast E-Learning Consortium

Carolann Weidmayer St. Thomas of Villanova Day Committee, St. Agatha Soup Kitchen Emily Wilms

St. Thomas of Villanova Day Service Registration Staff Chair, Martin Luther King Day of Service Committee Chair of External Relations, Outreach and Registration, VSB Alumni Mentor, Salesforce Philadelphia Non-Profit User Group

Articles, Books and Conference Presentations Ben Alfonsi

Delaware Community College - Adjunct Faculty Business & Computer Information Systems & Network Engineering

John Bonass

Presenter CBORD, NACCU,

Nick Bruns

Easy Vista Connect ITSM Conference - TechZone Digitization

Michael Cunningham Instructor Villanova Experience Leadership Seminar Ankit Desai

Presenter - Unleash 2016 - Mediasite User Conference - “Using Mediasite for Your Online Programs: Best Practices & Lessons Learned

Kevin Dietzler

Pennsylvania Area Banner Users Group (PABUG) Conference presenter

25 | UNIT Annual Report 2015-2016

Kevin Donahue

Presenter - CITE

Patricia Downey

Merion Mercy Academy Math Honors Program

Alice Faraone

Pennsylvania Area Banner Users Group (PABUG) Conference presenter

Stephen Fugale

2012-2015 – Villanova University Higher Education CIO Summit – host, speaker, and panelist, 2015 CIO Forum & IT Executive Summit - speaker “5 Year Technology Outlook”,Educate Online Strategic Advisory Board member, Dell – Higher Education Advisory Board member,Dell CIO Advisory Council member, DSS – CIO Advisory Board member

Kathy Gallagher

Presenter CBORD, NACCU, CBORD Advisory Council

Eric Hamberger

Presenter, 2016 Pearson Education CITE Conference, Presenter at VITAL Day 2015

Alice Han

Pennsylvania Area Banner Users Group (PABUG) Conference presenter

Susan Hill

Elusion Live in New Orleans - Faculty Load and Compensation 2015

Lisa Kemble

Pennsylvania Area Banner Users Group (PABUG) Conference presenter

Cathy Kolongowski

Presenter at VITAL Poster Session on Bb Analytics and Outcomes

Gabe Monteleone

Pennsylvania Area Banner Users Group (PABUG) Conference

David Mullen

Pennsylvania Area Banner Users Group (PABUG) Conference presenter

Christian Slater

EasyVista Connect ITSM Conference - TechZone Digitization

Rick Stein

Presenter at VITAL Poster Session on Bb Analytics and Outcomes

Julia Turnbull

Oracle Open World Conference

Certifications, Degrees and Honors Ben Alfonsi

Information System Security Certification Consortium, INC., (ISC), Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP)

Brian Baker

Foundations of Crestron Programming Certificate, CTS Certification

Chong San Chan

Dell Hardware Certificate, Apple Hardware Certificate

Sam Davidson

CTS Certification

Ankit Desai

Master of Science - Instructional Technology/Design - St. Joseph’s University

Ashish Desai

Business Analyst Certification (UC Irvine)

Kevin Donahue

Evanta Professional Development Academy Certificate in Leadership

Kimberly Downey

Blackboard Certified Trainer

John Hala

Graduate Certificate in Practical Theatre, CWNA (Certified Wireless Network Administrator)

26 | UNIT Annual Report 2015-2016

Eric Hamberger

Blackboard Certified Trainer

Hank Heincer

Dell Hardware Certificate

Bryan Hines

Certificate in Information Systems

Lisa Kemble

Professional Development Academy Front Line Leadership Program

Cathy Kolongowski

ABCs of Instructional Design Certificate

Ondrei Miller

Master in Business Administration from Villanova School of Business

David Mullen

Work Process Improvement Award

Pete O’Brien

Apple Hardware Certificate, Dell Hardware Certificate

Frank Palmarino

Biamp Tesiraforte Training Certificate, CTS Certification

Jennifer Pohlhaus

Evanta Professional Development Academy Certificate in Leadership

Chris Pyle

CTS Certification

James Schank

Dell Hardware Certificate, Apple Hardware Certificate

Christian Slater

EasyVista Foundations Plus Certification, Master of Public Administration from Villanova School of Business

Terry VanKeuren

Foundations of Crestron Programming Certificate, Certified Extron AV Associate, Clear One University: Professional Audio Conferencing Product Specialist, InfoComm: Digital Signage For Technology Managers Certificate, CTS Certification

Richard Wack

Master of Instructional Design & Technology; Summa Cum Laude, Nominated for Alpha Epsilon Lambda Honor Society, Blackboard Certified Trainer

Kim Walter

EasyVista Foundation Plus Certification

Carolann Weidmayer VoiceThread Certified trainer Emily Wilms

Master of Liberal Studies

Jennifer Windau

Master of Science in Cybersecurity from Villanova School of Engineering

New Employees Martin Fox Marie Gargan Jeffrey Hunsberger Michael Kriwonos

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UNIT Annual Report 2015-2016  
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