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ACCOUNTING & INFORMATION SYSTEMS MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIR The past academic year began as a typical one but quickly changed course as the pandemic and protests took center stage. Both are major events that will likely change the trajectory of our mission but do so in ways that will allow us to grow and better achieve this mission. These events also create some opportunities. From the teaching side, they allow us to identify the best ways to use online technology to improve the learning experience. From the community side, they open the door to learn about others and recognize that our past experiences may lead each of us to think and view things differently. These events also force us to discuss and brainstorm how we can generate change to bring together all members of our community. And at the end of the day, these experiences make us better by working more from our heart—and we can in turn pass what we learn to future generations. This edition of the newsletter summarizes how the department enjoys upward momentum with its diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts and how it intends to build on this momentum with the addition of Julius Green as a business fellow. We experienced strong growth in student participation in NABA and ALPFA. We also benefited from the positive influence these groups and their leaders have had in engaging the department, college, and University. We are very proud of their leadership by bringing together diverse groups in our community to discuss and better understand each other's needs. A&IS NEWSLETTER FALL 2020

This newsletter also highlights the significant accomplishments of faculty and staff. Over the past year, several of our faculty received research, teaching, and service awards. Of the nine VSB teaching awards, five were earned by faculty in our department. It is a great accomplishment of our faculty team that so many of these awards reside in one department. In addition, our long-time department coordinator, Nancy Carpenter (who retired in May – see related article), was awarded the Veritas, Unitas, Caritas Award, which recognizes someone who emulates these Augustinian values. There is no person that deserves this award more than Nancy. Finally, despite the uncertainty in the greater job market due to COVID-19, we still had excellent placement results, which is a testament to what we do and the quality of our students. In this newsletter, we highlight the many other accomplishments of our students and much more, so please read and enjoy. As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to me anytime. Best regards,

Michael Peters, PhD Alvin A. Clay Professor of Accounting Chair, Accounting & Information Systems



The accounting undergraduate class of 2020 enjoyed another great year of placement. Comparable to previous years—and despite the shutdown due to COVID-19—there were 108 accounting graduates and all but three secured a job by graduation for a 97% placement rate. More than 80% of these students secured a job at the largest international accounting firms. Almost 60% of the 2020 accounting graduates had an overseas experience. The final job destinations were located across the country and in Puerto Rico, which shows that our majors not only secure jobs by graduation, they also secure marquee jobs typically in their preferred city. Below is a chart providing a breakdown about the nature of the accounting jobs.


3% 15%

Audit Tax Advising



Investment Banking

* At the time of this writing, the placement results


for the MIS majors were not available. However, based on what we know, we expect these results to be in line with prior years—specifically, a very high placement rate by graduation and most being placed in advising positions, especially in the advising areas of the international accounting firms, SAP and other consulting destinations. In addition to being placed in marquee positions, we also expect the MIS majors to be earning very strong salaries.



The Master of Accounting class of 2020 also enjoyed an impressive year of placement, consistent with prior years. Of the 21 MAC students, 20 secured a job by graduation for a total rate of 95%. Of these, 85% have secured employment at the largest international accounting firms.





Tax Advising




ACCOUNTING FIRM OUTREACH PWC PROMOTES DIGITAL FITNESS TO VSB STUDENTS PwC is making a significant investment to help our students become the “Professional of the Future” by linking a global, diverse and inclusive mindset to the digital upskilling. For example, during spring 2020, PwC introduced Villanova students and faculty to the firm’s free “digital fitness” app, which tests your knowledge of emerging technologies and provides you with resources to improve your digital agility. The app has proven to be a great blessing to Villanova during this crazy summer when students were home and seeking to better their professional readiness. On June 3, Andrew Simone ’10 VSB and Tara McIlhenny ’09 VSB introduced the app to a crowd of 60 Villanovans via Zoom. The session was especially impactful as students asked questions about why accountants would need to know about virtual reality, 3D printing, robotics and more. Simone and McIlhenny wowed the students and faculty with examples of the exciting things PwC is doing for its clients. The following note from an attendee is representative of our student's response: “I just wanted to follow up with you about yesterday’s event and tell you how awesome I thought it was! As someone who is trying to figure it all out and is on the fence with accounting, this is JUST what I needed. What a great opportunity and a huge thank you to you for putting this all together!!” McIlhenny (far left) and Simone (far right) of PwC with VSB students.

While the digital fitness app makes a difference with our students, PwC also continues to host virtual events and engage with our students to demonstrate their focus on diversity and inclusion. Thank you PwC!

VILLANOVA STUDENTS WINNERS IN DELOITTE’S REGIONAL AUDIT INNOVATION CAMPUS CHALLENGE In November, a team of VSB accounting majors traveled to Atlanta for the annual Deloitte Audit Innovation Campus Challenge. The Audit Innovation Campus Challenge (AICC) is a nationally driven program hosted by Deloitte’s Audit Innovation group and the Deloitte Foundation, which accelerates innovation in education by helping institutions of higher learning keep pace with the rapidly changing marketplace and evolving technologies. The program engages students and faculty from campuses across the country, providing an educational experience designed to help students develop skills for success in professional services, and it shares the culture of innovation at Deloitte with academia and potential future employees. This year, the challenge was for the team to introduce artificial intelligence into the assurance process in some new way. The team from Villanova included Sophie Matthews ’21 VSB, Matthew LaSorsa ’20 CLAS; ’21 VSB, Michael Zuschlag ’22 VSB, Patrick Connors ’22 VSB, Keegan Skinner ’22 VSB, and Colette Termaat ’22 VSB. The team was supported and accompanied by local Deloitte Philadelphia audit partner Scott King ’92 VSB, Deloitte campus recruiter Emilie Patterson, senior audit manager Peter Taylor, and VSB faculty advisor Associate Professor Patricia Dorris-Crenny ’82 VSB. A&IS NEWSLETTER FALL 2020

King of Deloitte (far left) and Crenny of VSB (far right) along with the VSB team.

The team prepared for five weeks to formulate their innovative idea, which used available public social media as part of the audit process. Villanova University advanced far and, along with the University of Mississippi, eventually won the Atlanta regional competition, defeating teams from the College of William & Mary, University of South Carolina, James Madison University, University of Maryland, Clemson University, and the University of Florida in the regionals. The team was preparing to compete in April against the other regional finalists at Deloitte University in Texas for the national finals when the competition was canceled due to the COVID-19 crisis. Deloitte presented all the members of the regional finalist teams and their universities with awards for their success and Villanova was awarded $1,000 in support of the Accounting Department! Great job to our team and Deloitte for this wonderful opportunity! 3

VSB AND KPMG WELCOME NEW MASTERS PROGRAM IN TAX WITH DATA AND ANALYTICS builds upon the traditional Masters of Taxation program and incorporates baseline D&A skillsets that are necessary to succeed in today’s dynamic business and tax environment,” said Ben Garfunkel, the chief talent officer for KPMG’s US tax practice and a member of the firm’s board of directors.

First cohort of KPMG Master Program in Tax with Data and Analytics

KPMG LLP chose VSB as one of only three business schools to collaborate on a new tax program that integrates master’s level taxation courses with emerging technologies and data analytics. Four years ago, VSB was one of two schools that joined with KPMG to launch the first-of-its-kind Master of Accounting with Data and Analytics Graduate Program. Building on the success of this program, KPMG developed a parallel program for taxation with KPMG sponsoring the students. “The collaboration with these programs in general has proved to be very effective in preparing our accounting students to be well-rounded business leaders,” said Joyce E. A. Russell, PhD, the Helen and William O’Toole Dean of the Villanova School of Business. “We are excited to work with KPMG to create a program that will provide students with the infusion of tax, data, analytics and technology in a way that will prepare them for the higher-level expectations of tax professionals.” “In today’s data-centric world, the tax function is continually evolving. Successful tax professionals are required to be innovative and forward-thinking in their approaches to solving daily challenges. This often includes applying new technologies to drive efficiencies or add value. KPMG is excited to be working with top universities, including Villanova University, to create a unique program that

Data analytics has become an integral part of the tax function in today’s businesses. It has also transformed the way tax firms provide services to their clients. New tax professionals will still be required to have a deep knowledge of ever-changing tax laws and regulations; however, they must also be familiar with taxation that is integrated with emerging technologies, data extraction, manipulation and visualization applications. In addition, a tax proficiency in the use of big data, robotics and artificial intelligence will become a differentiator for that firm in providing tax services to complex multijurisdictional businesses. This program delivers a complete package of tax skill sets that will provide our graduate students with a competitive advantage in their career development as a tax professional,” said Ed Liva, retired KPMG tax partner and professor of practice at VSB. “The program integrates a robust curriculum of substantive graduate-level courses in tax with cutting-edge competencies in technology and data analytics. In addition, the experiential learning component of the program enables the students to immediately apply their newly acquired knowledge to real-world tax situations and challenges.” VSB will welcome the tax program’s first cohort of 25 students in the fall 2020 semester. KPMG-sponsored students will receive full-tuition funding plus a stipend toward room and board as part of KPMG’s sponsorship. In addition, they will take part in an internship with a KPMG tax team during the program and be offered full-time positions with the firm upon graduation. Those interested in learning more about the program, including how to apply, should visit the program’s website.



Rachel Touma ’20 VSB was recently highlighted nationally at KPMG as a result of her internship experience. She interned in business tax services and aspires to get a master’s in tax accounting after she sits for her CPA exam next spring. Even though it was her second experience at KPMG, Touma continues to be surprised at “the level of autonomy, trust and freedom given at the intern level.” The KPMG internship experience has helped her make key decisions about her education and career goals.

Savich received the 2019 Chairman's Award for High Performance at KPMG, which is awarded for “commitment to excellence, sustained outstanding performance, professional conduct and demonstration of values.”




Snediker and Oswald both of EY presenting to VSB students.

Licete Snediker ’97 VSB and Ryan Oswald ’98 VSB of EY were the keynote speakers at the department’s annual accounting conference and dinner on October 28, 2019. Snediker and Oswald walked students through a timeline of their post-Villanova lives, and did a wonderful job demonstrating how balancing work success, family and

personal interests is not only possible, but an essential part of working in public accounting. Students learned about the diversity of career opportunities one can experience in accounting versus the stereotype we so often see from the media or other sources. Both gave countless examples about how the accounting industry has always been and continues to be ahead of the curve in integrating work-life balance as well as the use of analytics and creativity into the workplace. They used their experience at EY to provide concrete examples of these changes but also to emphasize that a career in accounting makes you a well-rounded businessperson in addition to being a good accountant. They spoke about the supportive nature of accounting in general and within public accounting in particular. The event feedback was so positive that Snediker and Oswald have hosted two encore presentations and many of our students now cite them both as the perfect accounting role models. Thank you Licete, Ryan and EY for your continued help with supporting our mission.

DIVERSITY, EQUITY & INCLUSION INITIATIVES ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT MOVING FORWARD WITH DIVERSITY, EQUITY AND INCLUSION The Accounting Department continues its upward momentum in diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) led by Stephen Liedtka, PhD, CPA and Julius Green,CPA, JD. In late 2019, the department added Green as a business fellow to expand programming (see related article). Some activities that Dr. Liedtka and Green have worked on include leadership visits; presentations to minority groups (on topics driven by these groups); support of student activities such as the MLK Day of Service; committee work; a book scholarship program; Deloitte “Diversity Day”; establishment and growth of NABA (National Association of Black Accountants) and ALPFA (Association of Latino Professionals for America); a financial literacy course to high schools; and many others that were deferred due to COVID-19. The NABA Villanova executive board has shown tremendous leadership in the wake of the horrific killing of George Floyd and the demonstrations that have ensued by reaching out to Villanova leaders to add their voice and perspective to the question of how we move forward as a community.

to a new executive team for both NABA and ALPFA. While planning is still underway, some preliminary ideas that have been presented by the new board members led by Presidents Maria Espinoza ’22 VSB (NABA) and Steven Guachichullca ’22 VSB (ALPFA) are to continue peer mentorship and guidance to underrepresented students, launch a VSB alumni mentoring program, and more clearly demonstrate the value proposition for membership in NABA and ALPFA. HOW CAN YOU HELP? We were hoping you would ask! We need allies—and that means you! A few opportunities are to learn more about the experiences and needs of our minoritized and first-generation students; attend diversity-relatedevents and refer students to Green and Dr. Liedtka whether for NABA, ALPFA or Ascend for opportunities to participate in internships and employer experiences, travel to conferences, dine and study with mentors, and Financial Accounting book scholarships. Contact Dr. Liedtka at and/or Julius Green at

In 2020-21, our DEI initiatives will expand to launch an Ascend chapter focused on our Pan Asian students and establish goals and program activities while transitioning A&IS NEWSLETTER FALL 2020


JULIUS GREEN JOINS ACCOUNTING FACULTY GREETING FROM JULIUS GREEN On May 31, 2019 I retired from my role as a tax partner with the Baker

and George Washington University in Washington, DC), I have spent the past 25+ years working for three public accounting firms (Coopers & Lybrand, EY, and Baker Tilly).

Tilly public accounting firm. Just prior to retirement, I learned that the VSB

In my short time here, I have found the faculty and the

accounting department was in search

students a real pleasure. They are smart, insightful and

of support for strengthening their diversity and inclusion (D&I) initiatives.

caring, all attributes that I treasure. While my position is a part-time role, there are not many days that go by that

As a tax partner with Baker Tilly, people initiatives including

I don’t think about Villanova, brainstorming ways in which

diversity was one of the most rewarding aspects of my

we can bring about incremental but real change to bear in

responsibilities. When the opportunity was presented

the area of diversity. I am very engaged, mostly through

to work on D&I initiatives at such a well-respected

phone calls, emails and Zoom meetings (even prior to the

school as Villanova, I knew I had to pursue it.

pandemic) with students—particularly underrepresented student leaders—to help counsel, advise, mentor and identify

My work as a non-teaching business fellow in the VSB

resources to facilitate the achievement of their goals. In the

Department of Accounting & Information Systems began

coming months, my work with underrepresented students

in late October 2019. My primary role is in helping the

will continue as my interactions with others within the VSB

department and school build upon its diversity and inclusion

community will broaden to those who may benefit from

efforts. While I am not a stranger to academia (having spent

my experience and perspectives.

12 years working at Morgan State University in Baltimore

JOHN W. HALLAHAN CATHOLIC GIRLS’ HIGH SCHOOL relationships. She shared, “It doesn’t feel good to work for someone, but it feels great to work with someone. Find a job where you work with people, and you will always be happy.” A group of Villanova students, which included members from NABA and ALPFA, joined accounting professionals to present financial literacy workshops to nearly 300 students over the course of the day. Villanova students showed their teaching prowess on topics such as the basics of budgeting and knowledge of accounting and finance. After the program, most of the students shared via a survey that the program encouraged them to start thinking about their future, both in terms of saving money and finding the right career for them. The following is what one student shared: “This experience Samantha Masino '21 VSB, Chidinma Chioke ’21 VSB, Taylor Moore '20 VSB and Ela Urbina '20 VSB

The Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA) organized an accounting career/financial literacy day at John W. Hallahan Catholic Girls’ High School on Feb. 7 for over 300 students. Students first heard from Kimberly Dula, managing partner at Friedman LLP in Philadelphia, who shared how and why she majored in accounting, why she stuck with it as a profession, and the importance of the workplace environment and your work


impacts my future by pushing me to go to college and continue to get good grades so I can succeed and have a good career path. Before the event I wasn't too interested in attending college but now I am and know what my career path is going to be.” Chidinma Chioke ’21 VSB, then-president of NABA, said the following: “I, along with Samantha Masino, Taylor Moore and Ela Urbina, had the amazing opportunity to represent Villanova School of Business."


STUDENT NEWS STUDENT CHAMPION: THOMAS ROZINSKI Thomas Rozinski ’20 MAC was voted the winner by his peers for the inaugural MACDA 2020 Student Champion Award. This award was given to a student who embraced all that Villanova had to offer, who the cohort looked up to, and who was always willing to go above and beyond. Rozinski attended undergrad at Widener University, majoring in accounting. In his senior year at Widener, he knew he wanted to pursue his Master of Accounting at Villanova for the unique fusion of accounting with data analytics. On what made the MACDA program special in terms of both the unique curriculum and his professional development Rozinski said: “I would say the MACDA program prepared me to enter the workforce because a major theme of the program was ‘to develop the tools to be an exceptional first-year professional,’ rather than merely learning technical information. Some of the most important lessons I learned are to ask great questions, highlight confusion and understand your purpose.”

Beyond his studies, Rozinski participated in all of the social and philanthropic opportunities offered through the MACDA program and Villanova, including Villanova Day of Service, attending a Villanova Men’s Basketball game, networking with other graduate business students at the Phillies game, and multiple happy hours with his colleagues. When asked what he will remember from his time at Villanova, Rozinski told us, “Throughout this past academic year at Villanova, I met many great faculty and friends whom I respect for both their intelligence in the classroom and their kindness in everyday interaction. During the day while not in class, my colleagues and I hung out in the graduate lounge to complete group projects and sympathize with each other about the challenges of studying for our coursework as well as for the CPA exam.” Beginning this fall, Rozinski will be working at Deloitte in the Audit & Assurance practice.

Q&A WITH NEDA SALES ’20 MAC We asked one of our MACDA students, Neda Sales, to share a few thoughts about her experience at Villanova in the MACDA program. Sales moved across the country to attend Villanova and excelled both inside and outside the classroom, taking advantage of all the opportunities Villanova offered. Sales will begin her career at KPMG in Philadelphia beginning this fall. CAN YOU TELL US A LITTLE ABOUT YOURSELF? I was born and raised in Southern California. I attended the California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. As a Villanova Wildcat fan, I added Villanova University to my research list when I decided to pursue graduate school. Having been in California all my life, I wanted to experience the East Coast and my early experience with the faculty was positive and encouraging. HOW DID TECHNOLOGY FACTOR INTO THE PROGRAM? The program curriculum prepares its students with the fundamentals needed for using technological programs. Through SQL, data visualization and other programs, MACDA teaches the cohort a variety of data techniques that are useful for new accountants since technology plays a larger role in the profession. WHAT WAS YOUR EXPERIENCE LIKE WITH THE FACULTY? I adore the faculty associated with the MACDA. Everyone was welcoming from the start and they made themselves A&IS NEWSLETTER FALL 2020

available to help with anything. They took a personal interest in the cohort even after their semester of teaching ended and kept us connected despite COVID-19 serving as an obstacle. WHAT DID YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT THE MACDA PROGRAM? My favorite part of the MACDA program was the cohort experience. Being part of a cohort created a sense of community at Villanova and many of us took every opportunity to support each other and ensure that we would all succeed. My cohort will always have a special place in my heart because they made my year at Villanova a very special one. ANY OTHER ASPECTS OF VILLANOVA THAT WERE A POSITIVE EXPERIENCE? Going to Villanova Wildcat games at the Wells Fargo Center was also a joy. Our cohort was able to interact with other VSB faculty, who were also interested in our success and happiness at Villanova, as well as other students in VSB master's programs. Although I only had a year to spend at Villanova, I have so many happy memories to cherish. GO CATS! 7



BARTLEY MEDALLION WINNER, MAC PROGRAM Jackson Martinez ’20 MAC completed his undergrad degree at The Catholic University of America, where he double majored in accounting and theology & religious studies. “My experience in Villanova's MACDA program was excellent. I not only learned a great deal of new and interesting content, but also shifted my underlying approach to the study and practice of accounting. The mix of lectures, case studies and group work allowed for a more dynamic classroom experience. I met some truly exceptional individuals, both fellow members of my cohort and members of the VSB faculty.” In addition to his coursework, Martinez participated in a full-time MAC fellowship. According to Martinez, having the opportunity to work with three accounting faculty members as part of the fellowship was one of the highlights of his time here at Villanova. One particularly interesting project he worked on focused on not-for-profit organizations, private donations and government grants. Martinez will begin his career working for RSM as a member of the consulting team in the firm's Miami office. His long-term plans include further research in the field, and hopefully spearheading accounting practices and policy for one or more not-for-profit organizations.

BRIAN ARMSTRONG ’20 VSB, ’21 MAC: Winner of a 2020 TEI Scholarship (The Philadelphia Chapter of the Tax Executives Institute). Armstrong will begin the KPMG Master of Tax Program in Data and Analytics in August 2020. AOIFE-MARIE FITZGERALD ’21 VSB: Winner of a PCAOB (Public Company Accounting Oversight Board) $10,000 scholarship for the 2019–2020 academic year. Aoife-Marie will participate in an internship this summer at PwC. JAIVIAN GAETAN ’21 VSB: Winner of the 2020 Philadelphia Philanthropic Society for Information Management (PHISIM) Student Scholarship. Jaivian will be an intern at PwC Consulting during 2020. He also served as president of ALPFA (Association of Latino Professionals for America). NATASHA ILOFF ’20 VSB: Winner of the PICPA Minority Scholarship ($2,000). Iloff will begin her professional career at PwC. ALYSSA MATTIA ’21 VSB: Winner of a PCAOB (Public Company Accounting Oversight Board) $10,000 scholarship for the 2020–2021 academic year.

RACHEL AZZOLI RECEIVES FSA AWARD TOMMY KENNEDY WINS PICPA 2020 OUTSTANDING SENIOR AWARD This prestigious award is chosen by faculty members and given to a graduating student who shines in academia and expresses an interest in the field. Tommy Kennedy ’20 VSB earned this award for being a well-rounded student who worked hard to perform at the top of his class and lived a student experience consistent with the values of Villanova and the department. He was an outstanding student throughout his career and made a difference in and outside of the classroom. This fall, Kennedy will begin a Master of Education degree at Villanova.”


Rachel Azzoli ’18 VSB, ’19 MAC is the 2020 recipient of the Federation of Schools of Accountancy (FSA) Award, which is given to a graduate student who demonstrates superior academic performance. Azzoli is from Michigan and earned two degrees in four and a half years, a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting in December 2018 and a Master of Accounting in December 2019. Faculty consistently commented that she is one of those students who made each class better with her presence. In addition to her academic performance, Azzoli helped us in countless ways. She tutored the Executive MBA students for two years and was in strong demand due to her commitment to helping them succeed and her ability to teach the material. She assisted faculty in various positions and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive for her effort and quality of work. “Upon starting my career in tax accounting, my education at Villanova has placed me in an advantageous position. Many of the data analytics courses I took gave me the technological knowledge to advance in the workplace,” Azzoli said. She was inducted into the Beta Gamma Sigma honors society at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Azzoli is currently working at Cohen & Company in Detroit.


SUSAN RYKOWSKI — BARTLEY MEDALLION WINNER IN ACCOUNTING The department is proud to announce that Susan Rykowski ’20 VSB is the 2020 Bartley Medallion Winner for Accounting. The medallion is awarded by the faculty to the top student in accounting both academically and in how that student lives Veritas, Caritas and Unitas. Rykowski completed her undergraduate degree with a perfect 4.0 grade point average and frequently displayed initiative to take her learning to a higher level. Rykowski was a regular attendee at our accounting faculty research seminars and completed an independent study on academic research. Rykowski also donated a tremendous amount of time as a tutor for our department. Dr. Stephen Liedtka notes a time when he fell ill during a review session and Rykowski volunteered to lead a study session. Denise Hanes Downey, PhD, notes that she will always remember Rykowski’s infectious energy in the



When looking at colleges, the MIS program at the Villanova School of Business stood out to Madeleine McKenzie ’20 VSB and drove her decision in choosing Villanova. She has a passion for technology and an entrepreneurial spirit, and the program sounded like the perfect fit. Through her MIS courses, McKenzie’s passion grew with hands-on MIS projects such as creating RPA William Wagner's, PhD, CRM and Data Analytics course and developing a mobile app in Sue Metzger's, professor of the practice in MIS, Mobile App Development course, which she presented to local venture capitalists. Her favorite part of MIS was being able to take interdisciplinary courses that tied together MIS, her business-analytics co-major and her computer science minor in classes such as Machine Learning and Database Management. This holistic approach to MIS drove her success and curiosity in the field. Outside of the classroom, McKenzie had two internships that applied her classroom knowledge. After sophomore year, she traveled abroad and interned at Invesco in Dublin where she learned about technology applications internationally. After her junior year, she interned at Urban Outfitters in Philadelphia where she found a passion for applying MIS in the retail space. Additionally, McKenzie served as the vice president of Tri Delta and was a member of the MIS Society for four years. Following graduation, McKenzie will start her career in NYC as a Business Technology analyst at Deloitte Consulting.


classroom, dedication to her studies and curiosity about accounting research. Rykowski hails from Croton-on-Hudson, NY, where she attended Croton-Harmon High School. She has a wide variety of interests, including traveling, hiking and spending time with friends. She thanks her parents, sister, friends and professors for their support during her time at Villanova and beyond. Rykowski will start this summer with EY in New York City. She is a scholar at heart and was awarded the rare opportunity to participate in EY's Professional Practice Researcher Program. In that position, she will conduct technical accounting research, assist in the creation of internal and external publications, and work with teams facing complex accounting matters. We look forward to Rykowski returning frequently to campus to share her insights.


BECCA GLEESON During her time at Villanova, Becca Gleeson ’20 VSB took advantage of as many opportunities as possible and in the process contributed to the overall mission of both VSB and the department. Gleeson majored in management information systems, business analytics and marketing, the latter of which was used to supplement her love for graphic design. She also fulfilled her honors major as a member of the Honors Program and graduated Magna Cum Laude. Beginning in her first year, she worked for the VSB Communication & Marketing office creating content for advertising, editing the VSB website, producing video projects and much more. Gleeson has been involved with the MIS Society since freshman year, serving on the executive board for three years, including as the president her senior year. She oversaw its transition to the Technology in Business Society. She also helped with the VU Women in Tech website and marketing efforts. Beyond VSB, Gleeson held the position of president of Alpha Phi Omega, the co-ed service fraternity on campus. She also participated in two Campus Ministry Service and Justice Experiences to Alderson, WV and Santa Fe, NM, along with co-leading one trip to Camden, NJ. Gleeson was selected to participate in the Deloitte & SAP Co-Innovation Case Competition, receiving second place with her team from Villanova. Gleeson interned with SAP and Deloitte Consulting and this fall, she will join Deloitte Consulting as a Business Technology analyst in their Philadelphia office.





Dr. Liedtka just celebrated his 10-year anniversary in our department. During his time at Villanova, he has gone above and beyond on behalf of our students. He was honored this past spring as the winner of the 2020 Villanova University Lafferty Award, which recognizes a faculty member who has “made a distinctive and lasting contribution to enhancing the quality of the student experience.” Dr. Liedtka has served as faculty advisor to the Villanova Accounting Society, NABA (National Association of Black Accountants) and ALPFA (Association of Latino Professionals for America), and creates a wide variety of additional opportunities for students to connect with industry leaders. His efforts have transformed the department’s efforts in diversity, equity and inclusion. During the past academic year, Dr. Liedtka packed the Villanova Room for a luncheon featuring Scott Frisch ’90 VSB, COO of AARP, and Nicholas Lazzaruolo ’03 VSB, managing partner of Grant Thornton’s Long Islandmarket. He also organized our annual accounting department conference and dinner for 155 attendees and took students for a private meeting with Frank Abagnale (subject of the film Catch Me if You Can). Dr. Liedtka lives and breathes Villanova. He hosted home barbecues for Honors and NABA students and made an awe-inspiring guest appearance with the Villanova band on the wood block during the men’s basketball game against Saint John’s. Dr. Liedtka has had tremendous success inside the classroom. He was the winner of the VSB 2013 Gerald Dougherty Undergraduate Teaching Excellence Award and has been a finalist or semifinalist six times for Villanova University’s top teaching honor, the Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Award. Dr. Liedtka’s research on the impact of accounting on decision-making has earned him two best paper awards and the Outstanding Author Contribution award from Emerald Publishing. Dr. Liedtka is the proud father of 2020 graduate Margaret Liedtka (Civil Engineering) and rising junior Elizabeth Liedtka (Accounting). He is married to Jeanne Liedtka, JD, associate professor of practice in Marketing & Business Law. He fully expects his high school-aged children Jack and Anneliese to join the Wildcat family soon. The department sends its heartfelt thanks to Dr. Liedtka for his devotion to our students and being instrumental in helping us reach our goals.




Dr. Janice Sipior combines her academic pursuits with her keen interest in new places cultures and people. Her Villanova career has taken her to over 50 countries, including visiting professor positions in Poland and Russia and faculty consulting in Lebanon and the Kingdom of Bahrain. Dr. Sipior does outreach to our first-year students by leading the department’s Global Accounting and Information Systems Case Competition, which brings together the two department disciplines in a case competition targeted toward first-year students. She also coordinates and teaches the beginning technology course, which is required for all VSB students. Dr. Sipior has consistently been one of the department’s most prolific researchers and is actively involved in the research editorial process. She is editor-in-chief of the Information Systems Management journal and holds editorial positions at numerous other journals. Additionally, she was chair of the Association for Computing Machinery’s Special Interest Group on MIS for 16 years and has held many other national and international professional association positions. Her research interests include ethical and legal aspects of information technology, system development strategies, and knowledge management. She has over 100 refereed publications in journals, conference proceedings and books. Dr. Sipior has also combined her research and travel interests. She has presented her research from New York to Paris to Cairo to Beijing and many places in between. She was a keynote speaker at conferences in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Oman, Ireland and Austria. Dr. Sipior has been a major contributor to the overall values at Villanova with her research, teaching and service. Her contributions have helped the department in multiple ways, and particularly the accounting and information systems part of our mission. Thank you Dr. Sipior for all your continued hard work and efforts on behalf of the department and VSB!



MIKE LICATA AWARDED THE DANIEL J. O’MARA GRADUATE AWARD FOR TEACHING EXCELLENCE Professor Mike Licata, PhD, was awarded the Daniel J. O’Mara Award for Teaching Excellence. The O’Mara Teaching Award is named after Dan O’Mara, retired professor in accounting. This award is a highly competitive honor that recognizes faculty for excellence in graduate teaching. Dr. Licata has been a professor in the Department of Accounting & Information Systems for over 36 years. He has taught a multitude of courses in both our undergraduate and graduate programs, including managerial accounting, accounting information systems, financial accounting and advanced auditing. Dr. Licata has been an extremely popular teacher and students that register early are fortunate to be able to enroll in his class. He has also been a departmental and VSB leader with his online teaching. As a classroom innovator, he consistently incorporates new online technologies in a way that maximizes the learning experience for his students. For example, in a recent faculty brainstorming meeting about best practices in online learning, his insights about some of the techniques that work in this space were

NOAH BARSKY RECEIVES EXECUTIVE MBA EXCELLENCE IN TEACHING AWARD Noah Barsky, PhD, CPA, associate professor received the 2020 Villanova Executive MBA Excellence in Teaching Award. In addition to the EMBA program, Dr. Barsky also teaches in the Master of Accounting, MBA, and both the tax and audit Villanova-KPMG programs. His research and teaching focus on performance measurement, risk assessment and contemporary financial reporting issues. He holds active licenses as a certified public accountant, certified management accountant and certified global management accountant. Dr. Barsky continues to be one of the top professors in the department. His preparation is second to none and he makes a special effort to align his learning modules to the specific make-up of the class. He teaches some of our more complex classes and continues to exceed the high expectations of students enrolled in graduate programs. In addition to his teaching and research, he is active in multiple ways in both VSB and the department. The department thanks Dr. Barsky for his commitment to and special effort on behalf of our students and our mission.


extremely helpful to other faculty adapting to this environment due to COVID-19. Most importantly and independent of his teaching, Dr. Licata is a wonderful colleague who is always there to help the department and VSB. “My teaching philosophy starts with the goal of delivering the best possible classroom experience for my students. To reach this goal, I work hard to bring energy and enthusiasm to my lectures and student interactions regardless of whether the topic I am covering is an interesting one or a mundane one. I also strive to provide the students in my online classes with the same quality learning experience that I provide to students in my live classes. Finally, after 36+ years, I love teaching at Villanova and think that our students are just terrific. I believe my students can sense how I feel, which creates a very positive classroom experience for them and me,” Dr. Licata said. The department offers its appreciation to Dr. Licata for all his hard work, dedication, and love for our students and Villanova.

Q CHUNG RECEIVES GERALD A. DOUGHERTY AWARD FOR TEACHING EXCELLENCE Q. B. Chung, PhD, professor of Information Systems, is this year’s recipient of the Gerald A. Dougherty Endowed School of Business Faculty Award. The Dougherty Award is a VSB honor given for outstanding undergraduate teaching and was named for Gerald Dougherty’s many years of outstanding teaching. Dr. Chung’s teaching encompasses the fundamentals of business, information technology, database management, digital communication, big data and text analytics. Regarding teaching and learning, he summarizes his philosophy as follows: “Motivation is the number one factor to effective learning; a teacher is also a student; and our students are more akin to relatives than customers.” At the news that he is the winner of this year’s Dougherty Award he said, “This is overwhelming and truly humbling. Now I have to be really good to carry Gerry Dougherty’s name upon my chest.” Q Chung joined VSB in 1998. The department thanks Dr. Chung for his enthusiasm for our students and his effort in helping us to become a great department.


LAURA IACONA AWARDED WILLIAM J. O’NEILL FACULTY AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING TEACHING Laura Iacona ’96 VSB has been a business fellow in the department for two years and previously an adjunct for three years. She came to Villanova after many years at Grant Thornton, where her most recent position prior to retirement was overseeing the audit practice at the Philadelphia office. From day one, Iacona has been one of our top instructors. Students consistently comment on her teaching style and approach, which allow her to deliver complex material in a way that is easily understood. These students also note the positive effect of her teaching on their learning and most importantly on their growth as a person and future professional. These accomplishments were recognized in 2020 with the VSB William J. O’Neill Teaching Award. “I am honored and humbled to receive the William J. O’Neill Teaching Award. Every day I step on campus to teach at Villanova I am reminded of how fortunate I am to be able to work with such gifted students, talented faculty and staff, and to return to my alma mater and give something back to a place that gave so much to me. When I decided it was time to pivot in my career after 20 years of public accounting experience, I came home to Villanova and have found a new place to guide the next generation of professionals with both my technical knowledge and the ever important “soft skills” that turn a good auditor into a partner, leader and trusted service provider. I bring my experiences from my first career into my second and try to make the technical accounting topics more relevant and attainable. I have loved every second I have spent working with Villanova students and am blessed and gratified to be recognized by them, my new clients, as a professor who has made a real difference in their lives. That’s what this award represents to me. I look forward to the opportunity to continue to work alongside faculty and staff whom I admire so much and with students who teach me something new every day just as I prepare them for their bright futures,” Iacona said. The department thanks Iacona for her outstanding teaching and overall service to our students.

PROFESSOR STEVE ANDRIOLE, PhD RECEIVES THE MCDONOUGH AWARD Stephen J. Andriole, PhD, the Thomas G. Labrecque Professor of Business Technology, received the VSB McDonough Family Faculty Award for excellence in teaching and research. Dr. Andriole has been one of our best researchers and teachers in the department and at VSB. He works tirelessly on behalf of our students and is always willing to help faculty and professionals. He has also recently developed new courses titled Emerging Technologies, and Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. He has published numerous articles in the MIT Sloan Management Review, among other journals, and is a regular contributor to Forbes Magazine. The department wants to thank Dr. Andriole for his efforts on behalf of the department and VSB. A&IS NEWSLETTER FALL 2020

PROFESSOR LUCY CHEN, PhD RECEIVES BEST REVIEWER AWARD Dr. Lucy Chen was awarded the 2020 JIAR (Journal of International Accounting Research) Best Reviewer Award. Congratulations for all your hard work and continuing efforts to strengthen the Villanova brand!

ED LIVA JOINS VILLANOVA SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AS A PROFESSOR OF PRACTICE Ed Liva, CPA, JD, LLM retired from KPMG LLP in 2015 as a tax partner following a 38-year career in the profession. He began his career with Arthur Andersen in Chicago in 1977 and transferred to its Philadelphia office in 1991. In 2002, Professor Liva joined KPMG and served as their National Tax Industry leader through his retirement. Professor Liva also served as the partner in charge of the KPMG Philadelphia Tax practice from 2005 through 2011 and subsequently transferred to KPMG’s New York office in 2011 to lead their Northeast Real Estate Tax practice. Two years after arriving in Philadelphia in 1991, he began serving as an adjunct professor in Villanova’s Graduate Tax Program. Upon retiring from KPMG, Professor Liva joined the Villanova Law School as professor of practice and director of Villanova’s Graduate Tax Program, where he taught and directed the cross-disciplinary tax program designed for lawyers, accountants and business professionals from 2015 through 2018. In his new role at VSB, he will teach Federal Income Taxes and Accounting for Real Estate Investment in the undergraduate program. In addition, Professor Liva will teach Partnership Taxation and Advanced Topics in Taxation in the new VSB tax program with Data Analytics beginning in the 2020-2021 academic year. He integrates his extensive professional and academic experience to maximize student learning, which makes him an important part of our teaching mission. We are excited that he is now part of our team. Welcome Professor Liva!


PROFESSOR DENISE HANES DOWNEY, PhD, CPA RECEIVES RESEARCH TO PRACTICE AWARD Denise Hanes Downey ’05 VSB, ’08 MAC, received the 2020 Research to Practice Award given annually to a faculty member at VSB who has been able to take their research and translate it to practice for business leaders so that they can make meaningful changes in their organizations. The contribution of Dr. Downey’s research to practice was recently highlighted by a study out of Brigham Young University that scores the “Relevance of Accounting Research” (ROAR) based on the perspectives of those in practice (e.g., Big 4 accounting firms, Fortune 500 companies). Her 2018 publication on offshoring in Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory ranked as one of the publications most applicable to audit practice; overall. Dr. Downey is ranked 31st in the world among individual accounting faculty members performing practice-relevant research. When asked about the recognition, she reflected, “It is an honor to receive this award at VSB. I strive to be a true teacher-scholar and make a meaningful impact on practice and society. I appreciate all those who make this possible, including our many alumni and friends.” Thank you Dr. Downey for all your hard work and congratulations on this well-deserved award!

PROFESSOR LUKE WATSON, PhD. JOINS ACCOUNTING FACULTY Dr. Luke Watson joins VSB after teaching at Drexel University and the University of Florida. He holds a doctorate from Penn State along with bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Notre Dame. Dr. Watson’s research on corporate taxation and corporate social responsibility has been published in top accounting journals, including Contemporary Accounting Research, Review of Accounting Studies and The Journal of the American Taxation Association. This fall, he will teach Federal Income Tax in the undergraduate program and Corporate Taxation at the master's level as part of our new KPMG tax program with Data and Analytics. He is a former professional track athlete who has broken four minutes in the mile and competed in three U.S. Olympic Trials. We are excited to have him as part of our team. Welcome Dr. Watson!

PROMOTED TO ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR Downey was recently promoted with tenure to associate professor of accounting effective August 2020. She joined the VSB faculty in 2013 after receiving her PhD from Bentley University as an AICPA Accounting Doctoral Scholar. Before entering academia, Dr. Downey worked at PwC in the firm’s assurance practice. More recently, she spent a year at the PCAOB as a senior Economic Research fellow. Dr. Downey teaches auditing at VSB and was recognized by the American Accounting Association’s Auditing Section for innovation in auditing and assurance education in 2019. Dr. Downey’s research focuses on auditor judgment and decision-making, with an emphasis on arrangements where auditors are geographically dispersed. She is an expert on group audits and offshoring and has examined pertinent challenges encountered by auditors domestically and internationally on such engagements. Dr. Downey’s research has been recognized for its relevance to practice and she has published in several leading accounting journals, including Contemporary Accounting Research; Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory, and Behavioral Research in Accounting. Perhaps most importantly, Dr. Downey is a passionate Villanovan who enjoys engaging with other Villanovans across the country to benefit VSB and our students.


DANIELLE LOMBARDI, PhD PROMOTED TO ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR Dr. Danielle Lombardi was promoted to associate professor of Accounting & Information Systems and awarded tenure effective August 2020. After her undergraduate work, Dr. Lombardi began her professional career as an auditor at PwC and later at CohnReznick (formerly J.H. Cohn). She earned her doctorate from Rutgers University, where she was the recipient of the American Accounting Association's Strategic and Emerging Technologies Section’s Outstanding Dissertation Award. Some of her current research projects include examining the behavioral impact, benefits and challenges of big data emerging technologies; and artificial intelligence on audit judgment and decision-making. Dr. Lombardi has taught Intermediate Accounting I and II and Auditing in the undergraduate program and is looking forward to developing and teaching Accounting Analytics in the Master of Accounting program.




Melissa (Mel) Meggiolaro ’12 VSB has been one of our favorites not only while at Villanova but also as an alum. She continues to visit campus to help us in multiple ways on behalf of our mission and our students. We are honored to have the opportunity to share her experiences while at Villanova and in her professional career at BASF. WHAT BROUGHT YOU TO VILLANOVA UNIVERSITY? Two things put VU on my list of schools to visit: the highly ranked business school and the prestigious track and field team. Why I chose to come was simple: it felt right. WHY DID YOU PICK ACCOUNTING AS YOUR MAJOR? In high school, I enjoyed an introductory accounting class that led me to ask bigger questions around how leaders used numbers to steer their businesses. Shortly afterwards, at my first job where I sold high-end kitchen knives, my boss advised me to study something in college that is hard to teach yourself outside of school. The example he used was learning to read financial statements. A conversation with Villanova’s accounting department advisor, Dr. Jim Emig, sealed the deal, as he assured me that students with accounting majors could pursue any career they wanted. WHAT WERE YOU INVOLVED IN AT VU? Track was an enormous part of my life at Villanova, as it crossed multiple seasons and we practiced every day for hours at a time. Being an accounting major, it was only natural to get involved as the webmaster in the Accounting Society. I also ended up heavily utilizing Villanova’s study abroad office. I spent my freshmen year summer in Villanova’s cultural immersion program in Chile. My language skills improved from living with a host family. I traveled to pursue my general science requirements in Ecuador. It was on this trip—where we went hours away from civilization by boat—that I grew to appreciate the truly amazing planet we live on. These programs allowed me to learn about and celebrate different cultures. This appreciation for diversity has permeated into my career at BASF, where I work, every day, with people around the globe and actively participate in BASF’s diversity and inclusion initiatives. HOW DID YOU DECIDE WHERE TO START YOUR CAREER? I remember this being a very difficult decision, as I had different offers coming into senior year. I learned a lot about public accounting career paths at Villanova, given the Big 4 and other accounting firms had a heavy presence on campus. In my PwC internship,I worked on a few different teams, on different projects and across a variety of audit clients. And then, I stumbled across a road less traveled. During the school year, I applied for an accounting scholarship that was sponsored by BASF. It was an honor to be awarded this scholarship, and the BASF team was kind enough to come


to Villanova to take me to dinner to celebrate. I had no idea this would be a life-changing meal. The BASF team told me stories about their world travels and about their select development programs for graduates. They explained that even from someone’s first day, those in these development programs relocated and traveled, including internationally. I was thrilled they could offer an abbreviated internship for me. It just so happened that in those short, few weeks, the entire team I was working with was going to the BASF headquarters in Germany for a global team strategy alignment, and I was invited. This was my first-ever trip to Europe. I met people from all over the world in this meeting, and the strategic topics gave me an overview of the company priorities and culture. It felt incredible to be a part of this experience as an intern. In the end, I trusted my gut and chose BASF. The person I met at that dinner continues to mentor me, and through the myriad experiences at BASF, I feel I’ve grown into a well-rounded businessperson, which has allowed me to climb the ladder. WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN UP TO, AFTER GRADUATING FROM VILLANOVA? After graduation, I started at BASF in their accounting professional development program. In this program, I worked in four different functional areas and four different locations, including overseas. Since that time, I have been a project analyst; internal auditor; and—after receiving a master's degree in sustainability at Columbia University that was paid for by BASF—transitioned to a program manager role, where I facilitated end-to-end thinking across approximately 400 business projects while working on a start-up business at BASF. Currently, I am the global business manager for BASF’s precious metal recycling business. WHAT DO YOU SEE, LOOKING BACK? Perhaps the thing I value the most today—aside from what I learned in the classroom—is the Villanova network, which encompasses current students, faculty, alumni and fans. I cherish the many friendships that started at Nova... Looking back, it’s pretty incredible to see what many of us have accomplished. I never expected, after graduating, that the teachers and faculty who helped me years ago would still be in touch and somehow remember me when I occasionally go back to campus. The feeling of community is something truly special that I will forever love about Villanova. 14


Dr. Virginia Eubanks signing her book for Joylette Goble, daughter of NASA’s Katherine Johnson

Villanova celebrated its fifth Women in Tech Conference on Saturday, February 1, 2020 by exploring progress made in the last five years and looking to push the limits in the next five years. The day kicked off with insight and inspiration from alumna Nance Dicciani, PhD, ’69 COE. Dr. Dicciani told of her incredible experiences as an engineer and now a tech entrepreneur. Luncheon keynote Virginia Eubanks, PhD, shared stories of how automation has systematically and negatively impacted those most marginalized, and she challenged us as technologists to work towards a more equitable tomorrow. The day was full, with 12 breakout sessions including artificial intelligence, Alteryx, data analytics, gender bias and cloud computing. You can view recorded sessions and learn from the 24 speakers that shared their knowledge, experience and passion by visiting

Sue Metzger, professor of the practice in MIS, has been the director of Women in Tech for the past five years and has made these conferences a consistent success, which has helped the technology brand of both the department and VSB. This past year was Metzger's final one as the director. The department and VSB thank Metzger for all her hard work and success.

NANCY CARPENTER RETIRES If we kept count on the most visited person in Bartley Hall, the winner by a wide margin would be Ann (Nancy) Carpenter, department coordinator for Accounting & Information Systems. Carpenter had been with VSB for nearly 40 years and retired in May 2020. It is an understatement to say that Carpenter will be deeply missed. Not only was she a pillar of the department with her expertise and efficiency, but she was also the heart of the department. Visitors, faculty and staff were blessed daily by her warmth and genuineness. She never forgot the milestones, both happy and sad, that made each person in the department feel like they were part of a family—from birthday notes to expressions of sympathy. We are counting down the days to the end of COVID-19 so we can celebrate her retirement in person. On behalf of the entire department, we have been extremely blessed to have had Nancy Carpenter as part of our team. Thank you Nancy! We love you!

ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT RESPONDS TO COVID-19 WITH VIRTUAL PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT EXPERIENCE COVID-19 has been a trial for so many people, including our students. The isolation and inability to engage with society has come with its challenges. Dr. Steve Liedtka, always one to make the best of any situation, decided to organize a series of virtual professional development events presented by different firms. These events began on June 3 and continued each Wednesday beginning at 6 p.m.; each session was 30 minutes. Each firm presented on a different topic that introduced students to skills that they need as they enter the professional world. The presenting firms include (in order) PwC; Goldman Sachs; KPMG, Philadelphia Phillies, Johnson & Johnson, Deloitte, Crowe, EY and Baker Tilley. Given the success of these virtual presentations, Dr. Liedtka intends to continue them in the academic year.

MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN A&IS VSB GLOBAL ACCOUNTING FIRMS CASE COMPETITION 2020 The 12th annual VSB Global Accounting Firms Case Competition got underway this year with an amazing turnout of 20 teams, comprised of 79 first-year students. Each team was paired with a global accounting firm, including Deloitte, EY, Grant Thornton, KPMG and PwC; the VSB faculty advisor is Dr. Janice Sipior, professor of MIS. This year PwC was the lead firm. Six teams were selected as finalists, and the winner will be selected on September 26, 2020 as part of Family Weekend. Congratulations to our finalists and many thanks to all who participated in the Global Accounting Firms Case Competition 2020! A&IS NEWSLETTER FALL 2020

To make an investment in the department, please make checks payable to: Villanova University – Department of Accounting & IS. See the final page in the newsletter for mailing information. If you prefer to make a contribution online or by phone, please contact Brendan Glackin, director of Major Giving, Villanova School of Business at: or 610-519-7602. Thank you for your support!


Department of Accounting & Information Systems 800 Lancaster Avenue Villanova, PA 19085-1678

ACCOUNTING ADVISORY COUNCIL MEMBERS The advisory board membership listed below includes the 2019-20 members. During this past academic year, we welcomed both Mike Toscano and Joe Tuite to the Accounting Advisory Council. Both bring rich professional experience to the council and will be excellent additions to what is already a wonderful team. Timothy Boehmer ’95 VSB Partner Crowe Timothy Boyle Vice President, Tax SunGard SCT, Inc. Ann Cavanaugh ’92 VSB Managing Director, Global Head of Accounting Policy BlackRock, Inc. Brendan Cox ’92 VSB Partner and Revenue Recognition Leader for Tax EY Joseph Croasdale ’85 VSB Global Controller Liquidnet Stephen Delaney ’91 VSB Audit Leader, Greater Philadelphia Office Deloitte Dante D’Egidio ’94 VSB Partner, Assurance Leader EY

Frank J. Frabizzio ’91 VSB Market Assurance Leader, Philadelphia Metro PwC Nick Francani ’00 VSB Managing Director The Siegfried Group LLP Richard Furtek ’91 VSB Principal Furtek & Associates Robert Hagemann P'03 Retired, Senior Vice President and CFO Quest Diagnostics Incorporated Scott King ’92 VSB Partner, Audit and Enterprise Risk Services Deloitte Robert Klemm ’90 VSB Partner PwC John Mahoney ’83 VSB Vice President, Accounting and Reporting BASF Corporation

Erin Laber ’02 VSB Partner PwC

Michael Pramberger ’03 VSB Audit Partner Grant Thornton

Daniel Luckshire ’92 VSB Executive VP and CFO SIGA Technologies

Steve Repko ’95 VSB Audit Partner Baker Tilly

James P. McCue ’86 VSB VP and Assistant Treasurer Comcast Corporation

Mark Sieb ’89 VSB Senior VP and Treasurer Assurant

Daniel J. Meagher ’00 VSB Audit Partner KPMG

Donald Soriero ’69 VSB Tax Consultant Celgene Corporation

Stephen McNamara ’88 VSB Vice President and Controller Armstrong World Industries, Inc.

Michael Toscano ’93 VSB** Senior VP and CFO Wyndham Destinations

Michael Murphy Vice President, Audit and Controls Aramark

Joseph J. Tuite Jr. ’96 VSB** CFO RSL Management Corporation

Kristina Parker ’94 VSB Audit Partner KPMG

** New members since last newsletter