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POWER OF COMMUNITY Follow your own path, but don’t walk alone. Sound contradictory? It’s not— at Villanova. In fact, this advice is at the heart of the Honors journey. We help you develop in mind, body and spirit within a mutually supportive community. Your peers want to succeed— and they want you to succeed. Here’s how you tap into this collegial spirit: Join a learning cohort. Take themed classes with students who share your interests and live with you in Honors housing. Conversations in class carry over into social life. Live in Honors housing. Even if you are not in a learning cohort, you can live in the same residence hall as other freshman Honors students. Find out more at

Go the distance. Enjoy Honors’ co- and extracurricular activities. They provide hands-on learning, build friendships and create fun-filled memories.

The best part of Honors

is BEING IN A community

Hit the Lounge. When you need a place to study, unwind, grab a snack or hang with friends, nothing beats the Honors Student Lounge. Lead on. Get involved in Honors’ many leadership activities. Be an ambassador for prospective students. Serve on the Honors Council. Edit the literary magazine. Seek support. Everyone in Honors wants you to thrive. Consult faculty and alumni mentors, as well as peer advisers, to make the choices that are best for you. Hear from current Honors students at

Honors Program