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For All We Have Been Blessed With This Year

Second Graders Give Up Birthday Gifts To Help IHM Sisters pg.8

Annual Report 2011 - 2012

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As the year comes to a close we would like to take the time to thank you again for your support and participation in Villa Maria Academy’s Annual Fund—the Fund for the children which supports all the programs the children enjoy every day. We have so much to be thankful for as we consider the experience Villa Maria provides our children, our families, and our community. Your contributions to Villa’s Annual Fund ensure that this experience continues to be excellent and that the comprehensive quality of education remains at the high levels that made you select Villa Maria in the first place.

As the fiscal year comes to a close, we are hoping this will now move you to take action if you have not already done so. Please note and consider the following: 1. Your gift can still be sent in before June 30 (our fiscal year). All gifts are tax deductible. 2. You can pay by credit card (and get those points!). 3. All contribution amounts are welcome. No contribution is too small. We really are hoping to get 100% participation from all parents and all classes.

Villa Maria Academy Annual Report

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4. Our school, like all other non-profit educational institutions, sets its tuition below its cost and makes up the difference through tax deductible gifts to our Annual Fund. Tuition covers only a percentage of operation costs. We need our Annual Fund to cover the rest. 5. Our Annual Fund covers everything Villa Maria does, every day. It helps cover the cost of the amazing supplies our children have, the high quality and diverse programs, the pristine maintenance of our beautiful school, and the professional development of our dedicated teachers. 6. Our Fund is a solid investment in your children and their future.

Please take time to send in your contribution now. You can mail a check made payable to Villa Maria Academy, or visit our website under Support VMA, Annual Fund and pay online by June 30, 2013; call or email Erin Tornambe at (610) 644-4864 or with any questions. As always, thank you for your continued support and commitment to Villa.

Villa Maria Academy Annual Report

From the Principals Dear friends of Villa Maria Academy,

I am proud to present to you this copy of the 2011-2012 Annual Report for Villa Maria Academy. The report summarizes the charitable gifts given to Villa Maria through the our three major fund-raising events – the Annual Fund, the Capital Campaign and the Parent Guild (Villa B.A.L.L.). In total, over $311,849 has been given to Villa Maria in the last year.

Our Annual Fund began in October, 2011 and continued to May, 2012. The proceeds from the Annual Fund financed enhancements to teaching and learning. Here at Villa Maria Academy, we place great value and emphasis on teacher professional development. Research reveals that the very best professional development programs are those that are continual, take place during the school day, focus on the individual teacher’s needs and interests, become a part of the teacher’s responsibilities and center on student results. In response to the research, Villa has instituted an embedded professional development program which is based on individual teacher goals for professional growth. Administration, instructional technology coaches and school colleagues provide the support for the teacher as she seeks to learn new skills and implement those skills within her classroom. A full day planning day is provided for each teacher once a trimester. The Annual Fund also provided resources for student learning with the renovation of the second, fifth, sixth and seventh grade classrooms to 21st Century learning environments complete with new carpeting, tables and new classroom storage furniture. In addition, Annual Fund proceeds also supplied financial support for the installation of the new fence in the playground. The Building On Traditions Capital Campaign was instituted in 2009 to fund a number of campus projects. Originally presented as a three-phase project, the campaign’s goals were centered on three main goals:

• Insure student and pedestrian safety through the construction of a Transportation Center, access road and parking lot renovation • Provide a healthy and comfortable learning environment through the installation of air-conditioning • Create additional space onto the existing gymnasium to provide a gathering space, restrooms facilities, catering kitchen and storage space as well as interior improvements to the existing gymnasium. Initially, $1.1 million was pledged to the campaign. To date $958,000, has been collected. The campaign has met two of its goals. At this time, additional funding and research is needed to move forward with the third project.

We owe a great amount of gratitude to the members of our Parent Guild and the Parent Guild Executive Board. This year, the Parent Guild’s gift of $100,000 funded the purchase and installation of new playground equipment, the purchase of new security software and the purchase of an additional AED for the classroom building.

It is clear that Villa Maria Academy has been the fortunate recipient of the generosity of so many, especially our current parents. We are so very grateful for your ongoing support of our students and our educational initiatives. Through your generous support of Villa Maria, you share in the IHM Charism of love, creative hope and fidelity. May God Bless You!


Sister Susan Joseph IHM Principal

Sister Nancy Kindelan IHM Assistant Principal

Villa Maria Academy Annual Report


From the Parent Guild Dear Friends,

The 2011–2012 school year provided a number of highlights that brought our school community together. Our event chairs and committees worked tirelessly to provide memorable social events for our girls. Thank you to all those parents who volunteered their time and talent. You play a fundamental role at Villa Maria Academy. It is because of you that the Parent Guild is able to offer a wealth of activities and events for our school community.

We kicked off our school year with our annual Back to School Social and Family Mass and Picnic. Both events provided opportunities to catch up with old friend and welcome new ones.

On March 3, 2012 our community put on our cowboy boots and stomped to the Phoenixville Foundry and celebrated Villa Maria Academy at our annual B.A.L.L. The night was filled with laughter, dining, dancing, and bidding. We are grateful to all those supported the event with donations. Proceeds from this event have been used for many enhancements including our new playground and stunning landscaping. The teachers had the opportunity for extended professional development programs and additional personnel for embedded professional development have been hired. Thank you for helping to solicit donations, assemble gift baskets, prepare decorations, compile the program, set up the event, and check in guests.

We have worked hard and well together to make a memorable school year for our girls. We look forward to continuing to plan future event. With Gratitude,

The Parent Guild Executive Board


Villa Maria Academy Annual Report

Thanks Giving: For Your Generosity Villa B.A.L.L.

Building a Lasting Legacy

Together the Villa Maria community made yet another memorable event together to support the students and the school.

Parent Volunteer Committees

On March 3, 2012, Villa held its annual auction event, the Villa B.A.L.L. – Building A Lasting Legacy – at The Phoenixville Foundry in Phoenixville. The theme was Wild West Hoedown, and the attire was cowpoke casual.

Parents, friends, faculty and staff joined together for an evening of boot stomping fun and line dancing to the band Love Seed Momma Jump. And the highlight of the evening was when Sister Mary Ellen showed her bravery as she, along with others, rode the mechanical bull. Bets were taken for Sister’s ride and all the money raised went toward the purchase of new equipment for the playground.

Guests reveled in the festivities and placed bids on great items in both the live and silent auctions. Taylor Swift concert tickets, donated by Miss Murnane were a huge hit, along with lots of “Priceless Villa Items.”

The Villa B.A.L.L. is always an evening filled with great excitement and community building. The Villa Maria Academy Parent Guild hosts this event each year, and the anticipation for the theme is always exciting for the guests. In past years, the B.A.L.L. was more of a formal event, but ever since the Denim & Diamonds B.A.L.L. of 2011, guests enjoyed the opportunity to be a bit more informal and just enjoy a casual evening with friends in support of their children and their beloved school.

To All Our Volunteers,

Thank you for continuously and generously giving your time and talent to help our school community! Parent Volunteer Committees include:

B.A.L.L. Book Swaps Book Fair Cafeteria Aides Christmas Bazaar Computer Aides Costume Committee Family Fun Night Family Mass & Picnic Father-Daughter Dance Father-Daughter Swim Family Bingo Golf & Tennis Classic Graduation Social Grandparent’s Tea Homeroom Parents Kindergarten Events Library Aides Mission Day Mom’s Day Out Mother-Daughter Mother-Daughter Social Communion Breakfast Parent Ambassadors Sports Programs Women’s Day

So numerous, so helpful, so generous, so giving, so appreciated. Special thanks to the Parent Guild Executive Board who supports the faculty, parents, and students and willingly gives their time to provide the many social activities that our community so enjoys.

Villa Maria Academy Annual Report


Villa Program News Early Learning Center The ABC's of Preschool

Our PreK-4 class studied the alphabet this year and every week they learned a new letter! During their lessions, the students would learn about different people, places, or things that began with that letter to help them to correlate the two. For example, on the day they learned about the letter “D” they talked all about dogs. Mrs. Albanese taught them how to make Dalmatian dogs out of paper bags and they sang a sweet song to go with it. The PreK-3 class even got to sit in as an audience for the performance. These learning techniques provide sensory rich activities that encourage the children through guided discovery.

Elementary School Reading Olympics

The fifth grade Villa students worked with the fifth grade from St. Aloysius Academy for this entire school year and recently held their culminating activity, the Reading Olympics, in April at St. Aloysius Academy.

Students were encouraged to read a list of eleven books that included award winning titles. The girls and boys combined to form four teams and held a Jeopardy game with questions about the books during the competition. Afterward, the girls enjoyed lunch with their hosts at St. Aloysius.

Middle School

Visit to Villa

Call for our upcoming Visit to Villa days

Schedule a Tour Call Today!

For students who are unable to attend a Visit to Villa day private tours are available upon request. Contact the Office of Admissions at (610) 644-4864 ext. 100.

Creative Programming Course at Villa

This year, Mrs. Melissa Dow, Instructional Technology Coach at Villa Maria Academy, began coteaching a Creative Programming course for 7th and 8th grade students with Mary Elizabeth "M.E." Jones, Ph.D., the Department Chair and an Associate Professor for the Department of Mathematics – Computing Sciences - Physics at Immaculata University. This course was designed to promote STEM to Villa's middle school students. This creative programming course teaches introductory programming via creative writing. It begins by connecting the planning, organizing, and detailing of writing a story to the programming process. Creative concepts are taught first and then connected to an equivalent programming concept. “Students are learning to animate movies the way that Pixar, Dreamworks and other movie companies do,” says seventh grader, Dominique O’Campo. “The students use this basic application [ALICE] to make stories come to life.”

The ALICE programming system is an innovative 3D programming environment that makes it easy for students to create an animation for storytelling, an interactive game, or a video to share on the web. Students worked in pairs doing group activities, applying concepts and skills by creating stories, designing an animation, and implementing the animation using the ALICE programming system. “I find it really fun,” says Dominique, “because I love Pixar movies and have always pictured myself making movies like that or helping out when I grow up. So I find it really fun and anyone who does like to make movies like that will really enjoy ALICE.”


This course recognizes the creative nature of programming, invites students who would not consider studying programming to potentially identify an unrecognized talent, and teaches introductory programming using a new approach. “The girls have also had assignments where they analyze the coding because it does take a lot of coding and work to make these movies. And through this analysis, they dissect the coding and learn more about the program in that way,” says Dominique.

Villa Maria Academy Annual Report

Annual Report of Giving

July 1, 2011 - June 30, 2012

Financial Highlights 2011-2012


he Villa Maria Academy Advancement Office Annual Report of Gifts. The students, families, faculty and staff of Villa Maria Academy appreciate your continued support of our mission and would like to recognize your generosity. This report reflects all gifts received during the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2011 and ending June 30, 2012.

Although we make every effort to insure the accuracy of this report, mistakes can occur. We apologize for any errors. If your name is omitted or does not appear in the manner your prefer, please contact the Office of Advancement at (610) 644.4864 ext.107.

Summary of Gifts July 1, 2011 - June 30, 2012

Annual Fund.......................................$52,195 Capital Campaign .............................$149,234 Matching Gifts......................................$22,120 Outright Gifts...............................................$167 Villa B.A.L.L........................................$88,300 Golf & Tennis Classic............................$19,830 Parent Guild Gift...................................$8,730 Box Tops for Education..........................$311 Target Take Charge of Education...........$563 Giant A+ Rewards..................................$126 ___________________________________ Total Giving (2011-2012) $341,576

Villa Maria Academy Annual Report


Annual Fund Giving 2011-2012 Honor Roll of Donors

Gifts received between July 1, 2011 and June 30, 2012

Stick Your Neck Out Gifts of $1,000 - $4,999

Mr. & Mrs. Mark & Lynn Bevevino In honor of the Bevevino Family Mr. & Mrs. Henry Blair Mr. & Mrs. George & Desiree Cipolloni In honor of all the Teachers and Staff of VMA Mr. & Mrs. Charlie & Patti Cramer Mr. & Mrs. Carl & Janice Beavin Flahaven Mr. & Mrs. Edmund & Crista Ford Mr. & Mrs. David & Michelle Frank Mr. & Mrs. John & Patricia Gattuso Mr. & Mrs. Iv & Susan Hall In honor of the Hall family Mr. & Mrs. Jerome & Patricia Heppelmann Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Linda Janowicz Mr. & Mrs. Rusty Kondrath Mr. & Mrs. Stephen & Sheila Meyer In memory of Carol Ann Meyer Mr. & Mrs. Fred & Jennifer Nehr Mrs. Jennifer Pinola Gunzenhauser, ‘83 Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Ann Marie Pinola Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Elizabeth Rudy Mr. & Mrs. A.J. & Michele Thackrah Anonymous Donor Villa Maria Academy Parent Guild In honor of Sister Margaret Logrip's 50th Jubilee & Sister Mary Ellen's Service to VMA

Mega Heart

Gifts of $700 - $999

Mrs. Maria Davis Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Sulli In honor of Franchesca Sulli

Stand Tall

Gifts of $400 - $699


Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Rachel Albanese Mr. & Mrs. Jude & Suganya Bernard In honor of Benita Bernard Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey & Antonia Brady In memory of Grandparents : Anthony & Maria Fezzuoglio

Villa Maria Academy Annual Report

We give thanks to you for making our mission possible!

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Gloria Cilluffo In memory of Grace & Catherine Saldin Mr. & Mrs. Todd & Jill Cipperman In honor of the VMA Music Department Mr. & Mrs. Jack & Michele Dickinson Mr. & Mrs. David & Shelley Dinehart Mr. & Mrs. John & Mary Jean J Dougherty Mrs. Elizabeth Boylan Faulkner In memory of Stephen Boylan Dr. & Mrs. Brent & Mary Beth Guenthner Mr. & Mrs. Stephen & Carol M. Lewis Mr. & Mrs. Rick & Minette Lubker Mr. & Mrs. Eric & Tania Mann Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Meghan McManus Mr. & Mrs. John & Johanna Pauciulo Mr. & Mrs. Richard Pinola In honor of Emma Pinola Mr. & Mrs. Edward Samane In honor of Kristina Samane Mr. & Mrs. Brian & Jenine Steltz Mr. & Mrs. James & Joanne Wankmiller

Blue & White Spirit Gifts of $100 - $399

Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Jamelle Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Daniel & Helena J. Astolfi Mr. & Mrs. Timothy & Karla Atkins Mr. & Mrs. William & Bernadette Brown Mr. & Mrs. Steven & Nancy Buck Mrs. Maureen Butwin Mr. & Mrs. Matthew & Christina Claudy Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Tyra Crowley Mrs. Noreen Crowley In honor of Norah & Maeve Crowley Miss Mary Catherine Curran, ‘09 Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Mary Beth Delaney Mrs. Stephanie N. Deviney, ‘86 Mr. & Mrs. David Dudrear Mr. & Mrs. Shawn & Mary Pat Elison

Annual Fund Giving 2011-2012 Mr. & Mrs. Lee & Theresa Evans Mr. & Mrs. Alfred & Cheryl Ferraioli In honor of Madelyn & Abgail Ferraioli Mrs. Phyllis M. Fear In honor of Nicole Klein Mr. & Mrs. Carl & Janice Beavin Flahaven Mr. & Mrs. Gordon & Rosemary Fuller Mr. Larry Furey In memory of Kathleen Furey Mr. & Mrs. David & Amanda Friess Mr. & Mrs. Carl & Debra Fritz Mrs. Helena Gac Mr. & Mrs. Mark & Alison Galik Mr. Ed Gresh Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hogue Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Marie Elena Hughes Mr. & Mrs. Scott & Bethany Karkenny Mr. & Mrs. Murray Kelly Mr. & Mrs. Brad Kenney In honor of Emma & Anna Kenney-Hynes Mr. & Mrs. Matthew & Michelle Kenney Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Megan Kimmel Mr. & Mrs. Paul & Susan Kinmartin In honor of Rachael Kinmartin Mr. & Mrs. James & Megan Kolter Mr. & Mrs. Chuck & Santa A. Kraft Mr. & Mrs. Timothy and Nicole Kraus Mr. & Mrs. Alan & Gwyn Lauder Mr. & Mrs. Stephen F. Lamb Miss Samantha Liddy, ‘04 Mrs. Janice Mancuso In memory of Albert J. Mancuso Mr. & Mrs. Christopher & Lauren May Mr. & Mrs. Gerard and Paula McCrory Mr. & Mrs. Craig & Mary Beth McDonald Miss Laura McGarry, ‘08 Mr. & Mrs. Terrence & Carol McGurk Mr. & Mrs. Leo Melair Mrs. Maureen Murphy In honor of Haley Murphy Miss Brianna Nelson, ‘08 In honor of Catholic Schools Mr. & Mrs. Kirk & Katherine Oates Mr. & Mrs. Paul E Oberkircher In honor of Cecelia Oberkircher, Michaela Devlin, and Amelia Devlin

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Panepinto Mr. & Mrs. Leo & Maryanne Parsons Mr. & Mrs. Robert Picinich Mr. Tim Porreca Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Lisa Ricci In honor of Amanda & Allison Ricci Mr. & Mrs. John Riley In honor of Haley & Ava Clements Mr. & Mrs. Frank & Sherri Sautner Mr. & Mrs. John Shaw In honor of Annie Shaw Sisters of IHM Sister Patricia McFadden, IHM Ed.D Mr. & Mrs. John & Jan Sloat Mr. & Mrs. Gregory & Elizabeth Smoot Ms. Madeline Tortorice In honor of Jade Tortorice Mr. & Mrs. John & Andrea Turley In honor of daughters Madeline & Abigail Mr. & Mrs. Joe & Elizabeth Weinlick In honor of Lilith Weinlick Mr. & Mrs. Jack Wenke In memoryof Lynn Marie Wenke Mr. Paul Zeits In memory of Sue Zeits

Power of One Gifts up to $99

Miss Madalene S Basile Mr. & Mrs. Adam & Jennifer Brower Mrs. Christina Gailliout In honor of Bonnie Clark, Former VMA Secretary Mrs. Kara Gannon In honor of Heidi Gresh Miss Catherine Hayes, ‘09 In honor of Catherine Hayes Mr. & Mrs. Marty Kondrath Miss Marissa Lamb, ‘09 Miss Daniella Mattei, ‘10 In honor of Daniella Mattei Miss Margaret A. McQuaid Mrs. Elaine Murphy Mrs. Dina Obosnenko In memory of Eugene Obosenko Miss Megan Parsons, ‘10 Mrs. Debra Shoyket Miss Anne Sturm, ‘05 Miss Kristen Veneziale, ‘07 Anonymous Donor

Villa Maria Academy Annual Report


Annual Fund Giving 2011-2012 Matching Gifts

The Arthur Gallagher Foundation Exelon GlaxoSmithKline Morgan Stanley The Vanguard Group Foundation The Verizon Foundation

Gifts in Kind

Mr. Paul Becker Mrs. Anne Bradbury Mr. & Mrs. Joe and Karen deSimone Mr. Roy Doran Mr. Patrick Forde Mr. Ed Lynch Mr. Jim McCord Mr. Kevin McCoy Mrs. Kara Olenzak Mr. Peter Palmer Mr. Steven Samar Mr. Chris Tague Mr. AJ Thackrah

Other Gifts

Mrs. Deborah J. Thiel Hall In honor of Kate and Laura Hall, VMA Alumnae

The Gift of Giving

Second Graders Give Up Birthday Gifts to Help IHM Sisters

At Villa, girls are encouraged to maximize their capabilities, to develop positive self-images and to use these gifts to lead and serve others. In true Villa spirit, a few of our girls recently used their "gifts" (literally) to help our retired Sisters at Camilla Hall.

Ellie and Madigan, second graders at Villa recently had a birthday party. Instead of bringing gifts for the girls, they asked their guests to bring toiletries for the retired Sisters at Camilla Hall. After the party, the girls visited the sisters and donated what they had collected to Camilla. The girls are shown right with a “Thank You� banner signed by the sisters.


Villa Maria Academy Annual Report

Villa Maria Academy B.A.L.L. 2012

Villa Maria Academy Lower School Annual Dinner & Auction Total Income: $88,300 Our Event Volunteers Thank You!

Phoenixville Foundry

Family Sponsors Event Sponsor

The Meyer Family

Saddle Sponsors The Brady Family The Ford Family

Bridle Sponsors

The Benz Family The Delaney Family The Dickinson Family The Gaglioti Family The Gattusso Family The Gavin Family The Hall Family The Kondrath Family The Lubker Family The Mahrlig Family The Medeiros Family The Pajan Family The Porreca Family The Steltz Family

Teacher Sponsors The Becker Family The Benz Family The Brady Family The Cipolloni Family

The Corrado Family The Delaney Family The DeJong/San Miguel Family The Dickinson Family The Dodds Family The Donthineni Family The Dougherty Family The Ford Family The Gaglioti Family The Gattuso Family The Gavin Family The Hall Family The Heppelmann Family The Jansen Family The Kondrath Family The Knoell Family The Lubker Family The MahrligFamily The McDonald Family The McKenna Family The Medeiros Family The Meyer Family The O'Donnell Family The Pajan Family The Porreca Family The Ricci Family The Steltz Family The Youakim Family

Maria Kelly Leslee O Donnell Keely Morrissey Michelle Porecca Jill Cipperman MaryJean Dougherty Linda Janowicz Missy Pinola Deb Sulli Kate Fischer Christina Claudy Patti Gattuso Norma Baptista Maureen McHugh Jonna Mc Coy Carrie Smith Kim Lamb

Community Sponsors Band Sponsor Future Stars

Advertising Sponsors

ABC Paper & Chemical Atlee Farms LLC Brady Orthodontics Definitely Dance Devon Prep Fynn & O'Hara Harlan Corp (Fischer) Hill DMD, PC King of Prussia Pharmacy Main Line Business Norbertine Fathers Pardini DMD MSD Sheilds Construction Smedley DDS Top Shelf Teamwear Wells Fargo Westown Dental Association

Villa Maria Academy Annual Report


Villa Maria Academy Golf Classic 2011

Villa Maria Academy Lower School Annual Golf & Tennis Classic Total Income: $19,830 Our Event Volunteers

White Manor Country Club

Erin Tornambe Tricia Murnane Rick & Minette Lubker Mary Beth Guenthner Ciara & Marc Levine Michelle Porreca Jill & Todd Cipperman Leslee & Michael O’Donnell Anthony Valerio Lynn Bevevino Norma & Miguel Baptista Mary Jean Dougherty Michele & AJ Thackrah Kristine & Scott Nolan Maria Kelly Linda Janowicz Tricia Ciervo

Family Sponsors

Thank You!

Family Sponsors Silver Sponsors The Rudy Family

Tee Sponsors

The Ford Family The Kuroki Family The Lamb Family The Nehr Family The Mattei Family The McHugh Family Mr. Joseph Miller Miss Tricia Murnane The Oates Family The O’Donnell Family The Ricci Family The Rudy Family


The Bevevino Family The Cipperman Family The Crossed Family The Connors Family The Dougherty Family The Giannandrea Family The Guenthner Family The Hardie Family The Kinmartin Family The Klein Family The Levine Family The Lubker Family The McDonald Family The Pinola Family The Steltz Family The Tague Family The Thackrah Family The VMA Parent Guild The VMA Teachers & Staff

Birdie Sponsors


Hole-in-One Sponsor Porsche of the Main Line JetBlue Challenge

Trophy Sponsor Lubker Distribution

Advertising Sponsors

Community Sponsors

ARCHER & BUCHANAN ARCHITECTURE, LTD Fesnak and Associates MEYER KLEIN DESIGN Partners in Mission ParenteBeard LLC Real Results Bootcamp St. Aloysius Academy Tague Training & Nutrition, LLC Villa Maria Academy HS

Cipperman Compliance Services KOPPS Land Services USA Inc. Lubker Distribution Old Glory Asset Management Westtown Dental Associates

Anonymous Donor Bucca de Peppo Chester Valley Golf Club Cleveland Golf Dairy Queen Dixie Picnic

Silver Sponsors

Villa Maria Academy Annual Report

Community Sponsors

Villa Golf Classic

2011: Community & Helicopter Golf Ball Drop Sponsors

Community Sponsors (continued)

Durawood Products Inc. Goose’s Tobacco Goose’s Tobacco Outlet and Café LuLu Lemon McKenzie’s Brew House P.J. Ryan’s Pub Paoli Hospital Penn Oaks Country Club Pepperoncini Sotto Restaurant & Bar Play-a-Round Golf Radley Run Country Club RiverCrest Golf Club Shaving Grace Barbershop Swiss Farms The Pickette Fence Trattoria San Nicola White Manor Country Club Whitford Country Club

Helicopter Drop Sponsors

Aidan Harty Alex Harty Alyssa Kinmartin Ann Bouley Anna Koehler Anne Marie Gerhart Annie Sturm Antoinette Testa Aria Fish Ashley Jordan Julie Muntz Ava Broadhurst Barbara Black Barbara Friess Barbara Kondrath Bevin & Stuart Cosgritt Bill & Dori Nolan Bob & Elaine Muntz Bob & Tina Tate Bobby Fish Bonnie Clark Bonnie Shaw The Brandfass Family Brenda McCann Brian Kelly Carl Fritz Carly Jo McCarthy Carole Cavalli

Charlene Johnson Cheryl Sautner Chester Harty Christelle Patselas Christine Marvel Christine Williams Coach Lemcke Colleen Connor Connor Davis Connor Meyers Dan & Eileen Mullrcey David Davis David Harty Debbie & Marty Klein Debi Muller Debra Fritz The DelGatto Family Derrick Getfield Dianne Keough Dino Baldasare Dominick Busciacco Don & Lu Caniglia Donna Valle Doris Busbey Doug Harty Dr. & Mrs. Jose Lopez Dr. & Mrs. Leo Lopez Dr. Marta Zeb The Dwyer Family Ed Gresh Ed Murphy Elayna Kinmartin Ellen Millick Emily Ford Emily Friess Eric Mann Erika Ferraioli Frank & Laura Abate Frank Venonsky Geraldine Venonsky Gianna Dodds Grace Wiggins Hank Edwards Helena Gac Hillary Coe Irene McFadden Jack Ford Jackie Connor Jake Frank James Sankey Janette Rhoades Janice Mancuso Jason Bernard

Ed Murphy Elayna Kinmartin Ellen Millick Emily Ford Emily Friess Eric Mann Erika Ferraioli Frank & Laura Abate Frank Venonsky Geraldine Venonsky Gianna Dodds Grace Wiggins Hank Edwards Helena Gac Hillary Coe Irene McFadden Jack Ford Jackie Connor Jake Frank James Sankey Janette Rhoades Janice Mancuso Jason Bernard Jean Kearney Jennifer Redding Jerry Barrett Jerry Picard Jim & Isabelle Burk Joanne Schley Joe McGeehan John & Ilona John & Nancy Karl John & Nima Marsh John Caniglia John Connor John Harty Joseph Fischer Josephine Turley The Juskalian Family Karen Coffey Karen Ford Katharine Williams Kathleen Kelly Kathy Ditullio Kathy Harlan Keleigh Farell Kevin Kelly Kira Maton Kurt Coffey Larry Keefe Laura Kuroki Lindsay Redding Lisa Kelly

Villa Maria Academy Annual Report


Villa Golf Classic 2011: Helicopter Golf Ball Drop Sponsors


Liz Hennessy Liz Redding Lucy Wenke Margaret Clements Maria Trofta Marie Davis Marjorie Darcy Mary & William Morrissey Maryanne Benetatos Max Fish Meghan Stacey Mia Anthony Michael Gaglioti Michael McCarthy Michael Murphy Mike & Megan Kolter Beverly Sulli Mrs. Boettcher Lora Hill Noreen Crowley Norma Picard Pam Wefel Pat Samar Paul & Kathleen Oberkircher Phyllis & Dyck Fear The Reimold Family Robert Borzillo Robert Noble Roy Lamb Saddie Sam Ford Sandy & Joe Schwartz Sean Farrell Sean Meyers Sharon Riley Sophie Dodds Stacy Picard Steph Harty Steve Buckley Sue Shaw Susan Bell Susan Lelsey Taylor Stribrny Tegan & Jon Torpey The Benetatos Family The Benz Family The Bernard Family The Bogusch Family The Brady Family The Broadhurst Family The Brown Family The Caniglia Family

The Cilluffo Family The Clements Family The Crowley Family The Delaney Family The Devlin Family The Dodds Family The Dougherty Family The Dow Family The Duffy Family The Dulin Family The Ecret Family The Elison Family The Evans Family The Ferraioli Family The Fischer Family The Flanagan Family The Ford Family The Forde Family The Frank Family The Friess Family The Gaglioti Family The Galik Family The Gattuso Family The Gillece Family The Greaves Family The Guenthner Family The Guerin Family The Harty Family The Heppelmann Family The Howton Family The Hughes Family The Janocicz Family The Jansen Family The Kao Family The Kearney Family The Keefe Family The Kelly Family The Kimmel Family The Kinmartin Family The Klein Family The Klinger Family The Kondrath Family The Kraus Family The Krumenacker Family The Kuroki Family The Kuroki Family The Lamb Family The Lauder Family The Levine Family The Levins Family The Lile Family The Marburger Family

Villa Maria Academy Annual Report

The Mason Family The Mattei Family The May Family The McCarthy Family The McDonald Family The McGurk Family The McHugh Family The McKenna Family The Meyers Family The Monteith Family The Morrissey Family The Murray Family The Nehr Family The Noble Family The Nolan Family The Oates Family The O'Donnell Family The O'Donnell Family The O'Leary Family The Olenzak Family The Pajan Family The Picinich Family The Reber Family The Ricci Family The Root Family The Rudy Family The Samane Family The Samar Family The Sautner Family The Shaw Family The Smith Family The Smith Family The Smoot Family The Steltz Family The Styslinger Family The Sulli Family The Tortorice Family The Treacy Family The Trebelev Family The Turco Family The Turley Family The Valerio Family The VMA Faculty & Staff The Watson Family The Yakupcin Family Tim & Corinne Murphy Tim Riley TJ Minner Tom Hogan Tom Post Tracey Lynch Tyler Frank Yoshi Kuroki

Memories of 2011-2012

Villa Maria Academy Annual Report


Highlights Accomplishments 2011-2012



Replacement Program - LCD Projectors New Fence in Playground iPad Program implemented for Early Learning 21st Century Renovations to Classrooms in grades 2, 5, 6, Center and 1st grade students and 7 - tables, classroom storage and carpeting Apple TVs installed in Kindergarten and 6th grades

Professional Development

Support of Teacher Embedded Professional Development Programs


Villa Maria Academy Annual Report

Our Pride... the Class of 2012

Julianne Bradbury…………….Villa Maria Academy High School Megan Bradley………………..Villa Maria Academy High School Anna Brower………………………Bishop Shanahan High School Sarah Denbigh…………………Villa Maria Academy High School Celeste Flahaven……………….Villa Maria Academy High School Hannah Flynn………………..…Villa Maria Academy High School Bridget Forde………………..…Villa Maria Academy High School Julia Hardie……………………Villa Maria Academy High School Gabrielle Heinsinger………….Villa Maria Academy High School Madeline Hughes………………….................Episcopal Academy Ashleigh Jaramillo……………Villa Maria Academy High School Lydia Kao……………………………….....…Agnes Irwin School Grace Kuroki…………………..Villa Maria Academy High School Madison Leiman………...Country Day School of the Sacred Heart Olivia McCloskey………….….Villa Maria Academy High School Casey McCoy……………...…Academy of Notre Dame de Namur Grace McManus………..Country Day School of the Sacred Heart Erin Nucifora……………………..West Chester East High School Kaleigh Oates…………………Villa Maria Academy High School Katherine Roth…………………….Pope John Paul II High School Nicole Saladino………………..Villa Maria Academy High School Emma Shackleford……….....…Villa Maria Academy High School Natasha Walters…………….......Villa Maria Academy High School

We wish the best to all our alumnae as they begin their high school careers.

Scholarship Winners

Villa Maria Academy High School Madeline Hughes - Academic Olivia McCloskey - Academics Lydia Kao - Music Casey McCoy - Academics Laura Zecca - Academics Abigail Cashel - Academics Madeline Hughes - Academics

Country Day School of the Sacred Heart Madison Leiman - Music Gabrielle Heinsinger - Academics Lydia Kao - Academics The Academy of Notre Dame de Namur Casey McCoy - Academics Catherine Cullen - Academics Griers School Casey McCoy - Dance

Westtown School Laura Zecca - Academics

Villa Maria Academy Annual Report


Alumnae News: Villa Pride

Villa Alums Help to Organize and Attend Emily's Dash

On December 30, 2012, at Whitford Country Club, family, friends, and fellow Villa alumnae gathered together to honor the 10th anniversary celebration of the life of former student Emily Grace Koenig ('04), who passed away suddenly at the age of 12 from bacterial meningitis.

The occasion was beautiful and unique, just like Emily, and it was a perfect opportunity for her fellow classmates to reunite in support of their dear friend 10 years after her passing. Alums Susan Venema ('04), Lany Wenke ('04), and Erin Eife ('04), along with their Villa moms, all attended and assisted with the event.

"Emily was a dear friend to my daughter, Susan Venema. Emily and Susan sat next to each other in Mr. Miller's seventh grade class at Villa Maria Academy. As you can imagine, that tragic December day touched so many lives. Emily was loved by so many. Keeping her memory alive was important to us. So, when we heard about "Emily's Dash" it seemed only natural to participate in an event that would honor Emily. The end result was over whelming, a night for all to remember ... renewed friendships, shared family love and fund raising for a cause close to all of our hearts. Emily's Dash was a huge success ... evident that wonderful evening at Whitford Country Club. Emily's legacy will continue, in our hearts for many years to come. We were proud to be part of this wonderful event. Hopefully, all of our efforts will help to find a cure for this dreadful disease," said Mrs. Venema.

Also in attendance were current and former faculty and students of Villa Maria Academy. Villa former principals, Sister Mary Ellen Tennity IHM and Sister Rosemary Walsh, IHM, Villa's current principal, Sister Susan Joseph IHM, Villa's second grade teacher, Sister Maureen Ruth IHM, and eighth grader, Megan McCallister ('13), current winner of the Emily Koenig Award. Former winner of the Emily Koenig award, Grace Olenzak ('12) was also present. Among other alumnae present at the event were Holly Funk ('10) and Caitlin McCallister ('08).

The Emily Grace Koenig Award is presented annually at the Passing of the Light Ceremony to a VMA seventh grade student. The recipient, who exemplifies Emily's values and virtues, is chosen by her classmates.

When asked about the personal meaning of the award, Mrs. Koenig responded, "Villa Maria holds a special place in our hearts because Emily thrived and blossomed there. It is our last "school" memory of her. By presenting students with this annual award, we feel great joy at being able to carry on her legacy at Villa and stay connected with the school. It has become a highly respected award in the school community which also means a lot to us. Each year, the students selected to receive the award have been wonderful, and the sisters, the recipients, and their families very appreciative. We are grateful for this opportunity to make a positive difference in Emily's memory." Congratulations to this year’s winner of the Emily Koenig Award, Carly Brogan (featured right with the Koenigs)!

Proceeds from the fundraiser netted approximately $40,000 and went to the Emily's Dash Foundation. The Emily's Dash Foundation is dedicated to supporting charitable efforts that relate to the life of Emily Grace Koenig (7/8/90 - 12/11/02). Check out the event's website: to view the write-up and photo presentation under Events, An Evening's Stroll through Paris.


Villa Maria Academy Annual Report

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Congratulations to our Lower Villa alums who will be Upper Villa's new president and vice president for next year: Katie Quinlisk ('10) - President Kaitlin Kelleher ('10)- Vice President

Congratulations girls! We are so proud of your accomplishments!

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What’s New at Villa for 2012-2013?

First Ever Class to Graduate Villa’s Early Learning Center

This year's graduating classes include the first class ever to graduate Villa's new Early Learning Center! On Friday, May 31st Mrs. Albanene's 4-year olds processed into the Projection Room, adorned in their little graduation caps complete with tassels, and smiled and waved to their proud parents in the audience. Mrs. Albanese, Mrs. Klinger, and Miss Connors put together a wonderful closing ceremony complete with songs and poems, and students even showed off their Spanish skills with the help of Senora Maria! It was a beautiful end to a beautiful beginning, and the students were so proud to show their parents all they accomplished.

The Early Learning Center program began this year with the erection of the new building and a clear vision of having all students entering kindergarten to have a common understanding of Villa's teaching methods and values. Offering comprehensive preschool services in the Villa Maria community is vital to the success of children entering kindergarten ready to learn. It was the vision and work of former principal, Sister Mary Ellen Tennity IHM, that created the focus to provide a high quality preschool at the Academy. The dream she began for Villa is now impacting a large majority of our families and community and we are so appreciative her vision for this wonderful education center for our little ones.

Villa Welcomed a Resource Coordinator to the Staff This Fall, Villa welcomed Mrs. Eileen Delaney to our family. Mrs. Delaney was hired as our new Resource Coordinator. She mainly assists teachers with classroom strategies for students who are experiencing difficulty in learning. Mrs. Delaney has a B.S. from Temple University in Elementary Education and an M.Ed. from Acardia in Special Education. She is dual certified. She is also certified in Project Read, Schools Attuned, Read Naturally and is currently working on her Wilson certification.

Mrs. Delaney has enjoyed her time here at Villa so far this year. She is very grateful to be a part of this learning community. Her daughter Maria graduated from Villa in 2010. Maria attended Villa from 6th through 8th grade. She is now at Bishop Shanahan.

Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum Offered at Villa

As Villa moves forward, enhancing student’s learning in the form of digital technology, we recognize the importance of providing students with education on how best to use technology safely and securely. In addition to internet safety and security, teaching students about digital citizenship and literacy are essential in our efforts to provide the best in 21st-century education. Villa’s technology teachers and classroom teachers afford students with this knowledge currently on a daily basis, but in our efforts to go one- step-further, we have decided to partner with Common Sense Media, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of children and families by providing the trustworthy information, education, and independent voice they need to thrive in a world of media and technology.

The overall goal of this curriculum was to educate and empower young people to harness the power of the Internet and digital technology for learning, and for them to become safe, responsible, and respectful digital citizens. “The program was very impressive,” said Technology Integration Coach, Melissa Dow. “While we do so much here at Villa with information literacy, and we do it well, we wanted to do more. This program will continue to focus on information literacy, but it will also focus on safety and security and digital citizenship.” Villa’s Technology Coaches, Melissa Dow and Christelle Patselas taught one lesson a month to grades 2-8 and one every other month to grades K-1.

Villa Maria Academy Annual Report


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Villa Maria Academy Annual Report

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Villa Maria Academy Annual Report

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Villa Maria Academy Annual Report

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Samuel and Lisa Stroud Mrs. Cathy Sturm and Karen Styslinger Mrs. Loraine Testa A.J. And Michele Thackrah Ms. Kristen Thomas William and Michele Todd Anthony and Peggy Tortorice Sean and Jane Treacy Alexander and Heather Trebelev Lothar and Kathleen Tremmel Timothy and Carroll Valente Anthony and Danielle Valerio Mrs. Elizabeth Veneziale Timothy and Amy Victor Ms. Karen Walters James and Joanne Wankmiller Thomas and Jill Watson Joseph and Elizabeth Weinlick Jeffrey and Cheryl Wirth Mrs. Maureen Wible

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Villa Maria Academy 1140 KING RD MMACULATA, PA 19345 - 0600

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Annual report 2011 2012  

Annual report 2011 2012

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