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Fantastic menu, always freshly cooked Special Children’s Menu

Sample the best British Breakfast in central Florida! Fine wines and over 16 draft beers from throughout the world on tap!

Kids always welcome-Family dinning-Alfresco dining Entertainment and Sports Pub with large screen TV’s Come and check us out and please tell your guests We are open Monday - Saturday 11am to 2am and Sunday’s 11am to 12am We open early for Soccer & Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday!

43392 US Highway 27, Davenport. Florida 33837 Toll free 1 866 209 8484 We are easy to find on US Highway 27 at the junction with the I-4 (exit 55)





ere we go for another busy vacation season!

As you can see I decided to cool off on Sea World’s Journey to Atlantis after putting together this issue of the magazine. In response to demand we are now printing the magazine both in the UK and Florida, with almost a quarter of a million copies being distributed by the end of the year! The magazine has a new look and feel, this issue also has the first of our new regular columns, written by some of the industry’s leading experts. With the market seemingly to have reached its bottom, now’s a good time to invest and we have asked Zola Szerencses, one of Orlando’s leading Realtor’s, to explain why. Don’t forget to enter our free competition for $200 to spend at Orlando Premium Outlets!


Why is My Home Still Dusty...6 Liam Hail explains why you need to keep you A/C ducts cleaned

Tropical Turf.......................10 Jim Marshal starts of his new gardening column

Test Track Threat................12 Why the down turn in car sales may see a change at Epcot.

Competition.......................16 Another great chance to win $200 to spend at Orlando Premium Outlets.

Veranda Palms...................18 We take a look at Park Square Homes newest vacation community in Kissimmee.

Breaking Bread..................21 Our new restaurant guide checks out Sherlock’s new tea room at Berry Town Center.

Now is a Great Time to Buy....24 Zola explains why now is a great time to invest in a new home.

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Sea World’s new and exciting ride MANTA

Not only are we the biggest attraction ticket center for Central Florida, but we are proud to have the leading affiliate program for both independent owners and managers. Give us a call and ask us how you can earn from your guests purchasing attraction tickets with us and details of our new ‘Disney Infinity Program’.

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Why is my home still Dusty?

Many owners complain that even after paying for a full ‘spring clean’, their homes still seem acquire a thin layer of dust throughout in a short space of time. But is a deep clean of the living space the full requirement to solve this problem. We asked our magazines expert on the subject, Liam Hail of Odoronix to explain more.


aintenance on your home, car and other large investments makes sense. We all know that spending a penny now saves pounds in the future. One of your largest investments is surely your vacation home here in Florida. You likely have a Property Management company who look after your home for you while you are away. They will deal with issues, as and when they arise, maintaining and repairing any problems with the appliances and fixtures in your home.

Have you asked them if they arrange duct cleaning services? Many don’t. Unfortunately it’s an “out of sight, out


of mind” situation. But maintaining your AC system means more than having a yearly service call carried out on the Air Handler.

Central AC Systems run on average for about 80% of the year here in Florida. That’s a lot of air moving through the duct systems and out from the registers. Over time, the dust, pollen, mould spores, pet dander, grit, sand and other nasty stuff, builds up in the duct-work. This can be exacerbated by having the system running while the doors & windows are open (as can often happen when homes are rented out). If pets or

HomeCare animals are in the home then the pet allergens associated with their skin, fur and dander can be in the ducts too. Dust mites can thrive in this environment. These minute creatures also cause an allergic reaction in a large percentage of people. And every time your AC fan turns on, whatever is in the duct work is getting circulated all around your home. Not ideal if you suffer from these allergies and plan on spending time in your vacation home!

Using a good quality filter, which is regularly cleaned or replaced, on the return will go a long way to preventing the bulk of the nasty stuff getting into the system in the first place. However by its very nature, the duct-work has a number of openings in it, which allow dust and all of the other nasties we just described to get into the system. Many times we find the build-up of dirt and dust in the duct-work actually leads to homes having a musty or dirty smell. Aside from the problems of allergies and pollen / mould spores being present in duct-work which hasn’t been cleaned, the system will not be working

efficiently. The fan has to work harder to circulate a given volume of air. This can drastically shorten the working life of the Air Handler, as well as leading to more frequent service calls and, importantly for you, increased utility bills. All of this can be cured by arranging to have the duct-work cleaned regularly. For most typical homes this is only required on a bi-annual basis. More frequent cleaning may be required when there have been particular problems or issues. Some of these issues are events like, a replacement Air Handler being fitted, construction work carried out inside the home, Pets visiting “non-pet friendly homes”, or if the residents are suffering badly from allergies even when indoors. Proper procedures for cleaning the duct-work must involve agitation and suction or “brushing and cleaning”. Most duct-work in Florida is made of tubes of aluminium foil strengthened with a spiral of steel. The air passing over the inner surfaces sets up an electrostatic attraction which causes some of the debris inside the ducts to stick to the surfaces. Merely vacuuming from a single point on the system will only remove the heavier, sediment-like dust, not the stuff stuck to the sides. A follow-up service of fogging or sanitizing the complete system with an anti-microbial spray specifically designed for duct-work is also recommended.

Liam Hail

You can find out more and speak to Liam personally by calling his office on 407 523 9700 or visit his web site at




Tropical Turf with Jim Marshall of Ludlows Services


elcome to the first installment of Tropical Turf where we hope to provide homeowners with some useful guidance and suggestions on the upkeep and maintenance of your property’s lawn and yards here in Florida. Our company has many years experience and we hope to impart some of our knowledge and expertise to you.

Although it might be an obvious statement, when we meet homeowners we always try and make them understand that Florida has a tropical climate and therefore things need to be done slightly differently than perhaps they are used to. In this issue and as the summer months approach we will be looking at irrigation and lawn treatments. Irrigation needs to work efficiently for many reasons, not least of all the cost of wasted water. The first months of summer can be very dry, and therefore faulty systems will not ensure that grassed areas are being covered. This can lead to grass in the dry area becoming stressed causing it to possibly die or be invaded by pests which can then spread and kill other areas. As Florida is still suffering from severe water shortages, restrictions on irrigation continue to increase. Depending on which county a property is located, irrigation is only permitted on one or two days a week, and then only at certain times of the day. These days are either designated by sub division, or based on the ending digit of your address. On top of this, some sub divisions only receive water to their irrigation supply on the permitted day, so if a controller is set to the incorrect day/s, the yard will not be irrigated at all. Water inspectors actively seek out properties watering on the wrong day, or wrong time of the day. They also look for leaks or systems without a functioning rain sensor. Any of these violations


can result in fines. In summary the cost of checks and repairs will be far cheaper than wasted water, fines for watering on the wrong days and replacing dead grass. Summer is also the time for the dreaded cinch bug and other pests, it is essential therefore that yards have an effective year round fertilizer and pest control program in place. Treatment types and frequency will be dependent on the type of grass species that the yard contains. St Augustine, for example, which is found extensively in residential property, requires a bi monthly treatment schedule to properly protect from pests and to maintain healthy growth. Even a seemingly lush looking yard can fall victim to cinch bug if left untreated, resulting in costly sod replacement. Consideration should be given when selecting a company to carry out this work. As previously mentioned, even a yearly treatment program will prove ineffective without sufficient irrigation. Before committing to a treatment contract, ensure that whoever is actually carrying out the work will report back any issues relating to the condition of the grass, rather than just blindly continuing with the scheduled application. An obvious advantage would be to receive lawn service from the same company that has applied the lawn treatment, and is also able to provide the required irrigation monitoring and repair. Clearly visiting the property weekly rather than every two months allows better feedback to address any possible problems. We look forward to hearing from you and look out for us in the next edition. Send your questions and comments to tropicalturf@

Jim Marshall


he 49,000 Square feet, Virgin Megastore at Downtown Disney, the largest music and entertainment store in the southeast is to close on May 31st! Its closure, along with all the other Virgin Megastores in the US has been put down to the drop in CD and DVD sales. But the closures will not be the end of the Virgin Megastores chain, with 150 remaining across Asia, the Middle East and France, all of which are licensed through Sir Richard’s Virgin Group. Disney are looking for a new retailer to take over the space.

Universal CityWalk have opened three new casual dining venues for lunch and dinner on the upper level of CityWalk; Panda Express, Moe’s Southwest Grill and the world’s first Burger King Whopper Bar. The three restaurants together give customers a choice of Mexican, Chinese and American food under one roof. WHOPPER™Bar Visit the world’s first, only at Universal CityWalk®, and enjoy the flame-broiled burger you love with over a million ways to HAVE IT YOUR WAY®



Is the checkered flag out for Test Track ?


est Track is one of Epcot’s top rides and a ‘must do’ for almost every visitor to Disney World.

General Motors, one of America’s biggest car manufacturer, has sponsored the ride since it opened in December 1998. Test Track, as I am sure we all know and experienced, is a five and a half minute thrill ride along Disney’s longest and fastest ride track, with a top speed of 65mph on the outside run of the ride. The journey of the ride has not been smooth, it was first scheduled to open in May 1997 but due to a number of problems found during testing the ride after completion it underwent a number of changes before its eventual opening. It did not receive it official opening until March 17th 1999! General Motors is believed to pay Disney almost $5 million a year in sponsorship; with the total close to $35 million over the last ten years. That sounds a lot but not if you consider that the German engineering giant Siemens AG is currently paying Disney a whopping $100 million over twelve years to


sponsor Epcot’s Spaceship earth! Although Disney are not willing to elaborate on the reports that the struggling motor giant can not afford to continue its sponsorship of the ride. We understand that both companies are in discussions to work together. Other sources say that the struggling car maker just can’t continue to sponsor the ride and is planning to pull out. If GM do pull out it could be very difficult for Disney to find a new sponsor without completely redesigning the ride area - the GM’s logo is everywhere and any new sponsor will want to stamp their company and logo on the ride. The other main hurdle is the global economic slow down, which is continuing to depress the car industry and bring many major car manufacturers near to bankruptcy. It is believed that marketing executives of Toyota Motor Corp have had discussions with Disney about sponsoring Test Track but a deal with anyone seems a way off yet.

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Immigration Law offices of

Lisa krueger Khan, P.A. Practicing exclusively in US Immigration and Nationality Law since 1997 & Executive Vice Chair for the American Immigration Layers Association (AILA), Central Florida Chapter.

With extensive experience in preparing E-2 and L-1 visa cases for U.K. nationals

7932 West Sand Lake Road Suite 303 Orlando Fl. 32819 Tel: 407 351 9075 E-mail:


Passage to India

Come and enjoy some of the finest Indian cuisine in Florida at one of our award wining restaurants All our authentic dishes are crafted from the finest ingredients with hand ground spices and prepared by a dedicated experienced chefs. Make Passage to India one of your Florida memories! Open daily from 11am until 10pm Passage to India is at two fantastic locations; World famous International Drive 5532 International Drive Orlando 32819 Tel: 407 351 3456 & Close to Walt Disney World 7618 West Irlo Bronson Highway 192 Kissimmee 34747 Tel: 407 396 6957


  


7    .8  9   ,          :/;;           

                  !" # !" ! $ % & !$ %!$!' !'&()!* !* $   ! + !( !,# -  !  ! .   

  % /010 %  2


30 4 '   4     %       ' %.   ,  % 50 !     !   2



            "          , 6  %     7,$ "     


    9!    <  = .  %      ' %.  , >

    = ?, 9  :/;;  %   ,  ? 9            % ?$     /13 /;;@ 9   


 A!1B?CA;DE/FB  DDBD?8(  G5; 855,8!GH(5; 8 @,8?,#8H8H-G$8I#-('

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Billy McCarthy Safeguard Maintenance Inc. 407-201-9983 •

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We take a look at one of Central Florida’s leading vacation home builders, Park Square Homes, newest community in Kissimmee with Park Squares’ Sarita Gupta. Park Square was founded in 1984, with a vision to build homes that would make people feel richer than they are and bring a high quality of life to their owners. They set their standards high, promising innovative home designs that would deliver exceptional value, quality and amenities. Since 1984, the company has expanded to reach heights on nationally ranked home builders, such as Builder magazine’s Top 100 builders in the U.S. who also recognizes them as one of the top tier construction companies in the U.S. Park Square has also won many awards such as Orlando Business Journal’s fastest growing companies and best places to work. Sarita told us, “Since their beginning Park Square has had one aim ~ Whether your dream is to own a second home near Orlando’s world famous attractions or a primary residence near the finest schools, everything we do at Park Square


Homes is with a single purpose in mind: to make it possible for you and your family to live well within your dreams.”

Park Square Homes, one of Central Florida’s most trusted home builder, has been a pioneer in resort communities in Orlando. Some of the most famous communities include resort homes in Emerald Island, Southern Dunes, Westridge, Solana, and Terra Verde. Traditionally Park Square Homes have designed these resort communities complete with a grand clubhouse housing arcade centers, cyber cafes, fitness rooms, lounges, gift shops, pools, play areas, volleyball courts and more! Although these luxuries are a resort buyers dream, high HOA fees detract many foreign buyers. “In this market we are seeing buyers who can afford to live here, but can’t afford the high HOA’s. So we’ve listened to them” says CEO Suresh Gupta. Recognizing this, Park Square Homes introduced their newest community in

BrandNewHomes Kissimmee off of 192, Veranda Palms. Veranda Palms is a unique resort for Park Square because it is the first time they will build a resort community without a grand clubhouse and high maintenance amenities. “To bring the HOA fees down and make owning a vacation home in Orlando more affordable, we realized that the grand clubhouse might not be a need for everyone”, Sarita added. For those who want the vacation lifestyle at a great value, Veranda Palms could fit the bill. Prices in the $230’s including pools, Veranda Palms proves to live up to all of Park Square’s standard of resort living. The gated

Upon its completion Veranda Palms will hold around 330 homes. “With such a great location, we are hoping to attract retirees, investment buyers and vacationers. It’s an exceptional location for an exceptional value.’ Sarita continued. There may not have been a better time to buy, and Park Square plans to capitalize on the opportunity, already having sold a few homes after less than a month of opening.

Models and home selections at Veranda Palms:

Veranda Palms offers the Palm collection of homes, which includes 8 plans ranging from 1567 sqft to 2826 sqft. Veranda Palms currently has one model, the Beach Palm. It is a 4 bedroom, 3 bath, 2,161 sqft home with a pool and screened in patio. To find out more contact the Veranda Palms sales center on 407 432 1057 or pop in to the center at 2503 Dharma Circle, Kissimmee, 34746.

community will still offer amenities such as recreation fields, walking trails around the community’s ponds, and other outdoor activities. Moreover, Veranda Palms backs into a 1,000 acre county park, offering canoeing on Shingle Creek and more.

To see the homes and community now visit the Veranda Palms page on the Park Square Homes web site at

Ian Davies Publisher

Aerial photo of Veranda Palms with Epcot’s Spaceship Earth Ball in the distance


There are two ways to buy currency for an overseas property At the right time

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Breaking Bread

herlock’s successful and highly recommended tea rooms are opening a new shop at Berry Town Center, the busy and growing shopping area at the junction of Rout 27 and Sand Mine Road. This bustling shopping mall is now the home to the new delightful Sherlock’s tea rooms. And what a classy little number it is too. The happy chatter of young (children of all ages welcome) and old fills the air occasionally topped by the sound of another coffee being made in the espresso machine! Whether its before or after a hard day shopping or a hard day at one of the parks, you will find just the pick me up you need. Sherlock’s caters for any part of the day with great teas & coffee, fresh bagels, muffins, scones and cookies all baked on premises.

The lunch menu is increasing too with fresh baked French breads filled with the best delicatessen sliced meats and organic salads. Afternoon tea fresh baked scones, Devonshire cream and strawberry preserve compliment their extensive tea selections or stop by in the evening with their hearty soups served in a French boule loaf, compliments their wines perfectly. Evenings at Sherlock’s are relaxed and leisurely, the perfect place to relax after a hectic day at the theme park! There is magic here for everyone, from cream teas to cappuccino coffee and specialist teas, fine wines and beers, ‘lets do lunch’ occasion or lite dinner for two good food and a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Sherlock’s is just about perfect for everyone, so if your local why not consider it for you next business event! Be sure to pop in and sample this fare for yourself and pass on your recommendation to your guests; I am certain they will enjoy it! Sherlock’s of Berry Town Center 113 Ambersweet Way Davenport Fl 33879



Attractionation W

by Patrick Pulliam

ith the smell of suntan lotion in the air and the beautiful Florida sunshine greeting travelers from around the world, those of us in the tourism industry in Central Florida, get ready to put on our best smiles and polish our name tags in hopes of a busy vacation season.

and even Hogwarts castle itself. Secondly will be the New Roller Coaster Ride, “Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket”. Universal takes ride interactively to new heights with this roller coaster. Located near the front entrance of Universal Studios Florida, Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit will become one of the park’s iconic touchstones.

As the theme parks compete with all of their new exciting rides and fabulous stage shows, those of us in the ticket business find this to be a great opportunity to offer our old and new guests something quite new! It is not often that we find ourselves in this unique situation, where the theme parks come out with new and fresh ideas, ticket promotions and hopefully marketing revenue to lure travelers into their hungry turnstiles.

In fact, its track will extend outside the park and snake above CityWalk’s promenade, drawing attention and creating excitement.

This is the way, I personally think it should be like every year, rescission or not! This is in the spirit of good competition amongst the theme parks that I feel keeps things fresh and new for the hardened return travelers that come here year after year and expect something new that they have not experienced before! New to Universal Studio’s arsenal are two attractions that are sure to please everyone young and old. The first will be the New Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studio’s Orlando and it is set to open in 2010. Inspired by J.K. Rowling’s compelling stories and characters – and faithful to the visual landscapes of the films – “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” will provide a one-of-a-kind opportunity to experience the magical world of Harry and his friends. The fully immersive, themed land will enable guests to visit some of the most iconic locations found in the books and the films including the village of Hogsmeade, the mysterious Forbidden Forest,

The thrill machine will give passengers the ability to control the attraction’s soundtrack, and will allow them to “rip” a take-home memento of their wild coaster experience. Now in it’s grand opening, Manta at SeaWorld Orlando is sure to impress everyone as well.

Manta is covering four acres and will reach a height of 140 feet. It was designed by the Swiss coaster company, Bollinger & Mabillard. The coaster vehicles were designed to give riders the sensation of gliding, swooping and diving up to nearly 60 mph, through four inversions on 3,359 feet of track, moving from sky to water -- so close at times that the Manta’s wings skim the waves. The attraction is to begin when visitors enter a mythical village filled with artisan-created


AttractionsInsight Ticket Center”, writing for, “Vacation Homes Magazine” If you should need any information on theme park tickets or have any questions at all about central Florida, please email me at patrickp@

engravings and artwork that celebrate ray legend and lore. In the queue line, visitors will wind through caverns adorned with ray-inspired art in marble, jewels, and mosaics, all hand-created.

Until next time, this is Patrick Pulliam with, The Official Ticket Center, writing for, “Villa Magazine”

For those of us in the ticket business, it seems that the current economy situation has really helped us to provide our guests with exciting new adventures at a reasonable price, while providing our Villa Owners and Management Companies revenues and free tickets that have not been seen in quit some time. It’s good to see the theme parks get back in the business of new ideas and discount travel! Sometimes I think a little dip in their visitors can bring out the best in theme parks and remind them of just what it is that brings visitors to our world famous attractions and keep them coming year after year! Until next time, this is Patrick Pulliam with, “The Official

Have fun at the parks! The Official Ticket Center Orlando’s #1 Ticket Agency 1-877-406-4836

One of Central Florida’s Most Trusted and Longest Serving Management Companies

Award Winning Property Management Services: • Management, Rental and Marketing Programs • Interactive website with over 200 Home Tours • In-House Guest Services - 7 days a week • Complete Real Estate Services

Holiday Homes Inc.

Tel: 407.932.3683 · 1 800.621.7888

UK: 0871 7115371 / Inter: 001 407.932.3683




is a great time to buy in


By Zola Szerencses CIPS, 2009 Vice-chairman of the Orlando Regional International Council.


e are in the buyers’ market! Mortgage rates at an all time low sellers are motivated, owning a home is a great investment, and can lead to many years of happiness.

The following information is based on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) data from Orlando Regional Realtor Association (ORRA) March/2009:

Fourth Quarter 2008 Median Prices (Existing Homes):

• Orlando Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA): $168,000 (Consists of Lake, Orange, Osceola, and Seminole counties) • Orlando “core”: $180,000 (Mainly Seminole and Orange counties) Fourth Quarter 2008 Average Prices (MSA):

• New single-family homes: $248,104 (down from $297,943 in Q4 2007) • Existing single-family homes: $217,814 (down from $281,755 in Q4 2007)

Let’s see in details what is really going on. Inventory of homes for sale is at 15-year high. There could be many options out there for many buyers and many sellers who are willing to negotiate and work towards a win-win situation that works for both parties. Every market is different. Remember that all real estate is local and that all markets are different.


The average price of singlefamily homes in the Orlando MSA reached its highest point in 2008 in January with existing single-family home prices peaking at $285,840 and new single-family home prices peaking at $304,661. Why the prices are dropping substantially in today’s market? Good question. Prices are dropping because of the anomaly that occurred during

PropertyNews the market boom. A research published in the RealtorÂŽ magazine shows that home values appreciated 26.5 percent on average for the 20-year period from 1980 through 2000. In the six years that followed, average appreciation was 89 percent. Prices are now adjusting to the inconsistent and unsustainable growth that occurred during the first six years of this decade. In other words, the market is not on the decline. Rather, it is moving toward stability, which will mean healthier markets in the future. A modest recovery for existinghome sales is expected in 2009. Pent-up demand, coupled with an abundance of safer mortgage products, will lead to near-term market improvements. The Emergency Economic Stability Act enacted on October 3, 2008 will help to improve credit markets

and allow housing to lead the economic recovery.

What are the benefits of owning a Second Home?

Whether itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a vacation home or a rental property, a second home can give you many of the same personal and financial benefits as your first home. Make sure you understand the tax implications before you buy, however, so you can make the most of your home investment. Lifestyle benefits If your second home will serve as a personal getaway, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re probably looking forward to having a place to relax with


Feature family and friends. Whether it’s a lake-side cottage or a condo by the beach, knowing that you can retreat from the hustle of daily life to your own private vacation spot has an obvious appeal. Financial benefits Investing in a second home has the potential to pay off in a number of ways. First, there are the same financial rewards that come with home-ownership in general: tax-deductible interest* and possible price appreciation. In addition, you may be able to use the home as a source of rental income. If it’s a vacation home, renting it out for part of the year can help offset the costs of ownership. If it’s strictly a rental property, you can use it as a significant source of income, although the tax implications may be somewhat different. Tax implications* You can deduct the mortgage interest you pay on a second home, but not on an


investment property. Which category your home belongs in depends on how you use it. To the IRS, a second home is one that you personally use at least 14 days per year, or at least one day for every 10 days it’s rented out, whichever is greater. Although you can’t deduct mortgage interest for an investment property, you can deduct operating expenses (such as maintenance and advertising costs) that exceed the rent you collect, as well as losses on the sale of the home. Neither is deductible for a second home. *Consult your tax advisor The value of your investment Despite some contrary media reports and some moderate losses in value in the shortterm, home values long-term have and will continue to rise. Real estate is a long-term investment. Over the past 30 years, the median price of existing homes has increased

PropertyNews an average more than 6 percent every year, according to historical data from NAR’s (National Association of Realtors®) existing home-sales series. Thanks to the power of leverage, a homeowner’s return on investment is even more impressive over time.

One of America’s Finest Gardens!

Where do I start my purchase in Central Florida?

First, you need to talk to your REALTOR® about helping you achieve the American dream! Here is a link to the ORIC (Orlando Regional International Council) members. They are specialized working with global buyers and sellers and experts on how to conduct international real estate transactions and understanding the cultural issues that are an integral part of working with global buyers and sellers. Reach the OIRC at www.orlandointernationalcouncil. com/6.asp

Zola Szerencses is the 2009 Vice-chairman of the Orlando Regional International Council. He is also Board of Director for Orlando Regional Realtor Association and NAR President’s Liaison to Hungary since 2006. Zola Szerencses CIPS, e-PRO, TRC RE/MAX 200 Realty 954 S Orlando Ave. Winter Park, FL 32789 U.S.A. Office: +1.407.629.6330 Mobile: +1.321.276.7620

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Can you afford an expensive air conditioning or pool heater break down?

Many owners make the mistake of taking care of their A/C’s or pool heaters when they break down - this can result in large repair or even replacement bills and the potential loss of rental income if your guests need to be re-homed until the unit is up and running again. Regular servicing can stop unnecessary break downs, save you money and upset for both you and your guests. Our family run business has been serving Central Florida for over 60 years and specialize in providing vacation homes the best service available. We service, repair and install air conditioning, heating, pool heaters and appliances - and best of all we provide full out of normal working hours call outs and repairs! Call us today for a free no obligation chat about how we can look after your units help you to keep your cool!

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Who’s looking after your holiday home? You have a lot invested in your holiday home. You hired a property management company to make sure the appliances work, and that there are plenty of paying guests, enjoying themselves in the Florida sunshine. But who is making sure your home stays clean, safe and allergen-free?

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Odoronix specializes in indoor air quality. We feature HOST® dry carpet cleaning, RotoBrush® A/C duct and dryer vent cleaning, Unelko® Sani-Shield anti-microbial surface protectant, and environmentally-responsible ozone and fogging air treatments. How can Odoronix help you?

Looking for the best car hire deals for you and your guests?

Exceptional fully inclusive prices with free additional drive We offer the most competitive car hire prices on the market from many locations throughout Florida We have Dollar and all the major car hire companies at the lowest rates and instant conformation on vehicle availability, all presented in an easy to understand format on our web site

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The Market Place Ludlows Lawn Services With over twenty years experience we specialize in professional and dependable lawn and yard care. Our affordable services are available to individual owners, managers and for commercial contracts. FULLY LICENCED & INSURED email:info@ludlowservices Tel: 001 407 761 1152

The Maintenance Guy Vacation home maintenance and repairs. Appliances • Blinds • Ceiling fans • Irrigation Lighting • Power washing • Screens • & much more

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Beat the Burglars!

Ecconomic Downturn = More Break in’s Fact - Preferred point of entery is the patio doors. Introducing the CAL lock; the double bolt sliding glass door lock. Used in the Olympic village Secure your investment and protect your guests. Choose CAL Lock Call us on 001 863 557 1058 and arasnge your installation email:


Contemporary Carpet Care We offer excellent affordable prices that will not hurt your budget. We specialize in carpet sales, installation, repairs and carpet cleaning. We also operate a 24 hour emergency flood service with fast response times. Call us today for all your flooring needs Call: Stephen on 001 407 282 5700


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SunTrust Bank

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Looking for the best attraction tickets at the best price?


Blowing Up A Storm


une 1st sees the start of the 2009 hurricane season. With the economy down, visitor numbers at the main theme parks down and a huge amount of rain already down following the recent bad weather, could a bad hurricane season be approaching to complicate matters further? Hurricane winds reach a constant speed of at least 74mph and gust up to 200mph. Hurricanes can cover several hundred miles and can generate torrential rains and tornadoes. The eye is misleadingly calm, tricking people into thinking the storm is over. However, when the eye passes your area, only half the storm has passed. The wind returns suddenly from the opposite direction, perhaps with a greater force!

The experts are predicting that this year will see a good chance of â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;above averageâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; hurricane activity. Scientists and meteorologists have predicted between 12 and 16 named storms, with 7 becoming hurricanes. Of these 7 possibly 3 will become category 3 or higher in strength! That does not sound too bad, when considering some of the past years. However, a average hurricane season sees only 11 storms, with 6 becoming hurricanes and only 2 strengthening to category 3 to higher. Ensure your guests are aware of how to deal with a potential storm during their stay and check your hazard insurance for your home. If in doubt contact your insurance carrier or ask assistance from a local insurance expert.

The VILLA magazine recommeneds that owners keep a track of all storms and weather with

Harding & Associates Tax Services, Inc.

Did you know if you own a US rental property you must file County, State and Federal Tax Returns? The property also is required to have two licenses on display. Are you compliant? Harding & Associates, the premier tax and compliance specialists, represent foreign individuals before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), State and County taxing authorities. British owned and operated with offices in central Florida, we have pleasure in representing offshore property owners ensuring

US Tax Compliance and filing is lawfully in order. We will also advise through purchase, ownership and eventual disposal of their US asset. their

Harding & Associates is proud to provide clients with an education and comprehensive understanding of US property ownership and Tax Compliance.

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