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May 2011

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The Birstall (Alcohol Consumption in Designated Public Place) Order On 8th November 2010, Charnwood Borough Council agreed to a proposal by the Police for the Council to make a Designated Public Place Order (DPPO) under Section 13 of the Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001. The DPPO had previously been discussed at both the All Crime Delivery Group and Charnwood Community Safety Partnership (CSP) level, whose membership includes the Leicestershire Constabulary and Borough Council.

Map of the Area covered by the DPPO

The Order, which has been approved, came into effect from 1st April 2011 and creates a zone in which the police have powers to confiscate alcohol from people drinking in a public area where: A) nuisance or annoyance to members of the public or a section of the public is caused; or  disorder has been associated with the consumption of intoxicating liquor in that place Where does the DPPO cover? This DPPO provides for the designation of an area comprising of For a larger version of the map, please navigate to : School Lane, part of Loughborough Road, Beechfield Avenue. Part of Birstall Road, Sibson Road, Colindale Avenue, Rose Tree dppo_map_birstal/Birstal%20map.doc Avenue, Windmill Avenue, Dalby Avenue, Allington Drive, the boundary of Watermead Country Park, Whiles Lane, Front Street, Wanlip Lane and various roads/other public areas in its Latest News from vicinity, which have been linked to crime and disorder caused by Attempted distraction burglary in Birstall antisocial drinking, so that it will become an offence for any Officers are appealing for information following an attempted person to drink alcohol after being required by a Police Officer distraction burglary in Birstall. not to do so. What will the Police do to enforce this order? The Order also provides powers for the Police to confiscate and dispose of any alcohol and containers in any persons possession and creates an arrestable offence if any person fails, without reasonable excuse, to comply with a Police Officer‟s request under this Order.

The incident happened at around 10am on Friday April 15, 2011 when a man knocked on an address on Iris Avenue. The victim, in her eighties, answered the door and the man claimed he worked for a gas company and was investigating a gas leak nearby. He claimed he needed to come in so he could inspect if the house had a gas problem.

The Order does not make it an offence to drink alcohol in a designed public place for law abiding citizens. However, failure to comply with a Police Officer‟s or Police Community Support Officer request in respect of public drinking or surrender of alcohol, without reasonable excuse, would be an offence which you can be arrested for.

The victim refused several times and the man eventually left without gaining access to the property.

There are no specific human rights implications as DPPO‟s have not been deemed to infringe human rights when “serving the public interest‟ by reducing alcohol-related disorder.

Detective Constable Sukhvinder Obhi, who is investigating this incident, said: "This victim did exactly the right thing by not letting this man in his home and calling a relative straight away. The man did have some ID but it did not appear genuine and the man did become agitated when challenged by the woman.

Where can I consume alcohol? Any person who may have a dependency upon alcohol will be able to continue consuming alcohol in their own homes, those of friends and families or on licensed premises. The restriction on public drinking will not apply to any premises or area covered by a permanent or occasional licence allowing the consumption or sale of alcohol, for example, the premises of licensed houses, clubs, cafes or restaurants and the curtilege of their premises.

Annual General Meeting Thursday 12th May, 7.45pm All co-ordinators and members are encouraged to attend. Methodist Church Hall, Wanlip Lane

He is described as white, in his mid thirties, of medium build with short brown hair. He was wearing a dark jacket which had a small badge and photo on it.

“We would like to remind residents that you not have to let anyone into your home who you do not know. Anyone from a legitimate company will have identification with them and will not mind you checking with the company that they are a genuine employee.” “If you are in doubt, do not be afraid to refuse to allow them in. You can call a friend, relative or neighbour and ask them first or call the police on 999 if you think they are suspicious. If anyone has any information regarding this suspect or perhaps was visited by someone using a similar story, we would urge you to get in touch.” Anyone with information is asked to contact DC 575 Sukhvinder Obhi on Leicester (0116) 222 2222, follow the instructions to leave a message for an officer and when prompted key in the identification number 0575. Alternatively, contact Crimestoppers, which is free* and anonymous, on 0800 555 111. (some mobile networks may charge).

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How to contact our local officers Our local beat police officer is PC 2139 Richard Carruthers. You can contact him on (0116) 222 2222 - follow the instructions and when prompted, enter the identification number 2139 and leave a message.

As we once more approach our AGM (12th May at 7.45pm) I am happy to report that our Birstall & Wanlip Neighbourhood Watch remains in a very healthy state. We have high numbers of member households and our band of volunteer co-ordinators contribute willingly of their time to ensure the delivery of the monthly newsletter and the collection of the annual donations.

Our local Police Community Support Officer is PCSO 6611 Mark Butler. To contact PCSO Butler, telephone (0116) 222 2222 follow the instructions and when prompted, enter the identification number 6611 and leave a message.

The Watch has an effective partnership with the police and our local police officers, namely P.C. Richard Carruthers, P.C.S.Os Mark Butler & Stuart Venables deserve special mention for their hard work in helping to reduce crime in our community.

Our local Police Community Support Officer is PCSO 6438 Stuart Venables. To contact PCSO Venables telephone (0116) 222 2222 - follow the instructions and when prompted, enter the identification number 6438 and leave a message.

TREASURERS REPORT 2011 Yet again I can report that membership stands at record numbers of households within the two villages. During the year we have again increased the number of members in the new Hallam Fields development and I‟m sure we will continue to do so in the future. The committee is very appreciative of this support and the confidence it gives us to pursue our aims. Throughout the year we have continued the campaign focusing on cycle theft by giving away cycle locks when cycles have been coded. The items we continue to sell on a not-for-profit basis remain popular with members and additional items are regularly added. This year we celebrated 20 years of the Watch in Birstall and Wanlip with a special summer event including additional „giveaway‟ items (and a cake). We are continuing to make contributions to the running costs of the police room at 10 Sibson Road, and are very happy to be involved in helping to provide this important facility in the village. We also organised an informal collection from shops in the village to provide additional equipment for the police room. This was very successful and all monies have been spent. One business also donated a new fax machine. My thanks as always go to all our local co-ordinators/contacts for their help in collecting the membership subscriptions. Without your efforts the Watch would simply not exist. My thanks also go to the Birstall Parish Council and their staff for their continued support and encouragement, and to those local businesses that sponsor our activities. Please mention the Watch to them whenever possible. Copies of the audited balance sheet will be available at the AGM, and I will be pleased to answer any questions about the accounts. Allan Kinton Treasurer

In August 2010, the Watch celebrated its 20th Anniversary – a real achievement. This event took place at the regular Saturday Advice Shop / Police Surgery and many Watch members and the general community joined us for refreshments and a slice of birthday cake. The Watch continues to embrace new technology, having set up a page and group on the popular community website, Facebook and a new page on the micro-blogging website, “Twitter”. We also continue with our main local website,, with the latest news on crimes and crime prevention information. I am pleased to announce that the Watch has recently purchased an up-to-date mobile CCTV camera with night vision and long recording time for use by our local police officers – an item which will help in further detections in known „hot-spots‟. This equipment is to enable officers to target areas where crime is of ongoing concern to local residents. The committee felt this to be an effective use of our funds. Furthermore, one of the Watch committee members, Karen Lewin, has taken time to canvass local businesses on an informal basis. The money she has collected has been used to provide much-needed equipment for our local Police office at 10 Sibson Road. This was also a very useful exercise in raising awareness amongst Birstall businesses about the importance of working together to combat local crime. I acknowledge with thanks the continued support given to the Watch by Birstall Parish Council and our own dedicated committee members and supporters. This enables the Watch to continue it work of identifying and preventing crime in Birstall and Wanlip. Sadly, this will be my final report as Chair of the Watch. Following six years in office, I will be stepping down at the May AGM. I have enjoyed my time as Chair and would like to thank everyone for their ongoing support throughout my term. I wish to the Watch continued success for the future and will be continuing as an active scheme co-ordinator in my area. Ed Marshall Chairman

Thank you to Birstall Parish Council for continuing to support the Watch. This newsletter is sponsored by these local businesses, so please support them and tell them you saw their ad in the Neighbourhood Watch newsletter.

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May 2011 Newsletter  

Birstall & Wanlip Neighbourhood Watch May 2011 Newsletter

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