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The Village Voice • September 2018

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Vol. XXVII, No. 9 | September 2018

EDITORIAL Dear Readers: I must confess that I am a “loser.”  I have fought it all my life, but I surrender to something I have attempted to avoid: Old Age.  It wins, no matter what I have tried to do to prevent it.  Old age wins – as I intend to retire at the end of 2018 as Editor of The Village Voice. As editor of the monthly Voice since what now seems like back in the Pleistocene Age, I have had the privilege of entering doors to so many new avenues of knowledge I never knew existed.  It has allowed me to meet new people and work with numerous talented and dedicated writers, our advertising director, distributors of the publication, our production manager/publisher Sandie Powers who has been with us for the past 27 years, and of course the members of our dedicated Journalism Club’s Board of Directors. The articles you read each month have been created not by a stable of veteran journalists, but by a team of persons who write for the sheer pleasure of sharing passion-driven information with you on a wide variety of topics.  These range from Ocean Hills happenings, golf, landscaping, and nature, to local and international travels, nearby restaurants, EDITORIAL, Cont’d. on Page 3

Are More Seniors Over 85 in the Workplace? According to U.S. Labor Department, the answer is “yes.” Perhaps this does not apply to most residents in OHCC, where most are occupied with bocce, tennis or swimming. But outside our gates, the picture is different. Over 4.4 percent of those seniors over 85 actually have a job. That figure has increased since 2006 when the number was just 2.6 percent. Now you will find them performing all sorts of jobs such as crossing guards, Walmart greeters and building maintenance. According to the 2016 Census Bureau data, there are between 1,000 and 3,000 truck

drivers actively working, doubling the number during the past 8 years. There are a number of reasons for the increase of working seniors. Life expectancy has grown, retirement plans have shrunk, educational levels have risen and in general, work has become less physically demanding. Labor Department figures indicate this group of people are not concentrated in any particular race, ethnicity or region but tend to cluster in jobs such as: management, business, science, arts, personal care and service. They are not usually WORKPLACE, Cont’d. on Page 3

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The Village Voice • September 2018



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The Village Voice • September 2018

EDITORIAL, cont’d. from Page 1 pets, movies, books, interior decorating, scams to avoid and real estate advice. So I extend to you my plea to perhaps a half-dozen of you among our 2,500 residents to please give serious thought to joining the Village Voice team – by taking over the pleasurable roles as our publication’s editor and board members. If you would like to learn more about how our publication functions and to help us continue a 30-year tradition, I encourage you to please pick up the phone and call me or any member of the Journalism board.  Remember, if you come aboard, you will become a member of a great team!  Sincerely, Bob Wong, 760-806-1310) WORKPLACE, cont’d. from Page 1 involved with more demanding physical work such as manufacturing and construction. Most of the oldest workers are concentrated in just 26 of the 455 occupations tracked by the Census Bureau data. Those same 26 occupations represent almost a third of the total workforce. Andrew Van Dam, writer for The Washington Post said that some of America’s most prominent workers are around


85. The oldest Supreme Court justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, is 85. Rupert Murdoch is 87. So are George Soros, Warren Buffett and Toni Morrison. At the less professional end, crossing guards tend to be 85 or above and product demonstrators like those at a warehouse club store also tend to be in that category. By sheer numbers, the top job among the 85-plus-yearolds is farmers and ranchers. That category, which is distinct from farm laborers, represent 3 to 5 percent of the oldest workers. That occurred because when they entered the workforce, that had greater opportunities for employment than say computer scientists. And that shaped their professional choices today, seven decades down the line. As for most residents in OHCC, most of us consider our working days may be in the past. But we worked fruitfully enabling us to enjoy our life in Paradise. Tennis, anyone?


In the August issue of the Village Voice, the gentleman captioned in the Village Happenings column was misidentified. The name should have been Michael Brown. We apologize and regret the error.

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The Village Voice • September 2018

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Bye, bye Ralphs. Hello EOS Fitness.

Shopping Around What’s going on at Ralph’s?

EōSFitness will occupy the former location of Ralphs Market on the corner of Melrose and Cannon Rd. This company has sites throughout the country and this facility will be one of their largest. Occupying some 46,000 square feet, it will feature a swimming pool, cinema, and will provide services for boxing, pilates, yoga, personal and group exercise and Zumba. The opening date is scheduled for the winter of 2019.

Hobby Lobby store to open this year.

Construction has begun to open a new branch of Hobby Lobby. Originating in and operating from Oklahoma, the number of stores has grown to over 800 in the U.S. Hobby Lobby is an American arts and craft store that features art supplies, artificial flowers, upholstery fabric, holiday and home décor. The store, scheduled to open this year, is located in the shopping mall at Plaza Dr. and College Blvd. anchored by Grocery Outlet Bargain Market.

Where to recycle used oil and oil filters.

The closest certified collection of used oil and oil filters is located at AutoZone, at 3513 Cannon Rd. on the corner of Melrose Dr. For household waste, go to Waste Management Household Hazardous Waste Facility at 2880 Industry St., Oceanside (760) 439-2824. They are open Tuesday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., but closed for lunch from noon to 12:40 p.m.

“I did not attend his funeral, but I sent a nice letter saying I approved of it.” — Mark Twain

The Village Voice • September 2018



The Village Voice • September 2018

Drive Safely Dashboard Overload

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety just released a study how to minimize dangers of the use of car gadgets and information overload in your car. It reported that these driving distractions killed over 3,500 people and injure 390,000 persons each year. They found that automobile manufacturers are not best to decide what is best for the driver and passengers’ safety. In the newer cars, there are dozens of buttons, knobs, switches, touch screens, gesture controls, heads-up displays and voice commands, all of which constitute a range of gadgets that divert the driver from driving safely. When a driver takes his or her attention off the road for just two seconds, the crash risk increases. When the driver takes 4 ½ seconds to read a text, the danger increases exponentially. Cellphone use, talking, listening, dialing, and texting caused 14 percent of all car fatalities. While car manufacturers claim Apple CarPlay or Android Auto are no more dangerous than adjusting your radio, AAA does not recommend those systems or after-market system under any circumstance. The AAA also recommends the federal government lock out certain actions such as the ability to pro-

Too much information and gadgetry to divert driver’s attention. gram GPS while driving down the road. That hasn’t happened yet among many car manufacturers.

“Accept who you are. Unless you’re a serial killer.” — Ellen DeGeneres

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The Village Voice • September 2018



The Village Voice • September 2018

features Village Happenings By Selma Leighton You never know who you are going to meet at the Moonlight Amphitheater, and what new information will come your way. Last Wednesday, Sy and I were having our picnic meal before the show, and along came fellow Ocean Hillers Sunny Frowein and Carol Silverman. They joined us, and we shared goodies. Sunny was so excited about joining the Papercrafting Club. She is making a cardboard box that explodes, (her words, not mine). Obviously, it is not a dangerous explosion. She piqued my interest, and, as the village gossip, I had to investigate. I had never realized this group existed. It started five years ago by Barbara Roe and became an official club last year. They now have 52 members. The president is Rhonda Anchales and Vicky Herman is membership diL to R: Lorraine Kleeman, rector. They have Elaine Sampi.

orientation people, and if you join in the middle of the year, you get a big sister. I never saw Sunny so happy. If I were not so unhandy, I would probably join. I always wanted a sister. There are five card-making groups, one journal and scrapbook making group, and one called “outside the box,” (whatever that means). While they work, Sunny Frowein they sit around, talk, laugh, and gossip. Hmm gossip! I do love gossip. They would love you to join them. You can join on Due Dues Day or any time during the year. Now let me tell you about a lady who probably never belonged to such a group, but had an incredible career due to her own amazing creative ability. Her name is Elizabeth Haynes, and she is turning 104 in February. It is not easy to interview her. She is so busy; I probably dragged her away from a bridge game. Her biggest concern at her age is that she had to give up wearing flip-flops. She designed and made the wardrobe for Lucille Ball for 25 years, plus for many guests on the show. I can just imagine whom she met during those years. She was born in Nashville, Tennessee. It is nice to know that talent other than musical came out of that city. She arrived in California at the age of nine. When she started using her mother’s sewing machine. She was too small to reach the pedal and the wheel at the same time. Her

We Cater Your Parties or Meetings OPEN M-F 7:30am to 3:30pm Closed Saturday/Sunday

The Village Voice • September 2018

L to R: Barbara Rowe, Rhonda Anchales, Allison Vincent. daughter lives her in California, and when we spoke, they were about to celebrate her grandson’s 50th birthday. She still has such a sharp mind. It was fun talking to her. So obviously, this article has been a nod to creativity. It is great keeping yourself busy, and though I may sound like I am pontificating, it is probably healthy and fun. In addition, you people know I like fun-ny.

Famous Misquotes Phrase: Beam me up, Scotty. Attributed to: Captain James T. Kirk, in the Star Trek series. The closest that Captain Kirk ever got to this was “Beam us up, Mr Scott,” in the Gamesters of Triskelion episode.



The Village Voice • September 2018

Designer’s Footnote By Peggy Newburg Now that the season is changing to fall, we will be spending more time indoors. As the daylight hours shorten, I have a few cost-effective ideas to perk up your homes. Many people have book shelves and one way to add a pop of color is to paint or wallpaper the inside back of them. While wallpaper may not be available in most paint and hardware stores, Sherwin-Williams will stock wallpaper in their store on Hacienda Drive in Vista. It will cost a whole lot less than wallpapering or painting an entire wall. You could consider adding casters for an ultimate quickchange of almost anything. Casters on a moveable table can extend the size of your kitchen island when you need it. It can be moved outdoors for entertainment to hold bar supplies and tableware. And you can attach them to any table or credenza cabinet as an extension. Pop some wheels on a crate or wooden box and you have mobile storage that easily moves place to place. This can make for an easy solution for extra storage in closets.


Casters on a table provides versatility in a kitchen. The possibilities are endless. Architectural drama can be achieved by adding a chair rail to your walls. There are now stick-on chair rails that make it easier to install. Paint the areas above and below in different shades of color for even more of an impact. Crown molding, larger base boards and detail moldings applied to walls are another way to create drama in your rooms. Create a new look in your bathroom by updating your sinks. This can be done by installing faucets with a larger, kitchensize version look. This gives a unique new feel to the area. That end table, coffee table, or dining table can also become photo tables. Simply pick up a piece of Plexi or glass cut to fit you table top and you can display your favorite photos, post cards, or a piece of printed fabric. You can create a fun conversation piece by over-lapping card or photo corners and varying their directions. A single well-placed mirror has the power to make a small room seem larger. For a custom cost-effective look, have mirror glass cut to fit a beautiful vintage picture frame. Most of the home improvement store in our area have the supplies that will help you achieve a cost-effective new look for your home. So, give it a try.

The Village Voice • September 2018

The Movie Scene By Joan Buchholz

Mamma Mia, Here We Go Again

As you can guess, Donna, played by Meryl Streep in the original flick, is gone and her daughter, Sophie (Amanda Seyfried), is back on the Greek island where her mother made her home. Sophie is honoring her mom by opening a posh hotel while fighting with her husband, Sky (Dominic Cooper), and mourning Donna minus two of her three dads. But surprise! Her old chums have returned (Julie Walters and Christine Baranski) who belt out ABBA in abundance.


cia. Anyhow, there is a touching moment in its sentimental touch with the past memories. But at the end, everyone is singing and dancing and we should be singing and dancing, too. Yup, 3 smiles for the fun ride.

Crazy Rich Asians

Cast of Mamma Mia.

In this all-Asian cast, Nick Young (Henry Golding) falls in love with a Chinese-American professor, Rachael Chu (Constance Wu). It so happens that Nick is from an insanely wealthy Singapore family and wants to return home to introduce Rachael to his family. Traveling first-class in a private suite reveals how comfortable flying can be, provided you have the dough. When Rachael arrives in Singapore, she is welcomed to Nick’s buddy’s lavish home, but that is nothing compared to what she encounters the next day when they arrive at Nick’s home. To say it’s lavish is an understatement. The opulence surrounds a world of materialism, obscene wealth, status and of course ultra-snobbishness, especially Nick’s mother who subtly rejects Rachael at first sight. The party to welcome Nick is only the start of several parties with gorgeous women in gorgeous gowns. But humor is introduced by Rachael’s side-kick (Nora Lum, whose moniker is hilarious. But Rachael is faced with cattiness but she fights back staying in control with dignity and class. The sets, the costumes and scenes of Singapore itself are stunningly awesome. I can’t help wanting to see it again. A big 3+ smiles for a good time.

But in flashbacks, young Donna (Lily James) is bright and carefree doing cartwheels in an olive orchard or lounging aboard sailboat. Of course, there are three handsome young men she entranced by Harry, falls for Bill and is swept away by Sam. We all know they will play a romantic part in Donna’s life down the road, but who cares? We enjoy their carefree lives, enjoy the music and singing, all the time wishing we were there, too. Oops, there is grandmother Cher, hardly recognizable in her long blond hair. Please ignore the three-year age difference between Meryl and herself. Yes, we can expect her to sing…even to a ridiculous character played by Andy Gar-

Stars in Crazy Rich Asians.


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The Village Voice • September 2018

Prime rib, perfectly prepared.

Chicken in herb sauce on linguini.

On Dining Hunter Steakhouse 1221 Vista Way, Oceanside 760-433-2633

Long-time residents here have fond memories of this delightful restaurant that stood at that same location since the last ice age. Many years ago, Hunter was among dozens of respectable “sit-down” steakhouses in this area. But one-byone, others have dropped by the wayside leaving only one or two in this entire Oceanside and Vista area. Thank goodness for Hunter. Our party arrived at the familiar location at the terminus of the 78 highway at the 5 freeway. While we haven’t visited Hunter for a while, it still remains the wooden structure that suggests it may have been someone’s former home. Stepping down into the dark dining room you could see a dozen or so tables, a balcony overhead with more dining facilities and a private banquet room off to the right. A brighter dining room is located upstairs.

Hunter, one of a few old-fashioned steakhouses in Oceanside. How many times have you gone into a restaurant and ordered dinner without scanning the list of appetizers? Often, I bet. But sometimes, you may be missing the best feature of the entire meal, because it’s the appetizers that demonstrate the creativity of the kitchen staff. You might try the mixed appetizers with baked mushrooms in a terrific cheese sauce, a sampling of deep fried calamari and stuffed potato skins. One guest suggested the next time, she would order just the appetizer with a glass of merlot. Another appetizer was the artichoke dip with slices of toasted baguettes that received raves. Some of the guests ordered a surprisingly luscious clam chowder while others decided on the salad that was assembled tableside for each diner. As expected, the menu listed a number of steaks and prime ribs. My partner chose a top sirloin steak cooked well done and butterflied. The server was horrified. I was horrified. And I imagine the chef in the kitchen was horrified. If you ever attempt to order a steak well done, you can expect it to arrive in a semi-petrified state, devoid of any moisture and flavor. And this met her expectation. How she sliced it remains one of the unsolved mysteries of the world.

The Village Voice • September 2018

Another guest ordered chicken in an herb sauce on a bed of linguini and finished with grated parmesan cheese. You might have guessed it: anyone ordering a pasta dish at a steakhouse must be a vegan or a semi-vegan. Brushing aside any inhibitions, I selected the prime rib and it arrived exactly what I had expected, a pink center surrounded with a dark crust,perfectly tender and tasty, accompanied with a mixture of veggies and mashed potatoes. Most dinner prices started in the upper teens while the beef offerings were priced ranging in the twenties. A full bar is available and parking is limited, and may be tight on Fridays and Saturdays. The servers are patient, kind and obliging and couldn’t be better. The restaurant is open from 11:30 a.m. for lunch, early and late dinners until midnight. For an old-fashioned evening, with candlelight, linen and soft music, you must try Hunter again. It will remind you what fine dining can be.

Bev’s Kitchen By Bev Gillett

Balsamic Peach Chicken Skillet

Serves 4. The peaches have been so delicious this Summer that I thought I would share this peach recipe with you. It comes from Cooking Classy. Not everyone enjoys fruit in their entrees, but this works very well and was a hit with family and guests alike. Ingredients: 2 tablespoons olive oil 1/2 medium yellow onion, sliced (about 3/4 cup) 4 boneless, skinless chicken breast tenderloins or 6 boneless, skinless chicken thighs Salt and pepper 2 minced cloves of garlic 1/3 cup balsamic vinegar 1 tablespoon honey About 2 medium ripe but firm peaches, peeled and sliced.* See note: 14.5 oz. can diced tomatoes, drained 1/4 cup thinly sliced basil for garnish Method: Heat olive oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add onion and sauté for 3 minutes, then push onions to the side. Add chicken to the pan, season with salt and pepper and cook until golden, about 3 minutes per side. Remove chicken from the skillet to a plate. (The chicken will not be fully cooked). Push onions back to the center and add another splash of olive oil if you don’t have enough. Add garlic


to the skillet and sauté for 20 seconds, add balsamic vinegar and cook until slightly reduced, about 1 minute. Stir in the honey and then add the peaches and the tomatoes and toss. Season lightly with salt and pepper. Return chicken to the skillet, nestling the chicken between the peaches and tomatoes. Cover the skillet with a lid and reduce the temperate to medium-low. Allow to simmer until the chicken is cooked through (165 on a thermometer), about 6-9 minutes. Top with the fresh basil and serve warm. *.Note: I always buy peaches, or any fruit, a few days before I need it to allow it to ripen. Yellow peaches work well in this dish. Enjoy!

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The Village Voice • September 2018

The Red, White, and Blue By Joanne Mazur

We are always so smitten to see a rainbow appear. I suppose it’s the colors that we hold dear. Rainbows are illusive and make a glorious scene. Some colors are dazzling like indigo and green. But, America has another light show Where the colors forever give off their glow. They’re deep in our soul and are a radiant hue. They emit the colors of Red, White, and Blue.

Health Tips By Bob Kerber

Length of Afib and Risk of Stroke

Episodes of atrial fibrillation can last for but a few minutes, hours or even longer. The condition encourages blood clots to form in the heart; the clots can then escape and lead to a stroke. A study published on May 2018 by JAMA Cardiology, indicated that even intermittent bouts of afib may increase a person’s risk of stroke. The research monitored 2,000 people for heart rates over a period of 14 days. All of them had intermittent afib and were not taking anti-clotting medications. Researchers then tracked the participants’ incidents of stroke over five years and found that afib that lasted more than 11 percent of the total monitoring time was associated with a threefold increase in stroke risk. The findings suggest that the amount of time spent in afib (known as afib burden) is related to the risk of stroke. Measuring that burden may help doctors to assess better a person’s need for stroke prevention strategies.

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Red stands for valor and hardiness. White stands for purity and innocence. Blue stands for perseverance and vigilance. We stand in honor and reverence. These colors aren’t illusive they are always in sight. They represent our Freedom that is our God-given right. Sometimes they’re scorned and thrown to the ground, Burned and cursed, disrespected abound. They’ve weathered the storms, the heat, and the rain. They’ve seen victories and losses and shared in our pain. These Red, White, and Blues are amazingly resilient. They don’t lose their luster they are forever brilliant. Let’s stand together with our Red, White, and Blues, And our hand on our heart no matter our views. Thankful to be in the Land of the Free Where others have died and sacrificed for me.

The Village Voice • September 2018

Kippel’s Pet Korner By Ellen Kippel

Rattlesnakes and Your Pets

As you are aware, there have been several dogs that have been killed after encounters with rattlesnakes in resident yards. Here are 7 Rattlesnake Tips that could save Your Dog’s Life (Posted online May 5th, 2011) Read these tips to prevent a fatal rattlesnake bite, and what to do if your dog is bitten! 1. Get your dog the rattlesnake vaccine. There is a dog vaccine that is made from snake venom and works in a way so that if your dog is bitten, the reaction to the bite is REDUCED and may be delayed – it is not completely eliminated, so a vaccinated dog bitten by a rattlesnake will still need vet care as soon as possible. 2. Walk your dog on 6-foot leash. If you hear a rattle or see a snake on the ground ahead of you, if your dog is on a 6 foot leash, you can avoid it. Vets say the vast majority of rattlesnake bites occur when a dog is off-leash or on a flexi-lead. 3. Avoid rocky or dense brush or grassy areas. 4. Snake-proof your yard. Your yard may be fenced to keep Fido safely in, but it won’t keep most snakes out unless you fortify it. Snakes can get under fencing that does not have a solid cement base (like a block wall). Hardware cloth runs about $100 per 100 feet — expensive, but if you live in a rattlesnake-dense area and want your dog to be safe in your yard, the cost may be worth it. 5. Know a dog’s rattlesnake-bite symptoms. Immediate symptoms almost always include: • Puncture wounds (can be bleeding) • Severe pain • Swelling • Restlessness, panting, or drooling


Depending on how much venom the bite injected into your dog, and the size of your dog, any of these more severe symptoms may appear quickly or within a few hours: • Lethargy, weakness, sometimes collapse • Muscle tremors • Diarrhea • Seizures • Neurological signs including depressed respiration 6. If you and your dog encounter a rattlesnake… Calmly and slowly back away from the snake until you are no longer within striking distance and until the snake stops rattling at you. Then carefully leave the area 7. If your dog is bitten by a rattlesnake, GET TO A VET IMMEDIATELY! The faster your dog can get the anti-venom and other emergency treatment from the vet, the greater their chance of survival. The closest 24-hour emergency vet in our area is California Veterinary Specialists,2310 Faraday Ave, Carlsbad, CA 92008, 760-431-2273 There are rattlesnake aversion training classes that could save your pet’s life. You should check online for classes in our area.

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The Village Voice • September 2018

The Golf Game By Peter Russell

The Ryder Cup

The Team Captain (for the USA this year is Jim Furyk), picks twelve golfers from the USA top pros to comprise the US Ryder Cup team. He also is able to pick from among the team members for each format and the best players to play to their individual strengths. Tiger Woods is among the mix again this year as a probable Vice Captain, but he is also eligible to be a playing member. Lots of very important decisions will be made on the side lines throughout the golfing event as it progresses through its various forms! The Ryder Cup is a golf competition contested by teams from Europe and the United States. The competition was originally contested between Great Britain and the United States. Republic of Ireland golfers first played in the British team in 1953 and this was extended to golfers elsewhere in Europe in 1979. Established in 1927, the competition is jointly administered by the Professional Golfers’ Association of America (PGA of America) and Ryder Cup Europe, The Albatros Course at Le Golf a venture in which the National. PGA European Tour is the primary partner. The competition takes place every two years, with the exception of 2001 when the match was played a year later due to the 2011 September attacks. The venue alternates between courses in Europe and the United States. The winners of the first match were the United States team, which defeated Great Britain at Worcester Country Club 9½–2½. The most recent match, held at Hazeltine National Golf Club in Minnesota (2016), was won by United States, who beat Europe by a score of 17–11. The 42nd Ryder Cup Matches will be held in France from 28–30 September 2018 at the Albatros Course of Le Golf National in SaintQuentin-en-Yvelines, a suburb southwest of Paris. It will be the second Ryder Cup to be held in Continental Europe, after the 1997 contest, which was held in Spain. The United States is the defending champion, but has lost the last five matches in Europe, having last won there in 1993. The Ryder Cup is contested in a match play format, which involves different methods of the format. A foursome’s match is contested with two members from each team playing alternate shots. A four ball match consists of two players from either team, who each play their own shot throughout the round. The player that completes the hole in the lowest number of shots wins the hole. Singles match-

es are also played with players from each team contesting a one-on-one match. The winner of each match scores a point for their team, if a match is tied after 18 holes then each team is awarded a ½ point. The format of the competition has changed throughout its history. Originally, foursome matches were played one day, with singles matches over 36 holes the next. Since 1979, the format has consisted of 28 matches held over three days, with each match worth a point. The first two days consist of eight matches; four foursomes and four fourball matches. The final day sees all 12 members of each team competing in singles matches. That is a lot of details to digest at one time but there you are. Nobody said that golf was a “simple” game. As Bob Hope was heard to say; “If you watch a game, it’s fun. If you play at it, it’s recreation. If you work at it, it’s golf!”

Bridge By Dan Neilson

Increasing a Hand’s Value

Suppose partner opens with a weak two Spade bide ad you are looking at the following hand: AJxxAxx J109xx x. Partner has at most eleven points so, no matter what approach you are using game seems remote. Twenty-one points between you is a long way from the twenty-six needed for a four bid. Should you raise to three to forestall the competitors or just pass for safety? Let’s reevaluate your hand for a Spade contract. The Ace and fort spade are excellent cards. The Ace of Hearts is a good control card and the singleton club may yield two ruffing tricks. The Diamond sequence headed by the Jack with its five card length may be set up for additional tricks. Viewing this hand, an expert would quickly bid two No Trump to ask for a feature or additional strength. Your partner now responds with a three Club bid. Not the most encouraging response, but you should immediately raise to four Spades. The expert relies on their experience but I just count the distributional points. One for the Ace of Spades, one for the fourth Spade, two for the singleton Club (Goren will give you three), one for the Diamond sequence and one for the fifth Diamond. This gives us an additional six points to go with our honor points for a total of sixteen. With partners positive Club bid your side has the necessary value for a game bid. Note that these distributional points are mostly available to the responder. The opener cannot count on shortness or trump promotion in their distributional point count. Don’t just count hour honor points as responder, you may possess a wealth of other values.

The Village Voice • September 2018

Scams Update By Ira M. Landis This was recently posted by the Carlsbad Police Dept as part of their fraud awareness program.

“Avoid the Government Imposter Scam”

Here is how the Government Imposter Scam works: You might get a text, call, or email from someone who says they’re with the government. They may claim to be a U.S. Marshal, saying you must pay a fine for missing jury duty. Or the IRS, saying that you owe thousands in back taxes. Some might threaten legal action or arrest if you don’t pay up or give them your financial information. In other cases, it sounds less scary and more like your lucky day. The call, text, or email will say you’ve won a prize, the lottery, or a grant — but you need to pay some fees or taxes to get your winnings. These are all scams. Scammers will try to make it seem legitimate. They might give you a badge number, or even know information like the last four digits of your Social Security number. A Washington, D.C. area code on your caller ID also might seem convincing. But caller ID can be faked. If someone calls, texts, or emails saying they’re with the government and you must pay, stop. • Never send money — especially by gift card, cash reload card, or money transfer. No government agency will threaten you or demand payment this way. • Don’t give out your personal or financial information to anyone who calls, texts, or emails. • If you sent money to a government imposter, contact the company you used to send the money (gift card company, cash reload card company, or wire transfer service) and tell them it was a fraudulent transaction. Ask to have the transaction reversed if possible. • Report it to the FTC at https://” This warning may sound familiar to many of you but I believe it is worth repeating. We don’t anyone from our community to be a victim of these SCAMMERS.

Famous Misquotes Phrase: The white heat of technology. Attributed to: Harold Wilson, British Prime Minister 1964-70 & 1974-76. What Wilson actually said, in a speech at the Labour Party Conference, October 1963, was: “The Britain that is going to be forged in the white heat of this revolution will be no place for restrictive practices or for outdated methods on either side of industry.”

OHCC Special


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The Village Voice • September 2018

Bluebird Monitors: (L to R) Sandy Harvey, Martha Saltzman, Jane Johnson, Bill Saltzman, Carolyn Hollander, Jerry Hollander. Missing from picture are Jane Shriver, Callie Dean, Anna and Slava Grinshpun and Claire Knodel.

Another Great Year of Bluebird Fledglings By Russ Butcher Bluebird photo by Bill Saltzman Group photo by Thu Bellomo The annual report from the monitors of the 13 Western Bluebird nesting boxes located around the OHCC golf course has revealed another great year of breeding successes. The total number of successfully fledged bluebirds in 2018 is 68 – just one short of last year’s record high of 69. According to the bluebird monitoring directors, this year’s initial nesting period produced 19 birds fledged from the Front Nine boxes and 15 from the Back Nine boxes, for a total of 34 fledglings. The second nesting period produced 13

29 years


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birds from the Front Nine boxes and 21 from the Back Nine boxes, for a total of another 34 fledglings. Since the OHCC Western Bluebird Recovery Program began 10 years ago, the decade’s grand total has now reached 392 successfully fledged bluebirds. The annual totals were 6 in 2009, 34 in 2010, 40 in 2011, 33 in 2012, 36 in 2013, 32 in 2014, 12 in 2015, 62 in 2016, 69 in 2017 and 68 in 2018. Carolyn and Jerry Hollander, the monitoring program’s

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The Village Voice • September 2018

directors, said that they really appreciated all of the hardworking volunteers who went to the golf course two and sometimes three times a week to keep track of and watch over the bluebirds. Keeping close tabs on the nesting activity requires special care and commitment. The monitors this year were Callie Dean, Anna and Slava Grinshpun, Sandy Harvey, Jane Johnson, Claire Knodell, Bill and Martha Saltzman, Jane Shriver and Judy Ware. Bluebirds typically favor nesting in tree cavities or abandoned woodpecker holes. But because of the decrease in habitat that offers such natural nesting sites, Western Bluebird populations declined in recent decades. OHCC is grateful to be a meaningful part of this important wildlife conservation program.

Out and About in San Diego County By Jack Shabel A couple of years ago I wrote about South Buena Vista Park. There have been a few changes at the park. It has a nice paved walk about 1/3 of a mile long and a big playground for the young folks, but what makes this park so

much fun is their dog policy. It used to be that dogs had to be on leashes but from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. From 7 until 10 and from 3 until dusk, it was freedom for the canines. Well not any more. Now dogs are allowed off the leash at any time. To accommodate the kids, there is a fence around the playground area separating the 2-legged kids from the 4-legged “kids” running Our herding dog attempts to around. Dogs are not alherd our grandkids. lowed in the playground area. If you have a dog that is socialized around other dogs this is a great place to take them for a sniff and run. It is a bit chaotic and gets a little wild with dogs darting hither and yon, but it is a great way to get some exercise for your dog and yourself. The path around the park is a little less than a half mile, paved, and with only a few little ups and downs. Along the


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The Village Voice • September 2018


Far left: Rainbow Bridge dedicated to pets. Left: Great playground for kids.

path there is a new feature called the Rainbow Bridge. There isn’t any water under the bridge, at least I have never seen any, but the main feature of the bridge are the small plaques mounted on it dedicated to pets that have passed on. The bridge was an Eagle Scout project and it is kind of nice to see so many beloved pets immortalized in a place populated with so many pet lovers. If you aren’t that enthused with a lot of dogs running around but are looking for a place to take the grand children to a playground, the one here is very nice. Our daughter’s dog is a herding dog and when there are no sheep around, he will try to herd anything that runs. That is usually what

kids are doing. We take the dog to this park and have never had a problem because of the separation of the kids play area from the dog play area. We refer to this park as the “kid cage” park. To get to the park, take Melrose south off of Shadowridge to the second street past the fire station. This is Mountain Pass Circle which has a sign for the park. Take a right then take a quick right down into the park. Down at the bottom of the hill is a parking lot with a porta-potty. Dog waste bags are available in multiple locations along the path. If you are a dog lover of all dogs, this is the place to be.

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Dee being interviews by Iran TV.

Travels With Joe and Dee By Joe Ashby and Dee Wardell


Above: Tomb of Ferdowsi, famous Persian poet. Right: Imam Reza Shrine, one of the holiest shrines in Iran.

Our train left Tashkent and arrived at Sarakhs at the border. After getting finger printed and getting a health clearance, Dee and I were bussed over a rough and torn up road leading to Iran’s second largest city, Mashhad. At a police stop, we were checked for drugs as Iran has a big drug problem. Iran, known until 1930 as Persia, is on a high plateau ringed with mountains. Central Iran is extremely arid and most of the country is desert. On the north are Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and the Caspian Sea. On the east are Afghanistan and Pakistan, on the south are the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman. Only a third of Iran is cultivated, and with a population of 80 million, almost six million remain nomads. It has huge natural gas reserves. Wrestling is the national sport. Iran has existed for more than 2500 years and was the home of the Archimedes Persian kings Cyrus, Darius and Xerxes whose dynasty lasted about 200 years but conquered most of the known world and still has a lasting influence on many other cultures. We arrived late at our hotel in Mashad, but the entire

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staff greeted us as celebrities. This day had been emotionally draining, the uncertainty, the wait, the excitement and apprehension of what lay ahead was exhausting! But WE MADE IT! Mashhad is 3,000 feet above sea level and the second largest city with a population is 3 million. Our first stop was the Tomb of Ferdowsi, beloved Persian poet and author of the epic Book of Kings. He is credited with reviving the Persian language from the Arabs and bringing it into modernity. Most Iranians can recite sections of his poems. His Mausoleum is set in a lovely area with a large pool surrounded by trees, flowers and humorous sculptures. Many families pitched tents in the park around the shrine. As we exited the tomb, the media eagerly sought to interview us for our impressions of Iran. Dee found herself with a microphone in her face on Iranian TV. Our next stop was the Nader Shah Museum. Nader Shah, sometimes called Iran’s Napoleon, ruled in the 18th century. His imposing statue stands outside the museum while inside, a collection of his weapons is available for public view. Nader Shah was successful in battle, but doomed Persia to financial ruin with his military exploits. He was assassinated in 1747, but his legacy lives on. Our final stop and the highlight of Mashhad visit was the beautiful and grand Imam Reza Shrine, for which yearly 17 million pilgrims visited last year. In 817 A.D. the eighth grandson of Prophet Mohammed, Iman Reza, died here mysteriously while on a journey to the area. Word spread that he had been poisoned and since then pilgrims began arriving at his burial site, renaming the city Mashhad, meaning Place of Martyrdom. The Imam’s tomb has been destroyed and rebuilt several times, and is now the largest in the world and one of the holiest Shi’ite shrines in Iran. NonMuslims were not permitted inside the tomb of Mohammed but were given a handbook which had pictures. His sarcophagus looked like a gilded ornate grill. We returned to our train, absent its friendly bar car, and were met by a local committee giving each of us gifts on our departure.

The Village Voice • September 2018


Bird of the Month By Russ Butcher

Steller’s Jay

The Steller’s Jay is a stocky, foot-long bird featuring black or dark-gray plumage on its crest, head, throat, and upper back. The rest of its body is covered with dark-blue plumage, while wings and tail are a brighter shade of blue. Of the five kinds of jays that live in various parts of California, the Steller’s is the only one with a prominent head crest. You may hear this bird’s loud, harsh calls, often sounding like shaak shaak shaak or shek shek shek, even before you see a small flock of them. This species feeds mainly on seeds, nuts, berries and other fruits, and insects. Its diet also includes eggs and hatchlings of small birds, and it scavenges for scraps of food at picnic areas and campgrounds. It is a common species in open conifer forests -- from pine-and-oak woodlands of southern and central California’s mountains, to the coast redwood groves of northwestern California. The Steller’s Jay also lives throughout the evergreen forests of the Rocky Mountains and northward to coastal southern Alaska and southward to Central America.

A Steller’s Jay.

The OHCC Birdwatchers recently enjoyed observing this species in the pine woodlands around the Mount San Jacinto village of Idyllwild. Here in San Diego County, the Steller’s is a year-round resident jay in such places as Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, near Julian. This species is named for Georg Wilhelm Steller (17091746), a German zoologist, botanist and explorer. He joined a Russian expedition in 1741 that sailed from Siberia to southern Alaska, where he became the first European naturalist to discover and describe a number of animals, including this jay that was subsequently named in his honor.


The Village Voice • September 2018

The Crusty Curmudgeon By Bob Wong You might ask if I am influenced by the news report of political shenanigans going on in high government positions. Politics have replaced my TV viewing habits. I like the part where politicians point their fingers at others who handle their finances. I take copious notes on how to avoid blame. I love my wife; there is no doubt about it. She has been at my side for the past 52 years, raising three children and tolerating 5 grandchildren. She has taken the job of all our financing…well, up to a point much to my surprise and disappointment. It was the other day, when she confessed she had been skimming off money. I could hardly believe it. I thought only politicians could be involved in skimming from their bosses. It was no illusion, no delusion and certainly no collusion. This is what happened. Every evening, I carelessly dump my wallet, car keys and coins and other stuff onto the bathroom counter. The next morning, the reverse is true. And these ritual repeats itself 7 days a week and 52 weeks a year. But little did I realize that my wife had been skimming off coins and stashing them away. That was where she accumulated enough money to allow her to go on frequent wild shopping sprees at Dollar Tree. But with all that money accumulated over five decades, I am sure the IRS would be anxious to hear about it. I thought it best to perhaps place our fortune in offshore accounts such as Isle of Man or the Cayman Islands. This is what White House attorneys and advisors do, isn’t it? But unfortunately, those very hiding places have been leaked to government officials and can no longer be trusted. But there are other places I will look into such as Fiji (not safe, as banking consists of burying money in tin cans, or perhaps Sicily (not good: too many dishonest mafia), or the Seychelles (maybe,

provided the rising ocean level doesn’t inundate them.) But after careful consideration, I found the ideal offshore island. The mountains on one side inhabited by snakes and the other side, an ocean infested by hungry sharks. It has only one bank. There are only 3,000 inhabitants, mostly retired and mostly inebriated. It is easily accessible and with only one bank, one bank teller and only one ATM, my money should be safe enough. And the IRS will never suspect Catalina Island.

Our Computer World By Henry Eisenson

That Old Computer… (Part 1)

Now that you’ve set up your new computer and it’s working properly, what do you do with its predecessor? Remember, it has enough information in it to make identity theft a real threat, as hackers are always on the alert for old computers that still contain a loaded hard drive. Over time, your old computer probably accumulated information regarding bank accounts, passwords, important websites and links, documents, stored music and videos, and much more. And when using your NEW computer, there’s a real possibility that important data will have been left behind on the old one. Considering security of identity and financial information, and the need to preserve important data, what should the senior citizen do with an old computer? Fortunately, these challenges are relatively easy to overcome. First, it’s important to ensure that every bit (pun intended) of valuable data makes it from your old computer to the new one. For safety, I always recommend using Cloud storage as the transfer medium, rather than CD/DVD discs or thumb drives. Also, Chrome and other competent browsers store personal information in the Cloud, so when you install that browser on your new computer, and log in, all your data will miraculously appear: contacts, passwords, bookmarks, and more. If you use a browser that doesn’t automatically store such data for you, it almost certainly has the ability to generate a backup file. When that backup file is transferred to the new computer, and that same browser is installed and activated, it can access the stored backup to reconstruct the browser presentation with which you’re familiar. However, even when you’re sure everything has been properly moved over to the new computer, it’s wise to wait a week or two before disposing of the old one. I recall one user who complained that her new computer ignored her massive achievements in a particular computer game – her incredibly high score, surely a record in this galaxy, had been erased! I went into her old computer and found the tiny file that held her trophy, and installed it on the new computer – to her immense satisfaction.

The Village Voice • September 2018

So, once your information is safely captured on your new computer, and everything has been running properly for a while, it’s time to “do something” with the old one. Most of us would prefer to see the old computer come alive for a new user, or at least to contribute key parts to the repair of other computers. But whenever donating or disposing of an old computer, it’s important that none of your private information goes with it. If your computer has an exterior slot for an SD chip (postage-stamp size), remove it – some of your information might be stored on it. If the computer has Bluetooth or mouse/keyboard connectivity devices plugged into USB ports, remove them as well.

Words, Words, Words Salary

It comes from the ancient Romans who gave money allowances to their soldiers to pay for salt. This was called salarium from sal, meaning “salt.” Salisbury in Australia was the center of the exchange of salt. The phrase, “He’s not worth his salt,” also means he isn’t worthy for his salary.



A person who suffers for another’s deeds is called a “scapegoat.” What’s a “scapegoat?” The Book of Leviticus in the Bible tells how on the Day of Atonement, the sins of the people were symbolically placed upon the head of a goat and the “goat” was then allowed to “escape” into the wilderness. Thus, the term “scapegoat” literally means “escaping goat.”


When soldiers were sent to newly acquired Alaska in 1867, they were forbidden to bring any alcoholic beverages along with them. So they set up their own stills from sugar and flour. The Alaskan natives called this drink “hoochinoo.” Soon, the miners in the Gold Rush shortened the name to “hooch.”


In 1912, psychologist Dr. Henry H. Goddard classified the mentality of sub-normal people into groups. The lowest group he called “idiots,” the middle group, “imbeciles” but had no name for the highest group. So he picked a Greek name, “moron,” meaning dull, stupid and foolish. The name stuck and is often applied to politicians.


The Village Voice • September 2018

Black Top Blues By Jim Mulvey

I’ve got the black top blues, And don’t know which route to choose. I’m surrounded by road crews. Please return my HOA dues. There’s tar on my car. My auto’s tarred and feathered. How can three blocks be so far, So far that my car’s paint job has weathered. I’m to pick her up on “Demeter”; It’s my turn to treat her. But where to exit or to enter. I thought I knew my way around; for God’s sake, I’m an owner, not a renter!!! Like my tires, my mind is spinning. I keep returning to my beginning. I’m on “Rhodes” so often, I’ve become a Rhodes Scholar. Panicked, I become hysterical; I shake, scream, and holler. I experience “Hydra” and “Agora” phobia, not to mention the cold sweats. I haven’t felt this way since the 69 Mets. Gallstones on “Galicia; cramps on “Caesena,” Delusions on “Delos”; Angina on “Aegina”! I can’t cope; I’m on “Denia.” But then from afar, I think I spy ya. But, alas, it’s a “Piros” victory. I couldn’t negotiate these roadblocks with a lorry. My nightmare’s a “Poseiden” adventure, a Garcia “Lorca” story. Oh well, I guess there’s no longer any real hope for me. Believing I could Mapquest the village, my “Marathon” concluded. Returning home, out of gas, feeling depressed and deluded.

The Village Voice • September 2018

The Real Estate Corner By Tom Brennan Tom has been involved in all aspects of real estate for more than 40 years, both as a lawyer and realtor.

Age-Proofing Your Home (Part 2) Last month, we discussed the need to change or upgrade portions of your home to make it more accident-proof so as to avoid the need to prematurely enter a nursing home as a result of a serious fall. As promised, set forth below are some suggested renovations or upgrades on a room-to-room bases. 1. Main Entry • Few or no steps • Good lighting outdoors and a shelf near the entrance to place packages while finding keys. 2. Hallways • Good lighting with switches at each end of the hallways and where appropriate, night lights. 3. Kitchen • Low countertop area with leg space underneath for sitting while preparing food. • Drawers at a comfortable height to store dishes and frequently used pots and pans. • Low pull-out spice racks. • Refrigerator with French doors, or bottom freezer refrigerators. • Oven with door that opens to the side at a comfortable height. • Tap on side of sink for easy reach with lever handles and pull-out spray for easy cleaning. 4. Living Room • Remove clutter on coffee or end tables allowing space for remotes or other useful objects to be easily found. • Open space between furniture pieces to avoid tripping and to accommodate a walker or wheelchair. • Limit on throw rugs (none is preferable). • Sufficient electrical outlets to avoid need for extension cords. 5. Laundry/Utility Room • No clutter or objects on floor • Side-loading washer and dryer at a comfortable height. • Organize storage to minimize need for ladder or stool.


6. Master Bedroom • Elevate bed to convenient height for ease of ingress and egress. • Light or lamps that can be remotely-controlled from bed. • Bedside flashlight located within easy reach. • Mirror and sitting area near closet. • Closets with hangers at a convenient height together with a readily reachable shoe rack. 7. Garage • Well-maintained and quiet garage door with exterior code pad and car remote control devices. • Extra space for getting into and out of car. • Storage shelves reasonably accessible. • Water heater within easy reach with instructions posted on side. • Install ramps and railings where needed. 8. Master Bathroom • Chair height toilet with grab bars nearby. • Grab bars near and in shower or tub. • In the shower, conveniently located wall inserts for soaps and shampoos rather than a soap dish that juts out from the wall. • No step or curb at shower entrance. • Sturdy, nonslip seat in shower with a showerhead that can be easily handled. • If possible, replace bathtubs with walk-in tubs. • Set water heater thermostat to 120 degrees or below to prevent scalding burns from sinks and showers. As the foregoing demonstrates, many of these suggestions are practical and easy to implement. Lack of proper lighting and clutter are among the biggest contributors to serious falls. Also be wary of uneven floor surfaces. If you make these changes and regularly work on your balance, the chances of having a serious fall are greatly diminished. Be alert and stay safe.

Famous Misquotes Phrase: Why don’t you come up and see me sometime? Attributed to: Mae West, in the 1933 film She Done Him Wrong. A bit nitpicky this one, but what West actually said was: “Why don’t you come up sometime, and see me?”


The Village Voice • September 2018

Watching Wildlife By Russ Butcher

Black-tailed Jackrabbit

Jackrabbits are technically classified as hares, not rabbits. In relation to this animal’s size, the socalled “jackass” ears are significantly larger than those of any other mamBacklit ears of jackrabbit. mal. Its head and body measure about 18 inches in length and the very tall, scooped ears rise at least 4 or 5 inches above its head. The several species of North American jackrabbits vary slightly in overall size and appearance. The Black-tailed Jackrabbit, which lives throughout most of California, is so named because a black stripe runs along the top of its 3- to 4-inch-long tail. Its fur coat is tan or buffy gray, peppered with black markings, contrasting with whit-

A jackrabbit running. ish underparts. The tall, scooped brownish ears are prominently black tipped. If you happen to see a jackrabbit with sunshine backlighting its ears, you may notice a network of blood vessels that help dissipate the animal’s body heat. The hind legs, which are much longer than its front legs, measure as much as 25 inches and its hind feet are 4 to 5 inches long. This species favors arid grasslands, cultivated fields,

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The Village Voice • September 2018

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y name is Brenda Geiger. As an attorney who lost my father early in life to cancer (he was only 40), I have a perspective on the estate planning process that can only come from having been there myself. Because of that experience and because I’m in my mid 40s, married and have children of my own, I have the same thoughts, fears and aspirations for my family and for protecting them as you do. My associates and I together offer legal help to our clients with the wisdom and compassion that can only come from personal experience. At our firm, we give easy and simple education and advice to our clients so that they can be empowered to make the decisions that they need to about how they will be cared for in the future, who will make decisions for them if they can’t and how their families will inherit from them. While you may not be one of my current clients, I still want you to have the power that comes with knowing what the law says about estate planning, asset protection and estate taxes. Secrets of Great Estate Planning (Third Edition) gives you an easy-to-read overview of the law, explains your options and helps you to prepare to put together the best estate plan possible. If you need to update your estate plan or set one up for the first

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time, then you want to be prepared so that you can protect your assets, your children, your spouse, and yourself down the road. IN MY NEW BOOK, YOU WILL FIND ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS SUCH AS:

• How to protect an aging parent from a long-term financial crisis without having to spend every penny they own to obtain access to government benefits for long term nursing care.

• What is the difference between a will and a trust?

• The top 25 mistakes people make in their estates and how to avoid them.

• What is probate, how long does it take, what are the fees, and how to avoid probate?

To get your free copy of Secrets of Great Estate Planning Third Edition at

• How can you legally protect your children’s inheritance from a possible future divorcing spouse, lawsuit, bankruptcy or other creditor issue? • How to ensure the stretch-out of your IRA or other retirement accounts for your children when they inherit them while at the same time protecting the accounts from your children’s creditors. • How to protect your spouse from future creditors and make sure your children are not unintentionally disinherited if your spouse ever remarries after you’ve passed. • The most popular strategies to reduce or eliminate future capital gains and estate taxes in your estate. Enter Code: Ocean Hills Contact us within 30 days of publication. We’ve only got 50 advance copies on hand, so when those run out the FREE copies are gone! If you’d like to speak to us directly or schedule an appointment now, please call us at 760-448-2220. We’ll rush you your copy of this important book filled with valuable information and discuss your situation to help you make the best decisions about your estate plan and take control of your future.

• How to protect yourself from personal liability if you have rental properties. • How to protect some of your wealth from a future lawsuit or other creditor with a Domestic Asset Protection Trust.

“Hi Brenda, I just wanted to share something with you. We are moving our assets to a new company. They needed to review our trust and wills that we have in place. They had their in-house attorney review them and during our meeting they said that we had by far the BEST trust and wills they have ever seen. So, thank you Brenda for taking such good care of us when you set everything up.” Dave and Katrina Stainton

Brenda Geiger, J.D., Managing Attorney, Geiger Law Office, P.C., with her family



The Village Voice • September 2018

rangelands and shrubby habitats such as chaparral and desert expanses of creosote bush and sagebrush. Its preferred diet consists largely of grasses and herbaceous plants. The jackrabbit tends to rest or sleep during much of the day, becoming more active in late afternoon and evening. The jackrabbit rarely walks, but typically moves around by hopping in bounding leaps of 5 to 10 feet. If alarmed by perceived danger, it can leap as much as 20 feet -- reaching speeds of about 30 miles per hour for short distances. It may then come to an abrupt stop and “freeze” its motions, except for possibly the very slight movement of its ears to catch sounds. Researchers have discovered that a jackrabbit may thump its hind feet on the ground as a warning signal of danger to other nearby jackrabbits. Mating seasons vary by region: In the more southerly part of its range, as here in Southern California, breeding occurs throughout most of the year and may produce as many as six or seven litters annually. In northerly areas, the mating season occurs in spring and summer, with one to four litters. Each litter averages two young in the south and four in the north. The young are born in a fur-lined depression scraped into the ground. To reduce the chance of a predator snatching all of her offspring, the mother then moves each of them into a separate nest. The mother also keeps her distance (except when nursing the juveniles at night) to reduce

the chance of drawing attention to them. In about a month, the young are able to take care of themselves. Predators of jackrabbits include coyotes, foxes, bobcats, hawks and owls. The Black-tailed Jackrabbit’s vast range extends from Mexico northward through California to southeastern Washington and eastward to Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas.

I Love A Mystery By Ira M. Landis It has been quite a while since I read any of W.E.B. Griffin and William E. Butterworth IV novels. The Assassination Option was worth the wait. This was the second adventure in the Clandestine Operations series about the Cold War, the early days of the CIA and the new heroes, men and women, on the front lines of a different kind of war. James Cronley, the soon to be new Chief of the Directorate of Central Intelligence-Europe (DCI), has drawn all types of attention, some welcome, some not. On the plus side, he has been promoted to Captain from second lieutenant, an almost unprecedented occurrence. In his new position he is in charge of a new secret spy op-

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The Village Voice • September 2018

eration. On the minus side, a lot of people would like to know about that operation, including not only the Russians but also his own Pentagon, as well as a seething J. Edgar Hoover. Cronley knows that if just one thing goes wrong, he is likely to be thrown to the wolves. As if that weren’t enough pressure, complications spring up on all sides. He has discovered a surprising alliance between the former German intelligence chief and, of all things, the Mossad. A German family, Cronley never knew he had, has suddenly and suspiciously emerged. And he’s due for a rendezvous with an undercover agent against the Soviets known only as Seven-K. It’s when he meets Seven-K that he gets the real surprise. There are many characters, both actual and fictional, who convey real world actions and rivalries. This book is in our outstanding OHCC Library.

Guess Who?

Can you guess who this future passionate boogie boarder is? The answer is revealed in the Potpourri Section on page 33.

Famous Misquotes Phrase: You dirty rat! Attributed to: James Cagney This line didn’t appear in any of Cagney’s many films. In a speech to the American Film Institute in 1974 he made a point of saying: “I never said ‘Mmm, you dirty rat!”’ Ocean Hills Piezopress 760-443-6801.pdf 1 9/6/2018 11:39:49 PM


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The Village Voice • September 2018

Military Chronicles Robert Modizejewski, Captain, U.S. Marine Corps

Robert was a student at the University of Wisconsin when he joined the Marine Corps Platoon Leaders Class, the Corps’s version of the ROTC. He was commissioned a second lieutenant after graduating in 1957. After serving in various duties Stateside for the next nine years, in 1966 he served in Vietnam as a captain commanding a company in the 3rd Battalion, Fourth Marines. His unit was involved in an effort to block North Vietnamese units from infiltrating into the south through the demilitarized zone. He and his unit landed by helicopter at his objective in the dense jungle. His men captured a well-entrenched North Vietnamese platoon, routed it and seized large quantities of ammunition.


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That night a reinforced enemy counterattacked and in a three-hour battle, the Marines fought off the enemy. But this was only the beginning of a two and a half day siege in which Modizejewski’s dwindling force kept repelling the growing strength of the enemy. On the third day, his unit was surrounded and running out of ammunition. The enemy, now the size of a regiment, attacked with mortars and automatic weapons. Modizejewski reorganized his men for close combat, called in air strikes again, calibrating them to hit so close that some of his men jumped into a stream to keep from being roasted by napalm. Then, for reasons unknown, the North Vietnamese broke off its assault and withdrew into the mountains. After his tour of duty in Vietnam, he was assigned as the commanding officer of the Marine barracks at the Naval Academy. On March 12, 1968, he was presented the Medal of Honor by then-President Lyndon Johnson.

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” — Mahatma Gandhi

The Village Voice • September 2018

potpourri The Answer to Guess Who? By Virginia McConnell Photo by Thu Bellomo Can’t guess? It’s RENEE KELSON. She was born in Santa Rosa, Calif., on July 31, 1937, and just celebrated her 81st birthday. Renee went to Catholic school and one year of junior college. She moved to San Francisco and studied to be an x-ray technician at Mount Zion Hospital, where she met her future husband, Wes Kelson, in the darkroom where x-ray film was processed. Renee and Wes fell in love, got married and then moved to Seattle where he started his own industrial x-ray business. They lived there for the next 40 years. In 1962, their son Jeffrey was born. After completing high school, he went to work in his dad’s business, while Renee handled all the secretarial aspects of the business. When Wes was getting ready to retire, they decided to move to Southern California. A friend of Renee took her to Oceanside, where she discovered she had a passion and talent for boogie boarding. She told Wes that she wanted to move to Oceanside so she could continue to enjoy her passion. Luckily, Wes liked Oceanside as much as she did, and in 2006 they bought a home in Ocean Hills, while their son Jeff took over the x-ray business and is still running it today. Renee and Wes are hoping their grandson, Cody, will take over the company when Jeff retires. They also have a beautiful granddaughter, Trinity. Besides boogie boarding, Renee plays golf and received


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her first and only “hole in one” on July 14. You may not be familiar with Renee, but you can certainly recognize her golf cart. It has a front automobile emblem similar to an old Rolls Royce, is bright yellow with a blue ukulele on its front, and is decorated with floral leis and dancing hula girls. You may also recognize her by the “crazy,” long, colorfully patterned socks she wears with her flip-flops. When Renee and Wes moved to OHCC, she and Larry Eaks wanted to offer ukulele lessons. She gave the lessons and Larry handled the paperwork. She had so many people interested in taking lessons that there are now four ukulele groups. I met Renee when my husband Steve and I joined one of the groups, “Just for Fun,” that meets on Friday mornings. We quickly realized we had no talent with the ukulele. But Steve, with his beautiful voice, now sings with the group. Someone suggested I might like to play the maracas, so now I’m part of the percussions section and we all have lots of fun with the group. Renee also enjoys painting funny pictures of her friends, loves gardening and immensely enjoys life in Ocean Hills! If you are interested in joining in on the Guess Who? fun, dig out those old photo albums and please call me, Virginia McConnell, at 760-295-1979 or email me at Who knows, maybe we’ll be seeing you in a future issue of the Village Voice.


The Village Voice • September 2018

Remember The Year: 1960 The Cold War became colder as Russia and the U.S. distrusted one another and tried to influence other parts of the world. John F. Kennedy won the Presidency with the smallest margin (113,000 out of 68.3 million) The sexual revolution began with the birth control pills. Hugh Hefner opened his first Playboy club in Chicago. Popular movies included The Magnificent Seven and Psycho. The Laser and Heart Pacemaker were introduced. Cassius Clay won a gold medal at the Olympics. The U.S. sent its first troops into Vietnam. Chubby Checkers started a new dance craze: the Twist. A Soviet missile shot down the U.S. U2 spy plane. Aluminum cans were used for the first time. Xerox introduces the first photocopier. Fidel Castro nationalized American Oil, sugar and other interests in Cuba. OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) was formed.

Cost of living in 1960 • Inflation rate: 1.46 percent • Minimum wage: $1.25 • Average cost of a new house: $12,700 • Average monthly rent: $98 • Cost of a gallon of gas 25¢ • A 23-inch B&W television: $219 • Average cost of a new car: $2,600

• Movies: $1.00 • Can of corned beef ravioli: 30¢ • Man’s electric shaver $20.30 • Polaroid Land Camera: $20.30 • Hershey bar: 5¢ • Fast food hamburger: 20¢ • Six pack beer: 99¢ • Watermelon per pound: 2-1/2¢

The Village Voice • September 2018


How to Lock Your Car and Why

I locked my car using the remote fob. As I walked away I heard my car door unlock. I went back and used the fob to lock my car again three times. Each time, as soon as I started to walk away, I would hear it unlock again!! Naturally alarmed, I looked around and there were two guys sitting in a car in the fire lane next to the store. They were obviously watching me intently, and there was no doubt they were somehow involved in this very weird situation . I quickly chucked the errand I was on, jumped in my car and sped away. I went straight to the police station, told them what had happened, and found out I was part of a new, and very successful, scheme being used to gain entry into cars. Two weeks later, my friend had a similar happening. While traveling, my friend stopped at a roadside rest area to use the bathroom. When he came out to his car less than 4-5 minutes later, someone had gotten into his car and stolen his cell phone, laptop computer, GPS navigator, and briefcase. He called the police and since there were no signs of his car being broken into, the police told him he had been a victim of the latest robbery tactic. There is a device that robbers are using now to clone your security code when you lock your doors on your car using your remote fob locking device. They sit a distance away and watch for their next victim. They see you go inside of the store, restaurant, or restroom so they have a few minutes to steal and run. What You Should Do The police officer said to manually lock your car door-by hitting the lock button inside the car — that way if there is someone sitting in a parking lot watching for their next victim, it will not be you. When you hit the lock button on your car upon exiting, it does not send the security code, but if you walk away

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and use the remote door lock on your key chain, it sends the code through the airwaves where it can be instantly stolen. This is very real. Be wisely aware of what you just read and please pass this note on. Look how many times we all lock our doors with our remote just to be sure we remembered to lock them — and bingo, someone has our code... and whatever was in our car.


The Village Voice • September 2018

One Man Changed What Most Men Wore in the Western World

His name was Löb. He was born in Buttenheim near the German/Austrian border in 1829. His father, Hirsch Strauss, sold dry goods to eke out a meager living. When he died, he left behind his wife, a daughter, one son and two stepsons. The youngest, Löb, 18, took up the job of selling door to door. In Bavaria, Jews could not vote, were restricted to the number of marriages, and were heavily taxed on their home and businesses. Tens of thousands left for the new land and his brothers followed. In 1847, the Strauss family left their home and after forty-two days, landed in New York harbor. The captain mistook his name and assumed it to be Levi. It became his new name in a new country. The family settled in a peddlers rooming house where the rent was three dollars a month. Levi peddled pins and ribbons and cloth from his fifty-pound pack. He also began to include pots, pans shovels and hoes to farmers in neighboring villages but soon discovered there was a greater demand for his business in Louisville, Kentucky. So, he worked there for five years. His stepbrothers found success operating a dry goods store in New York and wanted Levi to join them. But Levi was looking to San Francisco where the discovery of gold made many people rich. Fortunately, his sister and her husband David Stern started a business there and asked Levi to help. When Levi returned to New York to bid farewell to his family, he packed along bolts of canvas cloth to be used in tents and other items he thought citizens of San Francisco might need. He was twenty-four years old when he boarded a clipper ship that set out for California via South America’s Cape Horn. After four months of bruising weather, he landed in San

Francisco where men clamored aboard to see what the passengers had to sell. Levi cut lengths of canvas and was paid in gold nuggets. They also paid two dollars for needles that sold for twenty-five cents in New York. Levi discovered finding gold was easier than he could have dreamed of. Levi became a successful partner with David Stern and continued to peddle hats, shirts and canvas to other towns such as Sacramento, El Dorado and Placerville. One day, a miner asked if Levi could make a pair of trousers made of canvas. After a long search, Levi discovered a tailor who made trousers not only for the miner but for others as well. Running out of canvas, Levi used a heavy cotton material called denim (named deNimes after Nimes, a French city famous for the fabric they made). Very soon, the fame of Levi pants spread to Texas cowboys, railroad workers and farmers. Levi Strauss became a very rich but very humble man. He called his employees by name and in turn, they called him Levi. He donated heavily to scholarships, care for the poor, Jewish, Catholic and Protestant orphanages. Today, Levi pants are worn throughout the Western world. His pants are easily identified with a cowhide patch on the back. On it are two horses tugging at a pair of trousers telling the buyer, Levi pants are so rugged, even two horses can’t tear it apart. That also reflects the relentlessness of a single immigrant and the pants he created.

The Village Voice • September 2018

Charlie Carr • Neil McCullom Source: Ocean Hills Community Patrol

Attention Grandmothers & Grandfathers

If you have an interesting story about your grandkids, we’d love to hear about them. It could be about their achievements or a funny incident. Keep your story short, 500 words or less and submit them to the editor in his tube 4935 Thebes Way or writer Jim Mulvey at 4696 Cordoba Way.


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The Village Voice • September 2018

Plants in the Village The white ginger plant, also known as ginger lily or butterfly flower, is known for its aromatic clusters of flowers. This hardy perennial plant can reach a height of 6 to 8 feet. It is related to the edible ginger, and is a very beautiful ornamental plant. This plant is native to the Himalayas, and is found in Nepal and eastern India. It has been successfully introduced to other cool and warm climates of Australia, New Zealand, Cuba, Brazil, Ecuador, Hawaii, etc. It is also the national flower of Cuba, and is known as Mariposa blanca which literally translates as “white moth flower.” Ginger lily is a garden plant that has turned into an environmental weed in many areas. However, it is grown in many gardens, even in planter pots. Its flowers bloom in

summer and fall season. These flowers are commonly used in making leis in Hawaii. It is used as a traditional remedy by the Dai people to treat cold, headache, arthritis, and various injuries. The leaves are large and sword-like. Tall stems, nearly 5-foot-tall, grow between the leaves and carry the pure white, showy blooms. The flowers emerge from one large bud located at the tip of each unbranched stem. Caring for this plant is very easy and poses few problems. You can grow these beautiful plants and enjoy the fresh, sweet scent of the flowers on warm evenings. These plants are great for the patio or window. The cool breeze will bring along the fragrant smell of the flowers into your home. Enjoy gardening with these spectacular plants.

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The Village Voice • September 2018



The Village Voice • September 2018






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09-2018 Village Voice Newsletter