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The Village Voice — June 2013

Swiped: Remote Controllers from Clubhouse Desk

Two remote TV controllers were inadvertently taken from the clubhouse desk after they had been returned there by workers. It was apparent that the people who had removed them were unaware that these controllers were programmed to work only on certain TVs in the clubhouse and that they would be useless anywhere else. Chris Bessey, clubhouse director, asks for their return, no questions asked. ********

New HOA kitchen; small but convenient.

Homeowners Office Remodel Complete

After a month’s overhaul of the HOA during April, the $22,000 project was completed on time. Besides the redo of the bathrooms, the closet-size kitchen was redesigned with newly hung cabinets, installation of a new sink and micro-wave oven into the wall cabinets. The counter-top was replaced and a new instant-hot water faucet installed. After 29 years of usage, the updated kitchen looks brand new, especially after a new coat of paint was applied. Now, residents will have access to the kitchen when they meet in the refurbished conference room. But the kitchen still remains small, so anyone using the facility must exhale before entering. ********

Lawsuit Challenges Quarry Creek Project

On May 9, the conservation group Preserve Calavera filed a lawsuit in Vista Superior Court challenging the City of Carlsbad’s April 2 decision approving the proposed 656-unit Quarry Creek residential development, located immediately west of Quarry Creek Shopping Center. The plaintiff claims that the city failed to adequately carry out its environmental analysis of the project’s many impacts, and failed to provide meaningful mitigation of the resulting increase in traffic congestion, even gridlock, on the adjacent City of Oceanside intersections and streets. The plaintiff’s attorney, Everett DeLano, explains that the lawsuit is not intended to block the development, but rather to seek a compromise that would reduce the number of apartments and condominiums in order to reduce traffic impacts on Oceanside and its residents and to protect ecologically, historically and scenically sensitive parcels of the property that were not formerly part of the quarry operation. ********

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6-2013 Village Voice  

Newsletter by and for the residents of Ocean Hills Country Club, Oceanside, Calif.

6-2013 Village Voice  

Newsletter by and for the residents of Ocean Hills Country Club, Oceanside, Calif.