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The Village Voice • April 2018

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Happiness may not be confined to major events in your life such as winning the Lotto or “round the world cruises.” Happiness to most of us living here in the Village can be measured in small incidences hardly noticeable in our daily lives. Yet, an accumulation of these small occurrences makes for a happy person. Happiness is getting out of bed ready for a heck of a start. Happiness is gazing from a window and seeing the sunlight pour forth. Happiness is sharing a package of bagels with your neighbor. Happiness is ignoring one’s aches and pains and be grateful for the parts that do work. Happiness is breathing the cool fresh ocean breezes free from smog and haze. Happiness is watching little children discovering new worlds. Happiness is doing nothing when you feel like doing nothing. Happiness is a smile you give a stranger who needs it most. Happiness happens when one door of happiness closes, another opens. Happiness is doing what you’ve always wanted to do all your life but was afraid of doing it. EDITORIAL, cont’d. on Page 4

Facebook’s Data Mining Problem By Dick Travis A June 2017 article in this column warned of Facebook’s “data mining” likely to lead us deeper into conflicts: “Decades of social-science research shows that most of us simply prefer stuff that feels true to our world view even if it isn’t true — and that the mining of all of those preference signals is likely to lead us deeper into conflicts rather than trying to solve problems.” Sure enough, the mainstream news outlets are once again promulgating the fact that Facebook can’t be trusted with your data and has been caught time and time again letting it leak out. What should we do? Dump Facebook entirely or clean up the security

and privacy parameters that are so difficult to even find? All of us love the interactions (text, photos & videos) with our families, which are in many cases spread out all over the country. And most of us have given little thought that our “likes” or “posts” were being “mined” by Facebook and sold to the highest bidder. After all, who cares if everyone knows I like Budweiser or Pepsi or love the South Pacific islands? Receiving advertising about such items can actually be informative. However, I never authorized Facebook to data mine my more personal thoughts or beliefs or even “personality tests.” FACEBOOK, cont’d. on Page 3

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The Village Voice • April 2018

The Village Voice • April 2018

FACEBOOK, cont’d. from Page 1 Yes, that’s right. “Personality test” results have been sold to various research organizations without the user’s authorization. Your profile on Facebook contains loads of information that you may NOT want disseminated to “research organizations.” Here are a few tips to eliminate any future privacy problems: 1. Open your profile page and click on the pen icon or edit icons, then further on options and finally DELETE. You can remove lots of stuff. 2. Get out of groups that you don’t need, unfriend people that you don’t absolutely have to be connected to. 3. Go to your timeline and tagging settings and block anyone posting information regarding YOU. 4. Get rid of unused 3rd-party the remove button. 5. Ad settings can also be adjusted. These tasks are not a fun part of using Facebook and actually are very difficult to even find depending on what cell phone, tablet or desktop you are using. The TAG group can assist you at their help sessions in the computer room. In summary, I believe that Facebook should clean up it-

sact regarding privacy and security and simplify the user’s authorization to protect personal data. They have the technical ability to do it. However, they need the ethical and moral guts of their leaders to simplify the present confusing and generally open system. (Dick Travis writes a monthly column, “Our Computer World” as seen in the Village Voice. He is also a member of the Technical Assistance Group (TAG) operating out of the computer room.)

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The Village Voice • April 2018

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‘Dancing Spirit’ Replaced by Parking Spaces

The bronze figure that graced the path leading to the golf course is being relocated to an unknown location (as of this date). The move was taken in order to provide spaces for the growing number of golf carts being used by residents in the Village. At the latest count, there are over 600 golf carts registered. Parking has been a major problem and the newly acquired space will help alleviate the situation. “Dancing Spirit” was inspired by a figure of a woman performing in one of her dance routines. Len Rosen, former resident in OHCC, made several smaller figures before he undertook the large figure that had been on display. It was cast in two parts, then welded together and polished. Residents took great pride in this abstract piece and Len was often seen early in the morning polishing the figure. The statue had been there since 1986 and will be greatly missed.

EDITORIAL, cont’d. from Page 1 Happiness is seeing the wonder of nature that blossoms around you. Happiness is discovering a new flavor of ice cream other than vanilla. Happiness is hiding your cell phone for a day or so just to take time to smell the flowers. Happiness is knowing there is a guard at the front gate 24/7 and a patrol car patrolling the streets even at 3 a.m. in the morning. Happiness is joining friends in a game of bridge, canasta, square dancing or water volleyball. Happiness is throwing away lawn movers, weed whackers, snow shovels and rain coats.

“Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.” — Marthe Troly-Curtin

The Village Voice • April 2018



The Village Voice • April 2018

Life Span for Older Women Improves

According to a report from AARP, women older than 65 years, can expect, on the average, to live another 20.6 years. In the previous year’s study, the rate was 20.5 years. For a 65 year old man, life expectancy could extend another 18 more years, unchanged from the previous year. According to Robert Anderson with the National Center for Health Statistics, the drop in life expectancy for the rest of the population was bewildering. Contributing to the down turn the second year in a row in 2016 is the increase in drug deaths among younger adults. Life spans for average Americans has decreased from 78.9 years in 2014 to 78.6 years in 2016. Deaths due to strokes and heart disease has decreased modestly in recent years.

features The Crusty Curmudgeon By Bob Wong

Aunt Bessie’s Visit

(Everybody has an Aunt Bessie and I’m no exception. She is in her 80s, still drives a 20-year-old car and loves to come to OHCC for a few days visit as a respite from the Phoenix weather.) “Aunt Bessie, how nice of you to come all this way just to visit us.” “Don’t Aunt Bessie me; I just got a ticket for speeding at 35 mph by your security. I’m told the fine will be $75. The only good thing about it is, it will be charged to you.” “Yeah Aunt Bessie, I’m responsible for guests, but that’s OK; you are here so seldom.” “I had to find out what going on in that fancy Clubhouse of yours, so I parked in front. Guess what? My front wheel just went a few inches over the white parking line and there was that security officer again. He said I had to keep within the parking lines, so that will cost you $35. So I switched spaces. The lot was full except for some nice blue spaces so I parked in there careful not to cross those markings. So dang it. Along comes another security officer and asked me for a sign. I didn’t have a sign so I gave a one finger Hawaiian salute my grandson taught me. And he gave me a ticket for $150. For $150, other places would have given me a smog check, new wind shield wipers and an oil change. You call this an upscale development? I call it a money trap!” “Well, those are some of the rules in this Village. Where is your car now?” “It is just out in front over there by that yellow pipe. And Lordy, another security officer had the nerve to hand me out another ticket. I didn’t know they painted fire hydrants yellow. That ticket cost you $75. So, I moved my car in front of your mail box and he handed me another ticket for $50.” “Aunt Bessie, you just have to be careful where you park.” “I am careful. I didn’t hit a single car. But let me tell you I followed the rules. When I came to a stop sign, I came to a stop…well it was sort of an Arizona stop. Then I saw the

The Village Voice • April 2018

flashing light behind me with an officer who said I didn’t make a complete stop. Well, I thought I did and he showed me a high falutin’ gadget that showed me I didn’t. Yipes, that ticket cost $75. And he said he didn’t appreciate my Hawaiian salute” “Well Aunt Bessie, let me know when you’ll be leaving. I want to lead you to the closest exit. Remember the last time I directed you to the exit. You drove too close to me and cracked my bumper. Then you scratched the trunk hood and broke one of my tail lights.” “Well, I’m sure sorry about that, but I lost my driving glasses. Don’t worry though: I found some other glasses in my suitcase.” “What kind of glasses are they, Aunt Bessie?” “These are my old reading glasses;everything seems a bit hazy, but they’ll do just fine. Holy mackerel! Someone musta stolen my gas pedal. I can’t see my gas pedal anywhere.”

“For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Love and Marriage By Tom Fuller You’re sweeter than honey And more fragrant than a rose How much I love you, Heaven only knows. You’re patient and kind And forgiving always; You’re tender and loving In a multitude of ways. Gentleness and trust Dwell deep within you; You’re faithful and joyous And inspire others too. Because of these traits, Marriage is secure; It will not falter But will forever endure.


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The Village Voice • April 2018

Village Happenings By Selma Leighton We are all having a good time living at OHCC Right?? We have fun playing cards, sports, bingo, Right? We enjoy going out to lunch, to gossip, Right? But every once in a while, we need a change. If you don’t believe me, ask some of your diverse friends, (only kidding). But that’s not what I mean. I mean a vacation. Even though it is like being on vacation living in California, it is still nice to get away. Sy and I just got back from a cruise. It got me thinking. It would be interesting to find out where other people have been, and with whom. For instance, I was having lunch with my friend Frank Noll. He is single, but always travels in large groups with the family, usually 10 or 12 people. They have gone to Hungary, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, and other places together. In Budapest, he took the whole family out for dinner. The bill was 44,500 Forints, which translated down to $175. Not bad. Then they were in Paris at the Shangri-La Hotel. Somehow or other a bill, 790 Euros, ended up in front of Frank again. After Budapest, he figured, once converted, how bad

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could it be? $850 later he found out. From then on, it was every man for himself. Last August, Sandy Levin and Jack Pivo had planned a two-week cruise to the Caribbean. Then Bam! The hurricanes arrived. All the islands they were to visit were under water, so naturally they cancelled. Instead they are going to Sandy Levin and Jack Pivo Australia and New Zealand later this year. I don’t think Australia could be underwater. Every time I call Kay Sernesi to play Canasta, she is on a trip. So I figured she must have some interesting stories. Last year she and husband Willie were going to the Panama Canal. They menKay Sernesi tioned it to one couple, who told another couple, who told another couple, etc. When they finally left, they had 28 people. She could be a travel agent. Last Christmas, she, Willie and 6 other friends took the Mexican Rivera Cruise. She won a Santa suit in a white elephant sale. They dared her to wear it to breakfast, and she did. She looked pretty good, even without the beard. Frank Noll So it’s nice that even though we may be getting older, we still have fun vacations. And you know I do like FUN-NY.

The Village Voice • April 2018

Male adult Warbler.

Bird of the Month By Russ Butcher

The Yellow Warbler

One of the largest of all avian families consists of 115 varieties of small migratory songsters known as warblers (also called wood-warblers), that live only in the Western Hemisphere.  About half of them breed and raise their young in North America.  One of the most colorful of these is the fiveinch-long Yellow Warbler, the plumage of which is mostly bright yellow.  The adult male boasts narrow reddish stripes on its yellow breast.  This perky little bird can be heard singing its cheerful musical phrases that to the human ear sound like sweet, sweet, sweet, oh so sweet. After spending the winter months in tropical or subtropical habitats from Mexico to Peru and Brazil, this warbler migrates northward for its breeding and nesting season.  Its Warbler singing. favored habitat is wet deciduous shrubby thickets and woodlands of such trees as willows, cottonwoods and alders, especially near rivers and streams.   Its vast range extends from coast-to-coast across much of the lower forty-eight states, as well as most of Alaska and Canada.  This species feasts on a wide variety of insects. Here in San Diego County, we can typically begin hearing and seeing the Yellow Warbler in early April.  Our OHCC Birdwatchers have identified this species in places such as Buena Vista Park off of Shadowridge Drive, Oak Riparian Park along Lake Boulevard and Los Jilgueros Preserve in Fallbrook, as well as around the edges of coastal lagoons. 



The Village Voice • April 2018

Unique interior.

Pork ribs, mashed potatoes and veggies.

On Dining

der dim lighting, you would need 20/20 vision or telescopic eyes to make out the writing. The sympathetic counter girl tried to explain the dishes but finally located a paper menu. The selection became simple: three plates are available. For $12, you get one serving of meat, two sides and a roll. For two dollars more you get two servings of meats and for two additional dollars you get three. The meat choices are: pulled pork, pulled chicken, ¼ dark meat chicken or sausage. Now the kicker is if you want beef brisket or ribs or pork ribs, that can cost you three bucks more. Simple. Among the sides include mac & cheese, mashed potatoes, three-bean salad, etc. We selected the $14 plate with the pork ribs. I have to admit those ribs were the meatiest ribs I have tasted. They were dry rubbed and the sauces were available on a self-service counter. The combination was great although the ribs arrived on the cool side. The sides selected included the three-bean salad and the garlic mashed potatoes. The potatoes would have been better if served hot. Dinners arrived on a metal serving tray and each of the sides on cardboard dishes. Silverware was genuine black plastic that made cutting the ribs a bit awkward. Ribs ended up as finger food. Listed on the menu was an assortment of appetizers, a couple of salads and sandwiches and desserts. A loud Texas sound track added to the informal ambience but could not drown out the screaming laughter of a party at the far end. Only Coke or tea is offered. Be sure to bring along a computer savvy tech to help you operate the high-tech Coke machine. Instructions are not available. The Pig is open during the week from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., and two hours later on Fridays and Saturdays. Closed on Sundays.

When Pigs Fly BBQ

230 Main Street, Downtown Vista 760-295-7993 Having opened in January, this BBQ restaurant has met with success as a lone barbeque restaurant in this area. Dave’s BBQ closed recently. This is the second endeavor for Dale and Tammy Ginos whose first restaurant was a converted gas station on E. Vista Way. The interior is unique with exposed ceiling ducts and wooden partitions for the side booths. Above are old picnic baskets, bicycles and dishes probably cast offs from garage sales. It’s unique indeed. We entered the restaurant and claimed an empty table waiting for a server. There was none. It’s counter service, dummy! The orders were taken at the rear of the restaurant with an order board fixed 12 feet above the counter. Un-


The Village Voice • April 2018

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The Village Voice • April 2018

Kippel’s Pet Korner By Ellen Kippel This is important information for everyone to know since many of the newly landscaped yards have Lantana plants in them. I have been told that Lantana plants can be toxic to our pets. Here is some facts about Lantana poisoning. What is Lantana Poisoning? Reports of lantana poisoning are common in areas where the plant grows wild. Lantana of the Verbenaceae family is a beautiful flowering plant that may be yellow, orange, red, or blue and white. Some lantanas produce blue-black berries, which are the most toxic part of the plant. Unfortunately, the mortality rate is high in the more serious cases. If you think your dog may have eaten any part of a lantana plant, see a veterinary medical professional immediately even if you have not noticed any symptoms, as this is a life-threatening emergency. Triterpenoid can damage your dog’s hepatic system (gallbladder, bile ducts, and liver). While the entire plant of the lantana is poisonous, the berries are the most toxic. Symptoms of Lantana Poisoning in Dogs: The initial symptoms of lantana poisoning, weakness and appetite loss within the first 24 hours of consumption. More serious symptoms will begin to develop over the next several days, such as bloody diarrhea, paralysis, and jaundice from dam-

age to the liver. The symptoms of lantana poisoning vary depending on how much your dog ate, what part of the plant was consumed, and what kind of lantana it is. Some of the most commonly reported symptoms are: Bloody diarrhea death depression, frequent urination Inability to move, loss of appetite, liver failure, weakness, yellowing of the skin and eyes, sensitivity to the sun, shock, swelling of the abdomen, and vomiting. Diagnosis of Lantana Poisoning in Dogs: If possible,

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The Village Voice • April 2018

bring a portion of the lantana plant with you to the veterinarian so they can determine which type it is because some are more toxic than others. The veterinarian will check your dog’s reflexes, weight, height, body temperature, breath sounds, blood pressure, respiration and pulse rate. Tell the veterinarian all of the details about the incident, like how much and what part of the plant your dog ate. You should also have your dog’s health history and vaccination records, and if you have noticed any unusual behavior or appetite changes. The vet will perform tests to determine level of toxicity. Treatment of Lantana Poisoning in Dogs Consists of providing IV fluids and electrolytes, an activated charcoal lavage to absorb the toxins and empty the stomach, and antibiotics in case of infection. There may be supportive treatments required for any complications, such as inflammation of the liver or kidney damage. Hospitalization may be necessary in serious cases. Recovery of Lantana Poisoning in Dogs: Chances for your dog’s recovery are good if treated quickly. Once your dog is allowed to go home, continue the medication and limit the amount of sunlight due to photosensitivity. Unfortunately, if treatment is not done before liver damage occurs your dog’s chances are poor. Be sure to remove all lantana from your property wherever your dog is allowed to go and call your veterinarian if you have any concerns.


While exercise has been good for your cardiovascular health, it is increasingly being recognized for its brain-boosting benefits. It also noted that regular exercise may help delay the onset of cognitive problems later in life. Physical activity may also slow down the progression of MCI to dementia. Aerobic activity, such as brisk walking, jogging, swimming or other types of exercise 150 minutes a week is a good target and even 30 minutes twice a week is associated with improvement in cognition and memory. The guidelines listed no medication advice as there are no drugs proven to control MCI symptoms.

Health Tips By Bob Kerber

Exercising Improves Memory

Exercising twice a week may help improve memory and thinking skills in people with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) according to a recent guideline published in Neurology, the journal of the American Academy of Neurology. After a six-month study, it was found that the twice-weekly workouts help when exercise is part of an overall treatment plan.


Patti Smith It's All About You!




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International Logo, are registered service marks owned by Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC.


The Village Voice • April 2018

Bridge By Dan Neilson

Honors Cover Honors

In the continuing battle at the bridge table, both sides are trying to destroy the others assets. There are three methods of accomplishing this goal. You may cover an honor, trump out losers, or discard on a long side suit. These procedures reduce the enemy’s strength and produce additional tricks. Covering an honor is the most direct form of this destruction. A classic example might be an opening lead of a Jack from J109x which is covered by the Queen, King and Ace. It is true that your side has given up four points to their six but they have gained only one trick and your 109x now controls the suit. As a general rule it is best to always cover unless you know it will help the enemy. The major exception to this rule is when you are confronted with a sequence on your right. If the Queen is led from AJ9x, do not cover the Queen. You plan on covering the Jack if the suit is continued, hoping your partner has a ten and can stop the suit. Wait and cover the lowest card in a sequence! It is best not to lead an honor unless it is the head of a sequence. If you like to lead Aces you won’t take many Kings.

Keep your honors to confound the opposition and make passive leads. If partner leads a suit with Qxx on the board and you are holding AJ10, do not play the Ac. Declarer most likely has the King and you will give them two tricks. However, if you play the 10 you will win two tricks in the future. The ultimate test is when a singleton is led from the board andyou refuse to play your Ace. This play, when effective, will win you the grand prize. Don’t waste your honors on thin air. Save them to destroy something!

The Golf Game By Pete Russell If you weren’t able to watch the recent World Golf Championship (WGC) tournament held in Mexico City, you missed an outstanding PGA event that ended in a tie playoff between Phil Mickelson (age 47) and Justin Thomas (24)! This was after Thomas hit an EAGLE on the 18th hole to finish his round with a 64. He was waiting on the practice green because the eventual end of the full round had him and Phil plus Rafa Cabrera Bello (briefly) from Spain (a recent introduction to the PGA at age 33) who ended up shooting a decent 67 on Sunday. At that point there were three golfers tied at 16. He dropped out of the tie when he missed a putt on the 18th hole of regulation golf. The Phil Mickelson tie between Mickelson and st Thomas was decided in the 1 tie-breaker hole (#18) with an unbelievable duel when Mickelson putted in his PAR putt and watched, while Thomas missed a 10’ foot putt to lose the tournament. The 1st place payoff was $1,700,000 while Thomas won $1,072,000 in 2nd place. Don’t worry about poor Rafa playing his first WGA tournament; he won over $500K. Not too shabby. I won $4 in a recent Monday tournament here at OHCC and was thrilled! Tiger is scheduled to play in the Valspar Championship near his home in the Innsbrook Resort at Palm Harbor, Florida, as I write this column. I am sure that it will be a topic in subsequent articles. My wife and I are big Tiger fans, as many of you folks are as well. Tiger has made an unbelievable impact in the PGA world during his career and has always made for a good time, especially when in his prime. Now a brief observation for some words of wisdom selected from the March 2018 Golf Digest: HANGOVER: It might be self-imposed, but that does not mean you are not in need of treatment and a dose of sympathy. According to Tom Weiskopf, who had a few

The Village Voice • April 2018



The Village Voice • April 2018

hangovers back in the day, recommends a cheeseburger and milkshake, the former to soak up the remaining alcohol, the latter to coat your stomach. It is actually good advice, but there is a problem: they are hard to find before that early morning tee time. Go with pain relievers such as ibuprofen, naproxen or aspirin for the headache, and as much water as you can drink to rehydrate, and yelling warnings in the mirror never to overindulge again! NASTY FALLS: Rare is the golfer who has not taken a tumble on the course; slipping on the downslope of a wet teeing ground or damp fairway, stepping into small holes and clumsy trips for no discernible reason happen all the time. (I watched a fellow golfer here at OHGC who fell over backward into the bunker on #9 and was laid up for a long time after the fall.) According to the author there is an art to falling, one that can be built into your reflexes when you crash to the ground. Keep your arms bent at the elbows as a stiff armed fall can lead to a broken wrist. If possible, land on your butt. It’s better designed to absorb and disperse impact. Maintain a “soft” body in general, to dampen and spread the trauma of impact if you are falling on a slope; roll with it so the force is not so jarring.

To Diet By Jim Mulvey Last night, my dear wife told me, Trying to bully, berate and scold me, “Don’t interrupt me; you’re going on a diet.” “Be quiet,” she forcefully said. “Don’t fight it.” I quickly began to quibble and grumble. Then suddenly I felt a portentous stomach rumble. She argued, “Those extra pounds will melt.” “It’s time to tighten that 46 inch belt.” “No peanut butter or jelly Will enter the vastness of your belly.” “It’s your destiny and fate To shed three bowling balls of weight.” “No more cake, no more pie.” “No more cheating; don’t even try.” “Would you rather endure a costly liposuction” Or feel the pain of an invasive hip reduction?” “Fruits will tighten your gelatinous glutes.” “Without beer, zounds, you’ll toss some pounds.” “Yum! — yogurt, hard boiled eggs, and chicken that’s lean!” Geeze, I sure thought my wife was being mean.

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“Baked fish, not fried.” “No chili cheese fries on the side.” I wailed, “In addition to all these bland probiotics, “I’ll need at least five servings of anti-psychotics.” “Okay,” I surrendered.” “No more fat that’s rendered.” “May I have some delicious low fat cottage cheese.” Just one extra three ounce helping, please?”

Guess Who?

Can you guess who this curly-haired teenage beauty is? The answer is revealed in the Potpourri Section, on page 36.

The Village Voice • April 2018

Scams Update By Ira M. Landis I have two new scams stories to alert you to. The first was from one of our residents who alerted me to it. She received a call asking her what interest rate her credit card was charging her, claiming that he could get her a much lower rate. He switched her to an associate he claimed was his supervisor, who again asked what interest rate she was being charged. She immediately asked him what bank he was representing. He immediately hung up. It is easy to see where the scammers were headed — their next questions would be about her credit card details, and her bank accounts. She handled it well. However, I would have hung up immediately without engaging in any dialogue. Thank you Monica for sharing this information with us. Hopefully, our readers and neighbors will not succumb to this ruse. AARP sent an email alert about another Social Security scam making the rounds. Now there is an attempt to defraud people out of their Social Security checks that goes like this. Someone posing as a Social Security Administration employee calls from a phone number with a 323 area code. In some cases the swindler tells victims they are due a 1.7 % cost of living adjustment increase in their Social Security benefits. The scammer then asks the victim to verify his/her personal information such as name, date of birth and Social Security number, in order to receive the increase. If the impostor is able to obtain this information, it can be used to contact the SSA and request changes to the victim’s direct deposit, address and phone information. According to the SSA they will sometimes reach out to citizens for customer service purposes, but the agency’s representative’s will never ask for personal information this way. Anyone who receives a suspicious call is encouraged to report it to the Office of the Inspector General at 1-800269-0279.

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Be cautious and avoid providing information such as SSN and bank account numbers to unknown individuals over the phone or internet.

Shopping Around

It is sad to report that two of our most cherished restaurants have shuttered their doors: Bentley’s in Encinitas and Bistro West in Carlsbad. They have been a mainstay for our residents for classic American food in a traditional environment. What has emerged throughout this area is a number of beer oriented places targeting the younger set. Sad, very sad!

A Passing

It is with regret to announce that Jack Collar passed away last month. Jack was a fervent supporter of the Village Voice. For many years, Jack was instrumental in the operation of Helping Hands and was the director of distribution for the publication. He with his wife Betty relocated to another facility several years ago but will be remembered for his dedication and hard work.


The Village Voice • April 2018

Bev’s Kitchen By Bev Gillett

Squash Blossom Soup (Sopade Flor de Calabaza)

Spring has sprung, so I thought it would be a wonderful month to introduce you to this easy-to-make and very delicious soup. We had a week in Oaxaca, Mexico recently and while there my daughter and I attended a cooking school given by a well known restaurant chef. Oaxaca is very famous for its tasty cuisine. This recipe serves 6. Ingredients: 2 tablespoons butter 1 tablespoon diced white onion 1 cup corn kernels (fresh or frozen) 2 cups small zucchini, cubed *4 cups squash blossoms, washed thoroughly with stems removed 4 cups chicken broth Salt and black pepper to taste

**Any stringy cheese — mozzarella would be good or quesillo 6 tablespoons of whipped cream Pepinos for garnish, if desired. *Squash blossoms are seasonal, so look at the grocery store or the Farmers Market — they are usually from zucchini, or gem squash (known also as eight-ball squash). **Quesillo is a Mexican cheese found at all Mexican supermarkets — very delicious! Method: 1. Remove the stems from the squash blossoms and soak in water to clean. Set aside six blossoms for garnish. 2. Sauté the onion in the butter. When softened add the corn and zucchini and continue cooking over medium heat. After five minutes, add the flowers and mix. Continue to sauté for another two minutes. 3. Pour this mixture into a blender, add the chicken broth, and blend until smooth. 4. Return the mixture to the pan and cook for 7 minutes. Season with salt and pepper. Garnish each bowl with one flower (it will be edible uncooked), cubes of quesillo and a dollop of cream. Add pepinos if desired.

The Village Voice • April 2018


Watching Wildlife By Russ Butcher

The Moose

The world’s largest member of the deer family is the Moose. At its high-humped shoulder height, this great mammal stands six to seven feet tall. From its lower rump to the end of its large, bulbous “Roman nose,” it measures seven to nine feet long and weighs roughly 700 to as much as 1,400 pounds. The animal’s blackish-brown body is supported on slender, light-colored, four-foot-long legs that give the impression of walking on stilts. Hanging from its throat is a six-inch-long, hairy, rope-like flap known as the dewlap or “bell.” Bulls are crowned with a unique pair of massive, broadly flat-bladed antlers that spread four to five feet across. Cows are about 25 percent smaller than bulls and have no antlers. The Moose may look ungainly, but these hoofed animals are able to quietly slip through the forest at speeds of as much as 30 miles an hour. Bulls use their antlers to thrash their way through dense brush, to mark their territory, to challenge and fight one another over a mate, and to root in ponds or swampy bogs for a favorite food — aquatic plants such as water lilies. Their summer diet also includes the twigs and leaves of aspens and willows. In winter, these animals browse on the bark, twigs and buds of such small trees as aspens, willows and birches. Moose are solitary animals, except during the mating (rutting) season that runs from mid-September to mid-October. Both bulls and cows are vocal. The cows make moaning and grunting sounds as they search for a mate. Bulls challenge each other for a mate — making loud bellowing sounds before clashing their antlers together. Researchers say that the weaker of the two bulls normally gives up the fight before serious harm occurs. After the mating season, the bulls shed their antlers in early winter and grow new ones in the spring. Cows give birth to their calves from late May to early June. Juveniles are covered with brownish-orange fur. The main predator of the Moose is the gray wolf.


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This moose stands 6 to 7 feet tall. Moose live in northern (boreal) spruce forests, swampy forested terrain, willow thickets and tundra. Their vast range extends across most of Alaska and Canada, and southward into northern New England, the northern edge of the Great Lakes region, and the Rocky Mountains. They inhabit such national parks as Glacier in Montana, and Yel-


The Village Voice • April 2018

Designer’s Footnote

Two bulls challenge for a mate. lowstone and Grand Teton in Wyoming. I treasure a memory of watching at dusk as a mother and her two calves ambled across a meadow in Grand Teton’s Jackson Hole valley. When they came to a low split-rail fence, each in turn gracefully hopped over the fence and disappeared into a nearby forest.

By Peggy Newburg The living and dining rooms of your home reflect your decorating style. Your window treatment can be an important element in your overall plan and decorating style. If your attitude is casual, think of easy-going Roman shades, curtains or sheers. If you want to make a more formal statement, the classic swag and jabots or lined drapery panes shown here adapt to windows of varying heights. Fabrics, design detailing and trim all contribute to the degree of formality. You can accentuate striking windows with simple, yet eye-catching treatments that hang from the ceiling. Pinch-pleat draperies on wood rods play up two floor-to-ceiling windows as a focal point. The striped fabric and dark hardware set off the windows against a creamy white sofa. Home offices, studies and family rooms claim center stage with computer equipment, books and bookcases. The television, toys or soft furnishing often take precedence in a family room. Make your window dressings operable but subtle. Roman shades, wood blinds, roller shades or shutters topped with a valance will bring cozy comfort to a study or home office.

The Village Voice • April 2018



The Village Voice • April 2018

Kitchens require abundant light, natural as well as artificial. Pick treatments such as café curtains, sheers, or partial curtains that provide color and pattern, yet won’t keep out the sunlight. Make sure your choice is washable and plain in design. The combination of grease and food quickly soils fabrics. In this room, you can go whimsy. A playful touch warms a room full of shiny appliances and sleek surfaces, making it a homey space. Bathrooms require a certain amount of privacy and tops the list of bathroom window concerns. Anything that covers the window, but can be raised or moved to admit light, works well. Consider soft shades, blinds or draperies. Caution: Don’t use silk in a bathroom other than a powder room. The moisture will damage the fabric over time. Err on the side of simplicity in your designs. Ornate dressings look out of place in most bathrooms.

Out and About in San Diego County By Jack Shabel Being an engineer whose all-time favorite subject in school was physics, I love science museums. Two of my favorites are in Seattle and Cleveland. It was with great anticipation that I recently went to the Fleet Science Center in Balboa Park. My wife and I had a great time and I was able to display my inner geekiness by explaining some of the exhibits to her, but I was a little disappointed in the extent of the museum. A good portion of the second floor was devoted to a special display called “Mythbusters.” We didn’t pay to check it out so maybe there is more in those spaces when there isn’t a special exhibit. There was a good deal of hands-on experimentation but it seemed to me to be primarily aimed at fairly young children. Not once was there an exhibit that evoked “WOW” from me. We did enjoy a series of films dealing with the changing climate of our planet that were quite interesting and rather startling at times. We also saw an excellent IMAX film on the lemurs of Madagascar. But in general, I thought it was a little too expensive for what they had. Now that’s just the opinion of an electrical engineer who wanted to be an astronaut so take my opinion with a grain of salt. The prices for the museum and one of the IMAX movies are $18.95 for adults, $17.95 for seniors over 65, and $16.95 for juniors ages 3 to 12. But the better deal is on the first Monday of the month when seniors admissions are only $8.00. The absolute best deal is on the first Tuesday of the month when the Museum is free to residents of San Diego County. Would I recommend visiting the Fleet Science Center? Yes I would, but on either the first Monday or Tuesday of the month. If you have small children that you would like to learn about science, then definitely yes. The IMAX movies are spectacular and are worth the first Monday price of admission all by themselves. You can purchase tickets for additional movies for $8.00.


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The Village Voice • April 2018


Fountain at Balboa Park.

The address is 1875 El Prado, San Diego, 619-238-1233, or visit The Fleet Center is open seven days a week from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Mondays through Thursday and 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Friday Saturday and Sunday. As I said earlier we did have a good time but do go when the price is reduced or, even better, when it is free.

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The Village Voice • April 2018

The Real Estate Corner By Tom Brennan (Tom has been involved in all aspects of real estate for more than 40 years, both as a lawyer and realtor.)

Natural Hazards Disclosures Every year in the United States, natural hazard events threaten lives and livelihoods, resulting in deaths and billions of dollars in damages. As a consequence, on June 1, 1998, California enacted legislation requiring sellers to disclose to their buyers information relating to whether the subject real property is located in a natural hazard area, such as a special flood hazard area, dam failure inundation area, earthquake fault zone, seismic hazard zone, high fire severity area or a wildland fire area (these are the six designated natural hazard areas defined in the legislation). These disclosure requirements apply to all real estate transactions, including residential resales, new subdivision sales (with some exceptions) and commercial property transfers. 1. NHDS The foregoing legislation mandates the specific form of disclosure that must be made for most residential sales.

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These disclosures are now contained in a natural hazard disclosure statement (NHDS) which consolidates six separate statutory disclosures (one for each of the designated areas) into a single disclosure report. 2. Parcel Lists and Maps Disclosures must be made if seller or seller’s agent has actual knowledge that the property is within one or more of the designated areas. Such disclosures must be made even without actual knowledge if the local jurisdiction has been provided with either (a) a list by parcel of the properties within the designated area (flood zone) or (b) the required maps regarding a designated area (fire and earthquake) and such list or map has been posted in the local governmental offices. 3. Providing A Natural Hazard Statement As stated above, there are six natural hazard areas covering three types of hazards (flood, fire and earthquake). Public and private sources of information are available for sellers to research and review. However, there are a number of private companies (JPL, Resource Disclosure, etc.) that will research a particular piece of property, such as a personal residence, and provider a report for a fee, costing between $79 and $99 per report. It should be noted that the seller and/or seller’s agent remain ultimately responsible to the buyer for any errors or omissions of the third party provider and, as a result, the potential liability of the seller to the buyer may be significant. 4. Failure to Disclose Failure to make the required disclosures will not invalidate the transaction; however, any person who intentionally or negligently fails to make the required disclosure is liable in the amount of actual damages suffered by the buyer. Consequently, it takes little imagination to see the significant and frightening exposure the failure to adequately disclose any designated risk may mean to sellers and their agents. Fire, flood or earthquake victims may now have a new source of potential recovery, particularly if insurance proceeds are inadequate or nonexistent.

The Village Voice • April 2018

Conclusion Buying a home is normally the largest single investment made by individuals during their lifetime. Although many documents are signed and exchanged during the escrow period, few if any, are more important than the NHDS. This disclosure statement provides the buyer with information that may adversely affect the value and desirability of the property, and in some cases, could seriously affect its insurability. It is wise therefore to choose a reputable third party provider, if for no other reason, than to mitigate any potential non-disclosure liability. Select carefully and consult with your real estate agent prior to contracting with any NHSD provider.

I Love A Mystery

By Ira M. Landis Stuart Woods, the author of more than sixty books, is one of my favorite authors. His latest is Fast & Loose, again featuring Stone Barrington, who many believe is really my alter-ego. (Remember The Secret Life of Walter Mitty?) He owns his own plane, a yacht, has homes in England, France, Maine, and Turtle Bay Gardens, an exclusive community near New York City. Stone is enjoying a boating excursion off the Maine coast


when a chance encounter with another larger vessel leaves him somewhat the worse for wear. Always able to find the silver lining in even the worst of circumstances, Stone is pleased to discover that those who caused his misfortune are members of a prestigious medical family who present a unique business opportunity, and who require a man of Stone’s ability to overcome a sticky situation of their own. As it turns out, Stone and his new friends have an enemy in common. He’s the sort of man who prefers force to finesse, and who regards any professional defeat as a personal and intolerable insult. (Does this sound familiar?) When Stone’s sly cunning collides with his adversary’s hair-trigger temper, the results are definitely explosive. Macher, Stone’s adversary is an ex-CIA agent who helped himself to a cache of explosives and weapons on his departure from the Agency. He doesn’t hesitate to use them against his perceived enemies. It wouldn’t be Stone if there wasn’t a beautiful female for him to become involved with, in this case a gorgeous freespirited Scandinavian doctor. There are also many of the regular friends of Stone: Holly Barker, Herbie Fisher, Dino and Edie Bacchetti, and the Lees, he a former president and she the current president. This was a very entertaining romp. You can find it in the OHCC Library.


The Village Voice • April 2018

Military Chronicles

Albert Goering was the brother of infamous Nazi leader Hermann Goering, the man who famously vowed to destroy the RAF. Unlike his older brother, Albert was not a Nazi and often risked his life to save those the Nazis hated. He moved to Austria after the Nazis rose to power and often spoke out against the Nazi party, but when Austria was annexed by Germany in 1938, Hermann kept the Gestapo away from Albert. When the Nazis marched into Vienna, Albert rushed to distribute exit visas to Jewish residents and even went head-to-head with Nazis who were forcing elderly Jewish people to do degrading things, such as washing the street. Albert managed to save hundreds of Jews as well as political dissidents during the war. He persuaded his brother to order the release of many prisoners of

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concentration camps, claiming they were “good Jews.” He was arrested on a number of occasions, but each time, his family connections ensured his freedom, even when a warrant for his death was issued in 1944. Albert ran a Skoda factory in Czechoslovakia, whose employees were very grateful to him for how he treated them, even allowing passive resistance among the workforce. When two Nazi officers gave him the Nazi salute while he was stationed in Bucharest, Romania, he invited them to “kiss [his] ass.” Ironically, Albert was imprisoned for two years after the war due to his association with his older brother. When he was released, he found himself unemployable. He died penniless, but he was looked after by those he had helped during the war. Only recently has he received recognition for his bravery.

The Village Voice • April 2018



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The Village Voice • April 2018

Travels With Joe & Dee By Joe Ashby and Dee Wardell

On the Silk Road Uzbekistan-Tashkent

Uzbekistan is the heart of the Silk Road, and we visited Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva, each beautiful with exciting histories. With a population of 30 million, 80 percent are Uzbeks, and while mostly Sunni Muslim, alcohol is readily available and female head covering is not required. Uzbeks speak a Turkic language. The climate is generally arid, hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Cotton is the mainstay of the economy, but overuse of irrigation has greatly reduced the area of the Aral Sea, now only 40 percent of its former size. As a former Soviet republic, Uzbekistan regained its independence, and de-Russification was the order of the day. Lenin statues all but disappeared, replaced by statues of Timur the Great (Tamerlane), the national hero. We were matched against our passports in leaving Kazakhstan and again before entering Uzbekistan. Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan is a beautiful modern city rebuilt following the devastating earthquake of 1966. Tashkent is a fourth the size of Moscow but has a simi-

Musicians with long horns greet us. lar subway system. Our train was met at the station by local musicians whose long horns were invented to get revenge on bagpipes. They played loudly and enthusiastically, and we were offered champagne and cookies. But before we could join the others in sightseeing, we were whisked away by a lovely blond Uzbek guide who took us to the Iranian Embassy to pick up our visas. The building was heavily guarded by walls, a guard and a heavy bolted entry door that required communication before we were allowed to enter. Inside, we found the facility shab-

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The Village Voice • April 2018


Doll puppets in local costumes.

by and unkempt. After being fingerprinted down to the knuckles, we left our passports in their care and were told we would be interviewed by the Iranian Ambassador, but he never came and we never missed him. We joined the other tourists at a mosque, reputed to be the largest in Uzbekistan, and were privileged to see

the world’s oldest Koran housed in a small library on the mosque grounds. We enjoyed a great lunch of Uzbek cuisine, and learned our visas had been approved. What a relief! We then toured the Museum of Applied Crafts, where lovely embroideries, decorative porcelain tiles, carpets,

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The Village Voice • April 2018

The Movie Scene By Joan Buchholz

Game Night

Paintings at the mall. screens, and beautiful jewelry greeted us. In Tashkent’s Independence Square, we learned May 9th celebrates the end of WWII. The memorial with the eternal flame has a lovely sculpture of a mourning mother looking down upon the flame, and along a covered marbled walkway huge brass books had inscribed the names of soldiers who had died; a half-million names. The city has 14 universities, an opera house, ballet and drama theaters, and an art museum with a collection from the Romanov family. Back on board the train, dinner was a Golden Eagle Caviar special: black sturgeon and red Pacific salmon caviar, and Chicken Kiev.

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A weekly couples game is arranged by Brooks (Kyle Chandler). He invites his brother Max (Jason Bateman) and Annie (Rachael McAdams) to a murder mystery party complete with crooks and cops. All goes well when Brooks get kidnapped as part of the game. So the gamers set out to solve the mystery only to discover that neither the game or Brooks is part of the mystery. Brooks is actually kidnapped. What follows is a series of murders and mishaps: one gets sucked into a jet engine and is pureed, another is hit by a car and still another is knifed. I became confused between what was real and what was faked. All this action is supposed to be comical but with all the cussing and foul language, talk about sex acts and sex groping, I found little to laugh about. I must be in the minority, because the crowd in the theater was packed (with a younger group) that seemed to digest the dialogue with glee. I hand the film 2 smiles reluctantly only because I liked Jason Bateman and Rachael McAdams in the starring roles in this otherwise very stupid movie.

“There’s nothing like deep breaths after laughing that hard. Nothing in the world like a sore stomach for the right reasons.” — Stephen Chbosky

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The Village Voice • April 2018

Grandparent’s Page By Susie Bergerson

Bad Day; Good Day

When we lived in the same town as our grandchildren, I had the habit of taking them out for the day one at a time to make the quality time more personal. Everytime I took my then 4-yearold granddaughter, Juliana, out for the day, she would turn to me at the end of the time together and say, “Grandma, this was the best day ever!” My husband and I took Juliana and her brother Barry out together one day ending up at McDonald’s for lunch with Juliana sitting next to Grandpa Ted. As Ted turned in his seat, he accidentally knocked over his full large coke and soaked Juliana from the neck down. I left Ted to clean up the table and watch 5-year-old Barry as I took Juliana’s hand and hurried her off to the bathroom for damage control. On the way, she looked up at me and said, “Grandma, this is the worst day ever!” In the enTRUSTED FOR OVER 42 YEARS


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vironmentally correct bathroom, there were no paper towels, so I grabbed a bundle of toilet seat covers and started to dry Juliana. Fortunately, she was wearing one of her moisture shedding princess dresses, so the dress was easily dried and a few wet seat covers cleaned her sticky arms and legs. She then dried off under the hand dryer by dancing and spinning (natural for her) while I pushed the dryer button. On the way back to the table, her mood was back to happy princess level and said, “Grandma, maybe this can still be the best day ever!” Juliana is 6 years old now and sometimes wears a T-shirt I got her. It says, “It’s the best day ever!”

“You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.” — Albert Camus


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Words, Words, Words Cocktail It may have come from a common practice among gamecock owners who fed them a special mash of many ingredients including beer. This mixture was called “cock-ale.” Hopscotch It has nothing to do with Scotch. “Scotch” just means “scratch.” In playing the game you must “hop” over the lines “scratched” in the ground. Life of Reilly In the1880s, in a small town in the mid-west, a saloon keeper by the name of Mr. Reilly because so prosperous, he raised his saloon to the dignity of a hotel. A comic song sung by the original Pat Rooney goes like this: “Is that mister Reilly, can anyone tell?” Is that Mister Reilly who owns the hotel? Well, if that’s Mister Reilly, they speak of so highly, Upon my soul, Reilly, you’re doing quite well.” Lobbying Men who wished to promote special interest were at one time allowed the use of legislative chambers. Because of their aggressiveness, they were banished to the “lobby” of the chambers where they were able to do just as well.

The Village Voice • April 2018

Remember The Year: 1958 • Bank of America passed out small plastic cards with $500 credit line in Fresno, CA that later became Visa. • Mega Tsunami in Lituya Bay, Alaska, that measured 1,720 feet tall. (Empire State Building stood at 1,454 feet.) • Whamo introduced the Hula Hoop. • A recession in America increased unemployment to 5.2 million. • The Microchip first developed that created the early stages of PCs. • Elvis Presley joined the army. • U.S. Supreme Court ordered the all-white Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas to integrate. • U.S. atomic submarine USS Nautilus began 1st transit of North Pole. • SF Giants beat LA Dodger 8-0 in first California baseball game. • Gunsmoke, Wagon Train, and Have Gun Will Travel were the most popular TV programs. • Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Gigi, South Pacific, and A Night to Remember were the most viewed movies. Cost of Living A new house ............. $11,975 Average income . ........ $4,650 Average rent . ................... $95 Movie ticket .................. $1.00 Tuition UCLA .................. $84 Gasoline gallon . .............. 24¢ Postage stamp . .................. 4¢ Bacon lb. ........................... 62¢ Eggs dz. ............................ 28¢ Coffee lb. .......................... 93¢ Hamburger lb. ................. 57¢



The Village Voice • April 2018

Volunteer Opportunities in North San Diego County

Guardian Angels: The Guardian Angels program pairs volunteers with seniors who need help and companionship. Volunteers are asked to commit to at least three hours a month for a minimum of six months. Volunteers younger than 18 must be accompanied by an adult. (619) 543-4714. Meals On Wheels: The North County division seeks volunteers to deliver meals to the elderly. Participants should be able to deliver at least twice a month between 10:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. Training provided. (760) 736-9900. North County Food Bank: The organization collects and distributes food to nonprofit service agencies. Volunteers are needed to pick up and deliver donations and to work in the San Marcos warehouse. (760) 761-1140. San Diego Police Department: Men and women age 50 and older are needed for the senior volunteer traffic program. The citywide patrol, which recruits from all areas of San Diego County, helps police with traffic control, safety checkpoints, radar speed surveys, abandoned vehicles and safety presentations. (619) 531-1507. Trauma Intervention Programs of San Diego County: The group seeks volunteers to provide emotional and practical support to victims and their families in the first few hours following a tragedy. No experience necessary. Training will be provided. (760) 931-2104 or Road to Recovery: The American Cancer Society program needs volunteers to drive cancer patients to and from treatments. Most drivers volunteer about four hours a week. Some mileage reimbursement is available. (619) 682-7440. Wildlife Assist: The group is looking for volunteers throughout North County to help rescue sick, injured and orphaned wildlife. Orientation sessions are monthly. www. or (858) 278-2222.

Attention Grandmothers & Grandfathers If you have an interesting story about your grandkids, we’d love to hear about them. It could be about their achievements or a funny incident. Keep your story short, 500 words or less and submit them to the editor in his tube 4935 Thebes Way or writer Jim Mulvey at 4696 Cordoba Way.

The Village Voice • April 2018


Painting - Plastering Removal of Acoustic Ceilings

Patrick Holmes Painting PATRICK HOLMES

Owner/Operater - 27 Years Experience Licence #580699 - Bonded & Insured




The Village Voice • April 2018

potpourri The Answer to Guess Who? By Virginia McConnell Couldn’t guess, could you? This is a hard one! It’s RITA SCHNEDAR. Rita was born into a military family in Spokane, Washington, the eldest of three beautiful daughters. Her father made his career in the Air Force, training as a fighter pilot, and eventuRita Schnedar ally reaching the rank of Colonel. Rita had a hectic childhood, living in several states, and attending twelve schools by the time she graduated from high school at age seventeen. As one might predict, at age twenty, this lovely young woman married John Schnedar, a handsome air force pilot she met and dated at the University of New Mexico. John was a pilot in the Air Force ROTC for two years. Rita taught school for a year in a private high school, and then she and John started their family of six children; two boys and four girls. Life was very busy for this young family. They lived in New Mexico, Oklahoma, Michigan, Florida, and finally settled in California in 1969. John left the Air Force after completing his assignment, and he and Rita opened up two real estate offices, one in Solana Beach and one in Del Mar. John started the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) in North County. Prior to that, a home for sale was only listed by one office. In her spare time, Rita worked in the two offices. They lived in Solana Beach, then in La Jolla from l977 to 1999. When widowed, she sold their large home of twenty-two

AIRPORTS! or Anywhere Else Reliable & Efficient Transportation Anytime SAN DIEGO • CARLSBAD • ORANGE COUNTY

Tim Smith - 603-534-9938 (cell) • OHCC Resident

years and moved to Encinitas to be near her children and thirteen grandchildren. In 2008, she moved to Ocean Hills Country Club. Over the years she has made many wonderful friends and enjoys numerous activities. She loves partying, taking classes, joining clubs, going on trips, and her favorite form of exercise is using the pool and spa. One thing that she finds to be very special to her is being a member of the Theatre Arts Club. She loves to dress up in costumes and has played the role of many celebrities, such as Rosemary Clooney, Doris Day and Mae West, to name a few. In fact, Rita says she is the only one in her family not to have won a beauty contest. After meeting some of her family over the years, I will vouch they are just stunning and could give Hollywood stars a run for their money! If you are interested in joining in on the Guess Who? fun, dig out those old photo albums and please call me, Virginia McConnell at 760-295-1979 or e-mail me at Who knows, maybe we’ll be seeing you in a future issue of the Village Voice.

Village Veterans Meeting

General Dynamics/NASSCO is the largest full-service shipyard on the West Coast. Because of its prime location, it serves as a principle repair facility for the Navy’s Pacific Fleet ships. Located on 80 acres of land and 46 acres of water, it offers eight fully serviced berths ranging up to 1,000 feet. On December 11, 1986, the Exxon Valdez was delivered to San Diego and was the largest ship ever built on the West Coast. On July 30, 1989, the Valdez ran aground in Alaska creating the largest oil spill in U.S. waters. The ship headed to the drydocks at NASSCO, but the trip revealed planks hanging from the frame 70 feet below the surface and had to be cut away. It left a ten- mile oil slick trailing behind and for a time, prevented it from entering San Diego Bay. Capt. Dennis DuBard, USN (ret.) will present an overview of the shipyard at the Village Veterans meeting on Thursday, April 26, 2018 at 3 p.m. at Abravanel Hall. Refreshments will be served and all are welcome.

The Village Voice • April 2018



The Village Voice • April 2018

Plants In The Village Eucalyptus Tree

At one time in the past, dozens of eucalyptus trees adorned the area in front and sides of the Clubhouse. While very aesthetic and lush, the trees soon became infested with the glassy wing psyllid. Not only did the pest cause the trees to defoliate, but the sticky droppings on the cars and ground were an annoyance. Eventually the eucalyptus were replaced with palm trees. Inspired by the growth of eucalyptus trees in Australia, a number of get-richquick individuals in 1900 aspired to be lumber tycoons. Suddenly, over 100 companies in California sprouted only to discover the lumber had an irregular grain, it bent, cracked and shrank when dried. Eventually, most of those companies folded. The wood increasingly was sold as fuel, but was soon outflanked by the use of cheap electricity and gas. By 1950, eucalyptus was grown primarily as ornamentals or windbreaks for orange groves. Furthermore, eucalyptus trees were flammable and in California where forest and brush fires were prevalent, these trees were dangerous as demonstrated in the Oakland firestorm of 1991. Eucalyptus trees have limited value to the ecology of California. Unlike Australia where koalas and wallabies rely on eucalyptus trees, in California almost no mammals or birds find the tree useful. Australian mammals that eat off the foliage have mechanisms to deal with those toxins in the leaves and bark. Other mammals won’t eat the eucalyptus. Therefore eucalyptus proliferate freely as other native plants and animals are pushed out.


Men’s Haircut & Beard Trim



E-Z Cut Barbershop

1688 S. Melrose Drive, Suite 210 Vista, CA 92081


Monday-Saturday • 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Jack Collar (former resident) Jerry St. James Source: Ocean Hills Community Patrol


Caregiver, meal preparation, transportation personal care, light housekeeping, daily medication, bookkeeping, shopping. Village refs. Call Kathee 760-712-9534 LORRAINE KWIATEK, CNA, CHHA Doctor’s/CPR/Errands/Cooking Hourly, Overnight, or Live In 15 years experience, excellent local references CALL 760-224-8972 CALL TOM HENDERSON from Henderson’s Handyman Services for your home repair needs, 760-216-0180. I specialize in interior and exterior carpentry, drywall, painting, fencing, irrigation, plumbing and electrical repairs, etc. GUARANTEED HOME MAINTENANCE Retired General Contractor offers skills and experience to repair your home. $25/hr. If you are not satisfied, you do not pay. Ocean Hills resident. Dave Kennedy, 760-415-9823. NOTARY PUBLIC-MOBILE OHCC Resident-Oceanside Emma Khatchaturian Cell: 626-991-7404 • I’ll Drive You Anywhere Joyce Smith 760-685-0435 AIRPORT RIDES Reasonable Rates and References Karen Kinney 970-618-7129 MADELENE’S ALTERATIONS AND TAILORING 3768 Via Del Rancho, Oceanside, CA 92056, 760-630-4993. Just one short block from the back gate. Please call for appt. Over 42 years experience. NOTARY PUBLIC Mary Rita De Pietro 760-726-8915 - Ocean Hills PROFESSIONAL HOUSE CLEANING Village Refs. Call for quote. Maria, 760-470-5676, 760-433-6330

The Village Voice • April 2018

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The Village Voice • April 2018



Truly exceptional home on an expansive pie-shaped lot Highly upgraded with wood flooring and triple & dual pane windows Gourmet Kitchen with island, 3 ovens, dry bar, large pantry Outstanding ocean views / over-size koi pond / breathtaking sunsets

4182 Rhodes (Costa Smeralda)

- Beautiful upgrades - Kitchen, Baths, Laundry & Linen - Brand new Solar System installed March 2018 (transferable warranty) - 2BR / 3BA, easy care landscape, situated on green belt

4690 Barcelona (St. Tropez)

- Peaceful & private setting on a large green belt - Atrium converted to spacious living area - Kitchen upgraded w/newer appliances, cabinetry, built-in pantry 4958 Kalamis (Costa Smeralda)

- Situated on large lot with dozens of exotic plants & trees - Immaculate w/brand new carpet, extended loft & storage room - Customized pantry room, newer hot water heater

Coming Soon! (Costa Smeralda)

- Situated above the 6th green with Golf Course & sunset views - Beautiful upgrades: Kitchen, Baths, Flooring, Window Treatments __________________________

Welcome New Neighbors Nancy Stock Tweed & Silvia Ross


4697 Adra (St. Tropez) 4907 Tilos (San Remo) 4730 Galicia (St. Tropez) 4696 Adra (Costa Smeralda) 4690 Barcelona (St. Tropez) 4182 Rhodes (Costa Smeralda) 4958 Kalamis (Costa Smeralda)

COMING SOON 4082 Lemnos (St. Tropez) 4950 Galicia (Costa Smeralda) RECENT SALES 4086 Lemnos (Athena) PENDING SALES 4771 Galicia (Bellagio) 4820 Marathon (Mystra) 4649 Cordoba (Costa Smeralda) __________________________

FOR LEASE 4712 Galicia (very special Palma) 4747 Miletus (Athena)

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04-2018 Village Voice Newsletter