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At the end of April the goalposts at the top end of the junior football pitch come out of the ground and the 4-month cricket season begins. Fixtures lists were distributed recently with an edition of the Peak Advertiser. The first home match will be on Sunday 11 May. Spectators are very welcome. Last year the Cricket Club was approached by the Yorkshire & Derbyshire League, who were keen to see us enter one of their lower divisions. To test the water, we arranged a match against a team called BT Pensions, who play at Calow and have teams in the 4th and also the 5th divisions of the Y&D. We didn’t lose so badly that it affected our decision – and we are playing two friendlies v BT Pensions, home and away, this season. TCC is still growing. We feel that the Club is not strong enough yet for a full season of 45-over league matches, played on Saturdays. Maybe some day, but in 2003 it will be friendly games only. Since January the players have been practising at indoor nets at Buxton Community School and, latterly, at St Anselms School in Bakewell. Our groundsman, Roy Bradwell, has the square looking in good shape and we just need the weather to make use of it. John Goddard, one of our Buxton firemen and last year’s bowling prize winner, is the 2003 Captain. David Waining from Bradwell and Tideswell’s one and only Ticker Taylor share the duties of Vice Captain. Unfortunately the U15 side that did us proud in the Notts & Derbys Border League last year is now a year older, and we have been unable to continue our involvement in that league. There may be some youth friendly matches, but otherwise we shall have to wait until the proposed Kwik Kricket tuition at Bishop Pursglove School begins to provide players before an U15 league team can be resurrected. Meanwhile several of the youth team will feature in the senior team this summer. With the closure of the Sports & Social Club, which supported TCC in past seasons, the post-match refreshment element of proceedings has switched to the George Hotel, where Phil and Tina will be providing the ale and occasionally (we hope) filling the proverbial jug. Our match-ball and other sponsors have continued to support us and we are very grateful for this, given the high cost of using the Sports Complex facilities. Match reports will appear in the Village Voice – but why don’t you come and see for yourself ?

M ay 2003

Vol u me 9, Iss ue 4

D r a win g K in d ly s up p li e d by Ti de s we l l A r t a bi l i t y

Copy date May 21st : Deli very date May 29th Ed itor: Tim Sly field TJ Serv ices 16 Queen St Tideswell 01298 871478 Please note The delivery date is dependent on copy being sent on time. It takes five days from copy being received to delivery. The Editor reserves the right to alter, omit or hold over copy to another issue. Unsigned articles will not be printed, but names will be withheld if requested. The views expressed in the issue are not necessarily those of the editorial team.

Emot ional farewell After the ver y serious discussions with the police John Hallows, aka The Mayor, made a tearful farewell speech after 20 ‘odd’ years on the council, 8 of them as chair. I thought that he might have been suffering from alcohol impaired judgement w hen he said that we had been a good bunch to work with, scurvy dogs may have been more appropriate. To show our appreciation we bought him half a luke-warm bitter and a bag of his favourite crisps in the pub after (yes, none other than The Star—spiritual home of this column). We did, on the advice of the Lady Mayoress, buy him some tokens for Pound Stretcher. Sue Barber has decided to pursue a higher profile political career contesting the District Council elections. She has ser ved on various parish councils for 25 years or so. Tracy presented her with a large bunch of flowers. We wish them all the best for the future. Please be assured that these generous gifts were not unlawfully paid for out of council funds nor were the flowers nicked. Here are some miscellaneous items fr om the March meeting. Par ke Rd. pot holes; some were covered with pressure plates to measure traffic volume. Unfortunately they were placed in the middle and widest par t of the r oad so no traffic went over them! The PC is asking why the sur vey was done when we just wanted the holes repaired. Br itain in Bloom; judging will take place between 3-16 July. Playgrounds; committee investigating and costing various schemes at Pinfold (cut and fill to make it level and erect goal posts at an estimated cost (so far) of £6,000) and Tow nhead (zip wire and goal posts). Scratch & Sniff I've had a few conversations with ‘disgusteds’ and ‘outrageds’ of Tideswell about the usual. Some people are too lazy to walk the length of themselves to clear up the mess of their beloved pets. Some innovative and responsible member of the community on Sherwood Rd. has chalked in huge letters ‘DO’NT LET YOUR DOG POO HERE’. Well done.

What a Disappointment that the ESM Club has finally closed after all the denials from the committee. Did they really think that the way forward was to show "Strippers", treat the place like a "Youth Club" and allow all and sundry through the door as long as they "paid". I hope they are proud and can all hold their heads up high after depriving the village of a great amenity. Name supplied & withheld by request

Campaign against Fly-tipping -May 2003 ENCAMS (which runs the Keep Britain Tidy campaign) is to launch a campaign against fly-tipping in May, in partnership with the National Fly-tipping Prevention Group (formerly the Fly-tipping Stakeholders' Forum). The aims of the campaign will be to: ∗ Increase the expectation among fly- tippers that they are likely to be caught. ∗ Encourage the public to be vigilant and report fly-tipping using the national (Environment Agency) 24-hour telephone hotline number. ∗ Inform and educate people about what they should do with their waste. ENCAMS will be contacting the Magistrates Association to ensure that there is understanding of the seriousness and cost implications of the fly-tipping issue. It will also be establishing a web page for people to report fly-tips/fly- tippers and will be promoting the campaign on its own website ( ) and through its "People and Places" programme with local authorities.

Village Challenge(Tideswell Bowling Club) We intend holding a “Fun Competition” on Sunday 8th June 2003 1pm-7pm. Entries are invited from any other club, pub, other organisation or even individuals. Teams will consist of 4 players, of which only 2 regular bowlers will be allowed. Entry fee £4 per team. £20 prize and a trophy to the winning team. The exact format of the competition will depend upon the number of entries but play will be in pairs (1 regular + 1 novice). Everyone should have three games against three different couples. The overall winners will be the team with the best aggregate points difference from all of their games. Refreshments will be on sale. Please note that the closing date for entries is Sunday 1st June 2003. Contact numbers for entries are: - Barry 871817 or Horace 871474. Tideswell Bowling Club Because of public demand this month’s personality is Eric Willis – Yes!! It’s the silver fox himself. Previously mentioned in the Village Voice many times regarding the trophies he has won during the past couple of years. I am about to reveal some of the inner secrets regarding his past and his true personality. First of all I have to admit that he is a good friend of mine, so if I am too nice then please forgive me as I am bound to be a little biased. Born in Litton a long, long, long time ago he has lived in Tideswell more than thirty years (he cannot remember exactly) and is happily married to the lovely Jean who is obviously much younger than he. Eric served in the RAF for three years servicing “Tiger Moths” before he settled down to a less exciting way of life. Eric is one of our more extrovert members who, unlike myself, talks too much. An extremely accomplished bowler in spite of his physical problems e.g. a clown topper (he never plays when it’s windy!) a bad toe, deafness, poor eyesight (especially when determining which wood’s are nearest the ‘Jack’) and stomach trouble (it’s too big!) Seriously though, Eric is a highly respected member of our bowling club and is well like by everybody. Oh! And by the way – he has a great sense of humour! (I hope). David Dyson Publicity Officer

Other Police Matters Tracy has reported these elsewhere in this esteemed organ but I would like to emphasise one event that she repor ted to the PC. The Police and Community Consultative Group AGM, to w hich you are all welcome by the way, will have a Question and Answer session followed by ‘breaking into little workshops’. Next year’s AGM Q&A session will be followed by ‘breaking into bloody huge great factories’. Par ish hous ing needs survey. Affordable housing is a very sensitive issue for us, please complete the survey so that the District Council has information that will be used for our benefit. Elect ions There will not be (or has not been, depending on when this is delivered) a Parish Council election this year because only 6 people submitted nomination papers. These were John Chapman, Donna Critchlow, Tracy Critchlow, Paul Flint, Philip Swarbrick and me; we were all elected unopposed with two votes each. 11 people would have had to have stood for the 10 seats for there to have been an election. This means that the PC is short of 4 councillors so it’s co-opt ion time. If you are interested in becoming a councillor but not sure what you may be letting yourself in for please come to the next meeting on 12 May at 7 pm in the Sports Pavilion. Alter natively you can talk to councillors. Even though the council doesn’t have its full complement of councillors it can conduct business and make decisions with a minimum of 4, know n as a quorum. It would be far more beneficial and interesting to have 10 people representing the community with a wider range of interests and enthusiasms. Planning Decisions received and granted: Mr & Mrs Hill, M.Mar kovitz Ltd., Elliot & Wragg. Applications received and recommended for approval: Change of use of building to storage and industrial at Torr Farm, Tideswell Moor for DM & J Robinson; Erection of dwelling, Litton Dale, Litton for Mr. & Mrs G. Kinsley; Extension of agricultural building at Lea Farm, Tideswell Moor for E.R. & C.A. Kirby. Cllr. Griffith on behalf of TPC. Next meeting Mon. 11 May, 7 pm sports pavilion, all welcome.

TIDESWELL NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH Please be on the alert for distraction burglars and bogus callers who are operating in the area. An elderly lady on Baslow Road, Bakewell became the latest victim on Friday 11 th April when she agreed a price with some workmen to have some tarmacing work done on her driveway. Half way through the work they demanded a large amount of cash (which was not the agreed sum) or they would rip the tarmac up. The person was then taken to the bank where she made a withdrawal of £6000 in cash and gave it to the offenders. A similar incident was reported on Monyash Road, Bakewell. It would appear these tarmacers are calling on spec at elderly people's addresses. Should these people call at your address please contact the police immediately for a police response quoting Crime alert B 180. Thank you. The Bakewell Police Beat Managers are having a determined drive to inform the community as far as possible about bogus callers. Phase One: is the distribution of information to senior citizens in sheltered accommodation. This phase is almost complete. Phase Two: is to distribute bogus caller booklets, stickers and signs through the Neighbourhood Watch schemes. Tracy Critchlow, the Area Co-ordinator for Tideswell Neighbourhood Watch, has a supply of these bogus caller packs and signs and will be distributing them around the elderly people in Tideswell. However, if you would like to request one of these packs, please contact Tracy on 872012. During the afternoon of Thursday 17th April a car parked at the picnic site was broken into and a mobile phone stolen from inside. The police have no clues at the moment as to who did this. If anyone saw anything, please contact the police on 72100. This unfortunate incident serves as a reminder to remove all valuables from your vehicle before you leave it parked up anywhere. There is some good news this month. Last month it was reported that two vehicles parked on High Street had had their aerials removed but it turns out that four cars had in fact been damaged. However, the police have arrested two people for these offences. One offender is local to Tideswell, the other is not. A 17 year old youth has been arrested in Tideswell for a drugs offence. The police are still concerned that drugs may be being used and/or sold around Tideswell. If you see anything suspicious, please contact the Police on 72100.

The Spring Market will be held on May 24/25/26 in the Pot Market . Stall holders please contact June Miller 01298 872181. Please bring Trophies to the Wakes Stall on these Days. Any last minute ads or events for our programme to Robert Barrett 01298 871873 immediately . Offers of help with Marshalling the Interinns run & the Carnival Parades to ROBERT BARRETT 01298 871873 THIS IS URGENT ! The Police have made it quite clear that we must have many more Marshals than in previous years .

The incident of verbal/racial abuse that was reported last month has since been resolved and one person has been dealt with. The steering wheel locks for LandRover Defender, Discovery, Freelander or Range Rovers are still available for £25.00 from the Police. Please contact Tracy Critchlow on 872012 to be included in the Tideswell Neighbourhood Watch order. The Bakewell Area Neighbourhood Watch, of which Tideswell is a member, is holding their AGM at the Agricultural Business Centre on Wednesday 7th May 2003, commencing at 7.30 p.m. As many people as possible are encouraged to attend. There will be an opportunity on the evening to put your questions to a panel of police officers. There is plenty of parking and easy access to the venue. If you would like further details, please contact Tracy Critchlow on 872012. If you see anything suspicious or have any information about any of the above incidents or would like to report new ones, please contact either; Buxton Police Station on 72100 or Tracy Critchlow on 872012 or call in at the mobile police station which is parked in the Pot Market every Monday morning.



Tideswell Singers in the dark again! On the evening of Saturday 17th May, starting at 7.30 p.m., Tideswell Singers will once again be 'in the dark' in Tideswell Parish Church with a number of musical friends. Their last major concert in the church suffered a power cut, and the University of Sheffield Chamber Orchestra performed a piece by candlelight. This time the Singers will give the debut performance of 'The Dark Wood' by local composer, Neil Ardley. The group commissioned this work for adult choir, junior choir, string quartet, flute and percussion ensemble. The piece is unique in combining several different musical ensembles within a rural community, setting text from 'A Country Child' by Cromford author Alison Utley. The string quartet duties will be filled by The Equinox Quartet, and percussion by Loose Bananas. Kyla Owen will play the flute and John Wright double bass. This combination will also perform 'Spring Morning', a short piece by the Danish composer John Hoybye. All the works in the concert will be by living composers. This has grown out of the plan to perform 'In Memoriam Anne Frank' by Howard Goodall, which uses similar vocal and instrumental forces to 'The Dark Wood'. Following negotiations with composer and publisher, this will be the first performance using the instrumentation on the original recording. Howard Goodall is well known for programmes such as 'The Big Bang' on Channel 4 and writing the themes for 'Black Adder' 'Vicar of Dibley' and 'Mr Bean'. In addition, Wye Sing will perform a piece for upper voices with percussion with 'rapping' lyrics devised by the performers, and the ABBA song, 'Money, Money, Money'. For more details, try


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The Village Voice team would like to thank all those who make this newsletter possible by giving their time to printing and delivering. Special thanks also to all our contributors.

Play Reading Group: April saw the well attended first meeting of the new play reading group. Flare Path, by Terence Rattigan, was read. Set in war time England, the play focussed on the impact of war on the lives and relationships of aircrew and their partners. While typical of many plays and films of the time (it was written during the second world war) it was an attempt to portray realistically those ordinary people swept up in the battle against Germany. The next two plays chosen have the theme of plays within plays. On 7th May the play to be read is The Real Inspector Hound by Tom Stoppard; a comedy whodunnit with a difference seen from off-stage. On 4th June Noises Off by Michael Frayn, an excellent farce following a provincial acting company's, disintegration as it tours with its latest production: possibly the funniest pla y you'll ever hear about ! Please come to the Youth Club, 7.15pm for a sharp start at 7.30pm. Refreshments provided. Further information from Nick Brelsford 871684 or email <> So far Wednesdays have been chosen for these meetings, but other groups meet in Tideswell that night and it is likely that the readings can move to a different evening if it suits you better. Let Nick know. Visiting Productions: The visiting professional productions for the year through Live & Local) are about to be chosen. If you have any thoughts as to the type of entertainment the village needs (theatre, dance, music, comedy etc) please make contact. Guising: If anyone would like to go guising in Wakes please make contact. It's a colourful way to take to the streets with traditional tales and folk plays...b ut don't let that put you off ! Gerard Rogers 871063

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through the lengthy process involving the County Council, although this will be discussed at the next Parish Council meeting. The individual person can only put these signs on their own private property . Some areas have a Parish warden which everyone in the public seemed to think would be a very good idea, but the Chief Constable has to be approached about this matter. Another idea would be a C.C. T. V. camera but this would be very expensive and it was felt would just move the problems somewhere else, although there is a movable camera available from Derbyshire Dales District Council. The suggestion did arise again that 3. people could be used every evening to supervise the Pot Market area. This was thought to be very necessary as it was thought that there is a drug issue ongoing in this area. This information needs to be given to P.C. Lowe , with names and registration numbers. This information can also be given to Cllr .Critchlow . Sadly Derbyshire County Council have withdrawn their funding but this has not yet been confirmed in writing from Youth Club The Youth Involvement officer is to hold some meetings later on in the year involving other agents to see what can be done. It was felt that hopefully progress is being made in the right direction and that young people also felt intimidated and could suffer from bullying. At all times any incidents occurring in the Village should be reported to P .C.Kevin Lowe and that names and registration numbers of vehicles must be given to him for The meeting closed at 9.15 p.m.

Police Liaison Meetings

-POLICE LIAISON COMMITTEE MEETING - Thursday 10th April 2003 Present: Cllrs. Barber, Critchlow, Griffith, Hallows, Swarbrick P.C. Kevin Lowe and 20 members of the public. Apologies were received from Inspector Wheeldon. It was considered by the people present that the nuisance behaviour in the village had become worse and that there were more groups involved and that there were a wider rang of young people involved than had been previously. The behaviour included bad language, damage to trees, flowers and cars. There was also a case of racial abuse. The bad language and behaviour had upset visitors to the village. There had been; damage to the touch screen and the 'I' Sign had been destroyed. The, conduit covering protecting the telephone wire for the touch screen had also been destroyed. This was considered to be criminal damage and , taken to its end results would mean that the perpetrators would be sent to I court. P .C. Kevin Lowe said that the sign had not been damaged by a, young person. It was felt that something positive has to be done to protect the property of the village residents. It was queried whether in Derbyshire Constabulary there is in place a Youth Observation Programme, it was felt that this is similar to the Police Force sending letters to the parents. Representatives of the Parochial Church Council reported that another window had been broken in the Church and that a window in the Old Grammar School had also been broken. Young people are playing football regularly in this area. The Church do not want the young people in the area of the Old grammar School although Charter House have said that they would accept them in this area. It was felt that signs were needed in the Pot Market and the Church area saying "No footballing ."For this to become a bye- law it would have to go him to progress with any action.

Two meetings have taken place at the Wesley Vestry and Hall. Another meeting took place at the Youth Club. Interested parties from the public and the Police have met with the Tideswell Parish Council on each occasion, and a host of solutions to our problems have been broached . Full minutes of each meeting will follow in the NEXT EDITION OF THE VILLAGE VOICE. In the meantime the Police Involvement officer is actively taking steps to help all concerned . WATCH THIS SPACE Pick-up Points Near you


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Local Flower Groups attended a meeting in Tideswell Church in April to discuss plans for the forthcoming Flo wer Festival to be held in the Parish Church, September 13th—21st. The theme will be The Jungle Book

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From: Andre w Vernon, The Old Vicarage, Tideswell NEW VICAR ARRIVES IN TIDESWELL Nine months after Martin Hulbert’s retirement, the Revd. Frank Yates is moving into the Vicarage as Tideswell’s new resident Vicar. Frank will be licensed as Priest- in-Charge of Tideswell at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, 6th May 2003 at Tideswell Church. The Bishop of Derby will conduct the licensing, assisted by the Rural Dean of Buxton. Everybody is welcome attend the service and the reception afterwards. From: Robin Podd, 330 Nottingham Road, Ripley, Derbys hire During a recent visit to Ravenstor Youth Hostel I visited the beautiful church of Tideswell, a building I have explored on several occasions in the past. I was surprised and horrified to observe a group of young teenagers using the churchyard as an adventure playground, leaping over tomb stones. My complaint about their inappropriate behaviour was ignored by the children. It is important that churches can remain open during daylight hours for visitors to say a prayer and/or to appreciate their beauty, but with three recent arson attacks at Lincoln and Peterborough Cathedrals and Waltham Abbey I fear that more churches will need to remain locked unless stewards are on duty. I hope that it will not become necessary to lock up Tideswell’s church. I understand that the youngsters who I saw acting antisocially also play in the church. Hopefully the local police will contact their parents who are surely ashamed of their behaviour of their sons and daughters. Also as a teacher for thirty one years I met a number of disadvantaged children, but even the worst behaved respected their local churches Hoping the situation will improve in the near future. Yours Sincerely, Robin Podd


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It was Hazel's last choice of speaker and the first memorial lecture to Clive and Hazel. It was an excellent finale to a great season of meetings for Tideswell Local History Club. Ken Smith gave us an erudite marathon of a talk covering the history of mans influence on the landscape of the Peak District from the earliest occupation up to the great gardens of Chatsworth. What a wonderful foundation for the Club's future as we explore, research and record our district Next on the agenda are the two outings. 6.15pm on May 8 to see the recent changes to Sheffield and at 6.45pm on June 12, Brian Rich's tour looking at Settlements, Trackways and interpreting Place Names along the Wye valley. Brian lectures for Keele University and is the authority on the history of the landscape south of the river. Both outings start from outside 'Hills’n’Dales'. The new season starts on Thursday 13 November. Watch this space for details!!! Eric Heaf

Before taking you for a trip on this magic swirling newsletter I have a grovelling apology to make; I forgot to welcome Lesley Bramwell as our new Parish Clerk (since Dec.). She can be contacted on 872000 and 872904. Please remember that she is a paid employee and that you shouldn’t ‘bend her ear’, that’s what we councillors are for. (Sharon will still be our nimble fingered Responsible Financial Officer.) That’s enough of excuses, let’s go : Crime corner Inspector Wheeldon and PC Kevin Lowe spent an hour wit h us discussing the Police and Communit y Consult ative Group meeting on 10/4. There were 23 people present at that meeting, 17 were seriously concerned residents mostly from the Pot Mkt and its environs; the others were councillors, Lesley and Kevin. There were three issues which they didn’t think had been dealt with satisfactorily; football, foul language and drugs. The residents wanted to consider installing CCTV and prohibiting football in the Pot Mkt. by the parish Council enacting a byelaw. Church representatives were adamant that young people should not be encouraged to loiter on church property particularly to play football. Kevin’s main contribution was to say that wit hout communit y support, i.e. evidence and names, there was not a lot that the police could do apart from responding to ’phone calls and maintaining a presence when circumstances allowed. It was not the residents’ intention to displace the young people to other parts of the village. After discussions with Inspector Wheeldon and PC Kevin Lowe the Parish Council thought that the residents’ concerns needed action but that those concerns should be kept in perspective. CCTV and byelaws were considered to be inappropriate at this stage. The Derbyshire Dales system is large and unwieldy and has to be used overtly, i.e. distinctive black and yellow A4 sized signs stating that surveillance is happening have to be openly displayed in the vicinity of the camera. That would probably disperse the trouble makers to places where they would be unobserved by adults. The police have hand held videos which could be used more effectively. Bye laws involve lengthy bureaucratic procedures that could, optimistically, take two to three months to put in place. Do we want the Pot Mkt. to have, what will need to be, distinctive signs that will need enforcing? The PCC, as land owner, can put such signs up in church property if it desires. Parish Wardens were discussed but such a scheme is not likely to be introduced into Derbyshire in the near future . (More info. at

The PC recognises that this is a community issue between residents near the Pot Mkt, young people that use the Pot Mkt. and their parents, the PC, the police and the community at large, about responsible use of a public place in the centre of our village. People cannot be prevented from sitting in the Pot Mkt. but we have to cultivate an attitude of responsibility, which may be achieved by encouraging the community to start an Acceptable Behaviour Contract Scheme which the PC will explore, with concerned residents and the police to start with. In the meantime parents should ask themselves if they really want their young people to be involved in, or exposed to, abusive language, threatening behaviour and drug taking. Whilst only a small minority are involved they are having a disproportionately large effect which does not do Tideswell any good. Finally, the PC wants to avoid criminalising people if at all possible. Please send your comments to the PC or me (David Griffith).

May 2003 -The Village Voice  
May 2003 -The Village Voice  

The May 2003 edition of the Village Voice