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July 2002 Volume 8, Issue 7

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2000 YOUR VILLAGE NEEDS YOU Plans for a rep of the Village Plan committee to meet with your organisation are well underway. If you haven’t been approached yet, then contact Jennifer Bower who’ll put you in touch with your contact. To remind you - The Village Plan will be our map for the village’s future devel opment. It will highlight what we want to Keep and what change we want. The contributions of all individuals, organisations and businesses is vital . The final document needs to incorporate the short, medium and long-term aims for your organisation Loads of Cash The committee has just got a grant of £2500 from the Countryside Agency to pay for the project and thesame is still to come. But there will be more cash available. If your project, however small or extravagant is included in the final Village Plan then it stands a greater chance of attracting grant money. The Village Plan will be used by all our local authorities (Parish Council, D erbyshire Dales, County Council, Peak Park) to inform them of what we, the village, want. YEAH YEAH I kid you not. Alstonefield have pr oduced their version of a Village Plan (its easier to consult a population of 273!) and the Peak Park are considering using it as “planning guidance” in the future. That means if its in the document then the authorities ar e more likely to approve it in future. They’ve identified a number of innovative initiatives to their particular problems. Now’s our chance to do the same. NEW DATE Last month I mentioned a “do” at the Wesl ey Hall on the 6th July. This has now been moved back to 21st September and will be a chance for everyone to review those aims and ambitions and talk to r epresentatives fr om external organisations that could help you achieve them. We are also planning a coffee and bacon buttie meeting with as many local businesses and self-employed individuals as possible. Tideswell’s economy is vital and vibrant and that’s something we want to sustain. More details of both to come. If you have any questions of the committee, then Dave Griffith (872436) or Jennifer Bower (871139) will be happy to r espond. Pete Hawkins Village Plan Management Committee


Council Concerns

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New Term for Adult Education

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Tideswell U15s Cricket

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Afternoon Tea Club

Fountain Square Pharmacy Tideswell ‘for all your pharmacy needs’

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The Village Voice, July 2002


Volume 8, Issue 7

Council Concerns: June ‘02 You are now reading ancient history. The deadline for the Village Voice has changed from the Wednesday after the Council meeting to the Wednesday before the meeting which would mean that I would have to make up, or guess what the Council might say before we meet. Some of you pr obably think that I do make it up anyway. There’s a general request from the Council asking that people who want action taking by us that may require expenditure to put that item in writing pl ease. You don’t have to write the letter, someone else, a friendly councillor even, could do it in your name. It does speed things up. Tideswell coat of arms: we have had one response (thank you). Does anybody else know anything about it? Police matters/Neighbourhood Watch: vehicl es have been broken into on Cherry Tree Squar e and Sherwood Rd. So please be both careful and vigilant. The police, Council and school would welcome any information that would help to identify the village vandals. Does anybody have any suggestions about prevention? Anything invol ving full frontal l obotomy, garrotting, keelhauling, cat-o’-nine-tails and compulsory national service has to be ruled out. Plans: We recommended approval for the alteration to provide access for fire engines to the Church. There was some concern that there would be an increase in traffic flow as a r esult. We r ecommended appr oval for the er ection of a dwelling at Litton Dale. We did ask that Litton Council be informed because Litton would be more affected by the application than Tideswell. Cemetery: There has been a complaint about the state of the water butts. These will be r eplaced with covered butts that conform to health and safety requirement – i.e. covers should stop kids getting in to dr own themselves. We have also been asked to supply a shelter, which we will. The Bog Proj ect: we will ask a Peak District National Park Authority planner for a site visit to find out what we can/can’t do in the existing space. We will then contact interested organisations to form a partnership with the intention to appoint a Pr oject Manager. Whilst this has not been definitely decided it is likely that the manager would produce plans that the community would be consulted about. At the moment there are no proposals just an idea to develop the site. Pinfold Playgr ound: we know that this needs improving and we are getting prices for partial tarmacking and lighting. Suggestions from resident will be very welcome. Tideswell Village Plan: The Countryside Agency has given us a grant of about £4,500. A working party has been formed which will be contacting organisations to find out what their aspirations ar e and to incorporate them into the plan. If ther e’s a Village Vandals organisation out there I think that I can safely say that razing Tideswell to the ground is not an aspiration that will be included in the plan. Flooding: DCC have provided us with a map to highlight with places that get fl ooded in Tideswell. If you know of any such places please let Sharon or councillors know where they are. Ther e will be a public meeting when there is enough information to discuss. Traffic calming: DCC have announced that the consultation period is over and that the 30 mph speed limit signs are to be moved a bit further out of the village. We don’t know when this will happen. The Countryside and Rights of Way Act: has been revised to allow house owners to buy a right of way acr oss common land to their property. We are taking advice to see if this is applicabl e to the Moor (at Townhead playground). Scratch and Sniff: Many thanks to the eagle eyed r esident who sent me a stomach churning newspaper ar ticle about the combination of peanut butter and you know what. If I have the nerve mor e will be r evealed later. At the Annual Parish Assembly there was an impassioned plea from a member of the audience asking that if you take your dog along the Cliffe to pl ease clean up after it. I was so moved that I offer ed her the authorship of this section of the column. She declined graciously. Next meetings in the sports pavilion at 7 pm on 8/7 &12/8. Everybody welcome.

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The Village Voice, July 2002


Volume 8, Issue 7


16 June v Hammer & Pincers: Hammer & Pincers 119 119--7, TCC 106 106--5 19 June v Peak Park: Peak Park 89 89--9, TCC 90 90--8 22 June v Cawston: Cawston 134, TCC 87 *23 June v Grindleford: Grindleford 159 159--5, TCC 161 161--2 26 June v Baslow Strollers: Baslow 127 127--6, TCC 128 128--5 **30 June v Parkhead: TCC 120, Parkhead 123 123--8 During Wakes Week there were matches on 5 successive days at the Sports Complex (4 of which were won by the home side). There are two more months of cricket ahead. Come and watch! Of the matches listed above, the one against Cawston, a touring team from Norfolk, featured good performances from a number of Tideswell’s younger players with TCC captained by Nick Taylor. Tim Pepper top-scored for Tideswell with 19. Besides the Cawston game, there were more contributions in June from Nick Taylor, who scored 24 in the win over Grindleford, followed that with a superb 54 against Baslow Strollers in the midweek game, and took 3 catches against Parkhead. Of the under-15s playing for the senior team, A.J. Finney scored 18 twice, against Cawston and Grindleford, and Ryan Finney opened the bowling in a couple of games, taking 2-10 v Cawston. On the Hammer & Pincers ground at Bents Green, TCC narrowly failed to make a target that had been restricted by debutant Mark Otter’s 3-13, despite 39* from Mike Sayers. In the home wins over Grindleford, Baslow and Peak Park, though, the target set was achieved with overs to spare. The margin was particularly handsome in the Grindleford game, Mike Sayers making 56* and John Goddard 38*, John following this up 3 days later with 42 against Baslow. Pete Nash hit 3 sixes in his 28* v Peak Park and took 3-7 in the same game. The month ended with a game against Parkhead played in almost constant drizzle. Brian Ashley’s 20 allied to Pete Nash’s 5-36 was not quite enough to prevent a stubborn Parkhead tail doing the business. * Match ball sponsored by ANDREW’S OF TIDESWELL ** Match ball sponsored by BISHOP & CO.

For forthcoming home games, senior and junior, see the notice board on the end wall of the Co-op.

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The Village Voice, July 2002


Volume 8, Issue 7

ired u q e y R gard en l t n e ith Urg w i sem swell d e b e 3 /4 In Tid


As the largest independent chain of Estate Agents in Derbyshire we have properties at all prices throughout the county, as well as in France and North Cyprus where we can arrange management and letting of your second home for you Offices also at Ashbourne, Matlock, Wirksworth, Derby, Burton on Trent and Clay Cross. Avalon House, Cherry Tree Square, Tideswell, Derbyshire SK17 8JZ Tel 01298 873500 Fax 01298 873508 e. mail bishop.matlock@ukonline

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DERB YS HIRE COUNTY COUNCIL ADULT COMMUNITY ED UCATION IN THE HOPE VALLEY—S tarting September Look out for the NEW BROCHUR E—in l ocal villages during July/ August Our day courses have a FREE crèche Co mputer courses are FREE New courses include: Soft Furn ishings; Web Page Creation; Appreciating the Peak District; Co mputer Aided Design & Manufacture; Table Tennis (all age groups); Basic Food Hygiene Certificate; Italian for Beginners; Pilates; FE Teaching Cert ificate City & Gu ilds; IBT 3; NEW CLA IT; Organic Food Growing Please phone 01433 620662 if you require any informat ion or advice—book your place using the form in the Brochure.

Dear Village Voice Walking your dog in Tideswell can be an The committee of the club are concerned about pounnerving experience; you frequently have to tential criminal damage. run the gamut of hostility. It happened again on We have identified several people from the village Thursday (30 May), not by any means for the on the green. There was a crowd of boys and few girls drinking on the green, bottles were found on first or second time; I greeted someone in the green. There was also sick found on the green friendly fashion, but his response was to give and the surrounds. me a malevolent stare, and to growl offenThere was damage of broken bottles on the green sively; "I'm just watching to see if 'e craps on and damage to watering cans and flower pots and a my front". It is particularly insulting, both to lot of noise pollution which was reported by nearby villages. owner and dog, if you have always made a This all happened between Wednesday 26th and Sat- point of ensuring that no mess, of any kind, is urday 29th June from about 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. left behind. It seems that to some people the sight of a dog gives them a licence to drop all We need to ensure that this doesn’t happen again and that further damage is not committed. civilities. I wonder if these rude people behave in like manner to those without dogs, and if If you have any information on this, report it to they return friendliness with "I'm just waiting to any member of the Bowling Club Committee or our village policeman PC Kevin Lowe. see if you drop rubbish on my front". Not a very encouraging approach to tourists ! There might be connections with the Arson attack From TIDESWELL & DISTRICT BOWLING CLUB

at Bishop Pursglove School.

Yours, Jean Hopkin (Tideswell Canine Defence!)

Harry Clough—Chairman Brian Pavey—Secretary. The Village Voice, July 2002


Volume 8, Issue 7

Hills ‘n’ Dales


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FELL RACE A GREAT SUCCESS Once again the annual fell race in aid of the sports complex went off very well. There were 96 runners taking part from as far afield as Cornwall and a new course record was set of 26 mins 4 secs. Sandra & Bill Howard would like to say a big thank you to everyone who helped both on the night and the week surrounding the race. As always the race was expertly marshalled and managed by both the long established ‘team’ and some new ‘volunteers’. The timekeepers and recorders did a brilliant job as did the caterers. Thanks must go to Mr & Mrs Walton for sorting out the gates and their cattle, to Gary Hall for allowing us to invade his back garden, Chris Jensen for the unique trophies that it is a pleasure to present each year and to Geoff Hall Carpets of Sheffield for once again sponsoring the race. We hope to see everyone again next year for a bigger and better race (if possible).

2nd August Heritage Durham 4 star Hotel 4 days £179.00 4th August Bideford & North Devon 5 days £219.00 9th August Edinburgh Military Tattoo 3 days £ 149.00

The Village Voice, July 2002

200+ Cl ub JUNE 2002






















TIDESWELL U 15s CRICKET NEWS 11 June v Cutthorpe (H): Ti deswell 8888-2, Cutthorpe 8989-4 18 June v Wirksworth (A): Wirksworth 147147-6, Tideswell 78 24 June v Bakewell (H) (friendly): Ti deswell 110110-6, Bakewell 84 25 June v Matlock (H): Matlock 121121-1, Tideswell 123123-3 27 June v Grindleford (A) (friendly): Tideswell 105105-8, Grindleford 80 Tideswell’s junior team achieved fairly comfortable wins in the two June friendlies. Jonjo Hancock-Fell scored 20* against Bakewell and 10*v Grindleford, and A.J. Finney was also in double figures both times. Ryan Finney took 2-0 v Grindleford to add to his 14* v Bakewell, and Jonathan Vickers had 2-3 v Grindleford and 15 v Bakewell. Tideswell’s top scorer in these matches was Sam Bradbury, with 25* at Grindleford. We had already seen the quality of Wirksworth’s U-15 side on our own ground, so it was no great surprise that Tideswell lost to them away too, though again Jonjo Hancock-Fell (22) and A.J. Finney (18) scored well. By contrast, having beaten Cutthorpe comfortably away, it was a disappointment to lose to them at home—despite a fine 40* from Alastair Scott, abetted by Jack Otter, also undefeated on 23. After this the Matlock game looked like a mountain, and especially when they had posted a target of 121 for the loss of just one wicket. But Andrew Pepper’s 42 and 21 from Matt Turner kept the target in sight, and with Jonjo Hancock-Fell hitting a four off the penultimate ball, a six was required off the last. Jonjo the hero! This was a terrific result for our youth side against one of the stronger teams in the Notts & Derbys Border League. 5

Volume 8, Issue 7

W. H. MILLINGTON TEL 01298 872183

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The Village Voice team would like to thank all those who make this newsletter possible by giving their time to printing and delivering. Special thanks also to all our contributors.


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YOU WERE BRILLIANT! Tideswell Community Players News

SADATA Success!

Between the 17th-20th April, Tideswell Community Players presented 'Shakers', a comedy by John Godber and Jane Thornton. This very funny play tells of life in a cocktail bar as seen through the eyes of the four waitr esses. Although they are rushed off their feet, underpaid and overworked, they try to smil e and help difficult customers, whilst coping with their own personal problems. The quartet of actresses: Hannah Chapman, Laura Gill, Claire Miller and Rosy Thurston, all of whom are students at Lady Manners School, Bakewell, set themselves a very challenging task, as they not only played the waitresses but also their customers. The week was a great success and as a r esult a shortened version of the play was entered into the 'One Act Play Festival ' organised by the Sheffield and District Amateur Theatre Association, at the Library Theatre, Tudor Square between the 18th. 22nd June. Twelve amateur dramatics gr oups from around the district enter ed the competition, with the Tideswell girls giving a fantastic performance on Friday 21st June. The judging of the competition, by Jeannie Russell (GODA), took place on Saturday 22nd June and Tideswell romped home with thr ee awards and nominations in two other categories. They won the youth section and came third in the overall competition. Rosy Thurston won for best actor under 16 and the rest of the cast were nominated in the under 21 category. Tony Preston was also nominated for best dir ector. David Hesl op OBE and his wife, Carolyn Heslop, presented the awards. This is a wonderful achievement for a village theatre group who were up against stiff competition from the likes of Ecclesall Theatr e Company and the Gosforth Youth Theatre. The Players would like to thank all those who suppor ted 'Shakers' and we hope to see you at our next production in November. Remember, 'Life is what you make it. Live it, love it, shake it! Samantha Hughes Publicity Officer


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The Village Voice, July 2002


Volume 8, Issue 7

Tideswell Parish Church Evening Group

Well, we all enjoyed the wine tasting! Spitting was not allowed, so after three glasses we were all quite happy and some people had to be made to go home! Our next meeting is Sunday 4th August for a walk and a picnic. We are meeting at 2 pm at the Picnic Area—bring the whole family. On Thursday 5th September, Lynne Burns will be showing us some flower arranging. If you are a mum with children of school age, you are very welcome to join us. Only £1.00 a meeting in the Institute at 8 p.m. Contact Jen Bower 871139 for more details.

Bamford & District Gardening Society You are asked to pay attention to the latest developments of the Bamford & District Gardening Society. Following the considerable advances in 2001 -the highlight of which was a record breaking number of entries in the Annual Show -the committee has taken the unprecedented step of not levying any charge for entries in this year's Show which takes place in The Bamford Institute on Saturday 24th August. Any person who either lives within a 6 miles radius of Bamford centre, or alternatively has a Hope Valley postal address, is entitled to enter in the " Open " classes; subject to meeting the Show Tideswell Football Boot Pool regulations and on payment of the annual membership fee of £1Your old football boots 50p. The " Open " Section has been extended this year and has a • required for the football total of 28 classes. Readers of The Village Voice are encouraged boot pool. to support one of the oldest established traditions and in so do• Various sizes now availing ensure its survival. If you have no local show where you able for young players could exhibit your fruits of hard labour and TLC then please only £1 come along to Bamford -you will be most welcome. • Proceeds to Tideswell Junior Football If you would like to receive a copy of the 2002 Show Schedule Phone Sara on 872458 then please call James Carrington on ( 01433 651417 )

The Village Voice, July 2002


Volume 8, Issue 7

To—Editor, Village Voice, Tideswell Dear Sir, Could I express my appreciation to everyone who helped or took part in this year’s carnival. There must have been nearly two hundred people taking part in the procession and some really talented entries—remembering that folk like the Jensen family return from far and wide to join in the fun. We are perhaps still a bit short in the noise department—Carnivals need a lot of bang and thump in order to create atmosphere. However, bands are expensive—so would it be possible for someone to get up a jokey Kazoo band, or for some of the young bloods to mount Disco/PA systems in the back of pickups and give us some decibels in future. Also we are a bit lacking in audience. The crowds watching are not as good as they used to be. Perhaps we all ought to spread the word of how good it was amongst our friends. It was marvellous to see dozens of little kids in their fancy dress—they are the street performers of the future. Saturday was my thirtieth year in the procession and I am over the moon to see such a revival in interest in the Carnival. Yours, Brian Woodall. Local Agenda 21

TIDESWELL B OWLING CLUB We are having a very enjoyable and fairly successful season results wise, having beaten Bakewell, Calver, Hallam Grange, Blue Circle, Sheffield British Legion and Baslow. Modesty forbids me to inform the readers about the results of our games against Buxton, Hathersage and Blue Circle (away). The first of our ‘fun’ co mpetit ions ‘Pot Jack’ and ‘In The Yard’ were won by those extremely veteran veterans Brian Pavey and Eric Willis respectively, who cast aside their zimmer frames for the day to record splendid victories. Seven of our members jo ined with our friends fro m Blue Circle to take part in a co mpetition held at The Waterloo, Blackpool. Barry Landon showed his usual consistency by finishing a very creditable second. Well done!

Developing a Sustainable Future for the 21 st Century


A special mention for one of our youngest members, sixteen years old Andrew Turner. Andrew is an ext remely reliab le and enthusiastic member of our club, who this season is proving to be our most improved player, (despite the coaching skills of David Dyson).

16TH JULY HISTORY OF THE CO-OP Talk by Muriel Wilshaw Institute 2—4 p.m.

The Bowling Club would also like to p lace on record its special thanks to Roy Bradwell, Richard Burton, Harry Clough, Barry Landon, Brian Pavey, Eric W illis and Horace Wilshaw for all their hard work in keeping the green, surrounding flower beds, hanging flower baskets and pavilion facilit ies in such an excellent condition. As a result of their efforts we are regularly co mplimented by our visitors on the excellence and upkeep of our facilities wh ich are fast becoming recognised as one of the finest in the Peak District. Members feel that this not only reflects pride on our club but also on what the spirit of Tideswell as a village is all about.

22ND AUGUST TRIP TO CARSINGTON WATER Details to be announced

Playing membership is only £16.50 at this mid-point of the season. Full membership is only an additional £5. We would also welco me visitors who only want to play occasionally at £2 green fees per person. Bowls are available for h ire at £ 1. Light refreshments are also availab le for a small charge. (Yo rkshire tea a speciality).


Please join us, make new friends, meet old friends. Further information will be g ladly given by contacting Horace Wilshaw 871474 o r David Dyson 213229 o r any bowling club member.


David Dyson Public Relations Officer.

The Village Voice, July 2002


Volume 8, Issue 7

July 2002 - The Village Voice  
July 2002 - The Village Voice  

The July 2002 editionn of the Village Voice