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elcome to the June issue of Village Tweet. And welcome to summer – at long last!

As I write this (11th May) we have just experienced the amazing Aurora Borealis (aka Northern Lights). A breathtaking natural spectacle, almost unheard of in southern England. Maybe a first for Billingshurst?

June of course means Billingshurst’s annual Carnival Procession and Show, not to be missed! See back cover.

Also this month – and never to be repeated –is the 80th Anniversary of D-Day. Page 7 tells you all you need to know.

There is a plethora of events throughout the month listed in three pages of What’s On listings (pages 42-44).

Have a great summer! Grahame

Cover: The Wakoos Centre 4 Children tractor in last year’s Billingshurst Carnival Procession and Show. Photo: Alan Wright Photography

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Contents Editorial and advertising enquiries: 07762 767084, COPY DATE FOR JULY ISSUE: 7th JUNE Crossword . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6, 8 Recipe: Chocolate sorbet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8 Billingshurst Beck WI: Come and find out more about Beck WI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8 Billingshurst Unitarian Chapel: Celebrating 270 years . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10 St Catherine’s Hospice: Volunteers needed for Midnight Walk . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12 Loxwood Village Fete & Dog Show: Lots of new attractions this year! . . . . . . . . .15 West Sussex Community Minibus: June trips . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 A Good Read: June’s book reviews . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18 Dauxwood Preschool: Goings on . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22 Billingshurst Lions Club: 50th Charter Anniversary Lunch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .27 John Nash: Sally Cave R.I.P. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30 The Renegades: Exploring home education . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .33 Microchipping Made Simple: What every pet owner needs to know . . . . . . . . . . .34 The Spaniel Diaries: More canine frivolity . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .35 Garden View: The ‘why’ of weeds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .36 Spot the Difference . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .37, 39 Winterton Hall, Plaistow: Make the most of this fantastic village asset! . . . . . . . .38 What’s On near you . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .42-44 Billingshurst Fire Station: Escape routes save lives! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .28 Advertisers Index . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .46 W
Order online at Please enjoy Boco responsibly SPARKLING WINE FROM BILLINGSHURST Sparkling Wine Horsebox Bar available for events, parties, weddings and functions for more information, please contact us : 07595250860
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Your guide to what is going on in Billingshurst on the 5th and 6th June to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day.

The latest information will also be available on the Billingshurst Parish Council website under the Community D-Day page.

Wednesday 5th June, 10pm

Lantern and Candle Service


Thursday 6th June, 7.30am

Wreath Laying

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Thursday 6th June, 12.30pm - 2.30pm

Commemorative Luncheon

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Thursday 6th June, 6.30pm

Bell Ringing


Thursday 6th June, 6.15pm

Summer Evening on Adversane Green

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Chocolate Sorbet


1. Prepare the sugar syrup by placing the sugar and water into a saucepan. Bring to the boil without stirring and leave to simmer until the sugar crystals have dissolved (about 5 minutes). Remove from the heat.

2. Melt the dark chocolate in a heat-proof bowl suspended over a saucepan of just-simmering water. When it has melted add the 100ml water and reheat until warm. Whisk in the cocoa, then add the melted chocolate, whisking together until smooth.

3. Let the mixture cool, then chill it by placing the bowl of sorbet mixture over a bowl of water filled with ice cubes. Stir occasionally but don’t let any water splash into the sorbet mix. For the smoothest results churn the chilled mixture in an ice cream maker until ready or place the mixture in a shallow bowl and freeze it in the coldest part of the freezer. Take it out every hour and whisk it to break up the ice crystals. Remove from the freezer about twenty minutes before serving. Although this is lovely on its own you could try serving it with strawberries dipped in melted chocolate, then chilled. Or rich butter shortbread with a glass of coffee, chocolate or mint liqueur poured over.

Village Tweet Quick Crossword Solution

Puzzle on page 6


Lighter than ice cream, refreshing and gluten-free!

Preparation time: 15 minutes. Freezing time: 3-4 hours plus chilling time. Serves 4-6


100g good quality dark chocolate (70% cocoa solids) broken into pieces.

100ml filtered or mineral water

60g cocoa powder

For the sugar syrup

250ml filtered or mineral water

150g caster sugar

Wednesday 5th June 7.30pm

Would you like to know more about Billingshurst Beck WI?

Come along for FREE on Wednesday 5th June 2024 at 7:30pm to meet our friendly group and see what the WI is all about, as well as blind taste test some cheese and wine!

Free to members of the Billingshurst Beck WI and visitors, contact us to book your place at

Held in the Stanley Room, at Billingshurst Community Centre, 1st Wednesday of every month.

8 Food & drink / Private hire / Community Food Editorial and advertising enquiries: 07762 767084,
Come and find out more about Beck WI Mac’s Private Hire 24 hours a day – 7 days a week 01403 701 842 07917 850 746 Airports - Social & Business - Lady Driver Available Wisborough Green Based Mac’s Private Hire 24 hours a day – 7 days a week 01403 701 842 07917 850 746 Airports - Social & Business - Lady Driver Available Wisborough Green Based

On being a person of peace…

At the start of June this year, there will be events all round the country to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings. Here in Billingshurst we will be doing our part to mark this occasion. The events of the Second World War are rapidly slipping from living memory. It is important that we remember the terrible damage that was done to our country during the war, and the huge cost in terms of lives lost or damaged by the conflict. The courage and self-sacrifice of those who fought to protect our freedom must not be forgotten.

There are comparatively few people in our country now who can remember what it was like to live through war in our nation. But around the world, there are countless people who know all too well the horror of living through war. There are the conflicts in Palestine and Israel and the Ukraine war which we see regularly on the news. In addition to these, there are many conflicts that rarely make the headlines, and yet which are

every bit as difficult and damaging.

Faced with all this suffering, it can be hard to know how to think, let alone how to respond. The issues behind conflict are often deeply entrenched and very complex which makes the task of peacemaking even more difficult.

One of the Bible passages that we often turn to at times of remembrance comes from the book of Revelation – a book that could loosely be described as containing a vision of heaven. It contains these memorable words: “He (God) will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.” Revelation 21.4 These words tell us that if we long to see an end to the pain and loss of war, then we are not alone. If we long to see an end to conflict, then so does God. For me, that’s encouragement enough to try and be a person of peace.

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Unitarian Chapel Celebrates 270 Years

This year sees the Unitarian Chapel in Billingshurst celebrate its 270th anniversary.

Built in 1754 by William Evershed, who worked as a farmer at Great Daux Farm on the outskirts of the village, the chapel is a valued historic building, place of worship and a community hub. The building is completely sustained through the volunteer efforts of a small group of people who raise funds largely through donations and lettings. The chapel is used for a variety of well-being, writing, music and social enterprise groups, as well continuing to hold its Sunday worship services.

Unitarians are unique in their religious outlook. They believe that there are as many paths through life as there are people and they help each other find their way into holiness through religion, ancient wisdom, philosophy, science, art and poetry. In the congregation you will find liberal Christians, religious humanists and those who find spiritual nourishment through the study and practice of aspects of other world-religions.

Alongside these regular activities, the chapel

also conducts weddings and the building is especially suited to those couples who are looking for a smaller more intimate venue. Catering for up to 50 guests, the chapel’s historic setting is an ideal backdrop for celebrants who may not desire a traditional church wedding but who would prefer something with more of a spiritual basis than a registry office is allowed to offer.

Unitarians were at the forefront of those campaigning for the rights of same-sex couples to be allowed to marry, which exemplifies their inclusive outlook.

Our Lay Person in Charge is always happy to write and conduct ceremonies which reflect the outlook of those marrying, so giving a very personal, meaningful essence to their marriage service.

Whatever your reason for visiting the chapel, you will always be assured a warm welcome. You will find a space that offers an opportunity to experience with others an encouraging, thoughtful, and soulful path through life.

Stuart Coupe, Lay Person in Charge

10 Religion / Accountancy Editorial and advertising enquiries: 07762 767084,

Hairdressing / Funerals


Where all haircuts are classic, creative or modern, cut with precision by highly accomplished specialist men’s hairstylists. The service you would expect from a superior men’s salon, but with a focus on an informal atmosphere. Beards can be reshaped, moustaches trimmed with skilled hands and wet shaves using cut throat razors, hot towels and luxury traditional grooming products

TIMES: Monday to Saturday 9am 7pm, Sunday 10am 4pm 3 Jengers Mead, Billingshurst, RH14 9PB. Tel: 07903 852003

Judith Dandy Independent Funeral Director

Dandelion Farewells warmly invites you to contact us if you have any questions about the funeral you need to arrange.

We are committed to enabling families to plan a funeral that is personal, meaningful and affordable. We will support you to create a farewell that is appropriate and unique, thereby taking away much of the strain of planning such a signi cant event. We will be with you every step of the way.

Church View, Billingshurst Road Wisborough Green, West Sussex RH14 0DY

e: t: 01403 701001 m: 07769 336022

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St Catherine’s Midnight Walk – volunteers needed!

St Catherine’s Hospice is looking for 150 people to volunteer at its flagship Midnight Walk event, on Saturday 8th June in Horsham.

The Pease Pottage-based charity, which provides vital end-of-life care and support to around 2,000 people across in East Surrey and West Sussex each year, can only run its muchloved and biggest fundraiser thanks to incredible volunteers giving up their time to help throughout the night.

People taking part in the Midnight Walk stroll through the streets of Horsham in a sponsored 2-, 7-, 13-, or 20-mile night-time walk.

To support walkers, the main volunteer role is a route guide –keeping walkers safe and encouraging them in their challenge. All volunteers are fully briefed before the event, work in pairs and are kitted out with a torch, a high vis jacket and plenty of snacks!

twelve times at the Midnight Walk. He’s getting ready for his 13th shift this year.

Chris says, “I started volunteering because my wife Katy was helped at home by a St Catherine’s counsellor when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Katy found counselling a great help and we were all very grateful for the hospice’s support.

As well as route guides there are other volunteering roles available, including setting up at the Bridge Leisure Centre in Broadbridge Heath, registering walkers, handing out finisher medals and many more so there’s something to suit everyone.

St Catherine’s is looking for people to help between 2pm and 6am with an average volunteering shift of about four hours. However, any amount of time during these hours is appreciated and will be a significant help. People can request their preferred timings when they sign up and the local charity will try to accommodate these.

Chris Jennings, from Horsham has volunteered an incredible

“Sadly, Katy passed away in 2008 at the age of 42, leaving myself and my son Adam who was only 14 at the time. Volunteering at the Midnight Walk is my way of saying thanks and giving back to St Catherine’s.

“Being a route guide can be very busy but there’s a great vibe and everyone is happy to be there, and lots of walkers are remembering relatives and friends on the night. It’s a brilliant evening and good fun directing and encouraging people, particularly towards the end when people need some impetus to finish.

“I’d encourage anyone to come along and volunteer. It’s not difficult or onerous – you just have to be awake through the night and be willing to help out, it’s a great way to give back and show your support for St Catherine’s.”

If you or someone you know would like to volunteer at the Midnight Walk please email or contact St Catherine’s friendly team (01293) 447361. Alternatively if you’d like to walk it’s not too late to sign up! Sign up online at:

Laura Bland, Communications and PR Manager

Volunteers at the 2023 Midnight Walk

12 Charity / Health & wellbeing Editorial and advertising enquiries: 07762 767084,
150 volunteers needed for Midnight Walk on 8th June so be quick!
Home is the place you know the best. If you want to stay living comfortably at home, Home Instead® are the people who will nd a way. We can match you with one of our local Care Professionals in the area. Care services from Companionship Visits, Home Help, Personal Care to more complex care needs. We can support you to continue living a happy and ful lled life in your own home. We do this with tailored, personal and adaptable home support based on what you need. Please call us today for a no obligation conversation. We look forward to your call. Your home is where you feel the most comfortable and the happiest. Live well, your way! Call us on 01483 608122 or enquire online:


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Loxwood Village Fete & Fun Dog Show 2024

North Hall, Guildford Road, Loxwood, RH14 0SF

Saturday 8th June, from 11am until 4pm

This year there are lots of brand new attractions including: Ferret Racing, Silent Disco, Bungee Run, Inflatable Slide and Dog Demonstrations in the ring as well as the usual attractions in the Main Arena and in and around the Hall, such as the Michelle Academy of Dance and at 2.15 join in the Zumba session hosted by Michelle Vorster.

In the Hall the Slinfold Concert Band will be playing as well as the popular Ukulele Band and there will the spellbinding Magic Show by Marky. Two choirs will be singing: The North Singers and the Loxwood School Choir

Entry is FREE so come and support the local Fete and Dog Show. The Fete raises money for many local good causes and shared out £7,500 last year.

The Committee are urgently looking for the following: bottles or unwanted gifts for the Tombola; books, DVDs, games, CDs for the Book Stall; homemade cakes for the Café and china for the China Smash. To arrange delivery of these items please call (01403) 751722 or 752377.

Domiciliary care provides the support you need to remain in the comfort of your home. Our home care services are tailored around individual needs.

What can we offer?

• Personal Care

• Meal Preparation

• Medication Management

• Housekeeping

• Transport to Medical and

• Social Appointments

• Respite Care

• End-of-life Care

• Palliative Care

• Live-in Care

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InfinityCare365 01403 915910 or 07376 627768 Unit 1, Franklyn House, Daux Rd, Billingshurst, RH14 9SJ
Locally based CQC Registered Care Provider Call us today or check our website to learn more about our services Who can we support? • Adults aged 18 and above • Those living with long-term • conditions such as Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, Motor Neurone Disease, Cancer
Those struggling with Mobility
and Frailty
Physical disability
Mental health conditions We are hiring now full or part-time! Excellent pay. Contact us for details

West Sussex Minibus Weekly outings all year round

Warmer days are with us, so make the most of the better weather by travelling with West Sussex Minibus. The service is available to all ages and offers a convenient pick-up and drop-off straight from the passengers’ front doors. For anyone needing assistance while getting on and off the minibus or carrying shopping to their home, the team is happy to help. Many regulars have shared how much they look forward to their outings and like that trip sizes are kept small. It is a great way to make new friends, and you can catch up with them every week.

are also a regular feature. Passengers will have plenty of time to shop and catch up with friends over a coffee.

In addition, there are fun days out to choose from. Current excursions include the Tangmere Aviation Museum to learn about the UK’s military aviation heritage, lunch overlooking the water at the Riverside Café (Houghton) and the seaside at Eastbourne to taste the best British fare of delicious fish & chips.

The friendly team here in Billingshurst helps residents get out and about with a year-round schedule of day trips. There are weekly shopping outings to join, including Horsham Sainsbury’s, Broadbridge Heath Tesco, or Billingshurst Lidl. Trips to one of the larger garden centres like Old Barn Nursey, Dial Post, or Squires, Washington,

New destinations are added to the service every month. Not only can members look forward to great days out, but they also have the chance to explore many new places.

Residents in the RH14 9 postcode area, including The Haven, Coneyhurst, and Adversane, can take advantage of the service operating out of Billingshurst.

West Sussex Minibus offers an Annual Membership for £10 (Day Membership £1) with a per-trip fare. New members are always welcome.

Billingshurst Schedule June

Date Time Trip Description

Tuesday 4th 10.00am Holmbush M&S and Tesco

Wednesday 5th 10.00am Chichester Market Day

Thursday 6th 9.00am Horsham & Sainsbury’s

Thursday 6th 1.30pm Tesco Broadbridge Heath

Friday 7th 1.00pm Hilliers Garden Centre, Horsham

Tuesday 11th 10.00am Tangmere Aviation Museum

Wednesday 12th 10.00am Hayling Island narrow gauge railway. Lunch at Ferry Boat Inn

Thursday 13th 9.00am Horsham & Sainsbury’s

Thursday 13th 2.30pm Billingshurst Lidl

Tuesday 18th 11.00am Old Barn Garden Centre for lunch and tea

Wednesday 19th 10.00am Bognor Regis

Thursday 20th 9.00am Horsham & Sainsbury’s

Thursday 20th 1.30pm Tesco Broadbridge Heath

Tuesday 25th 9.00am Eastbourne

Wednesday 26th 11.30am Parham House

Thursday 27th 9.00am Horsham & Sainsbury’s

Thursday 27th 1.30pm Tesco Broadbridge Heath

Friday 28th 10.00am Worthing

July Schedule Highlights

Date Time Trip Description

Tuesday 2nd 9.30am Scenic Drive to Lewes

Friday 12th 9.30am Denbie’s Train Ride (11:00 tour) and Lunch

Tuesday 16th 11.00am Sea Lane Café Goring

Wednesday 17th 9.15am Lee on Solent via Meon Valley

Monday 29th 10.00am Littlehampton

Tuesday 30th 9.00am Eastbourne

!"#$% &"''#()*!% ')()+#, !"#$%&'()*+",''-" .'",''-"/$-0)&$"1'-" 2'&)3%"4"25'66)*+" 78&9-/)'*/ !"#$""%&'()*+,'-.&#&,):;<;;"==>"==<?"@'6.)'*"AB /&00&'()1.#)234&'&$.)5$2&'2,#',236"4 7,)2).)),84&'&$.)3"#(3.%CD)%%)*+/59-/.

A Good Read

June’s selection from Tash Donovan

The Supper Club – Lara Williams

Williams’ striking and vividly written novel delves into the complexities of female friendship, body image, and the act of reclaiming space in a world that often tries to diminish women. The story revolves around Roberta and Stevie, two young women who, after meeting at university, form a unique bond and establish the eponymous Supper Club –a secret society where women gather to indulge in food without guilt or judgement.

Williams’ writing is both sharp and tender, capturing the subtleties of her characters’ inner lives with remarkable clarity. The narrative alternates between Roberta’s past and present, weaving together her experiences with food, from restrictive eating to liberating feasting, and her journey towards self-acceptance. It’s a structure that effectively depicts the protagonist’s evolving relationship with herself and her body and makes for a relatable read.

But this is more than a story about food and friendship. It is a nuanced exploration of the complexities of female identity and the ways in which women navigate a world that often seeks to constrain them. Williams tackles issues of body image and the struggle for selfidentity with sensitivity and insight, making the novel both thought-provoking and deeply moving in parts.

vivid, transporting the reader into these nocturnal gatherings where the women not only feast but also share stories, laughter, and pain.

This is a story that celebrates women while offering a commentary on the pressures they face. It’s a story of transformation and liberation, and a reminder of the power of claiming one’s space in the world.

The Kitchen Science Cookbook – Dr Michelle Dickinson

This is a beautifully crafted book with a unique twist: each recipe is a science experiment that you can do at home, using the everyday ingredients you’ll find in your kitchen.

You don’t need to be a science expert because the easy-to-follow recipes make science experiments fun for everyone. Nanotechnologist Michelle Dickinson is on a mission to show us that we can all be scientists, no matter how young or old.

s fun fo Mi mi all yo fol ex fou wi an W to my The photosshow f h

The book has an easy-tofollow format, and every experiment uses ingredients found in most kitchens. Chldren will love following each recipe and learning about the science. When I set aside an afternoon to do a few experiments with my own kids I learned a lot too.

The Supper Club itself is a symbol of resistance against societal norms that dictate how women should look, eat, and behave. The descriptions of the meals are sumptuous and

The photos show normal families doing each of the experiments, which contributes to the approachable feel of the book. In spite of it being so accessible, Dickinson, who is a serious scientist, covers the scientific method – coming up with a prediction, testing it etc; safety precautions, and general science tips which is great for non-scientist parents like me.

If you want to get your children excited about science, this is a fabulous book.

18 Books / About the house
and advertising enquiries: 07762 767084,
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Goings On at Dauxwood Preschool

Whilst Easter is a significant time for the Preschool, the Summer term is on another level!

This half term our topic is ‘minibeasts’ with the children enjoying bug hunts in the garden and watching our caterpillars grow into butterflies. Next half term our topic will be ‘starting school’ to get our leavers ready for primary school. An exciting period in their little lives but sad for the staff who have nurtured the children since some of them were just two and a half years old.

The Preschool has a Leavers Party and those departing have a group photo, whilst the Committee also arrange for a collage to be put together for the staff as a keepsake.

Dauxwood also host and participate in a number of events in the Summer Term:

• The Billingshurst Show, on Sunday 30th June

children to enjoy, •transform the storage solutions on the site and •provide a covered buggy park/drop off/pick-up area at the front.

To help us raise money to realise these ambitions, we are looking at selling advertising space on our fence on the corner of Natts Lane, Marringdean Road and Lower Station Road, so if you have a banner and would like to advertise your event or business with us then please do get in touch by e-mail:

• The Dauxwood Summer Quiz, on Friday 5th July at 7.30pm at Dauxwood Preschool

• The Summer Fun Day, on Saturday 13th July at Dauxwood Preschool

For the Billingshurst Show, Dauxwood (previous winners in 2022) will be entering a float, with the staff and children dressing up and joining the procession, celebrating this year’s theme ‘Our Colourful Countryside’.

Dauxwood will also have a stall at the show, with a lucky dip, hook a duck, guess the number of sweets in the jar and other fun activities to help raise money to go towards our various projects – so please come along and see us!

Those of you who were kind enough to read our last article will know that our fundraising goals are to: •re-turf the outdoor space (now that we can separate it off from the children in bad weather), •build a state-of-the-art mud kitchen for the

Dauxwood Preschool are also now registered on the Horsham Lottery (1st QR code, below), so if your Saturday nights need livening up then please play along and help us at the same time.

You can enter for just £1 per week, with 50% going directly to the Preschool. The easiest way to play is to set up a direct debit. The Jackpot is £25,000!

You will also receive one entry into the Super Draw for each weekly ticket that you have. Previous prizes include a Summer Getaway, a new Mobile Phone or Shopping Vouchers.

To help us even more, we have set up a Just Giving Page (2nd QR code, below) so donating to us is as easy as 1,2,3!

Help us raise funds to enhance the outdoor space at Dauxwood!

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Photo: Dauxwood Preschool’s winning float at 2023 Show

Sam’s Plastering

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Billingshurst Parish Council

Billingshurst Community & Conference Centre Roman Way, Billingshurst, RH14 9QW

D-Day 80th Anniversary Commemorations – June 2024

A programme of events has been arranged to mark the 80th anniversary of D-Day in June 2024. Check out page 7 of this publication for the full list of what is coming up and where!

Goodbye & Thank you

The Council says goodbye and thank you to Sarah Wilson for the service she has offered the community since joining the Council. At the time of going to press, the vacancy has been advertised and you can keep up to date on the process by checking the NEWSFEED section of the Parish Council website.

Billingshurst Choral Society Musical Evening

Come and join the Billingshurst Choral Society (BCS) for an evening of wonderful music from the world of Gilbert and Sullivan (G&S)! BCS will be performing many of the popular G&S choruses at the Billingshurst Community & Conference Centre, Roman Way, Saturday 22nd June at 7.00 pm. Tickets from £15 are available via BCS website:

Swifts, where are they now?

Common swifts spend most of the winter months in Southern Africa, and in March there is a great mustering over the Congo, where swifts feed on an abundance of insect prey before setting off on their long migration. Common swifts breed throughout Europe during the summer months, some will head for Eastern Europe and the Balkans, while others will head west for the Gulf of Guinea and Spain. Amongst the west-bound group are the birds that will make their way to Billingshurst. All being well, each pair of mature

swifts will find a safe nest site and raise up to three chicks before returning to Africa in late August. Billingshurst is part of the SWT Storrington and Arun Valley Swift group. Billigreen would like to thank the Wilder Horsham District for approving a grant for 2024 to help them continue to provide swift nest boxes in our area. For more information on this subject, email: helen.toole@btinternet.

Co-option of new Council members

Billingshurst Parish Council will be co-opting for Council vacancies at its next Council meeting. If you are interested in applying for the vacant positions, you can find the Co-Option application form on the Parish Council’s website under Council Documents. To find out more about your Parish Councillors or what the Parish Council does, please visit the Councillors page on our website

Upcoming Council meetings

All meetings are held at the Billingshurst Community & Conference Centre (normally commencing at 7pm but are occasionally subject to short notice change). Agendas and supporting documents, where applicable, are always posted on the Parish Council’s website

Upcoming Meetings (June)

4th: Planning & Environment Committee

12th: Property Committee Meeting

26th: Billingshurst Centre and F&GP Committees Email: 01403 782555 / twitter@BillingshurstPC Billingshurst Parish Council @BillingshurstPC


Back in 2018, the Parish Council started holding its own local ‘In Bloom’ competition encouraging residents to enter their front gardens into a just for fun local contest.

Over the years (other than in 2020 for obvious reasons) the competition has grown in popularity; the categories have been tweaked here and there and now include a specific entry for the Best Pollinator Garden. Entrants for this category will also be judged on the gardens’ biodiversity in providing nourishment for our pollinators. This may include a few daisies or clover left to grow in the lawn, or planting which would specifically appeal to insects, birds, butterflies and mammals.

To enter, please complete the form below and return it to the Parish Council Offices by 21st June. Judging will take place in early July, with awards being presented in September. (You can enter no more than three categories, and all displays must be visible from the street.) Each entry will be judged on Impact, Care & Attention and Horticultural Content. However, you don’t need to be a gardening expert; if you enjoy pottering around and your front garden looks good, why not give it a go and enter the competition! Entries will be judged as either Bronze, Silver, Silver-Gilt & Gold ensuring every entrant will be presented with a certificate.

1Best Small Front Garden (under 5 metres frontage)

2Best Large Front Garden (5 metres and over frontage)

3Best Domestic Basket

4Best Domestic Tub/Window Box

5Best Public House

6Best Restaurant

7Best Shop, Factory, Office, etc

8Best Commercial Basket

9Best Commercial Tub/ Window Box

10Best Residential Premises (Flats, Care Home, Sheltered Housing etc)

11Best Pollinator Garden

Name: ..................................................................................................................... Address:................................................................................................................... ................................................................................................................................. Telephone: ............................................................................................................... E-mail address:........................................................................................................
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Charity / About the house

Billingshurst Lions 50th Charter Anniversary

Way back in 1973, Stan Stevens had a vision to form a Billingshurst & District Lions Club. It formally became a part of Lions Club International and, although Stan is no longer with us, his vision lives on. His widow, Pam, is still a member, and nine new members have joined in the past two years.

On Sunday 28th April, the club celebrated its 50th Anniversary with a lunch at the West Sussex Golf Club, attended by more than 80 members and guests. Entertainment was provided by a classical guitarist and a mystifying bowlerhatted magician who visited each table during the lunch.

In his welcoming speech, President Peter Coleman talked about the club’s early days.

together with pre-schools, Scouts and Guides, youth clubs and many others, with over £42,000 donated during 2023. A scrapbook was on display which included photographs of younger, fitter members clambering over roofs!

Fund-raising was, and still is, a key element; its first venture being Carols at Christmas, with Santa still touring local villages, but now more focused on bringing festive cheer. Many remember Caledonian Markets, possibly a beer festival, the current annual Charity Golf Days (this year raising funds for Little LifeSavers) and the ever popular bookshop in Jengers Mead.

Projects undertaken included members creating outdoor school play areas, undertaking several re-roofing projects, redecorating the Women’s Hall, and then Longfield Manor, overnight! Currently the club supports ten primary schools,

Responding on behalf of the guests, Lions Vice District Governor Steve Carley congratulated Billingshurst & District Lions on its longevity and successes, notably the recent PSA Testing Day and especially initiating both the ROAR campaign in schools and funding for Brain Tumour Research, both now adopted by Lions nationally. He wished Lion Derek Reynolds good luck in his planned sky dive in June for Brain Tumour Research. Finally, Steve presented the club with a 50year Certificate of Appreciation signed by Her Royal Highness, Duchess of Edinburgh, Patron of Lions Clubs of the British Isles.

Follow Billings

Follow Billingshurst Lions on Facebook and website

Harvey Holmes – Press Officer, Billingshurst & District Lions Club

Photo: President Peter Coleman and Honorary Member Pam Stevens, cutting the cake celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Billingshurst Lions Charter Presentation

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‘How a Spring Clean could save your life!’ say Billingshurst Fire Station

Spring may be over, but there’s still time to squeeze in a final spring clean. We are asking people to clear the clutter that may be blocking escape routes and to make sure their family, guests and loved ones know how to get out, stay out, and call 999 in the event of a fire.

Working smoke alarms are regularly the heroes in a fire, giving people the warning they need to get out of their home in a fire. But blocked exits, locked doors or unfamiliar surroundings can add vital seconds to their escape time.

escape without tripping over to ensure a speedy exit.

5.Keep your door and window keys in a known and accessible place. Make sure everyone knows where the door and window keys are kept so they can reach them easily and get out quicker in case of a fire.

We all know we need to take time to test our smoke alarms, but this week make time for your home and take some simple steps to help keep your loved ones safe:

1.Think about how you’d all get out in a fire, Making and practising an escape plan will help ensure that everyone can get out, stay out and call 999.

2.Fit at least one smoke alarm on every level of your home so smoke can reach the alarms quicker giving you more warning time.

3.Test your smoke alarms at least monthly. Smoke alarms can save your life, but only if they work.

4.Clear your escape routes. Make sure you’re able to

Many of us care for others, children and loved ones. If this is you, consider the following: •How will they get out? Plan an escape route that works for them and think of any difficulties they may have or help they may need getting out. Would they benefit from a torch to light their way, or a stair rail?

•Where is the best place to go if the worst happens and they can’t escape? This is especially important if they have trouble moving around or can’t get downstairs on their own.

•Who is your ‘Escape champ’? Nominate someone in your home (perhaps a child) to be the ‘Escape champ’. Role-playing escape routes regularly and giving children the responsibility to keep escape routes clear makes fire safety more fun and engaging.

Twitter: @Station49Fire

Facebook: Billingshurst Fire Station

Dan Game, Billingshurst Fire Station

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John Nash is a retired, well sort of retired, fruit farm manager in Kirdford who enjoys scribbling about life on the farm from the now to days gone by.

Dear reader,

My piece this month is a more serious one than the normal ramble that I usually write. It’s also a heartfelt tribute to a group of people that hopefully most of you may never come into contact with.

I have written before of Sally Cave (Village Tweet, February 2023). You may recall Sally had owned and run Costrong Farm in Kirdford for over 40 years, and I have had the pleasure of being her farm manager through all that time. Her previous working life was one of nursing and she finished that career as a Sister in charge of the cancer ward at the King Edward VII hospital at Midhurst.

Throughout the time I have known Sally her great wish was that she could finish her days in her own house, on the farm that she loved so much, with her friends coming and going as normal. As she was 92 years old and suffering many problems I promised to do all I could to make this wish come true.

I have here to say with all honesty that I wasn’t aware how I would make this promise possible. Alone, I could never have succeeded, and it’s here that I want to speak of the people who made her last wish come true.

help. A carer to live in and give her the assistance that gave her the chance to make the most of the her capabilities and continue her farming life, albeit now from the kitchen table! Catherine and Ellatina more than filled that role with their kindness, love, and constant attention.

First was the many ambulance crews and paramedics who attended her when she had several falls. Gentleness, patience and medical skill were demonstrated every time. God bless the NHS. Then came the period when she needed that extra

Wonderful walks along the wharf at Littlehampton, sitting happily in a wheelchair and feeling the sun and wind in the early spring air. Watching the lambs gamboling in the fields beyond the farmhouse windows. Days to remember with fondness and love.

Finally Sally reached a time where help was needed to make the days more comfortable and the nights more peaceful. This is when I met the two groups that work so hard behind the scenes when life is reaching its most challenging. The local nurses and the Macmillan ladies. I cannot praise these ladies enough. The dedication, care, skill and love that they show in their work is beyond words. No matter how busy they must have been, they never showed a moment of hurrying as they tended their patient. Day or night a call was answered quickly with a visit to calm both patient and carer. They gave that reassurance that was needed so desperately as those final days

The silent help and comfort that these nurses give to those who are confined in their homes as their final days approach, deserves every mention possible. From the bottom of my heart I thank them for everything that they do for those who suffer.

Please give them the support they deserve.

30 Community / About the house
enquiries: 07762 767084,
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Renegades to explore home education

The Renegades youth club, now in its sixth year, is to explore a new way of helping more school aged children and widen its commitment to the local community.

There has been a sharp rise in home education since the pandemic, with official figures for West Sussex showing a 46% rise since 2019 – meaning that 1544 pupils were being educated at home in August 2023 compared with 1056 in August 2019.

it was quite a shock to hear parents saying that they felt let down by the school system, and that they felt they had no choice because of their children’s mental health, and often their neurodiversity or unmet special needs.

“In recent months I’ve become increasingly aware of the wide and varying difficulties that lots of children have experienced, many of whom had left traditional school, so I simply asked a question about home education on WhatsApp. I was literally inundated with an avalanche of heartfelt and often heartbreaking replies, with Renegades parents sharing my details with their wider circles,” says Group Leader Gareth Miller

“The parents told me what they are really looking for is a consistent offering of extra curricular activities, where their children can enjoy the wider social interaction they are not able to get at home. We are looking at offering these children canoeing, archery, carpentry, art & photography and cookery, and are trying to get funding for it to be a regular thing as there is definitely a large and growing need that is not being met,” he said.

“I decided to organise four separate meetings to just try and understand what and why this was happening, and to then spend some time thinking about how the Renegades could help. The reasons for home education are numerous and complex but

Meanwhile, it’s been mad business as usual for the Renegades and its younger sibling, the Rascals, with enormous fun being enjoyed doing canoeing, cookery, drone flying, holding reptiles and archery. The Renegades is a Registered Charity. Membership is free so contact Gareth on 07801 862550 for a taster session.

paddles at the ready!

A vibrant and nurturing co-educational setting from Nursery to GCSE.

To book a tour of the school, please visit our website or contact us on 01483 277313. Taster days and childcare vouchers available.

Duke of Kent School, Peaslake Road, Ewhurst, Surrey, GU6 7NS


On the School Playing Field. Kids free & adult Entry £1. Hosted by the Friends of Slinfold School Association.

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Microchipping Made Simple

What Every Pet Owner Needs to Know

Run by the Kennel Club every June, National Microchipping Month emphasises the importance of updating your pet’s microchip details to ensure they can be reunited with you if lost. This event also promotes the benefits of microchipping pets.

Microchips, about the size of a grain of rice, are implanted by a vet or trained implanter in a quick, harmless procedure, providing a permanent means of identification unlike removable collars and tags.

required, it is highly recommended for all types of pets. Only authorised implanters, including vets and animal welfare organizations, can perform microchipping.

Since April 2016, it has been mandatory for all dogs in the UK to be microchipped and registered with a government-approved database, and starting 10th June this year, this requirement will extend to all cats by the time they are 20 weeks old.

The key advantage of microchipping is the increased likelihood of being reunited with you pet should they become lost. While microchipping for pets other than dogs and cats isn’t legally

Dog Boarding and Day Care based in Wisborough Green

We offer a cosy ‘Home from Home’ alternative to kennels.

During your dog’s stay with us they will spend their time in a family home environment with our two Dalmatians and two young children. All dogs, female and male, must be neutered, good with children and other dogs. We are licensed with Chichester Council and fully insured. For more information, please contact Emma, tel: 07765 256073 or email:

However, microchipping is not sufficient on its own. As a pet owner, it is crucial to ensure your pet’s chip details are correct and updated regularly. If your contact details change – for example if you move house – you are responsible for notifying the database to update your information.

You can be fined up to £500 if your dog or cat is not microchipped when they need to be. Dogs are also still required to wear a collar and tag.

If you are buying or adopting a dog or cat you should ask for proof a microchip has been fitted. You can ask to see: a microchip certificate, vet records, or a pet passport.

For further information visit get-your-dog-cat-microchipped.

34 Pets / Vets
enquiries: 07762 767084,

The Spaniel Diaries

At last we have some wonderful sunshine! Mum is happy because she can put the wellies and winter coats away at last, although the silly puppy did manage to find the last muddy wet spot in 100 acres and managed to wallow in it much to mum’s disgust – it was hilarious to watch him being hosed off, he looked most undignified!

Along with the warmer weather comes the nasty biting things that love to feed off us dogs, mum has given us our medicine to stop us being bitten or bringing the little critters home and she even puts some special spray on herself out on our walks because of the midges and mosquitoes! I was especially glad I had my medicine because we went to the fun place called Devon and enjoyed lots of lovely walks on the moors and Mum says lots of nasty things called ticks like to hang out and hitch a ride on us dogs there. Ticks really love undergrowth and long grass just like us Spaniels do! Mum always gives us a good groom and checkover to check none have attached themselves to us and has a special little tool to remove them if she finds one.

will help us too. Signs we may have been bitten include, pain, swelling and lethargy and the venom can affect our nervous system and internal organs so can be very serious. Mum keeps us very close and on leads in areas where adders are likely to be.

Mum is always aware that a thing called an adder could also be lurking now the days are warmer. Adders – Dad calls them Nope Ropes! –like to sun themselves in warm areas, especially in heather and sandy soil. They are poisonous and if we get bitten we must be taken to a vet –carry us if possible and keep us quiet, do not apply a tourniquet and ring the vet to tell them you suspect a snake bite and get there as quickly as possible. It’s hard but you must stay calm as that

Mum has treated us to some new cooling beds too, absolute bliss in warmer weather. When the weather gets very hot we go out super early in the morning and later in the evening so we can avoid the heat of the day, my favourite place is lying in the shade of the big tree on a hot day, Mum is also a lot more careful how much running around the pup does too – he’s absolutely mad and never stops, he just doesn’t want to miss anything and makes me feel exhausted just watching him!

We have also been treated to some delicious doggy ice cream after our walk!

All Mum’s training of us has been paying off too – we took part in a thing called a scurry which means we had to run after some smelly old dummies and collect them and bring them back. I decided to indulge her as she had the decency to give me doggy ice cream and she was delighted I brought the dummy back instead of nipping off to bury it! We had a really fun day and finished off with a barbecue. Now this is where I came into my own with my talent for looking very, very gorgeous. I managed to work the humans with my big brown eyes and score several very meaty and delicious sausages! A good job well done!

Until next time, enjoy your summer. Billy. Jeannette Douglas

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Garden View

The ‘why’

Some gardeners say that a weed is just a plant in the wrong place. But is any unwanted plant really a weed? Is an apple tree seedling a weed? Are the random aquilegia or California poppies softening my stone paths weeds?

Plants have one goal: to live long enough to reproduce. So sometimes these plants show up in areas they’re not welcome. These plants are not technically weeds, though we might decide to treat them as such.

Then there are the plants that we know as conventional weeds, such as dandelions. Some are annuals, which live their whole life cycle in one year, and persist through a legacy of hundreds of thousands of seeds, germinating anywhere and everywhere.

Dandelions are actually perennials. They are persistent plants that love open lawn, growing into a big leafy mass with their characteristic bright yellow flowers. They also spread tens of thousands of seeds around to ensure that there are plenty more to come next year. The thing about a plant like dandelions –and this is true for many of our labelled perennial weeds, such as nettles – is that bees and other insects love them, so they are wonderful for biodiversity.

concept wholeheartedly.

It explains why weeds pop up in places such as an open, mulched area or a pristine expanse of artfully placed stone patio. You may have determined there should be nothing there, but Mother Nature has other ideas and starts inserting plants to fill the void.

Why do plants show up where they’re not supposed to be?

Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘Nature abhors a vacuum’? It’s the concept that emptiness or nothingness runs counter to the laws of nature. Space must be filled with something, and weeds have embraced this


As gardeners, we like the idea of carefully selected plants placed in well-chosen spots in our landscape. That’s ‘design’ –the conscious application of thought and the decision to grow or not grow plants in this particular place or that.

The sparsely planted landscaped garden and the heavily planted plot with barely any room between plants are garden styles at opposite ends of the spectrum. The first readily invites weeds to fill the empty spaces, but they are easy to see and remove. The second (which I favour), makes it difficult for weeds to germinate. But when they sprout – and they will – it takes a keen eye and some effort to remove them. I’m not diligent with this because the odd weed is less noticeable among all the other plants, and they are good for insect life.

Neither garden is ‘correct’. The more natural landscape will ultimately be more sustainable with less weeding effort required, though when first planted, because it takes time for all those plants to grow and fill in, you’ll have to deal with – you guessed it – weeds.

Happy Gardening!

36 Garden Tweet! / Fencing Editorial and advertising enquiries: 07762 767084,
businessagarden-related (flowers, mowers,greenhouses,sheds,tools, etc)pleasecontact yourVillageTweettoday.Wewillplace adinourpopularGardensection
All types of fencing work undertaken FOR A FREE ON-SITE VISIT, ESTIMATE AND ADVICE Phone Adrian Bargman Tel: 01403 823048 Email:
Logs / Kids of all ages Check out our competitive Advertising Rates: 37 Village Tweet Spot the Difference Don’t forget it’s Fathers Day on 16th June! Can you spot the 11 differences? Solution on page 39 Established over 50 years 01403 790122 (with ansaphone) or 07592 755724 (phone or text) or email: Free estimates and advice. Call any time including evenings and weekends BANKSFENCING OAK LOGS, seasoned SUMMER OFFER BUILDER’S BAG – CURRENT PRICE £105 EACH OFFER PRICE 1 BAG £95, 2 BAGS £180 PRICE INCLUDES DELIVERY LIMITED STOCK – FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED OFFER ENDS 30th JUNE

Winterton Hall, Plaistow

Make the most of this fantastic village asset!

So many village halls and pubs are closing throughout the UK due to lack of support and escalating costs.

Winterton Hall, Plaistow, provides a warm, welcoming and social space, and is a central location for people to meet. It is available for hire to private individuals or public, local groups and organisations.

Winterton Hall is run by a committee of dedicated volunteers, and every penny earned from fund raising activities and hiring out the hall, goes into maintaining, repairing and improving this facility.

community together.

The committee organises fund-raising activities such as quiz nights, skittles nights, dance/music nights. We would welcome any new ideas from residents in the Parish. These events are advertised on the Parish Council website (details below), village Facebook page, and posters in the village noticeboards and shop.

Our regular hirers include the village pre-school and the youth club – both vital to our community. Other hirers include a twice-weekly martial arts class, the Parish Council, and the hiring for various evening classes, children’s and adults’ parties. The Wey & Arun Canal volunteers stay for occasional weekends, as the excellent facilities include showers.

Winterton Hall is central to any large events in the Parish – over very recent years these have included the 90th birthday and Jubilee celebrations of HM Queen Elizabeth II, which brought the whole

Winterton Hall has a fully equipped kitchen, toilets and showers, and variable lighting to suit a variety of any atmospheres.

Available for hire are tables, chairs, a wooden stage, tableware and kitchenware, and three marquees.

The financial outgoings of running the hall are extremely costly, and it is vital that we continue to obtain support from the community to maintain this very important facility for years to come.

If you are interested in hiring Winterton Hall, please visit winterton-hall, e-mail wintertonhallplaistow@ or call (01403) 871604 with your enquiry. Bridget Slater Winterton Hall committee member

38 Community / Fencing Editorial and advertising enquiries: 07762 767084,


Climbing Sectional Dismantling Crown Reductions Felling Pruning STUMP GRINDING


NPTC City & Guilds Qualified Fully Insured 07732 668518

West Chiltington Floral Club

(Affiliated to NAFAS)

Tuesday 18th June, 7pm for 7.30pm start We welcome Sally Hardy with her demonstration ‘You Have Seen It All Before’ Visitors are most welcome, £5. The meeting will be held at West Chiltington Village Hall, Mill Road, RH20 2PZ. For more information, please contact Brenda (01798) 813712 or Carol (01798) 813608 Email:

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Editorial and advertising enquiries: 07762 767084,

What’s On – June

Every MonKnit & Natter. Billingshurst Library. 10.30am-midday. Open to anyone that likes to knit, crochet, sew and chat! Meet new friends, swap tips and ideas. No need to book. All ages and abilities welcome. Further info: drop in or call Bev at Billingshurst Library on (01403) 783145

Every Mon Horsham Matters Hub on the Move Foodbank. Billingshurst Library car park, 10-11.30am

Every MonTable Tennis. St Mary’s Room, East St, Billingshurst. 2-4pm. A sociable group for all ages. Includes tea & biscuits normally. Suggested donation to church funds £3 per session. Tony, tel: (01403) 783496

Every MonBOOSTfit Horsham. The Forest School, Comptons Lane, RH13 5NT. Judgement & pressure free fitness for all. Clare Lawton, tel: 07983 976 601 or e-mail:

Every MonChair Yoga. Kelsey Hall, Ifold. 2.15-3pm. For those who want to feel the benefits of yoga, but from a chair! All welcome. £5. Kim, tel: 07780 439155 or e-mail

Every MonSeniors Coffee Club. St Mary’s Room, Billingshurst. 10.30am-12 noon. Coffee & homemade cake, chatter & laughter, and often armchair exercises! A great way to start the week and make new friends. The Community Minibus is available if transport is needed. New members very welcome! More info: (01403) 786706 for more information

Every MonIggy’s at The Nest. Trinity United Reformed Church, Billingshurst. 10am-12pm. Midwife-led family drop-in group, supported by qualified volunteers. Skilled breastfeeding support. We welcome babies to crawler/cruisers.Come and meet local new mums for tea, cake and a chat. Free but donations are very welcome. Weekly updates on Facebook:

Every Mon Billingshurst Men’s Shed. Station Road Gardens. 10am. Part of the Men’s Shed movement, we are a Tues & Weds group of men AND women who meet to talk, drink tea and coffee, make and repair things. Contact Keith Witt, Chairman, tel: (01403) 785821 or e-mail:

Every Mon,Shipley Men’s Shed. Shipley football ground off Dragon’s Lane. Part of the international Men’s Shed Tues & Weds organisation. For men interested in woodwork or wish to spend time with like-minded, local chaps. Tel: Philip, 07786 070939 or email:

Every MonWisborough Green Short Mat Bowls Club. Village Hall. Mons 2.30-4.30pm, Weds 1.30-3.30pm. & Weds New members & visitors welcome. £2.50 (includes Tea/Coffee & biscuits). Trial session free for newcomers. Further information: or contact Keith Carter on 01403 700502

Every MonHorsham Bridge Club. Face-to-Face 1.30pm. 22a East Street, Horsham, RH12 1HL. Graham & Weds Walker, tel: (01403) 734156.

Every Mon Clubbercise with Hayley. Mon: Dial Post Village Hall, RH13 8NH; Thurs: St Gabriel’s Church Hall, & Thurs Billingshurst. 7.45-8.30pm. Aerobic exercise class for all fitness levels, 16 and over. Darkened room with flashing disco lights and music (90s to now). Pre-bookings only: Updates:

Every Tues Billingshurst Short Mat Bowls. Billingshurst Community & Conference Centre. 2-4pm

Every Tues Billingshurst Choral Society Practice. Billingshurst Community & Conference Centre. 7.30-9.45pm. New members welcome. Tel: Keith Paul on 07989 412997

Every TuesStitch & Knit. We meet in Billingshurst. 7-9.30pm. Welcoming & helpful, just bring your project. No fees. Sarah, tel: 07817 699865 for meeting venue details

Every Tues Slinfold Concert Band rehearsal. Slinfold Village Hall from 7.30-9.30pm. Brass, woodwind and percussion players all welcome.

Every TuesWalking Football. 10-11.30am. Shipley football ground off Dragon’s Lane (Holbrook Club in mid-Winter). Followed by refreshments. Men & women welcome. Tel: Philip, 07786 070939 or email:

Every TuesBOOSTfit Billingshurst. Billingshurst Leisure Centre, RH14 9RY. Judgement & pressure free fitness for all. Clare Lawton, tel: 07983 976 601 or e-mail:

Every Tues Drop in Baby Zone! St Mary’s Room, East St, Billingshurst. 1.30-3pm. Space to meet other parents/carers & their babies (under 1yr. Free. Booking not required. Email: Emma

Every Tues Preschool Ballet and street dance classes. Jubilee Fields, Billingshurst. VMA Dance run fun, friendly & Thurs classes for preschool children. Free trial then £4pw pre-booked. 07879 773705

Every Tues Horsham Bridge Club. Online BBO 7pm & Face-to-Face 7.15pm. 22a East Sreet, Horsham RH12 1HL & Thurs Graham Walker, tel: (01403) 734156.

Every Tues Pétanque Club. Shipley Football Ground, 10.15 for 10.30am start (*spring/summer/autumn, Friday, 6.30pm) & Fri* Coffee after. Equipment provided. All ages and abilities. Tel: Russell, 07803 259190 or email:

Every WedsHorsham Accordion Band. Practises in Slinfold Chapel from 7.30-9.30pm. Varied repertoire. Band Leader Mags Fisher tel: (01403) 790717 or email:

Every WedsThe Millennium Bridge Club. Storrington Village Hall, 1.30-4.30pm. All abilities. Please contact: Barbara: (01903) 741365 or

Every WedsLine dancing. St Gabriel’s Church Hall. Improvers 6-7.15pm, intermediates 7.15-9.30pm. Details from Maureen, tel: 07774 828282

Every WedsBillingshurst Bell Ringing practice. St Mary’s Church, Billingshurst. 7.30-9.15pm. New learners and visitors welcome, just turn up. For information, phone Alison on (01403) 588181

Every Weds The Leconfield Singers. United Reformed Church, Petworth. 8-10pm. Mixed voice non-audition community choir. Newcomers welcome. More details and term times see

Every Weds Billingshurst Rock Choir. Billingshurst Community Centre. 7.30-9pm, term times. No experience required. A friendly choir singing upbeat pop, rock & Motown. Book a FREE taster session at

Every WedsLoxwood Bridge for Fun. North Hall, Loxwood. 2pm. For more information contact Gina Moore, tel: (01403) 751722 or e-mail:

Every Weds Yoga Class for all abilities. Billingshurst Community Centre. 7.30-8.30pm. Book via

Every evenBilliUke: Billingshurst’s Own Ukulele Jam! The Kings Arms, 7 for 7.30pm start. If you already have week, Weds a ukulele, or are thinking about getting one, please come along and join us. It’s a fun couple of hours and you also get to make new friends from the village and beyond. Meetings:

What’s On near you


On near you

Every ThursStitch & Knit. 10am-12.30pm. We rove round local cafés & car share, lifts may be possible. Welcoming & helpful, just bring your project. No fees. Sarah, tel: 07817 699865 (leave message)

Every Thurs Wildlife walkabouts. RSPB Pulborough Brooks Nature Reserve, Wiggonholt, RH20 2EL. 10am-12 noon. £8 per person (£2.50 for RSPB members). (01798) 875851.

Every Thurs Clubbercise with Hayley. St Gabriel’s Church Hall, Billingshurst. 7.45-8.30pm. Aerobic exercise class for all fitness levels16 and over. Darkened room with flashing disco lights and music (90s to now). Pre-bookings only: Latest updates:

Every Thurs HDC Health Walk. Billingshurst (2). Meet 11am, Library car park, Billingshurst (TQ086260). Parking free with annnual permit or 75p per hour. 2¼ miles, flat, easy. 1 hour. Chris (01403) 782745. All HDC walks are guided, free and sociable. Led by trained volunteers; no need to book, just turn-up

Every Thurs Crafts and Natter group. The Chapel, Spy Lane, Loxwood, RH14 0SQ. 11am-3pm

Every 1st & ‘We Care’ meeting for carers and people with dementia. Glebe Centre, Ewhurst, GU6 7PY. 10.30am3rd Thurs 12.30. Refreshments, friendship, chat & activities. Carol: 07775 865125 or

Every FriBillingshurst Bowling Club. Just behind Station Road Gardens welcomes you to come and try the game of Lawn Bowls. No previous experience required, from 6 pm to 7.30 pm with refreshments after, just turn up or call Barry on 07858 407537 or email: for more details

Every Fri VMA Dance classes for children 2-18yrs. Jubilee Fields, Billingshurst. Classes in Ballet, Street Dance & Contemporary. Free Trial available then £5pw pre-booked. 07879 773705

Every Fri Blue Idol Open Day. Oldhouse Lane, Coolham, RH13 8QP. March-November, 10am-1pm. Visit this historic building anddiscover local history. Tel: (01403) 740039

Every Sat Dempsey School of Irish Dancing for children aged 5+. Billingshurst Community Centre. 9 & 10am. Nicola, e-mail:

Every Sat Board Games for Adults. Billingshurst Library. 11am-1pm. Open to all. Games include chess, scrabble, backgammon and more! Further info: drop in or call Bev at Billingshurst Library on (01403) 783145

Every SatBoard Games for Families. Billingshurst Library. 11am-1pm. Drop in to play board games with other families. Further info: drop in or call Bev at Billingshurst Library on (01403) 783145

Every Sun Sussex Sunday Walkers offer led walks every Sunday throughout the year. For more information please view our website or email

Every SunThe Emmanuel Fellowship meet every Sunday at ‘The Chapel’, Spy Lane, Loxwood, RH14 0SQ. 10.30am for about an hour with refreshments afterwards.


1 Jun Craft and Chat Group. Unitarian Chapel, Billingshurst. Every 1st Saturday, 12.15-3.45pm. Bring your own project. Refreshments on offer. Tel: (01403)785116

1/2 Jun Fittleworth Garden Trail. Over 12 gardens – several new for 2024. £7.50 per person to cover both days (under 16s free). Plant stall, Miscellanea stall (vintage garden tools, etc. Unique Woodland Trail –over 600 trees & shrubs from around the world (see Fulling Mill (medieval home), Fulling Mill Cottage (Cat Welfare Sussex). Refreshments, sandwiches, teas & cakes in the Village Hall. All funds in aid of St Mary’s Church. Ticket available on the day from Fittleworth Village Hall. Enquiries Charles Clarke, tel: (01798) 865202, e-mail:

4 Jun Billingshurst Ladies Who Latte group. Sir Roger Tichborne, Alfold. Every 1st Tuesday, 9.45-11.45am. Networking group for female business owners. Share, support, learn & have fun with other entrepreneurs. £5

4 Jun Parish Council Planning & Environmental Committee meeting. Billingshurst Centre. 7pm

4 Jun Live Music: Angelina Udovychenko (piano): ‘A Prayer for Ukraine’. Cranleigh Arts Centre. 1pm. In this special and very moving programme, Angelina will share beautiful and poignant Ukrainian music by Lysenko, alongside Chopin, Debussy, Schubert and her own compositions. Through music, she will explore her personal journey of war, loss and hope. Free entry.

4 Jun The Arts Society West Sussex lecture by Andrew Prince: ‘Catherine the Great – the World’s Greatest Collector’. Fittleworth Village Hall. Doors open 1.15, lecture 2pm followed by tea and coffee Non-members welcome, £8. Contact Jackie Buckler, tel: (01903) 411086 or email:

5 Jun Billingshurst Beck WI meeting. Billingshurst Community Centre, Roman Way, 1st Wednesday of every month at 7:30pm. For more information email: See page 8

5 Jun The Arts Society South Downs lecture by Clive Stewart-Lockhart: ‘Betty Joel – glamour and innovation in 1930’s interior design’. Fittleworth Village Hall, EH20 1JB. 10.45am (preceded by coffee at 9.50am). Members free, visitors welcome, £7. Further details: or Jane Allison, tel: (01798) 813314

5/6 Jun D-Day Commemorative Events. In and around Billlingshurst. See page 7

6 Jun Wisborough Green Evening WI. Wisborough Green Village Hall. 7.45pm. Every first Thursday. Visitors welcome for taster session. Please contact for our latest calendar of activities, and membership details

6 Jun Rudgwick Arts Society lecture: ‘Murder and Modernism; Walter Sickert and the Camden Town Group (1860-1942)’ by Nicola Moorby. Village Hall. 10.45-11.45am. Guests welcome, £7.Free parking. More information contact Lyn Betts, tel: 07884 192986 or email:

6 Jun Reading Friends. Billingshurst Library. 10.30-11.30am. Are you interested in meeting new friends, having a good chat and sharing your love of books? Everyone welcome, just turn up. Tel: (01403) 783145

7 Jun Charity Golf Day. Slinfold Golf & Country Club. Raising funds for Horsham Matters. For details call: 0777 407 8915 or emai;: See April’s Village Tweet, page 18

8 Jun Phoenix Stroke Club Open Event. Forest School, Comptons Lane, Horsham, RH13 5NW. An opportunity to meet stroke members, volunteers and trustees of the charity. Refreshments. Free entry. To find out more about the club visit

8 Jun Billingshurst Dementia Café. United Reformed Church Hall, Second Saturday of every month, from 10am-12pm. Please join us for tea, coffee and cake. All are welcome

out our competitive Advertising Rates: 43

Editorial and advertising enquiries: 07762 767084,

8 Jun Loxwood Village Fete & Fun Dog Show. North Hall, RH14 0SF. See page 15

8 Jun St Catherine’s Hospice Midnight Walk. Horsham. 20, 13, 7 or 2 miles routes available., or (01293) 447361. See page 12

9 Jun Billingshurst Tennis Club Open Day. 2-5pm. Just turn up. Rackets and balls provided. See page 13

12 Jun Parish Council Property Committee meeting. Billingshurst Centre. 7pm

12 Jun Messy Church! Billingshurst Community Centre. 3.45-5.45pm. Billingshurst churches welcome families to have fun with games, crafts, singing and stories. All children must be accompanied by an adult. Sit-down meal, donation. Contact Beth at St Mary’s for more information, e-mail:

13 Jun Billingshurst WI Talk: ‘The Women’s Land Army and the role of Lady Denman’ by Ian Everest, local historian. Community Centre, Roman Way. 2.30pm. WI members enjoy interesting speakers, hobby groups and various outings. Visitors welcome. Tel: (01403) 257531

13 Jun

Billingshurst Weald Probus Club men’s group meeting. Stanley Room, Community Centre. 10 for 10.15am12 noon. Every 2nd Thurs except Dec. Alan Galer, tel: 07956 443228 or email:

14 Jun Billingshurst Film Night. ‘Back to Black’ Billingshurst Conference & Community Centre. 7pm for 7.30pm start. Refreshments, raffle and sales table – proceeds go to the Midhurst Macmillan Service. Tickets £7 from or Austens Home Hardware, 48-52 High Street or on the door

14 Jun Billingshurst and District Wine and Beer Circle meeting. Circle meets 2nd Friday (except August) at St Gabriel’s Hall, East Street, 8pm. New members welcome. Contact Chris 07790 762052. Email secretary:

14-23 Jun Graffham Festival. Over 25events including concerts, floral celebration, artists’ studios trail, open gardens, films, talks, painting & singing, cabaret, evue, children’s activities and much more – something for all ages and tastes. Festival progamme:

15 Jun Wisborough Gren Primary School Summer Fair. Village Green. 12-4pm. See page 14

15 Jun Live Music: The Queen’s Six. Please note that this concert will be held at St Nicolas Church, High Street, Cranleigh GU6 8AS and is a joint fundraising event for St Nicolas Church and Cranleigh Arts. Tickets £28, includes a glass of wine: (01483) 278000 (Tues-Sat 10am-4pm) or visit

15 Jun Cranleigh Art & Crafts Society Demonstration by Elizabeth Baldin: ‘Painting in Acrylics: Dynamic Dogs’. The Band Room, Village Way, Cranleigh GU6 8AF. 2.30pm. Visitors welcome £5. Info:

16 Jun Billingshurst Artisan Market. Six Bells car park. 9.30am-1.30pm. Local foods and crafts. See page 15

17 Jun Billingshurst Lions Club Meeting. Sports Pavilion, Jubilee Fields, Billingshurst. 7.30pm. For information about the Club contact Viv Diggens on (01403) 752968 or call in at the Lions Bookshop, Jengers Mead

17 Jun Pulborough Film night. ‘Wicked Little Letters’. Pulborough Village Hall. 7pm for 7.30pm start. Tickets £7 from Pulborough Village Hall, on the door or on line from

17 Jun Laughter Yoga Club. Unitarian Hall (side door), Billingshurst, RH14 9QS. (Park Lakers Mead.) 1-2pm. £6. Boosts seratonine and nervous systems & improves wellbeing! Non-profit-making club. All welcome. Contact Linda, tel: 07806.327917, email:

18 Jun St Mary’s Guild Members’ Meeting. St Mary’s Room, East Street, Billingshurst. 10.30am. We are a friendly women’s group and we welcome visitors. Beryl Peacock (01403) 782835

18 Jun Loxwood Jazz Club. Village Hall. With candle-lit tables and a licensed bar, it has a very intimate atmosphere with international standard jazz. Tickets £15 from Peter Winney, tel: (01403) 752377

21 Jun Billingshurst Horticultural Society Outing to Dale Park House, Madehurst, NGS Outing. Departs 1.30pm Library car park. Mrs S Wells, tel: (01403) 784159

21 Jun Ultimate Elton. 8pm. Kelsey Hall, Ifold, RH14 0UD. The Best Elton John tribute act. See page 14

22 Jun Billingshurst Choral Society concert: Gilbert & Sullivan’s Greatest Hits. Billingshurst Community Centre. 7.30pm. More info and tickets: See page 9

22 Jun Macrame Knotty Necklaces Workshop. Cranleigh Arts Centre. 1.45pm. Make your own simple but elegant Macramé Knotty Necklace. Perfect for all ages and seasons, for beginners, adults & teenagers. Price: £32 includes materials for to make 3 necklaces, your tuition & exclusive access to our online tutorial. Tel: (01483) 278000 (Tues-Sat 10am-4pm) or visit

22 Jun Pulborough Village Market. (4th Saturday except December: 2nd Saturday.) Pulborough Village Hall, Swan View, RH20 2BF. 9am-12 noon. Fresh produce, bread, local honey, plants, local crafts and much more. Café serving a full English breakfast, tea/coffee and cakes. Free entry. Please like us on Facebook. Market Coordinator Terri Ashpool, tel: 07711 470635, e-mail:

26 Jun Parish Council Billingshurst Centre & F&GP Committees meetings. Billingshurst Centre. 7 & 7.30pm

27 Jun Live Music: Open Mic. Cranleigh Arts Centre. 7.30pm. Free entry. To play please email to find out more or book a slot. Or if you don’t want to perform just turn up on the night at 7pm. Grab a drink and settle yourself in at a table and enjoy the show

27 Jun Sing for Pleasure. (4th Thursday except December: 3rd Thursday.) Billingshurst Community Centre. 3.00-4.30pm. We are a friendly, informal group who enjoy a sing-along. If you are a lady or gentleman in the more mature age group, even if you think you can’t sing, we’d love you to join us for an enjoyable afternoon. £3, includes tea and biscuits

29 Jun Live Music: Blondied: A Tribute to Blondie. Cranleigh Arts Centre. 8pm. By the UK’s premier Blondie/Debbie Harry tribute band, featuring Michelle Hendriks. As well as being an uncanny Debbie Harry lookalike, Michelle also has the ability to perfectly emulate Debbie’s distinctive voice when performing her songs. Tickets £27.50: (01483) 278000 (Tues-Sat 10am-4pm) or visit

30 Jun Slinfold School Summer Fair. School Playing Field. 11am-2pm. £1 (kids free). See page 33

30 Jun Happy’s Circus. Plaistow Village Green. Gates open 12pm, Show 2-4pm. Plus BBQ, bar, stalls, raffle. Tickets: See April’s Village Tweet, page 6

30 Jun Billingshurst Show &Carnival Procession: ‘Our Colourful Countryside’. See back cover Village Tweet will publish details of local events in this free What’s On section. Please email brief details to together with contact or website details

44 What’s On near you

The current parking disc expires on 30 June 2024

• Annual Parking Discs (including any additional disc) are only £20 fixed price for the year.

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The disc entitles you to park in the following car parks:

• Billingshurst: Six Bells and Library Car Park

• Henfield: Coopers Way and Library Car Park

• Pulborough: Lower Street

• Roffey: Godwin Way

• Steyning: Fletchers Croft, Newmans Gardens and High Street

• Storrington: Library Car Park (North Street), Old Mill Square and Monastery Lane

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Alba Plumbing...................................29

Alfold Veterinary Practice..................34

Banks Fencing..................................37

Best Choice Roofing.........................20

Billingshurst Artisan Market...............15

Billingshurst Choral Society................9

Billingshurst Parish Council....7, 24, 25

Billingshurst Service, Repair & MOT Centre..................................40

Billingshurst Show.........................OBC

Billingshurst Tennis Club...................13

Billingshurst Turkish Barber..............11

C&S Roofing.....................................23


Canines at the Cottage.....................34

Cooper Homes..................................19

Coren Wine Ltd...................................5

Dandelion Farewells, funerals...........11

DM Handyman..................................29

Duke of Kent School.........................33

Els Style, Hairdresser........................11

Evans Electrical.................................20

Flackwoods Solicitors..........................6

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GB Glazing Ltd..................................23

George Potbury Forestry..................38

GJ Coles, builder..............................27

Goring Road Carpet Centre..............21

Hamilton Cole TV & Satellite Equipment.....................................31

Hey!Broadband...............................2, 3

Holly Stone Hypnotherapy................13

Home Instead....................................12

Horsham District Council..................45

Infinity Care 365................................15

JC Plumbing......................................27

Jonathan Carter, Tree Surgery..........39

Kelsey Hall........................................14

KJ Lammas Plumbing & Heating......18

Lee’s Locks.......................................32

Mac’s Private Hire...............................8

Meadow Hall Veterinary Practice......35

Meadows Wellbeing..........................14

Miss Mop Domestic Cleaning...........27

MW Wingate Painting & Decorating.22

MPS Home Improvements Ltd..........23

N Francis Electrical Ltd.....................32

NFU Mutual Insurance....................IBC Nic Beaven Furniture........................21 NSB Bookkeeping.............................10 Osborne Carpentry & Construction...29

Oven Cleaning Direct........................30

Rudgwick Fencing.............................36 Sam’s Plastering...............................23

Slinfold C of E Primary School..........33

St Mary’s Church................................9

Sussex & Surrey Roofing..................29

Sussex Carpet Brokers.....................26

Sussex Towing Brackets...................41 Village Nurseries...............................39

West Grinstead Swimming Academy .13

West Sussex Community Minibus....................................16, 17

Wisborough Green Summer Fair......14

46 Advertisers Index / Aircraft noise Editorial and advertising enquiries: 07762 767084, Ad shapes, sizes and prices (per month) Village Tweet we aim to keep it simple so we offer just five basic ad shapes which give a clean, uncluttered look to each page. We also offer a full-page ad for maximum impact! View the magazine at and see for yourself! Shape Size (mm) Cost 1/8 63x43 £49 1/4 Landscape 130x43 £79 1/4 Portrait 63x90 £79 130x90 £139 148x210 £231 148x210 £259 148x210 £242 1/1 *Inside Back Cover 148x210 £259 1/1 *Outside Back Cover 148x210 £288 *Double page spread 297x210 £440 *Centre Spread 297x210 £499 DEALS: 3MONTHS10%6MONTHS15%ONNON-PREMIUM POSITIONS.FULLDETAILSONREQUEST To book your ad in Village Tweet, or for a no-obligation chat about your advertising, call 07762 767084 or email To give your ad more impact and ‘reader appeal’ we offer a great on editorial copy, known as ‘Advertorial’. This is in the form of advertorial placed above your ad. Book a half-page ad and your half-page advertorial will cost just £75 extra. Supply us with around 420 words (you may prefer to include a picture, with fewer words) and we will do the rest. It’s a great way to promote your business. Advertising in Village Tweet works! Don’t take our word for it – please go to the website and click on our Testimonials page Artwork. If you do not have artwork or an existing ad, our in-house degree- qualified Graphic Designer will create an eye-catching ad to promote your business. Unlike other magazines we offer this service at no extra charge! All prices are subject to VAT Her each View 1/4 Lands ands Portrai /2 2 1 1/ 1 1//1 1 1//1 1 *PPaage 3 g3 1//1 1 * *P P Paage 4 1 g 1 1 B Ouututsid 1 *O O 1//1 e *D D Doouuble p *C C Ceenntre S TIO NS b bo o oo o ok k y your a at t a abo chha u o em A Addvve e errtto o orriaals T deeaal o on n e c b boovve e y yo o ouur r ad. B xttra ra a a. S 5 e ex 75 upply th h f fe e ewweer er w Ad D Do o on n n’’t t take ww w ww w w..v v viililllaagetw CONNECTING THE COMMUNITY AND LOCAL BUSINESS tweet VILLAGE RATE CARD All you need to know... The most effective way to promote YOUR business in Billingshurst Barns Green Five Oaks Ifold Kirdford Loxwood Plaistow Slinfold Wisborough Green most mos effecti effec veway t ve ve way o ...about advertising in tweet VILLAGE MONTHLYTHEONLY MAG DELIVEREDBYROYALMAIL TOOVER10,000HOMESINYOURAREA p w www i B D FREETOOVE MS OCAL gshu xwood ag Tweet uk May 02 tweet FRB E E eet REE EE VILLAGE Mid ight Walk – sign up today! e ge Issued 15/4/24 It costs less than you might think to advertise in Village Tweet. For our Rate
visit and click on the ‘Advertise’ tab or call 07762 767084 today!
Oven Rescue....................................28
Overdrive Motors...............................41 Pest Man...........................................31 Petworth MOT Centre.......................40 PJM Building & Property Maintenance..................................32 Re-Nu Kitchens.................................31

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