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November 2019

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elcome to the November issue of Village Tweet, traditionally the Guy Fawkes Night and Remembrance Day issue. No articles in this issue for the latter but please support the Royal British Legion and wear your poppy with pride.   Pippa Cleeve’s long running series, Our Community Volunteers, is absent in this issue with no volunteer having been found. Launched in July 2015 the series has featured over 50 volunteers. Has it now run its course? Please drop me an e-mail if you give your time voluntarily to the community.   Local businesses offering a Christmas service should contact me by 8th November with regard to advertising in the December issue. Pubs, restaurants, gift shops (e.g. garden centres) spring to mind.   I do much of my Christmas gift shopping at CC’S Emporium in Jengers Mead. They stock a wonderful array of gifts, all home-made by skilled and creative local artists. A great way to support the community.   Grahame


Cover: Poor old Mr Fawkes! See pages 6, 42 & 53 Photo: Shoot and Click Food & drink Onslow Arms pub . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9 Recipe: Parsnip Soup . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9 Billingshurst Butchers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10 Wisborough Green Market . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10 The Kings Head pub . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11 Sussex Free Range Turkeys . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11 Health & wellbeing Katherine Finn, Hyphotherapist Rebecca Beauty . . . . . . . . . . . Spray Tans by Steph . . . . . . . . The Natural Way . . . . . . . . . . . Billingshurst Leisure Centre . . PilatesWise . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Holly Stone, Hypnotherapist . . Park & Brown, opticians . . . . .

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About the house Fowlers, Estate Agent . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3 KJ Lammas Plumbing & Heating . . . . . . . . . . . . . .26 Cadiss, Bathrooms & Kitchens . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .27 Jef Wilson, decorator . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .27 Millar Property Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .27 Ron Osborne Roofing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .27 Flow-Serve Plumbing, Drainage, Heating . . . . . . . .31 MW Wingate Painting & Decorating . . . . . . . . . . . .31 Alba Plumbing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32 N Francis Electrical . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32 Best Choice Roofing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .33 Ovens & More . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .33 PJM, Building & Property Maintenance . . . . . . . . .33 Versatile Home Improvements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .33 Oven Cleaning Direct . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .34 AC Decor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .25 Biji Property Services Ltd . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .35 Goring Road Carpets . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .35 Pro Electrical . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .35 1A Acclaim Floor Care . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .36 Miss Mop Domestic Cleaning . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .37 MPS Home Improvements Ltd . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .37 Re-Nu Kitchens . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .37 Oven Rescue . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .38 Apex Aerials . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .39 Delta Decor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .39 GJ Coles, Builder . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .39 Hamilton Cole, TV & Satellite Equipment . . . . . . . .39 Lee’s Locks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .39 Sussex Carpet Brokers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .40 DM Handyman . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .41 Park House Kitchens . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .OBC Little Tweeters! Weald School: Kenya Trip . . . . William Penn School . . . . . . . . Yvonne Fleece: The door saga Kids Page . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Features How fireworks work . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6 Gatwick PAGNE: update . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .17 Help! I need somebody . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .21 A Good Read . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .26 SPR Centre: Fireworks and your pets . . . . . . . . . .42

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Miscellaneous Professional Services & Businesses Flackwoods Solicitors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4 A/c’s Direct, Accounting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6 Seasons Art Class . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7 Jim Hills Sports Warehouse . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8 Furze Firs, Christmas Trees . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11 CC’s Emporium: Christmas Market Night . . . . . . . .13 The Works: Christmas Christmas Preview Event . .13 Dandelion Farewells, Funerals . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .17 Daisy’s Dogs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .42 Pest Man . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .42 Sussex Self Store . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .46 Community/Out & About/Farming/Smallholding Ansells Vintage Market . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10 Horsham District Council: Peter Pan . . . . . . . . . . . .5 Bilingshurst Lions Clubs: Carols . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12 Ingfield Manor School: Christmas Fair . . . . . . . . . .12 Billingshurst Community Partnership: Lanterns . . .13 St Mary’s Church: Posada . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14 St Mary’s Church: Craft Fair . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14 St Gabriel’s Church: Communion & Confirmation . .14 Age UK: Christmas Extravaganza . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15 Bishop Christmas Fundraiser . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15 Carolyn Gibbs: Christmas Craft Sale . . . . . . . . . . .15 Community Minibus (Billingshurst) . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16 Barns Green Half Marathon & 10k race: report . . .20 Macmillan: Coffee morning success . . . . . . . . . . . .21 Renegades Youth Group . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22 Ingfield Manor School: Recruitment . . . . . . . . .22, 25 Scouts: Recruitment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .23 Billingshurst Fire Station: Open Day . . . . . . . . . . . .27 Billingshurst Parish Council . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .28-30 Horsham Museum & Gallery: Colourful Places . . . . .31 Billingshurst Dramatic Society: Alex Plowman . . . .32 St Catherine’s Hospice: A HeARTfelt thank you . . .34 St Catherine’s Hospice: Student placement . . . . . .36 Macmillan: Tara braves the shave . . . . . . . . . . . . .37 Wey & Arun Canal Trust: Fish rescue . . . . . . . . . . .38 Loxwood Bridge For Fun . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .41 Billngshurst Choral Society . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .41 John Nash’s Column: The big build . . . . . . . . . . . .44 The Country Brocante . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .IBC Motoring and Private Hire Macs Private Hire . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Billingshurst Service, Repair & MOT Centre Petworth MOT Centre . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A-Team Mechanics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Lintott Auto Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sussex Towing Brackets . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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The area’s longest-established, independent family firm


01403 786787 We’ll make you feel at home

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Coffee break / Legal services

Village Tweet Quick Crossword

Solution on page 9

Dad’s memory might be fading but he can still tell stories about his old jag... Make a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) to help to deal with his financial affairs

Creating an LPA will cost £149.00 Plus VAT at the current rate We can keep the price low because we are the local specialists in Wills, Probate, Powers of Attorney and Estate Planning Flackwoods Solicitors are members of the Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners. Our offices have Free Parking and Ground Floor Disabled Access To get half an hour’s FREE Advice - just phone: 01403 738777 or email:

Ask foor ur ’s h half anadvice E FRE 2 2 L I N T O T S Q U A R E S O U T H W AT E R H O R S H A M R H 1 3 9 L A



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Guy Fawkes Night / Accountancy

How fireworks work!


ost of us love watching fireworks, but have you ever thought about how rockets work? It’s a fascinating science and if you read on, you’ll be able to amaze your friends in the pub after attending your local display or watching a garden display with friends and family.     Fireworks are essentially small missiles designed to explode in a controlled and colourful way. The word ‘firework’ originates from the Greek word pyrotechnics, which means, ‘fire art’ or ‘fire skill’; and modern rocket designs require both in huge amounts.     Rockets mostly consist of five main parts: The tail or the stick. This protrudes from the bottom and ensures the firework shoots in a straight line, which is important for two reasons: first, so that the rocket doesn’t fly off in a random direction, and injure someone; and second, because it aids accuracy and precision when creating complex displays. Fuse. This is the part that allows the firework to be ignited safely. It allows a time delay before the main part of the firework (the charge) begins to burn. This charge ignites other, smaller fuses that make the interesting, colourful parts of the firework (the effects) whicg explode a little later. In a basic rocket, the main fuse consists of a piece of paper or fabric that you light with a match or (preferably) taper. In a complex public firework display, fuses are lit by electrical contacts known as wirebridge fuseheads. When the firework technician pushes a button, an


electric current flows along a wire into the fusehead, which ignites the main fuse. Electrical ignition has the advantage it can be done at a very safe distance. Charge. This is actually a fairly crude explosive designed to blast the rocket up into the sky. Some rockets travel at speeds as fast as a fighter jet. The charge is usually made up of tightly packed, coarse explosive gunpowder (known as black powder) and simply sends the firework high into the air, clear of spectators; it’s not responsible for the spectacular colours. Effect. This is the business end of the firework. A single firework may have just one effect, or several, packed into separate compartments which fire off in sequence, ignited by a time-delay fuse. Effects are explosives too, but different from the main charge. Each effect is made up of more loosely packed, finer explosive material, often fashioned into separate ‘stars’, which make up the small, individual, colourful explosions from a larger firework. The arrangement of patterns and colours depend on how each effect is made and packed. Head. This is the top part of the firework which contains the effect or effects. Sometimes the head has a pointed nosecone to make the firework faster and more aerodynamic and improve the chance of it going in a straight line.     However, you choose to enjoy the fireworks this year remember safety should always be paramount. Follow the firework code. Tracey Anderson

d he s is ar bl ta ye Es


Jim Hills Sports Warehouse

Competing with online prices!

All goods £20 or over NOW 20% OFF R.R.P. Plus Special Deals: 50% off end-of-line Tennis, squash & badminton rackets Hi-Tec Trainers & Football Boots From just £9.99! Junior 10-6, Adult 7-14 While stocks last!

Open Monday to Friday 9am-5.30pm, Saturdays 8.30am-5pm

Large FREE car park Hillside Farm, Billingshurst Rd (A272), Coolham, West Sussex RH13 8QN Check our WEBSITE for details and directions: 5H s ou ws er ie m ev Nu R e-mail:

Tel. 01403 741116

Food and drink / Private hire

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Parsnip soup

with cheesy croutons

An easy, luxurious, autumnal soup

METHOD 1. Preheat the oven to 200°C/180°C Fan/Gas 6. Heat the oil in a heavy-based saucepan over a medium heat. Add the chopped garlic and cubed parsnips and fry for 4-5 minutes, stirring occasionally. When they are golden add the chilli flakes and fry for one more minute. 2. Pour in the stock, stir and bring everything to a simmer. Cover with the lid and cook for 12-15 minutes, or until the parsnips are tender. 3. Meanwhile, for the croutons, place the pieces of bread on a baking tray in a single layer and drizzle with the olive oil. Sprinkle over the cheese, and season with salt and pepper. Bake for 5-10 minutes until crisp and golden. 4. Remove the soup from the heat and blitz with a stick blender until smooth. Return to the heat, stir in the cream and heat through gently. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Serve the soup topped with the croutons and a sprinkling of chilli flakes for a little more kick.

Mac’s Private Hire 24 hours a day – 7 days a week

01403 701 842 07917 850 746 Airports - Social & Business - Lady Driver Available Wisborough Green Based

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes. Cooking time: 30 minutes. Serves 4

INGREDIENTS 1 tbsp olive oil 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped 600g/1lb 5oz parsnips, cut into 1cm/½-inch cubes ½ tsp dried red chilli flakes, plus extra to serve 1 litre/1¾ pints hot vegetable stock 200ml/7fl oz double cream salt and freshly ground black pepper For the croutons 3 thick slices good bread, such as sourdough, cut into 2.5cm/1-inch pieces 1 tbsp olive oil 55g/2oz Gruyere cheese, finely grated

Village Tweet Quick Crossword Solution Puzzle on page 4 Across: 1, STATES. 5, TAKING. 8, DUKE. 9, BREATHER. 10, RAMPARTS. 11, HEEL. 12, DISCUS. 14, REPENT. 16, SPAR. 18, JACKDAWS. 20, UNSADDLE. 21, COOP. 22, SOOTHE. 23 TRYING. Down: 2, TSUNAMI. 3, TIE UP. 4, SOBER AS A JUDGE. 5, TREASURE CHEST. 6, KETCHUP. 7, NIECE. 13, CURRANT. 15, NEWBORN. 17, PANTO. 19, DECAY.


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Food and drink / Out and about

Christmas orders now being taken for: Free Range Turkeys Superb Aged English Topside Honey Roast Ham Ribs of Sussex Beef Fresh Duck & Geese Capons English Gammon Home-made Chipolatas Home-made Chestnut Stuffing Email orders welcome:



8 Jengers Mead, Billingshurst Tel: 01403 782523




Stallholders welcome (tables £5) Antiques • Hornby Trains Bric-a-Brac • Jewellery Garden Ornaments • Crafts etc ANSELLS, KIRDFORD ROAD, WISBOROUGH GREEN, RH14 0DD Book/details: (01403) 700633                   or 07798 941940


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Food and drink / Christmas



West Sussex Pub of the Year 2017

North Sussex



LIVE MUSIC IN NOVEMBER Sat 2nd: The Jukebox 6, Sat 9th: The Alice Band, Sat 16th: The Firm, Fri 22nd: Murdoch’s CrazyEyes, Sat 30th: The T-Slammers KingsHead Billingshurst


40 High Street, Billingshurst, RH14 9NY Tel: (01403) 782012 Mon-Fri & Sun: 11am-11pm. Sat: 11am-12 midnight y Re di NO our se sa W tu rv pp to rk e oi av ey nt o m id en t

r e 5 se ou Tre £3 oo t y as ust Ch cu tm m j d ris fro an Ch ut n yc ow ead r or

Free Range Local Bronze Turkeys Hand reared from day-old chicks in Itchingfield Will be ready for collection from our farm in Itchingfield, near Barns Green on Tuesday, 24th December. Go to for more info. Weights are approximately 7-8kg. A £15 deposit confirms the order

Call 07703 182971

NORDMANN CHRISTMAS TREES NORDMANN Beautiful Christmas Trees grown on our family •  owned plantation at Furze View,TREES Five Oaks Road CHRISTMAS (A264), Five Oaks, Nr. Slinfold, RH13 0RH. Beautiful Christmas grown on our family owned The real start to aTrees traditional Christmas is all • •about plantation at Furze View, Five Oaks Road (A264), Five choosing and cutting your own super-fresh

• •

Oaks, Nr.Slinfold. RH13 0RH Christmas Tree from our plantation. We have lots •ofThe children to chooseTrees the tree Mum & Dad too. freshly cutlove Christmas toand choose from can cut it down! We also have lots of   Save £5. Visit our plantation onChristmas Monday to Trees (freshly cut daily) to choose from too. Friday (when we are quieter) to receive £5 off •any £35,ofOur beautiful (non-drop) NordmannChristmas Christmas our beautiful Nordmann Trees, with any height, only £35 with this Trees this are Village Tweet ad.‘Village Tweet’ advert.   Open every day from Saturday 23rd November. from 9am 25th to 5pm. •Open Openweekends every day from Saturday November from Open weekdays from 10am to 5pm. 9am until 6pm.

! 07706 947565 To cut youryour own boots tree don’t to bring a saw! Bring and forget wrap up warm!


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Charity / Christmas

Billingshurst & District Lions Club – Carols


t’s Leo here, I am Santa’s head elf communications officer writing to you from the North Pole.     For nearly 40 years Santa has been helped by his friends from the Billingshurst & District Lions Club to visit the children of Billingshurst and the surrounding villages to make sure they have been behaving themselves, to find out what they would like for Christmas and to collect money for Lions charitable funds (or to buy carrots for the reindeer).     Recently, Santa has noticed there are lots more houses to visit and he is worried he hasn’t been able to visit them all. Luckily, the Lions have come up with a brilliant plan that I would like to tell you about. •  New routes have been organised which now include the new estates. •  Santa will be starting the routes earlier each night from around 5pm. •  He may not have time to knock on everybody’s door, so he has asked if you can listen out for him. •  Some of the elves will be helping Santa out each night by carrying collection buckets. It makes them really happy when you have any spare change ready. If you don’t have any change you can donate online. •  The Lions will be keeping everyone updated via their

Can you spare an evening for the Lions and


The Lions are looking for a couple of people to help for an evening as Santa’s helpers with our Christmas carol collection and

To help our local children meet Santa! To enjoy a seasonal evening and to help your local Lions are you available for an evening during the first 3 weeks of December?

If so please contact Viv. Phone 01403 752968, Mob 07767 221908, Email


Facebook page when they start each night so please keep a look out. •  Even though Santa wants to come •  and see you all he may not be able to until he must get back to the North Pole in time for Christmas •  Eve. So, he is going to be at the Lions bookshop on Saturday mornings in December if you would like to visit him. •  The Lions are also recruiting Lion elves to help with the carol singing, if you are interested please contact Viv Diggens at diggens2000@ or drop in to the bookshop in Jengers Mead.     If you would like to find out more then please keep an eye on the Billingshurst & District Lions Club facebook page or our website: Leo the Lion (aka Paul Roberts) For more information about the Club contact Lion Alan Ridout on (01403) 871370 or call in at the bookshop and have a chat with the Lion on duty Photo: Santa’s vehicle loaned to us by the Skoda garage at Broadbridge Heath. One of our members is a retired engineer and he built the decorations which we attach via a roof rack

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CC’S Emporium 10 JENGERS MEAD, BILLINGSHURST. Tel: (01403) 785724

Christmas Market Night Friday 6th December @ 6 - 8.30pm Lots of Christmas Goodies from our talented local crafters, charity raffle, mince pies and mulled wine!

CC’S is open throughout November and December for Gift Sales and Christmas Workshops! Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages for more info and opening hours

With your help we can make Billingshurst shine! We will be having three public

LANTERN MAKING SESSIONS at CC’S Emporium in Jengers Mead for those people that would like to be involved in the Lantern Walk (see page 30) & Lantern Making. Sessions are free but places must be booked in advance (call CC’s: 01403 785724). There will be a maximum of ten places per session. Saturday 23rd November, 10am-1pm Wednesday 27th November, 7-9.30pm Saturday 7th December 10am-1pm


Editorial and advertising enquiries: 07762 767084,

Christmas / Religion

St Mary’s Posada returns to Billingshurst! What is Posada? Posada is a Spanish word meaning ‘inn’ and is an old Mexican tradition where young people dressed up as Joseph and Mary travelled from house to house, sharing the Christmas story. What are we doing? Our community Posada echos this tradition with a knitted nativity set, which travels around Billingshurst, staying with different families and businesses during advent. Our hope is to spread the light and joy of the Christmas story in our village, enacted by our Posada.     Their journey will begin at our Christingle Service on Sunday 1st December at 4pm, and will end at our Family Nativity Service at 4pm on Christmas Eve, where it will remain in church for our celebrations over Christmas and into the New Year.     Everyone can follow their journey, and share their experiences via our website and social media. How can I get involved? We’re looking for people to host our Posada! This year we are looking for:

•  Local businesses to host our wise men •  Community groups/activities and events to welcome our shepherds and sheep •  Local families to host Mary and Joseph and their new baby     This is a fun opportunity to learn more about the story of Christmas, and share it with family, friends, and our wider community. You can re-enact the story using our Posada, take pictures, and take the figures to their next home in the village! If you would like to host our Posada, please email us on     To follow the journey of our Posada by email, subscribe at: Emma Eade, St Mary’s Church, Billingshurst Photos: Do you run a local business? Maybe Joseph could check your estate agents for a new house, or your local inn to see if there are any vacancies? Perhaps the sheep need a checkup at your vet, or the shepherds need to visit your farm for supplies? Perhaps the wise men want to stop off for some last minute gift ideas in your shop? Can you spare some room this Christmas time?

ST GABRIEL’S CATHOLIC CHURCH Billingshurst Autumn is here… So, as a church family we are starting to prepare for

First Holy Communion and Confirmation in 2020 First Holy Communion is for children in Year 3 or above. Confirmation is for young people in Year 10 or above. We also welcome all adults who want to know more about the Catholic Faith. For more details please see or call Father Alan (01403) 782128


Charity / Christmas

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Chris hristm tmas as Ex Extr travaga aganz nza Saturday 16th November 2019 10am to 1pm The Drill Hall, Denne Road, Horsham, RH12 1JF Free entry, everybody welcome Lots of unique items and perfect Christmas gifts, including; handmade jewellery, bags, candles, novelty soaps, decorations and so much more!

Pick up your Christmas Cards Meet Father Christmas Demonstration from local dance group ‘Kicks’ Refreshments Raffle, tombola, other games and activities! All monies raised to Age UK Horsham District. For more information please call 01403 260560, or email or visit Age UK Horsham District registered charity (1085988) and company limited by guarantee. Registered in England and Wales number 04169358. Registered Office; Lavinia House, Dukes Square, Horsham, RH12 1GZ.


Editorial and advertising enquiries: 07762 767084,

Community / Health and wellbeing

West Sussex Community Minibus Association (Billingshurst) November Schedule Thursday 7th Friday 8th Tuesday 12th Wednesday 13th Thursday 14th Tuesday 19th Thursday 21st Tuesday 26th Wednesday 27th Thursday 28th

9.00am 9.30am 10.00am 10.00am 9.00am 10.00am 9.00am 10.00am 9.00am

Horsham & Sainsbury’s 1.15pm Horsham & Tesco’s Worthing & Haskins for lunch ‘Old Barn’ for lunch then afternoon at Camilia Botnar Chichester Market Day Horsham & Sainsbury’s 1.15pm Tesco’s Broadbridge Heath Chichester & Cathedral lunchtime concert: Brahms Horsham & Sainsbury’s 1.15pm Horsham & Tesco’s 1.00pm Shoreham Airport for tea Chichester Market Day Horsham & Sainsbury’s 1.15pm Tesco’s Broadbridge Heath

To book your place please telephone Geraldine Pike: (01403) 786147 We now offer a friendly door to door service for anyone in the RH14 9xx area! As we move into the shorter days, we hope you’ll still venture out and join us on our trips. Our door to door service is ideal when avoiding the wind and rain! Bring your friends

Please book trips at least 24 hours in advance so we can ensure our crews have correct pick-up information! If you’re interested in finding out more about our service, either as a passenger or a volunteer, please contact Steve O’Dowd, email: billingshurst.minibus@btinternet. com or tel: (01403) 784428. Thank you. Registered Charity No. 1173818


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Gatwick Plane Noise – update PAGNE (People Against Gatwick Noise and Emissions) continues its work to represent the communities to the far west and south-west of the airport and to help reduce the ever-increasing plane noise burden Gatwick inflicts upon us.     As ever, Gatwick’s focus is on maximising revenue and profit and in recent weeks they have announced their Master Plan to: (1)  Increase capacity of its main runway (2)  Turn its standby runway into a second runway (3)  Safeguard land for a potential third runway.     This opportunistic plan goes against today’s growing concerns over Climate Change, but were it to be successful, flight numbers would increase by almost 40%, passenger numbers by over 50%, a truly devastating result for the long-suffering communities already adversely impacted by Gatwick’s operations. The impacts would be: •  Intolerable noise for our communities •  An extra million tonnes of CO2 emissions pa, risking the planet’s future ••  Permanent environmental damage to our countryside •  More adverse health impacts for ourselves and our children

•  A reduction in the value of our homes •  Additional strain on already fragile road and rail infrastructure     To counter this threat PAGNE, together with groups representing all areas around Gatwick and led by Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign (GACC), have come together to form the ‘Gatwick’s Big Enough’” campaign group.     We are already challenging some of the core principles of Gatwick’s arguments for further expansion. However, this will be a long and complex campaign and, to have any chance of success, we will require your support. If you would like to become a PAGNE supporter and to receive regular updates on campaign progress, please provide your e-mail contact details at Take part in the survey: ‘What do you think of Gatwick Airport expansion plans? R9N2WTV.     Visit the Stop Gatwick Expansion Roadshow at Horsham’s Carfax on 9th November. Atholl Forbes, Chair, PAGNE


Judith Dandy Independent Funeral Director Dandelion Farewells warmly invites you to contact us if you have any questions about the funeral you need to arrange. We are committed to enabling families to plan a funeral that is personal, meaningful and affordable. We will support you to create a farewell that is appropriate and unique, thereby taking away much of the strain of planning such a signi昀cant event. We will be with you every step of the way.

Church View, Billingshurst Road Wisborough Green, West Sussex RH14 0DY

e: t: 01403 701001 m: 07769 336022


10% DISCOUNT WITH THIS AD 39 Carfax, Horsham, RH12 1EQ 01403 218325 If we don’t have an item in stock we offer an ordering service, subject to availability

Mobile Spray Tan Therapist

8 years experience – high rate of repeat custom

A Natural Looking Tan in the comfort of your home Bridal & Prom packages available plus group discounts. Perfect for any occasion!

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“Great new memberships.” We have had a rethink about our membership packages and we are now offering the following memberships: Student membership from £27.00 Senior membership

from £31.00

New Gym Only price from £23.00 To find out more please call the membership team on 01403 879666

Places for People Leisure working in partnership with Horsham District Council

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Health and wellbeing

Give your whole body a workout with PilatesWise classes NEW to Billingshurst


laim your FREE complimentary class, make the most of our fantastic autumn OFFERS, plus new and exclusive members area available online with daily workout videos at your fingertips.     BOOK NOW!

How can pilates help you? • Build *Core Strength • Invigorate the mind • Elevate the spirit • Rehab from and reduce injury • Repair dysfunctional movement patterning • Break bad habits and improve your posture • Healthier blood • Improve your balance • Strengthen your Mind/Body Connection • Improve concentration • Increased flexibility • Learn true balance and strength from within

*Have you ever wondered – what exactly is the Core? The biggest thing in exercise in the last 20 years. The Core.     I cannot tell you how many people are referred to me with the explicit instructions they need to

‘strengthen their core’, the problem they have is the ‘core is not strong enough’.     The thing is, although it is undisputed that the abdominals are important, they are not the whole story.     You have your spinal muscles that run parallel to the spine, your buttock muscles (glutes or Gluteus), and your deep hip muscles – they all contribute to core strength and therefore core control, or your powerhouse as I tend to cue in class.     You cannot strengthen in isolation. A six-pack looks great on the beach, but ignore the rest at your peril because misalignment creates its own problems.     Working out a balanced fitness routine will not only improve your core, but allow you to improve so much more. It can improve the stress on your neck, and shoulders, balance, posture, reduce and even prevent injury.     Never ignore the core, but do focus also on the strengthening the whole body from within. It is a kinetic chain, and your strength and vitality will improve for it.     EVERYONE can benefit from pilates, you will never know if you don’t try. Men and Women are welcome, beginners and those with experience. You won’t look back! Kat Briggs

“Pilates develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind, and elevates the spirit.” Joseph Pilates

FREE trial class offer Book online at

10 for 8 offer Book 10 classes and pay for just 8 Don’t delay, offer ends 16/11/19

Comprehensive 6-week beginner course


At Billingshurst studio in January Early bird 15% discount, book now Billingshurst Studio, 13 Station Road, RH14 9RU 07747 464828


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Marathon / Health and wellbeing

Weather fails to dampen spirits at Barns Green Half Marathon and 10k races


n Sunday 29th September, Barns Green hosted its 37th annual half marathon and its fourth 10km race. Over 2000 runners registered for the two races. The Barns Green Half Marathon started just after 10am and twenty minutes later the Barns Green 10km race started with over 650 runners.     Muntham House School Principal, Harry Anderson acted as official starter for the Barns Green Half Marathon. The male winner of the half marathon race was Paul Navesey from Crawley AC in a time of 1 hour 8 mins 25 secs with Ben Savill from Lewes AC second and James Turner third. The women’s race was won for the second year running by Rachel Hillman of Hailsham Harriers in a time of 1 hour 23 mins 50 secs with Dani Tarleton of Arena 80 AC second and Elspeth Turner from Horsham Blue Star Harriers third. After the race, Paul Navesey, said, “I am thrilled to have come home first. The course was great and the organisation as always very good. It was tricky conditions with the wind and rain but a great atmosphere”.     The men’s 10k was won by Maxwell Dumbrell of Horsham Blue Star Harriers in a time of 31 mins 59 seconds. Max has also previously won the Barns Green Half Marathon. Freddie Sherwood finished second and Richard Murphy of Denmead Striders was third. The winner of the Barns Green women’s 10k race was Kat Owens from Crawley AC who completed the course in 38 mins 40 seconds. Tara Shanahan was second, with Laura Vowels third.     The weather was to say the least challenging with strong winds and showers. However, the worst of the rain had passed by the time the races started. After the races some extra effort was required by the marshals to get all the cars out of the waterlogged car parks and all the runners safely on their way home after another great day.

On the day, 140 volunteers gave up their time to help with car parking and marshalling and the many other jobs necessary to make sure everything ran smoothly and the runners enjoyed the experience. This unique village event raises a lot of money for charity and local sports clubs and societies. The official charity this year was once again St Catherine’s Hospice and this year’s event is expected to help raise £5,000 for the wonderful work that they do.     Commenting on the event, Race Director, Vernon Jennings said, “I couldn’t be happier with the way that the day went. We were nervous when we saw the weather forecasts for the day but with some great effort from everyone involved we were able to start just a few minutes behind schedule. It was great to see so many runners register and take part in the race and while numbers for the half marathon continue to be very strong we have seen terrific growth in our 10k race since it started in 2016. The high levels of competitors enable us to give donations to all the local clubs and societies that help us to stage the event and also boost the money that we can donate to our wonderful charity, St Catherine’s Hospice. I would once again like to thank our local residents for their great support and cooperation and understanding with regard to the road closures during the races and thank all our helpers and marshals who worked so hard to get the races under way and everything tidied up so well and efficiently after the races.”     Entries for next year’s Barns Green Half Marathon and 10k are already open with an early bird offer. The date is Sunday 27th September 2020. For further details visit Nigel Currie, Barns Green Half Marathon Committee Women’s 10k race award winners: 1st Kat Owens, 2nd Tara Shanahan and 3rd Laura Vowels. Photo: Simon Gale

Drivesafe lenses –

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Health and wellbeing / Charity

Help! I Need Somebody… Who do you call to help a struggling child?


f your child is struggling in school the chances are that you are struggling to figure out how to find the most effective help for them.     There are many reasons why a child might fall behind. Some children find that despite a lot of effort, they are frustrated by learning disorders. Some fall behind because they have a hard time focusing on learning or making an organized effort to get homework done.     Some children will get the support they need to succeed from specialists in their school, in the classroom or in sessions outside of class. But every year many parents feel that their child is not receiving adequate assistance and end up sourcing their own help.     This is where things can get confusing. What sort of help might be best for your child? Think carefully about your child’s needs. Subject support. Sometimes a child falls behind in a particular subject for an obvious reason: they were off sick for a while, suffered a family bereavment, or they’ve had a succession of supply teachers, or disrupted lessons. If your youngster is failing in one particular subject, a specialist tutor might be the way to go. It’s easy to understand what a tutor is and does: They are knowledgeable in a particular subject area and can bolster a child’s success in that subject by filling in background information your child might have missed and offering deeper explanation and practice to help the student acquire the necessary skills. These people are specialists so expect to pay between £20-40 per session

Coffee Morning Success raises £369 for Macmillan The Billingshurst Macmillan Group held their Coffee Morning on Saturday 21st September at the United Reformed Church. Once again the hall was filled with customers who very generously donated a wonderful £369.51.     This years show stopper cake was a very delicious Baileys Truffle which was kindly donated from Chris & Ami from Sunshine Cleaning of Billingshurst.     Thank you to everyone that attended and for the Church for the use of their hall. Rowena Harris

depending on subject and area. Homework support. If your child’s challenge isn’t a particular subject, but trouble settling down to tackle the work itself, a homework helper might be what you need. A homework helper provides structure and support. Many parents find themselves filling that role for their kids, being present and providing back-up when kids get confused or unfocused. But for some children who are really struggling with focus and organisation (many with ADHD and autism fall into this category) homework becomes a major area of conflict, so having a professional homework helper on the case can be a big relief for both parents and kids. Helping a child succeed at homework without involving parents can remove a lot of stress from the whole family’s evening. The person does not have to be a specialist teacher but they do have to be good at helping a child to organise their thoughts and their time. Learning support. For a child with serious learning issues, an educational therapist can work with them to strengthen the skills they need to be able to keep up. Educational therapists come to the task with a range of professional skills, from special education to speech and language therapy to psychology. What they have in common is that they will work with an individual child’s learning style, and then help him develop skills and strategies that will enable him to build on strengths and compensate for weaknesses. Children with dyslexia particularly benefit from this approach. Tracey Anderson 9 _Layout 1 15/09/201

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ITY THE COMMUN Loxwood • Plaistow • Slinfold • CONNECTING Ifold • Kirdford • Five Oaks •

• Barns Green Billingshurst

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The Renegades are Go!


ad”, “The best”, “Awesome”: three verdicts on the new Renegades Youth Group, and all straight from the mouths of very excited members.     The group, which operates from the Emmanuel Chapel in Loxwood, was set up earlier this year with the simple aim of helping to give all our children and grandchildren the best childhood ever. It is open to 11-16-year-olds in the Weald school catchment area.     From bushcraft to blind food tastings, from sailing and caving to canoeing and camping, the programme of activities being offered is both fantastically varied and sneakily educational.     Other activities have included making bowls from clay extracted from local rivers, which gave the children a lesson in paleontology as they learned how civilisation developed using early tools and materials. We will soon be having a go at firing the pots in earth kilns.     To develop the children’s curiosity into how things are made and repaired, we have started work on restoring an old go-kart. Then there are the photography sessions, the hiking, the art, the cooking,

the mad science experiments, building a junk orchestra, helping with local restorations and beach cleaning… You name it, we’ll do it!     Our aim is to do a camp, an activity weekend, a sleep-over film night and disco every school term, so that no child misses out. It is through shared tasks and spending time together that the children are growing in confidence and independence and are forming a great family of mutual affection and support.     Now that all the technical formalities of setting up the group have been completed, we are applying for charity status and for grants to help with the purchase of much needed equipment.     We are also exploring branching out with specialist interests, such as a proposed Renegades Youth Theatre Group to be run by Sandra and Phil Donohue. The RYTG will meet every Thursday evening 6.30-8pm from the beginning of January and will explore all aspects of theatre and stage management     Membership costs £10 a month. Please contact Gareth Miller on 07801 862550 or Damian Dixon on 07484 130189 for further information. Vanda Rumney

Team members Part Time Hours Term Time Only £15928.00 per annum. Ingfield Manor School is a day and weekly boarding school for 60 pupils and students aged 3-19 with neuro-motor impairments, such as Cerebral Palsy. We are one of the UK’s leading Conductive Education providers and Ingfield Manor is an exciting and rewarding place to work with excellent resources, including a new multi-sensory room. We are seeking a highly motivated individual to support the needs of our students in our residential provision each evening Monday - Thursday. Hours of work will be 4pm-9pm where you will be expected to work as part of a team to support the care routines of our young people. Applicants should hold a minimum of level 3 qualification in a relevant field (i.e. Health and social care, residential childcare), or be willing to work towards this qualification shortly after commencing role. For further details and application form please contact: Jane Hart-Coombes, Ingfield Manor School, Ingfield Manor Drive, Five Oaks, Billingshurst, West Sussex, RH14 9AX. Telephone: 01403 782294. Email: We expect all candidates to share our commitment to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, and all posts are subject to an enhanced DBS check.


Our Explorer Leader Teams Need You

Fancy putting your skills to use, learning new ones and playing an active role in influencing life skills of Explorer Scouts (14-18 years old) in your area? Or are you happy doing the paperwork and record keeping? Volunteering is easier than you think. With full support and training, you can volunteer on a flexible basis. Share your skills with our units in Billingshurst, Petworth or Ifold Call Sarah on 07968 762123 or email #SkillsForLife

Copyright 2018 The Scout Association Registered Charity numbers 306101/SC038437

Billingshurst, Ifold & Petworth Units

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Little Tweeters!

Weald trip to Kenya 2019


his summer, a group of students from The Weald School travelled to Kenya to help build safe and permanent classrooms for the local children.     Classrooms for Kenya is a charity set up by The Weald that has been transforming the lives of children in Kenya for 13 years. The Weald School raise funds for this project, which amount to approximately £20,000 every year. Most of the money is raised as a result of their annual sponsored walk, which all students and most staff participate in. Since 2006, almost 100 classrooms have been built for over 20 different schools.     As well as supporting the people and communities in Kenya, there is huge value for The Weald students too, which can’t be underestimated. Those that choose to travel to Africa behave selflessly in their fundraising, gain a wealth of new skills and experiences and come away from Kenya with memories which will last a lifetime.     Science teacher, Mr Neil Dixon, trip participant writes, “As the plane touched down in the land that contains the bones of our great ancestors, there was a palpable sense of expectation among our large group. Nearly 50 in total, there were a lot of wide eyes and expectant faces looking around the Kenyan landscape. Then the questions began, ‘What time will we get to the hotel?’, ‘Will there be wi-fi?’ ‘Where are the buses?’ Those of us who had been to Kenya before replied with confidence, ‘We don’t know, we’ll see’ or ‘Not too sure, we’re running on Kenyan time now.’ These responses were repeated throughout the trip, until eventually the questions about plans stopped and were replaced by observations about what they were experiencing or their surroundings instead, as they embraced this new culture and way of life.     “An uneventful trip up from Nairobi saw us stop to view the wonder that is the Great Rift Valley, cross the Equator and get our first glimpse of the local wildlife in the form or zebras and baboons along the roadside. We passed the wondrous Lake Elementaita and finally arrived into the welcome arms of Theresa and The Karibuni.

Weald students Top: classroom build


    “The first week was a blur of travelling to meet the schools we were building at, visiting the schools that were built at last year, visits to the baby orphanage for cuddles and evening entertainments (song battles, taboo, talent shows, Kenyan House Parties) and lots of brick-laying! Morale was high with early morning running club pulling in a group of no less than ten people one day.     “The first weekend saw us visit a successful rose farm who export to the UK regularly, before an evening meal of traditional food from the TransNzgoia region in the house of Madam Sitti. The students showed their true colours, saying some lovely words about the generosity and welcome they had experienced from everyone since arriving in the region. Sunday saw us all attend church services in different locations, with one of the leaders nearly ending up coming home with more than they had bargained for, before a bit of market shopping and a barbecue.     “The second week saw the classrooms really taking shape as the students started to plan colourful murals to paint as a memento for the primary school children to remember us by. Leaving them was emotional, saying goodbye to the teachers and students who we had got to know, exchanging gifts and an experience that we will all hold in our hearts forever.     “The final weekend saw us travel to Mount Elgon, the Nakuru National Safari Park and the Nakuru Lake Lodge for some more traditional tourist activities. Outside our hotel I led the students into the market and the world of haggling! They all came away happy with their purchases, one student particularly happy with getting a rare yellow Kenyan football shirt for 500 Ksh when all his friends had paid 800 KSh or more!     “Our arrival in Nairobi was with mixed emotions. Everyone was looking forward to getting home to see their loved ones, but it was equally clear that some of us had formed a real attachment to this land of our ancestors. Mr Neil Dixon

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William Penn School ‘Living, Laughing and Learning Together’ l  Are you looking for a school where your child will be nurtured, noticed and treated as an individual? l  Are you looking for a school that will focus on helping your child reach high academic goals? l  Are you looking for a school where your child will develop socially, gaining social skills and transferable life skills? l  Are you looking for a school that will promote confidence and self-belief? l  Are you looking for a school that will work with you, sharing your aim to make sure that your child is happy? l  Are you looking for high quality and affordable wrap-around child care? 8am-6pm at The Friends Club William Penn School provides a high quality and nurturing start to the education of pupils, serving families in Coolham and surrounding villages to Barns Green, Southwater, Christ’s Hospital and also Billingshurst, Horsham and beyond. We welcome visitors to the school. Please contact us for an appointment on 01403 741274. Email: or join us on an Open Day (see calendar at

Night Support Workers No Weekend Working and Term Time Only Contract An opportunity to work term time only! We are recruiting for a Waking Night Support Worker to join our dynamic team supporting inspirational young people throughout their evening, night and morning routines. You would be required to work 1 to 2 nights a week (Mon-Thurs), with the flexibility to cover shifts in the event of other night staff absence. You will also be required to attend the school’s inset days (5 per academic year). Please call Jane Hart-Coombes (01403) 782294 or email to discuss this or our Day Staff Vacancies.

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Books / About the house

A Good Read November’s selection from book reviewer Willow Coby The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle – Stuart Turton Murder mystery stories have been popular for centuries. However, I would say that you have probably never come across a murder mystery story quite like this. Debut author, Stuart Turton, admits to being inspired by the novels of Agatha Christie, but The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle is far from the likes of Miss Marple or Hercule Poirot.     Set in a large country house in the early 20th century our protagonist wakes up in the middle of a wood. He is not wearing his own clothes and he soon realises that he is not in his own body. Confused by what is going on he hears a gunshot and stumbles his way through the wood to Blackheath House. He is greeted by a man who calls him Sebastian Bell, but this name means nothing to him. Eventually he is visited by a mysterious man in a plague doctor’s mask.     Said protagonist is called Aidan Bishop and he has until the end of the day to solve a murder. If he fails then the day will start all over again, but this time Aidan will not be Sebastian Bell. He will live the same day over in eight different ‘hosts’ and so he has eight days to solve the murder of Evelyn Hardcastle.     Evelyn has been murdered hundreds of times.     Part Agatha Christie, part Quantum Leap, this novel will keep you guessing with plot twists

appearing throughout. Oh, and expect to feel confused: Turton has done a stunning job of weaving the eight different days together. Just go with it and enjoy the journey! Enchanted Palace – Rosie Banks It is clear from the minute you look at this book who it is aimed at. A pink and sparkly cover welcomes young readers into the world of ‘The Secret Kingdom’. This is the first instalment of this successful series of books that follow the adventures of best friends Ellie, Summer, and Jasmine.     As the book begins, the three friends are helping their teacher run a stall at their local jumble sale. As they are packing up, they find a strange-looking locked wooden box. Too late to sell it they take it home with them to try and open. What happens when they do shows them a world they never knew existed: The Secret Kingdom.     King Merry needs their help. His wicked sister, Queen Malice, is plotting to destroy the kingdom and turn it from a joyful place, full of unicorns, fairies and mermaids, into a dull and dreary land, making everyone as miserable as she is.     Can Ellie, Summer, and Jasmine, solve the riddles that will let them save the Secret Kingdom from the Queen? Join them on an adventure of a lifetime, riding on the backs of the royal swans and rainbow slides.

K.J. Lammas Plumbing & Heating Ltd


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Billingshurst Fire Station Open Day Report


e would like to thank everyone who came to our Open Day in September as we were not able to publish anything last month.     Held on Saturday, 14th September, the event raised nearly £900 for The Fire Fighters Charity.     Leading up to it, crews worked around the clock to get everything organised to make the day, one of our best!     The weather was absolutely perfect, so the crowds came in their numbers throughout the day.     As ever, the chip pan fire display was the public’s favourite, being able to see right in front of them the dangers of using water to put out a fire involving chip pans.     We also showed the public some ladder drills, RTC demonstrations, and CPR/first aid training.     Some lucky people went home with some fantastic raffle prizes, and we would like to thank the local community and businesses for donating

CADISS Kitchens & Bathrooms Design – Supply – Installation

such generous prizes.     We had crews from Worthing, Midhurst and our Technical Rescue Unit demonstrating different pieces of equipment we have within the fire service.     Days like these take a lot of time and effort to organise, but when it’s as successful as it was, the hard work pays off and we can’t wait to start organising the next one.     As 5th November approaches, we would strongly advise that you attend an organised local event, and leave it to the professionals. Bonfire and fireworks evenings should be fun. The children love it, and we would hate to be called to your home because something has gone wrong. There will be plenty of local shows for you to all attend, so please stay safe and have fun. Twitter: @Station49Fire Facebook: Billingshurst Fire Station Dan Game, Billingshurst Fire Station Photo: RTC demonstration like a scene from Casualty!

J. WILSON Painting & Decorating Interior & Exterior

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Ron Osborne Roofing All domestic roofing repairs and new roofs undertaken Tiles • Slates • Flat roofs Lead and hard metal specialist


Over 30 years’ experience Testimonials available Call 01403 786776 Mobile 07926 397592 Email


Billingshurst Parish Council Billingshurst Community & Conference Centre Roman Way, Billingshurst, RH14 9QW

Youth Café Consultation Many thanks to all those residents who took the trouble to send back a voting slip about the Council buying a property in the High Street. Jeremy Quin MP oversaw the count and Centre Manager Sarah Newell and Mr Quin’s Intern did the actual counting, on 13th September. The results were: Yes No Spoilt

336   80   5 421

79.81% 19%   1.19%

Billingshurst in Bloom – Awards Night! Entrants in the Billingshurst in Bloom competition received their awards from the Chairman of the Parish Council, Cllr Paul Berry at the Billingshurst Centre last month.     Residents and businesses received certificates in a number of categories, which had been judged by eminent gardeners from Billingshurst Horticultural Society. Once again, the Judges commented that whilst judging they passed many excellent gardens which hadn’t entered.     If your business would like to sponsor a planter in the village or perhaps donate a trophy for one of the In Bloom categories next year, please contact the Parish Council.     Thanks again to all those who entered or helped in some way this summer. Email: 01403 782555 / twitter@BillingshurstPC

Billingshurst Parish Council


Sign up to our new E-Newsletter In response to requests from residents who wanted the Council to expand on the different ways it engages with residents, you can now sign up to receive e-mails direct from the Council. This is entirely voluntary and is GDPR compliant. You can be assured you will not be bombarded with hundreds of emails, but it could be that we want to notify you of an important planning application, a public consultation or a severe weather warning. You can unsubscribe at any time. We do hope you will give it a try. You can subscribe by clicking on e-newsletter signup on our Facebook and Twitter pages, or on the NEWSFEED page on our website

Children in Need – Coffee Morning & Raffle A date for your diaries! We will be holding our Coffee Morning & Raffle for BBC Children in Need on Friday 15th November between 10.30am - midday. Do you have anything that you could donate to our raffle, or could you make a cake or some biscuits perhaps?     We would love to hear from you and/ or see you on the day. Please contact or call 01403 782555 if you are able to help with donations.

South & South East in Bloom Billingshurst was well represented at the AMEX Stadium in Brighton on 13th September for the annual South & South East in Bloom Awards. Both Station Road Gardens and the village itself managed to maintain their previous standings of Silver Gilt and Silver respectively, but we understand the village got a lot more points this year so it should be well placed to try to achieve a Silver Gilt also in 2020.     Representing the Parish Council were Litter Wardens Colin Ellis and Roland Clark and Parish Clerk Greg Burt; representing the Friends of Station Road Gardens was its Chairman Keith Brown and his wife Ann. Thanks to all Council staff members, contractors and volunteers who helped make the village and Station Road Gardens look so nice over this summer and for their hard work all year round.

list if you are able, and join the ‘help required’ list if you might need a helping hand.     Our volunteers are able to offer help with snow clearing, shopping, prescription collections and similar. The Parish Council and its volunteers are keen to offer help to those who may need it but are not an emergency service and are limited in what they can do. Please look after yourselves and help vulnerable or elderly neighbours. It is worth considering keeping a good stock of candles/matches and spare torch batteries in case of power cuts and some non-perishable food stocks if you might be unable to leave your home in adverse weather. Please refer to the Local Winter Maintenance Plan booklet for more information and for details of how to register for help or how to volunteer – copies will be available from the Billingshurst Centre, GP surgery and the Parish Office. Large bags of salt/grit will be delivered to various locations throughout the Parish in the event of heavy snowfall. This is for use on the public highways and is NOT for private paths and driveways.

Money! Money! Money! The Parish Council has a modest Grants Budget to help local charities, and not-forprofit groups. So, if your good cause operates in Billingshurst or provides a service to those who live in the Parish, and needs a few pounds to help with new project, please consider applying for a grant; applications can be made at any time of the year. Please visit the Council’s website noted on this page, click on Council, scroll down to Council documents where you will find more details on the Council’s Grant Policy and an application form.     In addition, the Council is starting to receive 15% of all CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) generated by new development in the Parish. This will increase to 25% once the Neighbourhood Plan is formally adopted. The Parish Council would be pleased to receive suggestions on how this money should be allocated. It doesn’t necessarily have to be used on any Councils land, as long it as it improves infrastructure that benefits the community. Please send any suggestions, even if just ideas, to the Parish Council.

Please turn the page! Upcoming Meetings (November)

Winter Resilience Plan The Parish Council has a Winter Resilience Plan in place which links volunteers with those who need help during severe weather conditions. Please consider joining our volunteer

6th: Full Council/Trustees (7.30pm) 7th: Planning & Environment Committee (7.30pm) 13th: Neighbourhood Plan Working Party (6.30pm) 20th: Property Committee (7.30pm) 27th: Billingshurst Centre (7.00pm) & F&GP Committee (7.30pm)


Christmas in a Day‌

Christmas Fayre 10am-3pm Billingshurst Centre

%&&%!' $"'# ')(($+!#%&&')+ *"*+* Centre

Craft, gift and charity stalls, kiddies rides, Hog Roast, refreshments, Father Christmas

Lantern Walk 3.30pm Assemble Library car park. 4pm Procession departs: Mill Lane, High Street and Station Road. 4.45pm Arrives Station Road Gardens for a Light and Music Show, hot food and refreshments available

Christmas Cracker Billingshurst Choral Society in concert with Petworth Town Band

6.30pm Leisure Centre Doors open from 5.30pm Tickets from 07785 314097 or Adults ÂŁ10, children under 16 free

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Colourful Places Horsham Museum & Art Gallery, open now until 13th December


n 2017 Steyning based artist Sarah Duffield had a near sell-out show of her bright, uplifting and unique take on the landscape that inspires her. Now two years later she returns to Horsham Museum & Art Gallery with stunning new work that reveals how she continues to develop her pallet and craft.     At the heart of the exhibition – Colourful Places – The MultiColoured District – are four views of Horsham district, drawn from conversations had with local people about their favourite scene. Commissioned by Horsham District Council as part of the Year of Culture, the paintings are the culmination of months of work, and importantly, a first, the exhibition will focus on the steps Sarah took in creating the modern masterpieces. So as well admiring the Views of Knepp Estate and Ruin, Chesworth Farm, View from Beeding Hill and the River Arun and Chalk Pit at Amberley, the visitor can get a feel of the creative processes, the palette selection and what to include, or leave out. It adds a real depth and interest to an exhibition that will make you see Horsham district in another light.     The four original views of the district are part of a larger exhibition where Sarah showcases her

recent work including Into the Arboretum, Adur Sunset and Autumn Sentinels, paintings inspired by her travels across the heart of Sussex. In 2017 one of the surprises of the exhibition were the beautifully crafted charcoal drawings, the preparatory sketches that stood in their own right as works of art. Horsham Museum & Art Gallery are delighted that Sarah has agreed to display some of these drawings again, monochrome images as powerful and rewarding as her colourful masterpieces.     Colourful Places – The Multi-Coloured District is an opportunity to admire works by a highly talented artist who has created her own vision of the world around her. Knowing only too well how popular the four views of the district will be, a limited signed print of each has been produced. These will be on sale along with original works of art, in an exhibition that is one of the highlights of Horsham District Year of Culture.     Horsham Museum & Art Gallery is open Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm, free admission. For more information see Rachel Weller, Administration Assistant, Horsham Museum & Art Gallery Top: ‘Ambling’, bottom: ‘Looking West’ by Sarah Duffield

M.W. Wingate

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Tel: (01403) 780360 Mobile: 07973 433725


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Alex’s playwriting career takes off in style


laywright, Billingshurst resident and BA cabin crew member Alex Plowman finds time to write in the stopovers between long-haul flights.     Fresh from a trip to Hong Kong and about to depart for New York, she discussed her debut piece for the stage: The Coal Hole, performed by the Billingshurst Dramatic Society in October. (See last month’s Village Tweet, page 8).     Playwriting is something of a departure for Alex, who has previously had short stories and poetry published. “Writing a play was one of the modules in a writing course I did last year. I’d never considered writing for the theatre, but that assignment turned out to be one of the most fun.”     Alex can remember some of the specific inspirations for The Coal Hole, a period piece set in London in the 1940s, where the arrival of a new lodger tests an already brittle mother and daughter relationship. “The Coal Hole on The Strand came into my head for some reason – a pub I’ve been in several times over the years – and the fact it used to be the coal cellar for the Savoy.” She also came across an old black and white photo. “The picture was of a stage set – a drawing-room with a view from the window of Saint Paul’s Cathedral. A

glamorous woman sits on a sofa with a smartly dressed man standing next to her. My story just grew from there.”     As a staunch supporter of the Billingshurst Dramatic Society for more than 25 years, Alex was thrilled by the opportunity of working with the local theatre group directly. “I’ve tried to see everything BDS do. I always love it – they put on a brilliant show, especially in the Women’s Hall under the gaze of Miss Beck and Miss Edith Beck. But it was a little surreal to have my own piece performed by them after all those years watching.”     Was she worried at the prospect of handing her work over to a director and actors for the first time? “No, I was delighted that my words flat on a page were brought to life in every dimension and added to by the imaginative interpretation of Barry Syder and his excellent cast and crew.”     Look out for the next BDS production, to include a revival of their festival award-winning piece, Snowed Under, scheduled for February. Caro Anderson Photo: Alex Plowman, seen here in the Coal Hole on the Strand, chats about her playwriting and the Billingshurst Dramatic Society

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Charity / About the house

St Catherine’s says a HeARTfelt thank you to local community


s St Catherine’s Hospice prepares to auction off the 26 stunning heart sculptures which have captured the hearts and minds of people in the local community over the last ten weeks (see Village Tweet October, page 22), a patient from the hospice wanted to share why the incredible support you’ve shown HeART to Heart has been so important…     Babs visits St Catherine’s Day Hospice every Thursday and has found a new love for art after taking part in the hospice’s art therapy classes. She said, “When I first heard the word ‘hospice’ I was really nervous, because as far as I was aware St Catherine’s was where people came to die. But once I walked through the door here, it was great.     “Before coming here I’d never put a brush to canvas but I’ve loved the art classes. They’re marvellous. I create something over two hours and take it home. And it’s been nice to create art for my children and give them something to keep. I’m very proud of everything Andree, the art therapist, has taught me. I’d never have thought to do any art at home, but creating it at the hospice just lifts me up. If I’m ever having a bad day now, I look around my room at home at my art, and think ‘I’ve done that, I’ve made that,’ and it makes my day.     “As well as activities the nurses have talked to me about different aspects of my illness. They’ve helped me in so many ways and everyone here does far, far more than they need to. People go above and beyond. And it makes me feel joyful. There’s just so much love here.

K BOOLY! EARparkling r as For ven fo! o s a m X

    “St Catherine’s is such a good organisation but I know the hospice can’t care for everyone. The new hospice at Pease Pottage is going to be superior but there’s a long way to go yet to get the money needed. But to all the people who’ve supported St Catherine’s art trail, or and put their hearts into doing things to raise money, thank you. You deserve a round of applause. You’ve made such a difference to me.”     Funds raised from HeART to Heart will help to make sure that more local people like Babs can enjoy art therapy, as well as the many other therapies the hospice offers.     St Catherine’s provides terminally ill people and their family and friends with vital physical and emotional care. But currently, the local charity can only provide this care for one in three people who need it. With the support of people like you, St Catherine’s wants to make sure that in the future no one has to face death and loss alone.     And there’s one final chance for you to support St Catherine’s HeART to Heart trail and raise further funds at the Farewell Live Auction at the Copthorne Hotel, Effingham, Gatwick on Wednesday 30th October. To register your interest in attending the auction, please email: (We realise this is around the time this issue of Village Tweet distributes so be quick.) For more information please visit: Sarah Tuhey, St Catherine’s Hospice Photo: Babs with artwork she has created at St Catherine’s Day Hospice

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Oven Cleaning Direct – Horsham

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Property Maintenance Loft Conversions Extensions Renovations Bathrooms & Kitchens

Flooring & Tiling Plumbing & Heating, Painting & Decorating Landscape Gardening and much more…

office: 01403 452415 mobile: 07792 370602


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hurst at

U PAY FOR O Y L L A THE CARPET IS  Free fitting  Free grippers  Free delivery

 Free underlay  Free door bars  Free estimating 54 HIGH STREET, BILLINGSHURST, RH14 9NY 10 Wallace Parade, Goring Road, Worthing, BN12 4AL. Tel: 01903 700567 Warehouse/showroom: Unit 2, Nairn Business Centre, Artex Ave, Rustington BN16 3LN. Tel: 01903 773319 *Free offers apply to carpet sales only, minimum order value £200. Excludes remnants, vinyls, hard floors and budget range carpets. Terms & conditions apply


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St Catherine’s Hospice taught me death isn’t failure


t Catherine’s Hospice is committed to using its expertise in end-of-life care to help train the next generation of nurses to make sure expert hospice care is available to the local community for years to come. Here, Tom Ball, a student studying adult nursing at Surrey University, explains what he learnt from his placement at the local hospice.     “As part of the second year of my nursing degree I undertook a six-week placement at St Catherine’s Hospice. It’s an opportunity that I’ll always remember as vital to my learning and development as a nurse.     “I’d never had any experience with hospice care before and seeing this aspect of nursing was amazing from both an educational and personal perspective. The hospice’s approach made me think about the way in which nurses interact with people at different stages of their lives everyday.     “I’ve always been inspired by the work of clinicians who choose to work in the palliative environment. Their dedication to achieving people’s goals as they approach the end of their life is a gift that few can offer. People’s goals vary. They might want to achieve freedom from pain, marry their fiancé, or simply be able to go home, to the place they feel most comfortable. These types of goals are key to the aims of a hospice. Hospices are all about helping people live as well as they can all the way to the end. Nurses can be a part of that, providing physical comfort or help with movement and pain relief. Or emotional comfort, by sitting with somebody in the middle of the night with a cup of tea. Putting a hand on someone’s shoulder is


sometimes more important than anything else you could do.     “One of the experiences I remember most from my time at St Catherine’s was showing somebody an easier way of getting out of bed on their own. It was nothing particularly difficult but it helped them be more independent and made their stay in the hospice more comfortable.     “The level of care given to local terminally ill people was excellent, and the manner in which nursing staff interacted with patients has stayed with me. The overall atmosphere at the hospice surprised me too. There was an underlying air of comfort and compassion which contrasted with the inevitable sadness. This meant patients felt cared for, safe and listened to. I learnt a lot from my time with St Catherine’s nurses and the sensitivity, tact and skills I saw will inform the rest of my nursing career.     “An unavoidable truth of hospice care is that death is always nearby. In many areas of nursing, death is seen as a failure, a mistake. But St Catherine’s helped teach me that this isn’t the case. In many ways, the most intimate care you can provide for someone is the care which occurs in the hours and minutes leading up to the end. Being a part of that can never be forgotten.”     If you’re interested in volunteering with St Catherine’s, please visit, contact their Volunteering Team on (01293) 447351 or email Laura Mitchell, St Catherine’s Hospice Photo: Tom Ball, nursing student at Surrey University while on a skiing holiday prior to his placement at St Catherine’s

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Tara Braves the Shave for Macmillan Cancer Support Tara Tester, from Billingshurst, has been a dedicated fundraiser for Macmillan for some years now and has already signed up again this year for Macmillan’s Gosober. Tara wanted to do more to help those that lives have been affected by cancer, so she decided to go for the Brave for Shave.     On Saturday 21st September at the Kings Arms Fun Day, Tara had her head shaved. Karl from Leonardo’s kindly volunteered to do the shave and a crowd of supporters cheered Tara on as the hair fell.     Donations came flooding in and a wonderful total of £871.58 was raised, all for Local Cancer Care! Tara was absolutely overwhelmed at the total raised and is slowly getting used to her bald head. Tara would like to thank everyone for their donation.                  Rowena Harris


Billingshurst based family business with over 20 years experience in the building trade. Full Refurbishments, Conversions and Alterations, Oak framed garages/car ports/porches, Fully bespoke timber garden rooms/studios, Driveways, Fencing, Repointing, Patios, Kitchens, Carpentry and more… We pride ourselves on attention to detail and offering a personal service, keeping the client informed every step of the way.

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Canal fish rescue goes swimmingly


he Wey & Arun Canal Trust takes conserving wildlife seriously and when a section of canal in West Sussex needed draining, the Trust called on a local specialist environmental consultancy to ensure the 7,000-plus fish living there came to no harm.     The Aquamaintain team used a process called electrofishing to catch the thousands of fish in the canal at Drungewick in a two-day operation at the end of September.     This humane and Environment Agency-approved method involves passing an electric current through the water, from a generator onboard a small boat. The field of electricity causes the fish to swim towards the positive charge and become momentarily stunned, allowing the fish catchers in the water to net them and transfer them within seconds into fresh water containers onboard the boat.     From there they are moved to a tank of oxygenated water on the towpath, where they can then be discharged into another part of the canal. The process results in no lasting harm to the fish,

which return to their natural state within minutes.     Aquamaintain fisheries consultant Dave Hellard said the process was the most humane way possible to move the fish. “The fish recover quickly, and once in the oxygenated water tanks quickly become pretty lively again,” he said. “The team in the water carefully monitor the voltage and and go back and forward over the area to be sure that as many of the fish as possible are caught.”     The process allows the experts to assess the health of the fish living in the canal, as well as look at the size of fish and species that thrive there. The team gave the Wey & Arun Canal fish a clean bill of health, with pike, eels, bream, roach and carp among the fish caught.     The Trust has had to drain the short section of the Drungewick stretch of canal to allow leaks to be repaired. Gill Davies, Press and Publications Assistant Photo: Caught fish are transferred immediately to a container full of water on the boat

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D E LTA D E C O R Interior & External Decorating Carpentry • Electrical • Plumbing • Tiling

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LOXWOOD BRIDGE FOR FUN Bridge for Fun in North Hall, Loxwood, has now been running very successfully for exactly one year. We meet on a Wednesday afternoon every fortnight when we alternate between Duplicate Bridge and Chicago Bridge.     Our Club is a very friendly, low-keyed, opportunity for people of all levels and standards to be able to play Bridge with likeminded people in a very relaxed environment.     Our sessions run from 2pm until approximately 4.30pm. We charge a minimal amount to cover the costs of hiring the hall and buying/replacing equipment. We do present a small prize at the end of each session, however, this is not always for the pair who have the highest score. Sometimes we pick a random number or sometimes the lowest score!     Tea, coffee and biscuits are available during the afternoon. Donations for the tea/coffee goes to Halow, a local charity that we support, who provide support for young adults who have a learning disability.     If you feel you would like to join us, either on a regular or occasional basis, please do contact us on or telephone (01403) 751722. You will be made very welcome. Graham and Gina Moore


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Pets / Pest control

Fireworks and your pets


irework season is her. Let’s face it, it’s no longer just firework night these days meaning from now until new year can be a very difficult time for pet owners whose pets become unsettled or frightened by fireworks. Thankfully there are some things owners can do to help their pet cope with the firework season ahead.     Check on social media and in the local press for dates and times of larger organised displays and with your neighbours, forewarned is forearmed and you can plan on how to keep your pet comfortable during the display; dogs in particular can become very distressed by the noise and flashes of a firework display. Make sure your dog has a safe place where he feels comfortable, for many dogs this may be his crate, but you can make a den behind a sofa and if your pet is comfortable hiding under a bed allow him to stay there.     Plug-in pheromone devices such as Adaptil diffusers can be very helpful in keeping a dog calm and comfortable. Plug the device in a few days before the firework season begins to build up pheromones within the home; collars are also available. For dogs that become extremely distressed your vet will be able to prescribe some tablets for mild sedation, although these are a last resort.     When a display is going on in the local area, or the neighbours are likely to have a firework party keep the curtains closed and a TV or radio on in the house, this should help mask some of the sounds and settle your pet. Try not to cuddle and comfort distressed pets as they will think you are worried too, and this may make the problem worse. Instead stay relaxed, act normally and praise calm behaviour.     Try to take your dog for a walk earlier during firework season – during daylight hours is best as fireworks are less likely to be let off then, if this is


’s Dog y s i a Pet sitting s & dog walking

Friendly reliable service Fully insured Contact Daisy

07713 260004


not possible try to make the dog’s main walk in the morning or employ a dog walker to take him out during the day.     To help your dog get used to fireworks consider using a CD of firework sounds; these can be bought form pet stores or online. Start by playing the CD on a low volume gradually building it up to a level the pet can tolerate.     Cats should be kept in at night. Again, provide them with a safe place within the home and consider using a pheromone diffuser such as Feliway. Don’t forget small pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs can also be frightened by fireworks; consider bringing their hutches into a building such as a shed or outhouse to help cut down noise and shield them from the flashes of light. If this is not possible use a hutch cover, rug or blanket to cover the hutch at night and provide plenty of bedding for them to hide in. If you keep chickens don’t be surprised if they go offlay during the firework season.     For horses and ponies it very much depends on the individual. Some horses are happiest out when fireworks are present (as my own are), others may prefer the security of their stable. For those that become very distressed the vet can prescribe a sedative to help the horse relax. Again playing a portable radio in the stable can help settle some horses. Take time to walk around your fields to check for firework debris which may have landed there from neighbouring properties holding displays.     Finally if you are having a bonfire yourself, please check and make sure that there are no hedgehogs settled within the bonfire pile before setting light to it. Hopefully you and your pets will have a safe and happy firework season. Jeannette Douglas, SPR Centre.

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Garden Tweet!

Pots of cabbage


ovember can be a bit of a grey, miserable month. My children would call it ‘meh’. I like to inject some colour with winter bedding plants. A cheerful pot by the front door can make you smile on the gloomiest morning.     Obviously, the choice of plants for winter is not as large as during the summer months but there are enough varieties around to make very attractive combinations for pots. My favourite plant for winter pots has to be the ornamental cabbage. These robust beauties come in wonderful colours including cream, pink and purple – with either attractive frilly or very spiky leaves. They pair beautifully with winter-flowering pansies and hardy cyclamen.     Try planting three pots of different sizes using a colour scheme which co-ordinates with the cabbages. Plant a 50cm / 20" pot with four large ornamental frilly cabbages surrounding a central spiky one, to give some height to the display. Then choose a smaller pot (38cm / 15") and plant one frilly ornamental cabbage surrounded by pink and purple winter-flowering pansies. Finally plant a small pot (25cm / 10") with a mixture of hardy cyclamen and white pansies. The resulting display will give you pleasure through November, December and January. Tips •  Select a frostproof container because these pots need to withstand wintery conditions. The most dependable pots are made of fibreglass, lead, iron, heavy plastic, or stone. Most terracotta will

s, ve ted s, ol ct ce on ha la er to ta la cti u -re ow s, on ll p se yo n (fl ed c wi n If rde s sh ase e rde s ga e s, le . W a a sin se c) p ay r G a u bu ho , et tod pul n s t o e e e r ee p gr ow Tw our m ge in lla d Vi r a u yo

Garden View

crack in cold temperatures, but some glazed varieties are frost-proof. •  Use a good general-purpose compost. There are mixes specifically made for use in containers, which provide the essential drainage that plants living in pots need. •  Make sure youplace plenty of drainage material in the bottom of the pots. •  A good compost will contain enough slow release fertiliser to maintain the plants for several weeks during autumn and winter. If they are still going strong     as winter turns to you can give them a bit of a feed, but by February or March you will want to think about replanting your pots with spring bedding. •  Think about gravel – I like to use a layer of gravel over the soil of my winter pots for several reasons. It gives the planted pots an attractive finish, keeps rain from splashing back on to the plants, provides some insulation for the soil and reflects light and warmth in any winter sun thus creating a little microclimate in which the plants will be happier. •  Water them! The plants will need moisture around their roots so water as needed unless the soil in the container is frozen. Do not water frozen pots because the plants are unable to absorb the water.     Happy gardening! Rachel Leverton

JMB GARDENING SERVICES Julian Bargman Weekly & Fortnightly Mowing Services Hedge Cutting, Leaf Clearance Garden Maintenance Mobile: 07503 072011 Landline: 01403 784746 Email:


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The Big Build John Nash is a retired, well sort of retired, fruit farm manager in Kirdford who enjoys scribbling about life on the farm from the now to days gone by.

length. The first piece took me half an hour to prise on and left me with sore thumbs and bitter thoughts. Then I had a brain wave. Liquid soap applied to the rubber and the runners as a lubricant. Worked like dream, so ad news folks… my greenhouse has died. why the devil wasn’t that in the instructions? Surely it     For over 40 years the old cedar house has must have been something that people in the trade guarded my cuttings and seedlings and I had knew about for donkey’s years, or do they just love to become very fond of the old lump. think of us poor devils struggling with ever more     Alas though, over the years the glass, as it became colourful language and blistered digits. damaged, was replaced by sheets ‘borrowed’ from the     The roof went on easily. Far too easily I felt. The large glasshouses on the farm. Now, these panes door the opposite: looked simple, proved otherwise. weigh over double the weight of those used on normal Little pieces of black plastic had to be fastened into garden houses. Alas the cedar hidden recesses with screws finally succumbed to this that wouldn’t screw, and for a crushing and was in danger of good while I appeared to have total collapse, so it had to go. the compulsory spare part left Dismantling was swift. A new over. But no. At last I found a replacement was ordered, and I space it would fit into and eagerly awaited its arrival. thankfully in a very short time     The two glasshouses on the these five sections all bolted farm are each 10,000 square ft together in relative ease. in. I’ve worked in them – and     I now had a house, now all it on them – for nearly 50 years. I needed was glazing. Luckily, should find erecting a piddling before I commenced putting the little 6 ft x 8 ft house a doddle. glass into position I was in Wrong! receipt of a flat pack of an     It came in three boxes. One aluminium potting stand which I was full of a multitude of had purchased so as to aluminium struts and joints. christen the new house with a One was packed with the piece of useful glamour. I makings of a base and there carried the pack to my shed was a large, heavy, case of and spent an interesting Very nearly as good as a Man’s Shed! glass. Plus a multitude of evening assembling the plastic bags containing an interesting assortment of wretched thing – that was worth a Village Tweet story nuts, bolts, rubber spaghetti-like stuff, three sorts of on its own! clips and a instruction manual that desperately tried to     Anyway, at last I finished and I must confess I was defy interpretation. quite satisfied with the resulting potting stand. It looked     First, I should say that I bought this particular model good. I picked it up to put it inside the bare frame of because it had the same footprint as the old beast. the house and immediately I developed a sinking Aha, I thought, that will save me remaking the base. feeling in the pit of my stomach. It was too wide to go No it didn’t. This one was three inches longer! It in through the door or for that matter any other part of shouldn’t have been, but it was! Never mind. I’m a the frame. Why hadn’t I measured it? I’m agricultural, farmer, we are experts at the art of bodging. After that’s my only excuse and it’s one that I have used for work, with hammer, stone chisel and two bags of untold numbers of years. Thankfully the removal of cement, the base fitted and what’s more was very one of the upright glazing bars solved the problem and nearly perfectly level! it was installed inside without further trauma.     Now came the putting together of the frame. There     So, on with the final task. The glass. It should be a was fifty odd aluminium struts in total. It was like a doddle and, surprisingly, it was. Meccano set on steroids! Ah, but all was well; there     One thing here I must pass on to those of you who was after all that little pamphlet on how to do it – in a are contemplating building your own house. I was right whole multitude of languages too! With diagrams! about the spares. Even the little clips that keep one pane     The first end part took me around two hours. I only from sliding down over another – no spares. Break even had to take it apart and rebuild it three times and I felt one pane – no spares. But, a whole load of stuff left quite proud. The second end, the door end, took me a over that I have not got the foggiest idea of what the further two hours and I only lost four or five nuts and devil it’s for! Plastic brackets, clips with holes, screws bolts in the process. (I searched for them for a half an and even a short metal tube that seems to fit nowhere. hour as I know how these kits never seem to come     Still, never mind. My little greenhouse is finished. All with any spares) but to no avail. is ready for the winter when I can bring my more     The sides were assembled in a very short space of delicate plants into its warm protection. A place to time as they consisted of only five pieces each and potter. A green oasis in the cold of a winter’s day. even I can manage five pieces!     I’m going to need to heat it, aren’t I? That means     Before tackling the roof area it was suggested I put putting power into it doesn’t it? That means me and on the little rubber piping that the glass would be sitting cables and plugs and electricity. Pray for me… on. This was like rubber spaghetti with a slit down its John Nash



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BYGONE GARDENING TRADITIONAL GARDENING SERVICES Trained at Goodwood Estate, working under the guidance of The Head Gardener, and now with over fifteen years of practical experience, Samuel Eggins offers the same Traditional Skills as those learned by generations before him. Working with some of the most influential gardeners has led to a wealth of knowledge, which he brings to all projects. A Full Member of The Professional Gardeners Guild. Restoration, Maintenance and Projects

Contact Samuel on 07786323034

West Chiltington Floral Club (Affiliated to NAFAS)

Our demonstrator in September was Nina Tucknott with her demonstration entitled Wood U Believe It! As well as a varied selection of colourful arrangements Nina kept us entertained with an array of interesting facts and information on a whole host of topics.     The next club meeting is the Christmas Workshop on 19th November, 1.30 for 2pm. For further information or to book a place please contact Carol Nash on (01798) 813608 .     Tickets for the Club’s Christmas Show on 5th December with Margaret Rumens will also be on sale, ticket price £14 to include wine and supporting Macmillan Cancer Care.     Our meetings are held at West Chiltington Village Hall, Mill Road, West Chiltington, RH20 2PZ, unless otherwise stated. Visitors are most welcome. If you would like more information please contact Brenda Bull on (01798 )813712. Brenda Bull

Part-time and full-time jobs available Your local bedding and pot plant grower is on the lookout for enthusiastic staff to come and work at our nursery So if you have an interest in horticulture and working with plants, please email or post your CV with a covering letter to John Turner Barnsfold Nurseries Ltd, Tismans Common, Rudgwick, West Sussex, RH12 3BP (01403) 822493


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Little Tweeters! / Garden Tweet!

The Door Saga

Once upon a time on a small farm near Billingshurst…


ecause the wood chicken house was getting tool which should work. Back taken off to reach bolts. both tatty and hard to keep clean, Anne decided Nan crawls in to facilitate removal. After a struggle vent taken off. Not high enough, the opener doesn’t to buy a new one. Nanny totally agreed and did fully open the door, chickens wouldn’t be able to go in. some research and found one which would suit very nicely and e-mailed the web link to Anne. A couple of     Second try: Take off roof so opener can be placed weeks later, when she came back after a weekend higher. No holes drilled yet. Wising up, they held it in away, Anne informed her that Gary had gone to pick place by hand before doing anything permanent. up the new chicken house Opener did not work. Another and the pair of them had trip to stables to find another erected it. Excited, Nan tool. The opener would not hastily went to view the new clip onto plate properly and chicken house. She gasped. still not high enough for door It looked like a plastic Nissen to fully open. Defeated for the hut, nothing like the one she time being and with it being had thought would be lunchtime they called it a day. suitable. She was surprised Another trip to stables to put to say the least. tools and the reboxed opener     “It’s totally recycled away.     Third step: put chicken plastic,” Anne told her proudly, “and it comes apart house back together again. Hmmm, seriously tilted to one easily and can be hosed out. Look, you take the back off to side and had to be pushed clean it. We even had them back while finger pinching drill holes for the automatic Hens enjoying their new home. 'Nissen hut indeed!’ spring clips pushed through opener but to one side locating holes – not easy. because there wasn’t enough room over the door.” Decision made that the old house had to go and     “That’s nice,” said Nan, gamely after being shown chickens needed new house, so all lined with paper the various details. Perhaps Anne had made a good and hay for nesting box. Old opener locked closed choice after all. “We’ll put the new door opener on this and new house door propped open for now. All tools, week. Meanwhile the girls can stay in their old house.” etc packed away and a whole morning gone.     Tuesday was the allocated day. Grandad was lined     Because chickens resisted going inside at night up to drill holes as they did need to be over the door and roosted on roof of old house, they had to be physically put into new house, clucking and protesting for the opener to work. (Nanny had bought a new one.) After examining the opener they discovered it and door shut. Hand opening and closing for the next week. So sad, too bad. Just do it. was quite different from the old one. It had a plate at the back which was attached and then the opener     Fourth step: Ruminating. How can we solve this problem? Nan thought and thought. Finally an idea was slipped onto it with clips. This was not going to be a five-minute job… came but needed to be tested. Monday arrived and     First try: Back plate drilled and placed. Looking plan was to be implemented. It rained heavily. And good. Not able to clip opener onto plate because a the next day. And the next… vent was in the way. Walk back to stable (it seems     Press deadlines wait for no one and this story had like half a mile) to get some crescent wrenches to to be written so the final chapter has been put on hold take vent bolts off. Can’t find wrenches (found next for now. But watch this space for the next episode in day in car glovebox from when they used at caravan the tales from that small farm near Billingshurst. four weeks ago and forgotten about). Found another Yvonne Fleece

DW Gardens Tree surgery • Forestry • Fencing Garden maintenance • Landscaping

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Tree surgery Stump grinding   Hedge cutting   Garden and estate management

Hardwood logs Woodchips & Compost   Fencing Fully insured NPTC qualified BS3998

For more information, advice and a free quotation

Tel: 01403 730663 or 07989 338272 Email: 15 Finians Field, Barns Green, West Sussex, RH13 0JX

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Kids of all ages / Garden Tweet!

Village Tweet Spot the Difference

Firework night is fast approaching. How many of the 11 differences can you spot before 5th November? Solution on page 49

R.E.M. Landscapes Ltd


Climbing  Dismantling  Reductions Felling  Pruning  Wood Chipper

Stump Grinding

JONATHAN CARTER All areas covered NPTC City & Guilds Qualified. Insured

LANDSCAPING Large or small, whatever your budget

07732 668518

FENCING All styles, shapes and sizes

LAWNS Turfing and seeding

PATIOS & DECKING Designed and installed Fully insured • Fully qualified Over 10 years experience For friendly advice please call:

Tel: 07890 669613 or 01403 730313     or email:

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£45* (or even less with a multi-booking discount)

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SERVICING, TYRES, EXHAUSTS, BATTERIES, ELECTRICS, DIAGNOSTICS, AIR-CON & RE-GAS Also classic and American car repairs and servicing

Plus new PAINTSHOP & BODYWORK FACILITIES Excellent Service – Reasonable Rates


01798 344431 48

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Master Garage 2015/2016 Award

Have your vehicle serviced to a standard – not down to a price!

WIN A MINI ONE! PLUS 55 RUNNER-UP PRIZES* FREE prize draw entry for every customer BOOK A SERVICE, MOT OR REPAIR WITH US BEFORE 30th NOVEMBER *including 11 Ryzen laptops, 11 Kitchenaid mixers, 11 PS4s with Fortnite, 11 SMEG juicers & 11 £100 shopping vouchers   All

garage services: Servicing to manufacturer’s specification, Diagnostics, Tyres, Brakes, Exhausts, Clutches, MoT work, Air-con regassing, Electrics. Rust-prevention now available.   We welcome fleet and business servicing and maintenance – call to discuss your requirements.   All cars, vans and 4x4s catered for. Anything from a Smart to a Disco!

k ec h C es

th Brakvel

l ea

* e l ts nt l ve h Call the AUTO-TEAM – your local mechanics mn Lig ola le le vel Tizz Burdfield: (01403) 791749 or 07787 556943 utu es * *Co bott id le l A Tyr ery er flu eve s Itchingfield-based, near Barns Green E E nc: *Batt ashrake Oil l iper R F I * *W *B * *W


Spot the Difference - Solution Charleshurst Farm, Plaistow RH14 0NY Honest, Friendly & Reliable Garage Business in Plaistow covering all the local areas Servicing, General Repairs, MOTs, Fault Diagnostic Reading Ring Tom on 01403 751775 or 07786 056552

Puzzle on page 47


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What’s On near you

What’s On – November Every Mon

Table Tennis. St Mary’s Room, East St, Billingshurst, 2-4pm. An informal sociable group for all ages. Newcomers welcome, tea & biscuits included, £1 (goes to church funds). Tony, tel: (01403) 783496 Every 2nd Rotary Club. Blacksmiths Arms, Adversane. 7.30pm. Supper (£13) & talk. Visitors welcome. Social activities & 4th Mon & occasional business meetings. Stuart Pullen, Attendance Secretary, tel: (01798) 873791 or 07967 159034 Every Mon Wisborough Green Short Mat Bowls Club. Village Hall. Mons 2.30-4.30pm, Weds 1.30-3.30pm. & Weds New members & visitors welcome. £2.50 (includes Tea/Coffee & biscuits). Trial session free for newcomers. Further information: or contact Keith Carter on 01403 700502 Every Tues Stitch & Knit. Six Bells, Billingshurst. 7-9.30pm. Welcoming & helpful, just bring your project & make new friends. No fees. Sarah, tel: 07817 699865 (leave message) Every Tues Short mat bowls. Billingshurst Community & Conference Centre (formerly Village Hall). 2-4pm. £4 per session. Come and try a game. It’s great fun with friendly people in a small club. Further details please contact Joan, tel: (01403) 785082 or Henry, tel: 07522 626566 Every Tues Billingshurst Choral Society rehearsal. Billingshurst Primary School, 7.30-9.45pm during term time. New members always welcome. For details see Every Tues Slinfold Concert Band rehearsal. Slinfold Village Hall from 7.30-9.30pm. Brass, woodwind and percussion players all welcome. Every Tues Billingshurst Youth Club. United Reformed Church, West St, 7.30-9pm, term-time. 11-16 years. Varied activities such as indoor obstacle course, miniature football tournaments and crafts. £1 per session. Contact Ben Sheldon, Community Youth Worker, tel: 07763 302456, e-mail: Every Tues Walking Football. 10-11am. Holbrook Club, Horsham (winter) or Shipley football ground off Dragon’s Lane. (Check website or phone for venue.) Followed by refreshments. Men & women welcome. Tel: 07786 070939 or email Every Tues Drop in Baby Zone! St Mary’s Room, East Street, Billingshurst. 1.30-3pm. Meet other parents and their babies. Every week except between Xmas & New Year. Emma: Every Tues Neighbourhood Warden drop-in sessions. Billingshurst Community & Conference Centre. 12-2pm Every Tues Shipley Men’s Shed. Shipley football ground off Dragon’s Lane. Part of the international Men’s Shed & Weds organisation. For men interested in woodwork or wish to spend time with like-minded, local chaps. Tel: 07786 070939 or email Every Tues Preschool Ballet and street dance classes. Jubilee Fields, Billingshurst. VMA Dance run fun, friendly & Thurs classes for preschool children. Free trial then £4pw pre-booked. 07879 773705 Every Tues Petanque Club. Meets Shipley Football Ground, Tues 10.45am for coffee and Fri 6.30pm. All equipment & Fri provided. All ages and abilities. Melanie, tel: (01403) 782134 or email: Every Weds Horsham Accordion Band. Practises in Slinfold Chapel from 7.30-9.30pm. Varied repertoire. Band Leader Mags Fisher tel: (01403) 790717 or email: Every Weds The Millennium Bridge Club. Storrington Village Hall, 1.30-4.30pm. All abilities. Please contact: Barbara: (01903) 741365 or Every Weds Line dancing. St Gabriel’s Church Hall 7-10 pm. All levels welcome, beginners from 7pm. Details from Maureen 07774 828282 Every Weds Billingshurst Bell Ringing practice. St Mary’s Church, Billingshurst. 7.30-9.15pm. New learners and visitors welcome, just turn up. For information email Kathy at Every Weds The Leconfield Singers. United Reformed Church, Petworth. 8-10pm. Mixed voice non-audition community choir. Newcomers welcome. More details and term times see Every Weds Billingshurst Rock Choir. Primary School. 7.30-9pm, term times. No experience required. A friendly choir singing upbeat pop, rock and Motown. Book a FREE taster session at Every 2nd BilliUke: Billingshurst’s Own Ukulele Jam! The Six Bells, from 7.30pm. If you already have a & 4th Weds ukulele, or are thinking about getting one, please come along and join us. It’s a fun couple of hours and you also get to make new friends from the village and beyond. Every Thurs Stitch & Knit. 10am-12.30pm. We rove round local cafés & car share, lifts may be possible. Welcoming & helpful, just bring your project. No fees. Sarah, tel: 07817 699865 (leave message) Every Thurs HDC Health Walk. Billingshurst (2). Meet 11am, Library car park, Billingshurst (TQ086260). Parking free with annnual permit or 75p per hour. 2¼ miles, flat, easy. 1 hour. Chris (01403) 782745. All HDC walks are guided, free and sociable. Led by trained volunteers; no need to book, just turn-up Every Thurs Wildlife walkabouts. RSPB Pulborough Brooks Nature Reserve, Wiggonholt, RH20 2EL. 10am-12 noon. We’re giving all sorts of nature a home and our regular gentle ramble is an ideal introduction to some of our very special wildlife. £8 per person (£2.50 for RSPB members). (01798) 875851. Every Thurs Toddler Church. St Mary’s Church, Billingshurst. Term-time only, 12.15-2pm. Voluntary contribution for lunch £2.50 per family Every Thurs Spy Café. The Chapel, Spy Lane, Loxwood, RH14 0SS. 10am-4.30pm. Family-friendly. Fairtrade teas, coffee, hot chocolate, home-made cakes. Breakfasts & light lunches. Every Fri Southwater Friday Luncheon Club for the over 50s. Southwater Leisure Centre. 10am-2pm (Lunch 12-1pm). Booking essential, Lynn, tel: (01403) 733202, email: Every Fri VMA Dance classes for children 2-18yrs. Jubilee Fields, Billingshurst. Classes in Ballet, Street Dance & Contemporary. Free Trial available then £5pw pre-booked. 07879 773705 Every Fri Open days at The Blue Idol. Quaker Meeting House, Oldhouse Lane, Coolham, RH13 8QP. 10am-4pm. (March-November.), Facebook @BlueIdolQuakers, (01403) 740174 Every Sat Indoor table top sale and market. Ansell’s Yard, Kirdford Road, Wisborough Green, RH14 0DD. 10am-2pm. No entrance fee. Tables £5 (must be pre-booked). Tel: (01403) 700633 or 07798 941940 Every Sun The Emmanuel Fellowship meet every Sunday at ‘The Chapel’, Spy Lane, Loxwood. 10.30am for about an hour with refreshments afterwards.


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Billingshurst Dramatic Society presents Two For the Price of One plus fish and chips! Womens Hall, Billingshurst. 2 plays plus fish and chips at interval. Tickets £12.50 cash (includes food) from Mansell McTaggarts See October’s Village Tweet, page 8 HDC Health Walk. Barns Green (1). Meet 11am, new car park (yellow road markings) near the Village Hall, RH13 0PT (TQ128272). 2 miles. 1 hour. Chatter Cheema, tel: 07720 714306 Christ’s Hospital Choral Society autumn concert: ‘Music of Freedom and Destiny’. St Mary’s Church, The Causeway. 7.30pm. Box Office, tel: (01403) 247434. See October’s Village Tweet, page 7 Slinfold Craft & Gift Fair. Slinfold Village Hall. 10am-4pm. Admission free. In support of local crafts & charities. Refreshments all day Indoor Antiques Market & Collectors Sale. Ansell’s Yard, Kirdford Road, Wisborough Green, RH14 0DD. 10am-2pm. No entrance fee. Tables available £8 (must be pre-booked). Telephone (01403) 700633 or 07798 941940 Horsham Natural History Society Talk by Simon Davey: ‘Woodland from the Equator to the Arctic’. Wesley Hall, London Road, RH12 1AN. 7.30pm. Free car parking behind the hall. New members welcome Wisborough Green Horticultural Society Question Time with a panel of local gardeners. Village Hall, 8pm. Coffee served before meeting. £2 non-members, £1 members Rotary Club monthly ‘Friends’ get together for new members. Six Bells, Billinghurst. 7pm. Come along and find out about what we do! The Arts Society – West Sussex lecture by Alice Foster: ‘The Art of Partying – A Feast for the Eyes!’ Fittleworth Village Hall. 2.15pm (preceded by members-only AGM at 1.30pm). Lectures held on all matters relating to the arts on the first Tuesday of the month. Tea & coffee is served after the lecture. Visitors welcome, £5. New members welcome: Jackie Buckler, tel: (01903) 411086 or email: Visit Parish Council Full Council & Trustees meeting. Billingshurst Centre. 7.30pm The Arts Society – South Downs lecture by Helen Clifford: ‘Garrards, Royal Goldsmiths’. Fittleworth Village Hall. 10.30am. Visitors (£5) are very welcome. Billingshurst Wednesday Group Talk: ‘Colour in Your Garden all Year Round’. A presentation by John Negus, well known broadcaster & gardening expert. St Mary’s Room, Billingshurst, 10am. Hazel Barnes, tel: (01403) 780660 or email: Reading Friends. Billingshurst Library. 10.30-11.30am. Are you interested in meeting new friends, having a good chat and sharing your love of books? Everyone welcome, just turn up. Tel: (01403) 783145 Billingshurst Horticultural Society Meeting. Talk: ‘Borde Hill Gardens’ by Andrew John StevensonClarke. St Gabriel’s Parish Hall, East St, 8pm. Free to members. Visitors welcome – £1 (inc refreshments) Parish Council Planning & Environmental Committee meeting. Billingshurst Centre. 7.30pm Wisborough Green WI Evening. Wisborough Green Village Hall. 8pm. Every first Thurs (except Jan: 2nd Thursday). No August meeting. Visitors welcome. Ruth Isaacs, Secretary: (01403) 785402 Billingshurst and District Wine and Beer Circle AGM. Circle meets 2nd Friday of each month (except August) at St Gabriel’s Hall, East Street, 8pm. New members welcome. Contact Tony White on (01403) 783475. Women’s breakfast at St Mary’s Rooms. 9am. Join us for croissants and coffee Billingshurst United Reformed Church Dementia Café. In the Church Hall, on the Second Saturday of every month, from 10am-12pm. Please join us for tea, coffee and cake. All are welcome Craft Fayre. URC, 80 Lower Street, Pulborough – Tea Spot Cafe. 10am-3pm. Home-made items, tombola, bric-a-brac, books, win a hamper, cakes, name the teddy, refreshments including homemade soup. Admission £1. Shuttle service every 20 minutes between village car park and the URC HDC Health Walk. West Chiltington. Meet 10am, West Chiltington Village Hall car park, Mill Road, RH20 2PZ, (TQ083179). 4/5 miles. 2 hours. No dogs. Graham, tel: 07894 735532 Seniors Lunch Club. Community Centre. 12.30pm. Meets fortnightly except August Horsham Natural History Society AGM, then Talk by Su Reed: ‘An entomological year with my camera’. Wesley Hall, London Road, RH12 1AN. 7.30pm. Free car parking. New members welcome Billingshurst Dramatic Society Play Reading. Venue and time varies, please see Come along and read a play. All welcome Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan Working Party meeting. Billingshurst Centre. 6.30pm Billingshurst Wednesday Group: Meet two unusual four-legged friends and learn about the work they carry out. (Bring a little extra money – you may be tempted to buy something they produce!). St Mary’s Room, Billingshurst, 10am. Hazel Barnes, tel: (01403) 780660 or email: Messy Church! Billingshurst Village Hall. 3.30-5.30pm. Billingshurst churches welcome families to have fun with games, crafts, singing and stories. All children must be accompanied by an adult. Sit-down meal, donation. Billingshurst Local History Society Talk: Andy Thomas on the legend and lore of the Lewes Bonfire Night. Billingshurst Community and Conference Centre, 7.30pm. Membership £20 per annum. Visitors £5 per meeting. Ms G Knight, tel: (01403) 451401, email: Billingshurst WI Talk: ‘Christmas Rituals and Why We Love Them’ by Clair Bradford. Meeting to be held at new venue with more car parking: Stanley Room, Community Centre, Roman Way. 2.30pm. Interesting speakers, hobby groups, various outings. Visitors welcome. Secretary, tel: (01403) 784175 CDC Health Walk: Wisborough Green. Meet on the north side of Village Green by pavilion, 10.30am. A level 4 mile walk. 2 hours. No dogs. Wisborough Green Market. The Village Hall, 9am-12.30pm. Up to 30 stalls selling high quality local artisan foods & crafts. Stalls include: fresh fish, meat, bread, cheese, turkey products, cakes & jams, flowers, skin care and more. Relax with tea, coffee and home-made cakes by Macmillan volunteers. E-mail: St Mary’s Guild Members’ talk by Mark Sheath: ‘The Craft Bakery in Jengers Mead’. St Mary’s Room, East Street, Billingshurst. 10.30am. Beryl Peacock (01403) 782835


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What’s On near you

HDC Health Walk. Barns Green. Details as per 1st November walk Macmillan Film night. ‘Mrs Lowry & Son’. Billingshurst Conference & Community Centre. 7pm for 7.30pm start. Refreshments, raffle and Macmillan stall. Tickets £6 from or Austens Billingshurst or Terri Ashpool, tel: (01403) 588996 or on the door (subject to availability) Horsham Painting Group One Day Art Exhibition & Sale. Quaker Meeting House, Worthing Road, Horsham, RH12 1SL. 10am-4pm. Refreshments. Free admission. Details, tel: (01403) 257784 Farlington School Christmas Gift Fair. Strood Park, Guildford Road, RH12 3PN. 11am-3pm. High quality gifts including jewellery, ladies and children’s fashions, ceramics, wall art and more, plus many fun school stalls. Raffle, refreshments. £2 (children free). Petworth Town Band D-Day 75th Anniversary Concert. St Mary’s Church, Petworth. 7pm. £10 on the door or £8 in advance from Reader’s Good Books, Market Square or The Arts Society Cranleigh Special Interest Day with Lars Thar, one of the longest running experts on the Antiques Roadshow. Cranleigh Arts Centre. Three lectures including a coffee break in the morning and lunch (see website for times). All welcome. Age UK Horsham District Christmas Extravaganza. Drill Hall, Horsham. 10am-1pm. See page 15 Macmillan Film night. ‘Mrs Lowry & Son’. Pulborough Village Hall. 7pm for 7.30pm start. Refreshments, raffle and Macmillan stall. Tickets £6 from or Pulborough Village Hall or Terri Ashpool, tel: (01403) 588996 or on the door (subject to availability) Billingshurst Lions Club Meeting. Sports Pavilion, Jubilee Fields, Billingshurst. 8pm. For information about the Club contact Alan Ridout on (01403) 871370 or call in at the Lions Bookshop, Jengers Mead Horsham Natural History Society Talk by Josie Allen: ‘Highlights of 2018/19’. Wesley Hall, London Road, RH12 1AN. 7.30pm. Free car parking behind the hall. New members welcome St Mary’s Guild Members’ Meeting. St Mary’s Room, East Street, Billingshurst. 10.30am. We are a friendly women’s group and we welcome visitors. Beryl Peacock (01403) 782835 Loxwood Jazz & Blues Club. Village Hall. With candlelit tables and a licensed bar, it has a very intimate atmosphere with international standard jazz and blues. All profits go towards the renovation Loxwood Village Hall. Tickets are priced at the amazing price of £10 each, available from Loxwood Village Stores or Anita Bates on (01403) 752954 Parish Council Property Committee meeting. Billingshurst Centre. 7.30pm Billingshurst Wednesday Group Talk with Gordon: ‘Say it with Flower’. St Mary’s Room, Billingshurst, 10am. Hazel Barnes, tel: (01403) 780660 or email: Parishes Wildlife Group Talk by Prof. Fiona Matthews from University of Sussex: ‘Mammals’. Wisborough Green Village Hall, School Lane. 7.30pm Barns Green & Itchingfield Women’s Institute Meeting. Barns Green Village Hall. 2.30pm followed by tea. New members welcome. Meetings 3rd Thurs of the month. For more information contact Annette Relph (01403) 732580 Live Music at The Six Bells: The Firetones, 4-piece band. 76 High Street, Billingshurst, RH14 9QS Exhibition on Screen: Leonardo: The Works. Cranleigh Arts Centre. 2pm. Every single attributed painting, in Ultra HD quality, never seen before on the big screen. Tickets £13.50: (01483) 278000 (Tues-Sat 10am-4.30pm) or visit Pulborough Village Market. Pulborough Village Hall, Swan View, RH20 2BF. 9am-12.30pm. Fresh produce, bread, delicatessen, local honey, organic condiments, plants, local crafts, fairtrade goods and much more. Café serving a full English breakfast, tea/coffee and cakes. Free entry. Please like us on Facebook. Market Coordinator Terri Ashpool, tel: (01403) 588996, e-mail: Christmas Craft & Fair. St Mary’s Church and St Mary’s Room, Billingshurst. 10am-1pm. See page 14 Lantern Making! CC’S Emporium, 10am-1pm. Help make lanterns for the Lantern Walk. See page 13 Seniors Lunch Club. Community Centre. 12.30pm. Meets fortnightly except August Horsham Natural History Society Talk by Steve Webster: ‘Medmerry RSPB Reserve 5 years on’. Wesley Hall, London Road, RH12 1AN. 7.30pm. Free car parking behind the hall. New members welcome The Mary How Trust Film Society, ‘Late Night’. West Chiltington Village Hall. 7.30pm. Tickets £6 (Loyalty card: watch 6 films get 7th free!) on the door or from The Mary How Trust clinic and its Pulborough charity shop; The Card Centre, Storrington; Cherilyn/Nisa Local, West Chiltington; Mary How Trust Ticket hotline: (01798) 877646 Laughter Group. Unitarian Hall, Billingshurst. (Lakers Meadow small car park to rear.) 1.40pm for prompt 4.50 pm start. £6 session. Linda, tel: (01403) 452773 Lantern Making! CC’S Emporium, 7-9.30pm. Help make lanterns for the Lantern Walk. See page 13 Parish Council Billingshurst Centre & F&GP Committees meetings. Billingshurst Centre. 7 & 7.30pm The Arts Society Cranleigh Talk: ‘The Magic of Pantomime’ by Ian Gledhill. Cranleigh Arts Centre. 2pm & 7.30pm. All welcome. The Society meets on the 4th Wednesday of each month, except August & December. Billingshurst Wednesday Group Talk by The Butler, Dr Bob France: ‘all about a Victorian Christmas’. St Mary’s Room, Billingshurst, 10am. Hazel Barnes, tel: (01403) 780660 or email: CDC Health Walk: Plaistow. Meet on east side of Green near shop, 10.30am. A level 4.2 mile walk. 2 hours. No dogs. HDC Health Walk. Rudgwick to Baynards. Meet car park opposite The Kings Head, 10am, RH12 3EB (TQ091343). 6 miles. 3 hours. No dogs. Geoff, tel: (01403) 258180 Sing for Pleasure. Billingshurst Community Centre. 3.00-4.30pm. We are a friendly, informal group who enjoy a sing-along. If you are a lady or gentleman in the more mature age group, even if you think you can’t sing, we’d love you to join us for an enjoyable afternoon. £3, includes tea and biscuits HDC Health Walk. Barns Green. Details as per 1st November walk Billingshurst Choral Society Concert. Leisure Centre, 7.30. Dvorak Mass in D and more. See page 41

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Onslow Arms pub................................9 Oven Cleaning Direct........................34 Oven Rescue ....................................38 Ovens & More ...................................33 Park & Brown, opticians....................20 Park House Kitchens.....................OBC Pest Man...........................................42 Petworth MOT Centre .......................48 PilatesWise .......................................19 PJM Building & Property Maintenance .33 Pro Electrical.....................................35 Rebecca Beauty Therapist................16 REM Landscapes..............................47 Re-Nu Kitchens.................................37 Ron Osborne Roofing .......................27 Scouts, Leader recruitment...............23 Seasons Art Class...............................7 Spray Tans by Steph.........................17 St Gabriel’s, Communion ..................14 St Mary’s, Craft Fair ..........................14 Sussex Carpet Brokers .....................40 Sussex Free Range Turkeys.............11 Sussex Self Store .............................54 Sussex Towing Brackets ...................49 The Natural Way ...............................17 The Works, Xmas Preview event......13 Versatile Home Improvements..........33 Village Nurseries ...............................45 William Penn School .........................25 Wisborough Green Market................10

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November 2019 issue of Village Tweet magazine

Village Tweet - November 2019  

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