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The Rude Mechanical Theatre 2019 Outdoor Tour Station Road Gardens, Billingshurst Sunday 23rd June See page 54 & Inside Back Cover @VillageTweet


May 2019

CONNECTING THE COMMUNITY AND LOCAL BUSINESS Billingshurst • Barns Green • Five Oaks • Ifold • Kirdford • Loxwood • Plaistow • Slinfold • Wisborough Green

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fter a slow start, the Horsham District Year of Culture is picking up momentum with YOC events featured on pages 4, 5, 6, 46, 54 and also the cover and inside back cover of this issue. Particularly worthy of an extra mention is the outdoor theatre production of Ikarus Inc by The Rude Mechanical Theatre Company as this will be performed at Station Road Gardens on 23rd June (see inside back cover). Tickets are on sale now. Picnics are welcome. It is so nice to see the Gardens being used for community events; July will see the third Lark in the Park take place. Grahame Cover: Cast of The Rude Mechanical Theatre Company who will perform Ikarus Inc at Station Road Gardens, 23rd June. Tickets now on sale Photo: John Stanley Clamp Food & drink Recipe: Vegetable Curry . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8 The Onslow Arms pub . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8 Fire Station: Tops tips for a safe barbecue . . . . . . . .9 Wisborough Green Farmers & Village Market . . . . .9 The Kings Head pub . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10 Billy’s on the Road . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11 Health & wellbeing F360 Yoga . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Katherine Finn, Hyphotherapist Rebecca Beauty . . . . . . . . . . . Billingshurst Leisure Centre . . Park & Brown, opticians . . . . . Holly Stone, Hypnotherapist . .

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Out and about

Don’t miss these Year of Culture events!


he Horsham District is now in full swing and we now have over 450 events listed on the website. What will you choose to see and do in the coming months? One of the most highly regarded Classical Music Festivals in the UK – The Shipley Arts Festival – continues in May and June with a programme of superb music at locations across the district including Broadbridge Heath, Shipley, Steyning, Coolham, Warnham Park, Knepp Castle and Nuthurst. Find out more at www.shipleyartsfestival.co.uk. The variety of events this May is remarkable, ranging from an invitation to join the Horsham Writers Circle, tea tasting at Leonardslee, adult stitching, creative writing or circus skills workshops, bird watching at the RSPB Pulborough Brooks Nightingale Festival and free dancing taster sessions at various halls in the district. Amberley Working Museum is hosting a variety of Vintage Vehicle Days while South Lodge Hotel is offering garden tours and afternoon teas. HAODS are presenting Singing In The Rain at the Capitol Theatre while Heat 3 of the Sussex Comedian of the Year takes place at the George and Dragon in Shipley. If none of these appeal, look out for wine tasting days, animal family fun at Chesworth farm, Heritage Craft days, Steyning Country Fair, Horsham’s Caribbean Festival and more. Phew! The fun doesn’t stop there. The highlight of June may well be A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Knepp Castle from 21st to 29th June. (See ad opposite.

Ed.) This new production, put on especially for the Horsham District Year of Culture, will enthral and delight whether you’re a Shakespeare fan or not. Other events in June include storytime and craft activities across our district libraries, art exhibitions at Parham House and Horsham Museum and a Horsham Art Trail around the district. Outdoor theatre is on offer at Dial Post, Billingshurst (See page 54 and Inside Back Cover. Ed.) and West Chiltington, enjoy a concert series at Leonardslee House and Gardens or a Father’s Day Banquet at Mannings Heath Golf and Wine Estate. Fitzherbert Stump is a must for all children, offering a brand new, hilarious adaptation of AF Harrold’s much-loved book for children featuring puppetry, magic and a lion with false teeth! Spanish lovers may want to visit Horsham to enjoy a free Spanish Festival, or why not pay a visit to Steyning to experience the St Cuthman’s Wheelbarrow race! This is just a selection of the wonderful events happening throughout May and June. You can find full details of these events and more at www.hdculture2019. co.uk. Please do check booking information and prices prior to attending an event. Follow @hdculture2019 on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date with the Horsham District Year of Culture 2019. Sarah Hogben Horsham District Council

The Shipley Church Bernardi Chamber Ensemble will be playing at the Shipley Arts Festival


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Out and about / Accountancy

Thousands turn out to admire classic cars as they tour the district


n celebration of the Horsham District Year of Culture 2019, on Sunday 24th March amidst bright spring sunshine, Horsham district welcomed a tour of some 40 special vehicles as they travelled around its market towns and villages, stopping off to form static displays in various locations. Building on the success of the Piazza Italia District Tours in 2016 and 2017, the District Showcase Tour, saw up to 40 vehicles from five different Horsham Town events form a travelling cavalcade stop off in Billingshurst (See Village Tweet, March, page 48. Ed.), Pulborough, Storrington, Steyning and Henfield in turn. Managed by Horsham District Council, the tour presented the perfect opportunity for local businesses to open their doors and set out their stalls for the benefit of the many spectators who lined the routes and stopped off in local towns and villages to enjoy the unique spectacle. The Tour presented a broad mix of supercars, classic and muscle cars, police cars and camper vans. The cars represented a selection of those to be seen at Horsham Piazza Italia during the Easter weekend, Horsham’s Great British Weekend in May, PlumJam Air-Cooled VW Rally, Bastille Day Horsham FrenchFest – a car display which is new for 2019 on 14th July and Horsham AmeriCARna in September. Accompanying the Tour was its own travelling band, The Downland Troubadours, aboard a 1925 REO Speedwagon from the Les Searle collection which added hugely to the event atmosphere at every stop. For the most part, static display locations were

positioned right in the heart of each high street, offering maximum opportunity for visitors to support local businesses. Each of the towns welcomed the tour in their own unique way. Some towns hosted fun activities for all the family such as the Italian market day in Storrington along with extra food stalls and a classic car display by Storrington and District Classic and Sports Car Enthusiasts (SADCASE). There was a French market in Steyning with street entertainers and food and drink stalls. Street stalls and a car themed shop window competition was staged in Henfield High Street. Horsham District Council worked collaboratively with partners across all the participating towns and villages including the Parish Councils, Community Partnerships, local businesses such as Premier GT and Pilgrim Motorsports, SL2 Signs for their tour sticker service and enthusiast groups including SADCASE and Oddballs, to make the tour such a special celebration as part of the 2019 Horsham District Year of Culture. The organisers are massively grateful to SERV Sussex, the blood bike charity, who provided outriders to guide the Tour en route, Garlic Wood Events for the drivers’ lunches and Christ’s Hospital School and South Lodge Hotel for hosting the drivers at the start and end of the day. Heather Pepper, Horsham District Council Photos: Toby Phillips Photography

Need an Accountant? Call 01403 283 955 to arrange a FREE consultation. We can help with: Ɣ Business Accounts and Taxation Ɣ Bookkeeping ƔVAT Returns ƔPayroll Ɣ Company Formations Ɣ Business Start-ups Ɣ CIS Contractors Ɣ Making Tax Digital t e


01403 283955 a The Courtyard, 30 Worthing Rd, Horsham, RH12 1SL horsham@taxassist.co.uk w www.taxassist.co.uk/horsham

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Village Tweet Quick Crossword

Solution on page 8


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Food and drink / Private hire

Vegetable Curry

An easy midweek curry to celebrate National Vegetarian Week (13th-19th May)


1. Half-fill a saucepan with cold water and add the potatoes and carrots. Bring to the boil and cook gently for 8 minutes. Add the cauliflower florets and cook for a further 2 minutes. Drain everything in a colander and set aside. 2. Heat the oil in a large, non-stick frying pan or wide-based saucepan. Add the onion, and cook over a medium heat for 8-10 minutes, stirring regularly until well softened and lightly golden. Add over the curry powder and cook for 30 seconds, stirring all the time. 3. Add the tomatoes to the onions and cook for 2-3 minutes, stirring constantly. Add the stock and bring to a gentle simmer. Add the partially cooked vegetables and peas and simmer gently for 5-10 minutes until everything is tender. If the sauce thickens too much, add a splash of water. 4. Serve immediately with yoghurt, mango chutney, and rice or naan.

Mac’s Private Hire 24 hours a day – 7 days a week

01403 701 842 07917 850 746 Airports - Social & Business - Lady Driver Available Wisborough Green Based


Preparation time: 20 minutes. Cooking time: 20-30 minutes. Serves 3


2 medium potatoes, peeled and cut into 2cm chunks 1 large carrot, peeled and sliced diagonally ½ cauliflower, cut into small florets and halved 3 tbsp sunflower or vegetable oil 1 large onion, coarsely grated or very finely chopped 1 tbsp medium or hot curry powder 1 x 227g tin chopped tomatoes 300ml/10fl oz vegetable or chicken stock (made with ½ cube), gluten-free if required 100g/3½oz frozen peas or two large handfuls young spinach leaves, or a mixture Plain yoghurt or vegan alternative, to serve Mango chutney, to serve

Village Tweet Quick Crossword Solution Puzzle on page 7 Across: 1, CROAK. 4, DUTIFUL. 8, UNEATEN. 9, SHYER. 10, BELIEVE. 12, LAPSE. 14, HARD PRESSED. 18, EASEL. 19, RUSSELL. 21, ROBOT. 23, HOLIDAY. 24, SLANDER. 25, RIDER. Down: 1, CHUBBY. 2, OVERLOADS. 3, KATIE. 4, DEN. 5, TUSSLES. 6, FLY. 7, LARDER. 11, ERROR. 13, PRETENDER. 15, DILUTED. 16, DEBRIS. 17, PLAYER. 20, SOLAR. 22, BOA. 23, HER.

Food and drink / Out and about

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Billingshurst Fire Station’s top tips for a safe BBQ


e briefly thanked everyone in last month’s issue for coming along and supporting our charity car wash in March but at that time we hadn’t totted up the total. We raised a staggering £1200. We cannot thank the local community for their generosity and help during this event. I would also like to thank the crew and their partners/wives for all the help you offered during the day, making teas and coffees. We couldn’t have raised this amount without the extra help. Thank you to Moles Country Store for donating a pressure washer when ours failed. We look forward to doing it all again later in the year. A spell of nice weather can only mean one thing: barbecues! Please read these safety tips to keep you, friends and family safe during the summer when enjoying your barbecue. General Safety •  Make sure your barbecue is in good working order •  Ensure the barbecue is on a flat site, well away from a shed, trees or shrubs

•  Never leave the barbecue unattended •  Keep a bucket of water or sand nearby for emergencies •  Ensure the barbecue is cool before attempting to move it. Charcoal Barbecues •  Use only enough charcoal to cover the base to a depth of about 50mm (two inches) •  Only use recognised fire lighters or starter fuel Gas Barbecues •  Make sure the tap is turned off before changing the gas cylinder •  Change cylinders outdoors • if possible or in a well ventilated area •  If you suspect a leak to the cylinder or pipe work, brush soapy water around the joints and watch for bubbles – tighten to fix but do not overtighten •  After cooking, turn off the gas cylinder before turning off at the controls to ensure any residual gas in the pipe work disperses Twitter: @Station49Fire Facebook: Billingshurst Fire Station Dan Game, Billingshurst Fire Station Photo: Follow our tips and enjoy your barbecue in safety

LOXWOOD VILLAGE FETE AND FUN DOG SHOW Saturday 8th June, North Hall, 11am-4pm Over the last six years, Loxwood Village Fete has raised over £33,000 which has been donated to many various local good causes and Charities.

Can You Help? We are sure that this year’s Fete will be just as successful as previous events. However, as in previous years, we are looking for your help in the following areas: •  Donations of Bottles/unwanted gifts for the Tombola •  Unwanted Books, CDs, DVDs, Electronic Games •  Help on the day or prior to the day setting up •  Running a stall for a couple of hours •  Making a cake for our café/cake stall •  China for the China Smash If you can help in any way, please contact Graham on (01403) 751722, Len on 752032 or Peter on 752377


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West Sussex Pub of the Year 2017

Food and drink / Out and about



OUR KITCHEN IS NOW OPEN WEDNESDAY TO SUNDAY LIVE MUSIC IN MAY Saturday 11th: Throbbin Hood, Saturday 18th: The Jukebox 6, Saturday 25th: Joe 90 KingsHead Billingshurst


40 High Street, Billingshurst, RH14 9NY Tel: (01403) 782012 Mon-Fri & Sun: 11am-11pm. Sat: 11am-12 midnight

Billingshurst & District Rotary Club

Car Boot Sales Monday 6th May (Spring Bank Holiday)

Monday 27th May (Late May Bank Holiday)

Car Park rear of Six Bells (off the Library Car Park) Set up time: 8-9am Trading from 9am-12 noon £10 per car, £15 per van To book your space please email: sandyduck@btinternet.com Pay on the day. Book early to avoid disappointment. All money raised will go to local good causes Future date for your diary: August Bank Holiday Monday 26th August


d he s is ar bl ta ye Es


Jim Hills Sports

Traditional Sports Shop – Vast Stock “Simply the Best for Service and Price”

MINIMUM OF 20% OFF PLUS MANY HALF PRICE BARGAINS Come and see for yourself! Open Monday to Friday 9am-5.30pm, Saturdays 8.30am-5pm

Large FREE car park

Hillside Farm, Billingshurst Rd (A272), Coolham, West Sussex RH13 8QN Check our WEBSITE for details and directions: 5H s ou ws er ie m ev Nu R

www.jimhillssports.co.uk e-mail: jimhillssports2@aol.com

Tel. 01403 741116

* Sport / Cricket / Self storage

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Billingshurst Cricket Club: New Season, New Promise


illingshurst Cricket Club begin the 2019 season in optimistic mood having attracted a number of new players to represent each of the three adult sides that represent the village every Saturday in the Sussex league. Ben Williams will lead the first team and attempt to repeat the success of the 2014 season which saw the club promoted to the top tier of amateur cricket in the county. Home fixtures take place at Jubilee Fields. With the first team playing in Division 2, the second team in Division 5 and the third eleven competing in Division 9, the club offers a full range of opportunities to play competitive cricket. During the 2019 season the club will offer a Sunday fixture programme. Primarily for younger players as an introduction to the adult game, and perhaps for one or two of the club’s more ‘senior’ members to enjoy a more relaxing game of cricket, the Sunday side’s emphasis will be on participation and enjoyment. The club continues to run a successful youth

programme and this year will field teams at under9s, under-12s and under-13s level. The ‘Colts’ compete against other local sides and the cricket club has a successful history of its younger players going on to represent the adult teams. Local home builder Thakeham have supported the club as the main shirt sponsor for a number of years and will continue to do so into 2019. They are joined by a healthy number of local businesses, many based in Billingshurst, whose support is invaluable in sustaining the club and allowing facilities to be maintained and improved. The club is always keen to welcome new players of any age or ability. For further information on playing or sponsorship/advertising contact the club at billingshurstcc@gmail.com, Richard on 07887 603458 (by text only please) or for youth (Colt) enquires contact Clive on cliveheyward@whsmith.co.uk Richard Bown Photo: Billingshurst CC wearing their Thakeham shirts


Will You Be Willow? An exciting opportunity to be the new owner of a thriving boutique n 2014, I set upon a five-year plan to create and develop a fantastic fashion business in Billingshurst. Willow has exceeded my expectations, evolving into a significant and valued High Street Boutique that’s more than just a clothes shop – it’s become something of a community hub. I have had a fabulous time creating a relaxed and very special shopping experience for all. Customers have become friends. These years have been immensely rewarding both financially and more importantly, personally. However, my children are now grown and have left the nest and I have a new five-year plan – to take a sabbatical and travel, hopefully returning to the UK in 2024 with my own designed, branded and manufactured collection of stunning and flattering clothing for wholesale. It’s my wish to see Willow continue with a local person at the helm. Willow is a profitable and rewarding business in the growing town of Billingshurst. With a


great reputation and a large, loyal customer base stretching to Horsham and the local villages, the hard work of creating a prosperous retail outlet has already been done. This will give the new owner an invaluable start and a smooth entry into a great little business. It’s an opportunity to grow the brand and continue to excite customers with new ideas and with different ranges alongside trusted bestsellers. Throughout this spring and summer I will be looking for someone to take over the business at the end of the summer for the Autumn/Winter Season. Please contact me should you or anyone you know be interested in this opportunity to purchase your very special local boutique, Willow. In the meantime, it is business as usual. I have purchased my finest Summer Collection and it is arriving for you to try on now. As always, there’s a limited number of each size of each piece, so shop early to avoid disappointment!

Willow in Billingshurst Beautiful Clothing (sizes 8-18, XS-XXL), Jewellery, Bags & Purses, Accessories

Willow, 41 High Street, Billingshurst, RH14 9PP Jo Knight. Tel: (01403) 782877. willowlimited@gmail.com www.facebook.com/WillowBillingshurst www.willowfashion.co.uk

* Fashion / Charity / Health & wellbeing

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Local churches host fundraiser Lent lunches for Macmillan Trinity United Reformed Church, Billingshurst, hosted one of a series of Lent lunches on 29th March, catering for nearly 40 people from different churches in Billingshurst. After lunch, Macmillan’s Terri Ashpool gave a very informative talk on the fundraising work of Macmillan. An amazing £225 was raised going direct to Macmillan. The lent lunches are hosted by St Gabriels, St Mary’s and Trinity United Reformed Church, each supporting a different charity. For details about Trinity United Reformed Church please contact Brenda Homden, the Church Secretary on (01403) 784719 or for Macmillan, Terri Ashpool on (01403) 588996.                                    Rowena Harris Jean Wilmer, Brenda Homden, Meredith Mason and Jane Matthews with Macmillan’s Terri Ashpool

Claire Taylor and Norma Pearson

My Kind of Yoga Wisborough Green Village Hall Saturdays 9.30-10.30am

Claire Taylor: 07305 989665 enquiries@f360hub.co.uk www.f360hub.co.uk YOUR FIRST CLASS FREE! Book via: https://bit.ly/f360hubfreeclass

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* Health and wellbeing / Funerals

Dying Matters Awareness Week: 13th-19th May Dying matters is a national initiative to promote public awareness of issues at the time of dying, death and bereavement

My Wishes, My Way… is an informal, interactive presentation created by Dandelion Farewells. The success of our ongoing community information events has highlighted important questions that people need answering. This is a free workshop for anyone who would like to understand the funeral decisions that need to be made on your behalf or those of others. We are keen to share our knowledge and insight of the funeral profession and help you to make sense of what can often seem to be a confusing and complicated process. Our individual approach to funerals helps people explore the many options available to them. In our experience, many of those who have died had not thought or talked about their funeral choices, causing difficulties for their families when making decisions. My Wishes, My Way offers a light-hearted, mythbusting approach; clear, jargon-less information; impartial and honest guidance; transparent advice around funeral costs.

Tuesday 14th May, 10am-12noon The Three Crowns Pub, Wisborough Green Tuesday 14th May, 2-4pm Southwater Leisure Centre Café Wednesday 15th May, 1.30-3.30pm Horsham Indoor Bowls Centre, Broadbridge Heath Friday 17th May, 1.30-3.30pm Tythe Barn, Horsham You can ask questions or just take a seat and listen. Light refreshments will be provided and resources will be available for you to take away. No need to book-in, just arrive. It won’t be depressing and there may even be laughter. Dying really does matter, so let’s get it out in the open. Judith Dandy Independent funeral director 01403 701001 / 07769 336022


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Out and about / Health and wellbeing

West Sussex Community Minibus Association (Billingshurst) May Schedule Wednesday 1st Thursday 2nd Tuesday 7th Thursday 9th Friday 10th

9.30am 9.00am 9.30am 9.00am

Eastbourne Horsham & Sainsbury’s Bognor Regis Horsham & Sainsbury’s

Monday 13th Tuesday 14th Thursday 16th Wednesday 22nd Thursday 23rd Thursday 30th Wednesday 31st

9.30am 9.30am 9.00am 10.00am 9.00am 9.00am

Petersfield Chichester lunchtime concert, Parnassia Ensemble Horsham & Sainsbury’s 1.15pm Tesco’s Broadbridge Heath Chichester Market Day Horsham & Sainsbury’s 1.15pm Horsham & Tesco’s Horsham & Sainsbury’s 1.15pm Horsham & Tesco’s 6.30pm Billingshurst Drama Society Production, Women’s Hall


Tesco’s Broadbridge Heath

1.15pm 1.30pm

Horsham & Tesco’s Squires Garden Centre, Washington

To book your place please telephone Geraldine Pike: (01403) 786147 We now offer a friendly door to door service for anyone in the RH14 9xx area! Thanks to all who supported us at our Tea Afternoon on 6th April – it was great to see you all! Please book trips at least 24 hours in advance so we can ensure our crews have correct pick-up information! If you’re interested in finding out more about our service, either as a passenger or a volunteer, please contact Steve O’Dowd, email: billingshurst.minibus@btinternet. com or tel: (01403) 784428. Thank you. Registered Charity No. 1173818

Drivesafe – Ask us for more details

Tel: 01403 784682 Park & Brown Opticians

32 High Street, Billingshurst, RH14 9PF email: parkandbrownbillingshurst@gmail.com

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Health & wellbeing / Hair / Choral *

Survive Exam Stress How to come out on top


t used to be thought that being a child at school meant living through the happiest days of your life. How times change. Now, with league tables, SATS, and GCSEs, many children are falling victim to stress. So, if you (or your children, if you’re a parent reading this) are feeling pressured, with nowhere to turn, we have some great tips to help you get through exam season relatively unscathed. First a few words about stress. Stress is caused by the way our body responds to outside events, not necessarily by the events themselves. Some stress is good: adaptive stress releases adrenaline and helps us to rise to a challenge. It’s a temporary state and the body returns to normal very quickly. Problem stress occurs when the body stays in a heightened state for a prolonged period of time. It’s this type of stress which is causing problems for today’s children. Unlike when we were young and exams were end-of-term or even end-of year events, today’s child has seemingly relentless pressure to perform all year round with the result that they get very little down-time in which their body can recover from all that adrenaline. Not everyone suffers in the same way from stress. Some children seem to cope with it well. Research has shown that these children are

Feel good inside and out by getting your hair cut with Lee Cuddis 35 years experience with TONI&GUY, now in an informal country setting As featured in the West Sussex County Times 20% off your first visit For an appointment call Lee Cuddis 07545 460522 or email leercuddis@icloud.com


generally more positive, have a good sense of humour and have parents who themselves deal well with potentially stressful situations. Finally, it’s useful to understand that while exams are important, they are not worth making yourself ill over. You can always sit them again.

Exam Busting Tips! Get plenty of rest. Sleep is important. Take regular breaks. You’ll stay fresher. Leave time for some fun. When you’ve reached your revision goal reward yourself with an activity you enjoy. Be realistic. Don’t overdo it. Eat properly. Avoid caffeinated drinks like coffee or coke. Exercise. It’s a great stress buster and improves your mood. Be nice to yourself. Don’t beat yourself up. about the things you haven’t done, be positive about all you’ve achieved. Relax. When it all gets too much just chill for a while. You’ll feel much better. Louise Addison

Useful Web Addresses www.studentminds.org.uk/examstress.html www.nhs.uk/conditions/stress-anxietydepression/coping-with-exam-stress

´Are y

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´Meet new pe

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´It beats going to the gym!µ

make ne w



Open Rehearsal Tuesday 21st May 2019

Venue - Billingshurst Primary School Station Road RH14 9RE (free parking)


´Light re

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ter val .

love o

If you are interested please contact David Eckford on 07799 687790 or email billingshurstcs.info@gmail.com


f mus ic.


ff er show-o



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Books / About the house

A Good Read May’s selection from Grahame Pearson and Willow Coby Molly & Me – Colin Butcher Molly & Me is the extraordinary tale of how a dog and her owner became the ultimate petdetective duo. Ex-policeman Colin Butcher is a local author living in Loxwood. He has set up his own pet detective agency searching for lost and stolen pets and it was running smoothly but he quickly realised he needed a partner. That’s when inspiration struck… Enter Molly, an unloved and unwanted cocker spaniel on a rescue website. Clever and charismatic, she melted Colin’s heart and the two became instantly inseparable. Colin’s detective skills combined with Molly's intelligence, tenacity and sense of smell made them the ultimate team and it wasn’t long before they were cracking cases and solving crimes across the country. From the search to find Pablo the ginger tom who was kidnapped in Devon to unearthing a treasure trove of stolen jewels in a north London wood, the duo have many bizarre encounters and make plenty of new friends along the way. Many of the investigations and recoveries have taken place in Sussex and south east England. Charming, moving and thrilling, Molly and Me is the story of a rescue cocker spaniel with a troubled past who – thanks to the love and devotion of her owner – finds a new life, a new purpose and a forever friend. Amazon £12.99, hardback (Kindle £9.49)

The Prisoner – Penny McKinlay Nearly two decades into the 21st century the days of the Second World War seem as remote as ancient history. For the younger generation today, with their phones, TV on demand, and Netflix, even the experiences of their own parents as children seem distant from today. This is why books like The Prisoner are so welcome. One of a series of ‘Historical Adventures’ this exciting story gives an insight into what life was really like during World War Two. Ten-year-old Bob and his friend Jack have had enough of the war. It has been going on for five years. Five years of rationing (Bob doesn’t know how much more cabbage he can face) and more importantly five years of no sweets. His Dad has been gone for a long time – a prisoner of war on the continent. Blackout blinds and ‘digging for victory’ are such a part of life that Bob cannot remember a time without them. But one day Bob and Jack meet an Italian prisoner of war working in a nearby field. Naturally Bob is scared – this is the enemy. But as he gets to know him his feelings change. Bob starts to feel sorry for him and wants him to stay with them rather than in the prison camp. But ultimately the prisoner is an enemy. Can he really be trusted, or does he have another reason for seeming so nice? Designed to complement the Key Stage 2 History curriculum, this short novel combines facts and suspense in a story to keep every young reader on the edge of their seats.

K.J. Lammas Plumbing & Heating Ltd


Plumbing • Heating • Bathrooms • LPG & Natural Gas Billingshurst and surrounding areas covered 178154


Tel: 01403 783781

Email: kjlammas@btinternet.com

Tel: 01403 785700 www.sussexcarpetbrokers.co.uk on selected ranges, min 14 sq mtrs

Trade Enquiries Welcome FREE fitting & FREE underlay

Where the best service and widest choice will cost you less! Carpets – Vinyls – Curtains – Blinds Floorings – Domestic & Commercial

We will beat ANY written like for like quote Ample Parking – Easy Access

Showroom: 6 Jengers Mead, Billingshurst, RH14 9PB

Community / About the house

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First Billingshurst Showcase a huge success


esidents flocked to the very first Billingshurst Showcase on Saturday 23rd March, prompting demands for the event to be repeated. Over 40 stalls at the Billingshurst Community & Conference Centre were thronged as hundreds of visitors took the opportunity to learn more about the many groups and societies operating in the Parish. Hosted jointly by Billingshurst Rotary Club and Parish Councils, the idea came about following a brain-storming as to how to engage with the many newcomers to the village, particularly those in new housing. It was felt that by showcasing all the great things that go on and how they can become involved and support the village, was a good way to help them feel part of their new community. Every possible interest was covered from the environment, sport, pets, transport, health &

Family Run Local Retailer / Service Provider

welfare, children & young people, sports, art and religion to name but a few. In addition, residents thinking about standing in the Parish Council elections in May were able to find out more about what being a Councillor involves. Clerk to Billingshurst Parish Council Greg Burt added, “We were delighted with the support the event received from residents and we have since had many requests for the event to be repeated, which we are now considering. Many groups signed up new members or helpers which is great to hear as it is our voluntary sector that really gives Billingshurst a strong sense of community.” Greg Burt Clerk to Billingshurst Parish Council Top: Rotary Club’s Sandy Duck and Billingshurst Parish Council Chairman, Paul Berry open the show Bottom: Just some of the 40 stalls



Aerial/Satellite Custom Installer TV Wall Mounng NICEIC Domesc Electrician PAT Tesng Replacement Watch Baeries Copying of VHS Tapes to DVD


Flat Panel TV’s DAB/FM Radios Domesc Appliances Freestanding/Built In Lighng and Heang

Call 01798 872237 Staon Road, Pulborough, West Sussex, RH20 1AH Email: office@hamiltoncole.co.uk



TV, Audio, DVD Recorders Lamps Microwaves Vaccum Cleaners Cookers Hobs

New Aerials Supplied Existing Aerials Serviced TV, DAB, FM Aerials Digital Aerial Upgrades Extra TV, Satellite, Tel. Points Satellite Dish Install & Repair 140+ TV and radio channels No monthly subscription

Call Graham on: 01798 813092 or 01403 732754 or mobile: 07442 509598 apexaerials@aol.com


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Charity / About the house

“Hospice volunteering has given me a different outlook on life”


olly Edwards, 18, is a college student hoping to pursue a career in nursing. She volunteers every Thursday with the Hospitality Team at St Catherine’s Hospice. Here she tells us more about her role and why she thinks other people should volunteer: “I’ve always known about St Catherine’s as I live nearby, but I started to learn more about their services when my Dad knew someone who was cared for there. He spoke so fondly of the hospice and everything they do, so I wanted to volunteer to give something back to a local charity, as well as gain invaluable experience in a healthcare setting that I hope will help me in my future career. “I’ve been volunteering at St Catherine’s since September 2018. I help out in the kitchen and take the tea trolley round the wards. People are often shocked when I tell them where I volunteer. They don’t expect it, especially from someone my age. But I use my volunteering as a chance to tell people more about the care St Catherine’s provides to people in our community. “I do the tea round with another older volunteer, Peggy. She’s been at the hospice since it first opened and was so supportive when I first started. Despite our age difference, I really enjoy talking to her. And I like spending time with people of different ages who I wouldn’t normally meet outside of my volunteering. “The hospice staff are all lovely too. I’m only at the hospice for two hours each week so I didn’t think people would even know who I am, but the staff have taken the time to get to know me and include me. The role is very rewarding and patients and their

Yourl loca ly d r f ienen ov er clean

families are always so appreciative. Every week I meet someone different so sometimes it can be challenging to find common ground to chat to them but it’s a skill I’ve enjoyed learning. Sometimes finding out the way someone takes their coffee can brighten their day. “Since volunteering at St Catherine’s, I’ve learnt how compassionate you need to be, not only to patients, but to staff as well. It might sound like a cliché, but volunteering here has given me a different outlook on life. Death is inevitable but it’s still such a taboo subject for many people. At the hospice nothing is taken for granted. “My advice to other people who are thinking of volunteering is: yes, being in a hospice is different and it can be hard or a bit of a shock at the start, but it’s the most wonderful thing to do! I was a bit apprehensive when I first started but there’s plenty of support and now, I couldn’t imagine not volunteering here. There are so many volunteer roles at St Catherine’s there really is something for everyone. “And you can give as much or as little time as you are able. I give two hours a week to fit around college. Two hours is nothing really and most people could spare that a week. Not only will you be making a big difference to your local hospice, but it will help you gain skills and experience or help you to meet new people. Plus St Catherine’s always has plenty of delicious cakes to enjoy after a shift!” If you’re interested in volunteering with St Catherine’s, please visit www.stch.org.uk, contact their Volunteering Team on (01293) 447351 or email volunteering@stch.org.uk. Laura Mitchell, St Catherine’s Hospice Photo: Molly Edwards at St Catherine’s Hospice

DO YOU NEED YOUR OVEN CLEANED? Billingshurst based

Oven Cleaning Direct clean ovens – it’s what we do!

Call Kevin: (01403) 331000 with any questions or to arrange a visit Email: horsham@ovencleanngdirect.co.uk

www.ovencleaningdirect.co.uk We can make your oven like new again!


Oven Cleaning Direct – Horsham

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A Chronicle of Ehrenveld

Once upon a time on a small farm a long way from Billingshurst…


raincoat and rushed down to the kennels. Heidi, anny and Grandad once lived on a little farm one of the Shepherds, needed to go – like really in New Zealand called Ehrenveld with their go. Nanny opened the kennel door and Heidi German Shepherds and a Siamese cat called rushed out into the paddock and gratefully Simeon. They had a few sheep too but this story is evacuated. She happily went back to bed and so not about sheep at all. Well, mostly not. did Nanny. Nanny was at home that day because she had The night was still dark and it was raining harder hurt her back lifting her motorcycle which she used now. Nanny woke up. She heard howling in the to commute to work. It had fallen over and her with dark. Something else was wrong! Darn, it must be it and she lifted it the wrong way. Anyway, that day an emergency again. She she decided to do the grudgingly got up, put on her washing. An ordinary, raincoat and rushed down to everyday, calamity-free task the kennels. This time it was you might think. But… Hanna howling but Nanny The washing machine was was too late this time; Mother a twin tub which was filled by Nature had beaten her to it. hand, so she turned on the She popped Hanna into tap and walked away another of the motel unit and (because the water pressure went back to bed. A big mess wasn’t high it took a little time) to clean up in the morning! picked up a book and began Meanwhile, back on the to read. About an hour later present farm half a world she remembered the washing away… machine. Oops… Heidi and Hanna on a farm far, far away Aaron did it again. As soon In order to clear the flood, as he heard the dulcet tones of next door’s sheep everything had to be moved onto the back porch. he made his way over the fence or rather through This included numerous bags of dog food. She it. Nanny’s patched up fence – yes, the subject of finished cleaning up, put the first load on and went last month’s story – didn’t stand a chance to this back to her book. About an hour later she determined gentleman. However, after a few days remembered the washing. Oops again… he came home, was shut in the small paddock and She found the dogs had opened the bags of waited until… food and had eaten nearly half the contents. Even Nanny called in the professionals. James and Simeon the cat was having a good old munch up. Jacob erected a new fence, a proper cattle-height Shooing them away she cleared up the mess, jobbie with proper fence poles. When he got out, finished the washing (with no more mishaps) and Aaron inspected it throughly but decided for the didn’t feed the dogs any dinner that night. Simeon time being not to test it. Hopefully the sheep next still looked like a barrel when bedtime came. door will have a rest from pleading with him to visit Grandad put the dogs outside in their motel unit them. kennels that Grandad and Nanny had made for Well, spring has sprung and everything is them. They were cosy and had a nice run attached. growing. New projects have begun and old projects Everyone went to bed. Peace at last. But… resumed and fine tuned. Life on the little farm near The night was dark and stormy and it was Billingshurst is never finished. raining. Nanny woke up. She heard howling in the Yvonne Fleece dark. Something was wrong! She got up put on her

M.W. Wingate

Painting & Decorating Interior & Exterior Specialist in all Wall Coverings City & Guilds qualified Over 25 years experience Fully insured

Tel: (01403) 780360 Mobile: 07973 433725 markwingate95@gmail.com


Billingshurst Parish Council Billingshurst Community & Conference Centre Roman Way, Billingshurst, RH14 9QW

Don’t forget to vote on 2nd May Local elections will take place on Thursday 2nd May; keep an eye out for election information coming through letterboxes soon. A new Council term May sees the start of a new Council term for parishes. It has been a busy term of office and the Council would like to thank everyone involved in helping the Council over the term including past and present Councillors, past and present staff and the army of committed volunteers from all walks of life in the parish. Your Parish Council needs to hear from you regarding important local issues. All residents are encouraged to keep updated with matters that the Parish Council is involved in by reading our regular double page spread in the Village Tweet, visiting the Council website or Twitter and Facebook pages and viewing local notice boards. Please check our website for details of the Councillors for Billingshurst Parish.

Volunteering – Station Road Gardens Could you spare some time to help volunteer in Station Road Gardens? Parish Council contractors and Friends of the Gardens Volunteers do a great job but help is always needed to help weed and maintain the gardens. If you have a bit of time to spare and would like to help look after this delightful local amenity, please contact Keith Brown on (01403) 782321.

Billingshurst Tennis Club Did you know that there is a public court available to hire at the Tennis Club located at Lower Station Road Recreation Ground? If you would like to join the club or enquire about hiring the public court, please telephone 07949 805474 or email billingshursttennis@gmail.com

Hedgehog Awareness Week Did you know that Hedgehog Awareness Week runs from 5th-11th May? Every year many hedgehogs are seriously injured or killed by cutting machines in the garden. Please check grass and hedges thoroughly before using mowers, strimmers or hedge cutters. If you would like to support the work of the British Hedgehog Preservation Society you can contact them on (01584) 890801 or visit their website www.britishhedgehogs.org.uk

Upcoming Meetings (May) 2nd: Planning & Environment Committee (7.30pm) 8th: Full Council (7.30pm) 9th: Neighbourhood Plan Working Party (6.30pm) 22nd: Working Practices Committee (7.30pm) 29th: Billingshurst Centre (7pm) & F&GP Committee (7.30pm)

www.billingshurst.gov.uk Email: council@billingshurst.gov.uk 01403 782555 / twitter@BillingshurstPC

Billingshurst Parish Council


BILLINGSHURST ‘IN BLOOM’ LOCAL COMPETITION – 2019 Following the success of Station Road Gardens and the village itself in last year’s South & South East in Bloom competition, where Silver Gilt and Silver were achieved respectively, the Parish Council is once again holding its own local In Bloom competition. Last year’s debut competition proved very popular with local residents and businesses, and in an effort to encourage community involvement to help support the entry, it is hoped even more will be keen to get Last year’s winners involved, by entering their garden, tubs and baskets. To enter, please fill in the form below and return to the Parish Office by 30th June. Judging will take place in July, with awards to be presented in September. (You can enter no more than three categories, and all displays must be visible from the street.) Each entry will be judged on Impact, Care & Attention and Horticultural Content. However, you don’t need to be Monty Don to enter, so if you enjoy pottering and it looks good, please have a go! All those who enter will be invited along to a glittering awards evening in September! 9 Best Commercial Basket 10 Best Commercial Tub 11 Best Commercial Window Box 12 Best Residential Premises (Flats, Care Home, Sheltered Housing etc) 13 Tallest Sunflower (Adult) 14 Tallest Sunflower (Children – 16 and under)

1 Best Small Front Garden (under 5 metres frontage) 2 Best Large Front Garden (5 metres and over frontage) 3 Best Domestic Basket 4 Best Domestic Tub 5 Best Domestic Window Box 6 Best Public House 7 Best Restaurant 8 Best Shop, Factory, Office etc

Name: ..................................................................................................................... Address: ................................................................................................................... ................................................................................................................................. ................................................................................................................................. Telephone: .................................................................... Age (if under 16): .............

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CADISS Kitchens & Bathrooms Design – Supply – Installation Get significant savings on suites and tiles even if we do not install. All work guaranteed and fully insured. No VAT on fitting.

Tel: (01403) 786325 cadisskitchensandbathrooms.co.uk


If you would like to donate a raffle prize, advertise in our programme, have a stall or make a donation to one of our stalls please get in touch! plaistowps.committee@gmail.com

www.bestchoiceroofing.co.uk 01403 390040 or 07961410377 marc@bestchoiceroofing.co.uk


07795 097102

FOR ALL YOUR MAINTENANCE NEEDS Plumbing • Tiling • Carpentry • Landscaping • Fencing Decorating • Kitchens • Bathrooms



About the house

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Hire a Handyman! Or handywoman!


o you have lots of household DIY tasks mounting up? Are you starting to feel a little overwhelmed? Hire a handyman! A good handyman will have right tools, and know-how to get the job done efficiently. Hiring someone who knows what they are doing will eliminate a lot of stress. Also, they will almost certainly save you money, especially if you would have to buy the right tools before you start or make a mistake which has to be put right!

When hiring: Be Specific. Give an idea of the scale and scope of the job or jobs. For example, “Rehang garden gate, repaint gate and 17 metres of 2m high garden fence.” Measurements are important as it gives idea of the scope of the task. Email photos if you can. In the example above

J. WILSON Painting & Decorating Interior & Exterior 30 years experience in all aspects of decorating Friendly professional service • Fully insured Please call Jef for free estimate

01403 372452 or 07958 017305 Email: jef-wilson1@hotmail.co.uk

send photos of the gate and the fence. A picture will save a lot of words and help the handyman provide an accurate quotation. Remember cheapest isn’t necessarily the best. Check an online price guide. There is lots of guidance available, but you should definitely bear in mind the total hours required. The handyman should be insured and have his own tools. Check all insurance documents carefully. Take your time, be pleasant and ask questions. Get a quote in writing to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting. Then sit back and relax while someone else takes care of your household jobs! Tom Hancock

HandimanPete Trust us with all your Odd Jobs around the Home & Garden

Pete Copus – Your Local Handiman • • • • • •

All Household Odd Jobs & Maintenance Window Cleaning Inside & Out Painting, Decorating & Home Improvement Garden Maintenance & Timber Shelters Home, Garage & Garden Clearance Everyday DIY All Around Your Home

07730 762248 pete@handimanpete.com www.handimanpete.com


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The apple blossom of May – Part 1 John Nash is a retired, well sort of retired, fruit farm manager in Kirdford who enjoys scribbling about life on the farm from the now to days gone by.


have on the odd occasion given a talk on fruit growing and its history in regard to our own area of the country. How it came to this area and sadly departed is a fascinating story that illustrates the way events can influence the environment we live in and the way of life that so many over the years have lived through. The story of our local orchards goes way back. Nearly all farms from the Middle Ages onwards would have had a small orchard somewhere on their properties. These would have provided fruit for the table and, perhaps more importantly, cider for the family and workers. Surplus usually found its way to local village markets and the rest for animal feed. The heavy clay of our area was not the best of soils for arable crop production but made good grassland for grazing. Most small farms having a few animals of mixed varieties and a little acreage planted cereals and feed crops like mangel and kale. From Victorian times huge amounts of hay were produced to feed the ever growing demand from the London stables. There was a staggering 40,000 horses working in the city daily, so the need for feed was a considerable market for farms near enough to supply the fodder wanted. Then came two things: motorised transport and the First World War! With the first came a fairly rapid reduction in demand also coupled alongside a far greater ability to source supply from further afield. This was then followed by the war and it was a case of feeding a nation with as much available land that could be farmed. After the war the government recognised that they should try and encourage the Horticultural industry in the country. They also had various retiring military officers who it was felt could be a great asset to the farming world. So, as one of these initiatives, the ministry asked Ronald Hatton, who was the Director of East Malling Research Station, if he could suggest places to encourage fruit growing beside the already recognised production areas. Now, it just so happened that a farmer from Wisborough Green, a Mr Carter, had, from his small orchard, sent a surplus crop of Coxes to market. Mr Hatton came across these fruits as he visited Covent Garden and liked what he saw. He thought them well coloured and of a very good taste. So he put the area forward as one


suggestion. With land very inexpensive at the time and with Ministry assistance many officers took up the challenge. In fact, if you look at a list of fruit growers whose farms sprang up around our villages in that period it looks like a who’s who of the armed forces. Generals, Majors, Colonels, Captains and Commanders all held orchards producing apples and pears for the city markets. They used their military experience to organise really superbly run farms and planted the wonderful orchards that gave us such a good reputation as some of the best Cox growers in the country. Sir Peter Mursell and five others of these early growers decided in 1928 to get together and they formed Kirdford Growers Ltd, the first growers cooperative in the country. With a large packhouse and ever extending storage facilities growers’ fruit could be stored and packed using the expertise of a unified marketing team. Over the following 80-odd years more and more local orchards joined the company and its reputation as a source of superb fruit, stored and packed to the highest standard was recognised throughout the industry. I was fortunate myself to manage one of the member farms that stored their fruit at the packhouse and for many years we enjoyed the sharing of knowledge and advice that such a wealth of growing experience from so many growers produced. The packhouse and the orchards also served as a huge source of work for many in the local villages. Here at Costrong Farm we had between 30 and 40 pickers each year working for a couple of months gathering the harvest, the great majority of them from the local villages with many returning year after year. You have to remember that for many of those early years the population of our countryside would have been predominantly farmers and their workers. The villages mainly filled with the folk who serviced those farms from the church and the pub, to the shop and the blacksmith. In general this way of life continued until something happened that dramatically altered the routine of the fruit growers world… In 1973 something terrible happened. We joined the Common Market. To many this was an event that made little difference to their lives, to others it opened a brand new market to exploit and was most welcome. To the fruit grower it transformed the industry. Next month I will explain why…

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Billingshurst Primary School Bursts Into Spring!


n the face of some unseasonably chilly weather, Thursday 4th April saw the return of the annual Spring Fair at Billingshurst Primary School. The day had been preceded by the Spring Fair Poster Competition sponsored by Fowlers Estate Agents which attracted over 160 entries, causing the Fowlers team a tricky job in selecting the winners whose posters were proudly displayed in their window on the High Street. While the Billingshurst Primary School Community Association (BPSCA) usually lead fundraising efforts at the school, the Spring Fair sees the children take charge! Displaying their terrific entrepreneurial skills, each class worked hard to decide on the theme and a creative name for their stall, its decoration, pricing and marketing to attract as many customers as possible. We were delighted to welcome Grahame Pearson from Village Tweet to judge the spectacular array of colourful and energetic stalls to award winners within three categories; Most Creative Stall Name, Best Decorated Stall and Most Enticing Marketing. With something for everyone, from tombolas to cup cake decorating and Easter nest cakes, a milkshake bar

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to bric-a-brac, books and all manner of seed planting, there was much excitement from the children and a tremendous atmosphere. Generating a fantastic £2,226.98 profit, the children can be enormously proud of themselves as they help to bring the school one step closer to raising enough money to re-model their two libraries which was a focus last year and remains the major project for 2019. A huge, heartfelt thank you to everyone who contributed on the day. Focus now turns to the school’s biggest fundraiser of the year: the Summer Fun Day on Saturday 22nd June, 11am-3pm, with the whole community invited to join in the fun. The BPSCA are seeking sponsors, advertisers and prizes to support the day. If you or anyone you know would be interested in getting involved, please contact Clare Roberts at bpsca@billingshurstprimary.org.uk Clare Roberts, BPSCA Chair Left: Chocolate Challenge’s milkshakes a big hit Right: Clever marketing – catch ’em outside the classroom!

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Weald Challenge: 3 Peaks, 3 classrooms


even members of staff at The Weald School are going to tackle the three mountains in England, Scotland and Wales in 24 hours, in aid of the school’s own charity, Classrooms for Kenya. Mr Charles, Mrs Glanville, Ms Hempenstall, Ms Martin, Mr Sladden, Ms McKenna and Mr Robinson have challenged themselves to complete it over the Easter weekend. The National Three Peaks Challenge involves climbing the three highest peaks of the British Isles. The total walking distance is 37km and the total ascent is 3064 metres. In July 2019 a team of staff and students from The Weald will be heading to Kitale in Western

Kenya in order to support education by building new classroom buildings for impoverished schools. This year they aim to build six new classrooms in three different schools and hope to raise an ambitious £36,000 to achieve this goal. If you are able to support The Weald School’s 3 Peaks 3 Classroom team, please visit https://uk. virginmoneygiving. com/Team/ 3Peaks3Classrooms Alison Brown, Central Administration Team Photo, left to right: Mr Jordan Sladden, Ms Elaine McKenna, Ms Julia Martin, Ms Aoife Hempenstall, Mrs Sarah Glanville and Mr Nic Robinson (Mr Jason Charles missing from photo!)

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Thakeham thrilled to sponsor HeART to Heart


hakeham are thrilled to be at the heart of a brand new community art trail to raise money for St Catherine’s Hospice. Thakeham, whose staff have already raised £22,000 for their local hospice and are supporting development of the new hospice at Pease Pottage, confirmed their headline sponsorship of the fibre glass heart trail that will take place this summer. Each heart has been individually designed by a local artist and will form part of a public art trail. This will run across the areas where St Catherine’s provides people with vital end of life care and support. As well as the main heart trail, there is a community art project for schools and local groups and a secret heart exhibition. Robert Boughton, Group Managing Director of Thakeham said, “We’re thrilled to be the headline sponsor for HeART to Heart. Our relationship with St Catherine’s is extremely important. It’s great to continue our support of the hospice in such a fun campaign alongside our support of the new hospice at Pease Pottage. The trail is also a brilliant opportunity for us to support our local area and to promote the incredible work St Catherine’s does. An art trail is a stimulating and different project for us to be involved with and it’ll bring the community together for a worthwhile cause. It’s been really exciting to see a sneak peak of the amazing heart designs too. We’d encourage other businesses to get involved. It’s a great way to show you care and an innovative way to engage with your community, while helping create new footfall

and income for our area. Within our office most of our staff live within the areas St Catherine’s provides care. So learning that only one in three local people can currently receive the hospice’s care has been an eye opener. It’s definitely helped spurred us on to support St Catherine’s wherever and whenever we can!” Thakeham’s chosen heart, ‘Love Grows’ recently spent the morning at their head office: “We want to involve the whole team – for everyone at Thakeham to be inspired to get involved at some point – we are sure many will take on the challenge of finding each heart! It’s been really exciting choosing our heart, showing it off to the team at the office, meeting the artist and other artists involved – the reach of a campaign like this is huge and we wish St Catherine’s a fantastic fundraising, community inspiring effort!” Suzanne Davis, Corporate Fundraiser at St Catherine’s said, “We’re looking forward to working with Thakeham on our heart trail. And it’s not too late for your business to join us too! We are on the lookout for volunteers to support us as Heart Ambassadors once our trail launches, and we’d love to have you on board” If your business would like to get involved with Heart to Heart, please call Suzanne Davis, on (01293) 447365 or email: corporate@stch.org.uk. Or to find out more about the exciting trail please visit: www.stch.org.uk/hearts. Sarah Tuhey, St Catherine’s Hospice Photo: ‘Love Grows’, sponsored by Thakeham, at their head office with some of their employees

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‘Down on the Farm’ That’s the theme for Slinfold School’s Summer Fair on Sunday 19th May


linfold CE Primary and Pre-School are delighted to invite you to their celebrated Summer Fair, which will be held on Sunday 19th May 2019 from 12-3pm. Along with the usual barbecue and bar refreshments, we will be enjoying the Farm theme with magic and balloon modelling, face painting and many other of our usual attractions such as a live Band, Doomsville. We also welcome some physical challenges from our afterschool sporting clubs and our local Scout group. Last year’s Summer Fair We have invited many retail stalls to join us this year to add to the attraction. We are running a raffle and auction, with great prizes generously donated by local companies, as well as other chances to win a prize. Pick up a programme from a local business for more information! Slinfold’s Summer Fair has always been a fantastic day out for the whole family with high attendance and record-breaking fundraising. We raised over £7500 last year, which is amazing for

such a small village and school. The money raised by the PTA over the year pays for the whole school to attend Forest Schools and also funds extracurricular activities and learning – so far this year we have funded classroom items to aid learning, theatre visits, school discos and new furniture for the classrooms. With your support this year, we hope to be able to make more improvements to the teaching tools and play areas. Our PTA work hard all year round to raise funds – we run several events including a weekly cake raffle – but we would not be able to achieve any of this success without the tremendous support from the headteachers, the school staff, parents and extended family who attend our events. Please come along to join us at our number one event and enjoy every second! See you all on Sunday 19th May for a fabulous day out! Nic Lewis Treasurer, Friends of Slinfold School Association


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Watch those equine waistlines this spring


opefully we have left the cold dreary days of winter far behind us and equestrians can look forward to long summer evenings with more time riding and less time mucking out! But spring does come with its own dangers and with horses and ponies being turned out to grass for longer periods of time there is always the danger of laminitis. Laminitis has many causes and the disease still isn’t fully understood, but overweight horses and ponies are at high risk of developing the condition. As owners it is our duty to try to prevent an attack of Laminitis to the very best of our ability. Keeping an eye on our equine’s waistline is an obvious place to start. It is said that 20% of horses and ponies in the UK are classed as overweight or obese; too much food and too little exercise is the most common cause. If you have any concerns about your horse’s health call in your vet, especially if you suspect laminitis. As this is an emergency, the sooner it is treated, the better the chances are of a recovery. Laminitis can present in a very subtle way with the horse becoming just a bit ‘footy’ and sore when walking on stony surfaces or appear stiff when asked to tune in a circle so don’t just leave it to chance. Prevent the horse or pony from becoming fat in the first place. If the horse is in work, make sure you feed for the work done and don’t be tempted to give any extra. Horses in light work, especially native breeds and small ponies are most likely to be good doers who survive on very little feed and only have to sniff grass to put on weight; these ponies benefit from a vitamin and mineral supplement in a small handful of low calorie chaff, as equines on a restricted diet can often miss out on vital nutrients. Restrict access to grazing either by stabling for part of the day or the use of electric fencing to create smaller paddocks – or even better – a track system where the horse has a track of grazing often around the perimeter of his field with sparse grazing making the horse move around more to find food and using

up more calories in the process – excellent examples of this system can be found on the internet to give you inspiration! Some owners find using a grazing muzzle helpful; again the horse has to wander around finding longer areas of grass to pluck at through the gap in the muzzle. The fit of the muzzle must be checked frequently to ensure it’s not rubbing or causing any discomfort such as sores. Increase exercise. If you are struggling with finding time to ride, consider getting a sharer for your horse. This will also benefit you in taking some of the workload off your hands and a financial contribution can also be very welcome as well as your horse getting the exercise he needs to stay healthy. The British Horse Society have lots of information on how to find a share and what you need to know regarding insurance. If the horse or pony is unable to be ridden consider walking him out in hand, half an hour of brisk walking will help increase his fitness and burn a few calories – for both of you! If you have an outgrown child’s pony you may want to consider having him broken to harness. Learn how to condition score your horse. Many of the major feed companies will do yard visits, and more independent nutritionists are also offering a weighbridge service. Having your horse weighed is not only helpful for working out his feed regime but it’s also invaluable information for administering the correct dose when worming too. Again the internet is a valuable tool and the Blue Cross website has a video showing you how to condition score correctly. If a weighbridge is not an option then using a weigh tape is a good option. Keep a diary of your horse’s weekly weight check so you can get on top of any weight gain before it can be seen by eye. Hopefully you will keep your equine friend fit and trim and be able to enjoy a summer having some much needed fun and relaxation with your horse. Jeannette Douglas, SPR Centre. www.sprcentre.com

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New Branch of Farthings at Pet Doctors Billingshurst! Farthings Veterinary Group has opened a new clinic at the Pet Doctor’s surgery in Jengers Mead, Billingshurst. This clinic offers a variety of nursing clinics for your pet’s needs: • • • •

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Scaling the walls


hat do you think of if I say “clematis”? I think most of us would think of the large, purple-flowered, ‘Jackmanii’ or the rampant, bronze-leafed, pink-flowered montana rubens. They are both terrific plants, but I think they are a little over-used. My husband teases me that I tend to give my ‘clematis lecture’ when visiting friends’ houses and see one scrambling over a trellis. For your benefit I’ve written it down here. Clematis is known as the ‘Queen of Climbers’. It can be utterly spectacular and should definitely not be relegated to trellis. It can used for covering fences and arbours, old tree stumps, sheds and even in beds and borders. Choose wisely and you can have flowers from early spring until late autumn. For beds and borders you don’t want anything as vigorous as montana, which will smother everything it touches. Instead choose a daintier one such as a variety of texensis or viticella. The flowers of the texensis hybrids look like finely cut bells. ‘Etoile Rose’ is a beautiful dark pink edged with paler pink and ‘Princess of Wales’ is a beautiful rosy red. Both of these will scramble through shrubs and flower all summer. They die back in winter so can be tidied up then. Viticella hybrids produce flowers which look like little pixie hats as they open. ‘Minuet’ has purple and white flowers suspended on fine stems while ‘Purpurea Plena Elegans’ produces

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s, ve ted s, ol ct ce on ha la er to ta la cti u -re ow s, on ll p se yo n (fl ed c wi n If rde ss sh ase e rde ga e s, le . W a a sin se c) p ay r G a u bu ho , et tod pul n s t o ee er ee p gr ow Tw our m ge in lla d Vi r a u yo

Garden View

double blooms which open into little purple rosettes. One of the most difficult sites to find climbers for is an east or north-facing site. My absolute favourite clematis thrives in this situation and flowers in early spring. Clematis alpina ‘Pink Flamingo’ produces nodding, semi-double, creamy flowers veined with deep pink. It has the added bonus of producing beautiful fluffy seed heads after the flowers fade. Clematis prefers its feet in the shade and its head in the sun. Make sure the plant’s roots are shaded: pieces of broken flagstone are ideal, or an old cracked upside-down terracotta pot with the bottom knocked out. When clematis is happy it will flower prolifically. Large-flowered clematis tend to produce a second flush in the autumn, but others like tangutica and orientalis wait to flower until then. Both of these are very vigorous and are great for covering unsightly sheds or old trees. Finally, if you have a sheltered spot against a wall try cirrhosa balearica. This is a beautiful, winter-flowering variety with ferny foliage and pale-green flowers spotted with crimson. So, there it is… my clematis lecture. Hopefully you took notes and are ready to branch out into a whole new world of climbers. Happy gardening, Rachel Leverton

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Trust’s canal boats get a facelift for spring


he Wey & Arun Canal Trust’s fleet of canal boats has been given a refresh for 2019 and the team are raring to go for the spring season of public trips. Smart new signage and repainting mean the boats look better than ever, with Wiggonholt, Zachariah Keppel and Josias Jessop all receiving a revamp outside and in. The sparkling new paint was admired by those who partook of the Special Easter Bunny cruises in April (as advertised in last month’s Village Tweet). These popular cruises included a chocolate gift and drink for each child and hot cross buns for the adults. If you missed out on the Easter cruise, fear not! Trips run every Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday until Sunday 27th October, except Easter Sunday & Monday. They begin from the Canal Centre in Loxwood, West Sussex, and vary in length from 35 minutes to two-and-a-half hours. Wiggonholt is the Trust’s biggest boat seating 55, and is suitable for wheelchair users. The electricpowered boat was paid for and given to the Trust by the

Slinfold Open Gardens

Wiggonholt Association, a champion of the West Sussex countryside. The other two boats are named after the engineers involved in the canal’s creation back in the 19th century, when the canal made it possible to travel by boat from London to Littlehampton on the south coast via Weybridge, Guildford, Pulborough and Arundel. Josias Jessop was responsible for surveying and designing the Wey & Arun Canal, while Zachariah Keppel, a builder from Alfold, was the contractor responsible for building the canal. Sadly, he became bankrupt and had to give up the job before it was completed. For more information on cruises and to book in advance, go to www.weyandarun.co.uk, or call (01403) 752403. Gill Davies Press and Publications Assistant Left: Engineer Ian James attaches new sign to the Zachariah Keppel. Right: The same boat now freshly repainted


Sunday 2nd June, 11am - 5pm School Car Park, The Street, Slinfold, Nr Horsham, West Sussex RH13 0RR After a break last year, Slinfold gardeners are again throwing their gates open for you to explore five very different gardens, from manicured designs to wildlife friendly apple orchards. Come and see new features such as a living willow roundhouse, boathouse and stumpery. Three gardens are in the centre of the village, with parking in the school car park, while the remaining two are a short drive towards Horsham with a second car park nearby. Teas, cakes and ice cream on sale and the Red Lyon Pub at Slinfold do lunches. Unusual plants for sale. Jean Griffin from BBC’s Dig It radio programme will be on hand to answer your questions. Admission £5 includes all 5 gardens. Children free All proceeds divided between St Catherine’s Hospice, Crawley, and the William Templeton Foundation for Young People’s Mental Health Contact Louise Sims, tel: (01403) 791045

Julian Bargman Weekly & Fortnightly Mowing Services Hedge Cutting, Leaf Clearance Garden Maintenance Mobile: 07503 072011 Landline: 01403 784746 Email: jmbgardening@outlook.com




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April 2019

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Poetry from Plaistow Another in an occasional series of poems by Plaistow resident

Christopher Sullivan Come Spring I gaze outside on biting wind At figures sparring with the rain A Lowry painting through my pane And hunger for the change within Life, impatient, waits to bring Its colours to an empty frame Recalling how the birds will sing Their tunes in vast blue skies again Timid bud in blind cocoon Soon to fill the naked bough With tender leaf and regal bloom Trusting all with nature’s gown Hungry mouths in muted gloom Scavenge over frozen ground Praying for the smell and sound Of Spring to play her welcome tune


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Poetry / Garden Tweet! West Chiltington Floral Club (Affiliated to NAFAS)

We had an excellent meeting in March when Jan Mason presented her colourful demonstration entitled Foreign Flavours, see photo. Our next meeting at West Chiltington Village Hall on 21st May at 7pm for 7.30pm will be a workshop hosted by Marion Catt, when we look forward learning new ideas and creating our own arrangements under her guidance. This promises to be a most enjoyable evening. If you are interested in attending and have not already signed up, please contact Carol Nash on (01798) 813608. Our meetings are held at West Chiltington Village Hall, Mill Road, West Chiltington, RH20 2PZ, unless otherwise stated. Visitors are most welcome. If you would like more information please contact Brenda Bull on (01798 )813712.                        Brenda Bull

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R.E.M. Landscapes Ltd

LANDSCAPING Large or small, whatever your budget

FENCING All styles, shapes and sizes

LAWNS Turfing and seeding

PATIOS & DECKING Designed and installed Fully insured â&#x20AC;˘ Fully qualified Over 10 years experience

www.remlandscapes.co.uk www.checkatrade.com/RemLandscapesLtd For friendly advice please call:

Tel: 07890 669613 or 01403 730313 or email: rob@remlandscapes.co.uk


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Tree and Fencing Services Ltd

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Out and about / Garden Tweet!

Captured by Light Horsham Museum & Art Gallery, 13th April until 6th July


unique event is taking place from 13th April until 6th July. Never before in over 150 years of existence have photographers from both ends of Horsham district worked together, let alone created a gallery of over 80 photographs celebrating the culture of the District. Inspired by the Horsham District’s Year of Culture members of the Horsham Photographic Society and Steyning Camera Club have spent over 365 days in all weathers, capturing by light, remarkable images that portray the districts amazing cultural life. Horsham Museum and Art Gallery are delighted to be able to showcase their work. Because there are so many brilliant pictures halfway through the three-month-long run there will be a complete refresh with new photographs being displayed. The second display will open on 24th May. The exhibition therefore warrants two visits. Photography came to Horsham district around 1855 and ever since then it has been part of the district’s cultural life, as it has both recorded culture and been part of it. As part of the new temporary exhibition at Horsham District Council’s Horsham Museum and Art Gallery shows photography in the district has been led by amateurs, with the professional photographer on their heels. On display will be some early examples of their work, including that of a Horsham photographic inventor. However, the focus of the exhibition are the non-professional photographers, the club/society members whose love

of the medium shines out in the stunning prints of the district.   It would be invidious to select some highlights, as every image on display deserves to be there, either through technical merit or through capturing that special image; be it reflection from a dashboard; to shop windows; to sportsmen, musicians, dancers, artists, natural worlddecaying and restoring, to nature controlled to dressing for the occasion, through to images of reportage even images of loss and of sheer determination and applause. The exhibition is an amazing celebration that deserved to have a permanent record of the unique occasion. As part of the Year of Culture Horsham Museum have published a fully illustrated book that not only includes every photograph displayed in the exhibition but also gives a background to the history of the culture of photography in the district focusing on its early days. Captured by Light: a photographic gallery of Horsham District’s cultural life is priced at £13.95, available now in the museum shop. Captured by Light opens on 13th April 2019 and runs through until 6th July. Free admission. Rachel Weller, Administration Assistant, Horsham Museum & Art Gallery Top: The Old Cement Works near Lower Beeding by Tim Haughton, Horsham Photographic Society Bottom: Ethel waited a Long Time for the Bus to Horsham by Janet Levett,  Steyning Camera Club


Climbing  Dismantling  Reductions Felling  Pruning  Wood Chipper

Stump Grinding

JONATHAN CARTER All areas covered NPTC City & Guilds Qualified. Insured

07732 668518 joncarter123@yahoo.co.uk



Tree surgery Stump grinding Hedge cutting Garden and estate management


Hardwood logs Woodchips & Compost Fencing

Fully insured NPTC qualified BS3998

For more information, advice and a free quotation

Tel: 01403 730663 or 07989 338272 Email: elliotclaytonturner@live.co.uk www.clayton-turnertreesandgardens.co.uk 15 Finians Field, Barns Green, West Sussex, RH13 0JX

Garden Tweet! / Kids of all ages

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BYGONE GARDENING TRADITIONAL GARDENING SERVICES Trained at Goodwood Estate, working under the guidance of The Head Gardener, and now with over fifteen years of practical experience, Samuel Eggins offers the same Traditional Skills as those learned by generations before him. Working with some of the most influential gardeners has led to a wealth of knowledge, which he brings to all projects. A Full Member of The Professional Gardeners Guild. Restoration, Maintenance and Projects

Contact Samuel on 07786323034 www.bygonegardening.com bygonegardening@gmail.com

Village Tweet Spot the Difference

Snoopy and friends celebrate May Day. How many of the 12 differences can you spot? Solution on page 49


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SERVICING, TYRES, EXHAUSTS, BATTERIES, ELECTRICS, DIAGNOSTICS, AIR-CON & RE-GAS Also classic and American car repairs and servicing

Plus new PAINTSHOP & BODYWORK FACILITIES Excellent Service – Reasonable Rates


01798 344431 48

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Master Garage 2015/2016 Award


Have your vehicle serviced to a standard – not down to a price!

WIN A PEUGEOT 2008 ALLURE FREE prize draw entry for every customer


*11x 50"HD LED TVs, 11x Dyson Fan Heaters, 11x Nintendo Consoles, 11x Sonos Speakers/Alexa, 11x Video Doorbells

FREE Spring Health Check!   

Includes *Tyres *Lights *Brakes *Battery *Coolant level *Oil level *Brake fluid level *Wipers All garage services: Servicing to manufacturer’s specification, Diagnostics, Tyres, Brakes, Exhausts, Clutches, MoT work, Air-con regassing, Electrics. Rust-prevention now available. We welcome fleet and business servicing and maintenance – call to discuss your requirements. All cars, vans and 4x4s catered for. Anything from a Smart to a Disco!

Call the AUTO-TEAM – your local mechanics Tizz Burdfield: (01403) 791749 or 07787 556943 Itchingfield-based, near Barns Green a-team-mechanics@hotmail.co.uk    www.theautoteam.co.uk

Spot the Difference - Solution Charleshurst Farm, Plaistow RH14 0NY Honest, Friendly & Reliable Garage Business in Plaistow covering all the local areas Servicing, General Repairs, MOTs, Fault Diagnostic Reading Ring Tom on 01403 751775 or 07786 056552 www.lintottautoservices.com

Puzzle on page 47


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;+7> 43 $+*8 ;+7> !:+8 ;+7> !:+8 ;+7> !:+8 ;+7> !:+8 ;+7> !:+8 ;+7> !:+8 $+*8 ;+7> !:+8 !.:78 ;+7> !:+8 !.:78 ;+7> !:+8 7/ ;+7> $+*8 ;+7> $+*8 ;+7> $+*8 ;+7> $+*8 ;+7> $+*8 ;+7> 3* 9. $+*8 ;+7> !.:78 ;+7> !.:78

;+7> !.:78 ;+7> !.:78 ;+7> 7/ ;+7> 7/ ;+7> 7/ ;+7> '9 ;+7> :3 #2J #2J #2J


Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s On near you


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A=2J6CD 2== H6=4@>6 HHH D=:?7@=54@?46CE32?5 @C8 /11/3-8.:789 %4:9. 1:( +?:E65 (67@C>65 9FC49 -6DE )E A> E6C> E:>6 J62CD ,2C:65 24E:G:E:6D DF49 2D :?5@@C @3DE24=6 4@FCD6 >:?:2EFC6 7@@E32== E@FC?2>6?ED 2?5 4C27ED M A6C D6DD:@? @?E24E 6? )96=5@? @>>F?:EJ /@FE9 -@C<6C E6= 6 >2:= 36? D96=5@? 9@CD92> >2EE6CD @C8 F< $'10/3- 449('11 2> @=3C@@< =F3 @CD92> H:?E6C @C )9:A=6J 7@@E32== 8C@F?5 @77 C28@?TD "2?6 964< H63D:E6 @C A9@?6 7@C G6?F6 @==@H65 3J C67C6D9>6?ED #6? H@>6? H6=4@>6 HHH @CD92>)9:A=6J @>>F?:EJ&C@;64E @C8 *6= @C 6>2:= A9:=:A8:33D 8>2:= 4@> ./51+> +3C8 .+* )9:A=6J 7@@E32== 8C@F?5 @77 C28@?TD "2?6 &2CE @7 E96 :?E6C?2E:@?2= #6?TD )965 @C82?:D2E:@? @C >6? :?E6C6DE65 :? H@@5H@C< @C H:D9 E@ DA6?5 E:>6 H:E9 =:<6 >:?565 =@42= 492AD HHH @CD92>)9:A=6J @>>F?:EJ&C@;64E @C8 *6= @C 6>2:= A9:=:A8:33D 8>2:= 4@> 47+89 .479 '9 4<18 1:( #66ED H66<=J 2== J62C 2E )E "6@?2C5TD 9FC49 2== 2>3C:586 (@25 @CD92> *F6D A> *9FCD 2> == =6G6=D @7 23:=:EJ 2?5 7:E?6DD H6=4@>6 @?E24E 55:6 E6= @C ?? 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Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s On near you #2J #2J #2J #2J #2J #2J #2J #2J #2J

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+'19. $'10 "6:E9 :== N 6=@H E96 *@H6C #66E 2E )E2CG62== @C?6C 42C A2C< "6:E9 :== E@ 3:?86C @>>@? C@25 2> ( *' Q >:=6D R 9@FCD $@ 5@8D "J??6 E6= '7/8. 4:3)/1 1'33/33;/7432+39'1 422/99++ 2++9/3- :==:?8D9FCDE 6?EC6 A> +'19. $'10 2C?D C66? #66E 2> ?6H 42C A2C< J6==@H C@25 >2C<:?8D ?62C E96 ,:==286 2== ( &* *' >:=6D 9@FC 92EE6C 966>2 E6= 3*447 39/6:+8 '70+9 411+)9478 '1+ ?D6==TD /2C5 !:C57@C5 (@25 -:D3@C@F89 C66? 2> A> $@ 6?EC2?46 766 *23=6D 2G2:=23=6 M >FDE 36 AC6 3@@<65 *6=6A9@?6 ( @C /991+<479. '7*+3 !7'/1 82C56?D 2?5 2EEC24E:@?D @A6? A> ?7@ " 478.'2 '9:7'1 /8947> 4)/+9> ;+3/3- $'10 :1(474:-. 74408 7+8+7;+ D@FE9 @7 A> Q 9@FCD F?56C >:=6D $@ &F=3@C@F89 &2C< :? ()& 42C A2C< #2A C67 .& 5@8D "6256C @9? (:492C5D@? ?7@ ;@D6A9:?642==6? 3E:?E6C?6E 4@> 49'7> 1:( '7 449 '1+ 2C A2C< C62C @7 ):I 6==D ?@@? " 1'/894< 7+8).441 '>541+ +9+ &=2:DE@H ,:==286 C66? A> " !.+ 798 4)/+9> A $+89 :88+= 1+)9:7+ (> 7 :8'3 <+38 * ( $ "# ) % "64EFC6D 96=5 $ " " "$ $ " "$+ :EE=6H@CE9 ,:==286 2== A> 5@@CD @A6? @? 2== >2EE6CD C6=2E:?8 E@ E96 2CED @? E96 7:CDE *F6D52J @7 E96 >@?E9 *62 4@7766 :D D6CG65 27E6C E96 =64EFC6 ,:D:E@CD H6=4@>6 M $6H >6>36CD H6=4@>6 24<:6 F4<=6C E6= @C 6>2:= ;24<:63F4<=6C D<J 4@> ,:D:E E962CEDD@4:6EJH6DEDFDD6I @C8 +< ':-.9+7 8+88/438 :8/3- >4-' (7+'9./3- +?:E2C:2? 2== :==:?8D9FCDE A2C< "2<6CD #625 7@C A> DE2CE >@C6 56E2:=D E6= ":?52 @C 6>2:= = 4@==:?DDE6G6?D@? 3E:?E6C?6E 4@> '7/8. 4:3)/1 :11 4:3)/1 !7:89++8 2++9/3- :==:?8D9FCDE 6?EC6 A> +88> .:7). :==:?8D9FCDE ,:==286 2== A> :==:?8D9FCDE 49FC496D H6=4@>6 72>:=:6D E@ 92G6 7F? H:E9 82>6D 4C27ED D:?8:?8 2?5 DE@C:6D == 49:=5C6? >FDE 36 244@>A2?:65 3J 2? 25F=E ):E 5@H? >62= 5@?2E:@? 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Our Community Volunteers – Philip Midwinter


or Philip Midwinter, Chairman of the Wisborough Green Horticultural Society, growing food – principally fruit – has been a major part of his life. He attended a naval college and started his career with a brief spell working for P&O, but went to work on – and later take over – his father’s fruit farm. This was followed by running a country guesthouse with his wife in Cumbria until eleven years ago, when he moved down south and quickly became involved with the Horticultural Society, serving as its Chairman for the past six years. The society, which has been running since 1951 (and possibly before the war as well), exists to promote and encourage horticulture in the community, and its members enjoy two competitive shows a year, plant sales and a series of talks in the winter months, as well as an AGM and quiz. Although many of the show entries are local, some come from as far as Littlehampton, and the Society’s shows are well-respected among their counterparts in south-east England. They have also enjoyed links with the local school and seek to encourage growers of every age. Philip describes himself as “very much a people

person” and his previous experience obviously qualifies him for a role of this kind. However, he has also had a long-running association with The Samaritans, volunteering with them as a listener during his farming days, and retraining when he moved to Sussex. He spent eight years as a volunteer for Horsham Samaritans, the last four as their Chairman, as well as working as a listener at Crawley Open House, but has decided to step back from this work to have more time to spend with his grandchildren. I asked him if he will continue with the Horticultural Society, to which he replied that his “succession planning has fallen on deaf ears” and so he is continuing for now. However, he has other plans too, revolving around cycling. Following his successful eleven-day ride from Land’s End to John O’Groats in 2012 (raising £8,000 for The Samaritans), his latest challenge is to cycle round the coast of mainland Britain – not all in one go, but section by section when it suits him, seeing friends as he goes. Pippa Cleeve If you know someone who you feel deserves recognition in Our Community Volunteers please email Pippa: pppclv@spektrum.demon.co.uk

ADVERTISERS INDEX May 2019 1A Acclaim Floor Care ......................31 A-Team Mechanics............................49 A/c’s Direct, Accounting ....................52 AC Decor...........................................37 Alba Plumbing ...................................41 Apex Aerials ......................................25 Aqua Drop Window Cleaning ............34 Best Choice Roofing .........................30 Biji Property Services Ltd..................38 Billingshurst Choral Society ..............21 Billingshurst Leisure Centre ..............16 Billingshurst Parish Council ........28, 29 Billingshurst Rotary Club...................10 Billingshurst Service, Repair & MOT Centre...................................48 Billy’s on the Road ............................11 Bygone Gardening ............................47 Cadiss Kitchens & Bathrooms ..........30 Clayton Turner Trees & Gardens.......46 Dandelion Farewells, funerals ...........17 Delta Decor .......................................34 DM Handyman ..................................30 DW Gardens......................................42 Emmanuel Fellowship .......................19 F360 Yoga .........................................15 Farthings / Pet Doctors .....................41 Flackwoods Solicitors..........................7 Flow-serve Plumbing, Drainage, Heating..........................................40

Fowlers Estate Agent ..........................3 Freeman Brothers, funerals...............18 GJ Coles, builder...............................40 Goring Road Carpet Centre..............39 Hamilton Cole TV & Satellite Equipment .....................................25 Handiman Pete..................................31 HighSpec Sussex..............................23 Holly Boilers ......................................37 Holly Stone Hypnotherapy ................20 Horsham District Council ....................5 Jef Wilson, decorator ........................31 JG Services.......................................44 Jim Hills Sports Warehouse..............12 JMB Gardening Services ..................43 Jonathan Carter Tree Surgery...........46 Katherine Finn Hypnotherapy ...........15 Kings Head pub ................................10 KJ Lammas Plumbing & Heating ......22 Lee Cuddis Hair ................................20 Lee’s Locks .......................................33 Lintott Auto Services .........................49 Mac’s Private Hire ...............................8 Millar Property Services....................33 Miss Mop Domestic Cleaning ...........41 MW Wingate Painting & Decorating..27 N Francis Electrical Ltd .....................37 Onslow Arms pub................................8 Oven Cleaning Direct ........................26

Oven Rescue ....................................37 Ovens & More ...................................38 Park & Brown, opticians....................19 Park House Kitchens.....................OBC Pest Man ...........................................42 Petworth Festival...............................10 Petworth MOT Centre .......................48 PJM Building & Property Maintenance..................................33 Pro Electrical.....................................34 Rebecca Beauty Therapist................15 REM Landscapes..............................45 Re-Nu Kitchens .................................35 Ron Osborne Roofing .......................33 Rotary Club .......................................10 Rude Mechanical Theatre Company.....................................IBC Shisa Gas and Heating .....................27 Sussex & Surrey Tree Services.........45 Sussex Carpet Brokers .....................24 Sussex Self Store..............................13 Sussex Towing Brackets....................49 Suzanne Thomas-Webb, tuition ........35 TaxAssist Accountants ........................6 Village Nurseries...............................44 Willow................................................14 Wisborough Green Farmers & Village Market ..............................9


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Exciting new Outdoor Theatre in Billingshurst


skies to their dreams. Meanwhile the ladies of the ut Sunday 23rd June in your diary to see local Buffalos Club – the Buffalesses – enter a the Rude Mechanical Theatre Co who will competition to make the be performing in “Hilarious, romantic, tender, biggest pumpkin pie ever Station Gardens for the first time as part of their searching – and laced with rock’n’roll!” to raise money for ‘the sufferin’ poor’. For Ol’ annual outdoor theatre “A crucial part of our theatre Mercy Coffin it is just the tour of the South of ecology.” – Lyn Gardner, e Guardian devil tempting them. But England. will they fly and achieve their dreams or come This professional touring company run by former crashing down to the cold hard earth? Will the Weald teacher Pete Talbot – a long time ago! – pumpkin pie get baked? Will are funded by Arts Council they win the competition? England to take original theatre Tickets are £17 (concessions to mainly small rural available) available from CC’s communities and have been Emporium, Jenger’s Mead invited by the Friends of and Jane Cross (everyone Station Road Gardens to knows Jane! Email the Editor if come and perform for us in their you need her mobile number) 21st year of touring. You won’t or online. Bring low-backed want to miss it! chairs, or rugs to sit on the They will be performing a grass, and warm clothing. revival of their inspiring Ikarus Come from 6pm for picnics. Inc, a play about hopes and The show starts at 7.30pm and dreams. Set in the little town of ends about 9.45pm with one Dreamville, Indiana, in the ’50s, interval. Enjoy an evening of a travelling salesman, Daedalus live music, brilliant acting and a really good story! H. Gildersleeves, and his son Ikarus, sell dreams Pete Talbot from a suitcase. Secret hopes are laid bare as they www.therudemechanicaltheatre.co.uk begin to fly the townsfolk up into the clear blue

Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime


ccording to Oscar Wilde “A man who does not think for himself does not think at all.” Lord Arthur Savile is just that man. A man with an endearing and charming innocence that has you rooting for him no matter how dim-witted his schemes. He submits to his own lamebrain ideas with assuredness and hurls himself into the strangest situations that would make you cringe with disbelief were it not so hilarious. All of this and more is central to Billingsurst Dramatic Society’s next production of LORD ARTHUR SAVILE’S CRIME written by Constance Cox. Based on a short story by Oscar Wilde this is all typical Wildean froth and nonsense, that demands a tone throughout which is as light as a soufflé, punched by Wilde’s elegantly sharp oneliners that unerringly hit their mark. Lord Arthur is a well-mannered, articulate gentleman, perfectly suited to wooing the woman of his dreams. However, having had his palm read by a less than scrupulous character chosen by his fiancée’s mother he embarks on a series of


dubious encounters aided by both his ever-helpful butler and an excessively cheerful anarchist. Needless to say, all his attempts fail and hilarity beckons at the door of every mishap. This all adds up to a thoroughly entertaining evening with this hilarious play. Come and enjoy the continually twisting plot as Lord Arthur dives from one failed crime to the next in his bid to have a blissful married life. Billingshurst Dramatic Society will be performing Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime at The Women’s Hall, Billingshurst on Thursday 30th May, Friday 31st May and Saturday 1st June. Tickets are available from Mansell McTaggart Estate Agents, High Street, Billingshurst (cash only) or online via www.billingshurstdramaticsociety.com. Caro Anderson Photo: The cast. Back row: Peter Burton, Trevor Bishop (Lord Arthur), Will Gooda, Simon Quail, Barry Syder. Front row: Ted Gooda, Denise Robinson, Amy Tester

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Village Tweet - May 2019  

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