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The Loxwood Joust

3rd/4th & 10th/11th August Plus… free to enter competition to win a family ticket! See page 6



July 2019

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ark in the Park, run by Jane Cross, is now in its third year and has become established as a laid-back afternoon where you can bring a chair or rug, picnic and drinks and soak up the music, dancing and singing with family and friends. Date for your diary is 21st July; venue is Station Road Gardens, Billingshurst; time 2-6pm. The Billingshurst Show & Carnival Procession took place just a few days ago on Sunday 30th June. If you didn’t manage to get along to it this year you can read the full report in next month’s Village Tweet. Grahame Cover: Advance booking is now open for this year’s Loxwood Joust which again takes place over TWO weekends in August. Enter Village Tweet’s competition to win a free Family Ticket. See page 6 for full details of this spectacular event. Photo: Jessica Hilton Food & drink Recipe: Rasberry Ripple Ice Cream The Onslow Arms pub . . . . . . . . . . . The Kings Head pub . . . . . . . . . . . . Wisborough Green Market . . . . . . .

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A warm welcome to everyone who came to enjoy the Wisborough Green Market last month! The award-winning Fresh Fish Shop stall offered tasty, fresh ready made kebabs, shellfish and a wide selection of fish, while the waft of sizzling sausages from the Harveys Farm stall at the entrance was only matched by the aroma of fresh artisan breads and cereals from Imbhams Farm Granary stall inside. Calcot Farm brought in tasty cuts of fresh meats and barbecue-ready burgers, and High Weald Dairy tempted everyone with their delicious cheeses, as did Pure Chocolate Truffles with their hand made totally indulgent chocolate selections. Sage Ceramics and Bramfold Farm’s home and garden decorations were a real draw, while Forever Living’s body beautiful aloe products stall was buzzing, and Sussex Roses was busy taking orders for and providing inspiring flower creations and potted plants. We welcomed new stallholders Cwerky Creations’ beautiful stationery and Sandra Donoghue’s hand crafted soft furnishings for all ages too. Amid the buzz, Macmillan provided an oasis of calm to sit and chat in a cosy café area, with tea, coffee and cake on offer. Their delicious home made jams, marmalades and cakes were also a huge success! These are just some of the wide range of locally sourced, gorgeous and useful products Wisborough Green Market promotes, sponsored by Fowlers Estate Agents (Billingshurst), as part of our ongoing support for local cottage and farmers’ industries.

Bring this article to our market on the 11th July and be entered into our free prize draw with a chance to win a £35 market voucher, courtesy of Fowlers Estate Agents. The draw will take place at 11.30am to give the lucky winner a chance to spend their winnings!

We’ll make you feel at home

74 High St, Billingshurst 01403 786787

d he s is ar bl ta ye Es


Jim Hills Sports

Traditional Sports Shop – Vast Stock “Simply the Best for Service and Price”

MINIMUM OF 20% OFF PLUS MANY HALF PRICE BARGAINS Come and see for yourself! Open Monday to Friday 9am-5.30pm, Saturdays 8.30am-5pm

Large FREE car park

Hillside Farm, Billingshurst Rd (A272), Coolham, West Sussex RH13 8QN Check our WEBSITE for details and directions: 5H s ou ws er ie m ev Nu R

www.jimhillssports.co.uk e-mail: jimhillssports2@aol.com

Tel. 01403 741116


MINIMUM of 20% off Everything Plus… 30% off Cricket Footwear Plus many items for Pre-Season training… RUGBY: Scrum Caps – Body Armour – Many Boots HOCKEY: Sticks – Many Hockey Shoes FOOTBALL: Many Boots – Goalie Gloves – Shorts

and… 50% off Some Tennis & Squash Rackets All Ladies Tennis wear Cricket Shirts – Sweaters – Some Shoes Many Items of Sports Footwear Child’s 10 to Adult 14


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Out and about

‘Two weekends of Mediaeval Mayhem’ Loxwood Meadow, Loxwood, West Sussex RH14 0AL

3rd, 4th, 10th and 11th August Mediaeval Groats at the Ready… The Loxwood Joust Advance Tickets are now on sale!


he Loxwood Joust heralds a family day out like no other, with mediaeval revelry, mayhem and action packed battles taking place on the 3rd, 4th,10th and 11th August. Booming cannon fire joins the clash of steel on steel as over 200 mighty knights fight with vigour before returning to their mediaeval battle camp. Experience the fast-paced, all action jousting tournament that takes place before the Queen, and master the art of metalwork, copper bowl making and chain-mail jewellery in the authentic workshops. Learn from the apothecaries, let woodland faeries guide you, partake in hand fasting ceremonies and get close to graceful high-flying hawks. The mediaeval market place is filled with traders and hawkers, watch the Copper Pot cook as he unveils the myths of mediaeval cookery, the Masked Executioner recount his gory trade and see soldiers retell the importance of archers and billman in mediaeval warfare. And, as you dine on a sumptuous four-course

banquet, court jesters, live music and riddlers will be there to entertain, so perhaps you will sample the Loxwood Mead too! Wandering minstrels will entrance and the Mediaeval Baebes will soothe with songs of chivalry, love and loss. Be sure not to miss Trobar De Morte’s first UK show; and let young knights and princesses try sword school combat training, have-a-go archery and pewter badge making, before discovering their new Jesting skills!  But, how will you fayre in the den of Witches…?   The Loxwood Joust is excellently located just off the B2133 between Wisborough Green and Loxwood and has ample Free Parking. Save on advance tickets (valid for any one weekend festival day): Adult £13, Child (4-14) £7, under 4 free. On the gate prices: Adult £16, Child (4-14) £8, Under 4 free. Info & advance tickets: www.loxwoodjoust.co.uk Photos: Jessica Hilton

WIN A FAMILY TICKET TO THE LOXWOOD JOUST WITH VILLAGE TWEET’S FREE TO ENTER COMPETITION Just answer the question “In what time period is The Loxwood Joust set?” and email your answer to editor@villagetweet.co.uk with ‘Joust’ in the subject line. Closing date for entries: 26th July 2019


Coffee break / Legal services

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Village Tweet Quick Crossword

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Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream

Food and drink / Private hire July is National Ice Cream Month. Celebrate with homemade raspberry ripple.


1. Place the raspberries in a pan with 2 tbsp of the sugar. Cook on a medium heat until sugar dissolves into the pulp. Simmer for 5 mins until thickened, then push the pulp through a sieve into a bowl and discard the seeds. 2. Place the eggs, egg yolks and remaining sugar into a bowl. Whisk to combine, then place over a pan of gently simmering water – the bowl should not touch the water. Beat for 3-4 mins until thick and pale. Remove from heat and continue beating until cool. 3. In another bowl, whisk the cream until it forms soft peaks, then gently fold into the cool egg mix until just combined. Pour the mix into a shallow container or dish that can be frozen. Just before you freeze the mixture gently swirl the raspberry puree through, cover with cling film and freeze for at least 6 hrs. Remove from the freezer about 20 minutes before serving. Place scoops of the ice cream into bowls with extra raspberries or other fruit. It's also gorgeous in cones.

Mac’s Private Hire 24 hours a day – 7 days a week

01403 701 842 07917 850 746 Airports - Social & Business - Lady Driver Available Wisborough Green Based


Preparation time: 20 minutes. Cooking time: 10 minutes. Serves 12


250g raspberries 225g caster sugar 2 large eggs 4 egg yolks 600ml double cream Raspberries or other fruit for serving

Village Tweet Quick Crossword Solution Puzzle on page 7 Across: 1, THESIS. 5, BUST-UP. 8, TUTORING. 9, DEFY. 10, MEND. 11, TENDERLY. 12. CONTESTANTS. 15, MACARONI. 18, MICE. 20, KIWI. 21, SCOURERS. 22, RECESS. 23, YELLOW. Down: 2, HOUSE. 3, SNOWDON. 4, SKITTLE. 5, BEGAN. 6, SEDGE. 7, UNFOLDS. 12, CYANIDE. 13, TRILOGY. 14, NUMERAL. 16, ALIVE. 17, OASIS. 19, CARGO

Food and drink / Out and about Voted

West Sussex Pub of the Year 2017

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LIVE MUSIC IN JULY Saturday 6th: TheJukebox 6, Saturday 20th: The T-Slammers KingsHead Billingshurst


40 High Street, Billingshurst, RH14 9NY Tel: (01403) 782012 Mon-Fri & Sun: 11am-11pm. Sat: 11am-12 midnight



VINTAGE SALE & MARKET Every Saturday 10am to 2pm FREE ENTRY & PARKING Stallholders welcome (tables £5) Antiques • Hornby Trains Bric-a-Brac • Jewellery Garden Ornaments • Crafts etc ANSELLS, KIRDFORD ROAD, WISBOROUGH GREEN, RH14 0DD Book/details: (01403) 700633 or 07798 941940


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Out and about / Accountancy

Chairman leads Coolham airfield commemorations


ome 150 young and older people attended a plaque unveiling ceremony at the Coolham airfield D-Day memorial to commemorate the 15 young airmen – one Canadian, six British and eight Polish – who gave their lives while serving at Coolham airfield to support the D Day landings 75 years ago. Many more people took the opportunity to walk round the airfield and visit the 15 oak trees planted by Horsham District Council 25 years ago where a further plaque was unveiled, and many posters were erected telling the stories of that eventful summer of 1944. The visitors included the grandsons of Adam Sworniowski, born in Krakow, Poland who died 75 years ago at the age of 26 while dive bombing enemy positions. His P-51 Mustang was hit by flak, but after bailing out successfully between Bayeux and Caen, he was shot by a German tank crew while attempting to escape into woods. The Chairman of Horsham District Council Cllr Kate Rowbottom unveiled a plaque showing photographs of the young men who died, the layout of the airfield and the location of the trees which were planted in their memory 25 years ago.  Coolham airfield was one of seven Advanced Landing Grounds which were built in Kent and Sussex in 1943 and 1944 to ensure air superiority during the greatest coastal invasion in history, as the Allied Forces landed in France on June the 6th 1944 to begin the task of freeing the oppressed nations of Europe from Hitler’s armies.


Construction of Coolham airfield began in August 1943 and was completed in April 1944. The first mission was flown on April 26th. Missions were flown virtually every day during May and June. Activities on the airfield were terminated on 15th July 1944. Altogether some 7 fighter squadrons were based at Coolham. Cllr Rowbottom commented, “We thank these young men who flew from here across the English Channel to ensure our country’s freedom so that, now, 75 years later we can enjoy the beautiful and peaceful surroundings of Shipley and Coolham.” The airfield now contains a plaque with photographs of the airmen who died. There are also many posters around the airfield describing events which took place in that eventful summer of 1944. All are invited to come and walk round Coolham airfield and commemorate those who died while serving there and remember their part in the final drive to Victory in Europe. This can be done at any time and the airfield can be entered on paths from Smithers Hill lane (close to the Countryman Pub and George and Dragon) and the B2139 just south of Coolham Crossroads (close to the Selsey Arms). Heather Pepper, Horsham District Council Top: 150 people attended the ceremony and airfield walk Bottom: Jeremy Quin MP and HDC Chairman Kate Rowbottom unveil commemorative plaque, erected by Shipley Men’s Shed

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Out and about / Storage

75 years on‌ The Royal British Legion gathered at our War Memorial in Billingshurst supported by the Churches and Members of our Community to remember those who lost their lives or were wounded on the beaches of Normandy on the 6th June 1944. On the 6th June 2019 we turned our thoughts to those who gave their lives – some 4,500 during the initial stages but the invasion dragged on until August when casualties topped 226,000. Less than a year later on 7th May 1945 Germany signed the unconditional surrender. We will Remember Them. Colin Banks, Branch President

Station St ation Road Road G Gardens ardens

LARK in the PARK 21st July J


Billingshurst shurst

Bring B ring friends, friends, family, family, picnic picnic & chair! chair! Music, dancing, Music, dancing, singing, singing, ffood, ood, d drinks rinks ffun un ffor or a allll at at o our ur annual family amily event (will (w ill b be e ccancelled ancelled iin n th the e event nt of rrain) aiin)


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Charity / Health and wellbeing

St Catherine’s Hospice celebrates volunteers


t the beginning of June, as part of national Volunteers Week, St Catherine’s Hospice celebrated the achievements of their incredible volunteers. Each year, more than 1,000 local people volunteer with St Catherine’s. Without them, the local charity wouldn’t be able to provide their expert end-of-life care and support. Coming from across Sussex and Surrey, volunteers take on 49 varied roles from gardeners and charity shop assistants to complementary therapists, caterers, and even a caricature artist! Between them, they volunteer more than 50,000 hours a year. And in 20182019 alone they provided comfort and care by: •  Driving 32,500 miles bringing patients to and from St Catherine’s •  Serving 22,812 hot and alcoholic drinks from the hospice drinks trolley •  Providing 2,291 counselling, support and spiritual care sessions •  Selling 378,869 individual items in the hospice’s 16 charity shops. This helps raise vital funds so St Catherine’s can be there for people when life comes full circle. Rita Reissland is one of the hospice’s many volunteers. She volunteers in her local St Catherine’s shop in Caterham two mornings a week. Rita said, “I volunteer to give something back as St Catherine’s cared for my husband Ken. After I lost Ken, I knew volunteering in the actual hospice would be too painful. But volunteering in

my local shop is perfect. I love ironing so I usually steam the clothes that we’ve had donated, and I serve customers on the till too. We have regular customers come in and I really enjoy chatting to them. Volunteering makes me feel useful and the team have been really welcoming.” To thank volunteers for their incredible contributions, St Catherine’s hosted a volunteers award evening at Tilgate Golf Club on Wednesday 5th June. This recognised volunteers who have reached five, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years voluntary service with the local charity. Peter Nesbitt, Volunteering Development Manager at St Catherine’s said, “We’re really lucky to be so well supported by volunteers. We simply couldn’t provide our services without them. By giving their time and skills, our volunteers are some of the biggest donors to our hospice. We want to say a huge thank you to each one of them for their incredible support. We’d especially like to congratulate any volunteers who reached a special volunteering milestone with us. Their loyalty and dedication to the hospice, and all the people we care for, makes a huge difference at a difficult time.” If you would like to find out about current volunteering opportunities at St Catherine’s please visit www.stch.org.uk/volunteer call St Catherine’s Volunteering Team on (01293) 447351 or e-mail: volunteering@stch.org.uk. Laura Mitchell, St Catherine’s Hospice Photo: Volunteers award evening, Tilgate Golf Club, 5th June

Keeping K eeping your you ur family smilingg For F or af affordable, fffordable, quality dentistry dentisttry visitt Billingshur Billingshurst st Dental Practice Pracctice

114 High S Street, treet, Billingshurst, Billingshurst, West W Weest Sussex, Sussex, RH14 9QS

Y Gentle dental car caree for for all ages Y Hy Hygiene giene therap therapyy for for healthy healthy mouths Y Nerv Nervous ous pa patients tients particular particularly ly welcome welcomee Y Ev Evening ening & Sa Saturday atur turdaay appointments

New pa patients tients are are welcome welcome - call us now now to book!

www.billingshurstdental.co.uk www. .billingshurstdental.co.uk

01403 783688


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Out and about / Health and wellbeing

YOC – what’s happening in July/August


he Horsham District is now in full swing and we now have over 550 Year of Culture events listed on the website! What will you choose to see and do in July and August? One of the most highly regarded classical music festivals in the UK, The Shipley Arts Festival continues in July and August with a programme of superb music at locations across the district including Billingshurst, Amberley and Shipley. Find out more at www. shipleyartsfestival. co.uk. Art lovers will also be excited to learn that Humphrey Ocean RA is exhibiting at Horsham Museum this August after his successful show at the Royal Academy this year. The music offer continues with Summer Sounds in Horsham Park, a Summer of Love pop concert in Henfield, The Battle of the Bands Finals, and concerts at venues across Horsham including the Horsham Garden Music Festival. Make a note to see the unique triple bill by StopGap Dance: A Space in Gravity at The Capitol, and sci-fi lovers should look out for two unique exhibition on sci-fi writer Eric Williams, and Eric Cusic, the creator of the Daleks, at libraries across the district. Theatre lovers will be able to enjoy Claire Taylor and Norma Pearson

My Kind of Yoga Wisborough Green Village Hall Saturdays 9.30-10.30am

Claire Taylor: 07305 989665 enquiries@f360hub.co.uk www.f360hub.co.uk YOUR FIRST CLASS FREE! Book via: https://bit.ly/f360hubfreeclass


some great new shows at The Capitol in the coming months, book tickets for the West Chiltington Drama Festival or invite their children to take part in a Comedy, Slapstick and Shakespeare workshop in Billingshurst. And for families we are delighted that Enchanted Horsham returns this year bigger and better than ever – a truly spectacular and magical illuminated summer wonderland. You can also take part in and enjoy the colourful new Children’s Parade in Horsham Park, part of FunDay Sunday, and Be a Viking at Chesworth Farm’s Wild Woodies Summer Holiday Club. You can find full details of all these events and more at www.hdculture2019.co.uk. Please do check booking information and prices prior to attending an event. Follow @hdculture2019 on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date with the Horsham District Year of Culture 2019. Sarah Hogben Horsham District Council Just a few of the 550 Year of Culture events listed on the website!

Film / Health and wellbeing / Funerals

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BACK BA ACK K< & FUTU FUTURE FU URE brought br ough t to y you ou b by y

PG 1985


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Th T h i s eve event will raise funds to owa w a r d s o u r l i f e - s av a v i n g wo work

Judith Jud dith Dandy D nddy y IIndependent In ndep nd depen pendent Fu Funeral un nerall Dire Director Diiirect reect ecto tor or Dandelion D Dand ndeelion ion Farewells well w warmly ly y in invites n ites nvit es you to cco contact ontact on nt t us iff you you have h any questions ttion ab bout the h ffuneral funerral you about need n d to arrange. W are committed to enabling families to plan a We funeral that is personal, meanin ngful and affordable. meaningful We will support you to create a farewell that is appropriate and unique, thereb by taking away much thereby RIWKHVWUDLQRISODQQLQJVXFKD      DVLJQLßFDQWHYHQW   RIWKHVWUDLQRISODQQLQJVXFKDVLJQLßFDQWHYHQW We will be with you every step p of the way. Church View, Billingshurst Ro Road oad Wisborough Green, West Suss Sussex sex RH14 0DY

e: judith@dandelionfarewell e: judith@dandelionfarewells.com ls.com m: 07769 t: 01403 701001 077 769 336022

www.dandelionfarewells.com www.dandelionfarew wells.com


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Call in and ask us about Maui Jim!

Tel: 01403 784682 Park & Brown Opticians

32 High Street, Billingshurst, RH14 9PF email: parkandbrownbillingshurst@gmail.com

FREE SUMMER SPORTS FESTIVAL Free event brought to you by Billingshurst Neighbourhood Wardens Late summer sports festival to be held in Lower Station Recreational Ground Date to be confirmed Please watch this space for more details Supported by


tweet 17

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Tell Your Story


ow many of you have parents or grandparents with a fascinating life story to tell? Maybe your own life has been full of adventure, excitement and magical moments, and you’d like it to be remembered. Perhaps you’re already writing certain memories down or have been researching your family’s genealogy for a while but need help shaping it into something worth cherishing. Book of My Life can help. Founder Alison Viña and her team of professional writers from around the UK, have been producing biographies and memoirs for the last decade. Past clients include the late Frank True, businessman and founder of the Luncheon Vouchers Company; Graham Walker, businessman and yachtsman who led a bid for the America’s Cup in 1986; and singer Elizabeth Osborn. Alison, a former writer and editor for publishers including the BBC and Egmont, says, “I’m interested in every life story, not just those of the successful or the famous. Everyone’s story is unique and worth recording, and history comes to life when you hear about it from someone who lived through it.” Each specially selected writer spends time interviewing the storyteller, prompting and guiding

the conversation to get the full details and descriptions of key events and fleeting but important moments. These interviews are then crafted into a compelling narrative. Personal photos are chosen, the cover and title are finalised, then each copy is printed and beautifully bound, making a special gift for family members to treasure. Book of My Life can also turn your genealogy research into a comprehensive book. One client, Derrick Rowe had discovered much about his grandfather from official records, personal letters and other documents but needed help putting it all together. With Book of My Life’s help, Derrick’s research became a high quality volume, detailing his grandfather’s life from his days as a penniless student to his successful career as an artist whose work was coveted by royalty. The book also includes a selection of vivid reproductions of Rowe’s paintings. Please talk to us if you would like to honour your ancestors in print in this way, or if you want to share your story in what will doubtless become a family heirloom. Visit www.bookofmylife.co.uk or call 020 8133 6588 for more details. Emily Anderson

“…a special gift for family members to treasure”

Your Y o Lif our Life eS Story torry in Print We’ll writ We’ll write, e, design and print ab beautiful eautiful book of your memories memories forr yo you ou tto o shar sharee with your loved on ones. nes. You Y ou u jus jjustt hav have h e tto o ttell ell ll us yyour our sstory. tor o y. Please ease a get get in touch touch to to find out more: mo ore: 020 8133 6588 inf info@bookofmylife.co.uk o@bookofmylife.co.uk bookofmylife.co.uk book ofmylife.co.uk


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A Good Read July’s selection from book reviewer Willow Coby A Lily in the Light – Kristen Fields A child going missing is every parent’s worst nightmare. And many books have been written with this as the main plot device, as the parents try to cope with events that follow. However, this debut novel approaches it from a different angle. Esme is 11 years old and for her, ballet is life. She is on the brink of every young ballerina’s dream as she is told that she is ready to go ‘en pointe’. But this joy is snatched from her one evening as the family gather to enjoy a meal. Suddenly, and inexplicably, Esme’s four-year-old sister Lily disappears. The family starts to fall apart, but as readers we experience this through the eyes of Esme, not her parents. In the second half of the novel the action switches to Paris eight years later where Esme is performing as a ballerina. We learn of the intervening years. How Esme felt that she lost so much more than a sister; she lost her parents too. She has used dance to take herself away from it all. Until she receives a phone call from her older sister, on the other side of the Atlantic. Are the family about to learn of Lily’s fate, and how will they bring themselves together, healing divisions and unspoken accusations?

The Tiger who Came to Tea – Judith Kerr Sometimes days play out in endless repetition. Nothing exciting ever happens. But what if one day the unexpected occurred? Just like any day Sophie is having tea in the kitchen with her mother, when the doorbell rings. They wonder who it could be. The milkman with his milk float? The grocer on his bike? Or Sophie’s daddy? What they are not expecting is a large tiger, who joins them at the table. Just what will happen when a tiger comes to tea? This classic children’s picture book is now more than 50 years old and yet it still continues to enchant children. A simple story and delightful illustrations make this a favourite among many young readers. A TV adaptation is due to air at the end of 2019 but do make sure you share the original with your children first. Judith Kerr, who wrote and illustrated over 30 other books, including the Mog series, died in May this year aged 95. It seems a perfect time to celebrate her life.

K.J. Lammas Plumbing & Heating Ltd


Plumbing • Heating • Bathrooms • LPG & Natural Gas Billingshurst and surrounding areas covered 178154

Tel: 01403 783781

Email: kjlammas@btinternet.com


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West Sussex Community Minibus Association (Billingshurst) July Schedule Thursday 4th Friday 5th Tuesday 9th Thursday 11th Friday 12th Tuesday 16th Wednesday 17th Thursday 18th Friday 19th Tuesday 23rd Wednesday 24th Thursday 25th Friday 26th Tuesday 30th Wednesday 31st

9.00am 9.30am 9.30am 9.00am 6:00pm 9.30am 10.00am 9.00am 9.30am 10.00am 9.30am 9.00am 1:15pm 10:00am 9.00am

Horsham & Sainsbury’s 1.15pm Horsham & Tesco’s Grayshott Pottery tour and lunch Bognor Regis Horsham & Sainsbury’s 1.15pm Tesco’s Broadbridge Heath Barns Green Players Supper and play: Allotmentgate Petersfield Chichester Market Day Horsham & Sainsbury’s 1.15pm Horsham & Tesco’s Eastbourne Midhurst and Lunch at the Greyhound Worthing and Haskins Garden Centre for lunch Horsham & Sainsbury’s 1.15pm Tesco’s Broadbridge Heath Afternoon village drive then tea at RSPB Pulborough Holmbush Marks & Spencers and Tesco’s Mystery drive

To book your place please telephone Geraldine Pike: (01403) 786147 We now offer a friendly door to door service for anyone in the RH14 9xx area! West Sussex Minibus Association AGM: Friday 2nd August in Fittleworth. Details contact Steve O’Dowd

Please book trips at least 24 hours in advance so we can ensure our crews have correct pick-up information! If you’re interested in finding out more about our service, either as a passenger or a volunteer, please contact Steve O’Dowd, email: billingshurst.minibus@btinternet. com or tel: (01403) 784428. Thank you. Registered Charity No. 1173818

For examples of our work please visit

www.brazierbuilding.co.uk and       Brazier Building

Before and After A recently completed project in Slinfold: an old and dated extension was replaced with a new, larger extension much more in keeping with the house. A patio completed the build. More photos on Facebook

Brazier Building has been a family run local business since the early ’70s. Any building project, inside or out, large or small. Extensions, restorations, kitchens, bathrooms, loft conversions, patios and driveways. We pride ourselves on an immaculate finish and attention to detail, combined with friendly service. For a competitive quote to suit your budget with no hidden extras, contact us today.

We employed Brazier Building to refit our ensuite bathroom. The attention to detail and the quality of the finish was outstanding. We were so pleased with the end result we employed Jaime and Hristian to Sam refit our main bathroom the year after. Very friendly and professional to deal with.

Jaime Brazier


01403 791585 or 07798 863744


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Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) – Why not join?


ith the ever increasing strain on the resources and priorities placed on Police Forces across the country, the National Neighbourhood Watch Network now plays a vital partnership role with Sussex Police, and other Agencies, to ensure the ongoing safety and wellbeing of our communities and residents. We should be able to feel safe in our homes and communities, relax with family and friends without fear of crime. However, in this day and age, the reality is that many of us may feel isolated or vulnerable in our dayto-day lives; Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) can help alleviate such isolation and vulnerability. Members of NHW street schemes play a vital role by being watchful and sharing messages that keep us safe. Sharing information with the Police and your neighbours is a proven way of ensuring potential threats to our way of life are kept to a minimum. Many people say that NHW members are “curtain-twitching busybodies” with nothing better to do than spy on their neighbours! Nothing could be more untrue. NHW helps ensure that everyone in a community, from the very young to the very old, are as safe as we can help them be. NHW helps with protecting our homes, communities and loved ones; NHW provides information about making our homes and property safe, contact details for helping those with worries about the young and old and for reporting crime or suspicious activity. NHW can also help provide street signs, door and window stickers to inform others of NHW schemes and to deter cold

callers. All in all, NHW schemes help connect communities and help neighbours look out for each other. Why not join NHW today? You can find out more about NHW activities and schemes in the Horsham District, including joining an existing NHW scheme or setting up a new scheme by making contact by any of the following means: www.horshamnhw.btck.co.uk HDNHWA website www.ourwatch.org.uk to see NHW schemes in your area horshamnhw@gmail.com General contact address for HDNHWA Committee Members secretary.horshamnhw@outlook.com – Secretary of HDNHWA Finally, a quote from Superintendent James Collis of Sussex Police: “I am delighted to have such a proactive network of volunteers to turn to but who also then go about making our communities safer each and every moment of each day without any direction from us. Keeping your eyes and ears open to prevent crime in the first place, to share tips and information and make your communities safer means you make Sussex a difficult place for criminals to go about their business unseen or unchallenged. In turn we all enjoy a safer community and hopefully enjoy a better quality of life. Thank you.” Ken Broomfield Secretary, Horsham District NHW Association (HDNHWA)

FLAT ROOFS / UPVC FACIAS SOFFITS / GUTTERING MISSING TILES CHIMNEYS / LEADWORK www.bestchoiceroofing.co.uk 01403 390040 or 07961410377 marc@bestchoiceroofing.co.uk

J. WILSON Painting & Decorating Interior & Exterior 30 years experience in all aspects of decorating Friendly professional service • Fully insured Please call Jef for free estimate

01403 372452 or 07958 017305 Email: jef-wilson1@hotmail.co.uk


Tel: 01403 785700 www.sussexcarpetbrokers.co.uk on selected ranges, min 14 sq mtrs

Trade Enquiries Welcome FREE fitting & FREE underlay

Where the best service and widest choice will cost you less! Carpets – Vinyls – Curtains – Blinds Floorings – Domestic & Commercial

We will beat ANY written like for like quote Ample Parking – Easy Access

Showroom: 6 Jengers Mead, Billingshurst, RH14 9PB

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Horsham Spiritual Treasure Trail


orsham Deanery, in conjunction with Horsham Year of Culture 2019, are running an event for the whole of August called the ‘Horsham Spiritual Trail’. The event is for all ages – participants visit 12 churches shown on a map, collect stickers from each site and stick it on their map. Anyone who collects all 12 stickers will receive a prize. In addition, there are two questions about each location. All correct questions will be put into a draw and prizes will be allocated.

Family Run Local Retailer / Service Provider

This could be a great fun summer activity and can be done in one day or over the month of August. Why not take a picnic and enjoy the scenery and locations as you visit. There will be opportunities to pick up a map from Horsham, Southwater or Billingshurst Libraries, or as a download from most church websites. For more information please contact Alison Hudson, e-mail: alisonhudsonbtl@ yahoo.co.uk or Carol Shepherd, e-mail: carol_shepherd46@ hotmail.co.uk. Carol Shepherd Pick up a full-size version of the questions and map from your local library or download it from your church’s website



Aerial/Satellite Custom Installer TV Wall Mounng NICEIC Domesc Electrician PAT Tesng Replacement Watch Baeries Copying of VHS Tapes to DVD


Flat Panel TV’s DAB/FM Radios Domesc Appliances Freestanding/Built In Lighng and Heang

Call 01798 872237 Staon Road, Pulborough, West Sussex, RH20 1AH Email: office@hamiltoncole.co.uk



TV, Audio, DVD Recorders Lamps Microwaves Vaccum Cleaners Cookers Hobs

New Aerials Supplied Existing Aerials Serviced TV, DAB, FM Aerials Digital Aerial Upgrades Extra TV, Satellite, Tel. Points Satellite Dish Install & Repair 140+ TV and radio channels No monthly subscription

Call Graham on: 01798 813092 or 01403 732754 or mobile: 07442 509598 apexaerials@aol.com


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Charity / About the house

Guests enjoy luxurious train journey for local hospice


round 160 people enjoyed an unforgettable trip on Saturday 18th May aboard the famous Belmond British Pullman, many having signed up following the article in December’s Village Tweet. The sister train to the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express pulled into Horsham station as part of a bespoke trip to raise money for St Catherine’s Hospice. The impressive train attracted a crowd before its departure from Horsham station where lucky guests were welcomed on board by uniformed staff. As they boarded carriages restored to the glory of their 1920’s heyday, they were serenaded by Angel Delights, a vocal harmony group who specialise in music from the era. The group also entertained guests as they enjoyed a Bellini brunch en route to the historic Hampton Court Palace. On arrival at Hampton Court guests explored the impressive grounds, and enjoyed traditional horse and cart rides. Guests were then welcomed back on board the opulent British Belmond Pullman with a glass of champagne. As they made their return journey to

Horsham guests were treated to an exquisite three-course dinner and wine. Hannah Shorter, Events Project Fundraiser at St Catherine’s said, “We hope our guests enjoyed their journey on one of the world’s most iconic trains. We know many people joined us to celebrate a personal special occasion, and we’d like to thank them for supporting our hospice while treating themselves. I’d also like to thank Angel Delights for entertaining our guests so beautifully. “As a local charity we rely on the generosity and support of people in our local community to provide our care. And at the moment we can only help one in three local people who need us. But in the future we want to be there for everyone to make sure that nobody faces death and loss alone. Our British Belmond trip has raised vital funds and taken us a step closer to that. We’re really grateful to everyone who joined us to make this such an unforgettable trip.” Laura Mitchell, St Catherine’s Hospice Photo: Angel Delights entertaining guests on the platform


07795 097102

FOR ALL YOUR MAINTENANCE NEEDS Plumbing • Tiling • Carpentry • Landscaping • Fencing Decorating • Kitchens • Bathrooms



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Scapes by Stef van Vuuren Horsham Museum & Art Gallery, open now until 13th July


tef van Vuuren has lived in Horsham since 2004 when he arrived in the UK from South Africa. The beautiful countryside of Sussex and the South Coast was the inspiration to develop a passion for photography and catalyst to explore more of the UK and abroad. Once a year, a return to South Africa to visit family provides the ideal opportunity to visit game reserves and enjoy the wildlife and ‘Big Five’ in nature. Stef doesn’t travel anywhere without his camera gear and early morning starts to watch the sun rising at dawn or setting late in the day are well worth the effort and create stunning light and colours. The brilliant local museum at Horsham is a fantastic showcase of the history and

development of the area and Stef is delighted to collaborate with Horsham Museum as a gallery for his work. Stef has decided to use the topic Scapes for his first exhibition and his images of landscapes, sea-scapes and sky-scapes portray a visual escape for the eye and mind. As well as landscapes, Stef enjoys portrait and wildlife photography and is training for commercial operations with drones for photography and videography. Horsham Museum & Art Gallery is open Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm, free admission. For more information see www. horshammuseum.org. Rachel Weller, Administration Assistant, Horsham Museum & Art Gallery Sunrise over the sea at Eastbourne

D E LTA D E C O R Interior & External Decorating Carpentry • Electrical • Plumbing • Tiling

Fully Insured • Free Estimates

07966 537 425 Experienced • Professional • Dependable thebrianhaddon@gmail.com

l Locadly. n e e i r f & ck th y Che s on m w revieacebook F age p

Your local independent plumbing, drainage and heating service Emergency plumbing. No call out fee. New installations, from taps to entire bathrooms. Unblocking and replacement of drainage runs. Fully insured • Water Industry approved

James: 01403 823058 07737 892400 info@flow-serve.co.uk www.flow-serve.co.uk

DO YOU NEED YOUR OVEN CLEANED? Billingshurst based

Oven Cleaning Direct clean ovens – it’s what we do!

Call Kevin: (01403) 331000 with any questions or to arrange a visit Email: horsham@ovencleanngdirect.co.uk

www.ovencleaningdirect.co.uk We can make your oven like new again!

Oven Cleaning Direct – Horsham


Billingshurst Parish Council Billingshurst Community & Conference Centre Roman Way, Billingshurst, RH14 9QW

Official Opening of New Play Area at Manor Fields! It will be more of pulling a rabbit out of a hat, than ribbon-cutting, when new play equipment at Manor Fields in Billingshurst is officially opened on Monday 29th July. Popular children’s entertainer Nick Clark will be enthralling youngsters with a free show of mirth and magic from 3-4pm at the site off Coombe Hill. T&Ms Ice Cream van will also be in attendance to help make for a great afternoon. The play equipment at Manor Fields includes a new multi-unit, dish spinner and springy plus new seats on the swings. All welcome! (Please note that there is no parking on site or toilet facilities). Community Speedwatch Scheme services that trees provide such as: Billingshurst Parish Council often hears complaints from residents about anti-social driving in the area, including speeding. We are looking to re-start our Community Speedwatch Scheme and are looking for further members to join the group. If you would like to get involved please call our Co-ordinator Paul Blackman on 07719 009443 or email billingshurstcsw@gmail.com.

Ash Dieback Disease Ash dieback disease is caused by the fungus Hymenoscyphus fraxineus, formerly known as Chalara fraxinea. In West Sussex, nearly 21% of all broadleaved trees are ash, covering 4,968 hectares. The disease has the potential to kill 95% of West Sussex ash trees over the next 10-20 years. This would have a major impact on the county’s landscape, the wildlife it supports and other ecosystem

•  filtering the air •  storing carbon •  reducing flooding •  providing shade •  protecting soils. For more information, including how to recognise and report the disease, visit www.forestresearch.gov.uk.

Jubilee Fields Fishing Lake Swimming in the lake is DANGEROUS and could result in death or serious illness. It also damages lake life. Swimming in the lake is an OFFENCE as it breaks a local by-law and those caught doing so will be dealt with by the Police. Please call the Police on 101 if you see someone swimming in the lake. Please do not allow your dogs to swim in the lake.

www.billingshurst.gov.uk Email: council@billingshurst.gov.uk 01403 782555 / twitter@BillingshurstPC

Billingshurst Parish Council


Work in progress. Photo: Greg Burt Inset: Artist Sarah Gillings. Photo: Steve Robards, courtesy of West Sussex County Times

Wildlife Mural in Billingshurst High Street Following the departure of the three High Street banks over the past year, residents have raised their concerns about the appearance of empty premises in the village centre. Parish Council staff had contact from Ian, Manager of the Sainsbury’s Local store in Billingshurst who advised that the stores were being tasked with supporting their local community with projects to mark their 150 year anniversary. Following this, the Parish Council helped organise a spruce-up with the creation of a giant mural with help from staff from Sainsbury’s; Sussex Clubs for Young People (provider of youth sessions in the village), and Sussex artist Sarah Gillings of U CAN Spray who came up with a wildlife, flora and fauna design. A two-day painting session featuring youngsters on half-term and Sainsbury’s staff took place in late May. Parish Council Clerk Greg Burt said, “Whilst we would much prefer to see real shops and businesses here, this really does brighten up an otherwise dead frontage in the interim. What’s even better is that it has been a real partnership project of lots of business and organisations, which should also impress the In Bloom judges when they come in July. “Whilst the Parish Council can’t make new businesses open in the village, by leading on such projects as this and providing floral displays, it can help create the right environment that might make businesses want to come.”

The Council is delighted with the feedback received since the mural was commenced; there is a little more work to do once the weather improves.

Be a good neighbour this summer Please remember that on warm summer days and evenings playing music, lighting bonfires and taking part in noisy activities might be great fun, but it can also have an effect on your neighbours. In most cases a pleasant informal approach to the person responsible can resolve the matter without need for a formal complaint. Please also be careful leaving windows open as it allows easy access for intruders. Finally, if you plan to be away from home for a period of time please ensure that you have a nominated neighbour or contact for your burglar alarm.

Billingshurst Tennis Club Did you know that there is a public court available to hire at the Tennis Club located at Lower Station Road Recreation Ground? If you would like to join the club or enquire about hiring the public court, please telephone 07949 805474 or email billingshursttennis@gmail.com. Upcoming Meetings (July) 3rd: Full Council/Trustees (7.30pm) 4th: Planning & Environment Committee (7.30pm) 10th: Neighbourhood Plan Working Party (6.30pm) 17th: Working Practices Committee (7.30pm) 31st: Billingshurst Centre (7.00pm) & F&GP Committee (7.30pm)

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Local firm lends a hand in canal restoration


team from pharmaceutical firm Sanofi swapped their desks for a day in the countryside in June to help out the Wey & Arun Canal Trust’s restoration work. Some 38 employees from Sanofi’s Guildford office headed to Southland Lock near Loxwood in West Sussex on 6th June to carry out maintenance jobs as part of the firm’s commitment to volunteering with local charities. It was the second year running the team had visited the canal to lend their support. Team leader Tania Whittern said, “Everyone really enjoyed last year’s event and were keen to return. Volunteering like this is good for team building as we are working with colleagues we may not usually chat with, and it’s so good for our wellbeing to be outside and doing something physical.” Sanofi managing director Hugo Fry added that volunteering was “really important for both engagement with our employees and engagement with the community”. Teams had to do battle with the heavy clay soil to dig out the canal bank in preparation for a new staircase down to the waterway, install a gate with fence posts to the side of the lock, and sand and paint the balance boards, paddle mechanism and handrails

of the lock itself. The volunteers also helped clear overgrown areas of the towpath. Despite the hard work in the warm sunshine, the volunteers said the day was worthwhile and how much they appreciated the beauty of the area. Wey & Arun Canal Trust chairman Sally Schupke said the team’s effort was much appreciated and another step towards ensuring the waterway continues to be a valuable amenity for all to enjoy. “Working with local companies allows us to not only show the value of our restoration work to those who use the canal for walking, cycling, boating and more, but what can be done when people come together in a common aim.” The Wey & Arun Trust is working to restore the 23miles of waterway that run from Shalford in Surrey to Pallingham in West Sussex. So far almost two-thirds of the canal have been worked on. Volunteers are always needed – whether individuals, small teams or companies like Sanofi. Please visit weyarun.org.uk/volunteering. Gill Davies Press and Publications Assistant Photo: Volunteer and you might even find yourself in Village Tweet!

PJM FOR ALL YOUR PROPERTY NEEDS A little of what we do: New builds and extensions  Refurbishments and conversions  Property maintenance Loft conversions  Electrics  Plumbing  Bathroom and Kitchen installation Wood / multi-fuel burning stoves, chimneys and flue installation  Oak framed garages Paving, patios and decking  Solar Photo Voltaic systems  And much more Please follow the contact details below for your competitive free no obligation quote PJM, 6 Northlands Cottages, Northlands Road, Warnham, West Sussex RH12 3SQ

Mobile: Peter 07976 816311 Landline: 01306 627306 Email: office@pjm.org.uk Website: www.pjm.org.uk


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M.W. Wingate

Painting & Decorating Interior & Exterior Specialist in all Wall Coverings Re-Nu can transform your kitchen with made-to-measure replacement doors, drawers and worktops at a fraction of the cost of a new kitchen. We can also supply and install any new appliances you may want built in; and we can supply and fit matching units or re-arrange existing ones.

City & Guilds qualified Over 25 years experience Fully insured

Tel: (01403) 780360 Mobile: 07973 433725 markwingate95@gmail.com

Property Services Ltd Maintaining & Improving Your Property


01403 783 332

Property Maintenance Loft Conversions Extensions Renovations Bathrooms & Kitchens


Flooring & Tiling Plumbing & Heating, Painting & Decorating Landscape Gardening and much moreâ&#x20AC;Ś

office: 01403 452415 mobile: 07792 370602 info@bijiproperty.com www.bijiproperty.com


hurst at Billingswww.goringroadcarpets.co.uk

U PAY FOR O Y L L A THE CARPET IS  Free fitting  Free grippers  Free delivery

 Free underlay  Free door bars  Free estimating 54 HIGH STREET, BILLINGSHURST, RH14 9NY 10 Wallace Parade, Goring Road, Worthing, BN12 4AL. Tel: 01903 700567 Warehouse/showroom: Unit 2, Nairn Business Centre, Artex Ave, Rustington BN16 3LN. Tel: 01903 773319 *Free offers apply to carpet sales only, minimum order value ÂŁ200. Excludes remnants, vinyls, hard floors and budget range carpets. Terms & conditions apply


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5 Tips for Choosing a Professional Carpet Cleaner Cheap is rarely best. However attractive saving a few quid might seem, the least expensive option might actually do more harm than good. Companies that offer heavily discounted rates may use substandard cleaning products that could permanently damage your carpets. Price is important but it should not be number one on your list of questions to ask. Know the process. Cleaning services are all different so ask questions. How does each company that go about their business? Some companies might use stronger detergents, while others might use more environmentally friendly options. How long will the drying time be? Knowing the exact process each company employs will help you to decide who to hire. Do your research. Talk to friends and family. Check review sites and ask for recommendations on social media. The best services are found through word of mouth so do

G.J.Coles BUILDER & CARPENTER New builds • Extensions • Renovations Carpentry • Alterations • Fencing Testimonials on request Fully insured Office: 01403 782458 Direct: 07816 768419 Email: grantjcoles@gmail.com www.gcbuilders.vpweb.co.uk


the research and leverage your network for trustworthy recommendations. Ask about additional services. Nobody likes hidden surprises so make sure you know whether there will be extra services. And how much the company will charge for them? Will they move furniture if they need to? How will they manage difficult-toreach areas? Are they insured and registered with any recognised associations such as Trading Standards and TACCA (The Approved carpet Cleaners Association). Are environmentally friendly products more expensive? Keep it local if possible. A local carpet cleaning company will have a vested interest in keeping you happy. Local companies provide services for other local residents too, so it is in their best interest to offer a high-quality service at affordable costs to ensure customer retention. Karen Campbell

CADISS Kitchens & Bathrooms Design – Supply – Installation Get significant savings on suites and tiles even if we do not install. All work guaranteed and fully insured. No VAT on fitting.

Tel: (01403) 786325 cadisskitchensandbathrooms.co.uk

About the house

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Billingshurst based family business with over 20 years experience in the building trade. Full Refurbishments, Conversions and Alterations, Oak framed garages/car ports/porches, Fully bespoke timber garden rooms/studios, Driveways, Fencing, Repointing, Patios, Kitchens, Carpentry and moreâ&#x20AC;Ś We pride ourselves on attention to detail and offering a personal service, keeping the client informed every step of the way.

07584 655585 mpshomeimprovements@gmail.com


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Special Christmas event to replace Billifest for 2019 Year of Culture


nstead of Billifest this year a slightly different Christmas event is being organised by the Billingshurst Community Partnership (BCP) on Saturday 14th December as part of the Horsham District Year of Culture.

We will be having a Lantern Walk from the centre of Billingshurst to Station Road Gardens, where there will be a laser light show to music, (being organised by teenagers from our community), followed by a Christmas Cracker carol concert in the Leisure Centre (Billingshurst Choral society). We would like to involve as many people: clubs, groups and organisations from our community as possible. Times of these events will be announced later. Please get in touch if you would like to get involved in any way. Billifest has been held in Billingshurst every year since 2002. Unfortunately, a plea to the community asking for new people to come forward and get involved didn’t get the number of responses we had hoped for, so the decision was taken by the BCP management committee not to run a Billifest event this year. We are hopeful that the people from our community will come forward next year and reform an organising committee so that we can have a re-branded version of Billifest in 2020. If you’d like to get involved, talk anything through, or have more details about the Lantern Walk, please feel free to contact either Denise Campbell, Chair (tel: 07500 450458) or June Perks, Secretary (e-mail: june.perks@btinternet.com). Denise Campbell, Chair, Billingshurst Community Partnership Ltd

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10 Years Service for Fireman Mike!


ike Sussex joined the Fire Service back in 2009. After 10 years of serving his community, he has decided to call it a day and hang up his helmet for the last time. Mike always said he wanted to achieve this 10-year landmark when he joined. Mike is planning to move out of the village and therefore would not be able to respond to emergency calls. I’m sure this was a very tough decision as he has achieved so much during his 10 years. Mike joined just a few months after myself, so we have been through a lot together and it has been a pleasure working alongside him. Mike joined as a Firefighter, but after a few years he went for promotion and became a Crew Manager on station. Mike is passionate about delivering training to crews and to new recruits. He has been in charge of some very large complicated incidents during his time, but his decision-making skills and experience kept his crew safe which makes the

difference between saving properties or lives. Mike also became a Driver on station, which brings new roles and responsibilities. In fact, there wasn’t a lot Mike didn’t do on station so he will be a huge loss but we all respect his decision to start something new in life. Any Retained Firefighter will know what a huge commitment it is to be an on-call Firefighter, so I’m sure Mike will no doubt enjoy his free time when he turns his pager off for the very last time. I speak on behalf of everyone on station, the community and the fire service when I say we can’t thank you enough for what you have done to help Billingshurst Fire Station become the station it is today. We wish you all the very best in your next chapter. Twitter: @Station49Fire Facebook: Billingshurst Fire Station Dan Game, Billingshurst Fire Station

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Health & wellbeing for garden poultry


eeping poultry in the garden has become a popular hobby. Chickens are relatively easy to keep, make interesting pets and have a bonus of providing their owners with tasty fresh eggs! By keeping ahead of the game and being vigilant you can spot any problems before they become a major health issue for your hens, and in return they will look after you by providing eggs during their laying cycle. Making sure your chicken run is predatorproof is the most important thing a poultry keeper can do. Foxes especially are tenacious predators and once they know where there are chickens they will keep trying; I have known them to take hens in broad daylight while owners have been indoors so don’t assume birds will be safe during the day while they are left unattended. Although a high cost initially, electric fencing is a very successful way of keeping foxes at bay and hens safe and is a worthwhile investment. Ensure birds are locked away in a safe, sturdy house at night, consider fitting an automatic closing device on the door if you get home late on dark winter evenings, but birds must be physically checked to make sure they have all gone to bed and not been left outside. Red mite is an issue that strikes fear into a poultry keeper’s heart. These pesky little insects can multiply very quickly and suck on the birds’ blood as they roost at night. Very heavy infestations can kill poultry, so care must be taken to prevent them from getting to an epidemic level in the first place. Red mite like to lay their eggs in the crevices in the chicken house. They can be found under perches, in the nestboxes and under any roofing felt you may have fitted. The mites are tiny, just visible to the naked eye, and are grey until they have fed on blood. The first sign most people notice is a ‘cobwebby’ feeling upon entering the poultry house. Look carefully and you will see them scurrying around; they tend to be more active at night and very often another tell-tale sign is birds not wanting to go to bed. Once an infestation is present it’s difficult to deal with due to the sheer numbers of mites and the eggs they have laid. There are various treatments available such as Diatomaceous Earth – make sure it’s food grade – which desiccates the mites and kills them while being totally safe for the hens and won’t taint any

eggs produced meaning they are still safe to eat. Some poultry keepers prefer plastic housing as it tends to be much easier to strip apart for washing down. Whatever housing you opt for using a mite powder on the bedding and birds on a weekly basis will help prevent an infestation. Intestinal worms can be a problem for poultry, they will lose weight and egg production will reduce and often eggs can be of poor quality. Thankfully this can easily be prevented by the use of Flubenvet – a licensed wormer for chickens. It’s totally safe to eat the eggs while the birds are being treated too, and it’s now available in a medicated pellet form making life easy with no need for weighing and mixing – it’s all done for you, using the pellets on a three-monthly basis will keep your birds free from worms, including Gapeworm. Respiratory disease is another common issue in poultry. Symptoms include coughing, sneezing, shaking of the head and discharge from eyes and nostrils. Care should be taken to avoid wild birds being able to access the chickens’ feeders and take care to quarantine any new birds before introducing them to your existing flock. Keeping stress to a minimum is essential in keeping respiratory problems under control as most are caused by viruses which will not respond to antibiotics, but if you have any concerns about a hen’s health please consult your vet as underlying bacterial disease may be present. Pest control is essential around the poultry house – rats love chicken food! Especially if there is easy access due to poor hygiene. All poultry food should be kept in pest-proof metal containers, and any uneaten food should be removed from the house and run at the end of each day. Use pest control measures to keep rats under control but take immense care with poisons, making sure that non-target animals and birds cannot gain access to bait by using lockable bait boxes and checking daily that no bait has been split. Hopefully you will have a troublefree summer and enjoy plenty of fresh eggs from your garden poultry. Jeannette Douglas, SPR Centre. www.sprcentre.com

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Adventures in Art – The Association of Sussex Artists Horsham Museum & Art Gallery, open now until 20th July


his stunning and colourful exhibition showcases some of the great artists of Sussex today while connecting to the past masters as it also explores the fascinating story of this 90-year-old Horsham based Association. Adventures in Art at Horsham Museum and Art Gallery reveals how a Mr JT McGaw founded the Association through a call for artists to exhibit at the newly opened Horsham Drill Hall. The response was encouraging enough to create the Association three months later. The Museum will be displaying one of the paintings from that very first meeting, Bainbridge Copnall’s Calves at Horsham Market alongside art painted by current members for the exhibition. The Association’s aim was to encourage art, including the crafts, by holding an annual exhibition of artists born or working in Sussex. The first exhibition took place in Horsham, a town then devoid of any art gallery, unlike the holiday resorts along the coast. It wasn’t until 2010 that the town museum created an art gallery so for 80 years the Association’s annual show was the main focus to see and appreciate art in the town and district. This encouraged the Association to invite artists to exhibit, including Brangwyn, Duncan Grant and Epstein, which broadened the appeal of the shows and gave a real opportunity to see outstanding artists’ original works.   Adventures in Art draws on Horsham Museum’s collection of art acquired over the last 60 years as it sought to hold works created by Horsham District people. Research undertaken for the exhibition

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revealed their unbeknown membership of the Association, for example the popular watercolourist Edwin Harris, bird painter Noel Hopkin and the artist/etcher Dr Sparrow. However, this exhibition is not just one of retrospection. The Association wanted to be part of the district-wide Year of Culture; this exhibition will display some of the best art around. Throughout the Association’s existence, commentators have argued “where is the contemporary?” As this exhibition shows, the Association’s view is that talent and quality of art is in itself worthy of exhibition, irrespective of what school or trend of art it follows. With art by leading Sussex artists, Alison Ingram, Dennis Roxby Bott, Ben Smith, Claire Phillips, John Davies, Angela Britton, Gordon Rushmer and 20 other artists it will be a show that art lovers will not want to miss. From oil, to watercolour to acrylic to sculpture and spanning 90 years of Sussex artists at work, Adventures in Art – The Association of Sussex Artists at Horsham Museum & Art Gallery is an exhibition that shows how much art has been part of the culture of Horsham district and beyond. A number of the current members’ exquisite artworks will be available for purchase. Horsham Museum is open Monday-Saturday, 10am -5pm. Free Admission. For more information see www.horshammuseum.org. Rachel Weller, Administration Assistant, Horsham Museum & Art Gallery Rigby: The Pink Road


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Record turnout for River Arun Rally


here was a record turnout for this year’s River Arun Rally, organised by the Wey & Arun Canal Trust. Canoeists, kayakers, small boat owners and paddleboarders turned out in force on Sunday 19th May to celebrate the long tradition of boats navigating a river which was once part of a route from London to the South Coast. Local paddlers and enthusiasts from canoe clubs from across the South East made for a colourful sight as they launched from Pulborough and Stopham in West Sussex, with the aim of reaching Pallingham Quay, the highest point navigable by boats on the Arun. The Arun is tidal as far as Pallingham Weir and the rally date was chosen to ensure the tide was high enough for small craft to navigate this picturesque section of the waterway. The River Arun Rally began in 1983 and the annual event has been run by the Wey & Arun Canal Trust since 2011. The aim is to ensure that

when restoration of the Wey & Arun Canal is complete, there will be no legal reason why boats cannot venture from the canal into the Arun. The Trust aims to restore the 23-mile waterway which runs from Shalford in Surrey to Pallingham in West Sussex. Chairman Sally Schupke said, “It was fantastic to see so much support for this free event, with more than 80 people registered to attend. All said how much they enjoyed their time on the water, and as part of a group it made it especially enjoyable.” The Trust welcomes canoes, kayaks, paddleboards and small craft to the canal at Loxwood, West Sussex. For more information on where to paddle and to book, click in the Canoes & Boats tab at www.weyandarun.co.uk. Gill Davies Press and Publications Assistant Photo: Launching at Pulborough

HOME TUITION New Opportunity at Slinfold CE Primary School:

After School Club Leader Slinfold CE Primary School is looking for someone who has previous experience working with children in an education setting to be the leader of our new after school club. The club will run each weekday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Please contact the school on (01403) 790253 or email Jane Sayers at office@slinfold.w-sussex.sch.uk for more details. Slinfold CE Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. The successful candidate will be subject to satisfactory reference checks and DBS checks.


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Wisborough Green Primary School launch new school magazine in innovative fundraising project


he children at Wisborough Green Primary School unveiled their brand-new school magazine in June, We Are Wisborough. The 24-page magazine features not only some fun and informative content for people of all ages, but also includes an interview by former Wisborough Green Primary School pupil and England rugby star, Billy Twelvetrees! The magazine was produced with two goals in mind: to raise much needed funds for a small village school of just 200 pupils, and to provide an opportunity for children to learn new skills and build their confidence along the way. Created by the school’s newly formed Marketing Club, We Are Wisborough magazine was conceived by a parent with a marketing background keen to highlight the commercial potential within a school. Seven amazing children used their creativity, enthusiasm and talent to put together a truly special publication. The children wrote and researched most of the content, and also phoned all of the advertisers raising around £1000 in the process.

Mrs Amanda Harrison, Head Teacher at Wisborough Primary School said, “We are incredibly proud of what the children have achieved in producing this magazine. We believe that this is the first project of this kind within a primary school and are delighted to showcase this innovative idea as a way of raising additional funds for our schools.” The Bat & Ball Country Pub & Haywards Restaurant came forward as the main sponsor for the project, covering the printing costs for the publication demonstrating the level of community support. Supported by teachers, parents, and local businesses with relevant expertise, We Are Wisborough magazine is available for a suggested donation of £1 plus postage to anyone who would like one. For further information, please email us at office@wisboroughgreenschool.org.uk or call (01403) 700280. Heidi Lang Top: The Marketing Club Bottom: Cover of the first issue

TipTop Tutors – Summer Holiday Lessons Help your child gain confidence with help during the summer holidays Penny Spokes and her team of dedicated tutors have been helping pupils for over eight years at the Tiptop Tutors Centre in Thakeham. There are teachers who are experts in English and maths, to help the very youngest pupil with handwriting and spelling right through to revision classes for GCSEs in English, maths, science and geography. All the teachers are fully qualified with lots of experience in encouraging and motivating all pupils. They are all DBS checked and have recent experience in schools. One of our main

aims is to give children the confidence they need to succeed. The summer holidays are a really good time to help your child with a boost, in preparation for the next academic year, when things are always just that bit harder. These lessons are very popular, so early booking is essential. For more information and to arrange for a FREE assessment with Penny Spokes (Centre Owner) just ring 01903 744517 to arrange an appointment.


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Black-eyed Susan


ou might not know its name, but you are probably familiar with the Rudbeckia. A late summer perennial daisy, it’s sometimes called Coneflower or Black-eyed Susan. It flowers from early August to late September and I find it a valuable addition to the late summer garden. It does particularly well in full sun in rich, welldrained soil. You can sow them as annuals indoors in spring to set out after frost or plant as perennials in spring or autumn. Divide every 3 to 4 years and deadhead to avoid selfseeding, though personally I see self-seeding as a bonus trait in a plant! Mildew can be an issue on the foliage but can be avoided if you don’t overcrowd the plants. Watch the young foliage because slugs and snails find it tasty. Once the plants are established this isn’t a problem. Rudbeckia ‘Golden compass’ produces masses of classic bright yellow and black Rudbeckia flowers on a bushy plant. It grows up to 70cm in height and can be grown from seed as a half-hardy annual or a short-lived hardy perennial. Rudbeckia fulgida is the classic ‘Black-eyed Susan’, with sunflower-yellow flowers and a very

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s, ve ted s, ol ct ce on ha la er to ta la cti u -re ow s, on ll p se yo n (fl ed c wi n If rde ss sh ase e rde ga e s, le . W a a sin se c) p ay r G a u bu ho , et tod pul n s t o ee er ee p gr ow Tw our m ge in lla d Vi r a u yo

Garden View

black central cone. It does better in damper ground than many of the varieties so choose this one if your garden is less welldrained. I love Rudbeckia ‘Prairie glow’. It is a stunning plant and good for adding height as it grows to 1.5m. Its huge 6cm diameter flowers have warm orange petals with yellow tips. Rudbeckia ‘Irish eyes’ is a more unusual variety with a yellowish rather than brown cone, as well as yellow florets. It repeat flowers from July through to October. If your soil is on the dry side, try Rudbeckia fulgida ‘Deamii’. It produces shining, golden flowers with jet-black cones from early September to late October and into November. It has slightly smaller flowers, but they are lovely, and abundant. Rudbeckias naturally grow in dry savannahs, grassland prairies and in the glades of rocky upland forests across North America but they have become a much-loved bushy stalwart of the herbaceous border and will delight from late summer right through the autumn. Happy gardening. Rachel Leverton

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Ready, Steady, MOW! Choose the right mower for your lawn


egular mowing is the key to an attractive, green and healthy lawn. You’ll need a mower, but which one should you choose? Small lawn. Many suburban homes have tiny lawns. A manual push lawn mower or rotary mower is powered by you pushing it rather than by electricity. The blades are mounted in a cylinder, which revolves when the mower is pushed. This produces a precise, even mowing result. They tend to be very compact which makes them manoeuvrable and easy to store. Small or medium-sized lawn. If your lawn is a little bigger or you don’t fancy a manual mower, an electric lawn mower might be for you. They run from a power source and make light work of your lawn. Electric mowers for smaller lawns are usually very easy to manoeuvre around objects. Most come with a handy container or bag to collect clippings. They are also pretty quiet and are available in energy-efficient versions. Just be aware that even with a small lawn you will probably need an extension cord. It’s wise to invest in a power breaker for safety. Accidents do happen. Larger lawn. Petrol mowers are good for bigger lawns, where an extension cord becomes impractical. These mowers are powerful, but also heavy as they are often quite sizeable. They are less environmentally friendly because of the exhaust emissions. If you have more than 500 square metres of grass, you’ll probably be better off with a ride-on petrol mower.

All lawn mowers are available in various mowing widths. Generally speaking, the wider the lawn mower, the quicker you’ll get the job done. But you need to consider that wider mowers are less manoeuvrable. As a rule of thumb small lawns require a mowing width of around 29-33cm (11-13 inches); medium-sized lawns require a mowing width of around 38cm (15 inches); large lawns may require widths larger than this, but all choices will depend on whether the lawn is ornamental, with features like ponds and trees, in which case a smaller mower might be better, or whether it’s more of an open grassy space. Most mowers are height adjustable. In other words, you can increase or decrease the distance between the blades and the ground to cut the grass at just the right height for you or the time of year. You can now buy mulching mowers. These cut the grass clippings into tiny pieces and blow them evenly into the grass. This method has the advantage of preventing the soil from drying out and gives fungus less chance to develop. A strimmer is a useful gadget for neatening up along walls, fences and the edge of flowerbeds. You can get more powerful versions which will let you attack weeds too. It’s best to wear safety goggles when using one as they generate a lot of flying debris. Electric and petrol versions are available. Tom Hancock




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June 2019

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Men in Shorts John Nash is a retired, well sort of retired, fruit farm manager in Kirdford who enjoys scribbling about life on the farm from the now to days gone by.


fter my last two fairly serious and possibly controversial pieces I thought it was about time to return to a lighter chat to you this month. So… now that we have entered a warmer part of the year I suspect that most of you have encountered that sometimes terrifying spectacle: Men in Shorts. Not young men in the prime of masculine excellence I hasten to add, but old men who should know better, but don’t! You ladies must at times have suffered the vision that we males can present to you when the temperature reaches a certain point or the sun deigns to make a sudden appearance. Now I know that beside the young Adonises there are other exceptions. Postmen – and postladies I hasten to add – seem to have the wearing of shorts ingrained into their very existence. No matter what the weather sends, winter blizzard or torrential rain, they come strolling up to your door seemingly impervious to the elements around them. A truly hardy breed and as such I am fully prepared to make an exception to their peculiar attire. No, the target of my writings are the rest of mankind who adorn their lower appendages with these garments without any thought for the feelings or health of those afflicted by their presence. By ‘health’ I refer to some of the more delicate individuals who can suffer from distinct bouts of nausea brought on by these visions, while other more worldly types revert to desperate efforts to control themselves due to being unable to stop laughing hysterically at the sight. Shorts as a garment are an innocent partner in these events. They hang on the racks of Marks and Spencer’s and the like, daring us men to lift them free off their hangers and hold them against ourselves to gauge length and colour. We men are by nature rubbish at making decisions as important as this. The pair we bring home will either be far too short, making walking with any sense of dignity exceedingly difficult, as well as making sitting without putting an unseemly stress on the garment’s stitching completely impossible. Or, conversely, they will hang just below a pair of very knobbly knees and allow two scrawny legs to shuffle along often accompanied by rolled down socks and sandals. Colour plays its own part in these proceedings too. The previously mentioned posties have this about right. Dull, boring and dowdy. Blacks, greys, and muddy browns. Perfect really for us men who have reached a time of life when colour should be muted and vague, rather like ourselves. Do we buy these? No, of course we don’t! We indulge in a virtual kaleidoscope of colours that on any


bright summer day can cause serious retinal pain and ensure that the rest of the family walk at least far enough away from you to claim they haven’t got a clue who the devil you are. To make the crime even more horrendous we often insist on trying to match the rest of our outfit to this garment draped around our loins. Hawaiian shirts that shriek of bad taste or, perhaps more seriously, tight T-shirts that carry undiplomatic logos and fail miserably to hide stomachs that have long ago ceased to have any form of muscle control. Now, I must here make a confession. Those who know me will already be screaming at the page. I’m truly guilty – I love shorts! From Easter onwards I virtually live in them, changing into long trousers only on rare occasions for funerals and other such serious events. (I do also refrain from attending Willie Austin gigs in them as Willie has a nasty habit of inserting his own lyrics into his songs that refer to this part of my apparel in a particularly negative way. Bless Him!) My personal choice, though, are those ones with all the pockets. Three either side at the front and a further two on the back. All six of these can then be stuffed with a multitude of useless items that in many ways resemble the contents of a ladies handbag only in a more masculine context. House keys, car keys, comb, wallet, card holder, phone, hanky, tissues, old shopping list, assortment of screws and washers (no, I don’t know were they came from either) and a surprising amount of loose change. As an aside, isn’t it amazing how much of this falls out onto the bedroom floor when you take them off at night! The whole ensemble bulges in a multitude of places that goes some way in resembling the lower half of a freshly stuffed Worzel Gummidge! Most of my own wardrobe in this line consists of muted colours. However, I do posses a snazzy pair of blue and white striped ones that I decided to wear one weekend soon after Easter. If you recall, Easter was a scorcher, then sadly it was soon followed at the May Bank Holiday by bitter winds and very cool temperatures. That particular weekend we were strolling along the seafront down at Goring-by-Sea. The wind was from the north and most folk were muffled in coats and scarves against the icy blast. My wife and her two sisters were hanging back a good distance behind me. Why, I know not. As we walked along the promenade I espied another man in similar attire to me playing with his young son on the shingle. “Looks like we’re the only pratts here” I remarked. “Seems that way,” he sadly replied. We nodded our sympathy to each other and walked on. Says it all really, doesn’t it! John Nash

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Disney Fortnight at Chestnut Tree House shop, Billingshurst

R.E.M. Landscapes Ltd


hestnut Tree House children’s hospice shop in Billingshurst is having a Disney themed fortnight from Monday 29th July to Saturday 10th August. The shop will be full of donated Disney items for sale including clothing, toys, games, DVDs, etc. Staff and volunteers at the shop will be dressing up and we will be launching the event with a party on Monday 29th July at 2pm. We’d love everyone to come along and support us. All funds raised go towards providing care for local children.                                                              Jane Binns

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Tel: 07890 669613 or 01403 730313 or email: rob@remlandscapes.co.uk


"& %$$

#%## (


e x & Sur r e y s s u S

Tree and Fencing Services Ltd

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Down on the farm

Life is busy on that little farm near Billingshurst…


t had been especially busy at the avian snack bar. Always (well, nearly always) filled with two kinds of seeds, fat balls and peanuts (plus the occasional extra treat of meal worms) it had been aflutter with many different kinds of birds. There had been the usual sparrows, blue tits and great tits, the occasional resident robin, many now accompanied by nervous raucous fledglings, eagerly awaiting their food with mouths wide open clamouring, “Me first, me first!” What wasn’t so common were the bands of starlings, some babies, squawking and fighting over the fat balls, reducing the levels by a few inches with each visit. And then there was the early morning racket as the clodhopper feet of magpies stamped all over the roof as they endeavoured to get their fill in before Grandad shooed them away. Martin Oakhatch’s But the most diligent parents of all were the black and white woodpeckers, Mr with his red-banded head and Mrs without. All winter they had popped in now and agin. They preferred peanuts. Now they visited every ten minutes or so, chomping peanuts as if their lives depended on it. And lives did, and more than one it seemed. Nervously checking out the danger, one would swoop in, peck the peanuts and then swoop away again only to replaced by the other. A whole bird feeder disappeared in less than a week. Their visit with their babies is eagerly anticipated. It wasn’t just birds that visited. Martin Oakhatch, one of Jeremy Oakhatch IV’s grandsons, had been eyeing the snack bar from the oak trees and decided to visit. He ventured so far, waited, then scurried over to the snack bar. At first he did not need to climb it – there were plenty of peanut scraps on the ground from the busy woodpeckers – but soon his gymnastic prowess was put to the test. Lucky for him Magnus was asleep on the sofa and didn’t even see him.

A little further away, the sheep had pushed themselves across one of Nanny’s old fences into the footie paddock and stripped the bark from several hawthorn trees which made up a hedgerow. She found them and chased them back into the small paddock ready for Holly who was coming later to shear them. Thank goodness for Roy, her sheepdog, who was able to get them herded up so she could. They did not look much skinnier without their heavy wooly coats. Aaron looked very strange indeed with his smaller body and huge head of long curling horns. They haven’t been up from the big paddock since. Meanwhile the electric fence was working. The foxes who rather thought they were sheep stayed down in the big paddock looking in the long grass for things to eat and sad to report there has been no agonised yelps debut appearance forthcoming. The two hens, Queenie and Bridie were joined by Princess and Brenna. As each one is a different breed than the others it was possible to name them. As they were fed scraps every morning they were becoming more and more tame and came to the gate when someone came down to the pen. The ‘Beware of the chickens’ sign no longer seems to fit their friendly little faces. And that was what was happening outside! Over the last two weeks of May and the first two of June the triplets at the farm were sitting their GCSEs. Between the three of them that added up to over sixty exams! Everyone was glad to see them finished and the freedom of summer to arrive in glorious contrast. Next job? Setting up the swimming pool in anticipation of warmer weather. Well, one lives in hope! Always busy on that little farm near Billingshurst. Yvonne Fleece

West Chiltington Floral Club


(Affiliated to NAFAS)

At our May meeting we had an innovative workshop led by Marion Catt who encouraged us to look differently at every-day objects and consider how we could incorporate them to make some exciting arrangements. This was a most enjoyable evening. The next meeting on 16th July will be the club’s annual Summer Party. Our regular programme of demonstrations will resume in August when we welcome Michelle King with her demonstration entitled Tutti Frutti. Our meetings are held at West Chiltington Village Hall, Mill Road, West Chiltington RH20 2PZ. If you would like more information please contact: Brenda Bull on (01798) 813712.


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JONATHAN CARTER All areas covered NPTC City & Guilds Qualified. Insured

07732 668518 joncarter123@yahoo.co.uk

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BYGONE GARDENING TRADITIONAL GARDENING SERVICES Trained at Goodwood Estate, working under the guidance of The Head Gardener, and now with over fifteen years of practical experience, Samuel Eggins offers the same Traditional Skills as those learned by generations before him. Working with some of the most influential gardeners has led to a wealth of knowledge, which he brings to all projects. A Full Member of The Professional Gardeners Guild. Restoration, Maintenance and Projects

Contact Samuel on 07786323034 www.bygonegardening.com bygonegardening@gmail.com

Village Tweet Spot the Difference

Mickyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s making a right dogâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s dinner with his barbecue! Can you spot the 11 differences? Solution on page 45


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Includes *Tyres *Lights *Brakes *Battery *Coolant level *Oil level *Brake fluid level *Wipers All garage services: Servicing to manufacturer’s specification, Diagnostics, Tyres, Brakes, Exhausts, Clutches, MoT work, Air-con regassing, Electrics. Rust-prevention now available. We welcome fleet and business servicing and maintenance – call to discuss your requirements. All cars, vans and 4x4s catered for. Anything from a Smart to a Disco!

Call the AUTO-TEAM – your local mechanics Tizz Burdfield: (01403) 791749 or 07787 556943 Itchingfield-based, near Barns Green a-team-mechanics@hotmail.co.uk    www.theautoteam.co.uk

Spot the Difference - Solution Charleshurst Farm, Plaistow RH14 0NY Honest, Friendly & Reliable Garage Business in Plaistow covering all the local areas Servicing, General Repairs, MOTs, Fault Diagnostic Reading Ring Tom on 01403 751775 or 07786 056552 www.lintottautoservices.com

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Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s On near you

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Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s On near you !G> !G>

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!## - * I;>> BG4>;E: 67F3;>E A8 >A53> 7H7@FE ;@ F:;E 8D77 %/(:D9 4 E75F;A@ '>73E7 7?3;> )80,- 67F3;>E FA 76;FAD H;>>397FI77F 5A G= FA97F:7D I;F: 5A@F35F AD I74E;F7 67F3;>E


Little Tweeters! / Out and about

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Summer Reading Challenge – an out-of-this-world adventure at your local library!


his year’s Summer Reading Challenge takes place in space, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the first Moon landing. The Rockets are a futuristic family living in space and they are hot on the trail of a mischievous band of aliens. Books have mysteriously started to vanish from the Moon Library but the Rockets are on the case and, with lots of help from children taking part in the challenge, they hope to find the missing books. Space Chase: the Summer Reading Challenge starts in your local library on Saturday 13th July. It’s free for families to take part and a great way to encourage children to read for enjoyment during the long summer holiday. Children can collect fun rewards as they read but, best of all, children are free to choose which library books they would like to read. There is a great selection of books to choose from for every age group: comic books, audio books and information books about every topic – the choice is theirs! After registering online for the challenge children will receive a special Space Chase wristband. They have all summer to read six books so they can read at their own pace. As children finish their books they return to the library to talk about the books they have read, collecting colourful, smelly stickers along the way and those who read six books will be rewarded with a

special Space Chase certificate and medal. The main challenge is for children aged 4-11 years but younger children can take part in the Space Chase Mini Challenge, collecting stickers as they share library books and collecting a special ‘gold medal sticker’ and a certificate when they complete. Grown-ups may like to pick up a few books for themselves on their family visit to the library. Research shows that children enjoy reading and improve their skills when adults around them read too. This year marks the 20th Anniversary of the Summer Reading Challenge so some parents may even remember taking part in the challenge when they were young. We are recruiting volunteers aged 14+ to help with the challenge. Volunteers explain how things work to families, chat with the children about the books they have read, give out rewards and encourage children to make further visits to the library to progress through the challenge. Volunteering offers an invaluable opportunity to develop communication and interpersonal skills and a chance to give something back to the local community. Are you ready for blast off? Space Chase is free – you just need a library card to register – and if you don’t have one yet you can arrange one of those for free too. Visit your local library or www.westsussex.gov.uk/src to find out more. Let the Space Chase begin!

‘Because We Care’ Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st July The parish villages of Kirdford, Plaistow and Ifold are coming together to bring you a fabulous Fun Weekend to enjoy in Plaistow Village to raise funds for community groups and projects. Saturday starts at 10.30 with a 5k Fun Run with Sebastian Coe. A warm up session with BadgerFit gets you underway to Run, Jog or Walk a 5k loop starting and finishing at Plaistow Village School. Join a Fitstep Hour for some Strictly Moves, and don’t miss the Flower Festival at Holy Trinity Church. Round off Saturday at Party Night with Murdoch’s Crazy Eyes, food, drink and fireworks. Sunday starts at 11am with a carnival procession plus vintage and classic cars around the village finishing on the village green where there will be stalls, further events and competitions for all ages, including Shooting Laser Clays with Olympic Gold Medalist Peter Wilson, trying your hand at bellringing with Dewbys Mini Bells, hear the fabulous Rock Choir, watch Kirdford Players strut their stuff and on both days test your skill on a McLaren Simulator, plus food & drink and much more. For more details and tickets visit www.kppevents.co.uk


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Our Community Volunteers – HDC Health Walks


orsham District Council’s Health Walks programme was extended to Billingshurst in 2009 when a member of the village told the Council that she was unable to drive to Horsham or Pulborough and wanted to walk in Billingshurst. At the time Jean Marshall (right in the photo) was a regular walker with the Pulborough group with no thought of leading walks herself, but as she and another walker lived in Billingshurst they were persuaded to start a group there. For the first few months only three or four people turned up to walk, but the group grew and now walks every Thursday morning, 52 weeks a year, regardless of weather. “We have had to cancel once or twice in ten years,” concedes Jean, but it turns out that only the Beast from the East and extreme heat has stopped the group, the faithful core of which remain undeterred by rain or even thunderstorms. On average about twenty people gather outside the Library each Thursday, mostly local but there have been some visitors from as far afield as Wiltshire, and even one holidaymaker from America. About five years ago, Jean decided she wanted to share the leadership to allow her more flexibility. Chris Deefholts was one of the regular walkers,

having joined the group when she retired, but although she didn’t volunteer to co-lead, discovered that someone else had volunteered her… The two women shared the leadership for over four years until Jean decided to step back and Chris now runs the group by herself. The walks are described as being “over easy terrain” for “beginners and those with long term health conditions”. Jean, who was an energetic dog walker and rambler for many years, started at this walking level while recovering from a fractured ankle, but enjoyed it so much that she has continued walking with the group ever since. The group is very sociable and always repairs to The Six Bells after each walk for a drink or a coffee, and many friendships have been struck up through the walks. In fact, Chris and Jean joke, people don’t always remember where they have been walking as they have been talking so much… For more information see www.horsham.gov.uk/ leisurepages/leisure/sports/walking. HDC also run guided cycle rides, see www.horsham.gov.uk/ leisurepages/leisure/sports/cycling-and-horse-riding. Pippa Cleeve If you know someone who you feel deserves recognition in Our Community Volunteers please email Pippa: pippacleeve@googlemail.com

ADVERTISERS INDEX July 2019 1A Acclaim Floor Care ......................30 A-Team Mechanics............................45 A/c’s Direct, Accounting ....................10 AC Decor...........................................35 Air Ambulance...................................15 Alba Plumbing ...................................32 Ansells Market.....................................9 Apex Aerials ......................................23 Aqua Drop Window Cleaning ............35 Best Choice Roofing .........................21 Biji Property Services Ltd..................29 Billingshurst Dental Practice .............13 Billingshurst Leisure Centre ..............16 Billingshurst Parish Council ........26, 27 Billingshurst Service, Repair & MOT Centre...................................44 Billingshurst Wardens........................17 Book of My Life .................................18 Brazier Building Solutions .................20 Bygone Gardening ............................43 Cadiss Kitchens & Bathrooms ..........30 Clayton Turner Trees & Gardens.......39 Dandelion Farewells, funerals ...........15 Delta Decor .......................................25 Devine Homes...............................OBC DM Handyman ..................................24 DW Gardens......................................38


F360 Yoga .........................................14 Flackwoods Solicitors..........................7 Flow-serve Plumbing, Drainage, Heating..........................................25 Fowlers Estate Agent ..........................3 GJ Coles, builder...............................30 Goring Road Carpet Centre..............29 Hamilton Cole TV & Satellite Equipment .....................................23 Handiman Pete..................................33 Holly Boilers ......................................34 Holly Stone Hypnotherapy ................14 Horsham District Council, Lottery .....12 Jef Wilson, decorator ........................21 Jim Hills Sports Warehouse............4, 5 Jonathan Carter Tree Surgery...........42 Katherine Finn Hypnotherapy ...........15 Kings Head pub ..................................9 KJ Lammas Plumbing & Heating ......19 KPP Events .......................................49 Lark in the Park.................................11 Lee’s Locks .......................................21 Lintott Auto Services .........................45 Mac’s Private Hire ...............................8 Millar Property Services....................34 Miss Mop Domestic Cleaning ...........33 MW Wingate Painting & Decorating..29

MPS Home Improvements Ltd..........31 N Francis Electrical Ltd .....................32 Onslow Arms pub................................8 Oven Cleaning Direct ........................25 Oven Rescue ....................................31 Ovens & More ...................................32 Park & Brown, opticians....................17 Pest Man ...........................................38 Petworth MOT Centre .......................44 PJM Building & Property Maintenance.28 Pro Electrical.....................................31 Rebecca Beauty Therapist................15 Reiki Balance ....................................17 REM Landscapes..............................41 Re-Nu Kitchens .................................29 Ron Osborne Roofing .......................33 Slinfold Primary School, vacancy......36 Sussex & Surrey Tree Services.........41 Sussex Carpet Brokers .....................22 Sussex Self Store..............................11 Sussex Towing Brackets....................45 Suzanne Thomas-Webb, tuition ........36 Tip Top Tutors....................................37 Village Nurseries...............................43 Wisborough Green Market..................9

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July 2019 issue of Village Tweet magazine

Village Tweet - July 2019  

July 2019 issue of Village Tweet magazine