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December 2010

Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful. ~Norman Vincent Peale

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Foxx Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8 We Need a Little Minute...Right This Very Christmas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10 Add Some Financial Resolutions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .17 Senior Musings on Christmas 2010 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30

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Keeping Christmas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5 Of Hearts and Hands, A Show of Quilts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6 Beat the Dealer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32 Carolina Survivalist...Christmas List . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .34

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This Christmas we would like to thank the brave men and women who selflessly put their lives on the line every day for us. Please know that your time, commitment, and service are appreciated! Your sacrifice to protect our freedom will never go unnoticed, and we pray for you to come home soon. Guest writer Tim Bullard tells us about the opening of the new The Yadkin Cultural Arts Center in downtown Yadkinville and gives us a glimpse of “Of Heart & Hands, A Show of Quilts” exhibit in the Wellborn Gallery. The new Cultural Center is a focal point of the new countywide vitality that celebrates our stateʼs rich cultural and artistic heritage. Nancy Hall takes us down the “memory lane” with her familyʼs Christmas traditions. I know she will evoke fond memories of your own family traditions. She also reminds us to reach out and support the organizations that help others – especially during the Holidays. What does Tracy Myers reveal in this issue? Car buying secrets of Millionaires! And would you believe that Ariel is back with a new Christmas saga from her “Dysfunctional Family Tree!” Do you know what Congresswoman Virginia Foxx will probably be doing on Christmas Eve? Carefully scrutinizing the political theater being staged by a “Lame Duck” Congress. Rev. Christopher Burcham shares the Christmas story in his very special way. I hope everyone is reminded “take a minute” to remember Who this season is all about! Did you know that for every dollar you spend locally, 68 cents returns to the community through taxes, payroll, and other expenditures? Please support our advertisers and shop locally! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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December 2010



Keeping Christmas Henry Van Dyke

There is a better thing than the observance of Christmas day, and that is, keeping Christmas.

Are you willing...

to forget what you have done for other people, and to remember what other people have done for you; • to ignore what the world owes you, and to think what you owe the world; • to put your rights in the background, and your duties in the middle distance, and your chances to do a little more than your duty in the foreground; • to see that men and women are just as real as you are, and try to look behind their faces to their hearts, hungry for joy; • to own up to the fact that probably the only good reason for your existence is not what you are going to get out of life, but what you are going to give to life; • to close your book of complaints against the management of the universe, and look around you for a place where you can sow a few seeds of happiness. Are you willing to do these things even for a day? Then you can keep Christmas. •

Are you willing...

to stoop down and consider the needs and desires of little children; to remember the weakness and loneliness of people growing old; to stop asking how much your friends love you, and ask yourself whether you love them enough; • to bear in mind the things that other people have to bear in their hearts; • to try to understand what those who live in the same home with you really want, without waiting for them to tell you; • to trim your lamp so that it will give more light and less smoke, and to carry it in front so that your shadow will fall behind you; • to make a grave for your ugly thoughts, and a garden for your kindly feelings, with the gate open— Are you willing to do these things, even for a day? Then you can keep Christmas. • • •

Are you willing...

to believe that love is the strongest thing in the world— stronger than hate, stronger than evil, stronger than death— and that the blessed life which began in Bethlehem nineteen hundred years ago is the image and brightness of the Eternal Love? Then you can keep Christmas. And if you can keep it for a day, why not always? But you can never keep it alone. • • •

December 2010


Of Heart & Hands, A Show of Quilts By Tim Bullard

Through December 30, a special show is being featured at the Wellborn Gallery of the Yadkin Cultural Arts Center. “Of Heart & Hands, A Show of Quilts” is the title, and it is now showing at the arts center at 226 East Main St. in Yadkinville. The opening reception was held Friday, November 12. Also on display next door is the “Old World Traditions Santas” at Uptown Wine & Gallery, a show by the Sans Souci Sisters, Donna Macemore Crissman and Kimberly Macemore Stone. For more information, visit on the web or call (336) 679-2941. While you are visiting the center, you might want to check out the Centerʼs wall mosaic. Kevin Marion, an architect, explained how he created it. “The main theme is based on the historical arts and culture of the Yadkin Valley Regionʼs original inhabitants, Native Americans,” he said. “Records of the very first Native Americans to inhabit the area refer to small Easter Siouan stock tribes such as Saponi and Tutelo, as well as a tribe called the Keyauwee and others. “The sun was a very important element in their cultures, hence the sun burst in the plaza pavers. All of these tribes were at some point absorbed into the Cherokee Tribe. With the history of the Cherokee as well as the presence of Jim Wilsonʼs Nuluti Equani Ehi tribe in Yadkin County, I thought it very appropriate to use the concept of the Seven Clans of the Cherokee as the principal generator for the design.” The seven clans include the Great Seal of the Cherokee with colors. “I have utilized these colors in the central start for the mural. Each clan is further represented in seven shards of the star dispersed across the mural to express their individual existence within the Cherokee tribe. One aspect of the seven clans is that they are not to intermarry between clans. “The aqua-colored undulating band represents two things. First it represents the meandering “Trail of


Tears,” which refers to the mass relocation of the Cherokee Tribe and other tribes to the reservation lands to the West. Secondly, it is a visual representation of the length of the Yadkin River that runs along the northern border of Yadkin County.” There are glass tiles along the shards, 400 each for 10 people of the total 4,000. About 15,000 people perished, he said, on the Trail of Tears. The white grey and black tiles are for natural duality in the Indian culture. The Yadkin Cultural Arts Center had a successful opening during the September Harvest Festival in downtown Yadkinville. John Willingham, President of the Yadkin County Arts Council, has put his heart and soul into the project, bringing in Susan and Stephen Lyons of The Lyons Way to help move the project forward to completion. Marion said, “The Center has the potential to generate economic vitality in Yadkinville and the surrounding region through tourism, crafts, and cultural attractions. It should be an important factor in restoring and revitalizing downtown Yadkinville by serving as a centerpiece for downtown redevelopment and cultural renewal. “This effect has already begun to surface through some surrounding business that have recently opened including Uptown Wine next door.The plaza and outdoor dining area will be a vibrant public space integrated with landscaping. Improved quality of life in town, expanded business and tax revenue base for the town and county, and positive regional and community image for Yadkinville and the region are some benefits that could be realized from the plazaʼs presence. “In conjunction with the neighboring artist studios the complex will be a source for local artists to indulge in creative activity and a place for the public to come and enjoy the art they already love or to learn about the art they donʼt yet know about. “The design of the building itself is expressive towards the character of the Yadkin Valley region is several ways - a vernacular/historical style juxtaposed with an innovative visionary style.

My goal in the overall concept of the design was to keep an historical “Main Street” feel to the front facade, while expressing the Councilʼs desire to be forward looking in technology and innovation along the plaza facade. I adorned the existing Main Street face with richly colored brick piers and an industrial style entry canopy with gooseneck spot lights. The plaza entry is of glass and steel and protrudes high above the curve of the existing buildingʼs roof. The interior throughout is a mixture of modern flair, industrial grit, and soft vernacular elements. The existing handmade steel bow trusses are left exposed and unfinished. The new steel was allowed to rust to match the old. “Reclaimed North

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December 2010


Congresswoman Foxx Visits Local Schools, Talks with Weighing Options for the Lame Duck Congress By Congresswoman Virginia Foxx

Generally speaking, lame duck sessions are spent passing unfinished spending bills to ensure the government has the funding to operate. Sometimes, in the case of real emergencies, a lame duck Congress will consider major, game-changing legislation. This was the case in 2008 when Congress took up legislation regarding the ongoing economic crisis.

Every two years, on a Tuesday in early November, America chooses its democratically-elected representatives for Congress. Many people are ushered into office, many others are ushered out. This year the process was more dramatic than usual and witnessed once-in-a-lifetime shifts in power. Yet, at the end of the day, the process is the same: the people vote their representatives into office. Now that the American people have spoken—and in historic fashion—Congress finds itself in transition. The two months between November 2 and when new members of Congress are sworn in will be a period fraught with potential pitfalls. This period, known as the “lame duck Congress,” must be navigated with caution and respect for the choices of the American people. Since the ratification of the 20th amendment to the Constitution in 1933, which changed when congressional terms begin and end, there have been 17 lame duck sessions of Congress. Seven of these lame duck sessions have occurred within the past eight Congresses.


Of course, the trickiest part of a lame duck Congress lies in the fact that dozens and dozens of representatives were given pink slips by their constituents, yet can still cast votes for legislation. In other words, these soon-to-be-former representatives are no longer directly accountable to their constituents, but can impact the outcome of congressional votes. Bearing this in mind, how should Congress prudently handle the realities of a lame duck session? To start, the outgoing congressional leadership would be wise to avoid putting any new, controversial items on the agenda. Thereʼs been talk, for instance, of trying to squeeze the unpopular Cap and Trade energy bill through in a lame duck session. That should be a non-starter. On the flip side of the coin, Congress does have some pressing business it should not ignore. Almost all of the annual spending bills are in limbo and failure to act on them would result in serious disruption. Of course, “serious disruption” is exactly what every last taxpaying North Carolinian would experience if Congress doesnʼt also act to stop $3.8 trillion in impending tax increases.

Despite what President Obama has said, starting in January, every single working Americanʼs tax rate will go up, unless Congress steps in. Even the lowest earners will see their tax rate go from 10 percent to 15 percent. Plus, the child tax credit, which currently gives families a $1000 per child tax rebate, will be cut in half to $500. The tax rates on dividends and capital gains, which many retirees depend on for income, will skyrocket. Congress did not act to forestall these tax increases during the course of the past year. If such inaction continues, North Carolina workers, families, and small businesses will be hit hard with higher taxes. In this yearʼs lame duck session the stakes are higher than usual. Not only has the balance of power shifted, but major spending and tax policy must be dealt with before the end of the year. While Congress should address these issues and stop the tax increases, its leadership should remember that the people have spoken. Now is not the time to take up non-urgent, controversial legislation. Congress should stick to the pressing business at hand and avoid poking a finger in the eyes of the people who put us there to represent them. That sort of behavior is what gives Congress a bad rap. Editorʼs Note: Have questions about this yearʼs lame duck Congress? Want to see Congress address certain issues next January? Let Virginia know by e-mailing her through her website at Virginia sents the Fifth Congressional District of North Carolina and currently serves on the House Rules Committee. You may also contact her office toll free at 1-866-677-8968.


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December 2010


We Need a Little Minute . . . Right This Very Christmas! By Rev. Christopher E. Burcham Why are we at our most busy during the one time of year designed to commemorate a quiet winter night when a little baby was born to a nondescript couple in a sleepy little town on the other side of the world?! Legend has it that, centuries ago, Satan grew alarmed that even the most sinhardened hearts were being affected by the story of Christʼs birth— God come to earth in human flesh! Determined to divert mankindʼs attention before all the world came to faith in the Saviour, Satan invented the Christmas rush! By keeping people busy with the outward celebration of the season—distracted by the gailycolored, brightly-wrapped trimmings and trappings—he could ensure that the true meaning of Christmas would be drowned out and go entirely unnoticed! Busyness is a particular enemy at Christmas time; our calendars are at their most cluttered—crowding out any meaningful contemplation of Christʼs coming! Much of the time, we pass through a senseless orgy of giving and getting—so tangled up in tinsel and tissue, full of good cheer and not-so-good eggnog—that we simply lose sight of the mystery and miracle the trappings were intended to commemorate!


Most of the things with which we stay so busy this time of year are perfectly good things, but add up to a lot of mindless distraction from serious reflection on the reason for the season! I love everything about Christmas—shiny wrapping paper, colored lights, glittering tinsel, jingling bells, the smell of holly . . . and the results of mistletoe! I love cold— and snow (when we have it)—and shopping all day long in stores at the mall so packed and noisy I can hardly hear myself think! No one enjoys Christmas more than I—but, in my enthusiasm, I can sometimes go overboard. Iʼve been known to put up more than a dozen Christmas trees all over the house, every one of which seems to have at least one set of lights that wonʼt work! (Some people “lose their religion” when they get behind the wheel of a car or hit their finger with a hammer; I seem to lose mine when I pull the Christmas lights out of the box!) In the end, trying to do things even bigger and better than the year before only leaves me unnecessarily stressed and exhausted. At some point each December, I find myself saying “Hold on there, Burcham! Is THIS really what all this is about?” Eventually, I have to force myself to just drop everything

and go sit by the tree for an hour or two—and FEEL that itʼs Christmas . . . because, if weʼre not careful, Christmas will come and go before we know it and weʼll have been so busy celebrating that weʼll have missed the very One we were supposed to BE celebrating! About this time each year, everyone seems to be asking the same question: “Are you ready for Christmas?” But what does it MEAN to be ready for Christmas? We donʼt have to go very far to be reminded of how few shopping days are left before Christmas. Not how few days are left to ponder the significance of Christʼs coming—only how few days are left to shop! Is THAT what it means to be ready for Christmas? The Bible tells us that God spent time getting ready for that first Christmas! Galatians 4:4 says that “when the time had fully come, God sent His Son.” That phrase, “when the time was fully come,” tells us that He didnʼt just flip a coin or randomly or haphazardly drop Jesus from the sky—anxiously waiting to see when and where He would land! God invaded the world at a precise moment, stepping into human history, time, and space—wrapped in the tender flesh of a newborn. God planned everything—down to the last and most minute detail—getting the world ready for Christmas. When He was ready to make His entrance, He chose a tiny, quiet, sleepy, little town named Bethlehem in which to do it—and placed Himself in the womb of a teenage virgin! Yet even after centuries of careful and intensive planning, on the night that Jesus was born— hardly anyone noticed. Hardly anyone was ready. Two thousand years have come and gone—and most of us are STILL not ready for the Christ Whose time had

fully come twenty centuries ago! We may be ready for a bit of a vacation; ready to see distant relatives and friends; ready for some old traditions and new gifts. But are we really ready to welcome the Son of God—Who has come to change our lives forever?! We certainly stay busy getting ready for something before December 25th rolls around! What are we getting ready for?! One of these Christmases will be the last that we will ever enjoy on this side of things. Whether or not that is this year, Christmas 2010 will never come again! Itʼs only here once . . . and all too briefly at that! Sometimes the best thing we can do is to put everything aside for a while and sit by the tree, listening to some Christmas music or watching a favorite holiday program on television. Come January, weʼll still have bills to pay (probably more than ever), meetings to go to, and houses to clean—but we wonʼt have Christmas to celebrate and enjoy! Most importantly, letʼs not get so caught up in the season . . . that we miss the Saviour . . . Whom the season is all about! A whirlwind of holiday activity is no substitute for worshipping and adoring the very One around Whom all this activity is supposed to revolve! May God help us to pull out some time, amid the busyness of the season, to get ready for Christmas; to get ready for Him! Lord, we DO need a little minute . . . right this very Christmas! Editor’s Note: Rev. Christopher Burcham is Senior Pastor of Union Hill Baptist Church in Clemmons. Please visit to learn more about the Pastor and the church.

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December 2010

11 This is a commercial banner-free, child-safe Web site designed to provide a family-oriented Christmas site for children and families to share together. The Principles and Practice of Bringing Good Into the World. Everything you need to know about Kwanzaa. International Volunteer Day is December 5!

My Dysfunctional Family Tree by Ariel Bouvier

Sisters Minnie and Maddie loved the holidays. They spent the entire month of November decorating their large country home with cherished trinkets from their travels abroad. Year after year the Christmas decorations grew more elaborate and the number visitors increased. The entire lawn was filled with lights, bells, and Christmas characters. Minnie decided to wanted to move beyond the stationary lights and create an elaborate, live-action Christmas scene. Maddie thought it was a bad idea because there was so much liability involved. Minnie called her sister a “Scrooge” and brought in a host of actors, animals, and props to recreate the birth of Jesus. Opening night was a total disaster. One of the wise men fell off a camel and broke his leg, the donkey kicked Joseph, the Angel fell off of the platform breaking her arm, and baby Jesus had colic and cried all night. Maddie was so angry that she not only banned the live performance but banned all Christmas decorations. The sisters argued and both moved away and never spoke again. Maddie married Samuel Mersky and converted to Judaism. Minnie remained single and devoted all her free time planning an even more spectacular Christmas exhibit and professional reenactment of “The Holy Night.” She worked year-round training the animals and actors to ensure safe and perfect performance every night in December. Ariel can be contacted at

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“Going green” means to

pursue knowledge and practices that can lead to more environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible decisions and lifestyles, which can help protect the environment and sustain its natural resources for current and future generations.


If you are one of the 33 million North Americans that will have a real Christmas tree in your home this year, recycle it at the end of the season, rather than throwing it in the trash. By recycling your fresh Christmas tree, you can reduce the amount of waste going to your local landfill. Recycled trees are often turned into wood chips and/or mulch that local county park landscapers and homeowners can use around their existing yard plants.

December 2010


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BIZARRE NEWS ʻMETHʼ BOX JACKSON, Wyo. - Officials in Wyoming want people to be on the lookout for a black box with white lettering that says “METH,” after a deputy lost a stash used to train police dogs. Teton County sheriffʼs Sgt. Lloyd Funk says the deputy accidentally left the box on a bumper after a canine training exercise. It contained nearly an ounce of methamphetamine. The deputy drove off with the drugs perched on the vehicle. The Jackson Hole News & Guide reports that officers literally trying to get drugs off the street havenʼt been able to find the box. Anyone with information is being asked to call the sheriffʼs office. Sheriff Jim Whalen says someone possessing the amount of meth that was lost would face a felony charge. Whalen says his office is taking action to make sure the mistake isnʼt repeated. MAN MISTAKES WIFE FOR DEER AND SHOOTS HER HEIDELBERG, Miss. - Officials are investigating a deadly hunting incident in Jasper County. The incident involved a husband and wife who were hunting and became separated near Heidelberg. The husband reportedly shot his wife after mistaking her for a deer. The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks is investigating the incident, along with the Jasper County Sheriffʼs Department. Sheriffʼs investigator Thad Windham confirmed a fatal shooting had occurred, but referred questions to the wildlife agency. An agency spokesman James Walker couldnʼt be reached immediately for comment Monday. NEED A DRINK COLORADO SPRINGS, Col. - A guy walked into a little corner store with a shotgun and demanded all the

cash from the cash drawer. After the cashier put the cash in a bag, the robber saw a bottle of scotch that he wanted behind the counter on the shelf. He told the cashier to put it in the bag as well, but he refused and said “Because I donʼt believe you are over 21.” The robber said he was 21 but the clerk still refused to give it to him because he didnʼt believe him. At this point the robber took his drivers license out of his wallet and gave it to the clerk. The clerk looked it over, and agreed that the man was in fact over 21 and he put the scotch in the bag. The robber then ran from the store with his loot. The cashier promptly called the police and gave the name and address of the robber that he got off the license. They arrested the robber two hours later. UP IN SMOKE CHARLOTTE, NC - A man purchased a case of very rare, very expensive cigars, and insured them against fire among other things. Within a month, having smoked his entire stockpile of cigars and without having made even his first premium payment on the policy, the man filed a claim against the insurance company. In his claim, the man stated the cigars were lost “in a series of small fires.” The insurance company refused to pay, citing the obvious reason that the man had consumed the cigars in the normal fashion. The man sued and won. In delivering the ruling the judge agreeing that the claim was frivolous, stated nevertheless that the man held a policy from the company in which it had warranted that the cigars were insurable and also guaranteed that it would insure against fire, without defining what it considered to be “unacceptable fire,” and was obligated to pay the claim. Rather than endure a lengthy and costly appeal process the insurance company accepted the ruling and paid the man

$15,000 for the rare cigars he lost in “the fires.” After the man cashed the check, however, the company had him arrested on 24 counts of arson. With his own insurance claim and testimony from the previous case being used against him, the man was convicted of intentionally burning his insured property and sentenced to 24 months in jail and a $24,000 fine. MAN CALLS 911 TO REPORT MARIJUANA STASH STOLEN SALEM, OR - A 21-year-old man who called 911 to report that his marijuana stash had been stolen was arrested. Emergency dispatchers received a call from Calvin Hoover of Salem. Hoover was angry, he told the 911 operator, because someone had broken into his truck, parked at the Free Loader Tavern, and stolen his Carhartt jacket, $400 in cash and less than an ounce of marijuana. Sheriffʼs deputies responded to the tavern and to Hooverʼs home, but he could not be found. About an hour later, Hoover called 911 again. This time he was driving, upset that authorities were not working harder to recover his stuff. The dispatcher had trouble understanding Hoover, who stopped several times to throw up, Lorance said. Deputies soon found Hooverʼs truck in Southeast Salem. Hoover was walking about 100 feet away. He told deputies he was looking for the people who stole his “weed.” Hoover was arrested on accusations of driving under the influence of intoxicants and deputies took him to the Marion County Jail. Deputies took a theft report, then warned Hoover, who does not have a medical marijuana card, that reporting the pot theft to 911 might not have been such a smart idea.

December 2010


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Add Some Financial Resolutions Now that 2011 is almost here, you may want to make some New Yearʼs resolutions. Planning to volunteer? Go to the gym more often? Learn a new language? All worthy ambitions, of course, but this year, why not add some financial resolutions as well?

and youʼre likely going to see more of them in 2011. Donʼt over-react to either the “ups” or the “downs” of the market. Over-reacting leads to short-term thinking — and successful investors are the ones who can maintain a long-term perspective. •

Rebalance when necessary. At least once

Reduce your debts. While the sluggish econ-

Maintain adequate cash levels. As an

Which resolutions should you make? Here are a few ideas to consider: •

Boost your retirement accounts. No

matter how old youʼll be in 2011, one thing is certain — youʼre a year closer to retirement than you were in 2010. And thatʼs why youʼll want to increase your contributions to your retirement accounts. If your salary is going up in 2011, boost the amount you defer for your 401(k) or other employer-sponsored retirement plan, such as a 403(b) plan (if you work for a school or other tax-exempt organization) or a 457(b) plan (if you work for a state or local government). With tax-deductible contributions, tax-deferred growth of earnings and several investment options, these types of plans are tremendous ways to save for retirement. And try to “max out” your traditional or Roth IRA, too.

Look for opportunities. With the

uncertainties in the economy and the volatility of the financial markets, many people decide to head to the investment “sidelines” for a while. Yet, this environment may actually be a good one for investors with patience, discipline and the ability to look beyond yesterdayʼs headlines. For one thing, many quality securities are now good values. Also, weʼre still seeing low inflation and low interest rates — factors that may lead to greater economic demand and improved strength in the financial markets.

Donʼt over-react to market swings.

a year, review and rebalance your portfolio, as necessary, to make sure it still reflects your goals, risk tolerance and family situation, all of which can change over time.

omy of the past couple of years has obviously been a cause of concern for everyone, we have seen one “silver lining” in that many people, concerned about over-spending, have shed some of their debt load. The less money you have to spend on your debts, the more youʼll have available to invest for your future, so do what you can to cut down on what you owe.

investor, youʼve got at least two good reasons for maintaining enough cash in your portfolio. First, having adequate cash available means youʼll be ready to act quickly to take advantage of good investment opportunities. And second, by having a cash cushion, you wonʼt be forced to liquidate long-term investments to pay for short-term needs such as a major car repair, a new furnace, a big doctorʼs bill, and so on.

By following these suggestions, you can position yourself to make progress toward your long-term goals in 2011 — and in all the New Years that follow. Happy Holidays! Editorʼs Note: This article was provided by Campbell Thompson, your local Edward Jones Financial Advisor.

Over the past few years, weʼve seen plenty of sudden, sharp swings in the financial markets,

December 2010



30 pm - 4:30 pm - Senior Services will be filled with booths from many different agencies and businesses that offer products and services for seniors. Come get the information you need to live and age well in Davie County. There will be give-a-ways and door prizes. There will also be several screenings available. This event is free and open to the public of all ages.

CHRISTMAS PARTY: Thursday, December 9 at 2 pm - Donʼt miss our annual Christmas party. There will be great refreshments and lots of fun. Entertainment will be provided by our very own “Singing Seniors.” Open to adults 55 & older and exceptions under the general participation policy. FREE.

LIVING HEALTHY: Tuesdays, Dec. 14 -

Jan. 19, 9:30 am - 11:30 am with Instructors: Karen Kahrs, Davie County Home Health and Jennifer

Lafferty, NWPCOG. Almost half of our population lives with a chronic disease, which often requires continuous management via medications and/or lifestyle changes. They can lead to other diseases and can be a costly health expense. How does one avoid chronic diseases such as COPD, diabetes, fibromyalgia, arthritis, or cancer? Research has shown that leading a healthy lifestyle can have a big impact on whether or not we face many chronic diseases. More important to those of us already dealing with a chronic condition is the fact that making healthy lifestyle changes now can affect the severity and progression of many of these same chronic conditions! The Living Healthy program teaches participants how to get control of their chronic disease and to lead a healthier, more fulfilling life. This program is available to those 60 and older. Editorʼs Note: Davie County Senior Services is located at 278 Meroney Street in Mocksville (Located beside Hospital and EMS Station). Please call (336) 753-6230 for more information or to register for these events.

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Authentic Japanese Cuisine

Fast, Healthy, Filling, and Delicious Our Menu Includes:

Hibachi and Teriyaki Chicken, Pork, Steak, Fish, Shrimp, Scallops, Filet Mignon Combination Entrees Include: Soup & Salad (Dine-In Only) Fried or Steamed Rice Shrimp or Ginger Sauce

Single Entrees Include: Fried or Steamed Rice Sweet Carrots Shrimp or Ginger Sauce


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Please visit these fine restaurants during the busy holiday season. The

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Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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“Home-Style Cooking”

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The Food Shack Cafe DAILY SPECIALS (Sides Vary Daily) Monday Baked Italian Chicken (2 sides) Tuesday Country Style BBQ Ribs (2 sides) Wednesday Homemade Meatloaf (2 sides) Thursday Baked Spaghetti with Salad

$5.95 Friday Fish (Flounder or Fantail Shrimp) French fries, slaw, hushpuppies $6.95 *Daily Specials include Drink*

Kids Meals only $3.99 Kosher Beef Hotdogs Homemade Slaw Homemade Chicken Salad Box lunches available “Best Hotdogs I’ve Ever Eaten!” ~Monica, Winson-Salem

Marketplace Mall 722-8994 9:00am--7:00pm Monday-Saturday We Deliver (5 or more) Pick it Up or Dine-In Accepts Visa/Master


December 2010


Make Your Own Gift Baskets •Add a unique cup •A favorite magazine •Gift card to the local tea shop •Honey dipped spoons or straws

Movie Gift Basket

Place the following in a popcorn tub or dollar store colorful bowl : •Microwave popcorn •A couple boxes of movie theater candy •A bottle of their favorite soft drink •A classic DVD or a movie rental gift card

Winter Warmth Gift Basket

Fill a white basket with the following: •Homemade Peppermint Cocoa Mix Ingredients: 3 (4 1/2-inch) peppermint sticks 1 cup powdered sugar 1 cup powdered non-dairy creamer 3/4 cup unsweetened cocoa Measure all ingredients into a blender, grind until powdery and well blended. Vacuum seal mix or store covered. Per Mug: 1/4 cup mix, boiling water to fill. •Snow themed mug •Paperback book •Decorative bookmark •Fuzzy socks Coffee, Tea or Cocoa Basket •Fill a basket with coffee, tea or cocoa


Coffee and Tea Mix Recipes Mix any of the recipes and place in a pretty jar with a fabric decorated lid. Include a mug or tea cup. To prepare the following coffee recipes: mix in food processor or blender until you have a fine powder. For all the coffee recipes except the cafeʼ au lait, use 1 to 2 spoonfuls to one mug of hot water (to desired taste) BAVARIAN MINT 2/3 cup instant coffee 1 cup sugar 1 teaspoon dried mint leaves , finely crushed 2/3 cup nondairy creamer CAFEʼ LʼORANGE 2/3 cup instant coffee 1 cup sugar 1 teaspoon dried crushed orange peel 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon CAFEʼ MOCHA 2/3 cup instant coffee 3 Tablespoons unsweetened cocoa 1 1/3 cups sugar 1 cup nondairy creamer 1/4 cup nonfat dry milk CINNAMON-N-SPICE 2/3 cup instant coffee 1 1/3 cup sugar 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon nutmeg 1/2 teaspoon allspice TOFFEE COFFEE 1 cup instant coffee 1 cup nondairy creamer 1 cup brown sugar CAFEʼ VIENNA 1 cup instant coffee 1 1/3 cups sugar 1 1/3 cups nonfat dry milk 1 teaspoon cinnamon CAFEʼ ORANGE CAPPUCCINO 1 cup instant coffee 1 1/2 cups sugar 2 cups nonfat dry milk 1 teaspoon dry orange peel SWISS MOCHA 1 cup instant coffee 1 cup sugar 2 cups nonfat dry milk 4 teaspoon cocoa powder CAFEʼ VIENNA MIX 1 cup instant coffee 1 cup sugar 2 teaspoon cinnamon 1 1/2 cups nondairy creamer 1 1/2 cups nonfat dry milk 4 Tablespoons cocoa CAFEʼ AU LAIT 1 11 oz jar nondairy creamer 1/2 cup packed brown sugar 1/2 cup instant coffee dash of salt (use 1/4 cup mix to 2/3 cup hot water for the cafeʼ au lait) NIGHT CAP COFFEE 2/3 cup nondairy powdered coffee creamer

1/3 cup instant coffee 1/3 cup sugar 1/2 teaspoon ground cardamom 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon Use one heaping Tablespoon to 1 cup hot water. CHOCOLATE MALT COFFEE CREAMER 2 cups instant hot cocoa mix 2/3 cup nondairy powdered coffee creamer 2/3 cup malted milk mix 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon RASPBERRY COCOA MIX 3 cups instant hot cocoa powder 1 pkg. unsweetened raspberry Koolaid (0.13 oz size) Use 2 heaping Tablespoons to 1 cup hot water. FORGET-ME-NOT TEA (hot or cold) 1 15 oz jar orange tang-type mix 1 cup sugar 1 cup unsweetened tea mix 1/2 cup sweetened lemonade mix 1 package cherry Kool-aid (0.14 oz, unsweetened) 2 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1 teaspoon nutmeg To serve, stir 2 heaping Tablespoons tea mix into 8 oz. hot or cold water. RUSSIAN TEA 1 cup instant tea mix (unsweetened and no lemon) 2 cups dry tang powder 1 pkg. lemonade, unsweetened powder 1 cup sugar 1 Tablespoon nutmeg 1 Tablespoons allspice 1 Tablespoons cinnamon Mix all ingredients together and store in air tight container. To use, place 1-2 rounded teaspoons of dry mix to 1 mug of hot water. (can use a shot of whiskey for a hot toddy).

Christmas gift suggestions:

To your enemy, forgiveness. To an opponent, tolerance. To a friend, your heart. To a customer, service. To all, charity. To every child, a good example. To yourself, respect. - Oren Arnold

Temple Baptist Church Special Christmas Events Dec 9: Christmas Concert with SQUIIRE PARSONS - 7 PM Dec 12: Choir Christmas Special - 1 1 AM Dec 18 & 1 9: Christmas Play: “Misplaced Christmas” written by Cheryl Harrison produced by special arrangement with Eldridge Publishing Company - 7 PM Dec 19: Children’s Christmas Program - 1 1 AM

Stylist Kelli Campbell (336) 575-4278 (cell)

Kelli Specializes in: Haircutting • Color • Highlights Keratin Smoothing Systems (Formulated for all hair types) Hair Extensions • Color Creations Expert in MATRIX, REDKEN,& SCHWARZKOPH Color Lines and Featuring: New Color Services at Affordable Prices! 10-Minute Processing Time Mini Retouch (Hairline and Part Line) Rapid Retouch (Whole Head, Roots Only) Call Kelli Today: (336) 575-4278 (cell) (336) 766-8880 (salon)

By Appointment Only Monday and Late Night Appointments Available

Evolve Salon 2668 Lewisville-Clemmons Rd (Allen's Cove Shopping Center)

December 2010



December 2010


By Ariel Bouvier

Bath Bombs / Bath Fizzies Ingredients: 2 Tablespoons citric acid (you can get this at a pharmacy) 2 Tablespoons cornstarch 1/4 cup baking soda 3 Tablespoons coconut oil (or any other carrier oil like almond, avocado or apricot kernel oil) 1/4 teaspoon essential oil 3-6 drops of food coloring (if desired) Directions: Place all of the dry ingredients (first 3) into a bowl and mix well. Place coconut oil into a small glass bowl and add fragrance and food coloring. Slowly add oil mixture into dry ingredients and mix well. Scoop up small amounts of the mixture and shape into 1� balls or larger. Let the balls rest on a sheet of waxed paper for about 3 hours, then place each ball into a paper candy cup to let dry and harden for at least 24 to 48 hours. Store bombs in a closed, air-tight container. To use, drop 1 to 3 bombs into a warm bath water.


Homemade Christmas Gifts

Polar Fleece Scarf

Easy Bath Soaps

Candy Cane Bath Salts

Refrigerator Magnets

Directions: Purchase a 1/4 - 1/2 of a yard of polar fleece in the fabric department of your local discount store or in your local fabric store. Cut up the ends about 2-3 inches up verticallyleaving about 2 inches wide on your sections. If desired you can knot each ones end for a fun look. Ingredients: 3 cups of Epsom salts 3 Teaspoons of Sweet Almond Oil 9 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil 1 drop of red food coloring 1 drop of green food coloring To Decorate: several jars with twist lids or cork seals red, green and white Christmas ribbon several gift tags shaped like candy canes or several candy canes (small ones) Directions: To make the salts separate each of the three cups of salts into three bowls. Separate each teaspoon of almond oil into three bowls. Into one bowl of almond oil add the drop of red food coloring, into the second add the green. Into each of the three bowls of oil add three drops of peppermint oil. Mix each bowl well. After mixing pour each of the bowls of oils and coloring into one of the bowls of salt. This will leave you with a bowl of green, a bowl of red, and a bowl of white scented salts. Let sit for a few hours covered. To create the candy cane effect layer layers of each color, a layer of red, a layer of green , a layer of white, over and over until you fill the jar.

Purchase glycerin soap base at a craft store. Chop into pieces, place pieces in a Pyrex cup, and melt in a microwave or a double boiler. Add color and scent and pour into purchased molds. After soap hardens, remove it from molds and wrap in plastic wrap and label. Purchase a soap dish and/or washcloth to accompany soap. Custom magnets are fun and easy to make. The local craft store will have all the supplies you始ll need: magnets, and clear or lightly colored flat circular glass stones. When you get the glass stones home step one is to customize them. You can do this by gluing a photo or scrap of pretty paper with fun designs on it to the flat side. With the stone customized and glue dried, attach the magnet to the bottom. The best way to attach the magnet is with a hot glue gun. The ones most likely to enjoy these are parents and grandparents (use photos of kids and grandkids). Pet lovers will like magnetss made with dogs, cats, horses, etc.

Dog Toys

You can make all types of dog toys from old towels. It始s much cheaper than buying new ones. Knot toys. Cut the towel into strips lengthwise about five inches wide and tie knots along the length of the towel close together. Cut long strips, braid, and knot both ends to make puppy chew toys. Stuffed Shape Toys: Cut towels into different shapes and sew them together, then stuff them with remnants that you have left over. You can also use old sweaters to make soft, fuzzy toys for your dog or cat. Simply cut the sweater into the desired shape and then sew the sides leaving a small opening for the stuffing. Stuff with seater scraps and then sew the opening shut.

If you don始t have the time to make these gifts stop by Red Door Consignment in Clemmons. Most of the gifts are available at Red Door and the proceeds from your purchase is used to support the Silver Stocking Nursing Home Project. Call 766-0415 for more information.

December 2010



By Nancy M. Hall My musings for this month were sparked by a program announcement by my favorite florist which is celebrating its 60 years of service. Their design and decoration seminars would use a “retro” theme. One of the definitions of retro suggests a style of an earlier time that has been revived. Hmm. One of my brothers who has a knack for decorating has been incorporating family throwback items for many years. He felt that it would be good for the younger members in the family to be aware of the “trash and treasures” which have been tucked away in what we call the cedar closet. Some of the items I remember seeing are: a lap robe for buggy rides, a fountain pen with ink well, a pair of false teeth (donʼt know whose and why would they be kept?), a double barrel shotgun, an old typewriter, a pair of menʼs two-toned shoes, a croquet set. I have to say that Brother John was ahead of the “green” movement as well. He decorates as much as possible with natural materials many of which he finds growing on the farm: holly, cedar blue berries, nandina berries, pyracantha berries, sumac, cedar branches,


ivy, mistletoe, pine cones, and use of dolls made from corn husks. Poinsettia, paper whites (narcissus). Christmas cactus have to be purchased. And for several years now, John has dragged me away from my last minute gift wrapping to go with him to gather running cedar, the best of which is found just outside a family church and cemetery. We must wear gloves and use scissors as the cedar clings tightly to the ground, old logs and fallen leaves. Another brother cuts a fresh cedar grown on the farm. Since few home grown trees have a perfect shape, there is the usual cutting and trimming branches and deciding on which is the “better side.” Decorations for the tree offer many opportunities for antique and retro items. While some families may have food items such as cranberries and pop-corn on the tree, we did not. We saved our cranberries for sauce at dinner. As my brother and I were reminiscing recently, he remembered that instead of hanging stockings for Santaʼs gifts, our parents had each child to select a chair to receive the goodies. He also remembered that one of our uncles who was a usual visitor at Christmas would pull soot from the chimney and make a footprint, to make us think it belonged to Santa. We acknowledge that each

family has its own customs and ways of celebrating. I am intrigued by the whole notion of how we continue to use symbols of the past for our holidays, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas. Although changing to some degree, check out the scenes on secular Christmas cards and wrapping paper: sleigh and horses on a snowy road, skaters on icy ponds, country churches, open fire places and hearths, carolers, Christmas trees, reindeer, Yule log. Marketers know that these images are meant to evoke pleasant, fond memories of yesteryear. They know that traditions are important to us. (See an earlier Musings on the meaning of traditions) In recent years, there has been an increase in families traveling to tree farms and selecting a tree. I remember how proud I was when I purchased a small Colorado spruce and decorated it just in time for a big office party. I am happy to say, that with much help by a neighbor, it has grown to a height above the gutters on the house. Even in my reverie of Christmas memories, there is an uneasiness within me about which, for lack of a better term, seems like a “disconnect.” When we attended the Christmas program at the country church, I remember all the children received a small brown paper bag

which included nuts, loose raisins, several pieces of hard candy, an apple or orange. In later years, we realized that this was the only food gift of Christmas some children would receive. While we were not rich, at my home, there was quite a contrast for the Christmas feast: ham, turkey, dressing, gravy, rice, rolls, butterbeans, candied sweet potatoes, corn pudding, asparagus casserole, some type of congealed salad as well as cranberry sauce, condiments of peach, watermelon rind and cucumber pickle, stuffed celery with cream cheese, at least five types of cakes-chocolate, fresh cocoanut, caramel, fruit cake, Rocky Mountain and several pies such as pecan, sweet potato, raisin nut. WOW! I始m gaining weight just remembering all of this; and I probably have left out some favorite item. Today, while many of us enjoy our Christmas gifts and food, we know that more and more people are homeless and will be hungry at Christmas. This may be a first time experience or it may be more of a life time situation. Many organizations such as Crisis Control, Food Bank, Rescue Mission, Samaritan Kitchen, Salvation Army, and churches

will be serving dinners to many of them. We know that there are people who receive Meals on Wheels and are living in assisted living and nursing facilities who may be lonely and in need of some kindness, whether in the form of a meal, a visit and or gift. I encourage you to support one of these organized efforts, such as the SILVER STOCKING FUND. I don始t usually share this much of my personal situation. I hope that learning about some of the Hall family and its Christmas customs has evoked some pleasant family memories for you. I also hope that this little musing has stirred you to ask yourself if there are disconnects about which you can remedy. (It sounds like a new year始s resolution coming up!) Anyway, I wish you LOVE, PEACE, and JOY! And I do hope some of the time you are MERRY! I may be reached at

December 2010


Beat The Dealer -

“Should I buy a new vehicle or a used one?”

By Tracy E. Myers - “The Automotive Transportation & Financing Expert” Depreciation. Youʼve heard of it – right? Itʼs why most rich and smart people avoid buying new cars. You see, when you buy a new car you not only pay top dollar, you then stand idly by as its value steadily drops like a rock. Some models depreciate faster than others, depending on a variety of factors. The two reasons why cars depreciate are supply and demand. When the new-car market is flooded with thousands of a particular model, its value will drop. Models constituting the bulk of rental-car fleets, which are often dumped on the market at discount prices, typically have a lower resale value than do other vehicles in their class.

All vehicles, both new and used will depreciate, but the loss in money value is greater on newer vehicles. You can expect your new car to lose up to 15% percent of its value in the first year and as much as 13% in year two of ownership. This is precisely why smart money and most millionaires in this country drive used cars.

Conversely, if a certain model car is super hot and people are falling over themselves to get one, this extreme demand for the vehicle will push the price higher and higher and inflate the value because the demand far exceeds the supply. This is economics 101.

According to Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko, the authors of the book, “The Millionaire Next

Door,” more than half of all millionaires drive a car that is more than 2 years old. Fewer than half paid as much as $25,000 for their last car. So ask yourself, “If used cars are good enough for millionaires, are the good enough more me?” For most people, the answer will be a resounding, “YES!” Welcome to the club, my friend. You now know the car buying secrets of millionaires! ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Tracy has spent the past 15+ years trying to change the landscape of the car business and the bruised reputation of car salespeople all over the country. He is a Christian Business Owner whose goal is to run his business “By the Book”. To contact Tracy or to submit a question for a future “Beat The Dealer” email him at:

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Temple Baptist Church

Practical Bible Teaching

Sunday School - 10 AM Preaching - 11 AM Children’s Churches - 11AM Sunday Evening - 6:30 Wednesday Evening - 7:00 Youth Meetings Wed. - 7:00 AWANA

7035 Franklin Road, Lewisville

945-3944 or 784-6364 Dr. Bud Owen, Pastor


Ways to Reduce Your Shipping Costs With Christmas fast approaching, we have to be careful with our spending. Many of us will search for hours to find the best deal on travel, lodging, and gifts, but we will neglect shipping. Well, here are a few tips to help us save big on shipping – not just for Christmas, but all year long:

Free Shipping Day

Buy Online – Besides

– According to “On Friday, December 17, an estimated 1,000+ participating merchants will offer free shipping with delivery by Christmas Eve.”

Amazon, there are plenty of

Time – Donʼt wait -

until the last minute to ship your item! Thatʼs when you get desperate and end up paying $30 to overnight a gift across the country. Instead, give yourself enough time to choose the cheapest shipping option available.

Amazon offers free shipping on all orders of $25 when you buy directly from them. Also, if you have an Amazon Prime account, you get 2-day shipping free on all Amazon orders!

Bonus Tip – Many online stores will allow you to have a gift shipped directly to its recipient from their warehouse at no additional charge. Just give them their name and address, and youʼre done! Some will even wrap the gift and include a message from you.

Use Shredded Paper – Use shredded

paper instead of buying packing peanuts.

Combine Shipping – If

you know that several family members are buying gifts for someone out of state, ship all the gifts in one box and split the cost!

several online retailers that offer free shipping. Just check out before you shop.

Wayne Collins Electric Company


Carriage House Restaurant


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“The Personal Touch for Every Electrical Need!” Licensed, Bonded, & Insured Over 25 Years Experience


Residential & Light Commercial Service Changes & Upgrades

New Room Additions • Baseboard Heaters • Hot Tubs Lights, Plugs, & Switches • Ceiling Fans • Generators Sump Pumps • Telephone, Computer, & Cable Wiring Sunrooms & Spas • Water Heater Service


December 2010


SURVIVAL TIPS from the Carolina Survivalist

Christmas Gifts for the Survivalist up to 10 people on a 21-day trip. The kit is organized in secure compartments according to injury type. It weighs 2 pounds 9 ounces. Smaller kits are available. ($118; 800324-3517; adventuremedicalk

Gifts under $20 • Basic First Aid Kit • Poncho • Nalgene or SIGG Water bottle • Spork • Compass • Merino Wool Socks • Garden Seeds • US Army Survival Manual: FM 21-76 • Pocket Chainsaw The Pocket ChainSaw can be assembled in seconds and can be easily placed back in the saw can for convenient storage. This perfect as a unique Christmas gift! Cuts 3” diameter limb in less than 10 seconds Made of high strength, heat-treated steel Coated for rust resistance Saw in can weighs only 5 oz. You have to try believe it! • Star Flash Signal Mirror

Gifts for under $100 Flashlight COAST TAC TORCH RECON Developed for the military, this thumb-sized 6-LED flashlight has four switches—one for brilliant white light and one each for red, green and blue lights that help preserve night vision or track a blood trail. It is powered for up to 50 hours by three AAA batteries and comes with a lanyard. ($60; 800-426-5858; Cansolidator Pantry Plus - 60+ Cans Featuring SmarTrac technology, the Cansolidator Pantry Plus is a frontloading system that automatically rotates up to 60 cans. This adjustable, expandable, stackable system takes the hassle out of can rotation and allows you to organize cans the way YOU want.

The StarFlash® Ultra™ is the latest advancement in signal mirror technology. StarFlash® is unbreakable, scratch resistant, and floats! The advanced StarFlash® system allows you to aim the signal flash with pinpoint accuracy. •collapsible shovel


Gifts Under $100 First-Aid Kit ADVENTURE MEDICAL BACKCOUNTRY KIT This kit has everything from bandages to a scalpel to a top-notch emergency medical book, and thereʼs enough to treat

Gifts Over $200 Firearm HENRY U.S. SURVIVAL .22 LR Super compact (161⁄2 inches when broken down) and ultralight at only 21⁄2 pounds, this is the most easily stowed and packed long firearm available. On top of that, it floats. The ammo is light and small, so you can carry a lot of it. The stock holds two extra eight-round magazines. ($205; 718-499-5600;

Volcano Stove Gift Pack The Volcano 2 Collapsible Cook Stove is the best thing you can have in any preparedness situation. Add to that the Volcano Lid, Volcano Tech Manual and Cookbook, and 5 pouches of Volcano Rock and you have one great gift.

Good for the environment & Good for You Eco-friendly Drinking Water Systems Whole House Water Systems Iron Removal Systems Distillers

Red Door Health & Wellness 2513 Neudorf Road • Clemmons

766-3349 CASH LOVELL

Stables and Riding Academy [Located 3 miles from Hanes Mall]

(336) 971-9388 • Safe, Structured English Lessons • State’s Largest INDOOR RIDING ARENA • Full Staff of University-Trained Riding Instructors

Call for Details about our Riding Lesson Specials!

1409 Stratford Road

Across from Flow Chevrolet between Carriage House and Jackson Music. (Near Hanes Mall) 336-293-4506

TWIN SET $149.00

QUEEN SET $199.00


$399.00 QUEEN SET

Firm, Plush, or Pillow Top

Pillow Protectors with FREE Beautyrest Purchase (WITH THIS AD)


Classic Plush

Classic Plush/Firm

World Class Plush/Firm

Twin.........$599 Full.......... $699 Queen..... $699 King......... $999

Twin.........$699 Full.......... $799 Queen..... $799 King.........$1,099

Twin.........$1,299 Full.......... $1,399 Queen..... $1,399 King.........$1,699 December 2010


Celebrate Diversity

“ a

828 South Stratford Road Winston-Salem, NC

(336) 659-1983 Serving Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Change Your Station…Change Your Life!

“Tune in and hear the truth” Truth Broadcasting Corporation

4405 Providence Lane, Winston Salem, NC 27106

(336) 759-0363 36 VILLAGER VOICE

This Holiday Season, Make Family Time Movie Time Family movie night has joined tree-trimming, baking and shopping as part of the holiday tradition. Nearly 90 percent of Americans plan to celebrate the season with a movie this year, according to a recent survey by movie rental provider redbox. From “Shrek Forever After” and “Toy Story 3” to “Grown Ups,” “Sorcererʼs Apprentice” and “The Last Airbender,” movies bring the holidays to life and families together. Itʼs easy to have family movie time and celebrate on a budget with DVD rentals costing only $1 a night when rented from redbox kiosks. Follow these tips to create a festive movie night:

Set the mood. Dim the lights, put the snacks within reach and rearrange the seats to make sure everyone in the family has the best seat in the house.

Relax. Tonightʼs your night to take a break from holiday stress. Kick off your shoes, change into something cozy and grab a few extra pillows and fluffy blankets.

Unplug. Put your cell phone on “silent,” turn off your computer and power down any other distrac-

tions - no cheating allowed. Youʼll be more focused on the movie and, more importantly, spending time with your family.

Schedule an intermission. Youʼre

at home, so youʼre in control. Minimize interruptions by scheduling a break halfway through the movie to refill snacks and shake out your legs.

Make it fun.

Incorporate a game into the movie watching experience. For example, every time Ken has on a new outfit in “Toy Story 3” or Katara bends water in “The Last Airbender,” chow down on a handful of popcorn. For more great and interesting celebration ideas, visit, an online destination for families looking for ways to add more family time into their holiday schedules. You also can find free redbox rentals on speciallymarked boxes of Orville Redenbacherʼs popcorn this holiday season to make it even easier to host a fun and festive movie night. source: ARAcontent

December 2010



Recipe Corner Delicious Cookie Bars Pecan Bars

Makes 24 • FOR THE CRUST: • 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour • 1/2 cup (1 stick) unsalted butter, chilled and cut into small pieces • 1/4 cup sugar • 1/4 teaspoon salt • 1 large egg, lightly beaten • FOR THE FILLING • 3/4 cup packed light-brown sugar • 1/4 cup light corn syrup • 1/4 cup heavy cream • 1/4 teaspoon salt • 8 ounces (about 2 cups) pecans • 1/2 cup (1 stick) chilled unsalted butter, cut into small pieces Directions Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Line a 9-inch square baking pan with foil. In a food processor, pulse flour, sugar, and salt to combine. Add butter; pulse until mixture resembles coarse meal. Add egg; pulse just until a dough forms. Transfer dough to prepared pan; with floured fingers and an offset spatula, press firmly into bottom and 3/4 inch up sides. Freeze until firm, about 15 minutes. Prick bottom of dough; bake until lightly golden, 22 to 25 minutes. Let cool while preparing filling. Make the filling: In a large saucepan, bring butter, brown sugar, and corn syrup to a boil over high heat, whisking constantly, until smooth; continue boiling, without stirring, until slightly darkened, about 2 minutes. Remove pan from heat. Whisk in cream and salt; mix in pecans. Assemble and bake: Spoon hot filling evenly over crust, using spoon to arrange and press in nuts so they fit snugly (create as flat a surface as possible). Bake until bubbling and amber-colored, 18 to 22 minutes. Cool completely in pan. With a sharp knife, trim edges (if desired). Cut into 6 even strips; cut each strip crosswise into 4 even strips to make 24 bars.

Key Lime Bars

makes about 16 • 1 cup finely ground graham cracker crumbs • 2 1/2 tablespoons finely ground graham cracker crumbs • 1/3 cup sugar • 5 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted • 3 large egg yolks • 1 1/2 teaspoons finely grated lime zest • 2/3 cup fresh Key lime juice , (about 23 Key limes total) • 1 cup sweetened condensed milk, (14 ounces) • 1/4 cup heavy cream • 2 Key limes, thinly sliced into half-moons Directions Make crust: Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Stir together graham cracker crumbs, sugar, and butter in a small bowl. Press evenly onto bottom of an 8-inch square glass baking dish. Bake until dry and golden brown, about 10 minutes. Let cool completely on a wire rack.(Leave oven on.) Make filling: Put egg yolks and lime zest in the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the whisk attachment. Mix on high speed until very thick, about 5 minutes. Reduce speed to medium. Add condensed milk in a slow, steady stream, mixing constantly. Raise speed to high; mix until thick, about 3 minutes. Reduce speed to low. Add lime juice; mix until just combined. Spread filling evenly over crust using a spatula. Bake, rotating dish halfway through, until filling is just set, about 10minutes. Let cool completely on a wire rack. Refrigerate at least 4 hours (or overnight). Cut into 2-by-2-inch bars. Put cream in the clean bowl ofan electric mixer fitted with the clean whisk attachment. Mix on medium-high speed until stiff peaks form. Garnish bars with whipped cream and a slice of lime. Ungarnished bars can be refrigerated in an airtight container up to 3 days

December 2010



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