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The original Pioneer Room building was a barn used to make hand tooled spokes and hubs for wagons and farm equipment. After a fire, the building was rebuilt in 1891 out of brick. The corner building was once the Clifton Hotel (early 1800’s) and was later removed to make way for the Billy Wolf Saloon. (1894). The saloon was followed by a series of candy and sweet shops, the last of which was the Tenn’s Sweet shop. The Eigenberger family purchased The Villager in 1972. Bob and Jackie purchased it from Warren and Rosemary in 1987. We hope you enjoy your dining experience at The Villager, and welcome you back soon.

The Villager Sheboygan Falls

~ Lunch ~ Bob & Jackie Eigenberger

Villager Lunch Served Tuesday - Friday 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. All parties of 6 or more will have a 17% gratuity added to your bill. Please inform your server of separate checks or gift certificates before ordering.

H Big Burgers and Such I Served on a famous Sheboygan Hard Roll with choice of homemade chips or tortilla chips with cucumber salsa. Add cheese .50 Add mushrooms .75 Sub fries or onion rings 1.00 Add bacon 1.00 Add lettuce/tomato .50

Eigenburger So good we put our name on it! 1/2 pound ground prime rib. 7.50

H Soups & Salads I All salads come with grilled sourdough

Cup of Soup 3 Bowl 3.50 Crock Baked French Onion Soup 5 Classic Chef’s Salad Turkey, ham, swiss, cheddar, tomato, onion, egg, sprouts & bacon bits 8

Warm Raspberry Spinach Salad Our own vinaigrette with toasted walnuts, dried cherries and spinach. 7 With chicken 8 Side 3.50

Hot Bacon Spinach Salad With a smoked bacon vinaigrette. 6 Add Chicken 7 Side 3.50

Salmon Burger Smokey salmon patty with red onion, tomato, lettuce, and a caper-dill mayo. 6.50

Grilled Portabella Burger A well-seasoned mushroom sprinkled with fresh garlic, grilled, and topped with swiss cheese, sauteed onions, and more mushrooms. 6.50

Black Bean Burger Topped with pepperjack cheese, tomato, red onion, sprouts and guacamole. 6.50

Grilled Chicken Boneless breast topped with swiss cheese, sauteed onions and mushrooms. 7.50

H Sandwich Selections I

Half of Sandwich and Soup or Salad are available on sandwiches with an * All sandwiches come with your choice of tortilla chips and cucumber salsa or homemade potato chips.

Northwoods Turkey Grill Turkey, havarti cheese, red onion, granny smith apple, mixed greens and cranberry mustard, all grilled on whole grain bread. 7.00

* Artichoke Chicken Sandwich Grilled chicken with artichoke, cheese, lettuce and tomato on panini. 7.50

Turkey Club Hamburger Thick and juicy 1/3 pounder. Build yours the way you like it! 5.50

Steak Sandwich 1/3 pound ground sirloin - a Sheboygan favorite! 6.50

A double decker classic on wheat, white or rye bread. 7

Hot Ham & Cheese Croissant With swiss & cheddar, red onion, mustard or mayo. (Can be ordered cold with lettuce) 8

* Cherry Pecan Chicken Salad Double Bratwurst Made famous in Sheboygan County! Try it with the works or with kraut. 6.50

Cherries mixed with toasted pecans and chicken salad on wheat, white or rye bread. 7

Fresh Lake Perch

Ours is famous! Grilled on hearty rye with thousand island on the side. 8.50

Topped with lettuce and homemade tartar sauce. 7.00

* Reuben

* Black Forest Thoroughly cooked foods reduce the risk of food borne illness. Individuals with certain health conditions may be at higher risk of raw or undercooked foods.

Shaved prime rib, bacon, cheddar cheese, tomato and onion on rye with horseradish mayo. 8.50

Texas B.L.T. Crisp bacon, ripe tomatoes, lettuce, and chipotle mayo on texas toast. 6.00

The Villager Lunch Menu  

The Villager Lunch Menu