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DOING BUSINESS IN FRESNO resno is a thriving city in California, which uniquely balances work and life experiences like no other city in the State. Situated in the center of this country’s food basket, and strategically located halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, Fresno takes its name in Spanish for the abundant Ash trees which still dot the adjacent San Joaquin River.

the middle of the state’s transportation crossroads is the soon to be built High Speed Rail (Bullet Train) which will supplement Fresno’s two major NorthSouth interstate freeways and our international airport. All is within easy access to the International Ports of Oakland and Stockton.


Serving as a gateway transportation and recreational hub to the rest of California, Fresno has a “can do” approach to business which needs to be checked out by any business considering relocation to California. Fresno is uniquely home to a number of innovative private-public-educational sector initiatives, which like in no other city in California, have brought about true federal, state, local, educational and

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utility collaboration including the Regional (Fresno) Jobs Initiative, San Joaquin Valley Partnership and the Strong Cities Strong Community federal partnership. Adding to Fresno’s reputation as being in

• Ag • Contractors • Dairies • Distributors • Farm Labor • Dental • Health/Group Medical • Life • Voluntary Health Benefits • Vision • Food Processors • Manufacturers • Restaurants • Self-Insured Workers Compensation Group • Social Services • Affordable Care Act Certified Agency

Complementing Fresno’s competitive business advantages is its tremendous quality of life. Fresno is the only urban area in California which is still affordable and competitive considering access to a large pool of well qualified college graduates, ideal climate, pool of available and highly affordable land and property, affordable cost of living including food, ethnically diverse community, family values, and a myriad of recreational and cultural amenities. Fresno is simply an ideal city for employers and their employees to buy a home, raise a family and live the good life!

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Annually, the Greater Fresno Area Chamber of Commerce publishes the Membership Directory and a Buyer’s Guide. It is done as a service to our...

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