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Autumn 2012

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elcome to Autumn! We’re celebrating here at Village People HQ because it’s our 4th Birthday! As a birthday treat, we are giving away a £50 Jarrolds voucher – check out page 69 to enter the competition; the answer is right in front of you!

Village People is different from other magazines because we deliver to rural communities rather than towns, reaching over 28,500 homes in South Norfolk. In this edition you’ll find some great articles on country living, from gardening tips to local walks and much more.

And that’s not the only good news. This edition sees the launch of our Good News page, where we have collected some feel-good features from our area. If you have a success story for the next edition, why not get in touch?

If you run a business and would be interested in reaching our unique rural audience then give us call for a friendly chat. Advertising in Village People is simple and with over 71,000 readers, you are sure to get noticed!

If supporting local, independent businesses is important to you, then settle down with Village People to find all the best local offers. Whatever you are looking for, make sure that you check out our new testimonials pages for real life recommendations from readers who live near you!

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Garden Jottings from Ken

volution is amazing; over the millennia nature has shaped and adapted everything on our planet into the world we know today. Natural selection and survival of the fittest have prevailed to create a hugely diverse heritage of unique environments, filled with magical fauna and incredible flora, of which many species and cultivars adorn our gardens today. Quirks of nature such as variegated leaves may look a bit strange in the wild, but they can be particularly attractive when in cultivation as they create seasonlong interest outside of normal flowering times. Sun-loving shrubs such as Pittosporum tenuifolium (try the variety Elizabeth which takes on pink hues during autumn and winter), Rhamnus Argenteovariegata and Osmanthus Tricolor will retain their leaves all year round, while herbaceous perennials for sunny situations may include Polemonium Stairway to Heaven and Lysimachia punctata Alexander. Surprisingly there are also a large number of varieties happy to grow on the shady side of your garden, this is especially useful as they help to brighten up otherwise dull areas and will thrive with a bit of moisture at their roots. Perennials such as brunnera, polygonatum (Solomon’s Seal), hostas and convallaria (Lily of the Valley) to name just a few have selections with variegated leaves,

as do wonderful shrubs including euonymus, fatsia, hollies and pieris, plus climbing trachelospermum, large and small leaved hedera (ivy), solanum and jasmine. It’s not just variegation that nature has provided for us gardeners, attractive bark and contorted stems also make stunning features, and many plants have different coloured leaves which create contrast and add interest away from the normal 100-plus shades of green. Brilliant splashes of yellow from Physocarpus Dart’s Gold, Cornus alba Aurea and Ligustrum Lemon & Lime are great for semi shade, the silver leaves of Convolvulus cneorum, Buddleja Silver Anniversary and lavenders look good in sunny positions, and the red/purple hues of Cotinus Grace, Prunus cerasifera and Berberis atropurpurea certainly stand out to great effect.

breeding have resulted sulted in a fantastic array of new plants; edibles with increased flavour, ur, heavier yields and greater resistance to problems, and ornamentals with different habits and foliage types, plus more impressive flowers rs produced over er longer periods of time in a bewildering range of shades. These masters of breeding have selected the finest of garden plants and made them even better, so take advantage of their achievements and use them to improve your environment. As with all plants, to reach their full potential it’s important to place them where they will be happy, so call in for advice if you’re not sure.

We have many of the finest choices available locally at prices that don’t cost the earth. As mankind’s influence and impact has spread across the globe, natural change has been reduced to the slow lane in comparison to the fast track of progress, resulting in climate change, pollution and destruction of habitat, but amongst all this negativity many positives can be found. Science and plant

Cheers, Ken

The Garden Enclosure, Banham for all things good in the garden!


Inspiring plant selections, plant sourcing & garden advice, gardening sundries, pet supplies, gifts .... & more! Find us at Banham Zoo, NR16 2HE - outside Zoo ticket kiosks Open Thursday to Monday 9.30am to 5pm (10am to 4pm Nov - Feb)

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Norfolk Tree Surgeons tree tree surgery surgery.. . landscaping

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Season of Mists

Home & Garden

by Joan Garnham, Waveney Tree Specialists


eats had it right, we are about to enter the “mellow fruitfulness” part of the year.

honey fungus - ash leaved maple (Acer negundo), walnut and Irish Yew (Taxus baccata).

This includes all the fungi; you will have seen the fairy rings appearing. Trees have their fair share of these flowerless plants. Perhaps the most striking is the Fly Agaric found in pine and birch woods forming a symbiotic relationship with the root system of the trees. No harm is done, but this is not so with some fungi.

There is a common fungal attack on horse chestnut where the leaves turn brown and blotchy in late summer. This is caused by the fungus Guignardia aesculi. Although unsightly, the damage occurs after most growth has taken place and therefore has little effect on the health of the tree.

The latest to invade our countryside is oak wilt, which is caused by Ceratocystis fagacearum. It comes to us from America and can be controlled by expert surgery.

One fungus that changed the look of the countryside is Dutch elm disease, (Ophiostoma ulmi and Novo ulmi). It enters the bark through spore carried by the elm bark beetle. If caught soon enough the tree may be treated with injections of fungicide.

The larch tree has recently come under attack by the fungus Phytophthora ramorum, this was first spotted in the West Country but appears to be spreading. Originally this fungus only attacked rhododendron, camellia and viburnum.

The most dreaded is honey fungus (Armillaria). The first symptom is the tree starts to fail and then dies – there is no cure. Care must be taken to remove all of the wood, root and the soil before replanting. Some species are highly resistant to



Home & Garden

More than just a Garden Centre! Cherry Lane Garden Centres are famous for their choice, quality and great value. Come and visit one of our branches today!...

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Where GreatValue Grows

Plus much,, much more! Pulham Market Ipswich Road, Pulham Market, Norfolk IP21 4XP

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Fritton Beccles Road, Fritton, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk NR31 9EU

T: 01493 488212

Long Melford High Street, Long Melford, Suffolk CO10 9DH

T: 01787 311889

* Stisted nr Braintree A120/Coggeshall Road, Stisted, Essex CM77 8AE T: 01376 349007 * Visit our

The Restaurant

at Fritton and Stisted

at Long Melford

Open all day, everyday for hot & cold food & drinks.

Opening Ti Times: i M Mon-Sat: S t 9 9am-5.30pm 5 30 SUNDAY TIMES TIMES: PPulham lh Market: 10am - 4pm (Customer browsing from 9.30am - 10am). Fritton & Stisted: 10.30am - 4.30pm (Customer browsing from 10am - 10.30am). Long Melford 10.30am - 4.30pm.


at Pulham Market




PLANTS Nature’s Great Chemists

lants are nature’s great chemists, producing a bewildering range of chemicals. These chemicals are mostly toxins that deter feeding animals, from insects to grazing mammals. They can be found in all parts of a plant, most commonly in the leaves, but also in the roots and seeds. Many of these chemical compounds have been extracted for a wide variety of human uses, including for medicines, dyes, flavourings and foodstuffs.

melatonin is released into the blood by the pineal gland in the brain, and acts to regulate the sleep-wake cycle by chemically causing drowsiness and lowering body temperature. Therefore, it can be useful for treating some types of insomnia and to counter jet-lag.

Plants can send you to sleep

The Solanaceae family contains some of our most important food crops: potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, aubergines and some quirkier goodies like Cape gooseberries.

The chemical melatonin can be used to treat sleep disorders. It is found in large quantities in the common garden plant feverfew, Tanacetum parthenium. Melatonin does not have a defence function, but regulates the plant’s response to photoperiods (the length of night and day). In animals,

Friend or Foe?

At this time of year, with vegetable plots and allotments overflowing with bounty, it is interesting to reflect on the fine line between friend and foe in the plant world.

Cropping well at this time of year are the chillies, Capsicum annuum, from which capsaicin, the principal ingredient of pepper spray is

derived. Capsaicin activates the same pain pathway as tarantula venom, stimulating the heat sensors in the body chemically, although body temperature is not actually raised. Similarly, menthol, from mint, Mentha, in the Labiatae family activates the cold sensors in the body, without actually lowering the body temperature. The Botanic Garden is open 10am – 6pm during September, October 10am – 5pm, November - January 10am – 4pm. Adult admission is £4.50 (Giftaid admission £4.95) or join the Friends, get free admission & help the garden grow! For news and events, detailed information about the garden or to discover this week’s Plant Picks from the Head of Horticulture, please visit the website at

Dangerous plants Solanaceae members also include henbane, Hyoscyamus niger, which we grow at the Botanic Garden out of reach in the centre of the family beds on Systematics. It produces scopolamine, which has reputedly been used as a truth drug. In 1910, it was detected in the remains of Cora Crippen, wife of Dr Crippen and was believed to be the cause of her death. Tobacco plant, Nicotiana tabacum, is another member of the potato family. It contains nicotine, an alkaloid which constitutes 0.6-3.0% of the dry weight of tobacco. It acts both as a stimulant and a relaxant. Initially, nicotine causes the release of adrenaline and may block the release of insulin and increase metabolic rate. Dopamine is also released which increases feelings of well-being. However, tobacco smoking is linked to increasing incidence of many diseases, including many cancers and circulatory and respiratory diseases.


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On October 1st 2012 there will be an auction of donated bicycles to raise funds for the EACH hospice at Quidenham. For the last four years Paul Riches of Braconash garage has been spending his time making over 100 donated bikes roadworthy ready for the sale. Amongst the range of bicycles going to the auction is a beautiful ladies’ going-shopping bike, complete with basket and side stand. So far, Paul has raised £23,000 for the charity and says he hopes to get to £50,000 by the time he’s finished. To donate a bike for future auction, contact Paul on 01508 570642. The auction will held at noon outside the Lower Common Room at the University of East Anglia.

Good News! You heard it here first…

Those who need a bit of help to get fit will appreciate a new online service at Stradbroke Fitness Centre. This fantastic new site has a range of workouts, classes and training plans – it is an excellent new way to plan your activities and achieve your goals.

Sensational Silhouettes is offering a unique new service... They can alter, personalise or customise any dress to suit your style and shape – perfect as the party season approaches. Dressmaker and designer, Stephanie Savage, says, “One customer wanted to enhance the appearance of her wedding dress so we designed a custom-made lace bolero with matching waistband and fabric flower hairpiece - the perfect solution to make her dress stunningly unique.”

Caston Antiques Car Boot on August Bank Holiday raised £105.00 for the Village Hall. Thanks to all!

The Oaks Nursery in Diss has received an ‘outstanding’ rating from Ofsted! In September 2011 Alpha Nurseries re-launched the nursery with a new management team and refurbished play areas inside and out. Ofsted commented that, “Children are extremely happy, confident and flourish because of the staff’s unquestionable commitment to meeting

their individual needs. The nursery environment is exceptionally safe, warm and vibrant, and offers children a wealth of inspiring and challenging play opportunities.” The nursery is open from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday all year round.


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Food Serves 2

Preparation time 10 Mins Cooking time 30 Mins Method Slice the potatoes and put on to boil. Lightly score the skin of the duck breasts, before generously seasoning with the peppercorns and a sprinkling of salt. Place the duck breasts skin side down in a large non-stick frying

One pan Gressingham Duck breast with savoy cabbage, bacon and a balsamic dressing pan, over a moderate heat. Leave the duck to brown for 10 minutes, then flip over and cook for five minutes. Remove the duck from the pan – leave the fat in the pan – and place skin side up on a plate to rest. Cover with foil to keep warm. Turn-up the heat on the pan, add the boiled potato slices and fry until brown and crisp. Scatter over the parsley and garlic. Scoop out the potatoes onto a plate and season with sea salt.

Keeping the pan on the heat, fry the bacon until crisp, and then add the cabbage. Cook for one minute, before adding the water and frying for five minutes until the cabbage is wilted, adding more water if required.

Serving Whisk any cooking juices from the duck with the vinegar and olive oil for the dressing. Carve the duck breast into slices. Serve the duck with the cabbage and potatoes.

INGREDIENTS 2 Gressingham Duck breasts 1 tsp black peppercorns, crushed 200g new potatoes, thickly sliced A small bunch of flat-leaf parsley, roughly chopped ½ garlic clove, finely chopped 3 rashers smoked streaky bacon, chopped ½ Savoy cabbage, trimmed, quartered, cored and finely sliced ½ cup of water 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar 2 tbsp olive oil Sea salt You’ll find more inspiring recipes and video tutorials on the Gressingham website You can also buy many of our delicious products on-line


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Ancient Oriental Astrology

FOR A MODERN LIFE Below is your 9 Star Ki forecast for October and November.

9 Fire Star October could be a challenging month where changes on an internal and external level are likely to occur. Don’t push against these often-necessary shifts; be strong and true to yourself. Importantly, keep active and determined; your efforts will surely pay off in November.

shifts of both ups and downs, so ride these waves in confidence that November will bring a settled and stronger place for you to make any important decisions.

8 Earth Star There’s a lot to be said for being grateful for what we have. October brings you joy and celebration and a more socially oriented attitude. Focus on the good in your life, allowing any negative thoughts to be replaced with positive ones. November will see you benefit greatly from this new mindset. 7 Metal Star You’re in control

in August, with a renewed sense of clarity and focus. Expect a windfall of one description or another as this month relates to prosperity. September provides some serious down-time and although urging you to celebrate your victories, it can leave you being out of pocket if you don’t budget your outgoings.

6 Metal Star It’s important to remain grounded in October, which is not a time for house or office moves. You may experience extreme

5 Earth Star Keep going with any developments and projects initiated during the past month; don’t change tack, even if you feel you can. During November make a note to yourself to take time-out and allow yourself space to relax and bring your energies back to ground level. surge to all you do over the next couple of months. You will have an abundance of ideas and a forward thinking attitude, so make the most of this upward and highly influential energy. Be patient however, as those around you may not be feeling so positive and upbeat.

2 Earth Star October is all about what lies within you not what’s outside. You may feel unusually out of touch and uninvolved socially. Use this time wisely; plan ahead and prepare, nurture yourself and build up your energy reserves. Spiritual practice and patience is advisable while taking extra care of your health during this time.

3 Wood Star October is the calm before the storm; prepare yourself, clean your slate and tie up any loose ends, as November will bring you a positive, upbeat and more outgoing energy. Opportunities will begin to present themselves to you providing you stay still long enough to notice..

It’s a romantic start to the autumn season for you, as October brings passion and illumination to your table. It’s a great month for being noticed and putting in for that deserved promotion. Contrary to November where the focus is on you; don’t neglect what should come first. Keep warm and hydrated at all times.

4 Wood Star Expect a creative

1 Water Star

To discover your Ki Star and for more information about Ki Astrology please visit David Walters DIP. CHIRO Follow me on: twitter - @fengshuiflow facebook -


Home & Garden

ABS Home Improvements

Our work speaks for itself! Dear Alex & your fine craftsmen,

Dear Alex,

Dear Alex,

Very many thank’s for all the work the firm has put in to my house - it is great to ride around the corner to a nice, neat home that no longer stands out at the scruffiest house on the estate. Please pass on my special thank’s to your fitters for the quiet, unruffled professionalism in dealing with this particularly fretting customer!

Many thank’s for the first class job your staff made of our windows and door, they were very careful and cleared up all the old windows and door as they went along.

May I take this opportunity to say what a great job your men have done.

Mr M - Diss

We are delighted and would happily recommend your services to anyone. Thank’s again for an excellent job. Mr & Mrs B - Gislingham

I would have no hesitation in recommending ABS to anyone. In my line of work, I meet the public all the time, so advertising your company by word of mouth is the best way. So once again thank you very much. Mrs B - Diss

PVC-u Windows, Doors, Conservatories, Fascia Boards, Barge Boards & Guttering All work inspected with customer before final payment

For advice and a quotation please telephone

Diss 01379 890626 A family run business serving local people for nearly 25 years 26

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S&J Developments Ltd. Period Renovation & Barn Conversion Specialists

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Village Notice Board Valuat ion Day

New Moder n Line D Fun, social cl ance ass dancing to al

Low impact l styles of mus physical and ic mental work No partner re out quired, all ag es, male or fe Wednesdays male £4 Beginners 12 -1.25pm an d Intermedia 1.35-3pm A tes ttleborough Snooker Cen NR17 2BX 0 tre 7851 35070 4

Evening Inn with 2nd Annual Conker Competition , IP21 4QT at The Pennoyer Centre, Pulham St Mary 11pm til pm Friday 5th Oct from 6.30 Free entry Local ales, plus live music and Conkers!

American Connect ions Celebrat ion Dinner

ing of the to commemorate the transatlantic cross Black Lena from c musi g Swin R34 airship with live Centre, & The Uptown Playboys at The Pennoyer Pulham St Mary Saturday, 6th October from 6.30pm l Tickets telephone 01379 676660 or emai Registered Charity No 1135788 Saturday O ctober 6th 7.00 pm for 7.30 pm. Forncett Villa ge Hall Bring your ow – buffet styl n drink e All proceeds to Forncett St Pe ter church Contact Pam Thurtle on

Har vest supper

01508 4895

32 for tickets

tel Diss Oct Park Ho Saturday 6th until 4pm 10am y a team valuations b io ss Profe nal Durrants from d opinion e an unbiase rac av h em it -a-b £1 per ion quiz & bric Also a valuat vintage items g stall sellin

Apple Day & Aut umn P lant S ale

Sunday 1

4 Octobe r 11am to 3p Redgrave & Lopham m Fen, S o u th Bring you Lopham, IP22 2HX ra identifica pples, pears and q uinces for tion. Plus fruit trees and garde plants for n sale, d crafts and emonstrations, free famil y games £3 adult , £2 child Refreshm ents ava Tel: 01379 ilable www.suff 688333 olkwildli fetrust.o rg

Fashion Show

wer Club t Ellingham Flo lage Hall Vil at Rocklands Shoes & s he ot Cl es by She Ladi start pm 0 7.3 tober 2012 les bb ni Monday 29th Oc de clu Tickets £5 to in 5895 or 45 3 95 01 e’ from ‘Sh 3 454583 Ann Norris 0195 hosted by Grea

List your local event for FREE on our Village Notice Board Email details to Lily at


The Knicker Lady

th at 7.30pm October 26 llage Hall gh Rickin all Vi d trained an vicar’s wife awthorne, a ramble ng ni ai rt te Rosemary H a witty and en ts rwear en de es un pr of ss actre history through the m r, available fro ith licensed ba Mrs J Wright w , ch ea 50 Newsagents, Tickets £12. st Office, the 379 898286 Botesdale Po J Cordeaux 01 rs M or 61 81 89 9 0137 repairs of Ease roof sdale Chapel te Bo r fo s nd Raising fu




B Village Hall Th ursdays at 7. 30 pm Have you trie d Short Mat Bowling? Suitable for al l ag You only need es 10 to 90+ a pair of clea n flat soled sh bowls are av ailable oes, Contact Sue 0150848965 4 or Glenda 570994 01508


am 30pm Garboldish ovember 7. Friday 23 N - (12A) en m Ye e th ing in 2pm Salmon Fish er b em ov atinee 24 N m tes – ay ra rd Pi tu Sa The - (12A) s ist nt ie Sc e with An Adventur 7.30pm November Saturday 24 el (12A) ot H d ol ig ar The Exotic M m Post Office Garboldisha 16 Tickets from or 01953 6814 m £3.50 per fil 16s r de un – £3 nd £5 for weeke



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with Barl ey Mow Garbold at isham Vil lage Hall Saturday 20 Octob er 7.30pm – 11.00pm £7.50 (£4.5 0 for Includes fi under-12s) nger buff et Tickets fro m Garbold isham PO or 01953 681416

a Market Harlest on’s Indoor F le Swan Hotel monthly & 1st Saturday 6th October m etc. 9am till 1.00p collectibles, ge, antique, ta n vi : ls al st 16+ Stalls £10 379 855486 Enquires: 01

ents Red Feat her C lub ev e quiz night

owledg General kn 7.30pm ctober starts O th 13 to book Saturday 59 379 3845 Kirkum on 01 r person) pe 5 (£ le op Contact John en of up to 4 pe m will be op team tables r and museu ba e th & ed Food includ ken by WW2 film ta inute colour -m of the s 90 17 A Bt: d Film nigh the men an of iss w” – rn Fe Fu ” d oc e’s Favore William E. “D known as “Fam RAF Podington – up ro G b sed at 92nd Bom who were ba 7.30pm ober starts at Wed 17th Oct 95th Bomb Group for rs the door is £3 non-membe Admission on rs and £4 for be em m n io ciat ur miles Heritage Asso , Suffolk, is fo ub, Horham Cl r 21 5DG) (IP he 7 at 11 Fe The Red Eye off the B1 of st 0930 ea h8 ut so Tel 0172 86 on lk ffo su utton@ Email jamesm Association up Heritage ro G b om B ber 1119769 m 95th nu ity char



oxne is a picture postcard village and an absolute treasure trove of history with a unique and ancient past. This is where the tools of early humans were first recognised, the largest hoard of Roman treasure in the UK was discovered, and where legend has it that Saint Edmund’s martyrdom took place. The combination of lovely countryside and intriguing historical events makes this the definitive Treasured Suffolk Walk. St Edmunds Hall (1) commemorates Kind Edmund of the Eastern Angles, who, according to legend, was killed by invading Vikings in AD 869. He was venerated as a saint soon after his death and Bury St Edmunds is named in his honour.


In Search of

From St Edmund’s Hall walk over the historic Goldbrook Bridge (2), where St Edmund hid from his enemies. Note Hoxne Hall (3) on your left before the Swan Bridge. Formally a grand, moated hall, this was once a palace of the Bishops of Norfolk. Bear right towards Swan Bridge (4) into the village centre.

Keep to the right side past the village green, uphill on a lane to the B1118 and across to the Church of St Peter and St Paul (5).From the rear of the church you can view the medieval moat which surrounds the 15th century vicarage (6). From the church retrace your steps back through the village and out on the Eye Road, passing the side road to Goldbrook Bridge on your left. Continue walking uphill until you round a corner at the top – on the right you will see a house set into a sunken area that is an old brick pit and on the left you will see a number of redundant industrial buildings (7). This is where the

tools of early humans were first recognised.

In 1992, in the field to the right of the road (8) a metal detector discovered the greatest collection of late 4th and 5th century coins found anywhere in the Roman Empire – The Hoxne Roman Treasure! Take the signposted footpath on the opposite side of the road to Chestnut Lodge, and head down it across the arable field, over a wooden bridge. Go right, then left over a stile, up a short climb to a small footbridge on the right and then through a small copse to eventually meet the road at Mill Mound (9). Leaving Mill Mound on your left, head down Nuttery Vale onto Eye Road until you reach a signposted footpath on your left. Follow this footpath, along the edge of arable fields and the rear of Gissing Farm to cross 2 stiles to a small country lane, where you turn left and follow footpath signs through Redhouse Farm (10). Turn left at a break in a copse, behind some cottages on the former south edge of the green, to a small bridge.

HOXNE ROMAN TREASURE Continue on past Low Barn and on to Denham Low Road where you can make a short detour to the tiny Church of St John the Baptist (12).

up the driveway of the impressive Abbey Farm (14) and, further along, take a short walk along a permissive path across the field to the St Edmund Monument (15).

Returning to Denham Low Road walk past The Leys Fish Ponds (the ample willows are testament to their presence), and immediately after a bridge over the Goldbrook, turn left on to a footpath which leads you up the field edge towards the hamlet of Cross Street. As you climb out of the valley along a tree-lined grass path, turn back to see the site of the Chapel of St Edmund (13) on the top of the facing valley side.

Continue down Abbey Hill, fork right onto a driveway which leads to a footpath that goes through a small wood, across a footbridge over the Chickering Beck, and keep left to return to Hoxne Low Street at The Swan Inn.

Turning left into Cross Street go past the well and weathervane. From here you can make detours

Distance: About 5.5 miles (9 km)

Discover many more walks and rides and great days out in the countryside at

Time: 2-3 hours Terrain: Quiet lanes, public footpaths, slightly undulating, easy to gentle

With thanks to Suffolk County Council

Starting point: Hoxne Village Hall

aint and a Philanthropist 6 Map based on Ordnance Survey Copyright mapping. All rights reserved. Unauthorised reproduction infringes Crown Copyright.


Suffolk County Council Licence No. 100023395 2011.

4 3 2 1 15

7 8




10 11



Out & About




Can you believe that we’ve left summer behind, the nights are drawing in and we’re already heading into the depths of autumn?

But don’t worry, there’s still plenty of fun to be had over the next couple of months Spooky goings-on

Halloween is one of autumn’s very best consolation prizes; there are always plenty of fancy dress parties, competitions and local events to go to. This one, at Holkham Hall, is one of our favourites... Head to the Courtyard and Bygones Museum to rub shoulders with spooky skeletons, wicked witches and ghastly ghosts. You’ll have a chance to mix a magic potion with a wizard, create your own spell, listen to ghost stories and watch some amazing fire juggling. Holkham Hall, Wells-next-the-Sea Saturday 27 to Wednesday 31 October. 10am - 5pm For further information contact the

Holkham Ticket Office on ticketoffice@

Petrol-head heaven The Charity Race Experience Day at Snetterton is an absolute must for petrol heads! From just £10, passengers can take their pick from an impressive line-up of classic cars, performance cars, racing cars and supercars and then be driven at break-neck speed for three laps of the Snetterton circuit.

There are also children’s activities, refreshments, car club exhibits, trade stands and the chance to admire some beautiful cars up close. The whole day raises money for the Ronald McDonald House Charity, which provides free accommodation close to hospitals and hospices for the families of seriously ill children. Entry is £5 per vehicle. Passenger rides are available to adults and children over 12. Some height restrictions may apply. Snetterton Race Circuit, nr Norwich - Sunday 18 November. 9am - 4pm.

Beer-illiant ales The 35th Norwich Beer Festival, organised by the Norwich & Norfolk Branch of the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA), will be held at St. Andrew’s and Blackfriars’ Halls from October 29th to November 3rd 2012. With over 200 cask-conditioned ales from Britain’s independent brewers on sale, it’s the largest provincial beer festival in the country! There’ll also be over 40 varieties of traditional ciders and perries (an alcoholic drink made from pears) from East Anglia, the West Country and other parts of Europe. Entry costs between £1 and £6, depending on what day (and time) you attend. St. Andrew’s and Blackfriars’ Halls, Norwich – Monday 29 October to Saturday 3 November. festival/festival.htm

Otter spotting If you’re a nature enthusiast then this is the perfect activity for you. Paddling around the Broads National Park in a canoe with an expert guide gives you a fantastic chance of seeing one of the countryside’s most elusive residents – the otter. You can paddle down miles of quiet, undisturbed tributaries and streams with nothing but the Kingfishers and Bitterns for company. Prices are £40 per adult and £25 per child Horning Lock to Barton Broad, Norwich - Sunday 28 October.

Preserving history Steam drifters once filled the Norfolk and Suffolk harbours as they worked down from Scotland fishing for herring… but now, sadly, there’s only one left. Built in 1930, the world’s last surviving steam-powered herring drifter, Lydia Eva, has been lovingly restored and is available for day trips until the end of October. Early booking is recommended. Moored at the South Quay, Gt Yarmouth. Email enquiries@ or visit for details.

Elspeth Taylor, Taylor Made Copy. Copywriting services that are ‘Taylor made’ to get the results your business needs. Specialist in writing engaging and professional website content, newsletters, brochures, blogs and promotional emails that will ensure your business stands out from its competitors. Call +44 (0)7834 322 807 or email


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Still Not Booked A Much Needed Getaway – Go On Spoil Yourself!! FREE HOME COLLECTION SERVICE on holidays of 5 days duration or more. Joining our holidays could not be easier – just pack your case and wait for your doorbell to ring!

Warners Thoresby Hall

Monday 15 – Friday 19 October 2012 Highlights: Entry into Chatsworth House, Full day excursion to Nottingham & Sherwood Forest, 4 nights DBB, Entertainment 5 Days Thoresby Hall, Nottinghamshire £445pp

St Agnes

Highlights: * 4 nights dinner, bed & breakfast * Full day at the magnificent Eden Project * Visit to the delightful harbour town of St Ives * An afternoon at leisure in St Agnes * Visits to Truro & Newquay

Saturday 20 – Wednesday 24 October 2012

5 Days

Rosemundy House Hotel *** St Agnes

Highlights: * 4 nights Dinner, Bed & Breakfast * Visit to historic Alnwick * A tour of Bamburgh Castle * Visit to Lady Waterford Hall * A scenic coach tour of the Scottish Borders * A tour of the Northumbrian Coast including Seahouses & Amble




Kingdom of Northumbria Monday 5 – Friday 9 November 2012

5 Days

Victoria Hotel ** Bamburgh £305pp

Call our friendly and experienced travel team on 01603 754155 or visit 34


Haunted Norfolk

ith Halloween around the corner, Glynn Burrows delves into Norfolk’s haunted past to uncover tales of the legendary Shuck, a witch’s heart, headless horses, a brown lady and even a queen of England. The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall?

Starting at the top, so to speak, is the tale of a headless queen. Anne Boleyn’s family came from Blickling Hall in Norfolk and her ghost is said to haunt the drawing room of the house, head in hand. As the story goes, her father, Sir Thomas Boleyn, was doomed to spend one night a year driving a coach with four headless horses around the area. Supposedly, this takes place every year on 19th May, which is the anniversary of Anne’s execution. Unfortunately, the calendar changed in 1752 and, if nobody told Sir Thomas, he is probably going on the wrong night! Coming down the ‘Rich List’ a little, we have the Brown Lady of Raynham Hall, near Fakenham. According to legend, she walks the staircase and corridors in a brown dress and has just empty sockets where her eyes should be. She is supposed to be Dorothy Walpole who married the second Viscount

Townshend. Legend goes that the viscount was a jealous husband and faked Dorothy’s death in order to keep her locked up in the house. It is said that a guest at the Hall fired a pistol at her but the bullet went straight through and lodged in a door! Head to the Tuesday Market Place in King’s Lynn for another reminder of Norfolk’s shadowy past. Margaret Read was burned at the stake as a witch in 1590 and the heat was such that her heart burst from her body, hitting the building that stood there. Although the building has been altered, the spot is still marked by a heart in a diamond on the brick-work above a window. Beside the graveyard of St Nicholas’ Chapel, is a quaint little cottage, known as the Exorcist’s House. This picturesque cottage is supposed to be where the priest lived and performed exorcisms. Norwich has more than its fair share of ghost stories and an article on Norwich murders could fill a whole book. Another phantom coach with headless horses are supposed to be regular travellers along the road towards Mousehold Heath and as with poor old Thomas Boleyn, even the coachman is headless! Why all of these poor horses have to be without their heads I have yet

Kings Lynn

to ascertain, but it does make the stories that bit more gruesome! One of the most famous local stories is that of Norfolk’s very own Black Shuck. Shuck is a huge dog, as black as night and with just one great big red eye. He roams the coast on stormy nights, howling along with the wind. A fearful sight - especially because those who do see him are doomed to die within the year! If this small selection of stories from Norfolk has inspired you to find out more, check out www. or contact me on glynn@norfolk-tours. Norfolk Tours can help you find accommodation in haunted buildings and take you on a nighttime tour of ruined castles and churches. We cannot guarantee that you will experience anything ghostly but I’m sure that we will find some spirits in one of the ancient inns! Blickling Hall



n a previous piece in Village People (early summer issue 2012), I wrote about the divide and the divisions between Norfolk and Suffolk, in terms of boundaries, historical divisions and dialects. In the late summer issue, Iain Dale’s book on ‘Norwich City – When Football was Football’ was briefly reviewed, as ‘a nostalgic look at the Canaries before the Premier League and satellite television, prior to the billionaire owners, huge transfer fees and Sky-high wages’. It reminded us of ‘Bovril at half-time, muddy pictures and leather footballs and Saturday kick-offs at 3 o’clock’ and standing at the Barclay End.

friendly rivals or


So its about time we considered the traditional local East Anglian Derby between the Canaries and the Tractor Boys – between Norwich City FC and Ipswich Town FC – as a typical regional rivalry. First though, why ‘derby’? A local ‘derby’ It’s widely thought that the phrase originally referred to the town of Ashbourne in Derbyshire, where, as early as the 12th century, two teams from opposite ends of the town have played a rough and tumble variety of ‘football’ match every year. This match is known as the Royal Shrovetide Football Match and involves pits the ‘the uppers’ against the ‘the downers’, from opposite sides of the river that runs through Ashbourne. The goals are three miles apart and one of the very few rules is that ‘un-necessary violence’ is frowned upon. Another possible explanation derives from that well-known premier English horse race, the Derby, founded by the 12th Earl of Derby in 1780, which attracts the attention (for a ‘flutter’) of even those not normally keen on horseracing. But whatever its origin, it is the case that, since as early as 1840, the term ‘derby’ has been used to refer to any kind of sporting event involving local rivals. The phrase is generally applied only to football. The famous ‘boat race’ that takes place every year between Oxford and Cambridge on the Thames, is not generally referred to as a ‘derby’; nor is the equally bitterly contested ‘Varsity’ Rugby match at Twickenham. But it is used to refer to matches between, for example, Celtic and Rangers, Manchester United and Manchester City, or Everton and Liverpool – indeed one of the first references in print to ‘a local derby’ (in the Daily Express in October 1914) referred to a match between Everton and Liverpool.


Written by: The East Anglian derby Our ‘local derby’ is between Norwich City Football Club and Ipswich Town Football Club. This important event is followed intensely by the supporters and fans of the two rival clubs - and even by those who do not normally follow football. This is ‘the match that matters’, perhaps more than any other - even when the teams are not competing in the same division (as is the case at the present) and can only meet by chance, in a cup competition, for example. When the two teams do meet, it is known as ‘the East Anglian derby’ or, informally, as the ‘old Farm Derby’, a comic reference to the ‘Old Firm Derby’ played between Scottish teams Celtic and Rangers. The other professional clubs in the region – Colchester United, Peterborough United and Cambridge United – do not really count! The two rival teams have contested the East Anglian ‘derby’ 138 times since 1902 – when the first of such encounters took place. Ipswich have won 59 of these matches, Norwich 53. On their first encounter, on 15 November 1902, both teams were still playing as amateurs. The Norfolk and Suffolk League fixture was

bitter enemies?


21 (with 11 drawn); out of 74 played at Carrow Road, Norwich won 32 to Ipswich’s 21 (with 16 drawn). Ipswich has scored five goals in a ‘derby’ game five times; Norwich only once. The highest aggregate goal tally in a match is seven, with Ipswich winning 3-4 in a Division Two match at Carrow Road in 1968-69. Out of the six players who scored hat-tricks (3 goals) in an East Anglian ‘derby’ match, four were Ipswich players and two were Norwich City team members. Particularly when both were in the same division (which has been the case for much of the last 110 years - the longest gap being a period of six seasons between 198687 and 1991-92), matches between these two great rivals have brought their supporters to Portman Road and Carrow Road (their respective football grounds) in exceptional numbers. In the 2008-09 season, for example, Ipswich recorded an average attendance of 18,873 (the 7th-highest in the Championship) but the highest attendance of the season was nearly 10,000 more - 28,274 - in the local derby against Norwich City. The highest attendance of all in the history of the ‘derby’ was at Portman Road in September 1975, with a total of 35,077 in a First Division match.

David Seddon played in Norwich, and Norwich City won by 1-0 on their home ground. Norwich turned professional in 1905; Ipswich not until 1936. Ipswich were elected to the Football League in 1938 and the first league game between the two clubs (both in the Third Division – South) was on 2 September 1939. Played at Portman Road, the result was 1-1. The war ensured and the league was abandoned. As the two clubs have tended to play in the same division over the years, the ‘derby’ has been contested in most seasons since 1902. But they have also clashed in cup competitions. Out of eight encounters in the League Cup, Norwich won four, Ipswich two, and two were drawn. The two clubs have played a total of only three matches in the FA Cup, of which Norwich has won two; one was a draw. The statistics reveal the home advantage, particularly for Ipswich Town: out of 71 games (including ‘friendlies’) played at Portman Road, Ipswich won 39 to Norwich’s

The fans not only come to watch the matches; they also come to show the fans of their rival clubs their enthusiasm and their commitment. The matches have been, all too often, an excuse for clashes between the fans off the field, both before and after the match, while ‘the Blues’ and ‘the Canaries’ fought it out on the field during it.

Each team and its fans consider their club to be ‘the best’. In Ipswich, much is made of the fact that their club has won a greater proportion of the ‘derby’ matches played over the last century or more – 45 per cent to 37 per cent – giving them the right to the title ‘Pride of Anglia’. But even that title is fiercely contested; for another, different basis for acquiring the title is being the highest placed East Anglian side in the Football League, and Norwich claimed this position in 2010-2011, by finishing second in the Championship. Being the only East Anglian team in the Premier League at the present time, Norwich will probably claim the ‘Pride of Anglia’ title for the third successive year in 2012-13, regardless of their final league position. Which team is really ‘the Pride of Anglia’ is a matter of debate - it all depends, at the end of the day, on which of the two you support and, of course, where you live.


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Includes Show, 2 course lunch, afternoon tea and travel.




Includes admission to house and gardens. £32.00 PER PERSON









Adult £50 Children (under 15) £38





Film reviews

We check out the best of the new releases

Anna Karenina Keira Knightley plays another of literature’s great heroines in this spectacular new adaptation of Tolstoy’s epic love story. Anna Karenina is a beautiful Russian aristocrat who falls for the dashing Count Vronksy (Aaron Johnson). Only one problem – she is already married to Alexei (Jude Law). Anna’s passion for Vronsky causes scandal in Russian high society – is she prepared to lose everything for the man she loves? This is a must see for fans of costume drama. Director Joe Wright’s third collaboration with Knightley is a sumptuous portrayal of 19th Century Russia which whirls from glittering ballrooms to dramatic snowscapes. Release: 7th September Director: Joe Wright See it if you liked: Pride and Prejudice, The Duchess, Dr Zhivago



50 years after James Bond first appeared on our screens in Dr. No, the infamous spy is back and better looking than ever before! MI6 is under attack and Bond’s loyalty tested as M’s past comes back to haunt her. Oscar winning actor Javier Bardem (No Country for Old Men) proves to be more than a match for Bond as the villainous Silva whilst Naomie Harris and Berenice Marlohe play the glamorous Bond girls. Sam Mendes becomes the first Oscar winning director to take on Bond, bringing with him a stellar cast of actors including Ralph Fiennes and Judi Dench. Filmed on locations all around the world, including Turkey and China, Skyfall is sure to be bigger and better than ever.

This Halloween, Tim Burton brings us a creepy-butcute comedy all about a young boy who loses his beloved pet in an accident and decides to bring him back to life.

Release: 26th October Director: Sam Mendes See it if you liked: Quantum of Solace, Casino Royal, The Bourne Legacy

Release: 17 October 2012 Director: Tim Burton See it if you liked: A Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands

Victor (Robert Capron) loves two things - monster movies and his pet dog Sparky. When Sparky is killed in an accident, Victor is heartbroken, but refuses to accept that his beloved pet is gone. In a child-friendly twist on Mary Shelley’s classic Frankenstein story, Victor attempts to bring Sparky back to life. Using Burton’s signature stop-motion animation, Frankenweenie is a quirky and heartwarming creation which you can watch in either 2D or 3D.


Mums The Word Southwold

Carrie Barrett lives in Blo Norton, near Diss, right on the Suffolk/Norfolk border, with her husband and two children Maisie (8) and Olly (5). She has been dining out and about in our area for many years, seeking out restaurants that offer great value, quality and above all else are child friendly. If you would like Carrie to visit a particular pub or restaurant just get in touch with us at Village People Magazine and we’ll ask her to visit.


This lively and vibrant restaurant really hits the spot when you fancy something a little bit more than fish and chips. With daily fresh fish specials like sea bass, mussels and slip sole, there is always something different to tempt you.

Whether its fish and chips on the beach on a sunny summer day, or a huge hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows in the winter, we always head to the pier…

Children are very welcome in this restaurant and it’s usually crammed full of families. With a relaxed and lively ambiance you don’t need to worry if the younger children make too much noise!

Southwold Pier was built as a landing stage for the Belle steam ships travelling from London in the 1930s. During a terrible storm in 1934 the landing stage was swept away and was never replaced.

As you would expect with such resources right on your doorstep, fish factors highly on the menu. The Fish Platter - smoked Lowestoft prawns, Cromer crab cakes, salt cod paté, cured salmon, chilli salsa, sour dough bread, aioli dip went down very well (and quickly) with all our family including the children… so much so that we had to order another one!

The pier was subjected to numerous storms throughout the decades, reducing its size dramatically until 1987, when the Pier was privately bought. It wasn’t until 2001 that work was completed but it was worth the wait – Southwold Pier was named Pier of the Year in 2002! It was re-sold in 2005 to the current owners Stephen and Antonia Bournes, who continue to run this family business. They have stamped their own style and design all over the pier, from the quirky metal work, right down to the fabulous colourful designs and layouts of the shops and restaurants.


The Boardwalk Restaurant

his edition I have decided to continue on up the Suffolk coastline to another family favourite and tourist haven, Southwold. Southwold is a wonderful destination whatever the time of year. With its shops, beaches, lighthouse and award winning pier there is plenty to do whenever you decide to visit.

My children love the Under the Pier Show, which includes a collection of hand built amusement machines that have the whole family in fits of laughter! Test your skills on the ‘mobility masterclass’ and get your revenge on ‘wack a banker’! Don’t forget the Water Clock that chimes every half an hour at the end of the pier with its own little show.

Southwold Pier

I had the special of slip sole and found it was cooked perfectly and served with beautiful crisp veg. The children’s menu is varied and offers smaller portions of many of the adult choices.

If you are too late for lunch or fancy something a little lighter, the restaurant is open for coffees, afternoon tea and delicious homemade cakes. It’s open from 10am

every day and in the winter months supper is served from 5pm, catering especially for families who want to feed their little ones before heading off on their journey home.

The Clockhouse

With lovely comfy sofas, and beautiful artwork to look at, it’s a great place to come and relax. And for all those that cannot eat gluten, they have an assortment of gluten free cakes on sale too!

Southwold Pier

If you just fancy a coffee and something to nibble on then The Clockhouse would be best suited to you. It serves speciality coffees and teas, paninis, cakes and smoked fish from the UK’s oldest smokehouse in Lowestoft. The Clockhouse is also fully licensed and it’s the perfect place to sit with a glass of wine and watch the world go by!

The Beach Cafe Southwold Pier

If it is fish and chips you want, this place. is one of the best! The Beach Café is open for breakfast every day of the year (apart from Christmas Day), serving fantastic ice cream sundaes which the children love, freshly made sandwiches, drinks and other goodies to take away. Gluten free fish and chips are available on the first Sunday of every month, so everyone can have a treat! Southwold Pier has something for everyone, so next time you visit, ditch the picnic of soggy sandwiches and treat yourselves to a feast of local produce that’s fresh, original and tastes amazing!

Christmas is coming have you booked your venue yet?

Hotel & Restaurant

The Perfect Location for Superb Food Events Small Weddings Conference & Meetings Accommodation Using seasonal locally sourced fresh produce every time.

We are now taking bookings book now to avoid disappointment.

t. 01953 454363 Norwich Road, Attleborough, Norfolk NR17 2JX



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Parties, wedding plates, baby footprints & more Visit us to paint your own pottery masterpiece! The Appleyard, opposite Banham Zoo, NR16 2HE

01953 457092


6th October & 3rd November Queens Hall in Watton 9.30am to 2pm FREE ADMISSION In aid of Macmillan Cancer Care

Diss Auction Rooms Leading Provincial Auction House - Est. 1857 Over 2000 Lots every Week- Fridays & many Saturdays Antique, Collectable & Specialist Auctions Buyer’s Premium 12.5% Bidder’s Bistro open during viewing & sale days Large on site car park

Roydon Road, Diss, Norfolk. IP22 4LN


01379 650306

Ladies Who Lunch AMANDINES


or once I remembered to phone to book a table and the young lady I spoke to was very polite and welcoming. She offered us a table inside the main restaurant or out in the conservatory, then rattled off the menu together with details of the puddings. The place is easy to find on St Nicholas Street, quite near the bottom, in Norfolk House Courtyard - full of fascinating small independent shops. The restaurant is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am to 3 pm. (Tuesday is half-day closing in Diss).

Each restaurant or pub that I have visited has its own ‘best feature’. With some it is simply the food that is outstanding, with others it’s the old oak beams and wood fire that shine out. At Amandines it is certainly the laid-back friendly atmosphere. We chose to be seated in the courtyard, which had been created by glassing over the gap between two buildings and offered a light, quirky alternative to the main rooms. There is limited disabled access to the courtyard, which is down a few narrow steps. The restaurant was quietly full, but

not crowded, and a wood burning stove promised heat for winter dining. During pauses in our lunch we were joined in conversation by diners at neighbouring tables. One family were playing happily with some of the games provided. The menu was chalked on a blackboard and I chose a four cheese & thyme tart which came with various Amandines salads and lovely tiny roast new potatoes. My companion chose a goat’s cheese tart garnished with lemon and thyme dressing and the same salads and potatoes. The two tarts were generously sized and the salads plentiful; there was coleslaw, a tasty beetroot and chick pea salad and a fresh green salad too. Everything was beautifully presented and tasty and we both tucked in eagerly. For dessert my friend chose pancake with wild cherry ice cream which was absolutely fabulous (she very kindly let me have a taste) and had the most aromatic cherry flavour I have ever encountered. I happily chomped into a vanilla cheesecake with sharp juicy mixed

berries that was equally delicious and generously sized. Our coffees were big enough to swim in, and were hot, strong and fresh. So why haven’t I mentioned that this is a vegetarian restaurant? Well simply because from the minute I entered the place I completely forgot! Unless you are a fan of a 12 ounce steak every day of your life, you will not notice that there is no meat or fish. Vegans are also catered for, but it might be wise to phone in advance to discuss any dietary concerns. Only one thing about the place worried me slightly, and that was the serving of food on wooden platters. For some reason mine was on an ordinary plate but other meals were on large wooden ones. The place has a food hygiene certificate rated at 5 (the highest) and my contact-in-thetrade says it’s perfectly O.K. – lots of places do it. So if you are bothered, ask for a ‘proper’ plate when ordering. Also slightly disconcerting was the fact that they only take cash. Be prepared for that, I was nearly embarrassed!

£15 £10 £4 £2 £4



*Prices are slightly approximate as I lost the bill; I was so flustered about the cash payment.

© Evelyn Simak

Mains Puddings Wine Coke Coffee


Norfolk House Courtyard, St Nicholas Street, Diss, IP22 4LB Tel: 01379 640 449 • •


Out & About THE


of Bressingham

Situated approximately 2 miles outside the town of Diss, this beautiful 16th century inn offers a wide range of delicious Home Cooked food, a good selection of Real Ales together with a warm and very friendly welcome with wheelchair access and disabled facilities. Previous Head Chef, Jason Orton has returned to The Chequers as head chef after previously working as a chef at the Sibton White Horse, near Saxmundham, which won Suffolk’s best dining pub of the year award in 2008 and 2009.

The Chequers Inn, Low Road, Diss, Norfolk, IP22 2AG. Tel: 01379 687472 Web:


Out & About Gardens|Garden Centre|Steam Museum

w w w. br e s s i n g h a m . c o . u k

Open Mar 28th - Nov 4th daily from 10.30am visit for further details - Tel 01379 686900

Help! Volunteers needed Bressingham is South Norfolk’s largest tourist attraction and is a charity with a mainly volunteer staff preserving a unique steam collection and gardens which has provided enjoyment for the whole family for over 50 years. Bressingham always needs more volunteers from 18 to 80, if you have any spare time to give we have jobs of all types and sizes. Mechanics, engineers, gardeners, track layers, plumbers, ticket sellers and retail to name just a few. Call us on 01379 686900 or email for details and help us keep the wheels of Bressingham turning. 45


BOX OFFICE: (01603) 63 00 00 Tues 2 - Sat 6 October BEAUTY & THE BEAST Northern Ballet’s stunning new version of timeless fairytale £6.50 - £36.50

Tues 30 Oct - Sat 3 Nov GLYNDEBOURNE OPERA Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro and Dvorak’s Rusalka £6.50 - £51

Sun 7 October JULIAN CLARY Master of camp £5.50 - £20

Mon 5 - Sat 10 November HAUNTING JULIA Duncan Preston, Richard O’Callaghan, Joe McFadden star in Alan Ayckbourn’s chilling ghost story £5.50 - £23

Tuesday 9 - Sat 13 October 42ND STREET Dave Willetts and Marti Webb star in heavenly musical comedy £6.50 - £32.50 Tues 16 - Sat 20 October JULIUS CAESAR Acclaimed new RSC production of Shakespeare’s great political thriller, set in modern day Africa £6.50 - £25 Sun 21 October JOAN ARMATRADING Stunning singer/songwriter £6.50 - £29.50 Mon 22 October HOLD BACK THE NIGHT Bee Gees and Abba Tribute £5.50 - £18.50 Tues 23 October BRITTEN SINFONIA 20th birthday concert £6.50 - £26 Fri 26 - Sat 27 October ROOM ON THE BROOM Adaptation of the awardwinning children’s book £5.50 - £10

Mon 12 - Sat 17 November BLOOD BROTHERS Marti Pellow stars in Willy Russell’s triumphant musical £6.50 - £34 Tues 20 - Sat 24 November Matthew Bourne’s SLEEPING BEAUTY New production of Tchaikovsky’s glorious ballet £6.50 - £37.50 Sun 25 November NORFOLK SCHOOLS PROJECT Three local schools perform opera Free Tues 27 November VAMPIRES ROCK Great rock anthems £5.50 - £21.50 Thur 29 - Fri 30 November RAMBERT DANCE COMPANY World class contemporary dance £5.50 - £22.50

Fri 26 October SIR ROGER MOORE Legendary film star with stories and chat £6.50 - £25



Rambert Dance Company

Out & About

Julius Caesar

The power of the people, the rise of dictators and the need to be in control… Sound familiar?


his autumn, the Royal Shakespeare Company will explore these themes in a ground-breaking production of Julius Caesar at the Norwich Theatre Royal from October 16. We caught up with director Gregory Doran and some of the cast to find out more about this exciting production, which has been created to tie in into the World Shakespeare Festival and the London 2012 Festival. Transplanted out of ‘doublet and hose’ and into a contemporary setting in modern Africa, director Gregory Doran wants to give a brand new hook to Shakespeare’s tale of the battle between public duty and the private lust for power. He said: “It is a fantastic political thriller. You go to Julius Caesar and the one thing you know is that he is going to be assassinated. It’s probably the single most famous event of the ancient world. “I needed to find a way in which the second half would be the climax, not the anti-climax.” And this led him to look at the upheaval in the Middle East – the so-called Arab Spring. Gregory said: “Watching it all unfold, the question wasn’t ‘are they going to get rid of Gaddafi?’ It is about what happens next in Libya, in Tunisia, in Syria. That gave us a completely different focus to the second half of the play.”

Nelson Mandela famously had a copy of the play during his imprisonment on Robben Island and kept certain lines of Julius Caesar underlined during his period of incarceration. “Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste of death but once. It seems to me most strange that men should fear; Seeing that death, a necessary end, Will come when it will come.” Gregory drew on the parallels with African life and politics for this production. He explained: “Countries all over Africa from the late Fifties and early Sixties were getting rid of the yoke of colonial rule and gaining independence.” A top-class cast are bringing Shakespeare’s poignant and powerful piece to life with Jeffery Kissoon taking on the lead role. Paterson Joseph and Cyril Nri play conspirators Brutus and Cassius, whilst former Coronation Street mechanic Ray Fearon plays ‘the people’s champion’ Mark Anthony. Paterson’s passion for his part is clear. “The thing that really narks me off is that Brutus performs this speech in front of the crowd and the crowd are wowed by it. But then Shakespeare writes this huge dialogue between Antony and the crowd and he changes their mind. I’m just burning as an actor thinking can I just come on again? I had more to say!” Meanwhile Ray gets to play the charismatic man of the people Mark Antony and perform the famous ‘Friends, Romans, Countrymen’ speech. He said: “It is one of those famous scenes in the Shakespeare canon and everyone will know it when they hear it. It is just so well-written.” But is there any rivalry between Ray and co-star Paterson? Ray said: “I don’t think we compete against each other even though I think our character Mark and Brutus do. As individuals, we don’t compete. Well, I am not anyway.” So while there is harmony among the cast, prepare for political For more info or to machinations, BOOK ONLINE betrayal and murder on-stage at Norwich Theatre Royal Tickets £6.50 - £25 this autumn.

Box Office 01603 630000



Out & About Did you know you can visit the Fairhaven Plant Sales without paying to visit the garden?

We stock a great selection of hardy shrubs and perennials suitable for every garden Bring this voucher with you to receive

10% off plants Valid until end of October 2012

An independent co-educational day & boarding school

Junior 5-11 Senior 11-16 Sixth Form 16-18

More than just a school

An ideal learning environment, which offers so much more To view our Outstanding Inspection Report and details of our OPEN DAYS visit our website below

Find us just off the A47 East of Norwich at School Road, South Walsham, NR13 6DZ 01603 270449

The New Eccles School, Quidenham, Nr. Norwich, Norfolk NR16 2NZ T: 01953 887217 E:


Evening 5.30pm - 11pm (11.30 Fri & Sat)

(15% Discount on every collected

Open 7 Days A Week including Bank Holidays

up to a 5 mile radius. on order over £15 (£2 charge on deliveries over 5 miles) order plus a free bottle of wine when you spend over £30)


01379 640222 or 640777 Spice Cottage • Diss

Opening Times: Lunch 12noon - 2pm

£5 off Voucher

£5 off with this voucher when you spend £30 or more. Not Valid with any other offers. Eat in or collection take away. Expires 31st October 2012. Excluding Fri and Saturday.



Hethersett Old Hall School -Best A Level results in a decade!

***SPACES STILL AVAILABLE FOR SEPTEMBER 2012*** Call our Registrar, Mrs Kim Borrer today on 01603 810390

Sixth Form Open Evening Monday 1st October 2012 6.30pm-8pm Sixth Form scholarships available for 2013 entry

With small A Level class sizes of on average 4 pupils you are guaranteed dedicated attention and support to achieve your full potential. • 2012 A Level results best in over 10 years • An amazing 85% of passes were top grades of A* - C • 100% pass rate • 27% of passes were top A* and A grades. Join us to be part of our success story

Hethersett Old Hall School, Norwich Road, Hethersett, Norwich, NR9 3DW | Tel: 01603 810390 | Our pre–prep and early years department at

Together We Learn We are a rising 4’s to 18 co-educational day school

Whole School Open Morning-Saturday 20th October 2012 For further details please telephone 01842 752840 or email: Please visit our website:



Choosing the best school for your child

xtra-curricular activities can be a key factor in finding a school which is right for your child, and one of the most popular reasons for choosing an independent school. Of course, you want your child to achieve as much as possible, but schools are well aware that education is not just about grades. It’s also about new interests, experiences and opportunities. Rachel Hill from Hethersett Old Hall School says, “School should be a time and opportunity in life when you enjoy and experience as much as possible.” At Hethersett, pupils have the opportunity to participate in sports, drama, public speaking and much more. “These activities can lead on to life-long hobbies and passions”, says Rachel.

The Headmaster of Riddleworth Hall Prep School, Paul Cochrane, says, “Our ethos is to always consider the individual needs of the child. Every child may not be academic but they can find their niche in another area of the curriculum.” Students at Riddlesworth have the opportunity to try a huge range of activities, from Ju Jitsu to Jewellery Making.

their skills and knowledge to approach learning with abundant enthusiasm.”

You can find out more about what these schools offer by visiting their website or attending an open day.

The benefits of these activities are clear. Not only have pupils excelled in their exams, but at Thetford Grammar School, children were described in a recent inspection as “showing excellent personal development and confidently using


Friday 28th Sept (10am - 4pm) OPEN MORNING Saturday 29th Sept (10am - 1pm) Contact Mrs Louise Coates Tel: 01953 681246 51


Chocolate Faux Fur Coat £189 Leopard Print Belt £85 Both Biba at House of Fraser

02 Miso Classic Mac Coat Price £55 Republic

03 Deep Red Coat with Removable Cape Price £120 Oasis


COAT... From parkas to ponchos, jackets to giléts, Chapelfield has got winter all wrapped up with this warming choice of coats available at their fantastic selection of stores in the heart of Norwich.

12 Jacket Price £49.99 H&M

13 Long Cream Biker Coat Price £95 Warehouse

All product featured is subject to availability, prices correct at time of going to press but may vary. House of Fraser products are available in store or from their ‘Buy and Collect’ service.




Black Hooded Parka Price £90 River Island


Forest Green Suede Trench Coat Price £250 Linea Weekend at House of Fraser


Ophelia Dip Dye Coat Price £179 Monsoon

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15 Herringbone Coat Price £39.99 Mango

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“Finding Inspiration� Bead Shop is back! We have a new name, and a new location, but the same great customer service! Pop in and see our fantastic NEW STOCK and all your old favourites too:Beads Findings Handmade Jewellery

07935 123853

28 Middleton Street, Wymondham, NR18 0AD


Shopping exciting reads for ages 9 – 12 by local author Kate Anders set in Norwich

Double Dutchman: Ninian and his cousins Tabi and Miles are enjoying what they think is a harmless game. However with the arrival of a coded message they are swept into an exciting adventure involving international criminals. Can they crack the case? Fool’s Gold: The children begin their second adventure when Tabi spies a mysterious musician on a train coming into Norwich station. Why is the same tune played over and over again? Who is the man hanging round the ancient cloisters of the cathedral? And will they find the gold? £4.99 each from The Book Fountain, Wharton’s Court, Wymondham and other outlets.

SAVE UP TO 50% Images for illustrative purposes only

7 Middleton Street Wymondham

01953 603251


This book traces the development of Kieron as an artist, but also attempts to give the background story as to how his parents came to terms with bringing up a prodigy whose talents attract the world’s attention and considerable financial reward. His paintings are triumphs of observation, skill and imagination as he responds intensely to the landmarks and light of Norfolk. This is Kieron’s story.

Coming To Light

Kieron Williamson Halstar Hardback 9781906690397 £24.99

The three floods covered in this book occurred in 1912, 1938 and 1953 giving a full and illustrated (250 dramatic photos) history for the first time. The author traces the story of these catastrophes, linking a chronicle of actual events with personal stories by those who were there when the floods came. In each the tragic loss of life was accompanied by the destruction of houses, farms, roads and bridges by the unstoppable surge of water.


Norfolk Floods Neil Storey

Halsgrove Hardback 9780857041593 £19.99

Bishop Joseph Hall of Norwich was appointed by King Charles 1 in 1641.This book seeks to redress the public humiliation meted out to this fine man by Puritannical sympathizers during the troublesome era of the English Civil Wars. In an age of bitter factional in-fighting within the Church, his great skills as an arbitrator were recognized both here and abroad. He penned seminal works of national literary importance, but he was to become well acquainted with drama and intrigue.


Divine Delinquent David Berwick

Paperback 9780957259102 £8.50

Images of War – Norwich Blitz Martin Bowman Pen & Sword Paperback 9781848847552 £14.99


his autumn, learn more about art and local history with six great new titles from some of our region’s most respected authors.

Roland’s Norfolk legacy begins from 1923 with his first studio at Willow Farm, Hickling Broad, painting watercolours of his much-beloved birdlife. By 1939 he had illustrated many bird books and 25 of them are listed here. His work has instant appeal, working entirely from observation, which may explain why his flying birds are so much more realistic than that of modern painters. He always showed them in natural habitats displaying their unique characteristics.

Between July 1940 and November 1943 bombs were dropped on almost every part of the city, with 340 deaths and 1092 injured. Over three-quarters of these occurred during the Baedeker raids of 1942 upon Cathedral cities and historic administrative capitals of the provinces. Through a series of stark and evocative images, drawn together by the revered historian Martin Bowman, the reader is able to discern a real sense of the damage inflicted upon the city.

Strangers –

A History of Norwich’s Incomers Frank Meeres

Norwich Heart Hardback 9780956038548 £6.95

This book looks at the contributions incomers have made to the city over many centuries. The author delves into the history of some of the groups who have added to the richness of city life; the Romans, Saxons and Vikings, medieval Jewish communities, the “Strangers” who arrived from the Low Countries and others from all over the world. Also included is a fascinating walk around Norwich illustrating features where incomers have left their mark upon today’s urban landscape.

Homage To Roland Green David Joel

St Barbe Museum & Art Gallery Paperback 9780955972942 £25



Acoustic Guitar by Martin Smith Surfer design Only £39.99

Autumn is here. New Products for everyone and all Occasions

18v Drill/Driver Only £27.99

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For more amazing products and prices please contact us below Visit our online shops for a wider range of products

Or contact us directly to place orders and to purchase any of the above Special offers. Call 01379 871820 email Acc-Sees Ltd, Unit 4 Progress Way, Mid Suffolk Business Park, Eye, Suffolk IP23 7HU


The golden rules

of picking a picture

Tim Charters from Picture Fair describes his top tips for choosing the right art for your home. Choosing the right pictures for your walls can really add the finishing touch to a space, creating a point of interest and tying the theme of a room together. This is not about having a huge budget, more about making clever choices to add impact or dictate a style. Shop online The great thing about the internet is that you can pick your picture in the room it’s destined for, giving you a far better idea of whether it will go. Size matters


A brig

e can

l imag

lourfu and co

act d imp


The space in which a picture hangs is as important as the art itself. Make sure you measure this before you pick your piece – something too big could overpower a room, too small and it’s in danger of getting lost. Mix and match

Enhance the existing design Pick something that will stand-out while enhancing the existing design elements. If the area is modern, minimal and neutral, why not choose something colourful and bright to add impact. The art of matching If you want to go for a more cohesive look, with pictures dictating the colour of a room, choose a tone that’s in the image, but not the main hue and not prevalent along the border to ensure contrast.

A popular and effective trend is to hang a number of smaller pictures together on one wall, using a range of styles and frames. The trick here is to make the wall look stylishly jumbled – symmetry will not do. Hit the right height If art is hung above furniture, such as a sofa or table, it needs to be high enough to clear people’s heads but low enough to feel connected with said furniture. In general, pictures are often placed to high, so go unnoticed as they are out of viewers’ eye lines.

Be sympathetic to the space Choose art that suits the mood of a room; bedrooms should be relaxing, so something soothing and cool is best; social spaces, such as a dining room, can take a more-lively piece.

A relaxing image can fit wel

l in the bedroom

Picture Fair supplies a wide range of photography as wall art, printed on high quality canvas or paper. From city-scapes to rural scenes, a variety of images are available to choose at delivered in just a few days.


Small Luxury Cattery Heated insulated sleeping quarters with integral exercise run Fitted with 6ft high georgian sneeze screens Two disabled pens Flexible opening hours Vaccinated cats only Inspection invited for peace of mind Easy access to A11 en route to airports Licensed and approved by Local Authority Contact PINEWOOD BOARDING CATTERY on 01953 604077 Email


Somewhere special for someone special A well established cattery situated close to the A11.

OPEN FOR BOARDING ALL YEAR ROUND Time for collection, delivery and inspections are as follows: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday: 9am-1pm & 5pm-7pm Wednesday: 5-7pm, Saturday: 9am-1pm, Sunday: 5pm-7pm Gallows Lane, Eccles, Nor wich NR16 2JJ

Tel. 01953 887 517

Hoddy’s Farm Shop


Full range of fresh 7 DAYS fruit, vegetables & salads a week Gift baskets made to order

Riding lessons for adults and children from 6 years (of all abilities) in our purpose built indoor arena. Adults trying something new or re-kindling a childhood passion, can enjoy a fun and relaxing sport. For the more serious rider, advanced tuition is available, providing a good work out as well! Please call for information and brochure. Friendly family run business.


Monday to Saturday 9am-6pm, Sundays 9am-12.30pm

01953 789077 Homestead Farm, Fen Road, Carleton Rode


Riding for the disabled catered for through Mid-Norfolk Riding for the Disabled Association or privategroups


01953 483545


Observing the


inter is on its way! Autumn is a time when many animals are preparing for the long months ahead. Food resources will be sparse and temperatures drop and many species are frantically stocking up on food. Shorter daylight hours and cold mornings make wildlife photography challenging but also offer rewarding opportunities to capture certain species, such as this bank vole busy in its daily fight for survival.

For some of the autumn I’ve been following and photographing red deer. These deer are undertaking what I think is one of the great natural spectacles occurring in Norfolk, the annual rut. Between late August and early September bachelor groups of male red deer (stags) break up and males compete to gain control of groups of females (hinds). This period of competition peaks in October providing the best opportunities to watch or photograph these magnificent animals in action.

Trials of Life males weighing up to 150kg this impressive display of power is quite something to witness. The winner rounds up a herd of females known as a harem and will guard them from other stags until they come into season; an event which only occurs for a matter of hours. He will then mate with the females in his herd and pass on his strong genes to the next generation. All in all this is amazing and fascinating behaviour to watch and document and it is well worth visiting your local deer park to take a look. Ripe berries on the trees combined with a scarcity of other food means that my woodland bird hide is a flurry of activity. Visits from greatspotted woodpeckers, nuthatches and an array of other small colourful birds are a daily occurrence. A sparrowhawk has taken advantage of the abundance of birds in the area and can be seen swooping down to capture prey. My next edition will arrive in the middle of winter when life is toughest for nearly all species; only the strongest will make it through.

Jonathan Lewis is a wildlife photographer based in South Norfolk. His company, Norfolk Wildlife Photography, offers a range of local and international courses and tours. For more information please visit or norfolkwildlifephotography

Stags do not always enter into physical contests but instead first use behaviour such as walking side by side and bellowing to assess the strength of their rival. If two males consider themselves equal in strength they will enter into combat clashing antlers. With



FFor all your feline & canine needs

First class treatment!

Uplands Way Vets is a long established practice with clients throughout Norfolk and Suffolk. We care for all types of animals including household and exotic pets, farm animals and horses. Call 01379 642 865 for further information.

Labrador puppies Cattery •

Uplands Way Surgery Diss 01379 642 865 Connaught Surgery Attleborough 01953 454 945 George Hill Surgery Stanton 01359 251 730

Hingham Road, Hackford, Wymondham 01953 850907 •

For a full list of services visit

PAWS 4 THOUGHT DOG GROOMING SALON Regular grooming is paramount to the health and well being of your dog, so why not let me take care of their needs in my stress free salon

A pick up & delivery service is available 2 days a week (within an 8 mile radius) Feel free to pop in and visit Tina’s friendly and professionally run Salon!

4 Upgate Street, Carleton Rode, Norwich, NR16 1NJ

01953 860019




Vets Warn Dog Owners of Mystery Illness


he Old Golfhouse Veterinary Group is warning dog owners of a mystery illness that has claimed the lives of several dogs in 2009 and 2010.

The cause of Seasonal Canine Illness is still unknown but cases are generally seen between August and November and the illness can affect any size, breed or sex of dog. In the Norfolk area, cases are rife in and around Sandringham Estate and Thetford Forest.

For more information on Seasonal Canine Illness go to, alternatively, you can speak to our Head Nurse at our Watton branch who has assisted the Animal Health Trust in their research since they launched the investigation.

It causes dogs to become very ill very rapidly and symptoms include sickness, diarrhoea and lethargy. The Animal Health Trust has launched an investigation to ďŹ nd out more about the mystery illness that has also affected dogs in Clumber Park and Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire. Their ultimate aim is to identify the killer and to eventually eradicate the illness. The Old Golfhouse Veterinary Group are asking owners within the next few months to keep a close eye on their dogs, especially if they have exercised them in the above areas and if any owners suspect that their dog may be showing symptoms of SCI they must contact their vet immediately.

The Old Golfhouse Veterinary Group Attleborough branch is moving! The Attleborough branch of The Old Golfhouse Veterinary Group is moving just down to the end of Edenside Lane. We are moving to bigger premises which will therefore offer our clients a better service including in-house routine operations.

The move is to take place during October. We hope to see you there! For more information about our services please contact 01953 451100


Health & Beauty

Welcome to a New Era in Dentistry Netherton Dental Practice is pleased to welcome Peter Clark to the team in Long Stratton. He joins Auriel Gibson and Adam Stacey, adding to the existing wealth of knowledge and experience on offer to patients at the practice.

Practice Philosophy • Many patients come to us because we are known to be a gentle practice. • Our personal service ensures that a close professional & caring relationship is developed with a dedicated dental practitioner. • Our preventative team, comprising hygienists & an oral health educator, guarantees that oral health is given top priority. • We actively listen to you & place great emphasis on thorough investigation sending you a written report & treatment planning options for complex dentistry. • Children are treated from an early age & advice is given to parents & children on plaque control & preventative dietary habits.

Our Services Complete dental care for all ages & advanced cosmetic dentistry: Professionally Placed Restorations - Implants Tooth Whitening - Telescopic Overdentures Sports Mouthguards - Fissure Sealants - Facial Aesthetics & Veneers - Diagnosis & Treatment of Periodontal Disease - Orthodontic Treatment including Invisalign & Inman Aligners Treatment of Termperomandibular Signs & Symptoms

Netherton Dental Practice The Plain, Long Stratton NR15 2XG

01508 532226


Dr Auriel Gibson BDS. MSc. FDSRCS (Eng), MGDS, FFGDP. Auriel’s focus is on complex restorative treatments & dental implants. She teaches advanced dentistry at the Royal College of Surgeons and is a national postgraduate examiner. Auriel is a past president of the British Society for General Dental Surgery and actively engages in postgraduate study.

Dr Adam Stacey BDS (Lond), DPDS (Brist). Adam has 17 years of experience in general practice including an advanced diploma plus a forsensics now working through an M.Sc in restorative and cosmetic dentistry.

Peter Clark

LDS, RCS (Eng), DPDS (Bris)

Peter graduated from the London Hospital Medical College in 1981 and has worked in East Anglia for 30 years. Three years ago he sold his practice in Eye and went to work in Norwich before taking a year to travel the length of the Americas. He has recently returned to Norfolk and will carry out general dentistry in the practice. Peter has a particular interest in complete dentures.


“As a working mother of two young children, my life can be very stressful at times. What do you recommend?”


Trish Stephenson from the Natural Food Store Exchange Street Norwich says:

“When left to spiral out of control, stress can lead to a number of health complaints, such as muscle tension, sleeping disorders, nervous anxiety and mild depression.” Try the following steps to keep your stress in check. Control your breathing. It may sound silly but most of us do not breathe properly. The optimum amount of breaths for a resting adult is 8 breaths per minute which requires deeper abdominal breathing. Inhale until your stomach goes out and exhale through your nose. Exercise is also a great way of beating stress. Not only does it allow you to vent your frustration, it also causes the brain to produce more of the ‘happy hormones’ called

Natural solutions for your health problems endorphins. So, try to work up a sweat for at least 20 minutes a day. Diet is important and whole foods containing lots of B vitamins or a B Vitamin Complex supplement will help to support the nervous system. Do try to avoid all coffee and tea as caffeine only makes things worse! A homeopathic remedy called Kali Phos 6x can be very soothing and restorative too. Take four of these pleasant tasting tiny pills every half an hour if needed to calm and relax you. These are perfectly safe for children too and dissolve instantly like sugar granules in the mouth. Herbal remedies can help reduce stress. Passiflora has been used for centuries as a mild sedative and antidepressant and is particularly beneficial when mixed with other sedative herbs. For more information or advice ask at the Natural Food Store or call on 01603 613228


Top Tips


o you want to get the most out of your workout? Or do you just need some help getting started? We understand that everyone is different, so here are some of the best fitness tips from experts in our region, whatever your level.

Go for Gold


1. How many reps to do depends on whether you want to look like Brad or Arnie, Jessica Ennis or Martina. For strength, go for three sets of three reps and work at 90% of your maximum. For muscle growth, go for three set of twelve reps at 80% of

your maximum. For lean muscles, try three sets of 15 reps at 60-70% of your maximum power. 2. For maximum calorie burn hit the treadmill. On average it takes 16 minutes of running for a male to burn 200 calories, 18 minutes on a cross-trainer, 21 minutes on a rower and 27 minutes on a bike 3. For the best warm-up – get on the cross trainer! You’re trying to increase blood flow to all the major muscles and add elasticity to muscles and tendons. 10 minutes on the cross trainer will use lots of muscle groups and is low in impact.

“I lost over 3 stone at class!” Nina

Classes are held in Beccles, Diss Haddiscoe, Harleston, Long Stratton, & Wymondham Call Catriona on

01508 499750 or 07918 907423 Email: catriona.jermy


NOW RUNNING KardyO-Fun® classes!

Voucher Join for free!*

*Pack is given over 3 weeks. New members only. Class price: £5.95. Exercise only £4. Bring voucher to claim.



ave you always got a reason why you can’t exercise? Too much to do, too little time? Here are some tips for creating the most efficient training especially for YOU! 1. Set goals. This is number one for good reason, if you do not know where you are going you will not know when you have arrived. Also be specific with your goals for example, ‘I want to drop 3 inches from my waist in 2 months’ as opposed to ‘lose some weight’. 2. Nutrition. Many people get confused about nutrition as there is so much conflicting research out there on what we should and

should not eat. Take the common sense approach and keep things simple. Eat real food that grows in the ground and avoid all processed food. Lean and green is an easy way to remember when you are in doubt about what to eat, particularly meat, fish, fruit, veg, eggs and nuts. 3. Cardio- Shorter and higher intensity. This is the modern way to burn fat. Gone are the days of long boring runs on the treadmill. You can get better results by stepping up the pace and going for a shorter period. Whether you are performing intervals (1min slow/1min fast) or just going for it at a high speed for 15 minutes, both ways work, it is all about increasing the intensity.


Health & Beauty

Adult Dance Workout In Great Ellingham Village Low impact exercise to music £4 per 1 hour session

Maximize Beauty Make the most of your

Weight Loss Workshops

Beauty using our range

Hypnotherapy • Esoteric

of beauty therapies: • Facials • Gellux nails • Manicures • Pedicures • Massage

Transformational therapies

Also available Alexander Technique lessons; for help with posture, movement, co-ordination and more

Contact Jacqueline Tyzack in Forncett St Mary

01508 489032

Say hello to

Shellac Nails!

Crystal Therapy • Massage

Coldstream Therapy 01379 677681 • 07519 298218

Dentures Direct

GDC registered Dental Technician

to help you find solutions to any denture problem

20% discount quote VP20 Attleborough based mobile nail technician specialising in Shellac manicures and pedicures.

Call Zoë 07795 123590


From simple repairs to full replacement dentures Home collection service available Contact us for an understanding, unhurried service for any denture related problem

01379 676560

It’s our birthday!

Village People Magazine is 4 years old!

Who’d have thought that what started off as a hobby (working from the end of my dining room table in Tacolneston) has grown so quickly into a thriving local village magazine? And not just one magazine as many of you will already know that we launched a second version of our popular magazine to serve another 14,500 village homes just over a year ago so we now reach a MASSIVE 28,500 homes in over 140 villages in South Norfolk and on the Norfolk / Suffolk border. It’s a good thing we have Royal Mail to deliver these days as I used to do the distribution myself!

And we don’t work from my dining room table anymore! Meet the team:

Natalie Brough-Darby is currently on maternity leave with her gorgeous second daughter Tabatha but she’ll be back part time soon!

Sylvia Smith has over 15 years’ experience in advertising, so if you want to promote your business – why not give her a call? Sylvia is a real country girl and even has her own smallholding!

Florence Kemsley

grew up in a Suffolk village and loves everything that village life has to offer, from country walks to cosy pubs.


And of course where would we be without the very talented design work from both Gary and Paul.


ur plan is to keep on growing so if you have any suggestions about how we could improve, please feel free to write to me at or call 0330 660 0325 for a friendly chat. If you are really internet savvy, then why not follow us on Twitter @VPMagazine for all the latest local news and gossip.


illage People is a celebration of all that is great about life in the East Anglian countryside, from delicious local produce to wonderful wildlife. We’re passionate about supporting local business and with so many independent shops and services in the region, who can blame us?

WIN £50 Jarrolds Voucher I’d like to thank all readers, contributors and of course advertisers for your support over the last 4 years with the chance to win a £50 shopping spree voucher from Jarrold of Norwich!

Just answer this question correctly: Who sung the hit song “Y.M.C.A.”? A: Elton John B: Village People C: Cliff Richard

Email your answer to including your name & address. Closing date for entries is 31 October and the winner will be chosen at random. Usual Village People rules apply.


The local specialists for containers and mobile space solutions CONTAINER HIRE on your premises

SELF STORAGE at our premises

Can store the contents of an average 3 bedroomed house from as little as

Long and short term hire from only £5 per week

20ft and 40ft containers available Delivery throughout East Anglia

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£10 per week



Office cabins, Sanitary cabins, Storage & Shipping containers Service Containers for hire in various sizes, Direct Delivery and assembly Multiple uses including site offices, sales offices, storage rooms, health and medical centres, classrooms, canteens, media centres, military camps, first aid rooms, nurseries, laboratories, antivandal units, toilets and washrooms, marketing suites, show rooms, changing facilities, drying rooms, community centres, clubhouses, refrigerated containers and many more


NEW Service

Suitable for small products

Delivery throughout East Anglia Find us just off the A11, only 20 minutes from Norwich

Hereward Way Business Park, Roudham Road, East Harling, Norwich, Norfolk NR16 2SR

Tel: 01842 762143 • Mobile: 07801 837227 70


Divine encounters, miracle healings, enormous courage and heartfelt sacrifice Norfolk journalist, Sandie Shirley, spotlights the inspiring stories of men and women from the region and beyond that have seen them reach for victory. For more stories visit:

Emma Stevenson – More Than a Beauty Consultant


hen Emma Stevenson converted part of her Barnham Broom home into a beauty sanctuary it was always going to be more than a place for massage and makeup. Having done a variety of training courses with the Norwich Academy of Beauty, Emma also uses her business - Esther’s Beauty, for such a time as this - as a listening ear, a tool for prayer and a powerful lever for her faith.

surgeons said an operation could kill him or leave him as a vegetable, recalls Emma. News of her son’s condition sent her into shock. “It was the worst day of my life – I felt physically sick.”

Exclusively for women, the quiet, rural bolt hole with its own parking and large garden is a welcome beauty retreat that also helps those with illness and difficulties. Emma shares the amazing testimony of her son’s healing from a brain tumour to speak into the lives of those afflicted with a similar disease, various cancers and other problems. Such empathy has gone a long way to sowing seeds of faith in many that have stood on the side lines of belief but return time and again.

Family and friends prayed too and asked countless others to do the same including an American aunt and her church. Meanwhile, three surgeons tackled an invasive 14hour operation to remove most of Thomas’ tumour while being careful not to damage his eye. “Medics expected him to be in intensive care for six weeks but he came round immediately and soon joined the normal ward. He was hailed as a miracle boy,” says Emma who has seen God continually heal the nerve damage in his face since the operation.

Emma from Hope Community Church, Wymondham, has a winning testimony from her Saviour when her son Thomas was just three yearsold. His life hung in the balance and

Together with husband Chris, she scoured the country for a cure. Emma also mounted a publicity campaign and newspapers carried the story of the little boy with slurred speech, who was in excruciating pain, to encourage people to pray.

Today Emma’s faith is as strong as ever. She has seen her son snatched from death and has known God’s hand on her own life when she was tempted to look at alternative paths to healing. “There was a time when I did not want to go to church and preferred the gym. But when my husband became a Christian I saw a real change in him. Soon afterwards I found a note in my son’s pocket asking God to let me come to church.” The hand written note deeply touched Emma. She

soon became a committed church member and six months of intensive counselling and prayer helped to heal the hurts and wounds that had built-up since childhood. Nowadays she asks God to bring clients to her door. “I have a thriving business with many regular customers. I see many who are vulnerable but I can listen to their stories, pray with them and bless them with free treatments that shows that I love them because Jesus loves them,” says Emma who offers pamper parties, princess parties for teenagers, spray tanning, manicures, pedicures and facials for example. “Esther (the biblical character) who had 12 months of beauty treatments was a beautiful young woman used by God to save a nation. I hope those who come here leave confident and with a skip in their step as their natural beauty is enhanced because God loves women and can use them today,” she adds. For more information, call 01603 758216


Jobs, Money & Business

Computer Phobic? Bought a new computer and don’t know where to start or already have one and would like to improve your skills?

We can help in the comfort of your own home. £20 per hour + 20p/mile

Phone (01953) 607786 Mobile (07785) 736229 John Andrews BA MBCS CITP Quintex Software, 41 Rothbury Road, Wymondham NR18 0PD

the printers creating the right impression

the local printers for local people Harling Road East Harling NR16 2QR 01953 717498


Philippa Green WEB DESIGN

Affordable bespoke web sites designed and built to your own specifications and budget using the latest build and design techniques. Domain names Hosting eCommerce Joomla and Cubecart all available Fully qualified and insured.

01953 887141

Smart Money Secrets STUDENT INSURANCE Andrew Hagger


oung people going to college this year will be faced with soaring fees and learning to cope with debt, but take a look in the average student’s room and there’s a good chance you’ll discover an Aladdin’s cave of hi tech gadgets.

Included on the list of ‘must have’ new technology you’ll find laptops, IPads, MP3 players, TVs, digital cameras and smartphones. In fact the latest survey from Endsleigh Insurance in conjunction with the National Union of Students (NUS) revealed that the average person now takes almost £2000 worth of belongings to university. Students increasingly rely on technology to help get them through their time at university, with a laptop now seen as an absolute must-have for their course work. But despite taking their expensive kit with them to college, recent research shows that almost 4 out of 10 students admitted to not having any insurance cover in place for their contents.

Unfortunately it’s a sad fact of life that students are a prime target for thieves and street robbers, with a reported one in three being a victim of crime each year. And for those with no cover in place, not only will they have the stress and inconvenience to deal with, but will also be faced with the worry of how they will be able to afford to replace their lost or stolen items.

Smart Money Top Tip: Keep a separate back up of your coursework, precious photos and music in case your laptop is stolen.

The chances are you’ll have your smartphone and laptop out and about with you every day so only having basic cover which only covers items in your room simply won’t be enough for many students. So if you or someone in your family is off to University this autumn, what are the options available if

you want to protect your possessions? Some students will just assume that their parents’ home insurance will come to the rescue should things go awry, but that could prove a risky strategy. While some mainstream insurers including Aviva, Direct Line and Esure offer student extensions on parents’ policies, not all home and contents policies give you this option, so check the small print before you go away, rather than waiting until you make a claim and then finding that you’re not covered. Alternatively you could consider a specific student insurance policy from providers such as Endsleigh, E&L Insurance and Barclays. If you’re thinking about taking out insurance to cover you at university but are put off by the premium, just add up the cost of all your possessions and think about how hard it would be to replace everything should the worst happen – this will hopefully make the decision a no brainer!


Jobs & Money

Are you crazy about cleaning?

Does hygiene make you happy? Is tidiness your thing? If the answer is YES to these questions then we need YOU! If you prefer things to be pristine, then we may have the perfect job for you! We are looking for enthusiastic people who love to clean to join our team! Providing flexible daytime work in private homes in the local area, we are offering you the chance to fit work around your other commitments, with long-term, regular, weekly work and hours to suit you.

You can choose where and when you work, from a minimum of 2 hours a week up to full time; and there’s no upper age limit. We are looking for cleaning crusaders who have a genuine passion for cleaning and who are honest, motivated and reliable.

If you’d like more information about this great opportunity, please call 0845 504 9133 for a friendly chat about what we can offer you.


Jobs, Money & Business

Diss based HR Consultancy PA R AMO UNT HR Our support includes.... • Contracts of Employment • Policies, procedures, HR documentation • Redundancy, disciplinary, appraisals, grievances • Ongoing telephone and e-mail support For the peace of mind you’ve been looking for and to ensure you remain legally compliant, call Marion James today for further information on how we can help you.

Let us manage your HR headache! Paramount HR, 6a Mere Street, Diss, Norfolk IP22 4AD Telephone: 01379 650296

Eco and Business Training Centre Training courses for businesses and individuals at our brand new energy efficient centre.

Self Assessment always a headache? Don’t worry, give it to us and get on with running your business. We specifically support the smaller business in all accountancy and tax matters. For a free, no obligation initial meeting call us today

Contact Graham Cormack

T: 01953 630 004 E: Connaught Plain,Attleborough, NR17 2EJ

We deliver over 70 different courses, including • • • • • • •

HABC Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering First Aid at Work Getting to Know Your Digital Compact Camera Getting the Most out of eBay Introduction to Excel Get Media Savvy An Introduction to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Blogging for Small Businesses

For more information about the training courses or hiring the rooms please call: 0800 389 1113 / 01603 295021

email: website: Centre for Eco and Business Training, 1 Ramirez Road, Rackheath Industrial Estate, Norwich, NR13 6LR


Protect yourself against


InHerITance Tax

f you own property or other assets that you’d like to leave to family members after you die, it’s vital that you know where you stand with inheritance tax (IHT)… or your loved ones may find themselves dealing with a hefty tax bill.

Many of us think we won’t be affected by inheritance tax; we assume it’s something that only the wealthy need to worry about. But IHT can affect people just like you. Do your assets exceed the IHT threshold? The chances are, they do! Have a think about what your house is worth right now. The IHT threshold (officially known as the ‘nil-rate band’) currently stands at £325,000. So, for some of you, your property alone is enough to tip you over the threshold… and that’s before including any other assets you might have. What can you do to reduce your liability? Thankfully, there are a number of things you can do to reduce the burden of IHT... 1) Get married! If you’re married or in a civil partnership, you’ll be pleased to know that you can pass assets to each other, without paying IHT. A fairly recent change of rules also allows you to transfer any unused portion of your nil-rate band to your spouse when you die. This means that it’s now possible for your surviving spouse or partner to leave assets of up to £650,000 before IHT has to be paid. (It’s important to remember that the full nil rate band of £650,000 isn’t available to unmarried couples.) 2) Get a proper Will UK taxpayers waste an estimated £448m a year in IHT payments which could have legally been avoided by drawing up a will that contains simple tax-planning measures. (Source: Telegraph 28/4/12). So, your will is clearly a good place to start! Everyone should consider having a will and, preferably, one that’s IHT-efficient. If you don’t have a one, or if it contains mistakes, you might end up being taxed in ways that could easily have been avoided.

Anglian Wealth Management 124 Thorpe Road Norwich NR1 1RT


3) Leave money to charity Your will is the perfect place to take advantage of the new rules on charitable legacies, (in place as of 6th April 2012). From now on, if you leave 10% or more of your taxable assets to charity, the IHT rate on what remains is lowered to 36%. The rules can be quite complicated so it’s a good idea to get professional advice. 4) Give assets away while you’re alive Giving portions of your assets away as gifts during your lifetime is another great way to reduce IHT. It reduces the size of your estate and, as a result, the size of the IHT bill you leave behind. Every tax year you can also give financial gifts up to a total of £3,000. On top of that, you can make small yearly gifts of up to £250 to as many people as you like. Why not consider investing the money into a Junior ISA for your grandchild or godchild? IHT is a complicated area and, without professional help, it can be easy to get things wrong, which might result in your loved ones having to pay weighty tax bills that could have been avoided. If you’d like to make sure you’re doing everything you can to protect yourself and your family against the threat of IHT, talk to a financial advisor today.

To receive a free guide

full of useful info about Inheritance Tax Planning, contact Ian Farrant of Anglian Wealth Management on 01603 752500 or email

Later Life Services MEDICAL TREATMENT – WHO HAS THE FINAL SAY? Spouse? Next of kin? Medics? Without a welfare LPA or an Advance Directive in place ALL decisions rest with the medical authorities. Don’t leave your family powerless – take action NOW! LOW COST SOLUTION Advance Directive (living will) £100 LPA (personal welfare) from as little as £199. Preferential Service for all senior citizens

Call now for a free information pack or a confidential chat in your own home 01953 451930 Garry Streeter is a business partner of New Leaf Will Writers Federation which is a trading style of New Leaf Distribution Ltd.

A Unique Care Home in a Unique Setting Offering Long Term Residence, Convalescence and Respite Care for Elderly Residents with Dementia. The Beeches is an elegant country house set in two acres of wooded and meadow style gardens which provides peaceful surroundings and yet is close to all local amenities. The majority of our bedrooms are on the ground floor and have the benefit of en-suite facilities.

Please call or email for further details or to request a brochure.

“We are here to help” West Harling Road, East Harling NR16 2NP Tel: 01953 717584 Email: Website:


Later Life Services Mears Care specialises in domiciliary care providing personal care through to help with domestic tasks for older people, people with disabilities, mental health issues and people with a terminal illness in the Norwich and South Norfolk areas.

Our Carers receive full training and mileage allowance to provide excellent support. For our Norwich/Loddon branch we are currently recruiting in and around Milecross, Bowthorpe, Earlham, Heartsease, Silver Road, Mousehold, Tuckswood, Lakenham, Loddon, Poringland, Harleston, Hempnall, Scole, Bungay, and Ditchingham Tel: 01603 309060


For our Hingham branch we are currently recruiting in and around Wymondham, Hethersett, Cringleford, Bunwell, Easton, Barnham Broom, Barford, Hingham, Bressingham, Roydon, Gissing, Aslacton, Great Moulton, Mulbarton, Diss, Costessey, Tacolneston, Newton Flotman, Tivetshall and Long Stratton Tel: 01953 850010


A caring service from your local mobility experts. All you need in one great store!






Easy to find - just opposite ASDA.











Come in and see us for friendly advice and good old-fashioned service. You can try before you buy, and we won’t be beaten on price!

Open 9am-5pm Mon to Sat. Ample FREE parking.

Call 01603 787070 19a Alston Road Hellesdon Ind Est Norwich

Later Life Services

All Hallows Nursing Home where quality counts‌.

Lifeline Alarm Service

Peace of mind at the touch of a button

Providing high quality, individualised care in a safe, friendly environment where privacy and personal dignity are of the highest importance.

Warm friendly atmosphere, Single rooms Long & short stays Inc. respite & postoperative convalescent care Open visiting, Enclosed gardens, Home cooking, Activities programmes, Private & social services residents welcome

From as little as 41p a day

The Lifeline unit enables someone to call for help 24 hours a day. It comes with an emergency button and a variety of sensors to help people live independently at home.

We cover Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire

26 St Johns Rd, Bungay, Suffolk NR35 1DL

01986 892643

Call us FREE on 0800 917 4680




Else Heating & Plumbing Oil and Gas Installation * Breakdowns * 24 hr call out * Servicing * Powerflush Bathroom & Kitchen Fitting Fully Insured

Contact Eugene Else

01379 688183 07787 854923

andrew p r love architecture . design . planning wymondham road cherry tree farm bunwell norfolk nr16 1nb 

     

planning applications & building regulations submissions alteration works, extensions & conversions architectural design consultation & drawings specialist in listed buildings & conservation work site supervision & management excellent local knowledge and contacts domestic & commercial projects

South Norfolk Design Award winner 2011 for innovative and ecologically aware architecture please contact us on

t: 01953 789911 m: 07771 855225 e: 80

Architectural Technologist Nick Clarke mciat

• • • • • •

Partial or Complete Service Extensions & Alterations Conversions & New Build Work on Listed Buildings Eco-Friendly Design Outdoor Design

Tel.01379 898831 Need a locksmith? 24/7

Kingfisher Locksmiths No call out charge OAP Discount Tel 01953 602255 Mob 07958 315661 A Norfolk Trusted Trader!

argis chris s under)

son (Fo

Don’t fear


the discount!

The property market can be very strange. It is like no other I’ve ever worked in. Normally, being able to buy goods or services at a discount is seen as a good thing. If an electrical store halves the price of a flat screen TV in a sale, watch people fill their cars with them. Within the service industry, and make their living finding comparable services at the cheapest cost. martin Lewis, the, created a community of people involved in passing on names of companies providing good products or services at vastly reduced costs. Yet when it comes to estate agent fees, the norm doesn’t always seem to apply. In fact, sellers seem apprehensive about lower fees, despite the widely held feeling that

estate agents charge too much. so why is this message so hard to accept? because you’re not expecting it! estate agents, typically, don’t promote reduced fees; their survival depends on charging a high fee from a small number of sales, so their marketing message is always ‘sold with waiting buyers- call us now’. house revolution’s business model is different. We charge just 0.75% no sale, no fee, no contract. If you’re paying more than that, you’re simply paying too much! We will sell your home as effectively as the next agent, perhaps even more so, as many of our happy customers will tell you, and at a cost which is up to half that of a typical high street agent!

In these tough economic times it must make sense to reduce your moving costs. A low fee is a good thing - don’t fear it! Please call our friendly and professional team in Norwich on 0845 017 6060 or visit

It’s easy to see why we call ourselves ‘a new breed of estate agents’. New pricing, new values and new methods!

Tel. 0845 0176060

Your local, family owned, independent Fuel supplier 

Competitive Heating Oil prices

Interest free budget payment scheme

Rix Oil Alert (Automatic Tank Monitoring)

Contact the team today! 01953 457057


Supporting Local Business

Great recommendations from your area

Kerry Butcher Accounting Services

Kerry has prepared my accounts for three years and during that time she has been most courteous, friendly, helpful and efficient. A major plus with me, is that she endeavours to understand the workings of my business and will always answer any queries I may have.

JM, Deopham

Spratts Coaches

If you’re looking for first class comfortable travel & a great selection of excursions I highly recommend spratts coach hire. I booked the making of harry Potter Warner bros studio tour which was perfect for the whole family and very good value for money. We were picked up at a destination to suit us and a really nice touch was that we watched a harry Potter film on the journey! I’ll be keeping an eye on their upcoming excursions as we’ll deFInIteLY book with them again.

Mr and Mrs W, Great Barton 82

Supreme Bathrooms

how nice it was to have the services of Peter to do the work, not only is he a skilled tradesman but he is nearly as fussy as I am! A fitter who pays such attention to detail and customer satisfaction is, I am sure, a great asset your company.

Mr and Mrs C, Great Ellingham Money Mortage Solutions

thank you for your kind professional support throughout the buying process. We were lucky to find in you such an experienced team to guide us with useful advice

E and B, Norfolk

Larkins Fuel Merchants

the logs burn very efficiently.

Mr E, Wilby

Thornwood Kennels

I have very happily and in complete confidence recommended Paul’s services as a dog behaviourist to friends as well as the thornwood Kennels.

R, East Harling

Key Education Services Ltd

I would like to compliment you and your colleagues for being professional and caring. I have friends who teach in other parts of the UK with agencies and they do not receive the commitment, personal touch, care and professionalism you provide.

NB, Norfolk

Village People Magazine is passionate about supporting local businesses so we have started a new page to celebrate the success of businesses in our community. Here is what you had to say about some of the local businesses which advertise in Village People. With great recommendations like this, why look further afield?

P hilippa Green Web Design

You took everything on board, advising and keeping us in the picture as progress was made, and now, with your proficiency and command of your chosen career you have produced an excellent website which has produced high praise and very encouraging comments.

RAFA Thetford

Mobility Supermarket

thank you so much for the quick and efficient way you installed our stair-lift, it has been a great help to both of us and we would not like to be without it now. We would not hesitate to recommend you to everyone.

Mr and Mrs C, Lowestoft

Day 2 Day Building Services

We honestly thank our lucky stars for the day we found Glenn. he is an absolute gem, both as a person and as a builder. he is a craftsman with every conceivable building skill mastered. Glenn is totally reliable and trustworthy and we have no hesitation in highly recommending him.

Mr and Mrs G, Banham,Norfolk

Cold Stream Therapy

As a postlady, being afraid of thunderstorms made my job difficult - following my hypnotherapy session, I’m absolutely fine in storms, it’s great.


Would you like to recommend a service which you found in Village People?

Or are you a local business owner who has had some good feedback? If so, get in touch! You can call us on 0330 660 0325 or email



Rainy Daze WINDOW CLEANING Local, environmentally friendly service, using filtered harvested rainwater, de-ionised for a perfect 'pure water' streak-free finish Call or text Barrie on 07854 304122 or email:


Services Is your garden over run with Moles ? Do you have a wasp nest ? Are your paddocks over-run with rabbits ? All typical Pests controlled. For ALL your Domestic / Commercial Pest Control. Garden Maintenance undertaken. No obligation – free survey/quotes.

Pest infestation can damage your health and your home. Recent surveys show that numbers of mice/rats and bed bugs found in UK homes are on the rise.As Local Authorities are cutting back on free pest control services. We are here to offer you a service at the right price.

Please call for a chat on

01379 788865 • 07809 226109 • 07518 731106



your local Expert Plumbing & Drainage Service Full Domestic and Commercial emergency plumbing service

Treatment Plant & Soak-away Advice and Installation

Complete drainage service including drain clearing, drain jetting, CCTV drainage surveys, sewer and drain pipe repairs, sewer and drain maintenance

No call-out charge

From drain clearance to repair & reline, including no-dig

Covering Norfolk & North Suffolk 24 hour, 7 Days a Week Service

Call 01379 629027

Pre-fixed prices All work guaranteed 85


Chris Bell-Tye Plastering Services

For all aspects of plastering

Competitive rates • No job too small Internal & external plastering Plaster Boarding/dot & dab Gypsum one coat plaster • Floor screeding For a friendly reliable service, call Chris on

01953 717244 - 07810 887591 email:



Wet Rooms • Free Survey

• Adaptions

• Fully Insured

• Extensions

• Local Authority approved for disability grants

• Alterations

01953 601678 07788 722151 Unit 15 Penfold Drive, Wymondham, Norfolk NR18 0WZ

LIMITED 0844 5763 173 07815 587121



Mobile Tyre & Battery Fitting

customers say will use us again* 98% oftheyetyres *5185 customers surveyed between 1/6/11 & 1/12/11

Free mobile fitting at home or work. Great prices & convenient service!


KnS Tyres

of Shelfanger

01953 630063

24 Hour Mobile Tyre Fitting Service

Free mobile fitting in Wymondham, Attleborough and surrounding area

Trucks & Tractor Puncture Repairs starting from £20+vat

No Local Call Out Fee

07511 220544

M G Motors

Accident Repair Specialists • • • •

Quality Paint Care & Bodywork Insurance & Private Work MOT Preparation & Servicing FREE estimates & Courtesy Car

We Now Do Smart Bumper Repairs Over 35 Years Experience Contact Mervyn 01953 888177 07788 718344


CAR REVIEWS A decent cAr doesn’t hAve to be GermAn

By Tim Barnes-Clay, Motoring Journalist Twitter@carwriteups For many years German cars have been envied for their engineering, design and luxury. of course, there is no denying that the country produces some amazing machines, but there are plenty of other countries making decent motors too. With the state of the global economy, we thought it would be worth looking at two nonteutonic cars which have a perfectly good image, but won’t cause you to dig too deep into. your pockets.

New Hyundai i30 Style 1.6 CRDi

Honda Accord Saloon 2.2 I-DTEC ES GT Within the last decade the honda Accord has flourished. It has turned from a nondescript, albeit dependable car into a striking, solid executive carriage with real road presence. It looks businesslike and it’s a proven, economical, motorway milemuncher. the latest Accord saloon, especially in Gt guise is a car you’ll be pleased to have as your company car. It is the perfect bmW or Audi alternative and projects a successful but self-effacing image.behind the wheel, the Japanese motor has well damped switchgear and a comfortable driving position. the seats are supportive and the half-leather upholstery is sporty, yet elegant. the easy-to-operate central sat-nav unit is a boon for business trips into the unknown, and the thick leather rimmed steering wheel is a pleasure to grasp on those expeditions. the drive is smooth, with lots of pull from the 2199 cc diesel engine. the car will accelerate from 0-62 mph in an unruffled 9.4 seconds, and it will power onwards and upwards to 131 mph. the four-door saloon takes corners well, soaks ups potholes, and generally feels well planted at all times. the Accord is not quite as engaging to drive as a rear-wheel drive bmW and it doesn’t have the ‘string-of-pearl’ lights first introduced by Audi, but it’s a honda – a firm with a long-standing reputation for good reliability. And you’ll only need to spend upwards of £21,000 to get a new one.

the new Generation hyundai i30 is similar in size to the Audi A3 or vW Golf and its appearance is quite ‘cutting edge’. the Led running lights are very 2012 and the cabin looks as if it’s from space-age 60s cartoon - the Jetsons. It’s all good fun and practical too. the motor is fine for ferrying colleagues to business meetings - there’s plenty of room for two adults in the front and sufficient space for a couple of passengers in the rear. Lift the hatch and the boot is also big enough to gobble up your essential items.the i30 is comfortable and holds the road well. the steering is a little vague, but the hyundai glides across our patchy british country roads acceptably and sits on motorways perfectly happily. For £19,860 your new hyundai i30 style will come loaded with gear. You get duel-zone climate control, an intelligent, fuel saving, stop and go system, parking sensors and hill-start assist control. some of this kit only comes on the options list of rival marques. the i30 has also recently been awarded ‘car of the Year 2012’ and all hyundai cars come with a five star triple care package, which includes a five year, unlimited mileage, manufacturer backed warranty. If that’s not enough peace of mind offered by the south Korean motor company, you also get five years of roadside assistance and five years of annual vehicle health checks. now that’s impressive stuff – especially if, at the very least, all you’re after is a hassle-free car for business.



Highfield Garage Swardeston

(Behind P&V Quality Cars)



Book an MOT & SERVICE together FOR ONLY £110* FREE COURTESY CAR or PICK UP/DELIVERY AVAILABLE Phone Mark our workshop manager on 01508 570342 or visit our web site for more details





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Village People

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Looking for new customers? Do you run or own a business or know someone who does? Village People is the perfect way to target potential rural customers who may not know about you! Whether you have just started trading or are a long-established company, advertising in the rural villages could make a huge difference to your revenue. Village People magazines have a combined circulation of 28,500 and an estimated readership of 71,500 in South Norfolk making us the largest A5 independent lifestyle magazine in the area. We’re brimming with pride that our magazines have generated significant new business for businesses like yours. Take a look at our website to read what they have to say

If you already advertise locally and you think you’ve got South Norfolk covered, think again! We don’t deliver in towns where there is already a lot of competition with local media; we deliver to the rural villages that no one else reaches. And what’s more, we use Royal Mail to professionally deliver every single magazine directly to doormats. Our next issue is the Winter edition, which will be delivered to 28,500 rural households in over 140 South Norfolk villages at the end of November. With prices starting from just £19+vat per month even the smallest of businesses can afford to advertise and whatever your budget our friendly team will happily help you design an advert.

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660 03 today on 0330 details in front of 28,500 local family homes.



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Village People

Advertising Rates Eighth Page from


per issue

or pay £19 pm

Square Page from


per issue

or pay £22 pm

Quarter Page from


per issue

or pay £40 pm

Banner from


per issue

or pay £45 pm

Half Page from


per issue

or pay £59 pm

Full Page from


per issue

or pay £99 pm All prices are subject to VAT & based on a 6 issue booking in one magazine (1 issue booking possible). Full details of all rate options can be found at


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13 Chalfont Walk, Norvic Drive, Eaton, Norwich, Norfolk NR4 7NH

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Tel : 01953 718184 Harling Road, East Harling, Norfolk NR16 2QW

Village People South Norfolk Autumn 2012  

Village People South Norfolk Autumn 2012

Village People South Norfolk Autumn 2012  

Village People South Norfolk Autumn 2012