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Eating Out

Ladies Who Lunch EARSHAM STREET CAFÉ 11 Earsham Street, Bungay NR35 1AE t: 01986 893103 Open 7 Days: 10am - 4.30pm. Last orders 4pm Caters for vegetarian, vegan, gluten and dairy free. Bikes can be brought through to the garden for safe keeping while dining either outside or inside. The Earsham Street CafÊ, Bungay, is a welcoming and homely place, clean with generously spaced tables, and not at all noisy. There are about 15 tables inside the building and a dozen more outside in a glass-covered courtyard, where shade is provided by table parasols and verdant green things in pots. We opted to stay indoors as it was extremely hot out there. The service by a team of pleasant ladies came i h a s il and as risk and i n We asked for a menu and a glass of tap water for me as find alco ol far too eating on a day li e t is lice ad Pos Po ic as ginger eer it c illi as ed for ice to e added to my ater to ma e it more alata le e men as eig t ages of and rinted on dar ro n a er ma ing it a little di c lt to read t t ere ere at least fo r ages of food s ecially for egetarians egans lactose intolerant and gl ten free and also for c ildren narro ed it do n to a meat and salad latter and act ally remem ered to as t e lady to omit any ra onion lice ad a crayfis salad it read and mayonnaise y food arri ed on a ooden latter ic as not een on t as so many of t e elements of t e meal ere in indi id al rame ins forga e t em e first t ing s otted on my late as omemade c tney follo ed y ean salad and Brie ic tend to c t t e rind o t ic lice sco ed rat er smartly is as accom anied y a ile of lett ce some celery c c m er and yello e er in a dressing and some good old nglis oiled am lso t ere as a decent si ed slice of local c eese ere ere t o slices of di erent garlic sa sage and some c red and dried meat ic really en oyed nd finally lo ely s is y s n dried tomatoes in oli e oil lice e eat ed me a fe its of er crayfis and s e still ad more t an eno g ese came on a ed of mi ed salad and lice made s ort or of t em declaring er c oice ery tasty and filling en came my fa o rite art of t e meal ddings inger s onge it syr and cream c ocolate cr me


r l e ic sadly for lice ad ro ed so o lar t at t ere as none of it left and date and almond coo ie lso a ed c eeseca e it cream caramel sa ce and a iece of oneycom is latter o ld e erfect for me lice o ted for ice cream ic s e seemed to en oy it my little g of fres cream n addition to t e caramel sa ce and oneycom t e cream as st one calorie too far for me e caf is licensed for alco ol and t ere are toys and oo s for c ildren ogs and i es are elcome in t e co ered co rtyard garden and t ere are i e rac s at t e rear of t e garden e ill go again ne t time e are in B ngay to sam le some of t e scr m tio s ca es e s otted in t e indo Bottom line

it o t alco ol or co ee


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